Ben Fulford: Latest attempt to start world war 3 in Syria a sign of cabal desperation, August 27, 2013

The final take-down of the criminal cabal that illegally seized control of many Western countries is under-way according to multiple sources in the Pentagon, MI5, the Italian P2 Freemason Lodge and in various Asian power centers.

The ongoing attempts by these religious fanatic criminals to start Armageddon, this time with an operation in Syria is nothing more than a sign of desperation. The list of countries that has agreed to attack Syria based on the obvious cabal staged poisonous gas attack in Syria is also a list of the countries still under cabal control. These are the US, Canada (to my deep shame), France, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The fact that other NATO countries, notably Germany, are not participating is a sign the cabal no longer controls the NATO alliance. Globally, the cabal now controls only 8 out of the 195 nations on earth.

It is true these cabal controlled nations still control considerable military power on paper but it is extremely unlikely the pentagon will go along with this latest cabal gambit. From their point of view it is difficult to see what sort of legitimate US interests would be served by attacking Syria.

Instead, they realize this latest horror is just a desperate attempt to start war in order to save cabal control of the financial system. That is not going to be allowed.

On that front, a White Dragon Society representative will meet this week with holders of historical Asian bonds issued by the Federal Reserve Board in order to begin moves to either force the Feds to either cash them or be declared bankrupt. The bonds will be taken

to the Bank for International Settlements for cashing after the UN, the governments of the US, the EU, Russia, China etc. are formally notified the money will be used to finance a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. If anybody objects, the specific names of the people or organizations trying to block this move will be publicized and legal action against them will be initiated.

Since the International Court of Justice at the Hague is a cabal controlled institution, it will probably be necessary to set up a special tribunal to carry out mass arrests of top cabal members before work to repair this planet can begin.

There will also be continued clandestine efforts to remove cabal proxies from public office in the 8 countries still under cabal control. England, the US and Canada are expected to be the first of the 8 cabal controlled countries that will be freed. This will be done primarily by using all legal tools available to remove the known cabal mass murderers who are in power in these countries.

Of course the cabal has no intention of going quietly. In addition to their increasingly desperate attempts to start World War 3, the cabalists are also trying to co-opt the coming revolution.

The plan to co-opt the revolution by the cabal is taking the form of controlled opposition. The pumping up of, and mass corporate propaganda media pumping up of people like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange mark them as officially sanctioned “rebels.” These highly publicized and lionized “whistleblowers,” despite supposedly having access to huge archives of intelligence files have somehow failed, for example, to find anything about 911, 311 or other cabal mass murder events.

In any case, the cabal controlled revolution scenario hopes to use these and other yet to be created anti-heroes to make it seem that a revolution has taken place. Of course, it will just be a case of putting the velvet glove back onto the recently exposed steel fist of cabal fascist control. This plan will fail.

In a separate cabal gambit, top cabal agent Adnan Sacly is travelling around Asia, particularly Indonesia, in an attempt to bribe or otherwise influence Asian dynastic families, according to a senior P2 Freemason official. . He is being hunted by operatives working for the Vatican as well as the CIA and is thus not expected to remain in action for very long, according to the P2 freemason official.

There is also trouble brewing on the economic front with China now joining the ranks of countries whose economies are imploding. Mass bankruptcies have begun among small and medium enterprise, according to a Chinese government official.

This means the controlled economic implosion that began with the Lehman Brothers crisis of 2008 has worked its way from weaker countries like Greece and the US and is now hitting previously strong economies like China. This is adding to the pressure to start the new financial system and pump money into the global economy ASAP.

However, although everybody is sick and tired of the old financial system, solving the question of who gets to control the money pump next is still going to take many months to solve before the new system can begin.

The problem is due to a continuing deadlock at the very top of the old system. The big banks have used derivatives fraud to create astronomical amounts of dollars (quintillions, decadecillions and other such exotic numbers are bandied about in the back rooms) and are reluctant to admit this money has no basis in reality. Big banks with equally astronomical derivatives losses on their books are also refusing to recognize their bankruptcy, resulting in deadlock.

In the end, it will probably be necessary to shut down all the bank computers and delete all money from the system. After that, only money that is backed by real world assets will be re-entered into the system. This will mean a lot of work for auditors and other experts in following financial paper trails.

