Ireland – LAND OF THE PHARAOHS – FREE e-Book, as recommended by Veronica Keen!

Published on Jul 29, 2013

The link below will take you directly to the PDF file of this wonderful book by Andrew Power. Just one click and you can either read the PDF or save it direct from this link. Jews, Catholics, and especially afro-centrist types have done all they can to cover up the WHITE portion of Egyptian history, but with modern DNA tests of King Tut matching those of western Europeans more than any Africans, it starts to become clear how the blue blood thrones of modern England received their positions of modern tyranny, through their ancient “royal” blue bloodlines. ELITE RULING CLASS BLOODLINES are a 100 % REALITY, plain and simple.…

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21 Responses to Ireland – LAND OF THE PHARAOHS – FREE e-Book, as recommended by Veronica Keen!

  1. procomptor says:

    Hi Jean,

    My name is Mike and I have always been friends with nature and worked in agriculture and finally fought forest fires just before finishing school in computer engineering. For 15 years I lived in a world of computers and various other equipment. While recovering from an accident my wife of 32 years ran off with an old boyfriend who deals meth. About the same time my oldest daughter who had help start my computer business decided to forge my signature on property documents combining my property with property my wife and I had sold her many years earlier. Long story short is that I was in shock and quit making mortgage payments for 6 months and could not save my property of 24 years.

    I had always been a borne & baptized Christian of strong faith. I saw god and he spoke(telepathically thru the heart)as many different animals. After my wife, who I still love for some unknown reason, left I tried to commit suicide several times before giving up. After losing my house I told God to leave and not return. I then moved into my business and for 3 years 7 days a week 12-18 hours a day learned engineering like I had only dreamed. Then last Christmas while thinking” thank goodness 3 more days and another awful holiday season is over” I heard a voice say” you will smile before this day is done”. Although a comforting voice it didn’t sound familiar and I replied “not likely”. Just as darkness was rapping itself around the valley here in Oregon I live in on Christmas eve I heard a familiar voice. It was the voice of my Dad who I was very close to. He died in 2001 from radiation poisoning he was exposed to at a government sponsored metal production plant. He had worked there for 21 years and that after 22 years in the Navy. My Mom who passed in 2010 due mostly to all timers soon joined us and then the Lord Jesus. Indeed we all laughed and had the most wonderful Christmas I had in over 8 years. After my folks had retired the Lord remained and said I told you with a bit of laughter in his voice. I replied most humbly “please forgive me Lord. Ok you won so what can I do for you Lord”. He replied ” rejoice in life and be part of mine again”. I was renewed and have been a different person ever since. Simply put nicer and much more aware of things.

    I am sorry this is so drawn out but in it leads into my question. In July I stumbled upon Planet X information and passed it off as a hoax. After 3 minutes I found myself being drawn back to learning more. That evening the Lord filled my heart and told me that he needed me to call 20 people at random and to the best of my ability sell them on learning as much about Planet X. I have to tell you it was extremely difficult to pull 20 receipts out of a folder and call them about something I myself was unsure of. A couple were very well to do customers and I have never herd back from them. In fact out of the 20 only four stood by me while we started tracking strange colorful orbs in the sky. We watched some 8 objects come out of the east and disappear to the west. Then 6 weeks later they came back from the west but to our surprise they formed positions around the valley and stayed. When out far they twinkled different colors. Then they would move in and it was like they were in-between 2 dimensions or? They were brighter then the stars and then blur in and out if you hung with them for a time. One was just east over my business all the time. I have no fear of death since I died for 8 seconds after my accident. However several different evenings I knew something was with me and my cat Libby in the business. Other then floor and chairs creaking like someone entering the room and then sitting down there’s an old amateur radio I keep that belonged to my Dad. My business is close to very active train tracks and the white noise helps me sleep. Plus at times I can here an all familiar sound of an amateur radio operator tuning in his or hers rig. My Dads is what I suspect. Several evenings the white noise turned into rhythmic sine wave pulses and then strange Morse code type noises. My Dad never spoke but I knew it was him there watching over me.

