Washington DC Navy Yard shooting linked to attempted arrest of Obama for treason

This info is deeply disturbing, as it should be. While most of the facts as suggested here, seem to fit, I think we must be very careful at this point in time about saying this was actually the case. ~J

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Thursday, September 19th, 2013

obama investigation

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.

U.S. military police were targeted and killed by Obama in the Washington DC Navy Yard shooting.  Why?  Agents from the U.S. military’s criminal investigation units had uncovered a plot to detonate a nuclear device in the heart of the nation’s capitol as part of an Obama government false flag.  Officials from NCIS (United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service) and the U.S. Office of the Provost (both with field offices inside the Washington DC Navy Yard) had threatened to arrest Obama for planning to attack Syria without Congressional approval following a planned nuclear detonation false flag in Washington DC.  The Office of the Provost is on the second floor of Building 34, One First Avenue, Charlestown Navy Yard and NCIS is located at 716 SICARD STREET SE, SUITE 2000, WASHINGTON NAVY YARD, DC.

The United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is the primary law enforcement agency of the United States Department of the Navy. It investigates activities concerning crimes against or by United States Navy and United States Marine Corps personnel, along with national security, counter-intelligence, and counter-terrorism cases.  A false flag is the crime of treason – levying war against the United States.  If United States Navy or United States Marine Corps personnel are involved in planning for and preparing a false flag event in Washington DC or anywhere else in the United States, NCIS and its agents are duty bound to investigate and take action to counter those terrorist acts against the United States.

Prior to the Washington DC Navy Yard shooting the Joint Chief of Staff and Provost Marshals were planning and preparing to arrest Obama for treason.  For levying war against the United States with a planned false flag in Washington DC on the anniversary of 9/11 – a nuclear detonation. [Let me state here that while this would not surprise me and while the facts as known so far seems to add plausability, I do not think we know if these people were indeed planning and preparing to arrest Obama. If it is ‘real’ truth, then I think we will soon learn more. We are in times when the truth will not stay hidden. Indeed, it cannot stay hidden. Our very survival depends on the ‘real’ truth coming out. ~]

In the United States the Office of the Provost has the authority to arrest the President if he or she violates the terms of his/her employment, or commits an act that is detrimental to the United States. He/she can be held liable, arrested, imprisoned etc., depending on the depth of the violation, by the Provost Marshal.

If it has been determined that the president of the United States has committed treason in a manner unmistakable to all, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff convenes a covert meeting (in this case the Washington DC Navy Yard) to get a vote of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The Provost Marshall General of the Army and/or Marines will usually be in attendance.   Remember that a military officer takes an oath of office to do one thing and one thing only – “……. to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign OR DOMESTIC.” They must determine above a reasonable doubt that the enemy domestic is the treasonous president before they can attempt to arrest him or her.

Once the Joint Chiefs of Staff have determined beyond a reasonable doubt that the president has committed treason a convoy of 10 to 12 HIGH ranking officers (13 killed at the Navy Yard) depart the Pentagon, accompanied by a large contingency of Military Police (Provost Marshals, NCIS agents) and all necessary armament and provisions to enter the grounds of the White House, by FORCE if necessary, and proceed to the location of the president and put him under arrest.   Then, The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would advise the Speaker of The House, The President of the Senate, The Attorney General and the Secretary of State of their actions.  Obama’s response to the threat of arrest was a coordinated assault against NCIS agents who uncovered the false flag plot against the United States and Provost Marshals who threatened to arrest Obama at the Washington DC Navy Yard.

Have you wondered why not all of the names and the rank of those who were killed in the assault have been released?  The White House (Obama) ordered their names and rank classified as it would raise alarm bells in Washington DC should the public know Joint Chiefs of Staff members, Provost Marshals and NCIS agents were targeted and killed for threatening to arrest Obama for treason.  The White House is claiming that the names of those killed are being withheld pending next of kin notification.

On September 28,  2009 the History Channel released a movie titled “Day After Disaster“.  The entire movie is about Washington DC being the target and victim of a nuclear detonation.   The movie also features Obama talking about nuclear detonations in the U.S. Movie 0.50 time stamp – “One terrorist, one nuclear weapon could unleash massive destruction” ~ Obama says.  Last year PRESS Core wrote an article titled “COG planning for and preparing Washington DC nuclear detonation false flag event.” after receiving information that September 30, 2012 was the day “Day after Disaster” was to executed in real-time.  Obama’s planned false flag attack for September 30, 2012 was averted after the public was made aware of the false flag beginning August 18th, 2012.

Obama’s 9/11 anniversary false flag was thwarted when the Joint Chief of Staff and the Provost Marshals from the Washington DC Navy Yard confronted Obama and threatened to arrest him for treason for planning to detonate one or more nukes in the nation’s capitol – Washington DC.

The EU Times reported June 27, 2013 – “Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops For “Upcoming” Disaster“  In that story it claims Obama “has requested at least 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and “crowd functions” [i.e. riot control] be pre-positioned to respond to FEMA Region III during an unspecified “upcoming” disaster.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region III  includes Delaware,Washington, D.C (formally the District of Columbia) , Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia areas.

According to this report, this unprecedented request was made directly to Minister Vladimir Puchkov by US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Director Janet Napolitano (now retired) who said these Russian troops would work “directly and jointly” with her Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), part of whose mission is to secure the continuity of the US government in the event of natural disasters or war.

