UBUNTU LIBERATION MOVEMENT (Video from Michael Tellinger) . . . Inform yourselves. . .~J

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Welcome to the official website of the

We also refer to ourselves as 
UBUNTU Contributionism 
The UBUNTU Contribution System
UBUNTU Party – as the political front

A Blueprint For A New Social Structure

“Let each citizen contribute their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all in the community. Let us utilise the wealth of our land to provide abundance in all areas of life for the people.” Michael Tellinger 2005.

View the recorded introduction by Michael Tellinger


We, the people, have appointed the politicians as our servants to do the best they can for us – the people. The politicians and the government have failed us dramatically and have betrayed the dream of Nelson Mandela and many other humans of integrity who dedicated their lives to our freedom. Today, as South Africans and the rest of humanity, we face a greater threat than any other threat we have faced before. The threat of absolute enslavement by those who control the global economy and the financial systems.





While there are hundreds of thousands of people who have been following my presentations around the world since 2006, there are many newcomers to this philosophy. For this reason I have to make this very clear right up front – we are NOT a political party – we are a liberation movement of higher consciousness and enlightenment – sharing knowledge and information with those who are ready and willing to receive it and who realise that we have to find a new way to coexist as human beings.

The ‘political party face’ is simply a front to be able to make statements to the media so that the message can reach more people and make the crooked politicians think about their actions and responsibility to the people whom they serve.

The concept of Contributionism first emerged in 2005 out of the research into ancient human history and how civilisation has morphed over thousands of years. It also became clear that all ancient cultures embraces a philosophy that was virtually identical in order to survive as isolated communities. This is the philosophy of UBUNTU, or what I originally called Contributionism.

It can be described as follow: “If it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all.” I urge you to read as much as you can on our website to inform yourself and realise how simple it really is. I urge you to set aside any pre-conceived ideas of how it may resemble other systems and jump to conclusions before you have absorbed the simple basic fundamentals of this beautiful way of life that is intended to allow every human being to thrive and enjoy life to their fullest potential. Without the draconian rules and restrictions that have been imposed on humanity everywhere today by those that are supposed to serve us – the people.

A Time Of Great Change

A New Way Of Abundance Ahead – NOW!

Every socio-political system we have ever had as the human race has failed us dramatically. South Africa, like the rest of the world, is now sitting on the verge of complete and devastating financial meltdown with catastrophic results for its people.

Click Here to read further and to inform yourself.

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9 Responses to UBUNTU LIBERATION MOVEMENT (Video from Michael Tellinger) . . . Inform yourselves. . .~J

  1. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Jean! For some reason WordPress is no longer sending my notices of your posts even tho I have it set to:-/ I was searching on Michael Tellinger and had to laugh when this page came up-of COURSE Jean has the info posted already:-) Thank you for all you do Jean-you rock!:-)

  2. Pingback: Michael Tellinger: Ancient Technology and UBUNTU | healthyheartworks

  3. luis says:

    Of Course we can change the World,we have to be wise to understand that the history books in schools are the biggest Scam on Earth.we prise the great greedy invaders who pass destroy and rape everything and in the end our system call them Heroes?????Great Men?????

  4. Nicki Tompkins says:

    I absolutely resonate with Michael’s vision and it is my own vision that I, and many other visionaries, seek to build Purple Paradise Resort, which will entail a self-sustainable community as well, with no governance, money or money. Just unconditional love in a higher consciousness.

    I feel now is the time to create the reality we want. It only needs to start with one and build from there to change our world.


  5. william says:

    Well I don’t know what the principle of absolute equality amounts to and therefore I have some doubts about this movement and it’s aims. I also believe that there is a significant contradiction in the idea that if it’s not good for every one, it’s no good at all and the idea that everyone can thrive and live life to it’s fullest potential in this system based on absolute equality. There isn’t absolute equality anywhere in the world or in any system of natural order so why should we expect it to be possible for humanity?

