A Brief Comment from ~Jean concerning Ben Fulford’s last post . . . it will be his last on my blog!

Because in Neil’s recent video, his statement concerning Ben was generally conciliatory — something like we’re both working towards the same goal — I went ahead and published Ben’s post last night. As I have thought about it, though, I have become angry at Ben’s seeming lack of integrity, either his own or his sources – or maybe both, and I have decided I am not going to publish his work on my blog again. Neil Keenan and I are not joined at the hip, and this is my blog, and when I see statement after statement in Ben’s post that to put it generously is simply mis-information, I can no longer countenance publishing his work.

His statement about the shrink-wrapped money is an example. I cannot imagine if I, a simple blogger, know the truth of that money that Ben does not also know it: Much of that money is actually counterfeit money and those who put it there are well known. When they are asked to replace it with ‘honest’ money and to pay interest on what they actually owe, there will be a very serious accounting, and many will not be able to pay. Ben conveniently forgets to say that, and my question is, “Why?”

If Ben actually believe sources who tell him there are no underground bunkers — he calls them ‘treasure caves’, he must also be living in la-la land. I for one have had enough of Ben and his weekly articles, and if I won’t publish Poofness, why would I continue to publish Ben. I’m sure you all can find other sources if you want to read Ben’s words, but I’m no longer going to continue to support what strikes me as his weekly soap-opera. It seems he chooses to make his money by ‘stirring the pot’, without regard to basic integrity in reporting.

This is my opinion with which you are free to disagree. It is also my blog, and I have tried to seek and learn the ‘real’ truth here, and I no longer believe Ben Fulford has any real desire to seek that truth, as well.


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  1. Cathleen says:

    I agree with you Jean on your opinion of Ben. I’ve always questioned his information … rather following my gut feeling. By the way, didn’t Poofness die earlier this year?
    . . .

    • Jean says:

      Yes, Poofness is gone . . . and thanks for your support, although I guess if I no one agreed with me and I had to stand alone, I would have had to do what I did. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Mary Ellen Hope says:

    Jean, Please see this. We are in great jeopardy. I have appreciated all your emails. This u-tube info is vital to the world. All must know this.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5mAOyp6fRc&feature=youtu.be Mary Ellen Hope

    • Jean says:

      Mary Ellen, I’ve had a look at this, and while it is important, I just can’t follow everything right now. I do not think it will ever come to fruition, because I think we will see a collapse before it does. . . If people are not informed, I’d be grateful if they would take a look at this video link that you have so kindly provided. I”m reaching the point where I really need to depend on my readers to help me out here – as you have so kindly done.

      Thanks and hugs,

  3. BeWise says:

    Here you go Jean, maybe you will post this.

    “trust not those who claim absurd unseen funds. Nor count on those claiming liberation unto humanity via monetary solutions.”

    You and Neil Keenan are claiming liberation via monetary solutions which is the stupidest most ignorant thing I can think of when it comes to the liberation of humanity. Your concept of money is just foolish and proves you are not a truther but a poser of the freedom movement.

    Wiliiam explained to you in simple term what the concept of money is and you just seem to want to keep the slavery system going. Money is the problem, it is as simple as that.

    It does not matter if it is transparent or not, money will always lead to hiearchies and enslavement.

    • Jean says:

      BeWise, it seems to me the problems are not with me and Neil, but with you! You evidently have not read what Neil is proposing or who is standing behind him. All it seems you can see is that we will be stuck in the same ol’ system, and that is pure ignorance on your part, uninformed ignorance. If we are to move into a Golden Age, how in the world do you think we are ever going to get there with a very corrupt financial system? Did you really read and consider what Neil is saying? It doesn’t seem so to me.

      It looks to me like you seriously need to spend more time in 3D, because you don’t show any apparent understanding of anything that is coming that will be on a higher level. Putting it simply, you appear to me to be STUCK where you are – and rapidly getting left behind. That’s okay, it’s your choice, but I don’t have the time to respond to these sorts of statements – over and over again, and I refuse to be accused by you of not publishing other people’s opinions. I do publish them, but only if there is some reasonable validity to them. I’m sorry, but I think it’s time for you to create your own blog, or go elsewhere.


      PS I’m not going to publish your response. I’m done with this kind of thing . . . unless you do your homework, do your inner work, and bring something valid to the table.

      • Peace Warrior says:

        You might want to rethink certain supposed facts.

        • Jean says:

          No, I’m not rethinking them. Sorry, I know enough of the facts from the inside to say I’m done with this fellow. Hugs, ~Jean

          • Peace Warrior says:

            We are all continually reassessing and you are not? I feel that is arrogant, and I say that In the most loving way. I love you but I do not agree with with you! That is exactly how HUMANS be come fooled,

          • Jean says:

            Peace Warrior, I want you to understand that I am talking about Ben Fulford, not the person who wrote the comment. And of course you are free to call me arrogant; that is your choice. It does not mean, though, that it is necessarily so – although it may be. Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Shelly says:

    Thank you, Sharon. Your words filled me up when I was down. Many Blessings to you.

  5. oldenwise says:

    gee talking about stealing energy…any posts to do with Syria is stealing my energy….think about that one.

  6. I questioned a long time ago the validity of many of the people mentioned here. The lesson learned was a scolding – 3D life is beyond all this info mixed with disinfo from a multitude of sources. Just let it all go as its really not important any more, do not get embroiled in it’s purpose is to feed the greed…. Ben and some others were likely gooten rid of a while ago and now its all a stage of sorts with actors playing out the roles in this illusion. Thats all it is an illusion with two poles and a pendulum swinging between hope and despair to keep you earth bound and deny you freedom.

    It really matters not, each have their own decisions to make and it is not for anybody else to even begin to attempt to tell another what is right and wrong. That is totally in the individual mind of the beholder to determine. To suggest otherwise is denying them their power.

    • Jean says:

      Tony, I think you are dreaming if you think we can ‘let it go’. When you wake up – finally, you’ll find yourself living on a prison planet like you haven’t begun to imagine. We’re going to get ourselves out of this; no one else is, and we’re still very much living in 3D. Look around you. Do you see anything different? Has the killing and murder gone away? Have the wars ended? Personally, I think we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for . . . Is informing people of what is going on the wrong thing to do? Or would you have them continue to live in a false matrix, wondering what the heck is going on that is destroying the very fabric of their lives.

      As always, it’s your choice, but with your opinion, I don’t really see any need for you to post here.


  7. Robert Miller says:

    Gold is yellow and so is piss in the snow-
    Ben, I thought there was an agreement reached whereby you and Team Keenan resolved things- and were going to this point forward, collaborate- check in with one another- especially during this critical time- in this ultimate war to free humanity from the clutches of the cabal?

    We all saw and heard what Neil had to say- how things had been resolved- and now we all have read your post/blog that followed. Your account/implications were anything but collaborative, constructive or cooperative.

    It was a direct undermining of what Mr Keenan so sincerely expressed. Faction A) and faction B)… – What bullshit.

    Ben, you are forgetting that we are awake- even awake to where we can see through and into your game. Time to change your T shirt and fly right while there are still those willing to extend you ANY credibility at all.

    This last move against Keenan was really Bush league.

  8. Peter Eyre says:

    Jean….First of all congratulations on giving democracy a chance (something Mr Obama needs to learn) in allowing Ben’s article to appear………I found it rather distasteful and critical but as you rightfully said you gave him his space.

    To take this decision I know may have been a little difficult but it does show transparency in keeping our cards on the table and in full view without back stabbing and as I had hoped, for your followers to read between the lines and continue to gave you the support you needed and deserved.

    Many have responded, and in a very optimistic way, which shows the true grit of “Neils Supporting Army” and it was those responses that put to bed once and for all the negativeness of Ben’s article.