Obama brings in Russian soldiers to police U.S. after false flag

This report has been verified.  The origins of this report can be read on the website of Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters – or internationally as EMERCOM of Russia –  “The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and the USA Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are going to exchange experts during joint rescue operations in major disasters. This is provided by a protocol of the fourth meeting of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group on Emergency Situations and seventeenth meeting of Joint U.S.-Russia Cooperation Committee on Emergency Situations, which took place in Washington on 25 June.

In addition, the parties approved of U.S. Russian cooperation in this field in 2013-2014, which envisages exchange of experience including in monitoring and forecasting emergency situations, training of rescuers, development of mine-rescuing and provision of security at mass events.“  Source: http://en.mchs.ru/news/item/434203/

U.S. Russian soldiers training together.

Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano ABC News Aug 27, 2013:  “A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way.

The only way anyone could know that there is “a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way” is if you are the one planning and preparing it.

“You also will have to prepare for the increasing likelihood of more weather-related events of a more severe nature as a result of climate change, and continue to build the capacity to respond to potential disasters in far-flung regions of the country occurring at the same time.

“You will need a large bottle of Advil,” Napolitano joked.

Napolitano is hinting at what the United States government (Obama) is planning and preparing for using its weather modifying weapon of mass destruction called HAARP.

Don’t think the U.S. government is planning to detonate a nuke in Washington DC?  They’ve already planned for it.  DHS (illegal posse posse comitatus force) / FEMA Washington DC nuclear detonation scenario report –http://www.fas.org/irp/agency/dhs/fema/ncr.pdf  complete with nuclear detonation maps, charts and fatality estimates.  NCR stands for National Capital Region.

Why else would Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano suddenly resign her post (announced her resignation July 12, 2013) and leave Washington DC for California?  Because while she was Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano planned for and prepared for a major Washington DC event.  She got out of dodge before the “attack on the U.S. homeland is coming“.

Janet Napolitano’s resignation as Department of Homeland Security Secretary was effective  September 7, 2013 – just 4 days before the planned 9/11 anniversary nuclear device detonation false flag.  Just before leaving her post Dyess Air Force base reportedly moved nuclear warheads to the East Coast of the United States in a secret transfer that had no paper trail.  The Dyess Air Force Commander allegedly authorized unknown parties to transfer nuclear warheads to an unknown location on the U.S. East Coast, where the warheads would then be picked up and potentially utilized.  Conspiracy?

Legal definition for conspiracy – An agreement between two or more persons to engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act, or an act that is innocent in itself but becomes unlawful when done by the combination of actors.

A conspiracy is codified as a criminal offense.  A conspiracy is not fiction, made up, make belief or theory.  A conspiracy is an indictable offense wherein – two or more persons engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act.  The evidence reveals that Obama, the DHS, FEMA and other agencies  of the United States are actively conspiring to levy war against the United States through a false flag – an unlawful or criminal act.

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79 Responses to Washington DC Navy Yard shooting linked to attempted arrest of Obama for treason

  1. mokuahi says:

    The constitution everybody swears to is NOT the Document the founders produced. That Document is the Constitution FOR the united States of America… The one they have you swear to IF you paid attention to the Letters and WORDS is, The Constitution OF the United States of America that’s the corporation the treasonous 41st congress in 1871 produced. where were these people then.

    • Mary says:

      It doesn’t matter what these thugs swear an oath to….they are so deceitful and are pathological liars, so they DON’T CARE!! Do you think for one minute that criminals before committing a crime ask themselves…’umm,,,,is this a criminal act that I’m about to do?’
      They don’t need a revised edition of the Constitution for swearing an oath to, they would swear on their mother’s grave or sell her soul to the devil in order to achieve their end goal.

  2. pupma says:

    Time to wake up to reality, not the reality we have known but the true one.
    If bits of this story made it to 60 minutes on Sunday, you better begin opening up your minds.
    (I think they did this show, because after all the firings, their reputation was shot, they needed a face life, so this show).

    Of Course, only the bits and pieces authorized so that they look a bit better in the public’s eyes. (CBS is bought & sold so this story showing really surprised me when I saw it.)

    MSM always just tells part of the story. Those Barbie Doll News Anchors, just put on a smile after a heartbreaking story and change to a happier story. (“Everything is fine, nothing to see here”!) OH YES THERE IS…ALWAYS! Time to learn from all the lies & empty lip service. Don’t give strangers your loyalty or trust! They lie to you or tell you half truths.
    So, now what? Make any difference to you, if this is a true story or not, being on MSM show 60 minutes?

  3. pat says:

    IMO this is not koolaid-very probably fact-and the article cites many easily researched sources that back up its facts(some of which i have read about before already years ago and some of which i have personal experience with)–and it is not the first time this has happened–by my own count, it would be at least the FOURTH time that a tactical nuke weapon false flag here has been attempted (AND succeeded once in New York on 9/11 by the same people). It was also just after this time period that usa, inc. and Russian relationship went south–makes sense if the Russians were being used as backup to basically destroy our country(Putin the new Hitler? oh PULEEZ)–oh, yea—just like usa,inc. is now doing to Russian neighbors in Ukraine thru State Dept. and mercenaries and hired local fascist thugs. Yes, this is making ALOT of sense.

  4. Badd Karma says:

    CAN THIS BE VERIFIED if so i will re post it

  5. When someone writes an article he/she keeps the
    image of a user in his/her brain that how a user can know it.
    Thus that’s why this article is perfect. Thanks!

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  7. TerI Hawthorne says:

    I had read article about general / admiral thwarting neuclar warhead transfer .lost his job….also all I ever heard about navy yard shooting on news, was that everyone killed was a civilian.

