Push Has Come to Shove — A Call For Action — Are We Going to Stand Up or Stand Down — A Serious Time for Serious People To Show Our Support, from ~Jean

I don’t have a ‘real’ choice about standing up or standing down, but it is a question I feel Keenan-1
needs to be asked of those of us who see and understand what is going on.

Let me say by way of introduction that my healing/awakening process, what I’ve learned to call a spiritual emergency, was so traumatic at times and so tough that more than once I faced the possibility of my own death. Once, I came so close that I even spoke to God, thinking it was over for me and told Him how sorry I was to have failed: he gave me lemons, and I wasn’t going to be able to make the lemonade, which is what I so desperately wanted to do. I asked God to forgive me, telling Him I’d done the best I could with what I had. Then, I felt the most incredible peace and joy, because I knew I was going home. I knew I was almost there and that everything was okay with God.

But for some reason, I did not return to God. He chose not to take me from this plane of existence. As I look back now, I know I was meant to have that experience. I lost my fear of death, and I clearly decided that since sooner or later I was going to die, my life henceforth would be all about how I chose to live my life now, today, every single day with the circumstances that were presented to me.

I didn’t want every day of my life to be a living death. Death on this plane is an inevitable experience that is going to come to all of us anyway, an event that for a brief moment in time might be painful, but is also surely followed by the most beautiful peace imaginable. Do you all understand that our angels are waiting to receive each one of us? Many of you may already be aware that those people who are able to see such things, saw the angels retrieving the souls of those who were forced to jump from the World Trade Center; they were actually jumping into the arms of angels. 

Remember, too, that what we know of death has come to us from  conventional religion, and has all been used as a fearful device and tool to control us. People who do not practice conventional religion, as most of us know it, have no fear of death at all. If you read anything about the indigenous people, sooner or later you will come to understand this. Animals don’t even think about death; they have no fear of it. It is only people, because of how we have been conditioned and taught to think of death, who fear it. I ask all to recall the lessons we often learned as children about ‘hell’. But our journey and mission here isn’t about hell and death. It’s about victory and life!

People with a lot of money and worldly goods may well have a greater spiritual challenge than those without it, because they have more to lose on the physical plane. They can too easily feel called to focus on saving their physical bodies and their physical assets, but it seems to me they can too easily forget about the importance of valuing and saving their souls. When I started to work with Neil quietly behind the scenes, I had to decide what was more important, and I think you all know how I chose.

As you have just read, I’ve reached the point where I’ve dedicated my life to the betterment and true freedom of humankind. Peter Eyre in his Agenda 21 article has just succinctly described what the cabal has long planned for us. This is indisputable; this is fact.  The walls are closing in. Can you see them? Can you feel it? 

This morning, Neil Keenan shared with me that when he returned to Jakarta, he learned that George Soros had been there in his absence. He was there in an attempt to acquire the Gold. He actually paid off nine people to have it delivered to him when he returned. Then today George Soros actually called Neil and asked him again on the cabal’s behalf to get out of their way. Neil told George in pure “Keenan-style” that the next time he comes to Jakarta he may not get the kind of reception he would like.

As you may know, this is not the first time Neil has been offered huge sums of money to get out of their way. Part of this recent offer was that he was told he could also take 25,000 people with him to a safe location somewhere on the planet, and his words to me were typical Neil: “Jeanie, how could I possibly do that? They’re telling me I can play God!  How could I ever do that!”

He continued, “We know the names of the people Soros paid off, but we will give them the opportunity to back down from this deal. If they choose to move against us, I will do everything possible to have Soros and his boys arrested before it actually happens. If they follow through and do steal the Gold that they do not own (it is owned by the DF), then we will post their names and make everyone, including the depositors, well aware of the of the theft and how it was perpetrated. The DF knows where their gold is at all times, and if there are attempts to try and steal it there will be repercussions”.

“Jeanie,  Neil continued, “This is primarily the West’s battle — we screwed things up, and now we have to get it right. It is the West that stole from the East. This is it. There will no be no other chances in our lifetime to correct this. I never thought I would be in a battle of such huge importance. But now that I am, I will give it my all to get us through it safely.”

Well, friends and family, I hope now you fully see the picture.

Neil has spent his personal fortune trying to stop their nightmarish Agenda. Yes, while he has known about Agenda 21 and so many other geo-political games, he has always known that if he can shut off their financial spigot, he can stop their Agenda. Necessarily then his efforts to shut off this spigot have been his entire focus, almost 24/7.

The cabal now has greatly impeded Neil’s ability to receive funds. No doubt, this is an action on their part, indicating how close to success Neil Keenan actually is in stopping them. For those of us able to help carry some of the financial burden, I have asked Neil to allow us to help him and our cause, by providing a donation provision on my blog. I also feel certain there are ways around these impediments that have been put in front of us. I am asking for any ideas that any of us may have. This is a call to action, because we do not know where the answer is going to come from — but the answer will be forthcoming, and I believe it is going to come from us.

I feel so much better standing up and actively appealing to all of us — instead of passively standing down! I’ve long felt that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and all this talk, for instance about an RV, about money being given to us is cabal backed and meant to manipulate and keep us asleep while they continue to murder us. Certainly, I do not see any signs of the cabal actually stopping their brutal abuse of us; instead, I see it is only increasing.

I don’t believe we are going to get a free ride here, and maybe all along that God  has meant for it to come to this conclusion, inviting us to come together to get this job done, because WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Do we truly understand these words? Are we ready now to begin living them?

As for myself, because I’ve personally decided to take this stand, I want to share how much better I feel as a result. Instead of hoping for their mercy, I’m continuing to live my life, and I hope for all of us, to live our lives, whatever its length may be in this positive, energized frame of mind! Will those of us who are aware step to the line, or are we willing to sit idly by and watch in fear as our lives and those of our children and grandchildren continue to be stolen from us in the most violent and horrible of ways. I think at this moment in time this is the question we’re being invited to answer.

I am providing a means of support on my blog for my highest vision, and additionally I am asking in our extended family for those who understand to please contribute in thoughts, ideas, and substance so we will continue on to victory. IF WE DON’T WIN THIS — AND RIGHT NOW WE ARE  – THERE’LL BE NO TOMORROWS .

Love and hugs to everyone,

PS There is no donation button just yet. I’m just now figuring it out. 🙂

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205 Responses to Push Has Come to Shove — A Call For Action — Are We Going to Stand Up or Stand Down — A Serious Time for Serious People To Show Our Support, from ~Jean

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  4. Diana says:

    This is a message to Neil Keenan. In Denmark we have something called “Association” (DK “Forening”) By Danish law, you have the right to unit in intrestgroups and so we have many of these. In such a “Association” there is no real control from the government and no allowed access as long as we don´t do any crimes. These “Associations” have of course an account, and in order for the bank to make an account they need a Company number. So they make a false one NOT registered anyware. That is accepted as a solution to get an account for this “Association”. I don´t know if you have that abillity to make such a form, but we all could join in this form of Club an as it is the club, that has control of the account, that might be a solution. Just an idea. Diana

  5. A. Smith says:

    How about a social media campaign?

    Exposure can be two-fold– you’ll have even more nutters bombarding you now though.

    Twitter, Facebook, You Tube campaign

  6. Dr. Deagle has the knowledge to get people off of drugs by substituting other natural nutriceuticals. He also has protocols to minimize the Radiation Pollution coming from Fukushima. http://www.nutrimedical.com/

  7. Ethyl says:

    I really love the twice a day thing, at 9 and 9. That’s easy to remember. Also, if anyone wants to join in at any OTHER hour on the top of the hour, it would add to the ones others are doing. And if you miss 9, do it at 10. It wouldn’t hurt anything. That way there would be something going on (hopefully) all around the planet at all times of the day. Ra said the callings go exponentially, so that 10 equals 1000 (or something like that)! Just found a new Anonymous on youtube, and it sounds like they are feeling MUCH like Jean is! They want us to go ahead and set up our parallel systems NOW while the old are crumbling (how can you not LOVE Anonymous)!

  8. Niki says:

    I’m a truthseeker from Indonesia. I have to say this, a very important issue:

    In my opinion, based from my observations & experiences so far, also realistically, it’s NOT that the masses have to wake-up first, and THEN they’ll be ready for “the Event”. No. I strongly believe that it should be the *OTHER WAY* around! ie: “the Event” have to IMMEDIATELY start/happen first, in order to SHAKEN all those ‘sleepy’ masses (90% of the human’s population on the world/planet), so they can then START/BEGIN to truly wake-up, and then they’ll start realize that there’s something soo much more than their waking “zombie-like” everyday’s reality!

    Just like the truthful quote from the movie Batman Begins: “People often need DRAMATIC (or tragic) events (or examples) to shake them out of Apathy.”

    Please take this urgent advice into account. thank you.

  9. OsceolaOz says:

    I dont have food after bills. We are on social security
    only. And i want to donate a small mount as you all are my connection to a decent future. I will keep watching for a link.

    Thank you all a gazillion times!

    • Jean says:

      A tiny bit will suffice 🙂 It is your energy that counts. . . we are changing the energy! We are not going to put up with it anymore. . . we are not going to let them put us in fear! Hugs, ~Jean

  10. Ev says:

    My two bits – I thank you, Jean and Neil and all.
    I would like to donate, even though it isn’t a lot.
    I would be very much be up for group/focus intention, even for a few moments, perhaps at 9 AM and 9 PM anywhere and anytime zone in the world to keep the Freedom and truth movement going forward encompassing each and all in their efforts. (Hopefully, this will keep folks like Neil on time with us, since they are on the other side of the world.)
    I think the power that be which made such an offer to Neil should take themselves up on it. They can catch the next flight out with their 24,999 friends and take their lovely toys with them, since they enjoy the processes of them so much. Oops, that’s right no one in the universe is willing to take them in. Sounds like the SS Botany Bay ship all over again.

