RT: Shocker: Snowden, Manning, NSA not on Google’s 2013 top trends

Published time: December 18, 2013 17:31
Edited time: December 18, 2013 20:49

A journalist studies a photo of former CIA employee Edward Snowden, (RIA Novosti / Valeriy Melnikov)A journalist studies a photo of former CIA employee Edward Snowden, (RIA Novosti / Valeriy Melnikov)

Search engine analytics offer the unmatched ability of gauging exactly what the world wants to know about during a particular point or span of time. But depending on how you view humanity, Google’s tally of the year’s top trends might appall you.

The Silicon Valley giant published a report this week that compiles the top trends of 2013 according to the searches queried by Google’s daily user base of around one billion customers around the world. And while an informal, not-so-scientific straw poll of RT staffers conducted on Wednesday in our DC office suggested this year’s top 10 would be rounded off by the likes of National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, Catholic Church leader Pope Francis or — for whatever reason — twerking, the truth of the matter is that neither the man who exposed an international surveillance scandal nor the most talked-about dance craze of maybe the decade made the final cut when the world at large is taken into consideration.

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4 Responses to RT: Shocker: Snowden, Manning, NSA not on Google’s 2013 top trends

  1. Nancy C says:

    Not only are the bad guys lying, they are doing so with desperate stupidity. It’s not just Google – the whole mainstream media control system can’t handle their tanking viewers/readers. Time magazine did the same thing with its failure to appoint Snowden as the Person of the Year and before that Assange.

    Add CBS’s venerable “60 minutes” show on NSA spying.


    “60 Minutes, CBS News’ hour-long Sunday news magazine, had a good run during its 45 year history, during which its target cohort had kids and retired to Florida. But as the last month indicates—Benghazi! Amazon drones! NSA!—it’s time for the glossy production to clean house. Or, more likely, die.
    To recap: On Sunday 60 Minutes aired an inside look at the NSA, whose leaders and employees were depicted by host John Miller as wronged victims of their old colleague, the leaker Edward Snowden. The report was transparently flawed: Miller is a former deputy for the Director of National Intelligence; interviews with NSA employees were monitored by dozens of agency minders; and producers neglected to interview a single NSA critic. It was like watching the agency play T-Ball, with CBS’ equipment, and Miller narrating the game as if it were the World Series”.

  2. Susanne R says:

    Maybe one of them could miss the list. But ALL THREE!!! No way!!! Especially NSA!!! Google Is SOOOOO lying!

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