Montague Keen, November 17, 2013

** Take time to listen to Nassim Haramein’s words at the end of this short video that I referenced earlier today, one in which he describes how our planet was saved from what looked like a great catastrophe. The same thing happened in Chapter 14, which I have often talked about. Combine these two events with Montague Keen’s words that we are in charge of how soon the cabal is taken down, and perhaps you will understand why I simply do not worry about what is to come. ~J

**From Chapter 14 in Bob Frissell’s book, NOTHING IN THIS BOOK IS TRUE, BUT IT’S EXACTLY HOW THINGS ARE: ” Then in January 1992 another phenomenon took place—for the first time in sixteen thousand years, the light on the planet was more powerful than the darkness, and it still wasn’t igniting (the Shift). Something else was clearly happening—a cold fusion process, if you will.

“However, because the light was now in control, the Sirians decided we should be given back our power.

“The programming of the Earth (how the events take in our world) was given back to us. Since January 1992 what occurs on the planet is up to us completely. If we could just understand the nature of the situation, that our thoughts and feelings are creating the reaility, we could change everyting rapidly.

“Drunvalo believes that all previous predictions regarding the future of the Earth are no longer valid. The Sirian experiment of 1972 changed everything. Nostradamus was very accurate in his predictions up until 1972, and since then he has fallen way off. Suzuki predicted a pole shift in 1984; he was sure of it. When 1984 came, we were in a totally different place. Thoth believes that we are going to have the most unique experience that life has ever had. When the time comes, every last person left on the planet will ascend in the next dimensional level together.

“There will be people dying all along, and those who do will go into Christ-consciousness through resurrection. We will be making this shift as a conscious planet, as though we were a million years further advanced. Many higher aspects of life everywhere are begging to come down here either through birth or as walk-ins to directly experience this because it is so unusual.”

**Montague Keen says: 

“This is The End Game. How quickly it ends is entirely in your hands. You are the light and you are in control. Do not allow fear to deter you.” 


T H Huxley

You are ready now to see clearly the control grid that had enclosed your minds and kept you as slaves. Never fear the truth. It is now most important that you give time and effort to exploring it.

“The matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around. What do you see? Businessmen, Teachers, Lawyers, Carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. (told the truth). And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”

Morpheus, The Matrix. (Warner Bros. Pictures, 1999.)

The parasitical elite, Illuminati, never expected mankind to awaken and question their motives and their plans to destroy your planet and those who rightfully occupy it. It is time for those who are ready to explore the situation to read and fully digest “THE SECRET COVENANT”. There, it is all clearly stated. You can see that they have carried out their plans to the detriment of humanity.

Do you wish this to continue? To condemn future generations to the tyranny that these people have imposed on you?


Yes, my friends, the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. But in order to release yourselves from this tyranny, you have to look with eyes wide open at what was hidden from you. I was scratching the surface of all this before I passed to spirit. I had to ask Veronica to continue to explore the dark realms of the matrix and to assist you all to see for yourselves how badly you have been used. There is enough information out there. Good people around your world are sharing their findings with you. You are coming together and you are removing the false barriers of the past. You are children of the light, and your lights are joining together as one great light, and that, my friends, will extinguish every last vestige of darkness.

Many of you are being contacted by friendly beings from other planets who wish to make friends with you and work with you when they arrive on Earth. This is good. It is preparing you for what is to come. This is The End Game. How quickly it ends is entirely in your hands. You are the light and you are in control. Do not allow fear to deter you. The cabal will expose you to fearful situations which are all designed to hold you in its control. You must make a conscious decision to stand for truth and justice for all humanity. Do not do anything that harms your fellow beings in any way. Protect them as you would wish them to protect you.

You may feel that I am asking a lot of you, but if you could see the full picture, as we in spirit can, you would quickly see that the real power is in your hands and it is time to use it. The next few months could change everything in your world for the better. Are you up for this challenge?

The challenge is not just for men. Women must take their just place as equals. There must be balance for this to succeed . . . and succeed it will! How many times do I need to remind you to go back to Ireland. You will find all the answers there. “Ireland is the key that will unlock everything”. Ireland is ready to give up her secrets. This is why you see the banks exerting their power in an attempt to prevent this. It is all so obvious to the observer. Every time Ireland steps forward, the Vatican, Crown, or Banks, coming rushing in with all guns blazing, to crush them yet again. They survived the worst holocaust ever visited on mankind which the Vatican oversaw.