    • Jean says:

      I think we really need this group focus, and I have an idea – but I need to go back through my comments – unless someone can point me to it – to a video made by one of our readers, a beautiful one that I think we could all use for a meditation. I really liked it a lot . . . it was based on fractals. Can anyone save me time and point me to it? We also need to agree on a time . . . not sure how to do that . . . and would love some ideas . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Marie says:

        An exact time does not matter as there is no time on the grid but mentally linking with all the people who are doing this meditation is important. Before you start say something like: I now link in my heart with the Keenan Team during this meditation.

  11. Ann says:

    A HUGE hello to Jean, Neil, Nelu, Michael, Drake, etc…and all who have been working so hard to educate all of us and take the dark forces down. You are angels to us all. This is my first time posting as well. I have read all of the loving and supporting posts from everyone and I’m right there with you all with your fantastic support and ideas. I will donate what I can as well. We are all magnificent beings and our hearts are beautiful…thanks to all who support this effort. I have great faith and feel deeply that Neil and Jean and Nelu, and everyone involved who is putting their a___ on the line for this effort, is protected and will be safe and OK!! Love and Light and Healing to you all. Blessings, Ann

  12. Inchul Kim says:

    Thank you everybody to support Neil Keenan and his team.

    Today is exactly 7months since I joined his team(I arrived here 4 March) and I do not know how long I should stay more. So I miss my lovely wife, three daughters, friends and relatives. 19 September was the biggest holiday in Korea such as Thanksgiving day in America and I was alone in here. That time I really suffered a very deep homesickness.

    In spite of that I should overcome and made sure by myself that we can and have to win against the cabal otherwise my beloved people will be dead or live miserably under the cabal’s rule. As you know two months ago the cabal intruded into my room and attempted to kill Jo and me cutting the gas pipe. Of course they tried to kill Neil Keenan many times before.

    I am a very ordinary man and I know I have only one live not many. However that can not stop my way to the victory for the innocent people on our only one planet. Now I am very proud of myself to help Neil Keenan to rush our goal and I am happy to have time watched, watching and will watch of the most historical moments in the history since our planet is created.

    Your support is the strongest weapon to fight against the cabal and once again I feel huge responsibilty and very strong encouragement from you.

    Thank you and hope to dance with all of you after the victory!!!

    • Jean says:

      Oh, dear God, Inchul! The tears are coming! We are all tired and stressed – but how can we be when you offer us this statement! Thank you so very much! I feel so honored to know that you are helping Neil. Surely surely, we are all going to dance together! I”m about to post The Oracle Report for today, but I’m copying it here for you. I follow this carefully, because it was this Report that led me to Neil and his efforts, and because I know everything is energy. Most importantly it says that no matter how it looks right now, we have already won

      Big BEAR hugs to you 🙂 ~Jean

      Today’s New Moon signals the beginning of what I’ve been calling the second renaissance.

      The New Moon in Libra enters at 8:34 pm EDT / 00:34 am UTC at the degree known as “miners emerging from a deep coal mine.” The New Moon forms a Grand Cross (also called a Grand Square) with the Black Moon, Uranus, and Pluto. This indicates that the month will bring drastic evolutionary change. Let’s look at how each of these planets infuse this New Moon energy that will unfold:

      Black Moon: All things come from the great creative void, the dark womb represented by the Black Moon. The Black Moon is the Mother Energy needed for birth and rebirth. It brings things out from the dark, out from the shadows. The old passes away and the new emerges. Order and form emerge from discordance.

      Uranus: The planet of sudden changes, surprises, energetic frequency signatures, and lightning puts things where they need to be. It realigns and reconfigures. It also brings an exceptionally potent electrical charge to the energy. Uranus strikes quickly and jangles things. Uranus opposes the New Moon, which means it is 180 degrees apart. The world will do a “180.”

      Pluto: Pluto is the Divine Consort or soulmate of Eris, represented here by the Black Moon. (Eris and the Black Moon are the same energy. The Black Moon works on a more personal, micro level and Eris works at a larger, macro level.) Pluto is ruler of the Underworld and brings things up from the depths. You could say Pluto “fathers” this energy. When Pluto and the Black Moon are together, true love is destined. The second renaissance is birthed in the frequencies of love.

      You can be sure that forces that stand opposed to the creative vision of humanity know the power of this New Moon to birth something. Something like a new world order. A new world order will begin emerging, but it is an order that is in full support of humanity and life – not death. This is the will of the Aeon Sophia, the divine being embodied as our planet. Together, Pluto and the Black Moon bring light to the dark. Though attempts will be made to press the dark inherent in these two energies, the combination of Pluto and the Black Moon only results in love. Pluto and the Black Moon can be tempestuous, but they are always strong and committed.

      The Sun, called Sabaoth by the Gnostics, blesses the union and the child that is born from it.

      This is a month where we will look back and remember where we were when it all happened. The thing to hold to this month as we see things come crashing down around us, things lashing out, and things erupting from the deep is that the time of darkness is over. They lost. No matter how much it looks like they are taking over, it is not the case. Their last ditch effort begins. Everyone should expect the unexpected and this could be on very, very grand scales.

      What does one do on an occasion such as this? What more could be cause for celebration than the end of darkness and enslavement of consciousness?

      • Susan says:

        Jean and Inchul, I am on my knees in gratitude for your work and dedication to this, and the courage to be on the front lines with all of this. I have tears of compassion for Inchul in particular and the same for Mother Earth and all of her people who are suffering. I have been through financial and career hell because of the cabal’s antics, as I said in an earlier post, I am lucky to have food to eat and a roof over my head. I will donate all money that I can spare when that avenue can safely open up. Please know that every day I am with you in my heart and in my meditations I am sending you love and strength. I ask the angels to use me as a physical vehicle to send Divine love to you all. Thank you Jean, for the astrological overview – it is encouraging. We may never meet in person, but I am with you in spirit and with all others who hold this healing and release from tyranny so clearly. Carry on! You are seen and so deeply appreciated!

      • Sharon says:

        Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you one and ALL for every single deed that you have done and you have brought so much hope and joy to me in the last couple years. For love but never forget that all your suffering will be redeemed and your reward great in heaven. I love you.

    • live oak says:

      I love you Inchul. God Bless You And Your Family and Friends and may you be with them very soon. I thank you with all my heart for all that you’re doing and all that you’ve done.

  13. Donations! That’s a great Idea. You of all people deserve to have a donations option. I’m very weary on donation to certain types of alternative media sources cause I dont want to accidentally give money to a Cabal shill.

    Out of all the people to my knowledge in this area. You definitely rank very high on the trust meter! 🙂 I would gladly donate to you. also on that note.

    I know its complicated and whatnot but Bitcoin is the fastest way for you to receive donations, I highly recommend you look into Bitcoin a little and see if you like its concept. Going rate in New Zealand for a Bitcoin is 150 – 160$ NZD for 1 Bitcoin :)!! So it definitely has value.

    Also theres a company in America called “Bitpay” which if you want automatically handles bitcoin transactions for you and for a small fee they automatically convert Bitcoin directly into any currency you want ($USD) And then you have even less Bitcoin hassle 🙂

    Even if you would rather use a different method for Donations I highly recommend also having a Bitcoin Address for Donation purposes. In 2 minutes I could set up such a system for you. However because money is involved its better you get a computer savy friend you trust set it up for you 🙂

    Love your blog and the work you have done for free! I’ll donate you a whole Bitcoin if you do decide to have a Bitcoin Donation address 🙂

  14. Lauren says:

    Very moving post. Especially the part about not fearing death and standing up instead of standing down. It all boils down to the choices we make in our lives and what we base it upon. Stand strong and believe in the choices you make knowing that the energy that goes into them will help others no matter how small or big!

  15. Tim Thomason says:

    Well, I guess the scumbag cabal is getting nervous. With Soros showing up in Jakarta is a clear indication of the Freemasons getting shaken up a little. For those of you who aren’t aware of it, the cabal are the Freemasons, a.k.a. the Bilderberg group, a.k.a. the elite, etc., etc., etc. This is really great news because what’s happening is obvious to some of us. They are getting their asses kicked even though it may not look like it. Many good vibes coming to you, Jean and Neil and co. Let me know where to send donations for Neil. We are with you full bore and pedal to the metal 100%. Like someone posted earlier we are billions, they are a few thousand. Hello? When the world FINALLY wakes up they will be toast…burnt to a crisp. Enjoy this if you can as it will be a time to remember. Hugs to you, Jean, right back at you.

  16. Greetings_From_Philly says:


    I’m not completely clear Neil’s financial problems and I’ve never published a comment on this blog before; but, from what I gather, he’s being blocked from receiving funds. One idea might be to modify his account names ever so slightly in order to slip through detection algorithms. An example: If his account name is “Neil Keenan” , then changing it to “N. eil Keenan” could do the trick. UBS and other large US banks laundering money for Al-Queda used this technique to defy banking regulation algorithms and push funds to these cells. A whistleblower working in tandem with the CIA finally figured out how they were breaking their own rules with this technique. If I can remember properly, I originally saw the UBS story on WeAreChange.org.

    We are wishing you the best.

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  18. ed says:

    …..well the fruit here is too ripe and low hanging…..in the stillness of being






    AS NINE…….



    ……and to our dearly beloved George, et al……when has not every strand of hair upon
    your head……not been known and counted…….this drama is really just so silly…..
    …please someone through a lamp at me…….lol……….perhaps this will bring illumination !!!
    and when does this become embarrassing……even just to not harm your own self….


    ….and to our Beloved Allendale……we so miss you, won’t you please come
    and have a visit with us….and remind us of your most dearly beloved plans….
    as you watch….and as we wonder…..at the stand of demise…….
    ….and imagine if our bees are to be called into action….lol….to show up at
    a meeting or two…….with the friends……of all realms…..again in wonder….







