The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Guide During the Return of Wisdom, December 31, 2013


Balsamic Moon Phase: release, clear, compassion

Moon: Sagittarius/Capricorn

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

 The true nature of today’s energy is light, luxurious, and effervescent.  Hold this thought as we explore what else is being “pushed” into the day’s experience.

The Moon will conjunct the Galactic Center before it moves into Capricorn around 1:00 pm EDT/ 6:00 pm UTC, at which time it will activate unconscious issues related to support, appreciation, dependency, and recognition.  Generalized fears, particularly fear of the unknown, and feelings of isolation or loneliness are being reinforced. (Cancers and Capricorns and those with the Black Moon in Cancer or Capricorn will feel this keenly.  It’s exceptionally strong, so remember that it will pass.)

We have a whole gaggle of planets in Capricorn now, readying for tomorrow’s New Moon, and we also have a couple of planets joining the party from afar.  Capricorn energy structures things.  It takes responsibility.  It is concerned with “time.” At its highest level, it does the right thing.

If the New Year’s New Moon with astrological aspects to Pluto, Mercury, Mars, and Uranus wasn’t enough, the Mahavidyas return and Kali enters the scene as ruling dakini of the month.

Add the not-so-little fact that there is potential X-flare activity on the Sun and we have a maelstrom of cosmic proportion.  An X-flare during a conjunction of the Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Pluto could charge the electric universe to the degree of producing geophysical effects.

So, the question is how one could be light, luxurious, and effervescent knowing about this confluence of intense energies?  How do we “hold” the line?

Well, it would take the ability to remember the Big Picture according to Big Mama.  The big picture is that the old, Archontic power structure and all that is associated with it’s timeline is being dissolved.  Big Mama is Kali herself doing the dissolving.  When things dissolve, oftentimes an underlying treasure is revealed. This is the case for us.  Remembering this in the midst of the maelstrom is the task for wise owls and warriors of the heart.

We remain mindful of the potential for flashy headlines and are fully aware of the fear-mongering that accompanies this energy.  Yet, we aim toward light, luxury, and effervescence.  We are focused on our love affair with nature and life itself.  When we are pulled from that, we quickly shift our attention back to nature.  Nature is what holds our psyches together.

With that, we come to the Sabian symbol for the New Moon and the new month: a student of nature lecturing, revealing little-known aspects of life.  How perfect is that?

In keeping, as soon as possible, I will record an audio to fully cover what’s happening.  Enjoy the day and be safe, everyone!

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4 Responses to The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Guide During the Return of Wisdom, December 31, 2013

  1. John says:

    I agree 100%

  2. Lisa says:

    correction – I should have said 22 & 18 yr olds – not 20 & 16

  3. Lisa says:

    >> This situation will likely take at least a couple generations to solve, and I do not believe it
    >> will be resolved satisfactorily with harsh pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps treatment.
    >> Firmness is required, but love and support and much re-education is, I think, also of
    >> great important here.

    Very true that much “re-education” is required. But these so-called “generational drains” on society’s coffers can be re-educated in training camps where they can learn a LOT of things in much less than a “generation or two”:

    a) to read, write & speak English correctly, as well as history & math
    b) proper manners & decorum of civilized society
    c) the responsibilities of citizenship, civics & how to be a productive citizen
    d) the value of hard work & how to be a employable team player
    e) job & life skills, such as how to budget and manage truly “earned” (from work) income
    f) computer skills
    g) how to grow & preserve their own organic food, improving their health & getting rid of much of the GMO & chemical induced brain fog, diabetes, hypertension, addictiona & obesity plaguing many sectors of the population
    h) how not to keep reproducing when you can’t take care of the offspring your already have, and how to be a responsible parent and raise children properly, without abuse & neglect
    i) receive long-term mental health counseling for PTSD, depression, anger management, and whatever else might be a problem for them

    Now this next idea will no doubt draw a huge backlash, but set aside the initial knee-jerk reaction for a moment and think it through:

    Where is all this “re-education” going to take place? It isn’t going to work on the scale the nation needs it to on the timeline we need it to as a strictly voluntary thing you go do down at the local community center every day – for a whole host of reasons. Here are but a few:

    1) there are probably 50-100x the number of people the tiny, dilapidated community center can accommodate, and it has none or very little of of the necessary support infrastructure or even just basic computer labs that work properly for the people it could hold.
    2) a lot will just refuse to go because they’ve never had to be accountable before and decide they aren’t interested. the few who do go will quickly get disgusted at the substandard conditions described above and give up/leave.
    3) neighborhood gangs and other organized crime elements will disrupt the operation and keep interested young people from participating, out of fear, or shame or peer pressure or whatever.

