RT: Iran’s Rouhani: Israel should sign non-nuclear treaty . . . ah-ha! This is getting very interesting! ~J

Published time: September 26, 2013 13:44
Edited time: September 26, 2013 18:52

Iran has urged Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Speaking at the UN General Assembly for the second time this week, President Hassan Rouhani called for a world disarmament conference to establish a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East.

“As long as nuclear weapons exist, the threat of their use exists,” Rouhani said, recalling the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Calling for a “nuclear-free zone” in the Middle East, Rouhani said that Israel was the only country in the region that had not yet signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Earlier, Arab states proposed a non-binding resolution to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), calling for Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and submit its alleged nuclear facilities to IAEA monitoring.

But member states of the UN nuclear agency voted down the resolution.

Rouhani has called for a conference to create a zone free of nuclear weapons or any WMD weapons in the Middle East without delay. All countries, he said, should participate in the conference.

He stated that any use of nuclear weapons is a violation against humanity, stating that “the world has waited too long for nuclear disarmament.”

“Almost four decades of international efforts to establish nuclear weapon-free zones have regrettably failed,” he said.“Urgent, practical steps toward the establishment of such a zone are necessary. The international community has to redouble efforts in support of the establishment of this zone.”

Nuclear disarmament “should be implemented in a comprehensive and non-discriminatory manner,” Rouhani declared.

On the way to full elimination, “nuclear states should refrain from threats or use of such weapons against non-nuclear states under any circumstances,” he said.

“Threatening non-nuclear states with nuclear weapons should end. The modernization of these weapons undercuts efforts for their total abolition,” Iranian President stressed.

Israel is believed to possess anywhere from 75 to as many as 400 nuclear weapons, including thermonuclear weapons in the megaton range. Israel has always avoided confirming or denying whether it has nuclear weapons, but has consistently accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons and posing a threat to world security.

However, Israel denounced Iran’s call and accused Tehran of diverting attention from the regime’s own nuclear work.

“The man [Iran’s leader Hasan Rouhani] is an expert with tricks,” Israel’s minister for strategic and intelligence affairs Yuval Steinitz told AFP. “Instead of saying that Iran will finally comply with the Security Council resolutions, it tries to shift attention to Israel.”

Speaking earlier to The Washington Post regarding Iran’s nuclear program, Rouhani said that Tehran wants to reach a deal as soon as possible with the P5+1 group of nations that discuss Iran’s nuclear program.

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5 Responses to RT: Iran’s Rouhani: Israel should sign non-nuclear treaty . . . ah-ha! This is getting very interesting! ~J

  1. John says:

    Ladies, May I say that you both have the protection of the world watching and understanding where the threats are coming from. I suspect you have very few other people or organisations that would propose harm on you, so the best protection is the knowledge by as many truth seekers as possible that these are the ones with an evil outlook. We will eventually isolate and remove this threat to humanity when enough of us stand up to this scum, and work for a much better world for ourselves and our children. The reality is that I do not wish to live in their world.

    I suspect that I may just have joined you on the list, and when there are millions of us on the list they may realise that their time is past, and they can crawl back under the rock from whence they came. They have no place in the world we seek!

    I am Spartacus!

    May the light of our collective wills protect you – with love and gratitude – Dibs

  2. I commented on this very same topic and Israel’s criminality recently. Guess what my reward is?
    If you search my name along with “NSA;” the search terms reveal my name, the area I live in, along with over my name: “HIT LIST.”
    To be honest, given the nature of my suggestions; (and the extent of Israeli, Mossad et. al. infiltration within Canada and the US) it is not surprising that I have clandestinely been marked for death. I don’t expect to remain healthy for very long.

    • Jean says:

      Not nice, Michele! I can imagine where I fit on that list . . . If we don’t get it right . . . they’re telling the likes of you and me that it’s all over . . . and thank God, we are getting it right! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Bill says:

      I would have to reason that Hit list is confirmation that the NSA is a rouge agency worthy of immediate shut down and deep investigation!!! Put on the light of God,Know it and you can’t be touched! Try it,it works! God bless Michele

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