    I AM I


    ….we really can— imagine, educe, materialize, and repeat—
    —whatever we want, love, Ed

    • Jean says:

      Oh, Ed, thank you for this – and for your kind words! I do love poetry. . . it gets right to the ‘heart of the matter’ – an interesting expression, don’t you think? I hope everyone slows down and takes the time to read this. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • ed says:

        Thank You Jean !!
        meant to write ‘throw’….
        and it is most ‘interesting’
        what does come ‘through’…
        ..hold the vibe….love is alive…..
        .luv’n’hugs to you, love Ed

      • ed says:


        THIS IS IT
        RIGHT NOW

        ….and Jean….you will see and know and be known and be acknowledged
        through out all the realms….for this, your heart and your service…..
        in peace, in joy, in love, in light…….

        ……..love, Ed

    • Shane says:

      Hi Jean, whatever you need monetary wise Ill give. Let get this thing done.

    • Ed your poem is amazing. You are very talented. Thank-you for sharing.

      • Jean says:

        Agreed! Hugs, ~Jean

        • ed says:

          …..this is so astonishing to me…..Jean…..that you take the ‘care’…to get to these…
          and all that you do……in love….in peace…in joy……in light

          in your world…..it must rain lemonade…….lol…..lovelovelove…….Ed

      • ed says:

        Thank You Ian….you are most kind to reply….
        so….I wonder if wonder IS TRUE…..
        what would we do with that ‘truth’ as knowledge….
        To Be ….implemented…….as NOW
        …really just went into ‘THE FIELD’…..and asked for that to show up…
        in love…..for Jean……and all of us……as we do what we do…..

        FATHER SKY
        HERE AM I
        HERE AM I
        HERE AM I..

        ……so please, may we all enjoy / in joy this…..
        and stand in that place OF THE HEART OF ALL
        and speak the WORD OF TRUTH…..
        AS BREATH
        AND WE STAND
        THIS IS IT
        RIGHT NOW


        ……….and all of the realms notice the presence
        IN LOVE
        AS LOVE
        AS ONE LOVE

        THIS IS IT
        RIGHT NOW

        …..so perhaps where ever we find ourselves…
        we will notice….and be…
        in that place
        no space
        no time
        where every thing matters and is…..

    • ed says:

      OUT TO YOU

      ……..love, Ed

    • ed says:

      AND ME TOO

      …….love, Ed


  19. susantower1 says:

    I LOVE the idea of a billboard in Times Square!!! I would joyfully offer my skills as a graphic designer to make that happen! I wish I had any available funds to contribute. Unfortunately I have lost everything monetarily in the housing crisis and my career to the outsourcing of jobs to other countries. I am lucky to have food to eat and live week to week. But my spirit is not broken! I CAN contribute strength of spirit and encouragement. We will prevail! I thank all of you, including Neil Keenan for his courage and integrity. I KNOW this will turn around. The outcome will be better than we can imagine. It’s soon, too. Carry on!

  20. Jo Ann says:

    We are willing and able to support Neil and your efforts, but we don’t want to do it digitally! Please consider all options for contributing to this monumental effort. thanks Jo Ann

  21. Cladon says:

    Reading all of the positive responses gives the heart powerful energy. What NK is striving for CAN be achieved. What is puzzling me though, is a recent interview by Alexandra Meadors 9/29/13 with Cobra. Within the text Cobra says ALL GOLD has been removed from the planet. It will be returned AFTER the EVENT. Why then is Soros trying to buy off people to get the gold? Someone is not being truthful and perhaps NK can question Cobra about this. Between Cobra, BF, DW and NK, these four sources have always been reliable. All of a sudden the Gold issue has become a hide-n-seek matter blowing the ‘documents’ into the wind. With the big black book of accounts that NK has shown, thought this was THE information that would bring the house of cards down. Please sort this out so we can easily follow the trail.

    • Jean says:

      This is pure nuts – GOLD has not been removed from the planet. I’ve seen Neil with some in a recent video that we decided not to use . . . I’ve long thought Cobra is being used – I don’t know if he knows it or not – but what he and Tolec are saying is not my truth, anyway. There will be no RV. No one is going to save us, and those who think that is going to happen may be in for a big surprise when they are ‘saved’ . . . just my thinking. Hugs, ~Jean

      • RealTimeTruth says:

        Please consider the comments of Gandhi. His highlighted rhetoric is of the utmost importance during this time. It is important to note that during the doldrums of our efforts it is a wonderful opportunity to take inventory of where we each stand as individuals.

        I think you have done an amazing job here in your article Jean of just this task of taking inventory. But rest not because as soon as we find our footing we are tested yet again just s we catch our balance.

        Please consider visiting the RealTimeTruth YouTube channel and watch the Essenes series of videos I have started regarding our next step in the process of the great weakening. This awakening is very much part of the ebb and flow pattern we experience in all other aspects of consciousness.

        We are now being nudged in an introspective direction collectively, once this is respected much headway will be made.

        For convenience, here is a link to the first episode… It is only 4 minutes and gets to the heart of the matter. http://youtu.be/yYy7yRoky3g

        I hope this message finds not only Jean well, but everyone else who has a chance to see it.

        I love all of you and humanity would surely not be where it is today without your voices!

        ~ S

        • patn. says:

          Thank you for saying this….an important time to remember Gandhi and what he accomplished in India against the British….in love and “non-violence”…even in
          our thoughts and WORDS. patn

    • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

      I think I should reply here. All of those mentioned that claim there is no Gold here has either never been here or just plain making things up. It is not just Soros here but Armitage and many more. They are all pushing for it and I gather they will not get it. This is not a fight this is just people talking without knowledge.

  22. Just one suggestion, Jane, I have donated to other blogs and will do now to the cause of all us that Neil is carriyin on, but it is important that you send a reply that is not just automatic, just in case some donation may not reach you. It has never hapened to me, really, but when I only get an automatic response I remain with the doubt that if it reached destination, thanks.

  23. A. Smith says:

    I came up with a ridiculously crazy idea.

    Has anyone ever tried to get a hold of Jesse Ventura?

    Former MN Governor , and recently did a series on TRU TV ‘Conspiracy Theory’

    Yes, former TV wrestler too

    I think if he is on board, he might be able to open up many doors because of who he is

    Just a random crazy thought


    • Jean says:

      Not so crazy. I”ll share it . . . 🙂
      Hugs, ~Jean

      • Dutch says:

        That’s not crazy at all. Jesse is a former Navy Seal and is brave. He will definitely get in someones face if need be. Just send him a tweet and see where it goes. He does read them.

        • Jean says:

          Yes, Jesse is right in there. He knows what is going on . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • A. Smith says:

            I wasn’t quite sure how receptive the audience would be to the idea–I chose my words cautiously.

            I am a native Minnesotan– and Jesse was a great Governor. Mind you, he had to play by the rules– but he did break a few 😉

            He is a no-nonsense , no BS guy up front. He want the truth only –and to get it out.

            My uncle used to work with him when he had a radio show here in the TC area. I’ve met him–but personally do not know how to get in touch with him.

            He’s kind of reclusive [I don’t blame him]

            But with his connections, his connection through the MSM–with his fans from his wrestling days [there’s a push for him to run 2016] , I really think he could open not only many doors for Neil–but blow them wide open 🙂


          • Jean says:

            Neil is very aware of who Jesse is 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  24. Esben says:

    Ever since i read “Financial Tyranny” by David Wilcock and became familiar with what really going on in the world, my worldview turned upside down. friend become enemy, enemy become friend, bad country become good country, good country become bad country – everything have been changed ever since. Now i become more and more angry and upset day by day for what the cabal are doing to the planet and all people living on it. When i see how people suffer everywhere in the world, dont have a home, dont have a work, dont have food to eat – and at same time see these (cabal) people show up in news where they proud tell about how much their income grew last year and how rich they are now – it make me sick.
    I want help with everything i can for support Neil in he’s fight against these people.
    As soon you found a way where we can donate, i will donate and i will do it as long as necessary.
    Thank you to Neil and he’s team for their heroic work, and thank’s to you Jean, it’s a giant work you are doing here for help us all.
    Thank you everyone, you have my deepest respect.

    • krusht2 says:

      Esben, I feel your pain and I’ve known your anger; I still feel anger, every day and every day I try to fight my anger, ’cause I Know it’s toxic for my soul as well as my karma! Please Know that this is a global problem; there are too many millions in too many countries for this to hold. The Evolution/Revolution is upon us!

      Let Boldness light your Path; potential Anarchy rocks!
      Freedom is manageable – take it!
      Peace Light Love Truth i am a dave

    • Jean B says:

      Esben and others who struggle with anger towards the cabal, try to see the complete picture. Light and darkness exist in balance. The darkness serves us by helping us to chose light. Light is so much more powerful than darkness, even the smallest amount overpowers it – like a candle in a dark room. As the light continues to grow and spread it will prevail. In the meantime, it’s serving the purpose of waking people up so that they can choose a better way, and then co-create it with the rest of the enLIGHTened souls of the world.

      If you can try to see darkness in those terms you’ll be grateful for it.

      There is a beautiful expression in Spanish that embodies this message – “No hay mal que por bien no venga”. – “There is no bad from which good can not emerge”

      Mystics have long believed that life was a collective dream, this is now being echoed by modern theoretical physicists who describe it as a giant virtual reality game of potentialities. When you see the big picture in these terms you’ll understand that villains are needed so that heroes can emerge.

      Most people don’t seek change until they feel the direct impact of something on their lives – which is why some of the negative events unfolding have a silver lining, since they will be the catalyst for change.

      Others of us who already feel the pain of the many injustices in the world find it frustrating and depressing when some seem so oblivious and callous – but try to remember that in this “game of life” some have reached the advanced rounds and are ready to move to the next level, and others are still learning the basics.