    • pat says:

      not so, i clearly recall the mainstream news early on talking about naval casualties-and later dropping or equivocating on that meme…and it is not a secret about those naval facilities housing the ncis and provost marshalls etc.

  8. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    Why does the military take an oath to protect the Constitution? It is a document, a piece of paper. It makes more sense to me that they would take an oath to protect our borders from invasion of enemies. Could I be misinformed?
    About nukes. My sweetie was in Viet Nam to arm nukes. Yes, there were nukes in Nam. He says that there is a team of two who are even allowed to approach a nuke. If one person was seen approaching a nuke they were to be shot, no questions asked. So how did 6 get on a B52? By ‘mistake’? Even if they are not armed they are still bombs and if they go off can do considerable damage.
    Why haven’t we seen bodies connected to the Navy Yard? Another Sandy Hook?
    Take anything that appears on the nightly news with skepticism.
    Sifting through the crap is really tiring, my cup o’ joe in the morning is becoming more like medicine to get through the day. AA Michael says that laughing is good medicine. I say so is LOVE.

    • Jean says:

      The Constitution is a piece of paper that REPRESENTS who we are as a nation. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Donald says:

        Actually dear Jean, the Constitution is merely a “debt instrument” that describes how “constitutors” ( those accepting to pay the debt o
        f another) will manage their debt while being allowed to “conduct commerce” with the Crown. Judge Dale and other sources are pretty adept at explaining how the founders devised a way to secure their liberty and that of THEIR posterity. You and I and all other Americans are “not a party” to this contract, nor are we a party to their corporate version “of” the UNITED STATES. Therefore, since you and I are not party to it, how can they compel us to performance based upon it? the short answer is that they cannot if you rebutt their presumption. I have told judges to their face that I am not a party to their constitution and it takes the wind right out of them. They usually get up and leave the court. We are SOOOOOOO empowered, most just don’t even know it. TELL YOUR READERS TO STUDY THEIR ENEMY. Thanks Jean for all you do. Love

      • MerTTT says:

        A large part of the land west of the Atlantic and east of the Pacific is defined as The United States of America by the U.S Constitution.

      • Bridgit Bailey says:

        Great answer Jean! I was astounded by Di’s confusion. But I love the way you informed her with consideration and care. May we all work on that. Even more, myself.

      • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

        I don’t mean to be argumentative but every country protects its borders but not every country has a Constitution. It has always bothered me that women had to have a special provision in the Bill of Rights to be ‘allowed’ to vote. Also the Constitution defines minorities of color as 4/5ths of a person/man. What the heck? Isn’t it time to bring it into this century with understandable language and lack of excessive verbiage? The Declaration of Independence is my go-to document. How many folks who take the oath to defend the Constitution have actually read it?
        The Bill of Rights is a unique document, however, it is continuously debated and abused. The Supreme Court ‘interprets’ the Constitution, What the heck?
        I agree that the truth is finally waking folks up. May it thrive and continue.

        • pat says:

          to add even more confusion–there are two constitutions just from the europeans–not to mention the indigenous peoples constitutions–so which one counts–surely not the corporate last-maybe to some extent the earlier european written so-called “organic” constitution and for sure the indigenous peoples constitution. By the way, I have read that the organic constitution contents were 80% line for line what was in the indigenous peoples constitution (Iraquois nation i believe, if memory serves).

      • Michael says:

        AMEN Jean, SEMPER FI!! MRP

    • Are you kidding me? The Constitution is the essence of this country more than its borders. Borders are merely the physical properties of the country, the Constitution is the ideology, heart and soul of the country. To call it a piece of paper is woefully and unbelievably ignorant.

      • Jean says:

        Terry, kinder words might be in order here. Many people are just waking up . . . and haven’t a clue. Hugs, ~Jean

        • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

          My dear Terry, ideologies have been used to start wars and commit unspeakable harm to folks just because they don’t have the same belief system. People kill to defend gods that they have never seen or words of prophets of old societies with questionable beliefs, such as human sacrifice. Do we support those ideas in the US? No,we don’t and with good reason. We as humans evolve through maturity and knowledge into higher thinking and believing persons. Our documents should reflect this desire to reform and to be a society to be proud of.

    • Cletus O'Bannon says:

      Quite simple, the piece of paper as you describe it defines our government and it’s mandate. It identifies and protects our inherent rights as American citizens and gives us guidance for how to deal with our government. That piece of paper is what sets us apart from any other nation in history, any other empire in history.

      That piece of paper is why you can say what you wish without fear of retribution (but you are still accountable), it is why you have the right to remain silent if accused of a crime, you have the right to a fair trial by your peers…

      As a man that has served in this nations armed forces, that piece of paper means more to me than your or any other person life as it allows Americans to live a life that millions strive to attain and more come here to pursue. And if you can’t see that… then you are part of this nations core problem.

  9. lisaleaks says:

    Reblogged this on lisaleaks and commented:
    U.S. military police were targeted and killed by Obama in the Washington DC Navy Yard shooting. Why? Agents from the U.S. military’s criminal investigation units had uncovered a plot to detonate a nuclear device in the heart of the nation’s capitol as part of an Obama government false flag. Officials from NCIS (United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service) and the U.S. Office of the Provost (both with field offices inside the Washington DC Navy Yard) had threatened to arrest Obama for planning to attack Syria without Congressional approval following a planned nuclear detonation false flag in Washington DC. The Office of the Provost is on the second floor of Building 34, One First Avenue, Charlestown Navy Yard and NCIS is located at 716 SICARD STREET SE, SUITE 2000, WASHINGTON NAVY YARD, DC.

