UPDATED: Kevin Annett responds to Pope Francis – A Breath of Fresh Air . . . and adds something to it . . . ~J

UPDATE: Kevin has asked me to add the link to the news story HERE to which he referred.

I forwarded the Tikkun article to Kevin and received this response, which he gave me permission to share with you: 

Hi Jean.

I’m constantly amazed at human duplicity. How does a change in the mask alter the nature of the thing behind it? General remarks by Bergoglio about global poverty are easy, and humorous, coming from the CEO of one of the wealthiest corporations on the planet. But will his Vatican bank stop its Mafia money laundering, sell its shares in big pharma, Monsanto and the arms industry (including Beretta, small arms manufacturer in Italy), and revoke its child rapist-protection policy of Crimen Sollicitationas? And follow simple love and law and defrock all child raping clergy?

Too bad people aren’t asking those questions.


Kevin than adds this bit of information, which not only adds to our knowledge, but perhaps clearly gives him the right after fighting this murderous, corrupt organzation for so many years to express his rage HERE in his recent article.

Port Alberni residential school survivors describe deliberate starvation.

English: Aerial view of Port Alberni harbour.

Aerial view of Port Alberni harbour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I broke this very same story in the spring of 2000 after Randy Fred and other witnessess came to me. Then the same Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal council guys who are holding this upcoming forum in Port Alberni shut down all reporting of the crime on the orders of the federal government and the United Church, their paymasters.

Now, 13 years later, the controlled spin on the story is being stage-managed, just like the “truth and reconciliation commission” itself.

This evidence of kids being starved indicates deliberate genocide by the United Church of Canada and the Government. Notice that’s not mentioned, and no-one is talking about laying criminal charges.

Meanwhile, in mid September, pipe fitters found over 30 small human skeletons behind the same former Alberni Indian residential school. No mention of that in the press, either; no police investigation, nothing.

Life and death in lovely Canada.


Again, if you want to learn more about ‘real’ life in these schools, I suggest you read Kent Nerburn’s new book, The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo. It opened my eyes to the fact that the cabal is now doing to us exactly what they did to the indigenous people: they have destroyed our connection to the planet which is our real source of life, created a false religion based on fear and control, destroyed our cultural history and family life, made our education system a joke, are controlling our lives with mind-controlling drugs, are reducing our ability to get good healthcare, have created a false history about our species that has nothing to do with reality, are making us poorer with their financial thievery as they chemtrail us in order to kill us, are deliberately stealing our money from us in the form of illegal taxes that are not even on the books, and the list goes on and on. 

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24 Responses to UPDATED: Kevin Annett responds to Pope Francis – A Breath of Fresh Air . . . and adds something to it . . . ~J

  1. Steve McNeal says:

    Thanks for being willing to serve up some ugly truth. People need to see it before they will maove to make a change.

  2. ivandjj says:

    I can’t fault Anett’s logic, i agree with everything he says.

    Pope’s remarks about poverty and financial terrorism being a grave sin have ability to penetrate minds of many closeminded people. Who wouln’t ever touch someting like your blog.

    When pope plays out his (probably unintetional) role in waking up humanity, he will be gone and Anett and others will take over and continue.

    Everything is going perfectly towards its conclusion, as ever.

    • Jean says:

      If you will forgive me, Ivandjj, I think your thinking is a bit convoluted. How many will continue to believe as opposed to how many will open their minds? He is appealing, I believe, to those who are still asleep, and I don’t think they are going to heal anything in their attitudes. Hugs, ~Jena

      • ivandjj says:

        Of course they will continue to believe in pope and church. But i’m talking about people who are still heavily asleep. They can begin to awake only by input from authority they trust. In this case pope is trashing their notion that poverty and neoliberal capitalism are ok. They don’t buy a story from “conpiracy theorists” like you or me.

        I’m just reporting what i see in my 99% catholic surroundings, beginning with my mother and her gang.
        As Dolores Cannon said, it’s a convoluted universe 🙂

        • Jean says:

          Well, then, maybe your are right – because our planet, anyway, sure is convoluted – at the moment. Hopefully, we will soon get back to some clarity. Hugs ~Jean

  3. Carol H says:

    To Kevin’s list of signs of human duplicity I’d add what Cobra said on Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013 in his monthly update with Alexandra Meadors. He said, ” if, the Pope would really want to do something good, first he could expose the real, financial situation of the Church, for example, only the land the Church owns in Brazil is worth more than 1 trillion dollars. And that money alone, would end poverty on this planet, if he wants. That’s just for the start. So if he, if he really wants to walk his talk, it’s a very simple solution I give him right now. Just sell the land you have in Brazil and its, basically you remove poverty from this planet immediately.”

  4. Y(OU)R says:

    “His-Story Bergoglio” is not Her-Story

    Dear Members Jesuit Order,

    Even if you do not re-member you are a member.
    You are acting upon their material believe systems.
    Following their orders in total blindness and obedience.