      What you said really resonated with me since it’s something I’ve always felt….almost like you can’t be happy knowing that any other human being is suffering.

      Joseph Campbell said something very profound about this, I don’t remember his exact words but the gist of it is that we each are born to live our best lives, that is the best contribution we can make to “fixing the world” – because if we each did this the world would be healed. The microcosm is the macrocosm. Focus on what you can personally do, and do it. Trust that when we all do this we become “the ones we’re waiting for”.

      Hope that helps. :>

      ~ Jean B.

      • Jean says:

        Jean, these are wonderful words! Thank you for sharing. I love the Campbell PBS interviews with – oh,my gosh, I can’t think of his name! Can anyone help me out? Hugs, ~Jean

        PS Just got it: Bill Moyers

        • Jean B. says:


          I enjoy using story to communicate, since we humans are wired that way. I’m also intrigued by how mysticism and modern science tell the same story, using different metaphors. (So much so that I devoted 5 years to researching and writing a screenplay that deals with this very topic, called the “The OM Factor”.)

          Below is the actual Joseph Campbell quote, without my embellishment, he’s much more eloquent.

          “Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world. We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.”

          I love those Bill Moyers interviews as well!

  25. Mary Ellen Hope says:

    Jean, are you saying in this article that you and Keenan believe that the Cabal have engineered the deception of the RV?

    Mary Ellen Hope

    • Jean says:

      Mary Ellen, I can only speak for myself here, but yes, I think they have probably done the deception of the RV. Who else would it be? In the beginning, I fell for it, but as time passed, I had to ask myself some tough questions. I don’t know if Neil has thoughts on who started the whole thing, or why it is out there on the internet, but I do think I can on his behalf that it won’t happen. I know this is hard for people to deal with, but I do believe we will all be okay – and we will be better off without the lies and deceit that have been dumped on us.


  26. Sharon says:

    What was meant by this comment?

    Part of this recent offer was that he was told he could also take 25,000 people with him to a safe location somewhere on the planet.

    Why? Who? I had posted this article to a freedom site and this particular comment came up quite a few times.

    • Jean says:

      Not sure where you’re coming from on this, Sharon. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Kathy Kelley says:

        Jeannie, we love you. I feel your weariness as if it is my own. Wonderous things are at the doorstep for those who choose love. Time to come home, we arent starting the celebration without you and Neil……All my LOVE, Prime Creator

        • Jean says:

          Kathy, yes, I am weary, but in this last week I’ve also dipped into my ‘stuff’ – recent traumas as a result of my healing – so this has made it difficult. What I realized to do, though, is that I’m going through it all very rapidly, and it isn’t too bad. The sooner I get through all this – and it’s no longer related to my deep past – the better. I’m doing my best, and I also thank you and everyone for your kind thoughts and your wonderful suggestions and supportive comments while I have been away tending to other things . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Jean says:

        Someone has called me a dumb asshole for replying as I did, Nice, wouldn’t you say? Sharon. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. It seemed evident to me who was making the offer: the cabal, and they are trying to get rid of Neil. Hugs, ~Jean

        • Dutch says:


          You and Neil are BOTH following what is in your hearts. You CANNOT go wrong by doing this, and you know that. It is the one truth you know in your heart. Remember, darkness cannot exist in the Light. Shower it with light, and love, and do what your heart tells you to do. You WILL NOT FAIL. He will carry you, when you cannot go another step. Love to you, and Neil, for eternity.


    • User says:

      Sharon, assumedly this is a reference to the cabal’s future attempt at a mass depopulation event via release of bio weapons, nuclear wars, etc. During such an event, the cabal and selected individuals will go live in their underground cities or possibly go off planet and reemerge months or years later. A person accepted into being involved in this plan is considered to have his “ticket”. Soros is trying to bribe Neil with allowing him to choose 25,000 people to join the cabal in hiding if/when they try to do this.

    • krusht2 says:

      Yeah – why care? … how would it matter if you knew? Who don’t you trust?
      … and even if it could matter, why should anyone give you info that could hurt YOU?
      … or others …

  27. Jeannie / Nadhashree says:

    Do you all remember the book and movie “The Secret?” That our thoughts and emotions and images go to the end of the universe, and return with more like them?
    And removed from the Bible, so people would not know it, is that the Divine Father brings understanding, but it is the Divine Mother aspect of God that brings us manifestations on earth, money, health, all in the physical world.
    So my suggestion, after encountering all the negative posts, absolutely every time, we “pray” the opposite, visualize and feel the opposite, using our own name of the Divine, and always including the feminine aspect. For me, that is Divine Mother Creator. Otherwise we are creating the negative, and helping the cabal. We must always at the very least, balance any negative with positives. And the positives will win that way. They have more power, I believe, than the negative. Please everyone assist, by posting opposites in the comments and shares!!!
    And Sri Bhagavan Kalki has affirmed this, in a recent interview on how to pray. Here are his instructions:
    How to pray. You must not focus on the problem, you must focus on the solution. Suppose you want to have $100,000. This is how you must begin your prayer. You must pray to us as “Banker Divine Name (as it is to each one), Thank you for giving us $100,000.” And you must say, “Thank you. Thank you.” You should not say “Give me $100,000,” No. You must say “Thank you for having given me $100,000.” And you must see the money in terms of clear pictures. It should be in three dimensions. It should be in color and not in black and white. And what would be your emotion when you get the money–that emotion you must generate.
    Suppose you have health problem. You must say “Dr. Divine Mother Creator, thank you for giving me health.” Suppose you’ve got a court case. You must say, “Judge Divine Mother Creator, thank you for doing it in my favor.” Similarly, you must address us according to the problem. That is how you’ve got to pray. You can try this prayer now.
    So in response to Jean’s blog, and Neil Keenan’s need, we could pray something like this:
    Dear Banker Divine Mother Creator, Thank You for giving Neil Keenan $100,000 (or whatever specific amount he suggests.) Thank You, thank You, thank You, Divine Mother Creator. Visualize money in Neil’s hands, $100,000.
    And Dear Banker Divine Mother Creator, Thank You for removing all the money from the use of the Dark Cabal now! Thank You, Thank You, thank You, thank You, Divine Mother Creator. Visualize the cabal’s bank accounts with zero balance.
    Are you with me? Thanks! blessings, Jeannie / Nadhashree

    • krusht2 says:

      Oh Darling Hueman – these are beautiful words of Love; Serenity is carried on your Confidence! Peace and Health to your Home.

    • Christina says:

      Nadhashree, as I know, The Secret is a “Cabal” book. Most people who read the Secret make experiments especially with money. As there should be balance on Earth, the more rich people, much more the poor people. This book and also the prayer of Sri Bhagavan Kalki with your example focus on results which have the opposite effect for many others.
      They are personal purposes which can effect others negatively.
      Neil works for the freedom and affluence of all the people on Earth.
      I loved the “rain-prayer” Jean put on her site a few times much more. If we feel grateful for Neil’s work and feel this gratefulness and then imagine him freeing all mankind and imagine him being protected and blessed all the time, I think this could only have positive effect. We leave it to the Creator how.
      I’m not sure if I am right, but this it the way I feel it.

      • Jean says:

        Christina, I think you are right. . . but let me add to it. Drunvalo teaches that our brain is an instrument of duality. It is even physically divided into right and left hemispheres! The only way we can create in a healthy way is if we are in our hearts!! If we starting ‘thinking’ about what we want, even in a state of meditation, but are not in our hearts, we will create something that is a part of duality. That is, if we pray for peace, we will get peace, yes, but right behind it we will also get war!

        If I remember the story/facts correctly, the author of The Secret wound up in jail, because there was a fire and I believe someone died in a sweat lodge on his property. So, yes, he got prosperity, but I think you will agree that he also got the opposite.


    • Di,Cerrillos,NM says:

      This is called ‘Fake it til you make it!’ This is how I pray and it works. I start every prayer with THANK YOU FOR…..
      We have been taught that prayer is important but deliberately misled about HOW to pray. It is important to not add anything like punishment or revenge, keep one’s prayer simple and heart oriented. And compose it yourself, no memorized prayers. A simple and powerful prayer is: HELP ME NOW! No rosary or beads are needed.
      I visualize the result that I desire. But know this…..the Creator knows what one’s cosmic blueprint is and will not grant a prayer that is not in alignment with it.
      Neil and Jean are our heroes and I pray for their success and safety in these dangerous times.
      Onward and upward, one day at a time.

  28. JM says:

    In addition to supporting Neil, here are some suggestions about what we can do individually.
    They are non-threatening, do not demand extra expenses and any individual has the ability
    to do them. They are helping my wife and I to get out of the matrix.

    1. Become educated. Many people state they don’t have the time. We no longer have
    the time NOT to.
    Get rid of the TV – its a mind control device.
    Use the internet and books.
    Share your information with others. Don’t worry about what people think. They are the
    ignorant ones. But don’t waste time on those who don’t want to listen. No one needs
    that negativity.

    2. Be ready with extra food and some cash in case the economy “tanks”.

    3. Stop using your credit card. Instead use cash as much as possible. The banksters skim a
    percentage from every transaction. By using credit cards we are funding our own

    4. Remove as much money as possible from banks. Countries are implementing “bail-ins”
    Money in the bank is at risk.

    5. Stop eating processed food. Eating clean, local food is a key step to improving your
    health physically, mentally and spiritually.

    6. Find natural supplements to replace any phamaceutical drugs.

    NOTE: IMHO, if we all did #s 4, 5 & ^, we could cut off a large chunk of the cabal’s finances.

