US Reported In Panic After Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India, Nigeria

Late note from ~Jean: Someone has found good evidence that this article is four years old, as if perhaps that means the general info in it is no longer valid. Rather, I would suggest that perhaps because we have heretofore considered Sorcha Faal as disinfo, that this stuff has gone on for four years too long – and we’ve done little or nothing about it. So many of us have been aware, and others have laughed and called us conspiracy theorists, as if we’re a bit crazy. The question now is, are we? Check out 911 truth here on my blog. Check out how we’re being drugged , check out Agenda 21 from Peter Eyre, who has been screaming bloody murder about all these things for a very long time. . . the list goes on and on. Too many of us have been asleep, and maybe it’s time now to wake up – before it’s too late. 

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This article also comes from Sorcha Faal, who we’ve all been told over and over again is disinfo. I ask you to read it and decide for yourselves. While it may not be totally 100% accurate – in other words if you choose to deny the overall story, you probably can find reason to do so – I have to wonder if we been duped, once again. Is this another one of the CIA’s disinfo campaigns?

Peter Eyre took a look at it and said what they are saying comes as no surprise. Read on to find out why United States citizens may be so passive about all that is going on in their world. Frankly, it all makes my blood boil. . .  ~J

Please Note that for those who are more comfortable reading in Spanish, the article appears in that language directly below this one. Also, because of the nature of this story, I’ve chosen to publish it in full here, rather than link it. ~J

Source: ChemicalSkyfall
October 15, 2013


Russian Military Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that US Military Forces are “panicked” over the forced landings ordered by Indian and Nigerian Air Forces of two Ukrainian AN-124 aircraft [photo top left] operated by the United States Air Force and based at their gigantic, but secretive, Diego Garcia air base located in the Indian Ocean.

According to these reports, China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) notified both India and Nigerian intelligence officials about the presence of these US operated Ukrainian aircraft over their growing concerns of the United States spreading of “biological agents” throughout our Earth’s atmosphere, and which some Chinese officials are warning is an American-European attempt to conduct mass genocide via the spread of the H1N1 swine flu virus which has put the entire Global population at risk.

The first of these aircraft to be ordered down, these reports continue, was over India when a US operated AN-124 changed its call sign from civilian to military as it was preparing to enter Pakistani air space, and which triggered an immediate response from the IAF who forced it to land in Mumbai, and the second one was forced down by Nigerian fighter jets who promptly arrested both the crew and the plane itself.

Most strange about the reports filed by Indian and Nigerian intelligence agencies about these aircraft, other than the armaments they were carrying, were their waste disposal systems that these reports say could hold in excess of 45,000 kg (100,000 pounds) and from which a “technologically sophisticated” network of nano-pipes led to the trailing edges of the wings and horizontal stabilizers for “dispersing” the contents of the waste tanks in an “aerial-type mist”.

Furious” demands made by the United States to both India and Nigeria for the release of their planes led to Indian Defense officials allowing the AN-124 they had captured to be released. Nigeria, however, had to be “forcefully persuaded” to release its captured US plane when after its initial refusal to do so than had one of their major oil pipelines blown up by one of the many American backed terrorist groups operating in their country.

To the many, and conflicting, issues surrounding these chemtrails it is not in our expertise to examine in depth, other than to note that the American based Sunshine Project organization in a 2002 accused the US military of “conducting a chemical weapons research and development program in violation of international arms control law”, and stated:

“JNLWD’s [US Department of Defense’s Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate] secret program is not focusing on highly lethal agents such as VX or sarin. Rather, the emphasis is on “non-lethal” chemical weapons that incapacitate. JNLWD’s science advisors define “non-lethal” as resulting in death or permanent injury in 1 in 100 victims.(1) JNLWD’s Research Director told a US military magazine “We need something besides tear gas, like calmatives, anesthetic agents, that would put people to sleep or in a good mood.” (2) These weapons are intended for use against “potentially hostile civilians”, in anti-terrorism operations, counterinsurgency, and other military operations.

The major focus of JNLWD’s operation is on the use of drugs as weapons, particularly so-called “calmatives”, a military term for mind-altering or sleep inducing chemical weapons.”

Curious to note about this secret US Military programme to release upon its citizens “calmative agents” is that it appears to be working as no other Nation in the World is more docile and complacent about its destruction than these Americans, who, in just one example, allowed their presidential vote for Vice President Al Gore to be stolen from them by George Bush in their 2000 election, and, even worse, fail to even notice that their current president, Barak Obama, is continuing Bush’s outlawed policies, including one of the most dangerous for these people allowing the US government to hold any of them without trial forever should they be branded “terrorists”.