    As they say “Job done” so let’s all move forward in our usual optimistic way. knowing the Captain at the helm (Neil) is steering the ship on a steady course and not in “Uncharted Waters” (like Mr. Fulford)…………with the rest of the crew (his team) we will prove not only is Neil’s stance perfectly viable but it will also achieve its goal by arriving safely at our destination.

    As we used to say in the navy God Bless Her & All That Sail in Her”.

    Well done Jean and thank you for your efforts, I know that with so many comments your workload is far from being normal………Bless you al….Peterl

  9. mmmm…… I have to agree. Although what I find most interesting is that Ben used to be much better than this. For me personally I noticed Ben doing a 180 around the time he started praising the Jesuits……..

    That was enough for me to go “OOOK Ben… Whats going on here” :/ Seems to have been a down hill slope since then. I wonder what happened?. My original assessment of Ben could have been incorrect but I dunno.

    Hrmmmm indeed.

    • surferess says:

      I totally agree that he used to be better. Or did the rest of us just get more discernment? Here is my problem with Ben’s more recent writings, he appears to print things and not ever bother to double check sources. It is a puzzlement, b/c if he was really the Asian editor for Forbes at one time you would assume he would use better journalistic information gathering. What ever happened to due diligence?

  10. Ethyl says:

    I used to get BF from KP. However, KP quit ”carrying” Ben’s messages, and said the only places that we could get them for free now, were here and from American Kabuki. That everyone else only had a blurb. In fact, THAT his how I found this blogsite. In order to get Ben, because I can’t afford the $8 a month (that’s how little the Cabals have left me with)! I quickly fell in love with this blogsite. Lots of care and attention and work go into it. I love how Jean makes her editorials at the beginning of many of the articles, letting us know where and why she stands, on certain things. I have found that very helpful. There are so many things that are here; some I believe, some I don’t and some I have no clue! But they are here for me to read, and to get the advice of other like-minded people. This helps me lots of times to make up my mind. I think everyone who posts here has things to contribute to everyone else. Agree or disagree.

    What I take away from this particular posting of Ben’s is the following: 1. BRICS nations possibly helping us from the yoke of the Washington Cabal (as per Hudes, though no reference was given), 2) watch out and take care about Hoover Dam, 3) a possible new additional meaning for the truckers’ strike, 4) Another take of talk re the Naval Yard (which I’m sure we all agree was set up by Cabal). Most of the rest of the info is totally out of my mind. THESE are the things I CHOSE to take from this message. Lots of the stuff I don’t know enough about to even worry with (such as the Kenya mall thing, which I haven’t looked into at all).

    At this point, we are losing all the people that were supposed to be on our side. Drake is gone, which has been really hard. I cannot believe that this man was not the genuine article. At this point I can believe that he is a false article and is NOT the same man as before. Drake could not have been bought. So what DID happen? Because this is not the same Drake that we used to have.

    The people are just falling like flies. Now the channelers and the New Agers are all bad. No more comforting SaLuSa messages. What about Monty? If we can’t trust channels, that lets him out. Another one who is a comfort. There are many who say that Wilcock is not trustworthy at all. He is ”new age” you know. Bill Brockbrader is mouldering away in prison; no good messages from him anymore. We’re being torn in all directions. Some people believe just think goodness and light and ascension. Others say that is new agey and a copout. With all the conflicting info coming from all angles, it makes it hard to even make it thru the day. And this means the Cabals are winning. This is what they are TRYING to do to us, to divide us.

    Remember when Drake first came out, and he said that we were all going to learn things that would totally blow all our minds away? WELL TELL US ALREADY! December 21 2012 comes and goes and nothing happens. And what do we hear? Oh! There was such an outcry from all of you that you couldn’t ascend without EVERYONE going, so you all decided to wait until EVERYONE is ready to go–how wonderful and mature and spiritual of you. WHAT KIND OF A CROCK WAS THAT? It really is hard to keep it all up sometimes. And then you will read a message. It could be a channelled one. It could be Drake. It could be Ben Fulford. It could be Wilcock. It could be Monty (the one it could NOT be was Matthew)! But all of a sudden you read someone, and it helps you to pick your feet up and keep marching! [When you are marching, thru the mud and cold. And when your pack, grows more than you can hold. The thought of you renews my might, I’m warm again; my pack is light. It’s YOU Lili Marlene! It’s YOU Lili Marlene!]

    I have to keep on, because I have others depending on me. And sometimes it is SO hard, and I don’t know which way to turn. Times are really tough and hard right now. Financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I try to take the good where I can, when I can. Be it from Neil Keenan, or Putin or Monty or Fulford or Jean. I had actually decided not long ago, to just forget all this mess and not bother with any of it anymore. That lasted about 3 days. I feel like I should have a purpose here, but I don’t know what it is. I am searching for truth. And all of you here are helping me do that, whether you realize it or not.

    I cannot believe Ben is Cabal, and I can’t believe he’s been bought off. One day I might, but at this point I just can’t. (Oh and Jean, by the way, that remark about the shrink wrapped money was just hysterical! ”Oh we made an evensteven trade for all your old raggedyann gold for this wonderful MONEY–see how much we LEFT for you? We probably gave you 10 times more than the old stuff is WORTH!”)

    Sorry this is so long. This thread just really brought up a lot.

    OK, I couldn’t help it. I went to youtube and listened to this and it is so beautiful. I wasn’t alive during the war. The Cabals stirred up so much hate and evil during WW2. But I absolutely love MD’s rendition of this (sorry Pa), and it is so poignant it brings tears, even if I wasn’t there.

    • Jean says:

      Ethyl, thank you for capturing the many feelings and experiences we are all having at the present time. You are not alone in this. We are not alone. We MUST remember this right now. Hugs, ~Jean

  11. johor777 says:

    A friend in AZ has introduced me to your site Jean and I am still exploring it. So far I find my interest growing rapidly. My info on “WTF is going on” comes daily from a number of sources, Ben’s once a week of course. I am sure there are others that I am not aware of. Re Ben and his blog – I have increasingly had the impression that he has become one of the “jam yesterday, jam tomorrow but no jam today” sort of folk and as a result nothing he gives satisfies the need to learn something real and feel positive that things are moving in the right direction. Also he has resorted to talking about the ‘Dark Side’ in rather childish terms, name calling, which makes his blog difficult to send to people who would be iturned off by such unnecessary name calling.
    Also, as has been noticed by others here, the idea that the nice new Pope take charge of the money comes unstuck when you remember that no Pope has been in charge of theei own money for decades. Either Opus Dei or the Jesuits have that in hand.
    However, You have fired a warning across Ben’s bows, so to say, and everyone will be much more critical of what he writes, even he might be if your comments get home to him. So, I think you could well continue to post his blog with a proviso to read it with the brain in gear (much as church goers need to do!)
    I am very please to see Neil Keenan has surfaced again. News of his latest videos reached me on Monday evening from a friend. A very brave man: I hope he had a strong secure safety line behind him when he met those people.
    I look forward to continuing my exploration of your website and would like to offer this song found today and which I find very moving,
    “Anthem” – Video – By Leonard Cohen at
    Thank you

  12. twobuffalos says:

    Thank you Jean. I was a paying supporting of Bens flog but quit a month or two ago. After reading his last rant I get it. His plan-for-the-world has not panned out. He or any of his fiends will never be M1. He rolled the dice and lost. No credibility left. Just rantings of a spoiled child. Get over it Ben.

  13. lineoutw says:

    Ben is trying to sell rotten apples in the flee market for too long , it’s about time someone tells him to go somewhere else to sell his garbage.That is a good direct punch, Jean I like it.!!!!!!

  14. sunriseandsunset says:

    Hi Jean,
    Like yourself & many others here, I have wondered why pertinent details of the info contained in Fulford’s blogs have changed so dramatically over time. Those inconsistencies are startling and troubling. To say nothing of becoming outright confusing.

