* * * * * * David Wilcock offers offers important understanding about the recent post, Washington DC Navy Yard shooting linked to attempted arrest of Obama for treason

David comment on the story mentioned above, and I’m taking the liberty of offering it as a Post, so that everyone can read it. I’m very grateful that he took the time to shed light here on this deeply disturbing article. Please, take the time to read his words! ~J

Jean, PressCore has been passing out blatant disinformation for years. What they do is to spin stories that turn them back around in favor of the power elite. In this case, the elite created a false flag event to attempt to secure more power and control, and it failed miserably. Now they want to create intrigue that distracts people from what really happened.

Part of how this disinfo works so well is it feeds people who are open-minded about conspiracy theories new stories to chew on. The stories have the “veneer of plausibility.” What they also invariably do is introduce glaring errors into the document that most people who believe it never bother to follow up on. Then it goes viral, and other disinfo agents then point out the easily-revealed errors, showing it’s a hoax. The people who believe in “conspiracy theories” are then further discredited, usually very sarcastically.

I have followed and tracked this for some time. PressCore has repeatedly done this and is not to be trusted in any way. It’s not as frequent as “Sorcha Faal” on whatdoesitmean.com and EUTimes.net — where it is astonishing in either case that these sites have had so much longevity — but it appears to be written by the same people.

– David

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25 Responses to * * * * * * David Wilcock offers offers important understanding about the recent post, Washington DC Navy Yard shooting linked to attempted arrest of Obama for treason

  1. Natalie says:

    I tend not to write many remarks, however i did some searching and wound up here * * * * * * David Wilcock offers offers important understanding about the recent post, Washington DC Navy Yard shooting linked to attempted arrest of Obama for treason | 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?. And I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be simply me or does it look as if like a few of the responses come across like coming from brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are posting at other online social sites, I would like to follow anything new you have to post. Would you list of the complete urls of your public sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

    • Jean says:

      Natalie, I’m not going to answer your first question, because I think you already know that answer. As to your second question, while I do have a Facebook page, I never go there, and I don’t post elsewhere, either. My posts may be picked up and reblogged, but I do not play a role in that. I am one person, and I’m so busy I sometimes can’t even find time to take a bath 🙂 If I could get help on my blog, I would gladly do so, but I think my blog is truly mine, and there isn’t anyone else who can select articles, comment, etc. I hope this helps to answer your question. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Think about it. “Press Core” is the “Press Corps,” as in the disinformation corps that works the press.

    Part of what is so amazing about these guys is the way they hide it right out in the open.

    By checking archive.org, it appears that their main page hasn’t loaded for some time, not just since now. The site first appeared online in December 2010:


    They were using a “feedburner” to post articles written by other websites, including generic news, while also blending it in with lots of low-lying fruit for “conspiracy theorists.”

    By the time this site was launched, the usual EUTimes and Sorcha Faal sites were starting to be more widely exposed — though PressCore would invariably link to these sites as if they were utterly credible. That was one major clue.

    There were several examples since then where I was forwarded articles that had a grabber headline, seemed at first to be breaking new ground, but then turned out to be very clearly delivering disinformation as you read them.

    The older versions of the site are preserved in Archive.org, so if someone still wanted to do that research and track the progress of the disinfo, it is not that hard — if you have the patience and persistence.

    I never put much thought or effort into it at the time, particularly because I did not want to reward these efforts with even more publicity.

    EUTimes.net in particular has had a spectactular resiliency to being openly and widely identified as a disinfo site. All of this is a lesson in discernment! The Internet has a long memory.

    – David

    • Jean says:

      David, thanks so much for again adding info here! I think I can speak for all of us when I say we truly appreciate it. My effort on this blog is all about finding the ‘real’ truth, and without doubt your efforts are helping us! Hugs, ~Jean

  3. David, thank you for that. I agree.

    This related snippet via Russia is interesting, however: http://is.gd/8wErTy

  4. Pankaj says:

    To Neil and Jean Haines, here is what I would say. that I would say is it is time to get her done as soon as possible! Here is what I recommend, we have 60% or over in law enforcement who are the good guys or are waiting right? Okay, then how about they have a town hall meeting, and here is what I say and this is a plan and idea to get all 100% of law enforcement on the good side. Here is what I would do, choose a lead foreman of the law enforcement agencies, then hold town hall meetings every week, why? Because, the key is education and we have to educate the good guys or the patriots who we depend on to support and defend the constitution. If you can get those over 60% of law enforcement to hold these town hall meetings and give the education, then there is no reason why they would not think that it is in their best interests to follow the alliance and the people, educate them why it is in their best interest and that is why you have these town hall forums. You have to make everyone aware of the truth in order to understand the truth, because if you don’t bring awareness, then you don’t have any way of sharing the truth. If you understand that, then we can win tomorrow! We don’t have to wait! WHY WAIT!