But, to the worst fears of our World about these new events, and as we have previously reported on, and should China’s Intelligence Agencies be correct in their reports about the United States’ plan for mass Global genocide, we can read as reported on by noted Austrian investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister, who this past week filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN) of which is said:

“In her charges, Burgermeister presents evidence of acts of bioterrorism that is in violation of U.S. law by a group operating within the U.S. under the direction of international bankers who control the Federal Reserve, as well as WHO, UN and NATO. This bioterrorism is for the purpose of carrying out a mass genocide against the U.S. population by use of a genetically engineered flu pandemic virus with the intent of causing death. This group has annexed high government offices in the U.S.

Specifically, evidence is presented that the defendants, Barack Obama, President of the U.S, David Nabarro, UN System Coordinator for Influenza, Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, David de Rotschild, banker, David Rockefeller, banker, George Soros, banker, Werner Faymann, Chancellor of Austria, and Alois Stoger, Austrian Health Minister, among others, are part of this international corporate criminal syndicate which has developed, produced, stockpiled and employed biological weapons to eliminate the population of the U.S. and other countries for financial and political gain.

The charges contend that these defendants conspired with each other and others to devise, fund and participate in the final phase of the implementation of a covert international bioweapons program involving the pharmaceutical companies Baxter and Novartis. They did this by bioengineering and then releasing lethal biological agents, specifically the “bird flu” virus and the “swine flu virus” in order to have a pretext to implement a forced mass vaccination program which would be the means of administering a toxic biological agent to cause death and injury to the people of the U.S. This action is in direct violation of the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act.

Burgermeister’s charges include evidence that Baxter AG, Austrian subsidiary of Baxter International, deliberately sent out 72 kilos of live bird flu virus, supplied by the WHO in the winter of 2009 to 16 laboratories in four counties. She claims this evidence offers clear proof that the pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies themselves are actively engaged in producing, developing, manufacturing and distributing biological agents classified as the most deadly bioweapons on earth in order to trigger a pandemic and cause mass death.”

To the American people themselves, perhaps, the worst is about to befall them as new reports from the US are stating that their Centers For Disease Control (CDC) has ordered an unprecedented 600 million doses of swine flu vaccine to be forced upon these people who under their present Swine Flu Public Health Emergency have no choice but to take these vaccines or face 10 years in prison.

What makes these 600 million swine flu vaccines ordered by the US government for their people most curious is that, as it stands right now, it is IMPOSSIBLE for any vaccine to be produced for the H1N1 swine flue virus as it is continuing to evolve as new reports from Brazil and Germany clearly show and, most ominously, even from the United States itself  where an Oregon child “identified only as “younger than 5 years old,” died June 15, and infection with the swine flu virus was confirmed by the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory Tuesday. The child had “no known underlying medical conditions and a two-day history of fever,” and was not hospitalized”.

It goes without saying, of course, that these American people have no idea about the over year-long process involved in making any type of influenza vaccine once the virus stops mutating, but then again, no one ever accused these peoples of being anything other than the sheep-like simpletons they’ve become as they continue to watch the destruction of their once great Nation at the very hands of those they believe are helping them.

And to those, like us, who continue to shout true warnings at them? As absurd as it may sound, it remains the sad fact that those telling them truth are called liars, and those lying to them are believed. Never once do any of them question what their leaders and propaganda media tell them to think or believe.

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human being’s right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]

Translation of this article into Spanish by: Sister Maru Barraza, Mazatlán, Mexico


[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]


Por: Sorcha Faal y como lo informa a sus suscriptores Occidentales

Analistas militares Rusos están informando hoy en el Kremlin que las fuerzas militares de los Estados Unidos están “en pánico” por los aterrizajes forzosos ordenados por las Fuerzas Aéreas de la India y Nigeria, de dos aeronaves Ucranianas AN-124 (foto izquierda superior) operadas por la Fuerza Aérea Estadounidense y con base en su gigantesca y secreta base aérea de DiegoGarcía en el Océano Índico.

Según estos informes, la Fuerza Aérea del Ejército de la Liberación del Pueblo de China (PLAAF), notificó a los funcionarios de inteligencia de la India y de Nigeria sobre la presencia de estasaeronaves Ucranianas operadas por los Estados Unidos por su creciente preocupación de que los Estados Unidos estén esparciendo “agentes biológicos” en toda la atmósfera de la Tierra y quealgunos funcionarios Chinos están advirtiendo que sea un intento Estadounidense-Europeo de llevar a cabo un genocidio en masa a través de esparcir el virus de la influenza porcino H1N1 queha puesto en peligro a toda la población mundial.