    Has he revealed his true self as of late or is it really the same Ben Fulford (of years past)?

    In either case, the purported/intended/ integrity is lacking.

    Whether he’s working with MI5 or a Jesuit agenda, he does have some good info. Trouble is the disinfo that comes forth along with that. The reader has to exercise extreme discretion and discernment in analyzing all his blog-wording and “disclosures”.

    So I understand your decision to drop his blogs. I may seek them out elsewhere and do the usual sifting thru for genuine information, and not get caught up in his agenda behind it.

    Each person reading this has to decide: do you throw the baby out with the bathwater if there is factual information there that is hard to readily find elsewhere? Can the (Fulford-less) intel-void be filled by others?

    Love your blog, Jean and thank-you for your insertion of articles and blogs within it. You’re doing a great job!

  15. Sharon says:

    I am in full agreement Jean. Thank you for standing up to your point of view. The comment that Ben Fulford made about Pope Francis should be made M1…..that did it for me.

    Keep up your good work Jean. Your a shining star in these dark times.

  16. Pat J says:


  17. www.the5draver.info says:

    For me, he is a stooge put there to divert attention from Ascension!

    Check my site and the Violet Ray of the Sun! Our Crystalline Bodies that are becoming!

    The White Bright Sun! The New Sun – The Age of Flowers!

    Things that matter!


    Benjamin Fullford is Cabal disinfo to focus on money.

    The 5D Raver.

  18. chris says:

    I would say that I haven’t taken Fulford seriously in quite some time, but I am afraid of all the ninjas he’s claimed to have at his command. Remember that?

    But seriously, great call.

  19. wolf727 says:

    I agree with you. I’ve had mixed feelings with Ben for a long time. I think it is important to maintain the integrity of this blog. If we start having information that is not accurate, we lose credibility and any other information will be viewed as ‘conspiracy theory’. Well done Jean.

    • Jean says:

      Wolf, as soon as I realized I made a mistake about the ‘arrest-of-Obama’ story, I took steps to right that mistake. I don’t publish Sorcha Faal or Tom Heneghen for that same reason, and there are others, as well. Why would I continue to post Ben’s articles? The answer is, I won’t, I can’t, not if I value my own sense of integrity. His words are very easily accessed all over the internet, so let people find him elsewhere. I’m not exposing myself to his energy. Hugs, ~jean

  20. Ilex says:

    Jean, I read Ben’s article about 3am this morning and felt violated, it obviously did not resonate well within. I decided at that time I would not open any more of his blogs. You have made it easy for those that are making or trying to make transparency come to fruition for humanity. I don’t see Ben and many others with any transparency at all. Everything you post is posted with the love of/for humanity and this is something so very special. If you can not post with love for humanity, then it not need be posted. You are truly loved and respected. Ilex

  21. Tom Maples says:

    You should publish Fulford’s work, Jean. In his latest radio interview, Cobra praised Fulford and David Wilcock as the two sources he would refer people to who are seeking more information about the planetary liberation process. Cobra said it with the caveat that Fulford did “mix it all together” referring to the “truly excellent sources” he does have along with other information that is not as accurate. In the past, Cobra has said that “nobody knows everything” about what is going on, and the only way we can piece it all together is to have free and unfettered access to all of these different voices and sources of insight and use our own discernment to put the jigsaw together. You shouldn’t let one or two things that anybody says that you don’t agree with cause you to ban them from your very valuable blog, which I read every day.

    • Jean says:

      No, Tom, I should not, and I will not. If you read my comments, I’ve made my reasons amply clear. Also, for a very long time, I have not trusted Cobra, so what he says doesn’t generally influence my thinking. I don’t have time to visit sites that are to my mind questionable. YOu are either a truthseeker, or you are not. Ben has been messing up, IMO, for a very long time, and I’m not going to be sucked into his ‘talk’ anymore. . .


  22. Galway says:

    Jean, I agree and support your decision 100%.

    Thanks for being in touch with your inner Heart Truth and knowing the value and application of drawing a healthy boundary…

    Love & Hugs 😉

  23. prof77 says:

    Congrats on using your intuition and your discernment–even when it is controversial, even when you do not have “all” the facts. Hope you continue to apply similar intuition and discernment regarding other “guests” you’ve allowed on your blog–even when it is controversial, even when you do not have “all” the facts.
    It’s impossible to “prove” to someone that something just doesn’t smell right. Why bother trying? We each decide for ourselves. Yours is a great service. You poke around, taking a wiff here and there, and then honestly share what you smell–even when it is controversial, even when you do not have “all” the facts.
    They may try, but they can’t hide their sulphuric smell.

  24. emma says:

    Dear Jean,
    Your integrity (intuitiveness) is impeccable. His wavering updates tho not complex as much they can be irritatingly confusing, seem to hold me in doubt regarding where or with whom his due diligences reside. Curious vacillating, from one week to the next. Like a boat scuttering to and fro on the sea without its sails.
    sincerely, emma

  25. Shelly says:

    I am very sad and tired. A couple of years ago I jumped down this crazy rabbit hole. Upon entering there were lots of “hero’s”. The more you explore these dark caverns the more the dark agenda appears and more and more of the hero’s reveal themselves as dark entertainment. I wanted to believe Ben because no one else will even talk about the day to day operations of this war and yes we are at war. Ya know, dark vs light? Now years later, there is no golden age. Just dark and false light it seems. The dark’s agenda only gets validated again and again while the light gets torn to shreds. It seems that we are down to one guy, Keenan representing the Asian dragon families are our only hope. Which kinda scares the crap outta me considering the people of Asia have no constitution. I have never in all my days thought WoW! How great to be starving Chinese rice paddy worker. Or worse today; if you don’t believe in all that the Chinese or N Korean Govt tells you then off to a concentration camp you go. Also, these are families are part of the original 13 families who completely enslaved us, destroyed our planet and followed their masters every command. So, please excuse the anger, the confusion but me and millions of others would really just like to know just what the hell is goin on? And how do we beat monsters with men?

    Rhetorical but valid none the less. Please note this is not aimed at you Jean 🙂 Thank you for all you do!

    • Jean says:

      Shelly, all I can say is that if you do your inner work, so that you really ‘know’ yourself, everything begins to get very clear . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Rachel Raine says:

      “How great to be starving Chinese rice paddy worker. ”
      Sounds like something written about 30-50 years ago.
      Have you been to China?
      Nowadays, it might seem safer and freer than the USA.

      I was disappointed to read your decision.
      But it is YOUR website and Blog, so I accept it.

      One question:
      Will you stop READING Ben’s material (even for a while) ?

  26. Ann Nelson says:

    Greetings Jean,

    Thank you for taking your time to read my request. Your site has been my lifeline since 2011. I am 63 and I have lost just about everything over the last three years including my home last month. However, I have certainly awakened to ‘everything’ as well. I will be richer in the future and I am actually more FREE now in every way. Of everyone and of all the sites out there I like you best!

    My daily anchor has been all of your blogs. I follow your philosophy and examine ALL and then put it ALL together and try to make sense of how I feel. The trick is to get as much information as I can on a nothing budget. I so appreciate that you have not joined those that now charge to get access or complete access to a site. You do care about all of us actually receiving information, not just making a buck on it.

    I have never written to you before, but I would like you to reconsider posting Ben Fulford’s complete posts. This is why:

    Although I resonate with Neil Keenan, I actually had been reading Ben Fulford long before. Ben is Ben, but he does bring to us his side of information, some directly from an Asian point of view that we cannot get otherwise. Ben started charging monies this last year to access his complete site and has even gotten Kaulipele and others to now write just the intro of Ben’s blogs and then direct the reader to Ben’s paid site if you want to get the rest of the story. FRUSTRATING! The result is that those of us on a budget are denied the entire body of information to add to our thinking. If our mission is to help mankind ascend and grow we must not eliminate anything as we are all growing and changing daily…you can see it. I have watched it in your writings and that has made you real for me.

