Did Obama know date of Mandela’s death was June 26, 2013?

It’s reasonable to wonder how many Western leaders in South Africa for Mandela’s memorial today have been keeping their tears of grief in check since June

Did Obama know date of Mandela’s death was June 26, 2013?

By Judi McLeod (Bio and Archives)  Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Source: CanadaFreePress
Thanks to D.

President Barack Obama may have already known the real date of Nelson Mandela’s death and studiously planned funeral when he made his June 2013 African trip—and was even able to take the photo he would later Tweet on the day of Mandela’s officially announced death while he was still in South Africa.

Claiming to defer to Mandela family members on visiting the ailing Mandela during his June 28-30 whistle-stop trip through Johannesburg, Obama instead met with South African President Jacob Zuma.

Zuma was one of the key figures who kept the news that doctors had been keeping Mandela alive in a vegetative state, a top world secret.

Among thousands of news outlets,  only one newspaper made a valiant attempt to get the true story out and keep it there.

According to the read-by-millions Las Vegas Guardian Express, Mandela died on June 26th, 2013, but was kept on life support until December 2013.

On December 5,  2013, the White House tweeted a picture showing Obama behind the bars of the Robben Island prison, where Mandela had been incarcerated for 27 years.  The picture tweeted on Dec. 5, 2013 had been taken on June 29, 2013, when Barack and Michelle Obama visited the world famous site.

As president and first lady of the USA,  the Obamas make pretty good vultures.

This is the story of Mandela’s June 26 death following his persistent vegetative state as reported by theGuardian Express:

“On the morning of June 26, we received a message from one of our South African correspondents, Laura Oneale that Nelson Mandela had passed away the previous evening. The news had come to her in the form of a text message from an acquaintance who was well-placed in the South African media. It should be understood that this organization was not authorized to break the news. Clearly, the South African government and the Mandela family had already decided that the news would not be made public. Undoubtedly, this decision had been made even before his death; at least, that’s what we were thinking.

“Our assumption, at the time, was two-fold: firstly, we doubted that such news would not long escape the attention of the international media, even if the South African media was being muzzled. As is the nature of the news media industry, we saw that we had been handed a major scoop and that our window of opportunity to be the first to break this news was limited. Cynical? Perhaps, but we did not doubt the integrity of the source, given that individual’s position. We are in the news business. What other publication – given the gravity of the story and the knowledge of Mandela’s health condition – would not have immediately prepared to publish? We began both to work on a couple of articles and to seek out verification. We found no other corroborating evidence. We wrote our stories.

“In the interests of being completely honest, we cannot say that we did not second – guess ourselves. Did we have direct, first-hand proof that Nelson Mandela was dead? No, we didn’t. One must look at how news stories are broken, though: A media publication receives information from a trusted source; every good faith attempt is made to verify the information. In the absence of verification, the editor or editorial team must make a decision to publish or not to publish. What we did have was the best source we could have, other than first-hand, eye-witness testimony. Moreover, Mandela was seriously ill; according to reports, the icon and former African leader was on his deathbed; hooked up to medical devices that enabled him to breathe.

“We published.

“Now, we were walking on eggshells; our reputation was at stake. What were we thinking? Other news outlets actually published stories announcing Mandela’s death; they quickly retracted, without actually justifying why they had done so. To us, that in itself indicated that they had been told to retract, rather than doing so because they had discovered that Mandela was still alive. The Las Vegas Guardian Express, however, was a relatively new and completely independent publication with no government ties and no corporate owners or shareholders. We could not be pressured into retracting, other than through legal action. In addition, we were a tiny speck on the world news radar.

“Naturally, it was in our own interests to quickly verify Mandela’s condition. Is that an admission that we published news of his death without being sure? No, it is not; we were sure and we could clearly see that an official announcement could be kept under wraps for any number of reasons; a visit by US President Barack Obama was already scheduled and there were obvious security implications. Additionally, the South African government is absolutely capable of using such news for political purposes. Our only misgiving was that we had failed to uncover any corroborating source. The strength of our conviction is proven by the fact that, even as the days went by and no word of his death came from official or family sources, we maintained our position. It seemed logical enough that there was no reason to retract without absolute proof that Nelson Mandela still lived.

“As the few articles we published drew attention – along with numerous comments – it became self-evident that both the South African government and the Mandela family were aware of our reports. Had we been wrong – and had the family been able to prove that Mandela was still alive – it is beyond doubt that the Las Vegas Guardian Express would have received some form of legal threat. Not only did such action never transpire, but our publication was subjected to cyber-attack: Denial of Service attacks, originating in South Africa, disabled our site on more than one occasion. We took this as proof that we were reporting something that the South African government did not want us to report.

“It should be remembered that our publication was relatively small and generated only modest revenue through advertising. Nevertheless – and at considerable expense – we dispatched a senior editor to South Africa. During his time there, Michael Smith uncovered intriguing details of the situation regarding Nelson Mandela, the family, the African National Congress and South African President Jacob Zuma. Our investigations opened a door into the corruption and dishonesty of the aforementioned parties. During a Mandela family legal battle, documents emerged which stated that doctors had advised the family to turn off Mandela’s life support as he was brain-dead. At a later point, Zuma made a statement denying this, but we noted carefully that, while other news organizations were reporting that the doctors themselves had retracted their claims that Mandela was brain-dead, no such retraction had been made; Zuma himself claimed that the doctors had retracted this assertion.