Since finance is the process of deciding what we as a species do in the future, there is also a spiritual dimension to the financial system that needs to be properly dealt with. Once cabal control is ended we need to come up with a new way of deciding what sort of world we want to build with the resources that exist today. If properly done, the new structure will unleash dormant human potential and allow for the biggest changes our species has seen since the beginning of agriculture.

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53 Responses to Ben Fulford: Latest attempt to start world war 3 in Syria a sign of cabal desperation, August 27, 2013

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    • Jean says:

      Scott, in the future, please save me and put your statement into Google Translate for me 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      […] In the meantime, the international cabal drives in an act of total desperation continues to try to fend off … in Syria to one’s own bankruptcy and the global currency revaluation. After the same thing already […]

  2. touchstone says:

    According to Fulford, the ‘final takedown’ of the cabal has been ‘imminent’ for years.

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  4. Christina says:

    Sorry Neil for my misinterpretation and thank you for your clear answer. I know nothing behind the scene and am not able to judge the facts Ben mentions. Had I known what you write here, I wouldn’t even have bothered reading all his information. Thanks again and be blessed in any way.
    lots of love,

  5. DrBubb says:

    (Apologies – I left the Video Link out – here;s the same post, with it included):

    Ben says:
    “The final take-down of the criminal cabal that illegally seized control of many Western countries is under-way according to multiple sources in the Pentagon…”

    I think this is more believable for those who know about secret history. The true patriots with power in America are in the military, not in Congress or the Senate – and I think not in the White House. One previous president attempted a coup and he was stopped. That was Nixon, and he was stopped by patriots within the Military. This part of secret history is revealed by Bill Still, whose father was asked to join the coup, and instead worked to stop it. You can hear Bill Still tell the story himself at 1:04 hours in, within this presentation that Still made in Denmark last year:

    Read Wikipedia about General Smedley Butler, another general who was asked to participate in a coup in the 1930’s, one where G.W. Bush’s own father was said to be one of the participants. He refused, and revealed the coup plan. But this strange episode is mostly forgotten in history, and by the mainstream media.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, DrBubb. You also failed to mention Kennedy, who was murdered for his efforts. Lincoln was also murdered, as I understand it, because he failed to fund the Civil War through an early version of the Federal Reserve. We have a long history with these criminals. Most of what we have been taught has been lies. Hugs, ~Jean

      • peter stevens says:

        Julius Caesar was minting coins. Lincoln had the greenbacks printed. Kennedy had just started printing money. The International Bankers will not tolerate any threat to their hold on the debt slaves. It is a shame the end of the Genocidal Maniacs comes on the heels of the threat of Fukushima world radiation. One prediction = 2050 end of life on earth. If Science is released from the iron grip of the Maniacs perhaps a solution can be found.

      • DrBubb says:

        You could say that: the murder of Kennedy was another “secret coup” that worked.

        The Bushes may have been involved in most of these:

        + The attempted coup that Gen. Smedley Butler twarted, where Prescott Bush may have been one of the planners
        + The Assassination of Kennedy, where some thing GHWB may have led the CIA team,
        + The attempted assassination of Reagan, by John Hinckley, whose father turns out to have connections with the Bushes
        + The successful defeat of popular vote-winner Albert Gore, whose family was threatened, and so he “stood down”,, and let the Supreme Court illegally award the presidency to GWB

        If the speculation in the alternative media is correct, then coups are a Bush family enterprise, along with drugs. But who knows for sure,? I have no direct evidence to show these things. Perhaps where there is smoke, there is fire.

  6. Jack says:

    Sananda as the King of Swords (KOS)
    Sananda Kumara with the full template is incarnate now as the King of Swords. King Of Swords (KOS) entered the Secret Service when President Clinton entered office and he has been there since. President Clinton had been groomed to be The Disclosure President. He was too afraid of assassination to carry it out. President Obama will be the Disclosure President. This is a very elaborate Plan which will not fail.

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  8. gdazer says:

    I’m certain that there are other species out there in the Universe who don’t use “finance” to keep their civilizations alive. “Finance” is nothing more than a false energy, and has nothing to do with the true cosmological energies that are being denied to many on Earth. I see let’s get rid of the money and start afresh.

