US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chem Attacks: iPhone Video

Published on Aug 27, 2013

Forbidden Knowledge TV shares this info:

This iPhone video is alleged to show the recent chemical weapons attacks in Syria, as they were being deployed by US-backed Al Qaeda terrorists.

Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff gives his analysis of the clip, posted below. He says that investigative journalists inside the Eurasian country of Georgia report that they have traced shipments of chemical weapons to Syria from an American-controlled facility in Georgia.

Journalists, Jeffrey Silverman and Lika Moshiashvili discovered clandestine WMD operations emanating from the  US-controlled Central Public Health Reference Laboratory, in Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi.

This facility, which functions under the cover of a “disarmament aid” program controlled by the US Government, is also being reported to be developing new strains of deadly viruses that are being weaponized and distributed directly to terrorist organizations.

Duff notes that, “Differentiating between listed and named terror groups and intelligence agencies has become problematic,” but he says that all of these activities have been financed by the US Government, under the guise of foreign aid and disease control.

I disagree with Duff when he says that the Al Qaeda agents who carried out the chemical attacks were merely “idiots,” in documenting their deeds with a cell phone camera and posting the video online. A credible motive that I can imagine, from their point of view, would be to utterly discredit their despised US paymasters, coupled with a willingness to be “martyred” for their disclosure.

A US attack on Syria is clearly a no-win situation for Obama and for most everyone else on this planet.  The Commander in Chief would be better off, were he to do a 180 on his half-baked threats…but unfortunately, he’s an NSA-blackmailed puppet of the Neocons, who are still running the US Wermacht, so our non-president has no real choice in this matter.

But, do we?

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5 Responses to US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chem Attacks: iPhone Video

  1. Jeffrey Silverman says:

    Gordon Duff and he has been in contact with me about the allegations of weapons of mass destruction including biological weapons including but not limited to nerve gas. Based on his intelligence, the gas used by the rebels in Syria came through Georgia. However I have never made this claim. I have only alleged that weapons have been going from Georgia to other countries for some time and that Saudi intelligence is actively involved in this process and, if such weapons were to travel to the middle east, Georgia is an ideal transit hub due to its location and track record in illicit deals such as weapons for drug swaps, smuggling weapons to Africa, etc. There are very close connections between Georgian businessmen, some of Lebanese decent, who are closely linked with American and Saudi intelligence services. I have been investigating these links for a number of years and the network is long established with the full knowledge of the US government and some rogue elements of the Georgian Ministry of Defense. From time to time I have shared some of my work about the bio research lab as reported in the Georgian and international media. This information, much of it open sourced, has also been shared with the Georgian mainstream media–both print and broadcast. However, I have discussed my grave concerns over what is going on in Georgia, most recently I discussed with him the possibility of the Russian reaction to what is going on in Syria and they may respond by causing problems in Georgia. The Russians cannot do anything against the US in other parts of the world but there are many vulnerable areas based on the nefarious weapons trafficking network set up in Georgia under the former government. Most recently I shared the draft of an article I am working on now, two days ago; this was the last correspondence I had with Gordon Duff. There is no, doubt in my mind, however, that the US system of labs in Georgia and Eastern Europe has little to do with animal or human health but has offensive capacity.

  2. I just don’t take any credence to a wild eyed idea like this. Yes, the contractors are nothing but trouble, but what is suggested here is just too idiotic to have any merit.

    • Jean says:

      John, if you’re new to these ideas, all I can do is suggest that you hold tight as you make your way down the rabbit hole. The truth is pretty terrible, but when you are open to it – then suddenly everything makes sense. . . .Your choice, of course. What is happening is far too serious and demands that each person make up their own mind . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Watcher says:

    Do “we” have any choice in this?
    Short of hitting the highways, byways, personal residences of the fat cat politicians (and that is ALL politicians), their offices and Washington itself, with metal pots, metal dishpans, and wooden sticks and spoons…. literally by the MILLIONS of warm bodies…..
    Making a din that goes on 24/7 until the jails are too full to arrest another individual…. and keep it up…….
    Occupy Wall Street (might have been choreographed?) did not accomplish its stated goals because there weren’t ENOUGH bodies out there…. and they did not make enough NOISE… and they finally were discouraged and faded away …

    Signs can be ignored…. a few people can be arrested and the rest discouraged…… vola~! The corrupt controllers win once again~!!!

    But masses of people making unbearable endless noise, who happily chogy off to the jail house, leaving the remaining crowd that just grows and grows … who will NOT be dissuaded …
    Guess what? That WORKS…..
    …… the people in South and Central America use that tactic, and have for the last 100 years… they block the roads, beat incessantly on their tin pots and pans, 24/7 …. for as long as it takes for the politicians to CHANGE the offending issue~!!!

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