  10. try this says:

    Well researched article to fill in some more details :

    Disinfo Tag Team, Presscore.ca & EU Times, Are Behind Bogus Navy Yard Shooting/Obama Arrest Story

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I think David Wilcock alerted me to this, and I posted his comment as an article. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Thomas Widlar says:

        Ken Adachi does a very good job analyzing the origin of the hoax Navy Yard Shooting story about arresting Obama.

        Note that near the end, Ken has this to say about the Fukushima Crisi. Ken says “the non-existent Fukushima “radiation crisis” which I have tried to show in a dozen or more articles since the Japan attack on March 11, 2011 *does not, and never did exist*. By the way, the current background radiation readings in Tokyo (September 2013), which is located just *124 miles* from the Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Fukushima prefecture, is now hovering at the SAME background radiation levels that existed in Tokyo _before_ the Japan attack on 3/11. ”

        I asked here for reliable sources of the Fukushima story. A list of sites was given that reposted the story. I asked how do we know these sources are reliable. I was told to get in touch with my inner spirit.

        • Jean says:

          Thomas, I cannot be all things to all people. You ask too much of me . . . answering your question would take more time than I as one human being have. It is not my primary focus. Can you not research it for yourself? Why ask me to do it for you. I’m sorry if that upsets you, but it is a fact. Hugs, ~Jean

          • Thomas Widlar says:

            I’m not upset at all, Jean. Nobody’s perfect (my favorite movie line). When I questioned the Fukushima story before you questioned me. So when Ken also questioned that story with more detail, I brought it up again. We are trying to be on the same page and we get there by going over current questions calmly until we get it right.

            It was said that Ronald Reagan would see a barn full of horseshit and happily say there must be a pony in there somewhere.

          • Jean says:

            Okay, Thomas, forgive me if I misunderstood . . . right now, I’m feeling a heavy burden, and maybe I just didn’t ‘get’ it. Hugs, ~Jean

          • Thomas Widlar says:

            Nothing to forgive, Jean. We are searching for the truth amongst all the crap and that’s not easy to do.

          • Jean says:

            Thank you, Tom, and you are so very right! Hugs, ~Jean

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  12. R.L. Smith says:

    The EUtimes is their version of the US tabloids. Here is the origin of one of their sources, yes it is the David Booth/Sorcha Faal website. http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1688.htm So the story is quite possibly a disinformation piece.
    This administration has been letting go most of those who General MacArthur once referred to as, Son’s-a-bitches, (he said once that some in government called his troops son’s-a-bitches but said when theres a problem who do they call, us son’s-a-bitches) go and have been replacing them with effeminate homosexually inclined officers who are lapdogs to the administration.
    For there to be an effective military coup, so to speak, there would have to be officers willing to take the chance and have the integrity to do what is morally right in deposing this wannabe tyrant. I have been told by a private military contract a few years ago there was a quite effort going on in the halls of government, in both parties, and in the Pentagon to remove people of faith from positions in authority because political positions can change with the wind but people who have a firm foundation in their faith are harder to convince to do the proverbial dasderly deeds that are required in the eventuality of a forced martial law scenario.
    Just a note, in the minds of the globalists those who are not part of their cliche are often referred to as people of ” vulgar blood ” and soldiers are often referred to as Mac’s Son’s-a-bitches.
    So the statement is not meant as a derogatory, its actually meant to be an affirmative since ole’ Mac was one of our greatest military minds in the last century. My opinion anyway.

  13. jeepney48 says:

    PressCore disinformation specialists who spew garbage as usual.

    • TruthHawk says:

      Jeep, you’ve got “eyes to see and ears to hear” with clear discernment, unlike the person who posted this bunk. And now blogspot.presscore, presscore.ca and presscore.us have all disappeared from sight, analytics search of url’s comes back empty-handed. Nuff said.

  14. Jean, PressCore has been passing out blatant disinformation for years. What they do is to spin stories that turn them back around in favor of the power elite. In this case, the elite created a false flag event to attempt to secure more power and control, and it failed miserably. Now they want to create intrigue that distracts people from what really happened.

    Part of how this disinfo works so well is it feeds people who are open-minded about conspiracy theories new stories to chew on. The stories have the “veneer of plausibility.” What they also invariably do is introduce glaring errors into the document that most people who believe it never bother to follow up on. Then it goes viral, and other disinfo agents then point out the easily-revealed errors, showing it’s a hoax. The people who believe in “conspiracy theories” are then further discredited, usually very sarcastically.

    I have followed and tracked this for some time. PressCore has repeatedly done this and is not to be trusted in any way. It’s not as frequent as “Sorcha Faal” on whatdoesitmean.com and EUTimes.net — where it is astonishing in either case that these sites have had so much longevity — but it appears to be written by the same people.

    – David

    • Jean says:

      David, I’m going to publish your Comment as an article. I hope this is okay with you! I trust your info and your ideas, and I do not want to be a part of such a disinfo campaign! Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • jayjay says:

      Thanks our friend! Much appreciation for you and Lar << (my BFF)

      And thank you Jean for bringing this to the forefront.