  9. Peter Eyre says:

    You all know the saying “All that glitters is not gold” right?…….in the same context “All that is printed is not the truth” right?

    Ok so with that out of the way we all have to understand that the cabal use diversionary tactics all of the time to de-focus issues that should truly be in the news.

    We are plagued with Assange and Snowden headlines time and time again but we the sheeples simply take it all in thinking this is for real without understanding that these two decoys are all part of the intelligence agencies own propoganda machine.

    Having worked in association with military intelligence I can assure you that Assange and Snowden are simply not what you believe in much the same way as the Occupy movement that started in the US was highjacked by George Soros who is a major Cabal player.

    Do you really believe that these guys could really get away with massive files of top secret information and live?

    Look at what they have distributed and you will see that its old out of date data that serves no purpose as opposed to current up to date secret data that is relevant to national security and what would be clearly put our respective countries at great risk……this is called treason and these two “Intellegence Agencies Stooges” are working for the cabal……..its a joke folkes in much the same way as Bin Laden worked for the CIA and was not taken out by the ever so brave US Navy Seals…….how could that have taken him out when he died of natural causes on the 14th of December 2001 at the military hospital in Rawalpindi……..he was a very sick man with renal problems and many other complex medical issues that one associates with a man that was a giant and accordingly had oversized organs etc……….

    These two whistleblowers and even possible Bradley Manning are simply decoys to bait you all and take the focus away from reality.

    To summerise:…….you believe that Islamic Terrorist were involved in 9/11 right?……..Wrong!!!
    The people behind this attack were intel operatives and the cabal and certainly involved Mossad agents………did you know that the New Jersey Police arrested a group of them near the scene with explosive etc and then after much diplomatic pressure from Israel had to release them back to Israel?

    You saw aircraft hit the twin towers right?……Wrong!!!!….no commercial Boeing aircraft hit any building during 9/11…..what you saw were computer generated images……in actual fact the two alleged airliners were still flying elsewhere some 20 minutes after the alleged impact.

    The Pentagon was hit by a missile and the heroic airborne struggle overhead Shanksville did not take place……this was the only aircraft that was taken out by National Guard aircraft who intercepted, fired missiles etc……the aircraft did not come down in the field…….it disintegrated in flight and came down in a wooded area and not the field the authorities led you to believe.

    Why did 9/11 happen for many reasons… usual we have to ask you to follow the money…….in the Twin Tower complex were bonds and securities that were due to expire the day after and down below in the basement was vast amounts of gold bullion etc…….that is why!!

    The Pentagon was under investigation for trillions of dollars of missing money and the department investigating it was exactly where the missile struck……….its the same old game….remove the person or the evidence and that is exactly what they did.

    Hope this helps some of you to understand what is really going on in this world and know that so many false flags occur now its almost weekly ie Times Square Bomb, Delta Airlines Bomber, the British Shoe Bomber, Sandy Nook, Boston Marathon, USS Cole and the biggest one of all Vietnam Gulf of Tonkin incident……and also the sinking of the South Korean Corvette they tried to blame on North Korea………”Come On Folks Wake Up”……….Peter

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Peter! One more time . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • E Tiffany says:

      Peter. All you said was good and right on except for one thing. I fell asleep in my recliner while watching TV late on 9/10, and woke to see a live news report showing the first tower smoking. At first I thought it was a disaster movie on. But I soon understood what was happening. I saw the second tower get hit. I saw the plane fly into it, live. I also saw firemen rapidly emerging from the second tower later. A news reporter interrupted one and asked why the firemen were running away from the tower. He said they could hear bombs going off in the tower above. Not long after that I saw a huge flaming red explosion on the opposite side the plane struck. Never saw that in the news again. The planes were decidedly not simply made up edited film computer animation. At least the second was actual, I know ’cause I saw it hit but I would bet it was a drone. Since jets now fly-by-wire, it would be relatively easy to convert them to remote control.

      I also saw the earliest views of the Pentagon, live. Initially, he hole was far too small for any jet to have passed through it. I say it was either a missile or simply a bomb.

      • Jean says:

        You absolutely need to watch a video on this to inform yourself. NO PLANES FLEW INTO THOSE TOWERS! SORRY, and hugs, ~Jean

        PS Please do a search on my blog and you will find more than one video. It was a set-up, and many of us have waited for years for people to wake up to the terrible evil done to us on that day!

