Hercolubus: The Greatest Mystery Of The Modern Era

Posted on October 18, 2013 
by cosmicconvergence2012
Thanks to several readers.

The Final Shift Fast Approaches 

We live in a time when common sense has become quite rare.  Likewise, the human   faculty of reason has fled humankind. For these reasons the following essay will be quite difficult for many to understand or believe or imbibe.

If you were running the world during these tumultuous times, and you knew that events were on the horizon which would forever alter the entire planetary civilization, would you use the global mainstream media to tell everyone?
If those earth-shattering events were as unstoppable as they were fateful, would you disseminate this information?

If your answer is “Yes”, what will the 7 billion plus people who reside on Planet Earth do the next day? That is, after you tell them that their world is about to come to an end.
Will they still go to work?
Will they continue to support the Consumer Society?
Will many of them even want to get out of bed again after they hear what is coming?

Herein lies the challenge that is faced by the World Shadow Government (WSG).

Bear in mind that they know exactly what is around the corner. Their strategically-located observatories and high-powered telescopes give them access to scientific data and astronomical phenomena which is so compelling they feel they have no alternative but to:
• distract us
• deceive us
• divert our attention

Remember, there is one thing — more than anything else — which the WSG fears.

That is uncontrolled chaos.
They know—> that real mayhem in the streets will not treat them well.
Therefore, spontaneous social pandemonium is their greatest worry.
Unpredictable political paroxysms strike fear into their hearts.
Uncontrollable financial volatility will only serve to shatter their control matrix.    

With this understanding one can better comprehend the many unreasonable and irrational, mindless and foolish, crazy and insane actions taken by the World Shadow Government. Obviously they know that their time is up. Accordingly, they have less and less control – by the day – over how things will play out.

Yes, they may have a Plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan C. However, there are many emerging eventualities over which they have far less influence than what they are used to. Their bunkers buried deep underground may not be in the protected areas they once thought. Nor are their off-planet rendezvous sites as safe from solar system calamities as they once believed. Of course their experiments with time travel and interstellar travel, wormholes and parallel universes,  blank slate technology and invisibility cloaking have already proved disastrous.

Before we continue to address the unfoldment of their master plan, and how it is thwarted at every turn, exactly what is it that the WSG is so concerned about?  Does something lurk in the far reaches of the Solar System which has their undivided attention?  You be the judge!

The following video may be one of the most revealing you will ever watch.
It also informs as to why there are so many desperate moves being made at the very top; 
the pervasive institutional madness somehow becomes fathomable.  

*************** Hercolubus is coming. — Carlos Muñoz Ferrada *************** 

We are not suggesting that all of the scientific predictions of Carlos Munoz Ferrara* are entirely accurate. Prophecies of this nature are rarely perfect. However, what this highly intuitive and gifted astronomer and seismologist has told us cannot be ignored.

*Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, predicted with extraordinary accuracy numerous earthquakes in South America during the last century. He did this by making direct correlations between specific astronomical phenomena and various catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. His most significant prediction regards the “future arrival of a great Comet-Planet”.

For those who did not watch the preceding video, Ferrara calls it a Comet-Planet because it has the size of a planet, and the speed and elliptical orbit of a comet.

Whether you believe or not what this video portrays is not essential. What matters is that there have been numerous prognostications of this nature over millennia which simply can no longer be ignored in the face of such pervasive and compelling evidence.

What kind of evidence? Before we go there, it’s important to point out that Latin America has produced other gifted visionaries just like Carlos Munoz Ferrara. Here are three of those individuals who have independently referred to the future happenings delineated by Carlos Ferrara.

Click Here to continue reading.

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26 Responses to Hercolubus: The Greatest Mystery Of The Modern Era

  1. Hi Jean,
    We received many perceptive comments, much excellent input and new evidence from your readership in regard to this essay. So much so that we we’re compelled to fold some of it into an expanded version of the original piece.

    The new article was just republished at a different website as follows:
    The Biggest Coverup in USA History
    What Obama and NASA don’t want you to know!

    We are very grateful to your readers for taking the time and effort to respond so thoughtfully to the original piece.

    All the best,
    Cosmic Convergence Research Group

  2. AIDAN G WALSH says:

    I thinks the Jews have been given the hardest times and so have others, I even think we should use the term ‘Jewish people’ more often it is more polite but yes I agree the Zionists are from Europe more like the Georgia areas I think!! The Zionists are today’s major major problems and yes a lot of Jewish people are in the highest Offices but question is how did they get their and I conclude I feel the Zionist Regime controls these people there!! p.s. I wish they would hurry up with this World monetary transaction it is frustrating how slow it all is now….