La primera de estas aeronaves que se obligó a aterrizar, continúan señalando estos informes, fue sobre la India cuando un avión AN-124 operado por los Estados Unidos cambió su señal dellamada de civil a militar al estarse preparando para entrar al espacio aéreo Pakistaní, y que detonó una respuesta inmediata de la Fuerza Aérea de la India (IAF) que lo obligó aterrizar en Bombay, y el segundo fue obligado a descender por un jet de combate Nigeriano que luego arrestaron tanto a la tripulación como al aparato.

Lo más extraño de estos reportes presentados por las agencias de inteligencia de la India y de Nigeria sobre estas aeronaves, más que los armamentos que transportaban, fueron sus sistemas dedesecho que estos reportes dicen podrían contener más de 45,000 kg (100,000 libras) y de los cuales una red “tecnológicamente sofisticada” de nano-tubos llevaban a las orillas colgantes delas alas y a los estabilizadores horizontales para “dispersar” el contenido de los tanques de desecho en un “rocío tipo aéreo”.

“Furiosas” exigencias hechas por los Estados Unidos tanto a la India como a Nigeria para la liberación de sus aviones llevaron a los funcionarios de la Defensa India a permitir que el AN-124que capturaron fuera liberado. Nigeria, sin embargo, tuvo que ser “persuadida a la fuerza” a liberar al avión capturado cuando después de su negativa inicial de hacerlo, sufrió la voladura de un de sus oleoductos por los muchos grupos terroristas que cuentan con el respaldo de los Estados Unidos y que operan en ese país.

Para los muchos y conflictivos temas que rodean estas colas de químicos no contamos con la pericia para examinarlos a profundidad, más que hacer la observación de que la organizaciónSunshine Project (Proyecto Rayo de Sol) con base Estadounidense en el 2002 acusó al ejército Estadounidense de “llevar a cabo una investigación de armas químicas y un programa para sudesarrollo violando las leyes internacionales del control de armas” y señaló:

“El programa secreto del JNLWD (Directorado de Armas No Letales del Departamento de la Defensa de los Estados Unidos),  no se está enfocando en agentes altamente leales como la VX o lasarina. Mas bien, el énfasis está en las armas químicas “no letales” que incapacitan. Los asesores de ciencia del JNLWD definen como “no letal” como el resultado de muerte o lesionespermanentes en 1 a 100 víctimas (1) El Director de Investigaciones del JNLWD dijo a una revista militar Estadounidense “Necesitamos algo además del gas lacrimógeno, como calmantes,agentes anestésicos, que pondrían a la gente a dormir o de buen humor” (2) Estas armas tienen el propósito para usarse contra “civiles potencialmente hostiles”, en operaciones anti-terrorismo, contra-insurgencia y otras operaciones militares.

El enfoque principal de la operación del JNLWD está en el uso de las drogas como armas, particularmente las llamadas “calmantes”, un término militar para la alteración mental o sueñoinducido por medio de armas químicas”.

Es curioso señalar sobre este programa secretor militar Estadounidenses de soltar sobre sus ciudadanos “agentes calmantes” es que parece estar funcionario pues ninguna otra nación en elmundo es tan dócil y complaciente ante su destrucción que el Estadounidense, que, sólo en un ejemplo, permitió que su voto presidencial por Al Gore les fuera robado por George Bush en laselecciones de 2000. y peor todavía, ni siquiera se dieron cuenta de que su actual presidente Barack Obama, continúa las políticas ilegales de Bush, incluyendo una de las más peligrosas paraeste pueblo que permite que el Gobierno los detenga para siempre sin juicio si es que los etiqueta como “terroristas”.

Pero, en cuanto a los peores temores para nuestro mundo sobre estos acontecimientos, y como lo habíamos reportado con anterioridad, y si es que las agencias de inteligencia de China estáncorrectas en sus informes sobre el plan de los Estados Unidos para un genocidio global, podemos leer lo que reportó la periodista investigadora Austriaca, Jane Burgermeister, quien en suanterior denuncia de cargos penales junto con el FBI contra la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS), las Naciones Unidos, de las que se dice:

“En sus cargos, Burgermeister presente evidencia de actos de bio-terrorismo que viola la ley Estadounidense por parte de un grupo que opera dentro de los Estados Unidos bajo la dirección debanqueros internacionales que controlan a la Reserva Federal, así como la OMS, la ONU y la OTAN. Este bio-terrorismo es con el propósito de llevar a cabo un genocidio en masa contra lapoblación Estadounidense por medio del uso de un virus de pandemia de influenza genéticamente diseñado con la intención de causar la muerte. Este grupo se ha anexado oficinas del altogobierno en los Estados Unidos.