    6. Detox with something like bentonite clay. We all have toxins from poisoned air, food and

    At a group level:
    If you have neighbors of a similar mindset, consider forming a Civilization Preservation Team.
    See Oathkeepers: http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2013/10/01/oath-keepers-is-going-operational-by-forming-special-civilization-preservation-teams/

    I think our problems need to be addressed mainly at the personal & neighborhood level. Trying to convince politicians with petitions, calls and letters at the county level and above seems to have minimal impact – but I’m not saying we shouldn’t do them..
    I’m sure others can add to this list.


  29. Count me in…100%! Anxiously awaiting the donate button…whatever it looks like 😉 Blessings of Love and Light…and whatever help anyone can use on the ground. Namaste all!

  30. Alie says:

    I am standing with you. Regarding donate button: I think it will be available as a widget in your sidebar column. Something like that

  31. Han says:

    Ready to go all the way!
    God Bless.

  32. bodhi says:

    ARREST SOROS! Let the dominos begin to fall NOW! All the wonderful people on here with their incredible meditations and other suggestions, FOCUS ON THIS! A truly free humanity, free of the mass-murdering, raping, pillaging, profiteering scum that has kept us down for a hundred years and more via their ancestors. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  33. indigodaffodil says:

    I am sending all my love and deepest gratitude to you Jean, and to Neil, Michael, Nelu, all of the readers, truth-seekers and light workers who come to this site daily for news, inspiration and enlightenment. We are Team Keenan! This is our calling.
    I’ve been experiencing sychronicities several times every day. I just let them be my guide and I know I cannot go wrong. ♥ all you guys! Hugs!

  34. Jean says:

    Not going to make this idea public 🙂 We;re trying to think of everything . . . Thanks, though and hugs, ~Jean

    • Ivan says:

      What is wrong with my idea and why not post it? I thought you were open to all ideas? My post was not negative but my idea is a very strong statement that can be sent to the cabal and the system they created. I thought you were about love and unity?

      So I ask again, what is wrong about my idea?

      • Jean says:

        Ivan, I don’t have time now to refute ideas that are uninformed. I am sorry. If you like, I will post it but say you really aren’t informed . . . If I offend you I am sorry, but it’s tough to deal with this sort of thing right now . . . how much reading have you done? Do you have any idea how complicated this situation is? We need ideas, yes, but they need to be informed, practical ideas – and I wasn’t really talking aobut Neil’s work. . . I’m sorry if you misunderstood. Hugs, ~Jean

  35. Mike C. says:

    Let’s take up a donation and rent a giant billboard in Times Square that reads something to the effect:
    Warning to the ruling Cabal: We the people are onto your game. We’re coming after you.

  36. Claudette says:

    My friend and I will donate. We love you guys. We will do all we can to help humanity, we are proud to do our part
    Claudette and Eve (Husbands to)

  37. J Arnaiz says:

    This is a great initiative!..We the People on this planet NEED to show that we want to be free and not be slaves…… that we mean business! The Light of God never Fails!

  38. Thomas Widlar says:

    Thank you, Jean.

  39. Lee says:

    Everyone get your bare feet to the Earth, face any lingering personal fear, establish a personal connection to Source, call on the angels, take up your spiritual swords, let the battle begin. I have been doing battle in this way my entire life. No matter how many times I am attacked, I always prevail. The energy has lifted considerably. Mother Earth is about to ascend. Let us go with her. The darkness is tied to the physical representation of power: their gold, or money. It will be their downfall. Hold steady in your alliance with the Earth. We are so very close.

  40. Milly says:

    There is a treasure trove of talent that reads your blog Jean, I’m sure it could be determined when the optimum time for positive intentions could be directed and if we all joined force at that time it would do wonders. I had this epiphany recently when we did this on the Oracle Report facebook page. Laura pinpointed the most effective time and date for us to send our gratitude and if we did not send at that exact time, it was possible to get the effect at another time of our availability because the exact time and date had been named and could be thought of at any time simply because of that. As long as it is created and intended it need not follow a linear timeline. Amazing times ❤

  41. Galway says:

    I’m with you, whatever it takes, 1000%, 24/7.

    I didn’t come this far and suffer so long in so many ways, only to fall short in the final seconds…


    Om Namah Shivaya

    • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

      Galway, it is real rough when you open your eyes to such crap taking place. I found it while moving to get the necessary documents to refile my law suit. As you now know I put the lawsuit aside and took up the bigger issue. Salvaging humanity. There was no question which way to go. They have played with us far to long and laughed about it well they are not laughing now are they?
      Thanks for the post….

      • Galway says:

        Thank YOU, Neil, for *everything*.

      • Dutch says:

        Neil, Since there are so many of us here, close enough to the enemy to smell what they are cooking for dinner, can we not do more from here? If nothing else, make life a little more interesting for them, for a change? You have so many folks that love you and appreciate you. Tell us how we can help and we will. It’s that simple.


        • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

          Yes, we can steal their dinner from them…hahhahahah….Let them go hungry as so many people have for so many years at their expense. Do not worry Dutch someday soon there is going to be plenty to do.


  42. Ilex says:

    Jean, here is another site that I see all over the enlightened sights, never knew what is was but now I do. I don’t think this is cabal oriented?

  43. sweetpants12 says:

    Jean , you asked for ideas and while talking to friends we agreed that we talk allot but what do we actually really do ? So , while sitting on my boom boom and not “standing up ” someone mentioned we can hang our flags up side down ! It’s not much but it’s a start ! With your site this can spread far and it will show a unity. With Unity miracles will happen God Bless us all ! May there be Peace on Earth !

    • Jean says:

      I love this idea! Get it going! Hugs, ~Jean

      • pete spencer says:

        That is a seriously good idea, It begs the question for neighbours and friends and the opportunity to guide people to the information. Obviously you can’t drop the whole thing but you do have the Architects and Engineers for 911 truth currently advertising in Times square. A cogent and somewhat 3d version of what has happened but a brilliant first point of entry into this amazing state of affairs for those currently unaware.

        GREAT IDEA!

        • sweetpants12 says:

          Thank You Pete ! I have my brand new Flag hanging upside down ! Waiting for my neighbors to come ask me why !

    • Michelle says:

      We should all contact our local VFW and American Legions too

  44. Ilex says:

    Here is another source for donating, I don not know who owns them. I think that will be the biggest problem. Cash/cashier’s checks mailed/delivered to Neil seems to be the the best option of getting there, however, the work involved would be a grand.

    • J Arnaiz says:

      Western Union money orders could also work…But need address..Could be in North America and the recipient could transfer funds to someone in Jakarta..

      • Jean says:

        they have refused to send money to Neil. Period! It’s illegal, but they don’t care. . . ~Jean

        • J Arnaiz says:

          Not wire to Neal but people wanting to contribute buy a paper money order payable and mail it to a whoever …. that can cash it and wire the money to another whoever. in Jakarta..

        • Ilex says:

          OK, two can play this game. Jean, can you get names and bank accounts that Neil needs to pay/give money? You, me, anyone can set up an account on behalf of Neil and do it under another’s name? More than one way to skin a cat and these bastards are not going to win. So, you have an account, you transfer to me, then I pay the bill under my name and it’s actually on behalf of Neil. They would be very busy trying to follow all the trails. We can mail money/cashier’s check to Neil for money to eat and drink. Isn’t this what having an off shore account is all about?

          • Jean says:

            lex, we have about five very capable, caring people looking at all the options for us. I think you’ll be pleased with what we come up with. Hugs, ~Jean

      • ReachingforAir says:

        Western Union is a “Usery” Leach personified. Do the math. 10% for 5 minutes of computer/telewire time, x 12/hr x 24/day x 365/yr
        They should have been buried decades ago, if our ‘leaders’ weren’t corrupt beyond any measure of hope, including city, county, state, and fed mafia.

  45. Pixie says:

    Jean, Neil and the Gang been following for a few years now everyday… never left a response before. I’m with you in all in all ways prayers,what money I can donate ,holding space and meditating and sharing with others. We did not come here in this time to lose,we came here to wake up and live free together in love and unity as one.
    Peace be with us always.

  46. Melody says:

    I’m with you Jean! I think that what Michele said a meditation time with us all joined together with unified focus, as well as picking a subject (chemtrails, vaccines) and finding a way to peacefully bring awareness to these issues to those that are unaware. As was said by a great and beautiful soul ” where two or more are gathered” When we join together for a cause we can ” move Mountains”. Lets start moving the mountains of crap that surround us and bring us all to clarity, for the truth will set us free!

  47. susan says:

    Sending love to all Beings everywhere… working to inform people, working to help support humanity in healing through my work… working to clean up my own backyard and Shadow Self…. and happy to press that donation button when it arrives….

  48. Sage says:

    In solidarity of this ‘movement’ towards FREEDOM I am in collaboration with this collective of powerful Souls who ‘together’ will turn this darkness into Light/Truth!! When the donate button arrives I will push it! With the right concentration of consciousness in mass, the Force Field (Source) in which we reside must respond according to Universal Law. Think it/Feel it, so shall it be! This is the same alchemy which the cabal uses, except they of course operative from service-to-self and not from a Unity consciousness paradigm. Magic is neutral. It is how it is utilized that creates the intended reality! Fear is their potent fuel for their black juju. If we deny them their sustenance they will starve. Coming to grips with physical death, as but a dropping of a dense vehicle, can empower us as the fearless eternal spirits which incarnated at this particular moment in galactic history to balance out this millennia of fear-based trauma drama. We can’t drop the ball now as the battle heats up, as debilitating as it is at times. Our armor is love, our swords are truth; let’s meet the evil with their polar opposite and watch them dissolve!! I am on board with a concentrated meditation at a particular time daily using an agreed upon thought, coupled with powerful feeling, and envisioned with a dynamic positive outcome! Go Neil! Thanks Jean!

  49. Eve says:

    how about an address to send to ? maybe even a p.o. box?

  50. Robert Miller says:


    I choose to stand with you and Neil and my extended family here and to leap into the awaiting arms of angels!- Angels who I am certain are here with us now- who have been patiently- expectantly waiting for this call to action!