    • Jean says:

      Aidan, I think Drunvalo said it on his recent video, but maybe not: if humanity but understood the power within our hearts to control events, the cabal would be gone now. The fact is, I think the financial collapse may be close, but it has been decided that not quite enough people are aware . . . what I know/believe from the depths of my being is that when it happens it will be perfect.

      On a point about the Zionists, just within the last couple days ago, I read a phrase that startled me about the Christian Zionists being as involved with this whole mess as are what I call the Rothschild Zionists. something to consider 🙂 Hugs, ~jean

      • Something to consider would be the fact that these zionists are khazar mongol edomite jews. What is so scary about that?

      • AIDAN G WALSH says:

        🙂 thanks Jean I am learning so much more each & everyday, I also saw some posts with regards to what you mentioned about ‘other’ Zionists…blesses 🙂 Tell Neil Keenan Aidan Walsh supports his efforts & God bless all of you 🙂

        • Jean says:

          Thanks, Aidan, and I will be sure to tell Neil. I know he appreciates the support of everyone here. Right now, I imagine he walks a tough path 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Hi Jean.

        Acknowledging the truth is a first step … if humanity but understood the power within our hearts to control events, the cabal would be gone now.

        A mind and heart shift globally ends all separation, and crime. The platform [action] to pull back from the brink now, cooperate, and help one another through this period of purification and renewal, is the New World Agreement http://newworldagreement.com

        Once a critical mass of people agree to a New Earth, the field of potentiality responds in kind. In other words, we do not have to repeat history, where civilizations perished because they fought one another over shortages of food, water, rising sea levels, Earth changes, during the close of a world age cycle, rather than transcend their differences, take care of one another through adversity, and set everyone free.

  3. Hello Cosmic Convergence!

    I just read your article titled: “Hercolubus: The Greatest Mystery Of The Modern Era.”

    Great piece! Well done, written, and researched — highly informative.

    Anyway, I was curious as to whether or not your research team has reviewed some of the filtered images of Comet ISON in comparison to the West Kennett Crop Circle that manifested in August 2013?

    I sent an MS Word document with both photos side-by-side to the ‘cosmic convergence’ e-mail address.

    I find the similarities very interesting, and wonder what your take on it would be?

    Numa Obeselim

    • Jean says:

      Numa, this is not the place to post this comment, I think. it would be better if you were to go to the Cosmic Convergence site and post it there. Hugs, ~Jean

  4. The human faculty of reason has fled humankind:

    Drills have almost invariably accompanied false flags. Media Aerial Attack To Soften the Target: the American Mind | American Dystopia Braces for Self Inflicted Grid Failure Nov 2013: http://www.zengardner.com/united-states-hypnosis-braces-self-inflicted-grid-failure/#comment-37817

  5. Coyote Bro says:

    Everyone is always concerned about the big “what if?” The problem I have with the people who make predictions is that few of them DON’T have all that much to lose in terms of money and job reputation if it turns out they were wrong. I know we here like speculation with our daily dose of “news” or we would be elsewhere. If Major. Ed Dames or Prof. Munoz, are even half right concerning the planet -wide event, then they who have made “preps,” or planned on trying to survive, will look all the wiser for doing so and those who found more time for sports and pop culture or even did “nada” will pay a stinging price soon. Pray daily and stay healthy.

  6. william says:

    The PSL pictures at the link are certainly amazing. Irrespective of incoming ethereal bodies, cosmic energy is always and ever present for the individual to engage in transmuting. The body is the perfect conductor of the earth and cosmic energies. I think that when I meditate in the lotus position or stand in certain other positions, completely still and focused on the transmutation of these two energies in my body, I am doing my part. This is what is required of man, to transmute the earth and cosmic energies by conscious meditation on that process.

    I figure as long as I do that, I am OK. Kind of like a plant, I am doing my part in the reciprocal process of life in the cosmos. The rest of the time, I can do what I want. We will see what happens with all the doom, it doesn’t change what I will be doing about it. I am playing my part, why should I worry about the parts that ethereal bodies and larger changes to the earth play if I am part of the whole anyway? I can’t do more than my part.