    I hope that you were able to get a brief rest recently. It is deserved! So many of us depend on you now that your work probably has become more of a burden than what you expected when you started to enlighten us. Take heart in the knowledge that you have caused many, many like myself to join the fight for truth. The good side may just win because souls such as yourself have carried on. Oh, and thank you for reconsidering posting Ben Fulford. Thanks to your education I think most of us can handle Ben appropriately.

    Much love sent to you,


    • Jean says:

      Ann, I hope I’ve made it abundantly clear why I can’t post Ben’s posts any longer. If you want to see them, as I feel sure many do, I’m sure you can Google them and find someone else who publishes them. For myself, I’ve made the decision that his energy will not bring any ‘real’ good into my life. Period.

      Thanks for sharing your story. It’s nice sometimes to learn a little about the people who do read my blog. . . I work hard to share my own truth, and it’s nice to know a little about you. I respect your courage as you have had to face many difficult, painful experiences, but apparently they have helped you to learn whatever it is that you came here to learn. It seems to me you are rising above those experiences and are an example to us all. Love and hugs, ~Jean

  27. Don Graham says:

    I support your move

  28. shannon333 says:

    I wondered also about Ben’s statement that the RV is a scam.

    • Jean says:

      I think it is a scam. I think it is meant to keep us asleep as those who don’t want to look inwardly wait for an ‘easy’ change in their lives to take place. I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. I used to beieve in NESARA, and I don’t think it’s going to happen, either. This, of course, is only my opinion. Hugs, ~Jean

      • shannon333 says:

        You and Ben may be right, but I still hold out hope that there will be an RV, and that it will be a part of the GCR, and will be occurring soon. There is an article out by Dave Schmidt, something about “So You Want To Be A Millionaire” which is being circulated among those who’re purchasing dinar and dong. I think news of a reval has been around for quite awhile, and this group believes it’s on the verge of happening. Dave Schmidt is a former WA state senator, was a market trader for 17 years, and wrote his article to prepare people for such a reval. A lot of work and research in the article. Based upon his article I purchased a small amount of the Vietnamese currency, and am now watching “updates” sites for breaking news on the status of the supposed upcoming reval.

      • Jean, I swear that you and I are so like minded that it is scary! You are so wise Jean. I have never bought into Fulford, Cobra, Poof and there are many others that I believed in at one time but woke up to their disinfo. BTW, there are people who have been waiting over 25 years for the RV. Talk about living in La La land. People do not use their common sense anymore. Thank you Jean for being the discerning human being that you are. You make my day more times than you will ever know. Love you for being you.

      • Great Gramy J says:

        I have mixed feeling about the RV & Nesara; always have. I will continue 2 Laugh & Love & Trust The Great Spirit; NO Matter What. Great BIG hugs!

  29. stunnedatsunset says:

    General post,

    This entire affair is unfortunate, little family. We have followed the progress of this monumental undertaking ever since David Wilcock wrote about it in his now famous “Financial Tyranny” piece.

    These kinds of attitudes as are evidenced by Ben Fulford’s sudden shift into darkness, can only work against the reclamation of our human condition. I’ll bet the Cabalistas are planning to celebrate over this latest dichotomy as they seem completely incapacitated to maintain control of their empire by any other method than “self-destruction.” Do any of them really believe that “down-sizing” their operational infrastructure by destroying our planetary civilization will result in a profitable paradigm of self-gratification? I think not. They’re doing it because they are a spiteful and cruel people.

    This is what happens when humans are compelled to make choices. Our decision process–as we explore the wisdom of separation–becomes intensely subjective. The “ego” which is a facet of our mindset designed to protect our sensibilities, then becomes an ever expanding cancerous appendage that, if left untreated by the salve of human compassion, eventually destroys us.

    It is NOT right for Ben Fulford to create conflict and controversy in the middle of the most important struggle that our human community has ever had the misfortune to become involved in let alone throw barbs and taunts at the people who are attempting to remediate our distress.

    Jean has a cause for concern and I can’t blame her for her obvious disdain–after all is said and done, she is only human as are all of us and enough is enough. I’ll close with some advice. Timothy, a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth was reported to have said:

    “2 These are the things you are to teach and insist on. 3 If anyone teaches otherwise and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teaching, 4 they are conceited and understand nothing. They have an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions 5 and constant friction between people of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain.

    6 But godliness with contentment is great gain. 7 For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. 8 But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. 9 Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. 10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” [1 Timothy 6:2-10]

    Brothers and sisters, WISDOM is eternally enlightening.

    Today, resolve to comprehend just what the love of The One Infinite Creator IS! It is projected through your very being as a sovereign integral. Focus on your pathway to “enlightenment” and abandon these obsessions with material gain. Learn to do that and you will soon discover that the Cosmos gives you “agency.” That your health, wealth, and love spring from the world within and are treasures completely under your control. Don’t wish for money to fall out of the sky. Money and the destructive Money/Power Grid mentality that controls its distribution cannot give you freedom–of thought, of life, of choice. Focus, instead, on the Third Density, three-dimensional, prescriptive requirements that contribute to the health of your very consciousness and every expectation will be met.

    Don’t join with these materialistic minds obsessed with the complete and total destruction of our planetary civilization. Commune instead with those of our kind who would nurture the human condition back to health governed by human compassion. Think of these things as you participate in this discussion. It will do no one any good to find more fault in yet another unfathomably faulty way of life–a bankruptcy of human values and the ethics behind our precipitous descent. The brakes MUST be applied and soon lest we dash ourselves against the rocks below.

    Love and Light,

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, SaS, for your thoughtful, enlightening words that we all need to take time to consider! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Peace Warrior says:

        Consider that anyone involved in that money deal is power playing something and making us think we are being saved, then, there is all this drama and finger-pointing against those who figured out the corrupt system and working on changing perception, as once we change, things will follow that order naturally! That is so old paradigm, and I am sorry, but restructuring a corrupt system like that is like trying to restructure McDonald’s as being healthy by offering GMO salads to please the often gullible people who are told to eat more veggies for good health. I’m not sure I’m buying any of this as my heart and soul keep nudging me that something is not inherently right.

        • Jean says:

          Well, in some ways I agree with you, but nevertheless, I’m a practical soul, and I think if we suddenly try to make a drastic change we are invoking total chaos upon ourselves. I also believe it is possible to run the old technological system in a transparent way, while we clean up the mess, and I think this is the logical way to go to avoid total destruction of our way of doing the people’s business. You don’t have to agree, and in time I may well change my mind, but that is how I see it now.

          When the reality hits everyone – not just the few people who come here to my blog, I think there is going to be some real shock-and -we take place. People are going to need lots of time to adjust to the new truth-based version of reality that likely will be suddenly thrust upon. How much can we ask of humanity? What they are going to have to deal with IMO is going to be as if they will go through a collective nervous breakdown, which I’ve learned to better call a spiritual emergency.

          Would you also thrust financial chaos upon them? I think this makes no sense at all. Not now. If people can see that things are being run in a transparent fashion, and if they can come to understand it is their responsibility to see that the system continues to run that way, then I think we will have the beginning of the New Beginning. Of course, we are all aware that when the flip of the Shift actually happens, our lives will become very different indeed than what we will actually be living at that time. Because, however, we do not know Mother Earth’s plans – and I firmly believe that no one knows this, I think it behooves us to move this earth plane to a better place than it is now. Who knows, we could all be living here far longer than we think we might . . . why not do our very best to make it a beautiful place?