    Please let me know where and how I can financially contribute- and participate directly with you in this WAR effort.

    Robert J Miller

  51. Teri says:

    Just a quick question, why doesn’t Neil start naming names and bring this to the forefront. The only reason the cabal has such control is they know people won’t rat them out and the game just goes on and on and on.

  52. Bob Bob says:

    Thank you Jean bin following you for a long time , love and safety to you and Neil, we will get it done .

  53. Bob Bob says:

    Jean get that payment site up I am with Neil all the way.

  54. wolf727 says:

    Just came on and read your post Jean. Powerful stuff.

    I’m in a financial straight jacket struggling from month to month with expenses but, I will gladly give what I can without those around me be aware of what I am doing. In my embarrassment It is not much but I will do what I can to help.

    Really Jean it is times like now I wished I had the freedom to be on my own and do what I can without worrying about those around me.

    George Soros contacted Neil Keenan! Soros is definitely one of the elites. May he go down! Much respect to Neil – I love that guy and his Irish grit!

    I’m in the unusual position where those around me do not lilke what I do and I have to keep everything secret. (P.S. I received my AE911 newspapers and my family members do not even know I will be out on the street handing them out.)

    Yes, Jean, I will do what I can to contribute and help.

    • Gale says:

      Even if everyone would give $5.00 with as many readers that are on here, the total money I. The end would add up to a good sum.

    • Michael says:

      wolf727 – I know how you feel. My wife told me she doesn’t want to know. She wants to be blissfully ignorant. I just watched the AE911 documentary. I’m kind of a softy and found myself in tears when the shrinks were explaining cognizant dissonance. I was just weeping for what country was, and has become. I could see myself passing those AE911 fliers out. It’s 9/11 that woke me up to the whole nightmare matrix.

      • wolf727 says:

        Thanks Michael. I know how you feel. I’ve seen that AE911 documentary – I know which one you are referring to.
        I’m not American but I can relate to how you feel. I too am disgusted to see how the American elites have ruined your great country and people.
        In another documentary I was almost in tears when I hear the real recording of a woman trapped in one of the WTC towers calling for help and then hearing her scream.
        I got p*ssed off knowing governmental elites were behind the 9/11 attacks (CIA/MOSSAD operation) and were selling to the American people a huge lie.
        I hate the injustice of it all and I am truly sick and tired of it. Sick in my stomach when I see people fall for the radio and TV lies put out by corporate media. Not just on 9/11 but on Middle East and on every other topic.
        I was out in the street today handing out AE911 newspaper sheets. They are not leaflets but of the size of a newspaper and printed out like one. Key information is displayed in a newspaper format and looks very professional – very well done. I hand it out to people saying; “Free newspaper Madame/Sir?”
        I don’t stand around long in the same area but move along and while walking I quickly hand out the newspaper and they take it in their hands and reply: “Oh? Thanks.”
        Whereas if you stand in one spot, they see you handing it out from a distance and psychologically they brace themselves and decide not to take it.
        Also, I don’t want to get the attention of the police – there’s a lot of them patrolling there. So I walk slowly in a casual way and then I quickly stick my hand out to them and in a reflex they take the paper – it works most of the time.
        And you are absolutely right! Many do want to be blissfully ignorant. At times I wished I was blissfully ignorant. But I’m too deep into it now. Never thought I would be handing out infos to people – never!
        I want to see within our generatioin the real ‘truth’ come out loud and clear on mainstream media. Then I’m going to order an expensive bottle of champagne to celebrate.
        Take care Michael.

  55. Pat J says:

    Have ALWAYS been a standing person and see no need to change, tell Neil I am 200% with him

  56. Ilex says:

    Jean, Here is another choice for Paypal to just donate to friends and family. Neil is certainly a huge part of family to everyone now.

  57. Energy Doctor says:

    Jean, I will support Neil and you and am grateful for heart felt leadership. And Neil still owes me a basketball game of HORSE when this is all over!
    Yesterday night I had dinner with a friend from Chicago who is apolitical. He told me he had bought a pump action shotgun for the protection of his family if the SHTF. This is a spiritual battle mostly but Patriots and men and women of Faith and good cheer are preparing for the protection of hearth and home.
    I know you are a woman of peace but bullies only understand one thing…. a punch in the nose!
    The cabal, Obama, the Illuminati, whoever…..in the end they are just bullies. We, the awake, the Grateful will not go down without a fight.
    I saw a comment from a former Special Forces Vet that he and tens of thousands like him are laying low, on the ready. They took an oath to the USA and it’s people and intend to keep it. We must help Neil, we must pray and we must be ready to stand and fight for ourselves, our families, for each other and for mankind…no force of evil can stand against awake people who have resolve and spiritual forces behind them!
    Always remember, “All Things Are Possible”!

    • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

      Thanks for your support but does this mean I have to tank the game? hahahha….The leg is fine now so be ready….hahhaha Again thank you. Finishing this up is integral to everyone and I am sure the bad guys thought by shutting me off they would take the life out of us. Am glad it did not happen. Again I await the day.

      • live oak says:

        I love you Neil and Jean and Inchul and Jo, Nelu and everyone here. I will do whatever I can to help. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and what you’re doing Neil. I keep you close in prayer and may you and your team stay safe every second of every day. This is always on my mind and i await the day when the planet will be free. I pray for freedom with great love in my heart. I will send a donation to help whenever i can. We’re so close. Never give up and stay strong. We’re winning and we’ll get through this.
        live oak xxxxxxx ooooooo

        • Jean says:

          Yes, yes we will. Without a doubt! Thanks and hugs for all your kind thoughts and prayers, ~Jean

        • live oak says:

          One more thing…I’m afraid to use my credit card on the internet. I could send it to you Jean and you could get it to Neil…a money order or a certified bank check or any other safe method you can come up with….I’m there. I just need peace of mind that Neil will get it, that he receives the help that he needs.

  58. Ilex says:

    Good Morning Jean,
    If you are considering Paypal here is the link to start an account. https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/merchant

    Also using a mule to get cash to Neil is an excellent idea as well – I volunteer.

    If docs need to be typed that can be outsourced to us as well.

    Also, I ask the readers; what difference does it make how you reach the 4th dimension? Death is no different than ascension is no different than reincarnation is no different……………..you are going to lose this 3D body no matter. Personally I feel that death is not a big deal, I know where soul will be right after. 🙂

  59. Ines Radman says:

    I had an NDE experience years ago, therefore, death is not something I fear either, it’s an incredible experience to find out who you are Jean, I think that after such experience we become much more courageous and lose the fear as we know that death is not the end rather just our body as a vehicle for each incarnation. As I mentioned previous post, I feel that Neil is going to win this battle of Armageddon, the light shall win, there are too many of us awake now, they have less and less negative energy to feed from. In their final throws of desperation is the time when we should be vigilant even more because when you corner a beast, he’s got nothing to lose. I look forward to reading about Neil’s victory, we can all celebrate his courage and Irish stubbornness.

  60. Michaelene says:

    Jean..Thank you and Neil for all that you do..!!..If we send out ‘intentions’ at a specific time of day, (ie…8:am) then these good thoughts will continue 24/7..Just an idea..Michaelene

  61. Ines Radman says:

    I feel that everything will be ok, the divine plan is to win in the end, as we all awake from our slumber of millions of years. I have a question, albeit might be considered dumb Jean, but, if Neil is such a threat, how come he is still alive? I think I read somewhere an attempt to poison him, does he have people around him to protect him? I will donate as soon as the button goes up.

    • Jean says:

      He’s blessed! What can I say! Actually, Ines, there is a lot more going on than meets our eyes – I know this for a fact L) Hugs, ~Jean

  62. Deb says:

    At last, a way to help in Neils efforts…I can’t wait to push ‘Neils Button’!…Much appreciation for all you do..

    • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

      I am sorry Deb but I am missing a few buttons…hahhahah. Thank you for all and with help we will put this long overdue mess to bed. Again Thank You

  63. Kim higgs says:

    Thanks to you Jeane and Neil for all you are doing to help us! Namaste!

    • Jean says:

      It’s night for me, so I have very quickly gone through and released your comments so we could all ‘talk.’ I’m delighted to read your thoughts and to feel your support. For me, now, though I must get more sleep. Hugs, ~Jean

  64. I want to help. My family will do whatever it takes to help free the planet. We may not be wealthy but we can donate what we can. Peace and Love.

  65. I’m standing with Neil, Nelu, Jean, you and everyone that breathes Freedom!! Can people that are experiencing a blend of physical hypnosis, fear, control and manipulation here in 3D physical reality stop… and notice how “the mind” is suggested to… A friend of mine likes to say “it is all suggestion”… What do you suggest? I suggest that I Am a physical aspect of eternal divine essence and that the equality of human beings is self evident. I suggest that I am creating Love, Unity, Freedom and Equality right here right now!!
    I like Bitcoin- https://www.mtgox.com/ :)…

  66. If the cabal have replicator tech why do they need to steal gold?

    • Tailmon says:

      They don’t. I think that they’re doing it in order to diminish the purchasing power of the owners so as to ensure that they will fail to survive the culling that they intend to carry out.