Específicamente, la evidencia que se presenta, los acusados, Barack Obama, Presidente los Estados Unidos, David Nabarro, Coordinador para la Influenza de la ONU, Margaret Chan, Director General de la OMS, Kathleen Sibelius, Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y de Servicios Humanos, Janet Napolitano, Secretaria del Departamento de Seguridad Interior, David de Rotschild,banquero, David Rockefeller, banquero, George Soros, banquero, Werner Faymann, canciller de Austria, y Alois Stoger, Ministro de Salud de Austria, entre otros, son parte de este sindicatocriminal corporativo internacional que ha desarrollado, producido, acumulado y empleado armas biológicas para eliminar a la población de los Estados Unidos y otros países para su gananciafinanciera y política.

Las acusaciones sostienen que estos acusados conspiraron uno con otro y otros para idear, financiar y participar en la fase final de la implementación de un programa internacional encubiertode armas biológicas que implican a las compañía farmacéuticas Baxter y Novartis. Hicieron esto por medio de la bio-ingeniería y luego liberando agentes biológicos letales, específicamente, el virus de la “influenza aviar” y el “virus de la influenza porcina” con el fin de tener un pretexto para implementar un programa de vacunación masiva forzada que sería el medio paraadministrar un agente biológico tóxico para causar la muerte y lesiones al pueblo de los Estados Unidos. Esta acción es una violación directa a la Ley de Anti-Terrorismo de las ArmasBiológicas”.

Para el mismo pueblo Estadounidense, tal vez, lo peor está por sucederles pues nuevos reportes de los Estados Unidos están señalando que sus Centros para el Control de Enfermedades (CDC) ha ordenado una cantidad sin precedentes de 600 millones de dosis de la vacuna para la influenza porcina que se administrará obligadamente a estas gentes bajo la presente Emergencia deSalud Pública de Influenza Porcina y no tienen otra opción más que tomarlas o enfrentar prisión por 10 años.

Lo que hace extraño de estas 600 millones de dosis de vacuna contra la influenza porcina, hasta donde se conoce hoy, es IMPOSIBLE que se produzca alguna vacuna para el virus H1N1 de la influenza porcina pues continúa evolucionando como lo apuntan nuevos reportes desde Brasil y que muestran claramente y lo más horribles, y en los Estados Unidos donde un niño de Oregon “identificado únicamente como ‘menor de 5 años’ murió el 15 de junio y se confirmó el virus de influenza porcina por parte de los laboratorios de Salud Pública del Estado de Oregon. El niño“no contaba con condiciones médicas subyacentes conocidas y tenía una historia de fiebre de dos días’ y no fue hospitalizado”.

No es necesario decirlo por supuesto, que este pueblo Estadounidense no tiene ni idea del proceso de más de un año que requiere elaborar cualquier tipo de vacuna para la influenza una vezque el virus ha dejado de mutar, pero de nuevo, nadie ha acusado jamás a estas gentes de ser nada más que simplones semejantes a los borregos mientras continuan observando la destrucciónde su otrora gran nación en las propias manos de aquellos que creen que les están ayudando.

Y para aquellos que, como nosotros, continuamos gritándoles alertas verdaderas? Por absurdo que pueda parecer, queda la triste realidad de que a los que les dicen la verdad, los llamanmentirosos y a los que les mienten les creen. Ni una sola vez cuestionan ellos los que sus líderes y medios de propaganda les dicen que piensen o crean.

Translation to Spanish by: Sister Maru Barraza, Mazatlán, Mexico

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  3. rakhi says:


    Peace of mind can never be obtained through the voice of the mind; peace comes only when the mind is aligned with the heart, we want peace of mind in our life……………….

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  9. Kyle Sober says:

    I have followed Sorcha Faal for years even though I continually read from others this is a disinformation site. Sometimes the site is way out there but then other times its right on the money. Like anything else you read on every site you need to FEEL what resonates with your truth.

    PS. It is said the Sorcha Faal site is from Navy Intelligence. Who knows?

    • Jean says:

      Kyle, I’m a great believer in not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Thank you for this comments; it’s important to add to the larger information bank. Hugs, ~Jean

  10. bernice romain says:

