Toxic Light – The Dark Side of Energy Saving Bulbs

Published on Dec 2, 2012
Thanks to W. 

A look at how dangerous the new energy-saving light bulbs are. The EU has banned many incandescent bulbs in favor of Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs). CFLs emit serious toxins while being used. All Florescent lights contain Mercury. There is enough Mercury to pose a serious health risk in the event of a CLF breakage. People are being told to run out of the building for 15 minutes, open windows and turn off the heat. Additionally the bulbs do not last as long as advertised and they take a long time to warm up, decreasing in brightness over time. The light they emit is not a full spectrum steady light. Few Bulbs actually get recycled and they need to be treated as hazardous materials when discarding them. Consumers be alerted!

A Report by Alexandra Pfeil
Presented on LINK TV in the USA for DW In Focus, English Version

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9 Responses to Toxic Light – The Dark Side of Energy Saving Bulbs

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  3. Wysiwyg says:

    LED’s are better for us but are very expensive. It looks like the poorest amongst the Europeans are being targeted with dangerous products. Who would do such a thing? (sarcasm 😉 )


  4. Richard Dodson says:

    Jean, this is an unrelated health concern,
    but very serious health crisis nevertheless.

    CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

    The Health Coach permits reposting if you
    want to on your great site.

    • Jean says:

      Richard, I agree with you on this. I just hate to keep hitting people with negative, dark stuff like the radiation, as well. We are going to fix it . . . It is a hard call for me to present so much that is negative, but perhaps I should because the new people need to inform themselves.

      In order to clear our own karma, we are going to clear up this mess. . . . and we will do it, but not from this same level of consciousness. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Яåℓƒ says:

    ◇The dangers of fluorescent light bulbs◇
    These lights contain mercury☠, without which they won’t work, and mercury (also called quicksilver) is lethally toxic. Indeed, it is so dangerous, especially to the brains of children and the unborn, that it has been banned in many countries for use in a long list of devices including thermometers, vehicle and thermostat switches, and so on.

    They did this because the use of mercury was considered unsafe. After all, Mercury is even more toxic than arsenic and lead (a sobering thought when you think that the ubiquitous amalgam tooth filling is made with mercury).

    So what do they do now? They insist with new laws that we have them all over our homes, workplaces, stores and malls when every single bulb is a disaster waiting to happen. As I have stressed constantly – this is not by stupidity and incompetence at the point where the plan is orchestrated, but specifically designed to target the human mind and body in many and various ways.
    ➀ ➮
    ➁ ➫
    ➂ ➬
    ➃ ➪

  6. Garry says:

    From EPA: “Small amounts of mercury can be released into the environment when CFLs break, or if they are improperly disposed of at the end of their useful lives. Despite these emissions, the use of CFLs actually helps reduce total mercury emissions in the U.S. because of their significant energy savings. Using energy-saving CFLs reduces demand for electricity, which in turn reduces the amount of coal burned by power plants, which reduces emissions of mercury when the coal is burned.”

  7. Captain says:

    I’ve heard that if you break one of these corkscrew bulbs indoors, that it costs about $1500+ to clean up the mercury vapor contamination. Can you imagine them being broken in the stores you shop in, and never cleaned up? Or buying a house or apartment where these things were used and broken? (Remember little kids crawl on floors and more likely to be exposed.)
    The bases for them are also a fire hazard, known to overheat and burst into flames (ask you fire department.)
    I never buy them. There are now halogen type bulbs inside a normal glass light bulb – good light and energy efficent.
    In Canada and Britian, there are special trash disposal bins for these bulbs. No such safety precautions in the States. Guess they don’t care how many people die from these terrrible things.

  8. procomptor says:

    LED built lights are by far your best bet! They burn very little electricity and if hooked up correctly in a series-parallel configuration they will last a very long time. The best part? They are virtually unbreakable and even if you manage to break one there is nothing toxic inside I am aware of. Been using them in stereo & computer industry for 30 years. Keep in mind if you decide to build one they have polarity(- and +) also they usually only handle a volt or 2. They are very nice and bright if done right…..mike

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