      • Peter Eyre says:

        I again repeat no Boeing commercial airliners hit any building during 9/11 and certainly the two that were supposed to hit the towers were still flying 20 minutes after the alleged impact… do we know?…..because we that are experts in the aviation industry know that companies install a system called ACARS into these aircraft so that we in ground operations can monitor the welfare of the aircraft engines ie fuel flow, exhaust temperatures etc etc and those two aircraft were sending messages back to base ops and base ops were communicating with them via SMS…….they even knew approximately where they were as the messages are passed via relay towers that give an approximate position of where the aircraft was at the time of transmission…….so no matter what the government tell you or the investigators these instruments do reveal the truth to the airline staff………end of story!!!

      • Quicksilver says:

        I wish a poll to be released in regards to how many that saw the very first announcement of the towers , actually thought it was not real. Personally myself, the first picture I saw was on the internet. I glanced and never read the article but thought to myself… when are they going to stop doing these disaster movies. Its the kind of stuff that imprints into peoples’ minds. I had gone to the living room to turn on the morning news and that is when I saw the second plane hit.How many more thought it to be a farce at that very moment and how many were in shock and awe for how long?

        • Jean says:

          It’s important to take the time to educate yourself on this. How clever they wee! There are numerous videos on my blog – if folks will do a Search . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • peter stevens says:

      The main reason 9/11 happened was the CIA plan to invade the Middle East. Remember Three days of the Condor based on a book SIX DAYS OF THE CONDOR written by government insider James Grady released in the early 70s?
      2nd main reason…Install all the laws of Adolph Hitler in the United States for Genocide.

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  11. Peter Eyre says:

    Just want to put a little input into the countries that are still controlled by the Cabal……I noticed that Australia is missing and no one knows Australia better than an Australian and so I have to add this country to the list……it has for many years been a strong supporter of the Cabal especially since the ex PM Howard took office and signed an alliance with the US and a cooperation agreement with NATO… was Australia that allowed the US and other allies to use this beautiful country to fire live DU weapons on its soil.

    It is also fact that the Trilateral Commission is also very much alive here with known names etc and when Julia Gillard left office she was replaced with yet another puppet who is hoping to push the military further north so that they will be on hand for trouble spots in Asia……the US Marines now also have a major base in the North and this week they are carrying out exercises with their Australian counterparts……..we also have some highly sensitive electronic equipment here and a very strong relationship with Spain (part of NATO) who are helping build ships for the navy etc……so please understand this resources rich country is clearly in their grasp……..maybe you thing the other side may win the election and they will be better?…….absolutely not they are also under the same magic spell.

    Australia also happens to have some of the biggest major international fraud and corruption entities compliments of the virtual/fake oil, gas and mining companies that rip off the taxpayers and feed their huge takings to the cabal.

    I sincerely believe that Australia could well be a major testing ground for the cabal and so much work is still required to rid the scum from these neck of the woods………Peter

  12. Kiore Ma says:

    Why no mention of Britain, are you trying to say they are not controlled by the cabal? No one is beating their war drum loader than William Hague….

    • Peter Eyre says:

      Britain is the true axis of evil and acts on behalf of the Crown Templar who act on behalf of the Jesuits in Rome…….this is how it works the US, Canada. UK and all countries that were occupied or taken over by the UK have all been signed over to Rome…….non of the above countries belong to the citizens that live within…….their central and local government, the judiciary all owe allegiance to the Crown Templar in the City of London who act as administrators for the Jesuits in Rome…….its that simple…….

      The other issue is we talk talk about our Bill of Rights or our respective constitutions etc when in actual fact they have no more value than a piece of toilet paper….yes folks they are worthless because the people that signed it were all part of the cabal and they literally stitched up the US, Canada, Australia and all the Old British Empire…….but this did not start back in Victorian times it actually started back in the days of Magna Carta when the King signed Enlgand over to Rome……..such is life…..having said that do not worry it will all come to an end in the not too distant future….Bless you all…Peter

  13. Han says:

    His name is Adnan Saklı

  14. If Humanity had a system of real democracy, Humanity could decide how the money system will work and who should be in charge of it. Personally, I think we should put all the banksters’ quadrillions of our stolen wealth in a single fund and give every Human a debit card that pays for any and all necessities. Those wanting luxury could work or create value for extra income. Value could be added to the fund through sales of public assets like timber or land.