    • FlavioM says:

      This post and the comments that are being presented are absolutely important. All of us, being at the same time witnesses / actors / authors, we are being guided to more and deeper reflections, in so many themes and tunes. And far more than with most other facts. And this has been one more step in the evolution for each one of us. Thank you, Jean, for your decision and for your attitude. And for your replies. (And thank you Neil and Ben.)
      I would like to propose a theme to feed, maybe, some discussions.
      Of course I don’t know the paths that will take us to where we need and aspire to go. But I feel that, if we use the same tools and strategies that we (humanity) have used until now, we will be repeating once again the same mistakes.
      Without Love, any and every structure of command and guidance will bring to Power and accumulation. The Key is Love. Based on Love, we give; based on Love, we trust; based on Love, we do not need to accumulate, we will not need money. Based on Love, we will not need “structures of power”. It seems that there is no other way.
      But we still have to find our way, our paths to get there. And we may, yes, need lots of money to destroy the money.

      • Jean says:

        I agree with what you are saying – the way out of this is LOVE. But in order to be able to clear the pathway to our hearts, which NEVER WILL lie to us, we need to clear the trauma we have each experienced, so the pathway is clear and open. The pathway out of this – lies within. All the talking in the world won’t help us move ahead, although, of course, we are evolving when we begin to understand the ‘real’ truth of the lies we lived with for a lifetime – and this clearly does require a lot of talking as we try to digest the terrible, sick truths we are learning.

        Learning the truth that exists on the outside, however, is not quite enough. Remember, as above, so below; as within, so without. Contrary to what we were taught by this false reality, probably to disempower us so they could control us, each of us is important. In fact, each of us is vital to the whole. We are not separate. We never were. We were just taught that we were!

        This lesson/experiment in life is now coming to an end, and we each need as individuals to heal ourselves from the trauma that was dumped on us. The brain and the heart need to work together again, and the pathway between them needs to be clear. In between the brain and the heart is the thymus, which stores trauma. We each need to take on the personal responsibility to clear our trauma and bring our heart and brain back into functioning together in a balanced way. As we do this, more and more of our external reality will also shift!

        As far as I am concerned, the sooner we do it, the better 🙂


  30. Muse says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. I have found Ben’s posts, at the very least, to be rather disconcerting. Now, this is just my opinion, but I feel that Ben MAY have been stringing us along ever since he started making his posts. I have also read that Ben may in fact be a Cabal stooge. The dubious nature of his postings may or may not confirm that, but I believe that it is at least something to think about.

    • Jean says:

      While we may try to guess about Ben’s motivations, we do not really know. What I know for sure is that he is putting out a lot of confusing, upsetting energy that I do not want in my life. IMO Ben’s energy can only mean trouble for anyone who truly lets him in. Hugs, ~Jean

  31. susan says:

    I thank you for that Jean!!!

  32. Max says:

    Good on you Jean. I wholeheartedly agree. You have yourself an absolutely magnificent day Jean and don’t let the nutters rattle you.

  33. diqiuren says:

    Well put Jean.

  34. william says:

    Jean, my take is that you guys including David Wilcock are very new to this gold theme and fake money story. I have been following these gold stories since the 90s. The Philipines gold, the Wanta notes and on and on all make good imagination but we all know that stuff is faked on the internet all the time. As to the nature of the Federal Reserve, it has been out in the open and well known since McFadden made his infamous speech on the floor of Congress. Jim Traficant of Ohio made a similar speech on the floor in the early 90s and landed in jail as a result. What truth is regarding money isn’t going to be discovered unless people look at what money really is. When they do that, they might be shocked to find it is the thing that has ruined their lives in every possible way. It doesn’t matter what form money comes in, it’s simply a way to take power from humanity and give it to whomever controls the money. All money is dishonest.

    • Jean says:

      I disagree with you totally, William, when you say that all money is dishonest. It can’t be dishonest: it is only a ‘thing’. It is what people do with it/have done with it/ and will do with it in the future that may or may not be dishonest. We human beings have been cleverly lulled to sleep, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t waking up and seeing the truth of what is going on. If we are willing to be vigilant, those who control our money do not necessarily need to be dishonest! If we as a population insist on transparency, those who control our money won’t dare to be dishonest! If we continue, however, to wish to be treated as children and are unwilling to assume responsibility for ourselves and our lives, then we will get what we deserve – once again.


      • Peggy Price says:

        This reply is for both Jean and William, and my unique perspective comes from my own research and unique resonances…

        When there is full disclosure, full transparency and full awareness, we will find that we no longer even need money, because technologies will be revealed that allow earth humans to draw their required sustainable energy directly from the universe (quantum physics). This is how most of the rest of the galaxy (and universes) is ‘supported’–a direct connection to the cosmic creation energy of the universe (aka ‘God’). The Christian Bible references this as ‘Abundance’. I always wondered, why doesn’t God’s children have the Abundance He talks about?

        Indeed, money was created as a convenience, however, our natural evolution would have supplanted that beginning 100 years ago if JP Morgan and others had not buried Nikola Tesla’s inventions relating to the field of quantum physics

        Wherein money started out ‘good’, the nefarious and negatively based control of it has effectively and quite universally served as a way to hijack humanity’s abundance, by way of a ‘middle-man’. This has served to create strata in the world, which contradicts our universal spiritual tenants that All Men Are Created Equal (spiritually, in terms of a person’s human energy WORTH, while at the same time we enjoy differences in Gifts, Talents and Abilities).

        So I agree with William and like his comment, “It doesn’t matter what form money comes in, it’s simply a way to take power from humanity and give it to whomever controls the money.”

        Indeed, even the idea of there being someone in ‘control’ of the money suggests, to me, that it can be corrupted, eventually.

        Of course, we’re mixing 3D and 5D paradigms here. In the 3D paradigm, where duality exists, there will always be negative energy. Our intention is for all the ‘bad’ to go away, whereby we’ll be fully transparent and only ‘good’ folks will be in control of the money; however, that will only happen in a 5D paradigm, where duality no longer exists and we embrace Unity and Oneness (the Law of One…as well as the Law of Attraction can both be explained by quantum physics), and where we won’t need money anyway!!

        • Jean says:

          Peggy, IMO, you are likely right that in 5D we will not need money – because we will be able to manifest instantly whatever it is that we need. I think, however, that we are a long way from there, and it seems to me we need to try to get it as right as we can right here in 3D, so we’ll do a bit better when we do graduate to 5D. I think it is very possible – and likley – that we can/will learn to live in 3D, using ‘honest’ money. Money is not inherently bad, it is what we permit to be done with it, wouldn’t you agree? Hugs, ~Jean

      • william says:

        How money is dishonest.

        1.) Money disguises the exchange and makes people desire it rather than what it is used in exchange for. Jesus showed the Pharisees a coin with Caesar’s inscription and image on it and said render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Meaning the money belonged to Caesar and not to the holder of the coin. This is also true of your bank account, your FRNs and even any gold coins you might own if they were struck by the US mint. Whatever the state chooses as money belongs to it. Thus, when one works for money, one works for the state and if money is all one has, then one has nothing. The state tells people they are free but if they have to work for money in order to survive, then they are beholden to the state and hence, not free.

        2.) Money has no value or utility of it’s own. Land is more likely to have value than money. With land you can grow crops, you can dig for water you can cut down trees and you can build homes upon it. How much utility does a simple piece of gold or silver or numbers on a screen have? Can they be used for any of that? No, certainly not and thus, why would anyone take money in exchange for productive land? No rational person that hasn’t been brainwashed would do so. So to pretend that money has value is dishonest and yet people kill for money based on the idea it has value.

        I could go on but I think that these two examples serve to illustrate my point reasonably well. I don’t have a problem with your disagreement but I have come to view money in a very different light after studying it for many years. Hope this helps you better understand my statement that all money is dishonest.