    • Ian T. MacLeod says:

      Some good points, David. Still, some people DIED. They had family and friends, and there is still no justice. I used to believe that the American people would finally tire of seeing police and military casually treating “civilians” who exercising their God-given (NOT given by a document, like the Constitution) rights as trash and casually injuring, even killing them and then walking off scott free one way or another – judicial corruption, police corruption and so on. I’ve always known that the ultimate authority rested with We the People, and I had believed that after being shown repeatedly that there WAS NO JUSTICE any longer – just a “long train of abuses” by “officials” with a sense of entitlement , the American people would be forced to act on their own behalf, but it seems I was wrong on a number counts. Attempts made within the Law to act on our own behalf gets people attacked, unbelievably, by POLICE (!), or arrested by the Federal Government, which has usurped the power both of the People and the States, both of which were superior to the Federal government originally. This tolerance for open corruption and usurpation of power, the assumption by the Federal government of essentially dictatorial power and it’s openly vindictive use, the twisting of terms to mean the clear opposite of their intended meanings… It’s as though I’ve stepped into Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone!

      According to the clear intent of the Constitution as well as the writings in other documents – letters, articles and so on – of the Founders, especially men like Thomas Jefferson, it’s not just the RIGHT of the people of America, but the OBLIGATION of every citizen to remove this stolen power from the offices and officers, elected officials and others in the Federal government who have simply begun exercising power they should not and DO NOT have! Illegal agencies within the government and legal agencies that been operating illegally, like the NSA, the DEA and others, seem ready and not just willing but EAGER to bring the full war-making force of the American government, now no longer acting on the Will of the People but on the instructions of the rich corporatists, into a war against the people of America themselves! They’ve threatened it time and again, and they are continually putting out “regulations” they have no right to create, writing and passing laws that are outright treason against the Constitution they swore to preserve and protect, and they criminalize the simple existence of the People who are, it seems to me, the point of the whole exercise of creating a free country! Any attempt to defend our own rights as human beings and as Americans is instantly labelled “treason” – which is the opposite of what it is: patriotism, which has ALSO been openly labelled “treason”!

      Much of the violence against Americans has been clandestine, as with chemtrails, the poisoning of the food and water supplies aided by a complicit, or at least supine Congress, and toxic “medications”, hidden or falsely called “safe” radiation and more. That much has caused a low-level illness in the population that is slowly getting worse and worse, and costing more and more. With the deliberate destruction of the industrial base and the economy, mere survival has become a priority in what was, until the “banksters” openly robbed us with the blessings of the President (the CEO of the UNITED STATES, INC., not of the united states of America), leaving us on the edge of a disaster that can be triggered at any time. Any attempts to survive in some decent order by the populace have been threatened by action, AGAIN, by the military and by the now-militarized police forces. And somehow most of the populace simply doesn’t SEE all this happening! I wish I had something to offer besides pointing out the problems, but I really don’t. “Our” military and police seem to belong to someone else these days, and we have no rights – except in the Law and the original principles they were written by, all now ignored or called treasonous – to eat unpoisoned food, or to grow it for ourselves, to use health-promoting herbs instead of health-destroying chemicals, we’ve no right to protect our own children from abuse or open poisoning with false “medicine” by the State with vaccines KNOWN to contain multiple poisons… the list seems endless. According to “our government” we simply HAVE NO RIGHTS any longer. And “officialdom”, police, military – they’re all content to enforce that! I wish I had some useful suggestions, but even if I DID, they would be illegal, or even if legal they – and I – would be treated as though they were.

      I was always taught that if someone is harming you, then you have the right, the perfectly reasonable right written into our very Nature, into our DNA, to harm THEM as much as necessary in order to protect yourself and those you love, and the things you’ve spent your life working FOR. I still believe that, even if the government says, “No you don’t.” What I DON’T have is the power any longer to do much about it that’s useful. I’m disabled, poor, and no longer young and strong. Even so, I’ll die believing in the country of America that was created in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and that was bought with the blood, treasure and lives of others believed the same. I may be too old and damaged to act, but I’m also too old and stubborn to change – and I love whom, and what, I love. The idiot barbarians, who will be casually disposed of as soon the “elites” no longer find them useful – too late to help us, of course – are not AT the gates, they’re inside; they were BORN HERE. The ignorantly, casually violent cowards who love to have Power – over anyone: a child, an old man, a pretty girl… it doesn’t matter to them. They haven’t the wit to see they’re digging the very Earth out from their own feet! And wealthy men – and even a few women – of the same stripe think their wealth will protect them, even when the ground will no longer grow food that isn’t poisonous, even when there’s no clean air to breathe or clean water to drink. And it might – for very short time. Somehow they don’t see that as they commit genocide against us and every other living thing on the planet, they are themselves committing suicide.

      I truly wish I had some useful ideas. Well, God bless, and good fortune to us all – somehow.


  15. General post,

    I’m wondering if Jon Rappaport will soon field an opinion on this.

    Here’s what’s troubling me. Remember Mr. Snowden? He was reported to have stowed incriminating information in hundreds of unknown, safe, secure places as an “insurance policy” against yet another feckless reprisal. Pretty smart, wouldn’t you all agree?

    Okay, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised about the “false flag” report or insinuation. It certainly SOUNDS like something the Cabal would try to pull off and the author is hitting the mark when speculating about the behavior of certain former administration officials. But now consider this:

    The Joint Chiefs meet to discuss a possible arrest warrant based on evidence that a dozen or so NCIS professionals uncovered. What to do?

    The opposing side murders a dozen or so investigators and police to prevent the arrest from going through? How does that stop the Pentagon from carrying out its MISSION? Don’t soldiers, sailors, and airmen die everyday? How does that–how does DEATH stop a war?

