King Tut’s DNA Results

What do you all think about how this info is present. . . I’m curious. . . ~J

Uploaded on Apr 8, 2011

For the First Time, King Tut’s DNA is Mapped, His Family Identified, and His Ancestry Investigat

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27 Responses to King Tut’s DNA Results

  1. pulpudeva says:

    In the grand scheme of things, we are all related!

  2. “white” people are STILL trying to claim that they created the civilization of “Egypt”. Smh. King Tut was a LATE entry into “Egyptian” history (18th) Dynasty. So what of the PRIOR 18 Dynasties? You claim that Africans didn’t duplicate what was done in “Egypt”. Well what do you call ancient Meroe and the pyramids there? What about the pre hierglyphs found in Tiye, Ethiopia? How about Nabta Playa (Northen Nubia),and Enki’s Calendar in South Africa? Most importantly…WHERE ARE THE PYRAMIDS IN EUROPE? They are conspicuously MISSING. Try as you “whites” might like to, you don’t have any claims on “Egypt” BEFORE Blacks and that is a FACT…like the FACT that in the time of Narmer (from Thinis, in “Memphis” at 3100 BCE) and BEFORE/PRIOR…the land wans’t even called “Egypt” but Chem/Khem (an African word…one that does not have any roots in proto Indo European languages) and was the Northern part of the ETHIOPIAN EMPIRE. Please tell me what “whites” are from Ethiopia? I’ll wait.

  3. Gary says:

    adomaa76..”Robert Duval has however said categorically that he doesn’t think that ancient Egypt had no alien influence.” Robert Duval, the actor? Well, his opinion about ancient Egypt is important to us all..of course. But some might suggest that using him as a reference is half-baked.. 🙂

    • Gui says:

      Robert_Bauval not duval

    • He’s actually on point with the astronomy. There is a program called Stellarium that you can used to do the Precession calculations yourself. There is plenty of information about the measurements for the pyramids at Giza. He’s also correct about Nabta playa…although he’s hesitant to tell the full Truth, which is that origins the culture actually extends even further South than that..because that where Blacks are from…LOL!!! Pre hierglyphs are found in Tiye, Ethiopia…as well as more stone alignments for stellar observations. Then there’s Enki’s Calendar in South Africa. It seems easy for “whites” to admit that Blacks were first on the planet, but there’s no way that Blacks made all these accomplishments…LMAO!!!

  4. Aphrodite says:

    There are various theories stating that the Egyptian rulers came from Atlantis after the great flood. They also went to Central and South America, where they built the other great monuments and brought knowledge to indigenous poeples. We cannot even duplicate these monuments today…some of the stones weighing in excess of 100 tons, and cut to a pecision which our modern tools cannot achieve.

    Now, if you really want to go out there…there are also theories that these rulers were from an extraterrestrial race known as the Annunaki. Their bloodline was mixed with the human species eventually, but at some point they arrived from the stars and were deified as gods by primitive man.

    There’s a ton of information out there if you google it…I can’t even begin to narrow it down, but look at David Wilcock, Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, Giorgos Tsoukalos, and numerous others’ websites.

    And as one person stated, it’s said that they had elongated skulls. These are prominently displayed in much of the ancient art from around the world. Eventually, this characteristic diminished as DNA was mixed with ours, but check it out for yourself.

    Anyway, one day we’ll all know the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Good tidings! 🙂

  5. mkb says:

    All of this supposition implies a belief in a ‘master race’. I respectfully decline arguments of ownership over great achievements of the past. We all know great civilizations rise and fall….and this is as it should be. No one is giving special dispensation to Greek citizens or Roman citizens because their ancestors founded Western civilization! The African/Egypt argument leaves a bad taste — as if there truly is a reason to argue about race! Shame upon all who do so. We are the human family and we are OF one another. Now genetics proves it. We are 99.5% similar across the world. I give thanks to my African family and thanks to my European family, thanks to my Asian family and all others alike. Let us celebrate one another — now out of all times in human history, it is crucial that we see past this issue of who is better. And as for the 5%…genetic diversity is the only thing that allows life to continue in a stable, healthy manner. Let us celebrate that as well!

    • Jean says:

      MKB, nevertheless, there is clear evidence that the human species was far, far more advanced technologically than we are today. The huge monuments (for want of a better word) in South America, the Stonehene monument, the Pyramids, for instance, were all built with a technology we simply don’t have today. Drunvalo tells how he went to Egypt and showed them how the pyramids were built from the top down, and the proof as I understand it is irrefutable, but they weren’t buying it. They have too much $$$$ tied up in our present view of the world. The Pyramids were also clearly under water – I have the film where it is shown to us that they were, but that makes them far older than we are told – so they simply lie to us about what really happened.

      Sometimes, I think when people speak of a master race, they are talking more about the ETs who have come here in the past to help us, and they are also far, far more advanced on the evolutionary scale than we are. All my thoughts do take some consideration – maybe even some further reading and research. At any rate, I hope you will at least consider them . .


  6. nan says:

    why can’t we? argue with DNA results

  7. Kevin says:

    the man speaking is Michael Tsarion. Taken out of context, his comments can be easily misunderstood. He’s speaking from info from his lecture series The Irish Origins of Civilization (which has appeared on this blog before).
    In this discussion, he argues that many of the great technological and cultural achievements found in Egypt (and other ancient civilizations) were originally brought from Western cultures and people traveling East. He calls these people the Arya(n) – not the same Aryan’s of nazi germany – and traces their lineage back to the ancient Atlantean’s.