    That had gone on for approximately 7 weeks leading up to Thanksgiving day Thursday. Thursday evening at dusk I left my business to go to my brothers for dinner and as I was driving I felt dizzy and nauseated. I looked up and very much closer then ever there were 2 bright red/orange triangular spheres. For the first time I felt uncomfortable like they were mad at me or something. I turned the car around and went directly to a Circle K store where I knew everyone. I yelled at 3 people that hung out with me who would look straight at these things in the past and not see them. These ships put on a show that attracted others as well. Two more appeared next to the original 2 and they all started spinning and rotating around each other as they went from left to right in front of us. Then 2 more appeared where they were like someone opened a door and shot over to join the other 4. Before they united 2 of the four disappeared and the 2 just arriving disappeared in the exact same spot. One of the last 2 shot towards my business and before it got there blurred into it’s normal blue white color and stayed for the rest of the evening. The last re/orange one shot up at an angle the put it straight over top but twice that of the now blue one over my business. That one remained the dark red/orange color and nothing changed throughout the early morning.

    It became overcast with rain Friday and remains that way today but I don’t sense them any longer. Here is the part I need help clarifying if you would be so kind Jean? On my way home from a town across the valley I began to feel strange almost drugged feeling. My hearing became so acute I had to turn the radio off. My vision isn’t what it use to be after 24 years in the computer industry and it became sharpened and much like someone turned the contrast up on a TV. I became uncomfortable as the clouds were almost animated as they swirled very low darkening the closer to earth they were. When I got back to the business and left my car I realized the temperature had dropped by 10 degrees, the wind was whipping around and the sky was getting lighter in color. I started snapping back to normal and believe I was experiencing the trauma of a cold front colliding with the warm front we had over the valley the last four days. My skill levels in engineering have increased unnaturally over the summer as have all my senses. I never used to cry but just writing this I got teary eyed. I read about the nuclear melt down In Japan the other day and could literally feel the guilt from the workers trying to save the pacific ocean. When I heard about the whale watching charter that while stopped had a Hump back surface and raise itself 2 feet above the surface I was devastated! I was in oceanography for a few years learning rs232-488 communications with some very brilliant scientist out of Oregon State University and learned when a whale does this it is probably dying. I guess they become disoriented from not getting enough air or something. I could see in my mind the people on the boat all happy taking pictures and pointing unaware that the whale was very ill. Knowing now that we are killing all these animals in the pacific with massive doses of radiation is too much for me to bare at times. I have to close my doors and just cry it upsets me so.Why aren’t other nations pitching in to save the planet? How could this have been allowed to be built in such a fragile dangerous spot?

    Are my heightened emotions all part of heightened awareness? I am sorry Jean for such a long drawn out mess for a few questions but I wanted you to understand a bit of who I am so you could tell me if what I have been going thru since last Christmas is normal for the awakening happening to people around the planet. I am into martial arts, rock climb and threw all the awful pain medication they had me on away years ago. I just take about 7-8 ibuprofen a day along with lots of exercise and meditation so I am not drugged out so will these emotions taper off eventually? I have never felt better otherwise and my brain is like a sponge wanting to learn more and more about the physical sciences, One last thing then I will get out of your hair. The whole thing with Ireland is blowing my mind. I am embarrassed on how little I know about cultures and how our history world wide interconnects peoples. However, for several years I have had this overwhelming urge to visit Ireland as well as England. My heritage is French-German so as a computer engineer Germany is always calling. But why Ireland? This all started about 3 years ago when I watched an old John Wayne movie involving Leprechaun’s.

    I can not thank you and everyone involved enough Jean! At 57 years young I had all but given up on my real family and embraced the one I have through my business. Now I am trying to get to know my youngest daughter and two grandkids by her. I don’t know if my oldest daughter will ever try and communicate with me but I guarantee nothing will stop me from seeing my other two grandkids by her for the first time in three years! I pray the Lord bless and keep all of you safe! Thanks again….Mike


    • Jean says:

      Mike, here’s the message that is coming to me in your words. Yes, you are going through a spiritual awakening, and for sure you are having many mystical experiences. What I’m sensing is that you need to find other like-minded individuals in your community who can support you and with whom you can share. People who can help you stay grounded and centered as you and they support one another through all this. This is not a time to struggle with what is happening alone and by ourselves. We are in a time of coming together, of becoming a community, and I think you need to begin to find one if you can in real life.

      You speak as if you have a Christian background, and it sounds to me like you’ve taken the good things from it. If you can’t find the kind of support I am talking about, I suggest you look for a New Age church. I offer this suggestion, though, with caveats, because I finally had to leave them all. They saw themselves as exclusive, and became selective with whom they welcomed, etc. Not every church is like that, but you don’t need a whole church. I think you need maybe just a couple friends. I belonged to a Unity Church, and I loved those people so very much. This is a church that gives instruction, and the classes I took there went right along with my own private emotional healing work that I was also doing.