Ireland rose once more from the ashes. Its people strived to create better lives for their children, only to be used and abused over and over again. Through their music they remember “the bad times”. They sing: “FORGOTTEN IS THE RACE THAT NO ONE KNOWS” or should I say, no one is allowed to know ! I loved to go to Ireland. I loved the energy. The genuine spirituality of its people has to be experienced to be understood. It is like no other.

Do not look on the cabal with anger or hate; that will only diminish you as a person of light. Remember . . . they are in fear of you. You are the many, they are the few. Send them love, so much love that it will extinguish the darkness that they thrive on. They are to be pitied. Their geat plans have come to nothing, and they are now at your mercy (though they continue to pretend otherwise). Do not be fooled by their arrogance. They are finished.

Go forward with dignity and control, as they are now being blocked and prevented from carrying out many of their dastardly deeds. They do not have control anymore.

It is time for good people to come together to discuss how to go forward to create a world of peace and justice. The removal of all weapons of destruction has to be handled by those who are qualified to do so. Such weapons will never again be needed. You know in your souls that there is something terribly wrong with the way your world operates.

“ONCE HE EMBARKS ON THE PATH OF DISCOVERY TO FIND OUT WHAT THAT IS, THERE IS NO GOING BACK ON HIS QUEST. The implication here is that once we drink of the stream of knowledge, OUR LIVES CAN NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN; our worldview changes forever and our lives become an everlasting adventure.”

IRELAND – Land of the Pharaohs(Andrew Power)

I could not have put it better myself. That says it all. Do give it some thought. It is all opening up before you. Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. My dear, we assist and guide all who ask for help. We are happy to do so. Everything is opening up and being exposed. Nothing can remain hidden anymore.

Do try to get a break, now and again. It is too much to cope with, seven days a week. It is all coming together just as we planned.

Know that you are loved and cherished. Your adoring, Monty.

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13 Responses to Montague Keen, November 17, 2013

  1. Mark Edwards says:

    Just came across this great exposé on the JFK coverup.
    Warren Commission Report: The Most Absurd Investigation In US History

  2. judynz says:

    Hi Jean, Actually it was with you in mind that I wrote this. While I am sure your comments are reassuring to many & to yourself, too many are are time consuming for yourself. I imagined NO comments so when we go on the page we dont have to wade through comments to get something we’re looking for. I dont have a site & could be called computer illiterate so am not much help there. In fact I marvel at how you keep up with it all.

    To floridamom, you are working against yourself & what you want, by filling your mind with what is so you remain marking time in the same place. Throughout the world everyday the seemingly impossible is happening for someone. A path is cleared to walk down. At the moment your game plan is who is going to win & resentment. Clear it ALL away,. write down what you do want (briefly) & leave the subject alone, except for regularly reading what you’ve written & saying the seemingly impossible can be done. (or similar) Be happy that it is. Never send dark thoughts to someone you want something better from..

    • Jean says:

      Judy, what I have is working for me now . . . I’ve started to paint here again, which I really need to be doing to keep my sanity with all the other work I’m doing . . . so I think I”m just going to ride this horse for a while. . . Thanks, though, and hugs, ~Jean

  3. judynz says:

    A few days ago I thought of posting the following, then thought it probably wouldnt take off.
    After reading this post I think its Important to try.

    Most who know what is going on would love to do something constructive to end the agony but havent got a clue where to start and opportunity hasnt appeared to presented itself.

    Vibrations that emanate from us will determine the speed of the outcome & who wins.

    While we read of of postive things happening we are still witnessing many fearful events which damage the positive spirit we are trying desparately to hold onto.

    I am suggesting Jean that you start a page people can come to each day & choose an appropriate affirmation for the day.

    The intent behind this is not just to send out positive vibrations but to keep negative thoughts from being worked on within our hearts & minds., These work against us placing a wall between ourself & our goal. This could keep us focused.

    No one is to make comments on the page, it would be for positve affirmations only.

    We could possibly have a separate page for comments about how this is working for you.

    We would be able to imagine we are one of many accessing the information & that we are working together, at any moment in time.
    If this takes off pass the idea onto other sites.

    I have an affirmation I begin & end the day with:

    I call upon love, light, enlightenment, `harmony & healing’ from throughout the universe. (cut that back to love & healing if its too much to remember) to gather together in a great swirling mass & completely enveloping our earth (& atmosphere?) Smothering & purging all evil & fear, from everyone & everything on & within the earth. IT IS DONE.