    Coincidentally, this corresponds with the post yesterday,

    regarding the Gaia Portal and their ÉirePort parent blog and the “People of God” Although that post refers to the People of God as the Israelites, perhaps a more correct identification would be as Aryan’s, at least according to Tsarion.

    Éiriu = Aryan
    Sacred land of Éire = Ireland
    => Éire(Ire)land = Land of the Arya

    I haven’t seen Irish Orgins in a while, so I don’t remember his entire history on the Aryan’s, however, it is a very fascinating study, and whether entirely accurate or not, extremely informative and revelatory in a variety of areas.

  8. Kevin says:

    The theory that Tutankhamun is the son of Akhenaten is widely regarded and largely acccepted in egyptology. His reign began less than five years after akhenaten’s ended and his original name Tut – Ank -ATEN (Living Image of the Aten) indicates his lineage from his father AkhenATEN (Effective for the Aten or servant, image of the ATEN)

    the Aten was the egyptian Solar Disk worshipped by Ahkenaten, replacing Amun-Ra and other classic egyptian deities and cults with cult of Aten, widely recognized as the first historical example of monotheism. This is why ATEN appears in both their names, which function equally as titles.

    Akhenaten’s revolutionary religious changes were with great resistance by the existing heirarchy of egypt, lead by the cult of Amun, which also functioned as the center of egyptian political, financial and social life, as well. Akhenaten eventually lost power and was deemed a heretic by the old guard centered around the cult of Amun, which quickly returned to power. This change is evident in the name change of Tut- Ank – AMUN (Living Image of AMUN) removing the reference to the Aten in his name and replacing it with Amun. Originally, Akhenaten was named Amenhotep IV, meaning Amun is Satisfied. His name change indicates his devotion to his new God.

  9. brooks says:

    actually King tut was a humanoid ET which had an elongated head!

    • Jean says:

      How do you know this for a fact? FOR EVERYONE; Please share links/info when you make a statement like this, or else please state clearly that it is your opinion. . . .

      • sirdru says:

        look up translations of the samerien tablets or on the wilder side alien race book anunnake pages of the book it tells how they created man so they could have a slave race to mine gold then took a different alien race of aliens (called the zeta s) and mixed with man and altered some of them tweek tweek a few of them to run things when they left so they could run the gold mines. ( the pheroes. )

  10. LowCarbFemale says:

    Tut DNA was tested and researchers concluded that he was inbred-his mother and father were brother and sister. He was diseased as he had Malaria and he disabled. He had poor health due to the inbred nature of his DNA and died at 19 years of age. So I guess it must be fun being related to that.

  11. jimisroom says:

    We have so much to learn about our true history, and in time, we will learn it.

    Africa is a diverse continent. I don’t get the point here. His haplotype is R1B…. There are many, many people with brown and black skin with the same haplotype. Are we talking skin colour, or is Tsarion saying Tut was actually Irish?

    It’s amazing that this is still a subject of debate. The important point is that they were part ET…but then again maybe saying that starts the same doubts….because Et by implication only means grey, reptilian or Nordic, right? Wrong!

    We have SO much to learn about this DNA thing….

  12. I won’t believe any history, recent or ancient, until the bad guys have been completely rounded up so that we can have access to the truth. (Was that Michael Tsarion in the interview? Love his stuff!)

  13. A Muffin Baking a Man says:

    This is a lie.
    Ancient Egypt is older than the white race.
    Not all africans are black/
    Not All Caucasians are white.

  14. Great stuff there, Jean. Well, if anyone read their bible, or even watched the movie “The Ten Commandments” there were Nubian (sp) slaves that traveled to Egypt; and at that time, there were also their kings and princes, that went there, who met with the Egyptian leaders. However, at that time the tribes did ‘not’ mix, especially with the slaves, and were always separated by clan. (i.e. Levites, Hebrews, and whoever tribe they came from). The slaves consisted of Hebrews, Levite, and Nubian. Also then, there was a strict adherence to the royalty in Egypt.

    I really ‘hate’ those pics of O’bummer in those photos. He’s no ‘god or king’ that’s for sure. But anyone can pick up any bible, even a Koran and note this stuff. I’m sure they didn’t lie about it. Although some of the stuff I do question. But there are two books out about the Dead Sea Scrolls. Now THOSE are telling. I have two of them and they’re ‘very interesting.’

    • Joan says:

      The video was not clear. At the end, it sounded like Jeff Rense was interviewing
      Michael Tsarion. This should have been noted on the video. One cannot argue with
      DNA results. Tsarion has claimed that the Druids left Ireland and eventually ended up
      in Egypt. If one believes that Atlantis along with it’s high level of civilization, existed
      and then was destroyed, tnen one can believe that some survivors from Atlantis went to
      Ireland, bringing with them alot of knowledge. It is said that ancient Ireland had a high
      level of culture. The Catholic church destroyed their ancient religion. Some of these
      people left Ireland and ended up in Egypt. It’s amusing in a way to think that some
      Egyptian pharoahs had some Irish genes. However, the DNA results indicate only that
      the pharoahs had western genes. Not Irish genes.
      I didn’t like the way the video was constructed, the producer was silly, the presentation was confusing, and certainly the emphasis on President Obama was
      grossly overdone.
      But one cannot argue with the DNA results.

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