    The esoteric concept of “as above, so below” is either not known or ignored in such statements. It is clear to me that all cells are not equal in the body and that although the body is composed of the many, not all of the cells contribute equally or live as long as others or contribute the same amount as others. The first step in good health is right thinking, not just about the current ailment, but about the capacity of the body to take care of itself. When one relies on a doctor to make them healthy, they are more likely to become sicker. Even doctors don’t promise to make people healthy but many people will implicitly believe that is the purpose of doctors.

    One of the primary false premises we live under today and that I think this system implicitly assumes is that humanity needs a regulator in the form of an externally imposed social and political structure. If we are to follow the principle of “as above, so below” and compare humanity to the body, then what must change is our thinking. Looking outside of humanity for a solution to the problems that humanity faces is the biggest obstacle to solving the problems we have today.

    The current condition of society should make clear to all of us that what we have isn’t working and things must change. The way forward is what must be discerned but it cannot be discerned at the level of all humanity. It must be discerned first by each individual and communicated outward to those others around them. Therefore, individuals need to consider what is best for them and not simply assume that someone outside them can provide that. Each individual should strive to do what is best for them and at the same time, reach out to help others as much as they can. Having a government tell each person what is good and what isn’t, hasn’t worked, that much is obvious.

    The body is a reciprocal system. Blood cells move around and carry things of necessity throughout the body to the cells which have fixed locations. Blood cells have a short lifespan and do much work with little reward. If the blood leaves the body, what happens? What if all the blood cells refused to do what they were created to do? This is in effect what happens with cancer. Each cell depends on the cell next to it and to a degree cells far from it. Not all cells are equal and I suspect it’s not clear to cells why this situation exists. Conditions of birth have a large bearing on the type of life a person has. It’s not any different for cells in the body.

    Humanity is a reciprocal system and thus, people need to consider what is best for their immediate vicinity and focus on making that better. Washington DC isn’t in my immediate vicinity; ergo, what they take from me won’t benefit me or those around me (think taxes and Obamacare here). If this system doesn’t allow me to do what is best for me first, I don’t think it will be a viable way out of the mess we are in as a whole.

    • Jean says:

      William, I am sad that you apparently cannot see beyond this 3D reality to the understanding that equality is very do-able. There is enough money on this planet to improve the quality of human life to a degree that I see you have not yet considered. IMO, we will never enter The Golden Age until there is some form of financial equality. In a Golden Age, how can we have ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’? I’d like to suggest you read some spiritual (not religious) information about these ideas.

      On a practical level, the cabal has kept money/gold from us through a debt-based fiat money system, whose entire purpose is to create debt and enslave us all. They have also kept free energy from us, and when we are able to release these technologies and begin to avail ourselves of their benefits, the shift in the power structure on this planet will be beyond huge. The criminals know this well and are desperately trying to maintain control. I say desperate, because the science of the times is totally against their efforts. Hugs, ~Jean

      • william says:

        Well I was commenting on absolute equality, not financial equality. However, I am not sure how money has been kept from anyone. There are plenty of ways in which people can get money. There are tons of books written by people who are adept at getting money about how they did it and how you can too. I certainly do believe that name it claim it, the law of attraction or WYSIWYG all work all to well. Most times people attract the worst because that is where their focus goes. Energy flows where the attention goes is a common new age saying but in fact even Jesus says as much.

        Luke 6:45
        A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

        Change your heart, change your circumstances. Watch your words because what you say is what comes from your heart. This is why Jesus said every idle word a man says will come to account in the day of judgement.

        I could go on and on about spiritual principles of inequality but I won’t because I suspect we disagree on this and that is OK so I will stop here with this line of thought.

  6. MR AIDAN G WALSH says:

    We, the people are birth rights Corporations under Caesar’s Law these are God’s Laws Uniform Commercial Code Laws apply to us the people it is our right and we must be treated ‘only’ as a Corporation it is the Law of the Land not Sea Laws…Land Laws…

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