    I resonate with Lianes approach and I’ve gotten to a point where sharing info which in this reality can be ‘backed up’ the source, no longer serve me. However I can understand there are humans who need the info, as I did in the beginning. Surely it’s about knowing when the outside info becomes obsolete, that leap comes when one is acting from their higher self/ spirit/ soul.
    Not all channelling is corrupted, especially when derived from beyond the astral plane or rather the higher dimensions.
    I will be bold here and state that I have unified with my twin soul, not incarnate during this Earth Cycle, for/ to enable our connection beyond the astral levels and contamination.
    To have incarnated here at this time for the purpose of Earth/ Gaia Ascension is a privilege, and a constant Energetic service which at times is frustrating to say the least.
    Because I have not written a published study of my purpose does not make it less relevant or useful. Some may require that as a pre requisite to me backing up my claims as proof, but my point here is how can I provide the physical proof in this 3D reality when all my work is created at the higher frequency of 5D and beyond, To know all of this and more of our own abilities is when our human self accepts it’s HUE BEING abilities, which means leaving behind attachments to the distractions or such focus on 3D proofs / principles.
    I strongly state here that personal recognition/ attention or honours never interested me, my soul made sure my life purpose has served Ascension only and within the background of a human experience. This is now going to change. The 5D Energetics of Gaia means the beings who came here to Ascend her Will now STEP FORWARD no longer required to stay in the. Background or to provide evidence of their existence from their 3D voice.
    Most of these beings you will never have heard of, and certainly they never met , choosing to work alone or brought together through telepathic contact as a couple or a group to enable this perfect moment.

  11. Babylon Slim says:

    Here’s the thing: if the bloggers (like YOu) just “quote” stuff from other like minded blogs over & over… then WHO are you quoting? Is It “True”? This is why it is important NOT to repost stories that are 5 years old with today’s date – unless the blogger in question (you) specifically researches what you are posting then what are you doing to further the cause of truth? Now… I happen to know for a fact that this story never happened in India or (laughingly) Nigeria. Nigeria does not possess the technology or political will to force a U.S. Military jet down. It never happened. As to the voracity of Chemtrails… we (the U.S.) did try to develop a micro mist delivery system from high altitudes and could NOT make it work. If you have ever been to the desert, you are perhaps familiar with “walking rain”? The short story is that delivery of ANY gas or liquid above 2,000 feet fails. It evaporates and dissipates. That is why crop dusting must be done at altitudes of 20-50 feet. Back in 1996, we were researching “chemtrails”. We examined samples from every ocean on the planet. No evidence of biological or chemical weapons use. Not a spec. We worked with NASA, NOAA, the Cousteau people and other civil scientists not to mention Russia and China & India.
    By all means – don’t take MY word for any of this. Research it yourself. Use your mind. Think for yourself. By all means, question authority! But please, don’t just re-post stuff from other like minded blogs ad. nauseum. It kinda defeats the power of the internet.
    In the end, Kool-Aid comes in many flavors. Even the ones you like.

    • Jean says:

      No, I try not to use my mind when researching. I try to use my heart. I repost one old article, and now that’s all I do? C’mon. Obviously, you haven’t spent much time on my blog!! Get real, please! It’s pretty clear that you are coming from some position of bias 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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  13. boko haram is not a U S backed terrorist organization. this story does not hold mustard

    • Jean says:

      I never said this was exact fact. What I did say is that these sorts of things are going on . . . and I suggest that we not throw the baby out with the bathwater . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  14. Why says:

    Must tell you that ALL THIS SUMMER, I can count on one hand the absolutely clear days we’ve had here in the Monet’s Garden region of France. I used to marvel how different the skies looked in France than in my hometown in the Midwest where I grew up. That’s how I first became aware of chemtrails – I had a comparison. However, one year after Sarkozy got elected, one morning I opened my eyes and saw the streaks in the sky and it has been unrelenting ever since. Hollande doubled up on spraying: now we have chemclouds on cloudy days. Of course Hollande is the NWO lapdog that wants to join American in Syria. When this first started, I called Greenpeace in Paris to alert them, only to be told, “We don’t believe in chemtrails.”

    Yesterday we COULD HAVE HAD another sunny day, but……absolute total coverage. On a recent 7 hour roadtrip – SIX hours of the trip had total chemtrail coverage – I have the pictures! My husband and most friends refused to be swayed that this is abnormal. I feel like a trapped animal being submitted to these chemical weapons. But what makes my heart sink even more is: the birds don’t sing at my window in the mornings now – barely see any on the lawn or flying amongst the trees. Most bees are gone…..everything precious is being disappeared. Destroying the beautiful earth – for what purpose? I really feel like it’s the Twilight Zone because in this area of the world: total commitment to stealing our sunlight.

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  16. Zooey says:

    “Check out 911 truth here on my blog. Check out how we’re being drugged , check out Agenda 21 from Peter Eyre, who has been screaming bloody murder about all these things for a very long time. . . the list goes on and on. Too many of us have been asleep, and maybe it’s time now to wake up – before it’s too late.”

    You go, Grrl! 🙂

  17. Liana says:

    I think stories true or other wise, old or new do not always help to ‘awaken’ those still sleeping or that are in hardcore denial of what is going on. Whether it is here in the USA or else where. My partner and I have mentioned these things to some of our family members and they think we are all bonkers with the exception of maybe 2 people.

