!!!!!!! ‘Dollar valueless, about to crash’ – World Bank whistleblower

Published on Oct 8, 2013
Thanks to A.

The US government shutdown – a temporary ailment or a symptom of a grave disease? Are the Republicans right in their move to block Obamacare spending? Who gains from the shutdown turmoil? Do the politicians care about their citizens? Our guest comes from the very heart of the banking system: Karen Hudes was World Bank lawyer when she blew the whistle on major corruption cases in the system and was fired as a result.

For FULL TRANSCRIPT of the interview click here:http://on.rt.com/ue0xat

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15 Responses to !!!!!!! ‘Dollar valueless, about to crash’ – World Bank whistleblower

  1. Brad says:

    I’m a newbie to much of the information Ms. Hudes and Neil Keenan seem to be at odds over and are keeping somewhat hidden, though I’m up to speed on debt money and the banker’s international institutions. I got sidetracked by the OITC until I figured out it is a scam purporting to have access to these supposed international accounts. When you are a Johnny come lately you have to piece this all together from obaque comments from those in the know. This is a fantastical story to which I put it down to a “Maltese Falcon” type of hoax until Ms Hudes alluded to a large depository of bullion in Hawaii. It would be great if someone would assemble a page to lay out all the facts such as they are known for us newbies. If there are such accounts I have several questions : how large are they, who administers them, who has oversight, and who owns them?

    • Jean says:

      Brad, it is very late in the game, and the situation is incredibly complex. To ask me to explain it now is almost asking the impossible of me. I suggest you search on my blog for the history of the global accounts – there is a very brief one and there is a much longer complex one. Also I’ve posted all the parts of David Wilcock’s book-length expose about the end of financial tyranny.

      My experience with Karen Hudes, right or wrong, is that she is a brilliant lawyer, and that she really cares about what she is doing, about exposing the facts, and so on, but it is my opinion that her expertise is largely with the World Bank and such matters. The situation has many levels of complexity, and it takes years to plumb them.


  2. pat n. says:

    It is being disassembled!! There is so much good construction going on behind the scenes from many whistleblowers and EVEN a few politicians..ie. Bernie Sanders.

  3. Suzie S. says:

    Here’s a blockbuster that explains the video above
    Maybe Superstorm Sandy really was an ~~~~~~~~~~ OMEN?

  4. JM says:

    I don’t see anywhere in the Constitution that the Federal government has been allocated the responsibility for healthcare. Hence, Obamacare is unconstitutional. End of discussion. Get rid of it.
    If people take responsibility for their own well being, very little “healthcare” will be needed and that need is satisfied mostly via natural means. . Will we never learn??

    • Jean says:

      Yes, but under the cabal’s terms, no one can pay for it. If you get cancer, you’re done. To my mind, this kind of thinking isn’t good enough. Hugs, ~Jena

      • JM says:

        I do not believe that if you get cancer you are done. That is something the controlling elite would like us to believe because it feeds their combined goals of stealing our wealth and genocide.
        I personally know two people whose spouses had cancer. In one case, the “doctors” ruled it terminal. Both of these people changed their diet. While I don’t know all the details it there was no processed food, but lots of green veggies. Both are cancer free.
        Simply by diet. And not expensive.

        Check the book “Cancer – Step Outside the Box” by Ty Bolllinger ( http://www.amazon.com/Cancer-Outside-Ty-M-Bollinger/product-reviews/0978806506 ) or the Gerson Therapy ( http://gerson.org/gerpress/ ). There are many more examples.
        The “war on cancer” with its “treatments” is a total scam. Same goes for many other diseases. Learn about people like Harry Hoxsey, Max Gerson, Royal Rife and more.

        Treated properly, our bodies can heal themselves of most diseases.

        • Jean says:

          Who and what do you think is causing the increase in the amount of cancer on this planet? It isnt an accident. Hugs, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          Who and what do you think is causing the increase in the amount of cancer on this planet? It isnt an accident. Hugs, ~Jean

          • JM says:


            Tried twice to answer this question. Rsply would not post. Strange.

          • JM says:

            This is the third attempt to answer the question …. hope it works.

            You are absolutely correct that it is not an accident. The main culprit is the soup of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that surrounds us from all of our electronic toys such as cell phones, wi-fi, baby monitors,GWEN towers, cell towers, ipods, kindles, radar, TV, radio,,,and now the latest assault via smart meters. It has been known for some time that this EMR soup is destructive to biological life and can alter / control behavior.

            Here is a sampling of the many reports, studies, investigations and interviews on the subject.

            [links omitted — would not post ]

    • Gregory says:

      The Constitution doesn’t mention Social Security, Medicare, the Hoover Dam or interstate highways either. So I guess those federal programs, by your reasoning, are unconstitutional.

  5. scully13 says:

    God I love this woman !

  6. Hey I just watched this with my fiancee this morning! It sounds hopeful but I still see it as trying to repair something that truly needs to be completely disassembled so that there can be a true archetype for the individual to evolve the self rather than what they depend on.

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