    So, we’ve got all these empty FEMA camps that can be outfitted with the necessary computer labs and organic gardens and other skills training facilities SO MUCH faster & easier than some infested abandoned buildings in a blasted inner city landscape that is crumbling and festering. People will immediately start screaming that this is racist and blah blah blah. No, it’s not. This is not about race, it is about social class, and generational poverty and there are a lot of whites, hispanics, mixed race and native american generations of families just like there are a lot of generations of black families who have become dependent on social services, never worked, never finished high school, never learned any productive skills, never had any hope of being successful, etc. These camps do not have to be prisons as in “incarceration & punishment”, but they would out of necessity have to be residential facilities where “departure rights must be earned” rather than just whenever one felt like it, or the majority of these folks would simply choose not to participate in their re-education and get up and leave the minute they got frustrated, bored, or felt “disrespected” because someone else was telling they had to work and they had to learn some things.

    So you do your 4-5 years of “American Citizen High School of Life Re-Education” and you get your diploma & get out and then you get a job and a subsidized home loan on a place of your own with big enough yard to keep on growing part of your own food. Or you go on to University if you have the desire & aptitude, on full scholarship or very low tuition, depending on your aptitude, skills & intelligence. Guess where all these new homes come from? During the ~5 years all these folks are being retrained, the vast swathes of crumbling inner city ghettos, abandoned neighborhoods in cities like Detroit & other rust belt industrial graveyards or dying midwest & southern cities are bulldozed, cleaned up, remediated of the worst environmental toxins and new neighborhoods developed & green, sustainable homes & mass transit built. All this also puts millions of out of work construction workers, material manufacturers, designers, project managers, trades people, truckers, engineers, and architects back to work. And these will be energy efficient, solar powered, real homes with yards big enough for gardens, not 200 sq foot Agenda 21 slave pens. Strategically located facilities for larger food production ala Will Allen’s “Growing Power” would also designed into the city’s fabric, along with mixed use office space and light industrial areas – walkable communities.

    So what do you do with these ex-FEMA camps once this 5+ yr retraining effort is largely over with for the first wave? Well, there’s merit in the idea that every kid, after they graduate high school, needs to do 2-4 yrs of national service (not military service) to learn the same life skills & commitment to being a productive citizen before they either enter the work force or go on to university. 2 yrs for people on the university track, 4 years for people on the workforce track. That puts 20 year olds with real life & job skills on the market ready to look for a job, not 16 year olds with zero skills, and will make it a lot easier for them to become successful in life.
    There’s also a lot of homeless vets and elderly folks who can’t work and/or live on their own any more, and some of the excess space in camp facilities can be converted into retirement villages, etc. Guess who gets to help them with daily living chores? The new High School graduates who enter national service. They will learn some empathy and some respect for elders again when they have to live and help care for these folks on a daily basis and get to know them as people. And it won’t just be lower & middle class high school kids – rich 1% kids going to private schools cannot be exempt either. They need to do the same national service under the same living conditions as everyone else. Maybe then they will start to learn that they are not special or better than the rest of us just because mommy & daddy stole a lot of money from everyone else while working as “wolves of wall street”.

    So, there’s one plan – blast it if you like, but I think it is reasonable.

    • Jean says:

      Lisa, at least you are thinking about this in practical terms. It’s a beginning, and we need everyone’s thoughts o n subjects like these. I have trouble with the use of FEMA camps, because of what they stand for. I think they should be completely destroyed, but why not use empty homes, Walmarts, etc., etc., etc. I wonder what others think about this subject. It feels ‘harsh’ to me, but I’m not willing to throw out your ideas, because I see this as a way to get us started thinking on these kinds of subjects. Hugs, ~Jean

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