    When I link info to members of family or friends I do so in a form just like this. This link has more kick than just a story. Reason is because this is actually a private company in Fargo, North Dakota that is within a 2 hour drive of my place. They list their clients which includes many countries world wide and the U.S. military. It also includes many things they do. We look for things like this to share or I do not share. Human tendency is to have their eyes glaze over and their mind wanders off if it does not stir something inside. Personally myself I don’t mind stories, but I usually go snooping or have other pieces of the puzzle and just place them together. For others I look for more what damning evidence. It is just the way I am because of my earthly and not so earthly background and experiences.

    If we look to our past what has got us to mobilize is something ‘real’ like Pearl Harbor, etc. Not all of us here (in the U.S.A.)are not ‘awake’ just too many have their heads in their butts or the sand and are in denial because they can not fathom anything else. Something I have been trying to tell those not on earth about the ‘human condition’. In my opinion the U.S. will be the last or one of the last countries to get hit hardest by the ‘cabal’. The reason is because you can’t destroy the hand that feeds and gives you all you want until the very end. Not that many have not been hurt here already. Just not enough of us is all. A shame really. I am the ‘oddball’ in my family, but I have refused to get taken in by money, etc and let it rule my life. I understand why now knowing who I truly am and the history of my soul. Unfortunately unlike others who can mobile people I am the stabilizing force in my area, so I am not so influential until people are awake enough to hear what I have to say.

    So I am glad for those who can mobilize others like David Wilcock, Neil K, Jean, etc. They also help me put pieces of the puzzle together I have not before been able to. I am one who works ‘behind the scenes’ incognito to help in other ways not so obvious to others or at times to my conscious 3D self.

    The other reason stories like this might not help open the eyes of many is those who write them continually attack others, which puts people off and keeps us divided and conquered by those we are opposing. I realize many get frustrated waiting for others to waken up I do constantly. My biggest frustration mostly is we are not removing the ones in control quick enough for not making the necessary personal changes to help this planet and other people reach 5D and higher. There is always a reason sometimes I know sometimes I don’t. I also realize Mother Earth is already 5D and she will commence forward with or without those who are not ready. This has always been my belief/feelings and the realization that many of my human family and friends will move on else where to continue their learning and growth. I have had to deal with that ‘reality’ many years ago before 2012, so I have quit trying to ‘push’ them along. I do what I need to by setting the best example I can and doing my work I volunteered to do before coming back in this lifetime.

    I apologize for my rambling once I get started well. 🙂 All of this is based on my opinion/experience coming from my human self and also from my very old experienced soul. I wish us all the best of luck and hope more will hope on the train to 5D to join us. 🙂


    • Jean says:

      Liana, I completely understand and respect your expressed thoughts here. So many of us are dealing with these situations every single day. For instance, as a result of my beliefs, I no longer have a family. We are all facing this, but still we need to keep trying. The authors of stories are not perfect, but I do not think we should throw away these stories because they may affect our personal sensibilities. We are in a very dangerous place right now, and I think it behooves us all to be very much aware of what is going on. Soon, people will no longer be able to avoid the truth. Those who do will clearly have made the choice not to ascend, and we must treat them with respect and with the knowledge that everyone, sooner or later, will ascend.

      On one item, I do disagree: It is my opinion just from looking around and from extensive reading and study that the earth has not yet ascended. We and she are still living very much in 3D! When she does ascend, I have no doubt that each one of us will know it. At that time, the graduation ceremonies will take place, and those of us who are ascending will move with her into another dimension. As Drunvalo says, however, no one should worry, because in the end we will all find ourselves in exactly the right place for our spiritual level of growth.


      PS I do not mind such rambling at all. It serves an important purpose: we all need to be ‘heard’. . . 🙂

      • Liana says:

        Thanks Jean. Personally I do not have much disagreement with the story myself, but I do know from working with people in the avenues I have and family members if they get insulted we no longer can reach them. Not that I have not insulted family or friends before I have on many occasions and levels and they get mad at me. I walk away why because it works on them. It is the mindset to which my particular family operates. It is usually due to them first acting like not well behaved children to begin with and treating me with disrespect this includes those older than myself. That behavior toward myself I will not tolerate, I call it like it is, and nip it in the arse. You can call it past experience lessons learned. That’s why I operate as I do when informing others and have since I was very young. I live in a bible thumping area so in reaching people I have to be very creative and open minded myself on how I do it.

        As for Earth being 5d already I guess we will have to just agree to disagree there. She is in both right now waiting for “us’ to get on board. I have seen glimpses of it already, but it does not include humans just her and the plant life so to so speak and possibly animals. Since I have seen changes in my animals (cows, horse, cats, chickens, etc) behavior since the later part of 2012 that would suggest they know and see that to which we do not.

