Reader Supported News – Headlines, December 6, 2013


Archbishop Desmond Tutu | Mandela: The Prophet of Tolerance

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, The Independent
Tutu writes: “Madiba’s own passion for equality and democracy as well as the enjoyment of inalienable rights for all must, to a very considerable extent, have been lit by the Biblical teaching of the infinite worth of everyone because of being created in the image of God.”

Grief, Deep Admiration Expressed Worldwide for the Revered Nelson Mandela
Sudarsan Raghavan, Craig Timberg and DeNeen L. Brown, The Washington Post
Raghavan, Timberg and Brown report: “Flags across several continents fell to half staff early Friday, and South Africans poured into the streets at daybreak in mourning for Nelson Mandela, a liberator whose life spanned nearly a century and whose model for dignity and peace-making was admired across the world.”

Conservative Groups Plan US-Wide Assault on Education, Health and Taxes
Ed Pilkington and Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian UK
Pilkington and Goldenberg report: “Conservative groups across the US are planning a co-ordinated assault against public sector rights and services in the key areas of education, healthcare, income tax, workers’ compensation and the environment, documents obtained by the Guardian reveal.”

Fast-Food Strike: Workers in 100 Cities Push for $15 Hourly Wages
Associated Press
Excerpt: “Fast-food workers and labor organizers are set to turn out in support of higher wages in cities across the country Thursday. Organizers say walkouts are planned in 100 cities, with rallies set for another 100 cities. But it’s not clear what the actual turnout will be and whether they’ll shut down or even disrupt restaurant operations.”

Obama Says He Will Propose NSA Reforms
Excerpt: “President Barack Obama said on Thursday he intends to propose National Security Agency reforms to reassure Americans that their privacy is not being violated by the agency.”

ALEC Official Calls Solar Users ‘Freeriders’ at December Summit
Brandon Baker, EcoWatch
Baker reports: “In addition to figuring out how to win back corporate sponsors following the controversial backing of Stand Your Ground gun laws, ALEC’s December agenda includes further discussion on its resolution, which could possibly kill net metering and/or impose a fee on solar users like Arizona did last month.”

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