    On Topic
    “The Material Order” Govern-Ments Only Point of View
    “Orde(r)ing” The Imprison-Ment of Humanity into Matter
    “Being” Fooled Around The Objects of Objectivity
    “Master” Mind by Jesuit Design

    Welcome “The Key” exit of material entrance

  5. The Pope really has nothing to lose by lying; everything depends on whether or not people choose to accept what he says and does at present at face value, or if people choose to exercise discernment if their memories are not that great.

  6. mwalsh says:

    Not sure of best place to tell you this… Your image, “Rudebeckia”, is so magnificent that I had to tell you! Ironically, I saw it on the “2012 The Big Picture” blog…. Gorgeus! Powerful and delicate at the same time… I would love a print of that….

    • Jean says:

      I”m not sure to what you are referring. I haven’t any ‘image’ of rudebeckia that I know of. Could it be another person with my name? Is it a painting/ Photo? Can you share a link. You have caught my curiosity . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  7. Well said Jean remember this snake has two heads. What they offer is already ours and the Planet. We must take back what is not theres to give in the first place. What they did in the past is on them. They have only done one thing for us teach us what never to allow to happen again. Remember they will offer what would seem wonderful do not fall for it. I say let the next level deal with them they know what is best. As for me I do forgive but I am really pissed that Humans could do this to others and the Planet. This is are only home we will respect it and all on it and never forget this.

  8. james boober says:

    canada practices genocide by stealth operations to this day!! assisted by govt policies and the’ medical mafia’ to name a few
    please read canadian dr guylaine lanctot’s book “trial of the medical mafia” to get an idea of what this profession’s agenda truly is
    and then understand how poverty engineered by policy crafted by pysops teams continue the perpetual class war – neatly sandwiched in between the fake apology and chump change and lack of justice given to residential school survivors, continual incursions into unceded territories to rape plunder pollute poison & culturally exploit.
    we have marched (unreported by most media) in the streets by the thousands for 23 years on valentines day to grieve and draw attention to the untold number of missing and murdered indigenous girls and women only to receive a whitewashed provincial inquiry
    our indigenous brothers & sisters fill the jail cells and are fodder for too many ngo & govt agencies pretending to serve their needs
    while truly furthering assimilation while nicely feathering their own nest and perpetuating the so-called ‘indian problem’
    but from the sacred 4 directions by the efforts of those above and our many earth angels’
    concerted efforts we will see delivered shortly the kind of justice worth celebrating

    Jean you are such ‘cosmic glue’ holding many eager hearts together as we work and anticipate
    the culmination of our efforts to liberate this planet – a very big thank you to you Neil & crew

    i invite you and everyone to join in WORLD WIDE WEDNESDAY
    an all ages community choir movement
    come together in any grouping and teach a song learn a song from every language of the world
    a great way to connect and raise a joyous vibe..video post it on youtube and one day we will have the whole world singing together…a LYRICAL MISSION
    we can even have a category for a skype a choir
    yours in the ceremony and celebration of life

    • Jean says:

      OMG! I love your idea, Jahma! Let me get back to you on this . . . I won’t forget it! I love ti – WORLDWIDE WEDNESDAY – A LYRICAL MISSION!! WOWOWOWO!! My education was musical – in singing, and I used to love to sing in choirs! I’ve got your email address, but it may be a bit before we can get it going!

      We can share pictures. . . songs/music . . . oh, my!


      • JDR says:

        Eric Whitacre – Lux Aurumque at TED lecture

        You’ve probably already seen the above 15 minute lecture/concert. If so, enjoy it again. It’s worth sharing. He connects many hundreds of lone voices into a choir.

    • Susanne R says:

      I love what you said here, James: “Jean you are such ‘cosmic glue’ holding many eager hearts together as we work and anticipate the culmination of our efforts to liberate this planet – a very big thank you to you Neil & crew”
      So true.
      THANK YOU, JEAN!!!

    • Shelly says:

      Dear James,
      Thank you for the “cosmic glue” comment. I have for several years been looking for the words to describe the amazing work Jean performs in bringing all of us together with the glue of love, truth and intention of getting this world back on track. Cosmic Glue! Great! Love it!

      • Jean says:

        Shelly, you are a precious friend! Hugs, ~Jean

        • james boober says:

          one day father sun will kiss mother earth as gently as he can and on that day i hope you know we better have a plan * a plan to find another way because on that very day a techno-grid collapse will mean we’ll have to come out to be seen – to be heard to be fed to gather water and friends and to do things all differently than we’ve ever dreamed
          or perhaps you did have this dream late one night * in which case you’ll know how to everything right * and then so many others just like you will all have the role of COSMIC GLUE as one world shatters another begins and cosmic glue will be our friends * they’ll fill us in they’ll fill us up – be sure to bring a great big cup because overflowing you will be with grace to save humanity
          and then the earth shall finally heal – this solar kiss her wounds will seal

          – the poem in which Cosmic Glue got stuck

  9. DavidG says:

    Breath taking isn’t it. What is the solution? …. I will say it until I am blue in the face. Money is the problem; be done with it and all be fruitful.

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