  5. Kenneth Dooley says:

    David? when you refer to “Prescore TV” …is that the same as “Press-TV”???

    • Paulo says:

      Hi, Kenneth.

      No, they aren’t the same. PressTV is an Iran based TV/webTV. Presscore is a disinfo website.


      • Jean says:

        Tanks, Paulo! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Kenneth Dooley says:

        Thanks Paulo!…I’m having LOADS of FUN with all this stuff about how the “Snakes-in-sack” are trying to do…Things are developing so FAST I’m having trouble keeping up! Hahahahahhahahahahhaa! These poor souls are so desperate…Hope they “Wise-Up” BEFORE its too late! Namaste dear brother….Love & Light! Hugs

    • TruthHawk says:

      Obviously not. And there was no mention of “PressCoreTV”, based in Canada. Press TV is a valid global TV news service (and website) based in Iran (and very involved in exposing the globalist agenda.)

      • Kenneth Dooley says:

        When I posted that comment…I ment to say “Press core” not with the TV part added to it…Yes I am aware that Iran isn’t guity of what the cabal is LYING about them…No worry…Just a small error in my spelling.

  6. Peacer says:

    Those links to PressCore return error. Is the site offline? I like David, but it would be nice if he could flesh out with some examples, where Press Core has crafted disinfo in the way(s) he describes. I don’t take everything David says as entirely solid either. So … I think the jury is still out for me on whether this is nonsense or whether there is something to it, even if all is not accurate. The names have now been released. The youngest was 46 and the rest were between 50 and 73 years old. It would be interesting to see an overlay of the age demographic at the facility and analyze if this is an unusual “set” of more senior people — would the odds of a random shooting spree return this age set? We won’t know everything. But the stand down of the Capitol Police is VERY strange. Now they have let the head guy go without explanation (forgot where I saw the story). There is a reason the facility was targeted. What was the reason if the ‘arrest’ story isn’t the one?

    • Jean says:

      Could it be just another False Flag attack to upset us? There seems to be proof that this was what it was. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Peacer says:

        Sure, a false flag to upset us. But then, why that target? Our experience with the shadow players is that there is usually a double, triple or more “purpose” achieved with their false flags. I’d love to know what, besides planting fear in us, their secondary or added ‘achievements’ are/were with this one. Eyes open everyone! Keep watching and keep asking questions. 😉 Thanks, Jean.

  7. Craig Howard says:

    I’m often accused of being the
    “everything is fake” guy.

    Well, watch this 3-minute YouTube video
    and judge for yourself:


    (This video is SO important to pass around –
    please show it to everyone you can think of.)

    – markus

    • Steven says:

      This video is interesting… but its just showing how they make movies and TV ads… we knew this already? Of course, you can imply that ” real news” is faked in the same way and some of it definitely is… but how much of it? Impossible to know, so the video is only important to educate those who didnt already know what to most of us is obvious.

    • DB says:

      Thank you for sharing that site! Very informative!

  8. As someone with a very young family in DC metro, and with a wife that works a few blocks from the White House, let me thank both of you for taking the time to share your insights and knowledge. This article, which I read on presscore.ca before even Jean posted it, has caused me a measure of stress, to say the least.

  9. Shelly says:

    Thank you Jean for posting this. I have to share something with all of you. I was flipping thru an O magazine this weekend and there was an article/story about mental illness. It stated how a family lost their daughter who got wrapped up in corporate conspiracy theories and was diagnosed with bipolar disease. This is a constant battle for all of us seeking the truth. If it weren’t for people like you and David, we might all be suspect in having a mental illness. Thanks to both of you for your tireless efforts in exposing the truth. Xoxox

    • diqiuren says:

      Hi Kelly. There is no such thing as bipolar disorder. Mental diseases are all made up. The Psychiatrists meet once a year and make them up. The family must have tried to control her and took her to a psych and forced her to take the drugs. Remember Columbine? They were withdrawing from behaviour modification drugs. The side effects of withdrawing is wanting to kill self and others as NOW stated on the box. It wasn;pt on the box then. See Michael More’s movie. What is the major industry in Columbine? Bombs for the military. So how would you feel if you were told that when you grow up you can work in a factory that makes WMD?

      • Jean says:

        I think you’re wrong, diqiuren. IMO, it is an energy disease, one in which our energy system has been abused and the energy in our bodies doesn’t flow properly – it’s either way to postive, or way too negative. Mind you these are not the words of a medical doctor, but they come from my personal experience. . . I’m just stating this in a superficial way. I believe what these people do, who meet once a year, is to define this disease for the purpose of insurance and paying for care and treatment. Hugs, ~Jean

  10. jayjay says:

    Thanks our friend! Much appreciation for you and Lar << (my BFF)

    And thank you Jean for bringing this to the forefront.

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