“Now that it has been officially announced that Nelson Mandela has passed away, our position on the matter has not changed in any way. Inevitably, his passing had to be revealed. Many of our South African readers have believed us from the start; those that have criticized us have presented not one shred of evidence that we were wrong. The idea that we are proven wrong because the official announcement comes only now is absurd.

“This article has not detailed every piece of evidence that fell into place during our investigation into why Nelson Mandela’s death was covered up. One of the most compelling discoveries was brought back from South Africa by Michael Smith: He returned with an audio tape of a recorded telephone conversation Between a South African Defense Force officer and a private security contractor. The audio can be found in the first of the links listed at the foot of this article. For the reader who wishes to get the full story of our reporting on this story, each of those articles listed provide, collectively, the complete picture. During the call, the officer details the circumstances of Mandela’s death – which, according to him, occurred even earlier than we reported – and the possible implications of it, as well as the Mandela family’s motives for not releasing the news.

“Even now, the South African government, it seems, is attempting to prevent the Las Vegas Guardian Express from revealing the truth to the people of South Africa. Our Facebook page received a telling comment today. The comment reads:

I am from South Africa and for some reason I cannot view your website or any articles regarding Nelson Mandela. Is it possible that your site being blocked by our country?
could you kindly send the the articles you recently wrote.

Kind regards

“Nelson Mandela is now officially dead – but he was already dead. Nothing has transpired between our initial June 26 reports and the present time to prove otherwise.

“Nevertheless, we would be remiss if we did not convey to the South African people, that we have the utmost respect for Madiba and the great legacy he has left the world. However, as a publication, read by millions across the globe, we have an obligation and responsibility to report the truth and what we were thinking.”

On the White House.gov website, the itinerary for Michelle Obama’s June African trip is still online.  The links from her page to Barack Obama’s page with information of the South African trip produce an error advising viewers that the page they’re looking for can’t be found.

It would take six months or more to plan a state funeral that would be the biggest since Winston Churchill’s.

It’s reasonable to wonder how many Western leaders in South Africa for Mandela’s memorial today have been keeping their tears of grief in check since June, 2013.

Was this week’s grief-stricken Obama let in on Mandela’s June 2013 death by family or the African National Congress (ANC) South African government when he was in South Africa June 28-30?

Or did Obama know they were keeping Mandela alive on life support courtesy of the international spying NSA?

Meanwhile, in a world where the mainstream media feeds government lies and propaganda to readers, listeners and viewers,  the courageous Las Vegas Guardian Express stands alone.

Guardian Express: Mandela Dead or Alive
Guardian Express Nelson Mandela Cover Up Timeline

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9 Responses to Did Obama know date of Mandela’s death was June 26, 2013?

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  2. Lea says:

    So, odd the occult tendencies, anyway, I just wanted to share that when the military plane supposedly carrying Mandela’s medical team crashed in the Drakensber on 6 December 2012, I somehow came up with the idea that Mandela had died in that crash but that no-one was going to say so because then we could blame his death on the ANC government. I lost the idea in the business of my life and also because I could not figure out from the information provided whether they were fetching him or going to him, or even if the medical team was on board the plane or not. In this respect, I find it intriguing that the article above says that Mandela may have died earlier than June 2013. When last did the public see Mandela alive? I think it is shocking that the ANC and Mandela’s family have treated his legacy and the South AFrican people, and the world at large in such a mean and deceptive manner, all for their own personal interests.

  3. gear13 says:

    This could be a great opportunity to arrest all these devil worshipers or to make them disappeared. The Bushe’s have orders of apprehension in some countries for crimes against humanity. Maybe divine intervension will send them a lightning or something like that.

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  5. Ilex says:

    12-16-2013 = 1+2+1+6+2+0+1+3=16 -> 1+6=7

    Just sayin’; the Sacred Geometry is probably staring right at us?

  6. Jean says:

    Michelle, I do not understand what you want me to do. . . can you please either submit this again, or else can you send me something that is more clear that I can cut’n paste in place.I will email you a copy of your original . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  7. Ilex says:

    Certainly not surprising. How many times has Osama bin Laden been dead, then alive again?

  8. I came across this on David Wilcock’s site:

    “202 Ascension 2013-12-09 16:04
    I’ll be surprised if they allow this post and understand I’m not trying to dump on David but he had known for sometime that the Mayan end/start day was wrong.
    The person who has the correct information has had it for sometime now. The math makes sense… she tried to tell Calleman and them but they had a bit of their own agendas..
    Her name is Susan Schwenger…you may be curious as to why you have never heard from her…its too long of a story to put on here… the date my friends is December 16th 2013… the beginning of the next grand cycle is December 17th 2013…
    she has a website that she is currently updating but you can find it… she is ready to bring this information and so much more that goes well beyond David’s work…don’t get me wrong David has done some great work but it only starts to tell the story…”

    My thoughts here:

    ” The CHALDEAN NUMBERS for 12/16/2013 are 16 AND 16……
    16 is THE TOWER OF BABEL- on a 16/16 vibration any ceremony/ arcane negative black magic intent is SUPERCHARGED…..
    While is is not as strong as Jadis’ Deplorable Word which destroyed Charn in C.S. Lewis’ book; “The Magician’s Nephew; any Evil Ceremony intent to produce chaos/destruction will have added power if set in motion on this date.”

    When I “asked;” “Am I right in my guess?” I without thinking looked at the clock. I saw a 333……..a 333. This is all the confirmation I need; I think this needs to go viral.


    You can bet it isn’t something for our benefit.
    Michele Baillie

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