    If YOU were an investigating officer working on such an incredibly delicate and potentially explosive investigation, wouldn’t you have made provisions to protect the information … like Ed Snowden did to protect HIS? Am I to believe that our “good military” is THAT stupid?

    If you were the head of the JCS–having attended the War College and having had decades of experience in planning for CONTINGENCIES, wouldn’t you have PLANNED for such a contingency? Wouldn’t you have put together a dozen or more “teams” with hundreds of accesses to the incriminating information? Wouldn’t you have had a BACKUP?

    If you were the head of the JCS, would YOU put the fate of 300 million of your fellow citizens and the entire future of your country at stake by refusing the foresight of having SEVERAL contingency plans in place?

    I’m a veteran. I attended Army OCS. I know how officers are trained at the rudimentary level and, from day-ONE you’re trained to adapt, to improvise, and to overcome. You are trained to PLAN for contingencies. By the time you reach the level of a Flag Officer, you can think in four dimensions–believe me!

    I think the jury is still out on this … not the “False Flag!” These imbeciles are capable of feckless cruelty; I agree. I’m talking about the Military’s response to it. I am having a hard time believing that they exposed themselves to that level of accessibility.

    I think that they might have been investigating a “plot” whose investigation might have led someone to realize something somewhere and the disaster–which has all the earmarks of yet another hastily conceived psyops operation, was initiated as a warning to “stay back.”

    I know that if I was the JCS and found out something like what was suggested by this article was about to happen, the perpetrators–NATIONWIDE–would be staring down the barrels of 120 mm cannons mounted atop the turret of an Abrams M1A2s–digging up their manicured lawns while a battalion of 101 Air mobile combat-ready soldiers were tracking mud all through their living rooms!

    Something just doesn’t make any sense to me here. Sorry guys and gals.

    Kind regards,

  16. JIM says:


  17. Hash says:

    the original article has been memory holed.. the website presscore.ca is down…
    think we might be onto something..??

  18. K. Boyne says:

    I hope this isn’t just wishful thinking, but I still think President Obama is one of the good guys who has been faced with an institutionalized cabal beyond his power to control and our power to imagine. It’s too easy to point to a single figurehead who might be to blame for everything, but I don’t think that’s reasonable or that Obama is that person.

    • Jean says:

      I would be so very delighted if you are proved right! Somehow, though, I believe he has passed the point of no return with his actions. . . Hugs, ~Jena

    • TruthHawk says:

      Boyne, you are right on target. He’s in WAY over his head. In a recent public forum, he was asked why he “was not being more progressive and assertive?” Reply: “Have you forgotten what they did to Dr. King?” He knows all to well (threat/duress/coercion- notice advanced grey hair) he has a narrow margin of operational ability, or take a bullet.
      ORIGINAL NSA WHISTLEBLOWER: I Saw Order To Wiretap Barack Obama In 2004 http://www.businessinsider.com/the-nsa-spied-on-barack-obama-2004-russ-tice-2013-6
      NSA Blackmailing Obama? | Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice

      Is Obama a POW “Prisoner of Washington”
      He is up against the same cabal, only vastly larger and more empowered/brazen, as DW Eisenhower and JFK, who attempted to wake up the world… and every prez since.
      JFK Speech: The Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy

      • Jean says:

        I would give anything to find this be true! But will/would/could the American people ever forgive him? Hugs, ~Jean

        • TruthHawk says:

          It will (is) take a Herculean effort to reveal the truth of it all on a grand scale, then an immense stretch of mind/belief for the public-at-large to grock all that has gone down in the last 100 or so years. The John & Jane Doe public will likely be so overwhelmed and traumatized to learn they have been duped from all angles- for generations, (banking/finance/govt./judiciary/education/media/communication/agriculture/health/etc.) that understanding, recovery, healing, and hindsight may take a decade or more. Or not.
          The NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) nations get it, and a growing percentage of us in ‘the West’ are hip, or at least suspicious, of the charade. The widespread aversion the the U.S. petro-dollar Bretton-Woods scam is gathering momentum- so look for other nations to join with BRICS or form their own economic unions. The fiat money charade is teetering on collapse and implosion, hence the rush to precious metals and the growing shortage of metals available for delivery. The Fed and others similar, are backed into a corner and behaving like rabid trapped animals. Which domino will drop first? USD, Euro, Yen? Multiple bubbles are reaching unsustainable conditions.
          POTUS may(must) have to wait until the cabal is considerably de-leveraged before he can come out in the open and disclose all that has been going on; why he has done certain things, or more likely why he had to go along with ‘the plan’ of those wielding tremendous, unfathomable power over the governments and economies of (at least the G7) oh so many nations. Will BO ever have the steel backbone a-la Putin to stare these psychos down and call them out? Only time will tell.

  19. Ann Dimitrelias says:

    I wonder if the reports of Obama’s mental-emotional breakdown on Saturday have anything to do with all of this?

  20. Nina says:

    God Bless, Bless, and Bless!!!, each of the Military Officers, members of their families, and other people who stand up for the US Constitution, freedom, and who will arrest and bring to Justice DC war criminals for their crimes against We Are People and Humanity!

  21. jayjay says:

    Jean – you know they took down the originating website ??


    It’s been “403 Forbidden” since this afternoon.


    • Jean says:

      Yes, so far it’s still up here. That tells me there must be some validity to it! Hugs, ~Jean

      • jayjay says:

        Now the address for Press Core is getting a “HTTP 404 ‘NOT FOUND'” >>>> WOW

        • TruthHawk says:

          Never trust an article or site that hides behind an anonymous veil of secrecy. If the author of an article is unwilling to put their name on it, quite likely it doesn’t hold water.