      I don’t know if this answer is of any help to you, but I’m doing my best. I’m delighted to see that you are making efforts to reconnect with your family members who will permit it. Remember, they have a choice, too, so you must allow them that, as well. Still, I wish you and them all the best in your efforts to come together.

      I send you love and bug hugs filled with good wishes for your journey . . .

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  3. Norseman says:

    Much confusion demonstrated here over fiction -v- fact.

  4. Pat Maas says:

    Thank you for sharing Jean and Veronica, I’ve been following this for some time. Had already tied Ireland into the picture, but wasn’t sure where some of the pieces fit had found. Ireland isn’t the only country with a star gate, as know there are others. These are part of ancient and advanced technology that belonged to our ancestors. Pretty cool stuff. Here’s another link found in a recent BBC article( Ancient DNA from Siberian boy links Europe and America).
    Siberia, I believe has an old star gate also, that one when found, should show another aspect of our history as what have found some of our ancestors were able to shift back to someplace else when the annuki came. It is likely Ireland had the first star gate though.
    Thank you both again.

  5. Wilbert Myers says:

    Hi Jean,
    As you know this Friday, Nov. 22, is the 50th Anniversary of the JFK assassination.
    This essay is quite compelling, and lays bare what many have known, but has never
    spoken or written in the MSM.
    “Who killed JFK? And why did they do it?”
    Btw the authors do permit re-posting.

    PS Speaking of Pharaohs and Ireland!

  6. I started reading in this book and it is fascinating, indeed!

    He describes a/o a fascinating links between ancient Egypt and Ireland, which a/o incorporates the Battle of the Boyne. The idea is that this battle was not really a battle, but an Eqyption ritual, whereby William of Orange crossed the river Boyne, which symbolizes the Milky way, just as the Nile and their flow appears to be very similar:

    “Coincidence was to strike again as was becoming the norm throughout my adventure, although it never ceased to amaze me when it happened. This time it was the publication of a book co-authored by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock called Keeper of Genesis. In their book they confirmed one of my theories; that in ancient Egypt the Pharaohs had to ritualistically cross the Nile at least once during their reign, imitating the Sun as it traverses the sky and crossing the Milky Way, the ‘starry waterway’, into their ‘pagan paradise’, the Duat. William mirrored this ritual as he crossed the Boyne into the ‘pagan paradise of the Irish’, Eamhain. Nearby was Dowth, whose original Irish form is Dubhadh, pronounced the same as the ancient Egyptian word, Duat, meaning darkness, dark place or underworld! Another surprising discovery was the similarity in the flowing contours of the Milky Way, the Boyne and Nile Rivers. This surely was beyond coincidence?”

    There’s a 1 1/2 hour interview with the author on this YT video:

    Also made a copy of the pdf available at my site:

    • Jean says:

      Arend, thanks so much for sharing this! I really do appreciate it. I’m finding I”m short on time, so I’m hoping the video will help to shortcut my reading. Your quote is very helpful as well. Hugs, ~Jean

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  11. carpingaround says:

    Apparently we don’t need to be surprised that Y-chromosome DNA taken from the mummy of Tutankhamen has 16 west European markers as do other pharaohs. Although some researchers are trying to massage other origins out of other chromosomes, the Y-chromosome has indisputable information on male ancestry, just as mitochondrial DNA has female ancestry. This begs the question of whether or not the ancient Egyptian civilization was a legacy bestowed by a much older human society.

  12. elisa says:

    Oh Jean, thank you! I am so enjoying this…finally!!

  13. Helene says:

    Hi Veronica, thank you for making this available to us. As for the “white” portion of Egyptian history, isn’t Egypt part of the African continent? It seems to me that if homo sapiens started in Africa and spread around the world, as they adapted to their new environments, their skin, eye colour, hair etc changed according to how much sun exposure, heat and cold they were getting. I also wanted to ask you so if the “elite bloodllines are a 100% reality” are you then saying having the ruling elites are then justified and ok? Because I don’t care what someone’s “bloodlines” are in that we are all on this planet together, everyone has their own abilities and talents, but otherwise we are all equal in that we all have a right to a non-toxic, healthy environment, good housing, clean water, inside plumbing, etc…without a special group of people telling everyone else what to do and getting all the benefits while everyone else are slaves/serfs…just needed a further clarification…Cheers, Helene

    • Jean says:

      Helene, I think I’m correct when I say that human beings did not start on this world. Check Drunvalo’s book to get that history . . . It might be found elsewhere, but I can’t tell you where. Hugs, ~Jean


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