    • Jean says:

      Judy, this is a great idea, but I don’t have it in me to get involved with it now. Perhaps you want to set up your own site to do this . . . I’d be happy to link it . . . think about it and let me know . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  4. floridamom says:

    I am a nature mom well connected with a young child. Blocked from homeschooling by my ex, i am struggling with having to put my Son in school. I see the control of the federal govt and my child’s is being trained to be a good worker and future employee. His love for learning is changing and his creativity and imagination are fighting to stay alive. I am sickened by this each day i have to send him off for seven hours. I wish we could run away!

    • Jean says:

      This will change, and I can’t help but believe there will be a period of time allowed as we shift into another way of being for childen – and parents, alike – to detoxify from the corporate education system. Check out the Montessori Schools and the Waldorf Schools (Waldorf Schule). Read about them so you are aware of the principals behind them. I think it’s quite possible that we can even do better than their ideas . . . education must be inner-directed by our children, with guidance from adults. Children will get bored with ‘playing’, that is, roller skating, skate boarding, riding bikes, etc., which they must be allowed to do to detoxify (no digital ‘games’ though). As they become bored, they will look around and see what the other children are working on. Something will catch their interest, and it is then that inner education will begin. The teacher becomes a facilitator and guide. . . this, of course, is an over simplification, but I think I understand the basic idea.

      We come here with different gifts, and these need to be cultivated in our children – and the grandparents need to help with this!! No, old people don’t need to be put in institutions and drugged to kill their pain while they die! The need to pass on their wisdom to their grandchildren, while the young parents are working. I will forever remember my conversation in the Canyonlands with our indigenous guide who didn’t know he was telling me that what he learned at his grandmother’s knee about the two sides of his brain, about dark and light, and so on, was taught to him by his grandmother – was what I paid a fortunate to learn as I healed from a darned good therapist. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Ines Radman says:

    There is one person that really impresses me and that is Andrew Bartzis. Why? Not because I believe him, but because what he says cannot be memorized and repeated to the masses. He has direct Access to the Akashic Records, therefore, his knowledge cannot be invented or remembered, it’s just too much. His recent interviews at the Mt.Shasta Event contains 18 parts, it’s on Youtube, I have time to listen, but it’s worth the time. Awesome, inspiring and incredible galactic history and how we got here. He talks so fast that there is no way even the most intelligent human being can talk all that and remember it if they are lies or imaginations, and that’s why I give him some credibility. I love to read what all these individuals have to say, but it is all within us, we have access to akashic records, we have everything we need to access truth, it’s not always good to depend on others to determine our future either. We ARE the future and Monty is right about one thing, it’s up to US to do all this.

  6. Ines Radman says:

    Monty Keen, Mathew Ward, Blossom Child, Sheldon Nidle, are agents of the Love and Light Movement, but we must be careful with these channelings. I notice that some of us choose to believe one and not the other. Who is to say that one is right and the other is not? How do we give credibility to one and not the other? Take everything with a grain of salt, I have been saying on here for a while now that we are close to the EVENT. Those of us that are doing the work, instead of reading what other’s are saying, we need to be observant, we need to be cleared of all negative energy, we need to prepare ourselves for the EVENT, as WE will be the ones to bring the event to the rest of those still asleep. I read what they have to say, but the ones I just mentioned do not say the same things, so, which one of them is correct? Who is truth and light, and who is an agent? I used to be an avid reader and listener of Kathryn E. May with HollowEarth Network, and one day I heard Anne DeHart say “our followers”. That rang an alarm bell, and one day I was sure that Kathryn was reading a script and not channeling. We have to be careful who we put our faith into, after all, they are just messengers.

    • Jean says:

      Ines, I am with you here! We are not to have gurus or look to others in this time. Everything we need is inside us. We just have to clear the path in order to get the good info. Much of this channeling I have come to understand comes from the astral planes, which is often a place of wishful thinking. Consider that for a moment and then remember it as you read channeling. Does it sound like that to you?

      In the beginning I was drawn to all those sorts of things – thought Kennedy would come back, that Obama was a clone, etc., but the more work I did, I began to realize this is very unlikely – sounds great, very exciting, even – but I don’t think it is reality based.

      Thanks, Ines, for sharing your thoughts here . . .


  7. Blue says:

    Frank O’Collins is a man exposing the cabel in every way known. Check out

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