        • Jean says:

          Money does not do these things! I continue to disagree with you. IMO, people do them, and therein is the big problem. Money, when used honestly and transparently is a symbol of people’s energy. It is a symbol of an energetic exchange. Nothing more, nothing less. I never said that money had value: Money has only the value we attribute to it. If we want to let the cabal continue to ‘value’ our money, we know what we will get. On the other hand, we can act as responsible citizens and watch, watch, watch to see that our money is transparently and honestly honestly used. Hugs, ~Jean

          • william says:

            Money isn’t just a thing, it’s a concept and I clearly showed the dishonesty of the concept in my examples and money does do exactly what I said. Gold by itself isn’t money, it is a thing. Paper in itself isn’t dishonest, it’s just a thing but paper as money is dishonest. Money is a concept and it is a dishonest concept. It isn’t just a thing. Money is not a symbol of an energetic exchange and is not a symbol of people’s energy. Only energy is energy and why would I want a symbol as opposed to the real thing? That was my point with regard to the exchange of pieces of paper for productive land.

            I believe that in a previous post on a different thread I explained what credit was. It is a piece of paper representing a promise by a person to deliver X. These pieces of paper are tied to the value given by the person and in fact are a representation of a specific amount of energy promised by the person to the holder of the paper. Gold coins don’t serve this function nor do FRN’s. The FRN is an absolute fraud as it is a note to deliver absolutely nothing. How can an FRN represent the energy that I expend washing the dishes after dinner?

            Where did you get your definition of money? The most basic definition of money is as a commonly accepted medium of exchange. The question arises, what makes it commonly accepted? The answer is force. Money isn’t commonly accepted anywhere otherwise the same money would work everywhere and in every case, but it doesn’t. The state forces money upon people and requires them by force of law to use it. Thus, money is a concept and it is a dishonest concept, it’s not a thing and it’s not energy or a symbol for energy.

          • Jean says:

            NO, William, I’m not going to say anymore about this. Paper as money is NOT DISHONEST! It is the people who use it dishonestly – as we are all learning, much to our chagrin – who make their use of it dishonest. The fact that money is accepted by force is what is going on now, because we have permitted it. We don’t have to continue to permit it, and if we do – we’re all going to wind up as debt slaves to this particular system. Are you even aware of the possibility of using the same system transparently? Why don’t you research it? The ideas are out there 🙂

            Now, both of us have expressed our opinions here several times, and for the moment, I’m not posting anything else on this topic.


    • Peggy Price says:

      William, thanks for the McFadden and Traficant references, great reference material! I looked up their speeches and they support the investigative work that 3 people I know about, in different parts of the world, have labored over tirelessly in their endeavor to figure out what’s wrong with our ‘system’. They all, separately, came to the same conclusions, that the whole thing is a charade, exactly how McFadden and Traficant related (Capt. Deryl Zeleny of Canada; Scott Bartle, Australia; Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, et al, an American who worked in European banking…I wonder if she and Karen Hudes were in the same circles….).

      These speeches are great reference material that would make great gifts to all our current congressional representatives. Not so much to enlighten them, as they (must) know about it, but to let them know that we know, en masse, would be very effective toward ending the charade and restoring truth.

      (Maybe some have to be enlightened…???)

  35. Linda says:

    Are we sure that Ben is even Ben anymore?

    • shannon333 says:

      That is a good question. I recall what happened to Greg Giles.

    • Ethyl says:

      There was talk at one point that Ben had been kidnapped and injured (I believe) and that a clone was substituted, and then that he came back. My question was always ”how do you know?” I have always wondered since then if this is the real Ben. I also have suspicions about Drake. I really feel like this new ‘rude’ Drake running around with starseeds etc. is not for real. His VOICE does not even sound the same. I appear to be totally alone in that, but it’s how I feel. He used to put out some really great articles. Not anymore; they’re all parrots of other stuff. I really think something is wrong there, and that there could be something wrong with Ben. I continue praying that these people who have put themselves out there to help us and find out info for us and to help the cause are okay.

      • L R says:

        Ethyl, I also remember when Ben went missing and when he returned, some of us immediately noticed that Ben’s whole tone, writing style and content changed noticeably. Sadly, it may be true that Ben has been replaced, or is being controlled. The same thing seems to have happened to Tolec recently; his info has changed remarkable, including contradictions and the deleting of previous information.

        • Ethyl says:

          I never used to believe in clones. But the last 6 months or so, listening to radio shows of people that were high up in govt and very intelligent and professional speaking of them as if it’s an everyday occurrence, the same as say ants, are an everyday occurrence to me, just convinced me. It was the same with the ETs. It’s like it’s all business as usual to them, while I’m sitting there with my mouth hanging open! But they have convinced me, for sure! Whereever they are, I hope the real Ben and the real Drake are safe. Godspeed to them!

          • Jean says:

            While I used to believe in clones, I’m not sure I do anymore. I think we have people who are not really well, and whose ‘stuff’ is showing up big time. It is happening not only to them, but to all of us. It’s time we each take an inward look at what is going on inside of us, don’t you think? Hugs, ~Jean

  36. Eric says:

    Hi Jean,
    We definitely respect that this is your blog, and we’re all just trying to do the best we can to triangulate the truth from all of this disinformation. Personally, I don’t feel like anybody, not Keenen or Fulford or anybody else, has the full picture of how humanity will save itself from this nightmarish reality. Why not be like a buffet, where people can take what they like and leave what they don’t? Personally, it would be only a very minor inconvenience for me to find Fulford’s updates somewhere else. I would appreciate being able to visit your blog for all of my news inquiries, and to continue to see Fulford’s posts here, perhaps with a little intro commentary like you have in this one. But if you draw the line at Fulford and refuse to post him, that’s your choice! I’ll certainly find it somewhere else.
    P.S. How is the Jim Self material proceeding in your life? Have you had the opportunity to hear his latest full Equinox Update Special on the Sandie Sedgbeer show? Truly amazing!
    If and when things settle down a little more in your life, I’d love to connect with you and share about some of this wonderful news and understanding that is around us! You are such a bright light in the Wilderness, Jean, and it’s time for we bright lights to come into resonance with each other so that we can hold a coherent focus of light to be a beacon in the erratic, diffuse, chaotic, disinformational low light spray that is keeping humanity in a turbulently tense holding pattern.
    Thank you for holding and demonstrating your piece of consciousness so boldly and elegantly for the collective. You are a powerful ray!
    InJoy InLight in Service and Health,

    • Jean says:

      Eric, I can’t speak for anyone else about who has the full picture of how we will save ourselves, but I believe I can say that Neil Keenan has never said that he has that picture. He is focused on one small item: freeing those global accounts. It is a full time job, and he works almost 24/7 at it. I’m glad it will be a minor inconvenience for you to find Ben’s posts elsewhere, because as I have already stated, I don’t want his kind of energy contaminating my blog. While you may not agree with me, that is your choice – and it’s fine with me. I do not want to be responsible for other people’s decisions. I present the info, so people can make up their own minds. I’m also willing to share my opinion, but that is all that it is – my opinion. Hopefully, it’s value is only to help inform your own decision – one way or the other.


  37. Lisa says:

    Well said, Jean, his articles would be quite amusing were the subject matter not so serious….

  38. Sonara says:

    I agree with you it does not ring true for me either.

  39. It’s quite sad, as I also wanted to believe what he stated was factual and well-meaning, yet, over time that little mechanism within raised some major flags, as I started sensing things were not being presented truthfully and honestly.

    Today, I feel his info is delusional at best, or worse, perhaps misinformation to fulfill a very dark and cruel agenda hidden in feel-good or hope-giving rhetoric to maintain people tuned-in and distracted from what’s really occurring in the background.

