Brief note from ~Jean, November 5, 2013

Photo on 6-17-13 at 7.35 PMLater today or tomorrow, I should have an update from Neil Keenan. In the meantime, I’m taking some time to listen to Zany Mystic’s interview with Andrew Bartzis, which I find to be extraordinary. 

The way things are going, I’m beginning to believe our life here on planet earth is going to have to get a whole lot worse before enough people will break away from their long-held views of the reality of our lives to help support the necessary changes. Because of this, I am finding that I must pace myself better than I have in the past, and I’m taking a bit more time so that I stay better informed.

Check back later for Neil’s update 🙂


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19 Responses to Brief note from ~Jean, November 5, 2013

  1. Mike C. says:

    Jean, two quick notes corroborating your feeling that things may need to get worse before they get better.

    1. Check out John Rappoport’s post today where he deftly describes a process of “harmonization” imposed on the masses by the globalists, ““The word refers to a technique whereby mind control is achieved. It produces a simulation of agreement, consensus, regardless of the actual content of what is being agreed upon. What counts is that we are all ‘humming in the same frequency.’

    2. Check out David Wilcock’s response to Ben Fulford’s latest post:
    “To clarify, a “surprise” is going to happen. We will not expect it. They are saying it will permanently change everyone’s lives in the Western world. Putin and the alliance is on the ascent. This is big, big, big stuff. The new economic system has already been worked out and there will be an across-the-board currency re-valuation. Even though the dollar will be worth less once this happens, the overall effect will be positive.”

    Throw into the above all the powerhouse November astrological occurrences now in effect and you’ve got quite a brew fomenting. I for one am focused on staying as present as possible, for as Jesus said “Keep your loins girded, and your light burning.”

    • Jean says:

      Mike, I’m thinking how to address these issues . . . I really don’t want to do more than note them. . . the message is, through The Oracle Report, that while we might need to be aware, we need to focus on our efforts to bring forth the ancient wisdom, as Rev. Joe has just shared. We need to connect to the Earth . . . we need to ground and redirect the chaotic energies . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Jean says:

    Thanks, Camping Around – I appreciate your input . . . I was/am beginning to feel slightly inundated by it all . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Kerri Lake says:

    I’ve got my big bowl of popcorn…ready for a great show! Want some? There’s plenty…

  4. Steve says:

    Maybe I’m being naive here, but, after reading the responses thus far, I thought I might put in my 2 cents worth….( please excuse the colloquialism). If anyone, as a perceived individual, wishes to “see” it get worse, then, it definitely will. I believe each part of the whole’s journey toward their evolution and what they experience here in “3D” is WHOLLY their responsibility and what they contracted to experience before they got here. Some see this as a cold and heartless statement. I prefer to see it as the perfection of the evolvement back to Source! To overly simplify the concept, let me just say that, what you believe in with your whole being is exactly what you will experience! No drama, no fear, just your own belief!
    Jai Maha Maya Ki Jai!
    In TSL

    • lydia says:

      this is what I was trying to say……don’t start blaming those who have not awakened….just like you say, it’s their contract. ……..Source knows those contracts, and who desired to awaken when…….Was so surprised Jean reacted to my comments……when all I was saying, stop blaming, stop pointing fiingers……only looked at her comments today….what can I say……………..I will just leave it at that……..Source knows, that, that is all that matters…I am with you……No drama, no fear, NO BLAME AKA JUDGEMENT, otherwise, we repeat the cycle over again……………….

  5. Captain says:

    Sad state of America today. No US news internet site seems to give any coverage of the Million Mask March worldwide. Only Russia Today is covering the world event …See:
    It makes this seem all the more credible….

  6. susan says:

    I agree Jean….. I think we have to be shown because many are not really getting it (and I’m not saying I’m doin’ the best job either….) Here’s a little something to keep perspective!

  7. lydia says:

    thanks for sharing more negativity and fear……………………and encouraging seperationalism!!!! Is this all “they” have left????? seperating the “Awakened” from the “Unawakened” So Now, the “Unawakened” (not muslim, christians, islamist, legal arm bearers, terrorists, veterans, whistleblowers, conspiracy theorists, etc.)…….are our “perceived” threat…………Now we blame it on the Unawakened……..the contrast is being beautifully played out here……….SILLY WABBITS, TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS…………….ALL ARE AWAKENED…………IT JUST A MATTER OF SOURCE’S TIMING!!!! YES, TAKE YOUR BREAK/REST…..SEEMS YOU HAVE LESSONS YET TO BE LEARNED…………….HUGS AND KISSES………..WE ARE ALL ONE!!!!!

    • Jean says:

      My goodness, you are an angry soul! I wish I had it as right as you do! Please forgive me, but I am only a human being, trudging along my path as best I can. . . I really don’t sense that you feel at one with anyone. Wish I did. Wish I could. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Luwdmke says:

    A great big thank you Jean and yes it is disappointing to hear that things will have to get a lot worse before they get better. Sadly as you are probably aware of the old saying ” you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink “.
    I guess we will always have some refuseniks that will deny anything even presented with the facts. Anyways take care, your work and efforts are greatly appreciated.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks and hugs. I’m thinking more and more that those behind are being given a chance to catch up . . . and that is why it will get much worse. Humanity has been abused for a very long time, and maybe this is the Universe’s way of recognizing this fact. If I’m right, then somehow we will find a way to get through this next time. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  9. PhcLlc Member01 says:

    A wise decision to “Pace Myself” as you say Jean. Which allows for more in-depth OBSERVATION. Which is MOST IMPORTANT for all that are of the Loving Light that is Source.

    Much Loving Light to You Precious Heart.

    In The Eyes of Source, WE Are All Precious Hearts.

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