    • Ggetaclue says:

      Exceptional idea! Exceptional.

    • E Tiffany says:

      Democracy ever leads to doom. A primary existing problem is that the majority mass believes they can vote on truth (for example, the jury trial). Whatever the majority thinks automatically is right or so they believe. Never mind the average intelligence of the majority is only a 100 I.Q. Those that are actually intelligent are in the minority and are innately repressed even killed by the majority mass (which is but a body of Believers) which in no way has any real understanding about how to run a country. Democracy may seem fair, but it reduces everything to lowest common denominator level, and ultimately fails in a horrible disaster. Ruin. Always.

  15. Nancy C says:

    I think the following paragraph from Ben is nothing less than offensive, asinine nonsense. I’ve been cutting Ben slack for some time now and I will probably continue contributing $8.00 to his site but I’m through making excuses for him.

    **The plan to co-opt the revolution by the cabal is taking the form of controlled opposition. The pumping up of, and mass corporate propaganda media pumping up of people like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange mark them as officially sanctioned “rebels.” These highly publicized and lionized “whistleblowers,” despite supposedly having access to huge archives of intelligence files have somehow failed, for example, to find anything about 911, 311 or other cabal mass murder events.**

    D. Wilcock recently said his insiders have said the Cabal had planned to torture Snowden and Assange is hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy for good reason. I find one of the more offensive aspects of the judge’s remarks upon sentencing Bradley Manning was to give him credit for time he had already been held and extra points for being “tortured’ by the military while in custody. That fact alone should have throne the entire hearing out of court. Ben’s indictment that in the masses of documents Assange and Snowden released he can’t find anything “about 911, 311 or other cabal mass murder events” is absolutely irrelevant.

    How dare Ben make snide, immature comments about these men. This isn’t incompetent journalism. It’s childish, immature journalism. Grow up, Ben.

    • Jean says:

      🙂 🙂 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Christina says:

      Nancy, I think Benjamin Fulford is not being childish at all by saying that the cabal will try to co-opt a revolution, hoping to make use of whistle blowers like Snowden and Manning. He does not humiliate these people and uses the word hope, because these are the persons that people trust.
      Because they have not given information about the worst crimes of the cabal, they may not know enough and they might not be able to understand later who are the bad guys.
      By reading and studying and living in Greece, I have finally understood that every big demonstration against a government who was serving the benefit of Greece, was organized from outside. The many scandals to bring down the government of Kostas Karamanlis, who dared to say no three times to Bush, were organized by members of Nato, bribed MP’s and American intelligent officials.
      Now, that we live the fifth year of a big crisis, everything is quiet. No big demonstrations, despite the fact that people are losing their jobs, houses and despite the fact that qualified people have to leave and corrupt people take their place. We perfectly serve the interest of the cabal, although the media mention differently.
      Most people still don’t know and can easily believe whoever says that they want to free you. All the revolutions were organized by the cabal and we are warned by Benjamin that they will probably try to do the same now in a very clever way.
      I only wonder why Greece is not on the list of cabal controlled countries. The countries most visited by the Government here are The USA, Qatar and Israel and nothing has happened for the benefit of Greece itself so far.

      • Nancy C says:

        Christina, Thank you for the insight and update on Greece. I have been very distressed about the situation in Greece. I believe I read somewhere a year or so ago that average Greek incomes fell 50% in 2 years and all just to pay corrupt bankers. Didn’t Neil Keenan say a short while back that Greece and Ireland and some other countries were top priorities once the funds get released. I sure hope so.

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  17. tony lane says:

    I think that ben is quite right, and I hate to keep repeating myself,when at the top of this cabal is the ROTHSCHILDS, so if any progress is to made you have to take out these creatures along with the ROCKERFELLERS, you will find that all wars since the Russian revolution have been initiated by them, they love nothing they exist only to cause distress and to inflict pain, and they have made trillions through wars and poison vaccines deliberate toxic oil spills, and caused millions of deaths with the chemical aerosol spraying over ninety per cent of the world, and lets not forget the millions that they have already killed with the tsunami’s, earthquakes and volcano eruptions that was caused by the HAARP ANTENNA that they control. and like DAVID ICKE keeps saying they dare not speak its name. because we know who they are and they are not HUMAN.