    I’m not stating everything he states is untrue, as some truth seems to be interwoven in a web of lies to confuse, alter, distract, manipulate and control people’s perceptions. I hope I’m wrong, but I cannot help feeling the way I currently feel. May we all get more guidance and wisdom to discern more effectively, as we all really need to in these times when it comes down to the wire in the struggle to free Humanity.

    • Jean says:

      I agree, Health Warrior, everything Ben says is not untrue, but if he is truly working to release these accounts, he will not publish anything that is not true! We are in far too serious a time for the human species for people to be anything less than honest. Hugs, ~Jean

  40. Luwdmke says:

    I don’t think Karen Hudes is trust worthy either. Both Fulford and Hudes seem to be back peddeling now. I think they have been bought off.

  41. Sharon Pearson (a.k.a. "Granny") says:

    Good Morning Jean,

    I hope this email finds you enjoying your day. After reading your words, feeling the weight of your decision and knowing that you are a woman of the Highest Honesty and Integrity, it would appear to me that the only thing left to do, is precisely what you have done. It is never easy to journey along our path, having to leave certain people “right where they are” in order to figure it out for themselves. As you know, what is required as part of the “Waking-up” process is that we MUST all take personal responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds. We can no longer lie, cheat nor steal to advance in anyway, shape or form. It just will not be tolerated because it CANNOT. As I see it, you have done the job you came to do, which is Be That Truth Seeker and Truth Speaker. JOB WELL DONE!!! This is also a time of the “Clear Divide” where we TRULY SEE where and what each person’s motives (or hidden agenda) are and how we choose to react or respond is our responsibility.

    BRAVO JEAN, I support you and YOUR BLOG and your God-Given Birthright to express such insightful information. You assist us to think for ourselves. Thank you and may the Creator continue to Bless you with all things Divine.

    Love and Blessings,

    • Jean says:

      Sharon, I have given Ben the benefit of the doubt for a very long time, but I can no longer do so. I do not want his energy on my blog, energy that as I see it lacks integrity. If others still need to read his words in order to come to their own conclusion about him, they can easily find them all over the internet. But I refuse to publish them here any longer. Hugs, ~jena

  42. shane says:

    Well said Jean.

  43. Tertiusgaudens says:

    You´re going through lots of anger recently, Jean, don´t you? Me too. Terrible, right?

    Maybe not. If the levee breaks…

    Yeah, maybe not. Anger is not the opposite of love, never. The opposite is always – ignorance and sucking coolness…

    What is wrong not mentioning Fulford again? There is no need for apologies, my dear one! If anger rides you and the levee´s gonna break – so be it. It belongs to that gentle kind of freedom letting break what is supposed to break and letting follow what is worth to be followed…

    I used to live in communist Germany, I was in jail for a week because I was disrespectful of an influential jackass, and I saw the emptyness of their brains sticking in opinions and dogmas – and the same happens again and again even today, especially to those refusing to get angry, because they always tend to be kind and smiling while they actually do not find any form of freedom to let it break free… yeah, when the levee breaks…

    You will go your way, I know it for sure. Have a little courage, and your soul will not let you go astray…

    Love and hugs, my dear friend!

    • Jean says:

      Anger has two expressions that are not always obvious. One is anger that is protective: Don’t you dare touch me! The other is often an expression of pain and hurt. My husband/boyfriend/lover did not remember my birthday, etc.

      My anger here is bit of both, Tertius. I learned the very, very painful lessons of loving/respecting myself. Finally, I recently got hit with this lesson again, and it made me realize that anyone who brings the kind of energy Ben does to his articles – half untruths – maybe outright lies – I don’t really know – shaded meanings, subtle information left out when it should be included, information without which meaning is not clear, etc., etc., etc. is not someone whose energy I want in my life, or on my blog!

      It only creates trouble, and I do not want my inner peace, my calm center disturbed by someone with this kind of energy.

      If you and others cannot see this and do not understand my words, then maybe I have opened the door to how much I value the understanding that has brought me the inner peace to be able to walk calmly in a world that is often tumultuous and very dark. If we cannot love and value ourselves in this way – and I believe that is what the new paradigm is all about – then we can never truly love another. In the end, what we will do instead is to bring our own sickness into the lives of others and try to use them and to drain them of their own energy, energy which they should be spending on the activities of their own lives.

      I hope this makes some sense to you.


      • Sharon Pearson (a.k.a. "Granny") says:

        Hey Jean,

        I look at it this way … you just “arrested” Ben for “disturbing your peace”. You Go Girl. Standing up for the things we valuable most, is a sign of Strength and Courage. Your Purity of Heart and Peace of Being is what matters. Today, I AM sending a Rainbow of Love, Light and BEARHUGS your way to ease the disturbance. I LOVE YOU!!!


  44. wooddragon says:

    It was about time that you kicked him off.

  45. Teri says:

    Dear Jean,
    I have to admit, I am finding it rather hard to discern the truth these days. I read many different blogs and alternative news sites to try and find the truth, but it is so hard to figure out who is telling the truth. By the way I do enjoy your blog because you tend to tell people about different news articles NOT that you must believe your news article.
    Here is where I go crazy, it seems the cabal obviously knows the truth since they seem to control most everything on this planet and there are a batch of good guys who know the truth and are trying to free us the 99%. The problem is that neither side feels the need to tell the 99%. I am so tired of hearing that we can’t tell you everything yet because it may be dangerous or you are not ready, or you have to do your own clearing, or some other excuse. The problem with this planet is that no one is willing to take a chance on the truth and really exposing the truth not just to some trusted blogger or news site, but to all. 90% of this planet lives in dire straights, struggling to survive emotionally or physically and every second that this crisis is not solved is a crime against humanity. So yes I feel the good guys are just as guilty as the bad guys at this point. The only way this planet will be free is to get the truth out there now and not some promised time in the future that may or may not come. How many more children must die of starvation, how many more people must die in terrorist attacks and civil wars. As we all know the TRUTH will set you free. Lets stop hiding it. Lets get the real truth out there, all of it and let’s do it now.

    • Sharon Pearson (a.k.a. "Granny") says:

      Hey Teri,

      I see and feel your words and empathize with your plight. If I may be permitted to offer a suggestion to ease your frustration (I hope). What you are feeling and the “cross-point” you appear to be at, is precisely where you are supposed to be for your own Awakening process. As humans, we are conditioned to “want it and want it now” without realizing that if we were given EVERYTHING we wanted when we say we wanted it (that was a mouthful) … well, could you imagine the masses ALL coming Awake at the same time, being able to access the ENTIRE TRUTH, ALONG WITH THOSE SPECIAL TALENTS, GIFTS AND ABILITIES and not truly understanding that there is a VERY REAL ASPECT OF RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY AND REVERENCE that comes along with it? It would be like having over 7 million teenagers, who have just been given a Driver’s License and a shiny new sports car, with no understanding of the Rules of the Road (like Driver’s Education). Spiritual Maturity, can at times, be harder on the Human than Biological Maturity. If you really want the TRUTH about anything that “hits your grid”; try receiving it like a meal. We have all eaten a REALLY great meal and also a really AWFUL meal. Go deep within your Sacred Heart and ask it, does this information takes real or processed. ALL your TRUTHS and UNDERSTANDING of those truths are located in that place (Sacred Heart). I know how this sounds and I would never suggest anything that I have not tested out first. Love (the beating of your Heart) flows gently like a tiny creek in the woods. It is only the EGO/mind that resists and blocks the flow like a Beaver Dam in that very creek. What you are feeling is a natural part of the Ascension process, like stripping away the layers of an onion, only to “see” that there is another level (deeper into the Sacred Heart, raising your vibration/frequency to a more mature spiritual understanding of what your “other senses” are showing you. Also, try to be a little more gentle with yourself. Your “inner child” is really scared and “needs you” to assure her that you are a Strong, Capable and Loving Child of Our Creator and Sustainer and you WILL get it figured out. Timing and Patience are also a very important factor is this “Growing Up” process that we are ALL engaging in at this wonderful, historical time. Commune with Nature more, Be well, Be Loved and Be the Best Light you can be. Namaste,