          Domain name:           presscore.ca
          Domain status:         registered
          Creation date:         2008/01/10
          Expiry date:           2014/01/10
          Updated date:          2013/05/15

              Number:            108

          Name servers:

          % WHOIS look-up made at 2013-09-24 05:20:39 (GMT)
          % Use of CIRA’s WHOIS service is governed by the Terms of Use in its Legal
          % Notice, available at http://www.cira.ca/legal-notice/?lang=en
          % (c) 2013 Canadian Internet Registration Authority, (http://www.cira.ca/)

  22. Jean, if this is true, if Obama tried to detonate a nuclear weapon in Washington D.C. (or anywhere else) to further damage the beautiful Unite States of America, the officers of NCIS & other agencies who gave their life to prevent such diabolical criminal act against the good people of the United States of America, are heroes and their names must be emblazoned, published, and known to the world for having prevented this dastardly criminal act, and all the culprits of this heinous crime must be brought to justice immediately and without any delay.

  23. Peter Eyre says:

    Wow oh wow Jean…..well folks as they say it could only happen in the USA……however I do know that the US Government have been talking about multiple nuke strikes at various cities within the US which leads to a very important question of great concern to me “If such a threat exists then who are the potential perpetrator”? maybe it could be the CIA designed and support private army they have called “Al Qaeda”……at the end of the day they carried out 9/11 with the help of Mossad so anything and everything is possible ie “create an incident to carry out an action.”

    Maybe many of you are not familiar with a major incident that took place when they were transferring weapons from one US base to another……”They accidentally?????? loaded an aircraft with “Nukes” instead of conventional weapons and flew them down to another base but fortunately a very alert group receiving the weapons discovered that they were amidst a large consignment of nuclear weapons that had they not been detected could have move to a less secure location for distribution to other cities!!!!

    How could this happen……from my military knowledge and those who’s duty it is to watch over them and move them this so called accident could never happen unless by intention!!!

    All nukes are stockpiled in a secure location with appropriate security and guards……a nuke can never move anywhere without following a very clear cut programme of events and safeguards and normally that consignment is escorted from compound (shelter) to the aircraft and dispatched and received with meticulous paperwork etc etc………basically for this to happen it would have to have been a well planned “False Flag” and “God Knows What Could Have Happened” !!!!!

    Take a look folks and be amazed how such an event could ever happen and to go on an say that there was no danger to US Residents is a joke………Nukes are not allowed to be carried on the wing of any B52 overflying the US……they have been carried within the internal bomb bays on a rotating carrier which is the normal deceitful way of transporting them……unless the aircraft is based withing the war zone itself….Here is the story:

    Sep 5, 2007

    WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US military said on Wednesday it was investigating an alarming security lapse when a B-52 bomber
    flew the length of the country last week loaded with six nuclear-armed cruise missiles.

    The blunder was reported to President George W. Bush after the nuclear warheads were discovered when the aircraft landed at
    Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, a military official said on condition of anonymity.

    An air force official, who also asked to remain unnamed, said the B-52, which originated at Minot Air Base in North Dakota, had
    six cruise missiles with nuclear warheads loaded on pylons under its wings.

    The US Air Force has relieved the munition squadron commander at Minot Air Base in North Dakota of his duties, and launched
    an investigation into the August 30 incident, a Pentagon spokesman said.

    “At no time was there a threat to public safety,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ed Thomas.

    “It is important to note that munitions were safe, secure and under military control at all times.”

    The Pentagon would not provide details, citing secrecy rules, but an expert said the incident was unprecedented, and pointed to a
    disturbing lapse in the air force’s command and control system.

    “It seems so fantastic that so many points, checks can dysfunction,” he said Hans Kristensen, an expert on US nuclear forces.

    “We have so many points and checks specifically so we don’t have these kinds of incidents,” he said.

    US lawmakers expressed outrage at the incident.

    “It is absolutely inexcusable that the Air Force lost track of these five nuclear warheads, even for a short period of time,”
    Representative Edward Markey, a Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, said in a statement.

    “Nothing like this has ever been reported before and we have been assured for decades that it was impossible,” said Markey.

    Two Republican lawmakers on committees overseeing military affairs, Jim Saxton and Terry Everett, said in a joint statement they
    were “deeply concerned” by the incident and said the United States must “ensure our nuclear assets are protected by the highest

    The breach originally was reported by the Military Times newspaper Wednesday and was confirmed by the Pentagon later in the day.

    US Defense Secretary Robert Gates was notified early Friday of the incident by Air Force chief of staff General Michael “Buzz”
    Moseley, Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said.

    “I can also tell you that it was important enough that President Bush was notified of it,” Morrell said.

    Gates has received daily briefings from Moseley on the incident, and expects a report by the end of next week, he said.

    “The munitions squadron commander has been relieved of his duties, and final action is pending the outcome of the investigation,”
    he said.

    “In addition, other airmen were decertified from their duties involving munitions.”

    Kristensen said he knew of no other publicly acknowledged case of live nuclear weapons being flown on bombers since the late 1960s.

    The nuclear weapons expert said the air force keeps a computerized command and control system that traces any movement of a
    nuclear weapon so that they have a complete picture of where they are at any given time.

    He said there would be checks and detailed procedures at various points from the time they are moved out of bunkers until they are
    loaded onto planes, and flown away.