  67. Light I AM says:

    I hear your call Jean, Neil, et al. (and so do the Hierarchy).
    I can say that the Cabal’s days are DEFINITELY NUMBERED.
    The very fact you (we) put the CALL OUT propels the Cabal’s demise. These are definitely trying times (End of Days, if you like).
    Never be disappointed despite all obstacles….just soldier on, do what you know to be right at that time. The ANSWER ALWAYS COMES and in the most surprising ways. 15 years of intense attention on the state of play in this world has taught me that.
    And many things have been revealed to me of the “New Earth”…the Cabal are not part of it …I can assure you.
    Now I know of reports of “missing” nuclear heads on the East US coast. I had a dream the other day which showed a mushroom cloud far, far away and upon awakening, I knew something nefarious was being hatched. Instead of going into the “fear” state, I instantly put the call out to consume and bind all those involved in that process to impose their will (discord) upon the innocents.
    Thus, not my will but THY WILL and as I am familiar with Cosmic Law, My putting the call out (as indeed many are doing) then the LAW of the COSMOS is implemented and will always take precedence. In effect one could say “IT IS DONE” or to use the often misquoted term “Amen”.
    See…. done without trauma, fear, imposition. That is LOVE in ACTION. That is COSMIC LAW in ACTION.
    Continue on with your beautiful inspiring work. Enough for now. Cheers

  68. Lisa says:

    Jean, I’ve been running angelic meditation classes in North London for over 4 years. I am currently teaching every Saturday at 11.45am to 1.15pm UK time… the classes are about personal healing but for the past couple of years we have also very much focussed on sending healing to the planet as a whole, and I invite anyone who wants to participate to connect with us energetically and join in. Anyone based in London, perhaps you’d like to physically turn up and lie down for an hour with us! You can find more information at my website.

    We all know that studies have proved that meditation has a positive impact far beyond those who are actually doing the meditating 🙂

    To quote High School Musical, we are all in this together!

  69. Diana says:

    Just a surgestion: this donation we have to saveguard for Neil and we have to do it in such a way that the cabal does not spot it an block the account and steel that to. I´m all for being oppen and not covertly, but in this war you have to make plans to fullfill our aim. I surgest an account is made to a trusted Neil Keenan person, that has no connection to the internet and thus not signaled to the Cabal. Neil is then to have control over this account and that should make it more safe. I know its not an optimum sollution and I would prefere to pay in case, but thats not an option as I am sure many people from all over the world would like to donate. Well just a surgestion. Maybe there is a better way. I hope so. My regards and hopes to Neil and Thanks Jean.

  70. Joan says:

    Dear Jean
    Thank you for the great work you are doing – we love you 🙂
    Could we connect to all the other networks in the alternative media and make the intent to raise awareness and become free people. There are millions and millions out there with the same goal. Just to name a few, David Ickes new tv station, Coast to Coast, David wilcock followers, all the telesummits, like Jennifer Maclean, Darius Barazandeh, World Puja etc etc. All the spiritual communities, The Green communities and all the big blogs as well (before they are shot down). If we could all unite in oneness i´m sure we will be able to impact the whole world big time. Hugs Joan from Denmark

  71. Lauraidh Magfhaionnain says:

    Unlike many politicians and media mouthpieces, Neil Keenan makes me proud to be Irish! Buíochas a ghabháil leat go mór, Neil!

    • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

      Céad míle fáilte…….Thank you from one brother to another…….Get your shillelaghs and let’s go. Bring one for me.

  72. Anat says:

    Friends and colleagues alike, who know of Neil Keenan, are praying for his success. In light of the Soros issue, maybe Neil should contact Pres. Putin? Putin issued an arrest warrant for Soros and the Rothschild’s in March 2012, because both were buying Russian currency on the FOREX, holding it, then short selling to drive the value down. Further, if your readers want to know how and why the US and the world got into the financial throes of tyranny, this article and accompanying video tells it all in about 45 minutes, and should really stir up the good people of this country:


  73. Lauraidh Magfhaionnain says:

    We can’t thank you and Neil enough, Jean. Tell us how to help you – it will happen. Money, meditation, intention – once your donation button is up, expect lots of hits. Even small amounts add up fast. I haven’t a lot – and had a lot stolen from me just today, actually – but I want to do my part – as minor as it may be. My intention is stronger than my wallet – but all I can spare will go to this most important of efforts. Thank you!

  74. Recognize the ITCCS Jurisdiction and Verdicts re; the Vatican and the Jesuits. The Monaco Accord Countries and The BRICS Countries have Treaties with The World Court in the Hague which empowers them to enact/enforce Precedents within these Jurisdictions. Do the same with The Malaysia War Crimes Tribunals. Lawful arrest, imprisonment or Executions in line with War Crimes Trials can be Lawfully Carried out. Perhaps Switzerland would instruct their Guards in the Vatican to stand aside so Lawful, Arrests of Vatican people/ Clergy along with seizure of Assets of The IOR, along with The Jesuit Leaders and all the Provincials of the same be subject to Lawful Judgement and consequences of these.

    Arrest, Imprison and Execute enough of the Lawfully convicted wherever they arrive within Lawful

  75. Shane says:

    Jean, we do have Neil’s back in whatever capacity he requires us. In my opinion what we are waiting for is for Neil and co to start arresting the cabal from the top down. We are unable to do this as we will be met with arrest ourselves or even death. Once we see the arrests occur, then we will come in droves to help in anyway possible. Does Neil still have access to the accounts? Didnt he state that he is in the process of using the accounts to fund a type of world military and set up a world court? in what time period are we looking at before these are implemented? Weeks, months? He is working his butt off and I am extremely grateful we have him on our side, but until we see some arrests of the elite, most folks will play the waiting game.

  76. Once, long ago I met someone. Someone who caused in me the most profound and unimaginable feelings of love and joy, so much so, that later I found that the muscles in my face ached from having smiled so long and broadly! Words can not convey how expansive these feelings can actually be. There was a light, brighter than any light I have ever looked into, even the sun paled in comparison, but it did not strain my eyes at all. In fact, it made them widen and soothed them. The light obscured every feature from his chest up. His hands were turned palms up to me in greetings. I learned the answers to very important questions that changed everything. There is no death, there is only love. More than you can believe. More that you can hold. When doing the meditation that Michele very wisely suggested, I would add turning our palms up, to GIVE our intentions of peace, success and freedom. In light and love, My Number Is Five.

  77. Ian T. MacLeod says:

    Jean – I don’t know what exactly I could do. Finally had that 7th low back operation I pushed the VA for over a year to get, and the post-op pain is NOTHING compared to what WAS going on! Unfortunately I couldn’t put a down payment on a free meal. my wife is spending most of her time a couple hundred miles North of here working TWO jobs so we (us and three of her kids) can move to where her work is. I’m working on recovering my musical skills/chops, and trying to keep up with what’s happening in the world, and telling who I can about it. I can and do write somewhat; that’s one thing I can do. I need to get back to meditating as well, and writing music again, too!

    I’m absolutely AWED by Neil! I so much wish there was something USEFUL I could do! I’m afraid I dropped the Drake show and all that, but Paul and you I’ve kept paying attention to as I’ve been able. Whatever else happens, I’ve known this was coming for some time now, but those nearest to me, my wife’s children especially, are “sick of hearing about it when nothing ever happens!” I hope and pray that they don’t HAVE to see “something happen!” I worked ambulance for a decade off and on, and I’m ex-military (the only war zone they sent me to though was East Oakland – *grin*). Well, shoot! I’m still here, and for whatever it’s worth I ain’t dead yet! God bless, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and we’ll meet where were needed!

    Nvwhtohiyada! (Cherokee for “Peace to you!”)


  78. pdlakota says:


    Acting upon my faith, I’m willing to support Neil any way I can. I do not fear death, I fear for those whom are left behind. Mainly because they do not understand the process, and will needlessly grieve as a result.

    I see, as a major stumbling block is no organization among those who are aware. I sense people want to assist, but do not know how to proceed. I think individuals must have a local connection for educating and offering assistance.

    It baffles my mind to understand why we are not storming DC in droves demanding our rights. I think a structure needs to be in place in each state. I also think a central location for video’s offering explanations needs to be implemented. I think it is necessary to have individuals on video as opposed to the written word.

    Each state can gather individuals whom would approach the public with information (facts) about the dilemma. To accomplish this a brochure could be created and then dispersed to a state rep, and then brought out to the public. As the states gather mojoe perhaps a visit to their capital would be in order etc.

    I think organization is the key to getting involvement, and creating the shift. I often think about the old man or woman, or the child, whom go to bed each night and shutter in fear, with a feeling of isolation. Nowhere to turn…that nobody cares. I want to scream from the mountaintop…I care, and I will help you in any way I can.

    Please let me know if I can assist in a process.

    Ecclesiastes 7: 1 – 2

    Patrick Dycus

  79. Ethyl says:

    I”ve been hearing for ages now how the Cabal has lost all their money; I’ve heard it from every which way. But all I’ve noticed is more chemtrails than ever all the time. If they didn’t have money, we wouldn’t have chemtrails. That’s something we can see every day. I have long been doubting these stories. You can’t trust them AT ALL! They do NOT have human feelings, emotion and compassion, and they do NOT care about this planet, for their children or anyone else. They don’t give a rip!

    Jean, if you put up an email address, I think we can just donate to that address through Paypal, without you having to do the button and all. I don’t know how that would work for him getting money, but it would be on his paypal account thru his email.

  80. Hi,
    I have been reading this blog for two years now and never made a comment.
    However here goes,…. Is it possible for the rich and powerful dynastic family helping Neil to support him and the team financially?
    Warm regards Celticmist

    • Jean says:

      This will have to be a short answer, but I believe Neil will answer it more fully. They are supporting our efforts in many ways that are not obvious, but not financially. I think that perhaps they want to create awareness of what happened, so it never happens again, and I don’t see a better way to do this, do you? Hugs, Jean

    • Diana says:

      I don´t know this of course but I believe that DF is already helping in other ways, that we can not. And In my oppinion you cannot expect only from a few to come to the aid of the many. If you want a different world without war, crimes an the Cabals plans you and I have to be responsable and participate in changing from bad to good. We cannot just ask for Neil Keenan to do the job. He is just one man and allthough he is smart and knowledgable we have to act for all of us to. Like he says. “Help me help you”. And if its true, that 1 billion is looking at, what Neil is doing as I would hope think if all of us just paid 1 dollar each. 🙂 that can move stuff and get some hard Irish handling I should think. So participate and lets help us all.