      Love and Blessings,

      • Jean says:

        Sharon, thanks so much for this helpful statement that it seems to me is really for us all to read and consider. Hugs, ~Jean

        • Sharon Pearson (a.k.a. "Granny") says:

          Hey Jean,

          You are very welcome Jean. I just wish to be of assistance, as it would appear that you could use a “Little Help from the Peanut Gallery”. I realize you are tired, worn out and in need yourself, all the while never wanting to give up nor give in for the sake of your Peace of Mind and the Mission (I myself am coming off over 8 years of “caregiving” and feel just like you). I only wish I could figure out this “teleport” thing; because I would “zoom, zoom” to you and fill you with sooo much LOVE and LIGHT, that you would be chasing me away with a Big Broom. My offer still stands, if you ever just need to “drop of the grid”, come to my “Little Piece of Heaven on Planet Earth” and I will definitely make you laugh until you wet yourself!!! One thing I like to do to make myself laugh, is put on some really jazzy music and dance for your family pets. They hate it; but it will definitely make you laugh at their reactions!!! I got a million of things I do to make me laugh and I feel no shame about sharing them with anyone willing to “give ‘er a go”.

          Can you feel the “Rainbow Love” yet? I can turn it up for you, if you would like (just do not want to blow your socks off). Damn, it is cold out there; yet Divine … don’t cha think?

          Lots of Love and Blessings to You,

      • Teri says:

        Sharon, how nice of you to take the time to respond to my post. Your words have much wisdom and understanding and they are thought provoking. I guess you could say “truth” is my pet peeve thing. Ever since I was young, I could never understand why people had to conceal, lie and manipulate things. The manipulation of truth has always been a very dense energy for me. While I understand everyone looks for the truth when they are ready. It saddens me so that the truth only seems to be available to a select few on both sides of this awaking process and this causes much confusion with truth seekers. Through out the eons on this planet we have been lied and manipulated and interfered with. I feel that this interference has made it much more difficult for people to awaken and this seems a great injustice to me on a divine scale. While I understand that we all awaken at different moments and gradually, the process here on this planet at this time feels very manipulated and controlled by both the light and the dark, rather than a free will decision. For me truth is not something to be owned or held back, it is a freely flowing energy available to all and in my heart I feel it is not suppose be so hard to discern. I think that because it has been so manipulated and twisted, that so many of us struggle here on earth. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

        • Sharon Pearson (a.k.a. "Granny") says:

          Greetings Teri,

          Glad to help, if I can. Again, I REALLY do understand and empathize with your quandary. However, in reading your words, I believe that your struggle is precisely on target and you are in THAT STATE OF DISCOVERY that is the most difficult to navigate. I too came out of the birth canal with a certain “Awakeness” and felt as you do, that it all “seemed” to not make sense. I invite you again to center yourself in your Sacred Heart and let it advise you WHAT YOUR TRUTH IS, then see where it “matches up” with the Universal Truth. Have you ever heard a song called “This Little Light of Mine”? Check it out … it is very appropriate and what I said before. Be the Best Light that you can be. Start with you and when you have filled yourself to the brim, let it spill over into your surroundings and maybe things will not look so grim and harsh. Love yourself and ALL THINGS OF THIS EARTH like your life depended on it and all of the “other stuff” (this being the proverbial ILLUSION) will be. It takes ALOT of Strength, Courage and Purity of Heart to look into the face of what we FEAR most and be able to LOVE it just the same. Doesn’t mean you have to like it or invite it home for Sunday dinner. I find when I spend time with my wildlife family and Mother Earth that they always bring me the “Best and Loving” answers. Nature flows and all of life with it. Humans are the only species that resists with such intensity. There is nothing wrong with dark places, some great things grow in dark soil – mushrooms for one. Maybe plant something really GREAT and positive in this dark space and see what “pop’s up”.

          No-one has all of the answers for everyone. Only YOU have all of the answers that truly matter to you; because … wait for it … we are ALL ONE!!! If you find yourself getting too caught up in all of the information, then I suggest (what I suggested to Jean); make yourself LAUGH. Go and stand in front of the mirror and re-enact the scene from the movie “Bridesmaids” … where the intended Bride and Matron of Honor are eating lunch and describing what her boyfriend’s penis looks like. It is hysterical!!! I crack myself up all of the time with that one. LAUGHTER AND LOVING will assist to raise your vibration “above the fray” so that the world events will not “seem” so offending to your Being. If that is too goofy for you, try reading a children’s book to your inner child, delighting her with something magical, light and fun.

          Enough said. Just try your very best, to be your very Best and especially be kind to YOU.

          Lots of Love and Blessings,

    • Patrick says:

      I agree…perhaps it is time to put up or shut up. We all know religion is a tool…but why no mention of God, and His principles? Why no mention of doing God’s work? People can imply all they want to by using catch words or phrases, but God’s truth is what sets one free. Matthew 7: 18 – 20

      I challenge all to pledge their intentions, in video form, where all can see the principles they follow. And exactly what they are doing and for whom.

      Today, would our government do this?

      Today, would a (truth-er) do this?

      Today, would a man of God do this?

      Mitakuye Oyasin

      • Sharon Pearson (a.k.a. "Granny") says:

        Wonderfully said Mitakuye. Like my wise ole’ Daddy used to say, when I was young and impatient … “Don’t sit here and tell me your troubles. Go out there and tend to something that cannot tend to itself, like that vegetable garden and in the process, tell your troubles to the Lord and HE WILL GIVE YOU THE ANSWERS YOU SEEK”. However, a part of this process is that, we MUST SHUT UP LONG ENOUGH to be able to hear the soft, gentle voice which resides in our Sacred Hearts (the location of Our Divine Sparks). The other aspect to this, is actually following the advice given. How many times as Humans, when broiled in a really good juicy part of the “Soap Opera” called our lives, that we HEAR what NEEDS to be done and find a way to justify doing nothing that looks nor feels like the message delivered. The hardest part of Being Human, is allowing Love to assist us to navigate thru our troubles; because we have been soooooo programmed to believe it is just fanciful New Age thinking. I KNOW, through first hand experience, that whenever I have chosen ANYTHING but a Firm and Lovingly approach for whatever comes my way, I always find myself having to “backtrack”. Not anymore. If the circumstances are so overwhelming that I cannot engage Love first, then Thought, then Deed, then I do precisely what Jean has done and “arrest” the situation in it’s tracks, remove myself in order to rise above it, then I somehow “match-up” with that Love place. I guess this is what is means to “Be Aware, not attached to” the events of our current world events. I can do more good from “where I AM” (and I mean this in every sense of the word) than I can from those lower energy places. Peace Be With One and All.

        Love and Blessings,

        • Patrick says:


          My name is Patrick…Mitakuye Oyasin is a phrase in Lakota language that translates: “All My Relatives” Apologies for any confusion I caused.

          My words were directed to those whom already profess a knowledge…not to those seeking it.

          I’m also a believer in God’s statement: “Faith Without Works is Dead”.

          I’m merely attempting to discern if there “works” are aligned with God’s.

          I will stand by my challenge.


  46. James Matthews says:

    I am happy with your choice not to post BF articles Jean. Shut down a financial system only to restart it based on asset value. I ask you, Ben who own’s the majority of assets? Oh that’s right the cabal. Ben, there are some of us out there that do and can recall what you have written in the past and it simply is not the same as what you purport now.

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