    “That’s perhaps what is most worrisome about this particular incident — that apparently an individual who had command authority
    about moving these weapons around decided to do so,” he said.

    “It’s a command and control issue and it’s one that calls into question the system, because if one individual can do that who knows
    what can happen,” he said.

    Nuclear weapons are normally transferred on cargo planes, never on the wings of bombers, Kristensen said. Bomber flights with
    live nuclear weapons ended in the late 1960s after accidents in Spain in 1966 and in Greenland in 1968.

    The weapons were among 400 advanced cruise missiles that the Defense Department quietly decided to retire in March over the
    course of this year.

    The advanced cruise missile is a stealthy, longer range version of the air launched cruise missile first deployed in the early 1980s.
    It carries W-80 warheads of up to 150 kilotons, ten times the destructive force of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of
    World War Two.

    Oops! Were those nuclear warheads on my B-52 bomber?

    By Staff

    September 5, 2007

    (AXcess News) Houston – A U.S. Air Force B-52 bomber took off from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota on a flight to
    Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana on August 30, which was not out of the ordinary. But what was extraordinary was
    that it was carrying five nuclear warheads, which the military says was a mistake, or was it?

    The B-52 was carrying Advanced Cruise Missiles (ACM) which normally carries a W80-1 nuclear warhead with a yield of
    5 to 150 kilotons. The ACMs were supposed to have had the nuclear warheads removed before they were transported
    to Louisiana.

    B-52 bombers normally deliver the ACMs when they are equipped with nuclear warheads, but these were a part of 400 missiles which
    were being decommissioned and the nuclear warheads were not supposed to be attached. Oops!

    An Air Force investigation is said to have been launched to find out how nuclear warheads could have been attached to the B-52 bombers
    wings for transport and no one notice them missing for nearly four hours.

    A former Defense Department specialist who worked on nuclear weapons said no one was ever in danger had the bomber crashed as
    safeguards are installed that make the nuclear detonation impossible unless specifically triggered to do so.

    Questions arise over whether B-52 bomber flights are being prepared for long-range flights that might include carrying nuclear
    warheads after Russia began its own long-range bomber flights after the U.S. said it would not back off the installation of missile
    sites near the border of Russia, insisting that they were for protection against Iran and other renegade countries in the Middle East.
    The tit-for-tat military developments have been escalating between Russia and the United States that critics say look more like the
    start of another Cold War. To the North, Russia has claimed sovereignty over a vast area of the Artic seabed, claiming its part of the
    continental shelf extending out fro Russia’s shoreline and Canada and the U.S. have both increased military presence in the Artic to
    protect the passage way.

    Washington, Sept. 5 , 2007 – (Xinhua) — U.S. Defense Department official confirmed Wednesday that a B-52 bomber had
    been mistakenly loaded with nuclear weapons and flown over American sky.

    Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell tried to appease the country by saying “at no time was the public in danger.”

    President George W. Bush and Defense Secretary Robert Gates have been already informed of the incident and ordered a
    probe into it.

    Earlier Wednesday, media reports, citing an unidentified Pentagon source, said that a B-52 bomber was mistakenly armed
    with six nuclear warheads and flown over three hours across several states.

    The plane, loaded with Advanced Cruise Missiles, took off on Aug. 30 from North Dakota and headed to Louisiana.

    The incident resulted in a comprehensive procedure review by Air Force and the dismissal of a commander, the reports said.

    House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Ike Skelton described the weapon mishandling “deeply disturbing” and
    called for more details to ensure that Defense Department would address it appropriately.

    “There is no more serious issue than the security and proper handling of nuclear weapons,” the Democratic said in a
    Wednesday’s statement.

    ……..There is much more about this but enough is enough………come on America wake up the cabal is planning something but what that may be only they know……based on 9/11 it is likely to be something significant………Peter

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Peter. I knew this older story would once again come into play, but I could not remember how to access it! Hugs, ~Jean

    • pupma says:

      Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

      I saw this on Sunday on 60 minutes. Where our missles are located across the country and this plane loaded up with bombs that were moved across the USA & not done according to the system. They did mention someone was fired and other people with their fingers on the buttons were fired due to cheating on tests.
      Funny how some of the stories do have facts included among the turds & disinformation.
      Reading between the lines is required these days!
      Thank you Jean. I check in with you daily.
      Can you imagine that this story has made 60 minutes on 7/13/2014!
      Love, Terri

  24. johnboyu1 says:

    This sounds like (1995 I believe) when the military was in flight to arrest Bill Clinton and their plane was destroyed in flight. Obama and the cabal are really running scared, I believe because they are being backed into a corner from which there is NO ESCAPE. May all who are taking part in their downfall (cabal) please be very careful. May the prayers of the world help make them SAFE and STRONG in their work. BLESS and THANKS to each and everyone of them.

  25. Captain says:

    “The greatest conspiracy is that there are no conspiracies.” — General / President Eisenhower

    • you should do some research on the internment camps that Eisenhower and the French managed for German civilians and military personnel after the second war and find out how many perished, Captain

  26. Thomas Widlar says:

    That’s very heavy stuff. Who are the sources for it? If true, big changes are coming. The Reset? Will this cow the military or urge them toward swift complete action?

    • TruthHawk says:

      Exactly. No sources, and no author. Can’t believe people are so gullible and willing to swallow the dis-info psy-ops Koolaide. Guess there’s a Koolaide lover born every minute…

  27. Han says:

    Roger that ma’am,

  28. Han says:

    Can anyone verify this info ?

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