  7. Rather than focus on what we see [Fukushima cover-up, geo-engineering/chemtrails, genetically modified crops/food, UN Agenda 21, etc.] if you will, focus on what you ‘want’ to see, and through the Power of individual freewill choice, collectively make it so.

    A NEW WORLD where individual freedom, dignity, peace, creativity, wellness, abundance, prosperity, profound respect for one another and Earth prevail foretold as 2012, require a united community. Please visit http://newworldagreement.com read, sign, see how many other people have signed it, and ‘activate’ a coherent NEW WORLD by passing the link along.

  8. MR AIDAN G WALSH says:

    I have always always felt something of a large disaster is soon upon us but what really is frustrating is time & time again they never come through, even Edward Snowden had said that a major event was on it’s way and he did also mention October as a possibility but nothing yet has emerged. Also the fact that if one does a Google search NASA has blocked the entire Niburu from online it is blacked out!! Something is up something is going to happen but other serious possibilities that exist as well including why the South Pole is there, some say it use to be the North Pole…If Niburu was to pass close it could be it would not colide but what it may be dragging behind it plus some say that it is one huge Magnet, could that be why we had a possible Pole shift in our past!! Does not surprise me at all that theseGovernments would not say anything, they are ruthless, inhumane but in the event something does come our way I pray they are dealt with for their deceits!! Thay are ruthless ‘dirt’

  9. Jean B. says:

    After receivng a very specific intuition recently about the SUN being a living entity like the earth, I stumbled upon this video, which I believe proves it. I now have new respect for the ancient’s worship of the sun, as I believe that in their intuitive knowledge or gnosis, they knew it was a live entity.

    In this video, NASSIM Hariem discusses an event that few people realize occured at all. – It was said to be the passing of Nibiru / Planet X / Hercolubus, back when people were waiting for it, based on projections from Zecharia’s Sitchin’s research.


    P.S. – This intuition lead to another that was awe-inspiring, anxiety-reducing, and mind-blowing all at once, and synchronicities around it have been popping up today. I consider it a cosmic birthday present. My best gift ever. I will share it when I can articulate it and provide the research that supports it. And when I find the time. I’m still trying to get bitcoin sorted out. :>

    • Jean says:

      I’m about to release this, Jean! Nassim is a favorite of mine; I’ve followed him for many years – back before he began winning distinguished prizes in Physics. He also has the wonderful gift of helping us all to understand in a simple way the glories that his mind understands. Hugs, ~Jean

    • william says:

      Hi Jean,
      Google “Ray of Creation” and you can find some really interesting views of the Sun and the Solar System as living entities.

  10. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    It is really interesting how all of these things seem to be happening at this time like this revelation that Jesus Christ and the Christian gospels were invented by the Roman aristocracy to subjugate the Jews…….as in psychological warfare……


    And so I was quite taken aback by the scholarship and await the full documentary…..and the ramifications of this in political affairs in America in particular with this most powerful information…..

    And so if any of this is true what is going on in Palestine is with the blessings of the world powers and that the Jews are not at the tip of the spear but are pawns in a greater play…..I also find it of interest that there is much on the net demonizing the Jews most of it true sad to say yet they are not the controllers nor is it the poor Zionist Christians out there either…..

    And so I must ask this question….if the Jews were destroyed militarily in the early first century and there scriptures burned and co-opted by there own scholars how did they then regain world power if indeed they ever had it in the first place?

    And yes I know that Jews are in places of power in most western countries but why is that and who let this happen and why? And so I am sensing that the truth is somewhere else other than what many say……

    And if this be true our dear NSA or CIA or Mosaad have nothing over the Roman intelligence services or maybe our alphabets are just carrying on tradition……


    • Jean says:

      Nine, I’m not sure if you are aware that the Jews have been duped and manipulated just like US citizens. The Zionists are not Jews, they just use them as cover. They originate from an ancient country in central Europe in which the ruler adopted Judiasm and forced his population to do so, as well.. This needs to be clear, because I fear a backlash against the Jews. While the Jews do have their own sort of ‘mafia’, so do the Italians, as well. We have learned to separate the Italians from their criminal counterparts, but I am not sure we have yet learned to separate the Jews – and I think we must, and we must do it quickly, because I am fearful of the consequences if we do not. Hugs, ~Jean

  11. johnsmllman says:

    Amazing insightful- information. This Hercolubus Planet/Comet has given many people food for thought over the years. Many Blessings, Nancy

  12. premilana says:

    Will see

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