A lion called Christian – The whole Documentary (Full length)

I published this video about a year ago, and K. recalled it. Here it is again. Don’t miss it! ~J

Published on May 20, 2012
Thanks to K.

A heartbreaking story about a lion who was raised by humans, by the friends John Rendall and Ace Bourke. This lion got too big for them, so they put him in the wilderness. One year later they decided to visit him in Africa where he was put. Scientists said that lions would never remember their human parents after such time separated. Something that this film contradicts. It was a reunion that you will never forget.


In 1969 Ace Bourke and John Rendall were two young Australian travellers who had just arrived in London when they bought a lion cub from Harrods department store. It was an impractical “impulse” buy, but while he was a cub they felt they could look after him as well as anyone, and do their best to secure his future. They called him Christian.

Ace and John lived with Christian on the King’s Road, Chelsea and when Christian grew too big they moved to the country until it was arranged for Christian to be returned to the wild in Kenya.

Two documentaries entitled The Lion from World’s End, and Christian the Lion were made about his life in London, his return to Africa, George Adamson assembling a “man-made” pride around Christian, and his rehabilitation back into the African wild. Ace and John also wrote A Lion Called Christian (1971) which was re-published in 2009 with superb photographs by Derek Cattani who documented Christian’s early life.

Forty years later the YouTube clip featuring Christian’s unforgettable reunion with Ace and John, a year after his return to Africa, introduced a new world audience who are intrigued and enchanted by Christian’s extraordinary story. With the mutual love and trust he shared with Ace and John, he has become a symbol of the potential of human-animal relationships and the importance and urgency of animal and wildlife conservation.

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6 Responses to A lion called Christian – The whole Documentary (Full length)

  1. susan says:

    Thanks for posting this again… totaly tear jerker…. here’s something to make us all smile, gotta love Mother Nature

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my Susan, these are so lovely! I wish I had time to import them, and I hope others will take the time to click the link! Extraordinary! Think about the fact that we are mostly water, and how our emotions are reflected in our bodies! It behooves us to always think and feel good things:) Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Pat says:

    It’s been about a year since I’ve been in touch with my animal/feline self. All of a sudden out of no where I ‘ve come across this video and another one that you posted about Diablo/Spirit…the Leopard. Someone resent me a vid about….the man of my dreams…
    Jean, no words can describe how I feel about you. You always know
    just what to post when I need it the most !!!
    I’m Leopard by nature…but I love lions as well. Lately from a few corners … messages are coming from the Animal world (other than human animal)…… Something is going on that I can’t put words to or my finger on… As everything else is separating and seems to be falling apart with radiation and chemtrails and goddess knows what !…….the animal kingdom is reaching out to us … and blogs and bloggers are being influenced by their psychic promptings…..
    I am feeling a strong feeling that they want to communicate with us right now….
    We need more of these vids….and thank you Jean !!!!
    The messages I’m getting…….Is that the Ghouls have kept us humans in their circus
    performing their tricks …..and now the animals are saying…..they too are done with
    being performers in our human circus…..(it’s like a never ending loop that’s passed down).
    We’re all getting free and communicating !!! about it !!
    It’s 7:37 pm.. NY time
    Have you hugged a LION or LEOPARD today?

    • Jean says:

      How beautiful! I’d never viewed the entire video before, and I cried through most of it. As I tried to understand why I came to the conclusion that it was because these two special young men supported this special being in a way that two-leggeds were never able to support me. I have just recently felt that support from a couple very special people – for the very first time in my entire life, and it has enabled me to grow stronger and to heal that deep wound.

      when I read the beautiful story by Kent Nerburn called The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo, I finally began to understand the role animals have in our lives and that they are here to teach us. Yes, the video didn’t show up by accident, and how very special it is!

      Thanks for sharing and hugs,

      PS I listen inwardly each day and follow my inner guidance. I never know what the day will bring:) but I’ve learned to trust. I knew long ago that I couldn’t do it all, that there were other terrific bloggers also helping right now, and so I just turn inward and wait for that little ‘zing’ that says I should publish this… or that. 🙂

      • pat says:

        You are soooo beautiful ! Thanks for sharing this reply and for all you do share !!!! I know most of it comes from your gut/inner knowing. Otherwise it wouldn’t be so ‘timely’ and ‘spot on’.

        I hope this link comes through. Here is a leopard who has been declawed and put through the ghoul system… (AS WE ALL HAVE BEEN)… AND LOOK HOW LOVING HE STILL IS !!! hIS NAME IS “vOOdOO”…..AND HE’S beautiful and just as in need of affection
        love and respect as we all are…..turn up the volume…….you’ll love this !! if you are a “lover” ! lol……..

        I hope this goes through……..for all those who think that
        animals don’t feel ? Think again and for those who think cats
        are cold……….shame on you ! lol…….

        • Jean says:

          It came thorugh, and he’s beautiful! I remember more than a decade ago when I was still living in D.C. that NPR had a talk show on that was about the fact that it was just being discovered that animals have feelings. . . I thought this was absolutely crazy! Anyone who has a pet knows that an animal has feelings, and they make them abundantly clear 🙂

          Thanks for this and hugs,

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