  81. pete spencer says:

    I’ve got your back. I really don’t care about me at all. I want to say it stops here. I want my kids and their kids to have a good future. We all know what has happened it’s time to say NO!

    • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

      Pete you sound so much like me. We all need to get some breathing room for the first time. They had us hogtied long enough. Let’s go get the B———–

      • pete spencer says:

        very pleased to receive your comment, I hope i will be up to the task in the same way you, Jean and your team have already contributed and proved your intent. I look forward to sharing a long cool beer with you both to toast the successful completion of this work.

  82. Charles N. says:

    Jean, you mentioned a donation provision here on your blog. Well, where is it? I am POSITIVE that Neil will have more given to “the world’s cause” than he will need. Put it up and we’ll put it in! I am not a wealthy person,but I have more than I need. He is doing the work for all of us, work we are not capable of doing, the very LEAST we can do is show our support while we sit on our lazy cans.

  83. Tony says:

    How do we get funds to you and Neil? I don’t have much, but want to help however I can. Thanks Jean for what you do. I’ve admired you for a long time. Blessings, Tony

  84. A. Smith says:


    Not trying to be a stick in the mud but your words-

    “The cabal now has greatly impeded Neil’s ability to receive funds. No doubt, this is an action on their part, indicating how close to success Neil Keenan actually is in stopping them. For those of us able to help carry some of the financial burden, I have asked Neil to allow us to help him and our cause, by providing a donation provision on my blog”

    suggest that even if we did do donations, he would not be able to receive them.

    If he’s lacking funds– then by all means, please set up a donation portal

    If it’s actually a problem receiving liquid cash, perhaps enlisting screened and trusted volunteers willing to travel to Jakarta–limit for travel is $10,000 USD per person. Get the people with disposable cell phones and do covert drop offs so they ensure their safety out of there. [Not tying them to Neil]

    Accounts could be given co-signatory status, and that person could route funds where they needed to go. If the Cabal can do it, surely Neil can.

    I have other ideas, but those 2 should be good for starters.


  85. Michele says:

    Can we have a 15-20 daily meditation for success & the return of the Dark Cabal to source (so that they cease to exist)? Or something to that effect. Just set a time so that our intentions can come together exponentially for world peace & the shut down of the Dark Cabal….

    • Jean says:

      Oh, I like this idea! Right now, though, I’ve got to take a break. It’s night time here, and I’ve not been off my computer the entire day:) Let me think about this, and I also ask everyone to offer ideas how this might work. Hugs, ~Jean

      • flaviosfm says:

        This is a Must! Of course, a solution for the funding is needed, and will be found and useful, but the meditation and usage of positive loving energy will be OUR difference. For millenia, those who preceded us have been trying to drop the Cabal or those who preceded them, but always falling into the trap of using THEIR weapons, in THEIR fields. Money, guns, hate, reasoning, science, religion will NOT be enough to cease their plots. It seems that this is the moment when we are getting to the critical mass of humanity believing in Love as the only rule. Let’s be One, let’s unite through meditation.
        NB: It has been done recently for Peace in some urgent situations, for Gaza, for Syria, for Egypt. And, though the conflicts are not resolved, I am quite sure that the meditation efforts have avoided the explosions of violence that were expected.
        Let’s send our collective Love to you, to Neil, and, through both of you, to those who can end the nightmare (in and/or outside the Cabal). Not for the flavour of victory, but for the joy of our Consciousness, of really being One!

      • justme says:

        Well, for what it’s worth, I think all we need to know is the truth, is this not what the purpose of this site is, to know to truth, is to change, that’s why wisdom was so important.

        Jean, please read this, I do apologise it’s long, I spent most of my day working on it (ssshh, don’t tell my boss).

        In an article written in 1966, published in 1967 (and updated to read as though it was written in ’67), Dane Rudhar was using astrology to predict what the effect of the 4th degree of Scorpio had on human consciousness, as Mars had turned retrograde on 8 March 1967 at that precise point, and then, on April 24, a lunar eclipse occurred, also at that same point. The exact point of the eclipse was 3 degrees 37 minutes, which, after reading Jon’s article, we know should be read as the fourth degree from a sabian symbol perspective.

        For those familiar with history, the day April 24, 1967 was significant in Jewish history, as it marked the celebration of Passover. For those of you even more familiar with astrological history relating to human history, this lunar eclipse was also the beginning of the tetrad, four lunar eclipses (blood Moons) happening on the Jewish holidays of Passover and Sukkot (Feast of tabernacles) for consecutive years (1967-68).

        As we know, this will also happen on the days of the Passover and Sukkot celebrations in 2014 and 2015, on 15 April, 8 October 2014 and 4 April and 28 September 2015. Four blood moons in 18 months or so.

        What I found fascinating about this article (and you may too – http://www.khaldea.com/rudhyar/astroarticles/4degreescorpio.php) was not so much the postulation of what the impact of the 4th degree of Scorpio may bring, but the postulation that it may bring about a change in consciousness.

        For on 5 June 1967, just 42 days (significant number???) after the lunar eclipse, the 6 day war began, with Israel defending its ‘right’ to the Holy land against a determined Jordan, Syria and Egypt. This war occurring around the first Full Moon post the Mars retrograde period, with the full moon around midnight on June 7. Just 9 days prior to the start of this war, on 27 May 1967, Mars moved out of retrograde, the exact point being 15 degrees even, Libra (the mid point of the balancing scales).

        Rudhyar has this to say on Mars retrogrades, and moving out of them, “…we often have to expect as a result, after Mars again turns direct, some explosive release of energy. This would mean the very end of May, around the Full Moon…”

        In comparing Rudhyar’s work to that of today, I note his quote “…[t]he combination of a lunar eclipse in Scorpio and a Mars retrograde period in the same sign has to do with the 46-year cycle of Mars and with the fact that 2 1/2 cycles of the Moon’s nodes equal close to 46 years.” For, to me, Rudhyar had an inkling that this cycle was about to produce something to the collective conscious of humanity, and he noted “[w]e do not have to expect tremendous or catastrophic events calling for big headlines……what is likely, in any case, is that the feeling of the inherent wrongness of the world situation and the loss of confidence in the validity of the basic structures of our technological and dis-humanised society”.

        He went on to say “[w]e may indeed be coming very near to a great turning point in our American society – and in the historical evolution of mankind….this year 1967 is destined to be at least a significant prelude to what is likely to occur, in one way or another, around 1989-1990 or after…”

        What I found strange, though (not that I am critical), is that his work did not bring him to the close of the cycle, but merely postulating a 1989-90 point in time (although I accept this was significant in itself). For 1989-90 was the midpoint of the 46 year cycle. Had he looked to the end, and we know that with any end there must be another beginning, this would have lead him to now, 2013.

        On October 18 this year, a solar eclipse occurs at 25 Libra 45. So, the Sun is at 25 degrees, 45 minutes Libra while the Moon is at 25 degrees, 45 minutes Aries. So what? That’s what I thought. But exactly 178 days later, on the Day of Passover to commence our 2014/15 tetrad, 15 April 2014, the reverse happens within 31 minutes of a degree (half a degree), when the Sun moves to 25 Aries 16 and the Moon at 25 Libra 16.

        Let’s look at the sabian symbol for 25, oops, no, 26 degrees Libra and Aries. Libra – “an eagle and a large white dove change into each other”, while Aries is – “a man possessed with more gifts than he can hold”. Maybe someone will disagree with me, but I cannot calculate this ever happening before, two lunar eclipses happening at the exact same points, but opposite ends, although I accept that I can’t review this historically for eternity. This may help others – http://www.cafeastrology.com/eclipsessolarlunar.html

        I won’t go into the eagle and dove references, nor the man with the gifts, as this may make this post a little long (there’s a lot more to this) but I will reference it all back to Rudhar’s inkling of Mars in all this.

        During the course of this period, 18 October 2013 to 15 April 2014, Mars go retrograde. On 1 March 2014, Mars starts it’s journey in apparent backward motion, at, 27 Libra 32. The symbol for this degree is “a man becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding him”. In referencing this back to the above Aries/ Libra lunar eclipses, between 18 March and 20 March 2014 (day of equinox), Mars moves within our 25 degrees 45 and 25 degree 16 Libra positions. On May 19, at 9 Libra 02, Mars moves forward again and, well, post all this, the first Full Moon is 13 June 2014.

        So, the flipping of the poles, hmmm, maybe that’s what’s meant by the expression, East to West, hmmmm, either way, we’re in for an interesting ride.

        While there is a little more I can add here (not sure if this is too long or interesting for the readers), take with this what you will.

        • Jean says:

          Even though it’s the middle of the night for me, I have read it, and I do take note! And I thank you! To me. Energy is extremely important! hugs, ~Jean

      • Korben says:

        Jean –

        Here is a simple suggestion that may help our cause.
        Our strength is in our numbers………WE are billions —- THEY are thousands.
        Everyone who is aware of Neil’s efforts (and I read that one billion Asians follow his progress) should be willing to contribute to the cause. So, if everyone worldwide who follows Neil’s work was asked to contribute just a small amount like $1, $5, $10, or $_____ – hundreds of millions or even billions could be accumulated to fight the cabal.

        The trick, of course, is to reach out to as many of Neil’s followers as possible and to make it an easy process to contribute. If these issues can be addressed, the response could be overwhelming (i.e. Ron Paul’s “Money Bombs”).

        Be careful with PayPal – they are rotten at the top.

        Thanks for the opportunity to help,


        • Cathleen says:

          Yes … I do not use PayPal for that very reason Korben. But I’d be happy to send a check, money order, cash to a P.O. Box address for Neil.

    • jayjay says:

      Right with ya on this :::

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