        As for humans ‘graduating’ many have already it is in waves. They are just not residing on Earth yet and doing their work ‘outside’ of Earth. Others have moved on because well they do not want to participate or change whatever their reasons are. When this is finally over we will rejoin and have a party. My human grandmother has graduated so to speak after she passed on from her earthly existence, learned/remembered what she needed to, and she has come back on many occasions to work with my grandfather to help him and look after myself and others. My other grandmother also passed on just recently and she also has checked up on me, but her work resides with others. My real family is of Pleiadian decent. I have also met them in dreams and they let their presence be known in the night skies here on Earth. Without going into too much details since a lot of the work I do is off Earth also and giving too much away. I was not kidding when I said many are working incognito and in forms outside of our human ones. hahaha Why I am not in the ‘lime’ light like you, David, Neil, etc and that work is important for those who are slowly awakening and can digest what they read. My reasons for coming back are different and so is my work.

        I had very vivid dreams a couple of years back about the process of ascending. Those who are still in 3D are due to the work that we are doing here on Earth and others because they are not ready yet. We have extended the ‘timeline’ already for various reasons to which she(Earth) did comply willing because she wants it so. Again without concrete evidence I can not convince people of this occurrence. They have to feel and connect with it themselves to know such is true. We are a species who usually only believe what we can hear, see, taste, and feel. Anything beyond that is harder to be convinced of. Again this is me to which I know of my experiences past, present, dream state, and not of this earth. We all have to start somewhere and I just state that which I know beyond my human experiences and the rest I leave up for others to decide. I know where I will be when it is all said and done. 🙂

        I realize the situation we are in is very dangerous, but only on a level to which if we do not realize our actions and that of others is harmful and there are better ways. It is when we realize that which we are doing is not for the good of all meaning humans, animals, plants, and Earth will things change in greater leaps and bounds otherwise yea it is slower than molasses in January. I have seen this karmic cycle play it self out time and time again depending on many factors of course. When we quit jabbing and bickering (which is the only part of that article I disagreed with)between ourselves things will change at a quicker pace. I see so much of this in many avenues and it tears those particular ‘communities’ apart. I look at the chemtrails everyday here. I feel the effects of them on my health massive pressure residing headaches that range from my frontal sinus to the back of my neck making my head feel like it will explode. This happens every time we get a rain or snowstorm that is not natural. I feel the man made earthquakes on my body ( mostly my lower limbs) due to HAARP, nukes, etc. It is part of my job I have come to learn which is not always fun, but I get help from those who do not reside here on Earth.

        I am sorry that you have lost your human family in such a way. I wish none of that on anyone. I follow things that you and others post because it connects the dots to things I am doing and feeling. I rambled again. LOL Well anyways like you said it serves a purpose if all it does is show that many ‘are awake’ and how they approach things can be different, but still effective depending on the ‘audience’. 🙂 *hugs*

        • Jean says:

          Thanks and hugs for sharing your kind thoughts . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Really, when Earth goes to what people are calling “5D”, which is really a misnomer, it will be obscenely obvious. The ascension process involves the completed expansion of the cosmos—”cosmos” being the word I’ll use here to describe just the expanding portion of the overall infinite universe. The universe exists in two parts: The part that contains galaxies and their stars and planets, and the part that is an empty void. So the cosmos is expanding into a void. It’s the emptiness of the void itself that is pulling the cosmos into an infinite size. And since the void is infinite, and since the void is expanding the cosmos, the expansion of the cosmos is accelerating. How fast will it eventually expand? Why, at infinite speed, of course, after going through a time of exponential acceleration.

          How will you know when the expansion of the cosmos is complete? Well, not only will you feel it happening, you’ll see it in the arrangement of stars in the sky. As you probably know, the image of the arrangement of stars that we see in the sky is older than ancient because it takes a long time for all that light to reach us. But why does light only travel at 186,282 miles per second? It’s not because that’s just some characteristic of light. Light travels at the speed it does because of the characteristics of the medium it travels through, which is space.

          Now for an explanation of space as it relates to an expanding cosmos. The cosmos is designed to be infinite. In fact, the cosmos IS infinite, but it is currently confined to a finite space, hence the massive compression of some of the areas: black holes. Black holes are evaporating, and just as they should. It’s the expansion of the cosmos that’s evaporating them! But the fabric of space, itself, is compressed, which creates a resistance light must travel through to even reach the speed it does. It would take inifnite energy to move matter through space just because you’re trying to drill through a compressed medium. Now once the cosmos finally expands at infinite speed, in a single instant, it will become infinite in size and it will stop expanding. Space will then be uncompressed. Black holes will be gone forever because black holes are like computer zip files, holding information and matter to fill in the universe as it expands.