  18. Canada’s actions and cooperation as a Cabal (actions taken by Government Officials and people in the military; some dupes, others committed conspirators ) run country (which makes me angry) and complicity can be traced by a thorough investigation of the United States “OPERATION STILLPOINT.” All the Cabal agents and entities in the US; including (but not limited to) Wall St., The Federal Reserve, the legal community, many Government Agencies and the banking sectors; both in Canada AND the United States are/were actively involved; let’s not forget; Leo/Lee Wanta’s involvement in “STILLPOINT;” which is a 5 point operation to steal and convert all the combined created wealth and assets of Canada and the US, implode the Banking system and collapse financial markets to foment unrest and an eventual uprising which would justify declaration of Martial Law being imposed and a complete slave system from which it would have been virtually impossible to break free of.

    I’m sure that more than a few of those at top levels in the US are aware of this; though, I have to wonder how much (or little) people in Canada are aware of STILLPOINT. For those in Law enforcement; the money trail delineating the fraud, conversion, conspiracy, theft, treason and Genocide proofs are to be found there; a prima facie case more than adequate for prosecution under Common Law.

  19. eleanor says:

    link to fact Italy not willing to go to war vs Syria w/o UN sanction

  20. eleanor says:

    I stopped reading after fulford states Italy is willing to go to war against Syria w/o UN sanction–this is incorrect

    • Henry Oliver says:

      I think what he means is this: Italy is part of “a list of the countries still under cabal control” Ben’s statement is qualified and carries with it reason and can therefore not be attributed to the general Italian population only a cabal minority that is in the habit of warmongering and pillaging. (And of course the Italian population is coerced in all sorts of evil ways to execute their will.) (The report is also not detailed but mostly consists of notes)

  21. BH says:

    Reblogged. Luv u tons, dearest Jean! ❤ ~ bryan

    • says:

      Why would anyone make such an inane statement as Adnan Sakly is in Indonesia when in fact he might be with Swiss Indo and others in Japan from what we understand. I hear he was invited. Thank god they allowed him into Japan otherwise we might be hearing stories all night about how Madame Chaing Kai Shek gave him the Chinese Royal Treasuries for sleeping with her. Save the Grimm Stories for other places but now I know how he acquired the nickname WOODY.

      Now if you believe this one let me tell you another one.

      • Jean says:

        🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • BH says:

        😉 Thanks for clearing that up for us, Neil! Tons of love to you & the team!! ~ bryan

      • Ilex says:


      • Christina says:

        Dear Neil,
        I admire you, respect you and think you are one of the most important people on Earth these days. I also admire Benjamin Fulford, who in another way is working tremendously hard and risking his life to safe this world giving us a lot of information, which of course might not always be correct. . He never said anything negative about you. It’s the second time you are making fun of him on this site about an inane thing. Ben says that Adnan Sacly is travelling around Asia, particularry indonesia, bribing people. You change this a little in that he says he is in Indonesia and start making fun of him.
        If we want to change this world into a better world where we all respect each other, wouldn’t it be better that we solve the small differences we have with our neighbour with our neighbour instead of making fun of him to others?
        Lots of love,

      • says:

        Christina, if I believed for one second that Ben believed that Sakli was travelling around Indonesia bribing people I would have been silent but this is just another stupid game hoping to get people wound up that Sakli was bribing people with money when in fact he was asking Malik for money so he could file a lawsuit against the banks. I told Benjamin this but as he went ahead despite being told not to with OPPT and Swissindo he ends up holding an empty bag. Sakli has not been here and Swissindo and OPPT are cons as well. Romanov had been hospitalized (delusions). I am not going to allow anyone to try to create problems here with disinformation. It has been our group that has financed what we are doing here and we will let no one step on our toes with bullshit. I hope this hits home with you. You may like Ben. I do as well but he nor anyone will with their wildest dreams take away all that we have created here. Again I hope this hits home. If you wish to believe in BS then believe in it. I do not and will not let it go silently in this country. I have just gotten off messaging with Ben and I am there to help him when he needs it but I do not agree with nonsense when everyone is working so hard to get things right.
        One further note being you are not behind the scenes so you know very little.

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