          And what will happen to light? It will then move at infinite speed. Light may even begin to just accelerate toward infinite speed during the time when the expansion of the cosmos is accelerating exponentially. And when that happens, the image of stars we see in the sky will begin to change because the light traveling from those stars will accelerate. We will see a transition in the sky from how the stars were arranged tens of thousands of years ago to what their arrangements will be in that present time. But stars, themselves, will also be rapidly moving into place, so there will be a double transition going on the sky. There’s even a Biblical reference to stars falling from the sky, but, of course, they won’t literally fall. They’ll just appear to be moving around. Some of my most vivid dreams have actually been of an event like this, where stars are moving around in graceful, beautiful, amazing patterns: swirling around, groups of them moving in circles and then floating off in another direction, etc…. When I had the dream, it didn’t connect with me what might cause something like that. It was a few years later when an “ah-ha” moment brought to my mind the idea of a complete expansion of the cosmos removing the resistance that slows light to 186,282 miles per second.

          As for what the governments of the world may be seeing in space that they’re not telling us about — they might be seeing somewhere something that is a result of the approach of the event I’m talking about. I don’t think they’ve got their finger on the pulse of what this event actually means (universal ascension—not just Earth), and they may fear that something horrible is about to happen. Far from it. The very cosmic compression that slows light to 186,282 miles per second is also the effect that causes our DNA to degrade until we finally become so decrepit that we die. The complete expansion of the cosmos removes that effect and our bodies immediately and rapidly heal and improve to the point that they become immortal and perfected according to our individual wishes, no matter how fantastic those wishes are.

          The universe is destined to be an infinite, lucid fantasy-land, with the satisfaction of your most amazing dreams. It will be like those dreams you wake up from right when you’re getting to a part that amazes you the most, but the difference will be: We will not wake up from the dream. Those amazing climaxes we so often wake up from right when the good part happens will continue on forever. That’s simply what the universe was designed to be: satisfying and everlasting. It’s just not complete yet, and that means we are not ascended. If we were, nobody would die, nobody would bleed, nobody could be injured or feel pain, nobody’s body would create waste, we would never feel hungry, we would have none of these wars, we would not have jobs, we would not have an economic system to fret over. All those things will become a thing of the past when this universe truly ascends.

          That’s my way of looking at all this.

  18. Jean says:

    Can you give me a link to this information? Thanks so much and hugs, ~Jean

      • Jean says:

        Thank you, John, for the link. My question to you would be to ask if there is any less validity to the charges today. I would hope we would want to know this information no matter how belatedly we receive it. . . In other words, this has been going on for about four years, and thus far it seems we have been willing to ignore it. I’m wondering if we have ignored it because Sorcha Faal originally published it. . . Peter Eyre says for sure this sort of thing is going on, and he is a man for whose research and efforts I have great respect. Hugs, ~Jean

        • Di,Cerrillos,NM says:

          No chemtrails on our area now for weeks. The skies are clear and beautiful.

          • Jean says:

            Well, we’ve still got them here. . . they apparently keep shifting them around. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Lee says:

            Indeed, but they killed the pinon trees in a straight line before they left…

          • Dee says:

            I have 60 year old boxwoods on my property that are dying. Three majestic pine trees in our field are almost completely dead and our gorgeous azalea bushes have a green fungus on them that is killing the bush slowly but surely. Our government is spraying us like bugs. I have noticed these chemtrails since 1999. Thankfully, my family believes me now. We can’t really blame the younger generation because this is all they’ve known. We, as the older generation, must inform them what ‘natural’ skies looked like before these chemtrails began.

  19. Chris says:

    Thanks J for reporting on this. I’ve mentioned this to my dad a few times. Now I do it kind of casually, ” See that line in the sky? Solar Radiation Management. Or as I call it – chemtrails.”
    Americans are too busy to look up at the sky and too preoccupied to think anything of it.
    I dont give a **** if your American, Russian, Chinese, Indian, human, non-human, as long as your are helping Humanity and All. And that’s what is being reported so Thank you.

    No doubt there will be some blowbacks, but keep pursuing crimes like these. When the random attacks occur all we can do is pray that the dead will be taken care of and the injured will find comfort. We need peace of mind but it is hard when the criminal eleech is pissing on you from above, amongst everything else.

    I hope the light from around the world continues to wake us up. Its better to be startled in the middle night than to die slowing from the poison we give ourselves, the children, and Mother earth. Better a rude awakening than it is to continue to cozy up with the cousin of death. I hope the lightworkers keep taking actions like this. Peace

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