Happy New Year – Greetings from ~Jean

Photo on 6-17-13 at 7.35 PMBelieve it or not the New Year is already starting off with a bing bang for me. I can’t believe that I’m just now getting to ‘stop by’ and wish “Happy New Year” to everyone. There is no question in my mind that this is going to be a year of historic and momentous change here on Planet Earth, and I’m excited and revved up by what I know is on the horizon – and I have only seen a tiny bit of the larger picture.

* * * Neil Keenan has a New Year’s Greeting and an Update coming out – shortly – and I urge you to check back here to catch it as soon as it is posted. I’ve seen hints of it, and I can tell you it will knock your socks off! Your help has enabled him to take off the gloves, and he’s coming out fighting. This, for sure,  is going to be our year, and I’ve long believed that Neil is the guy who is going to make it happen!

At the moment, I’m also writing a short article of my own about Fukushima. What is really going on? Is radiation ‘real’, or is it ‘not real’? Could it possibly be a combination of the two? I’ve had the opportunity to talk to some interesting people with some unusual ‘new paradigm’ ideas that I hope soon to share with you for your consideration.

Thank you all for your very special personal Greetings to me. I cannot tell you how much they mean to me, particularly at this time in my life. I see myself here on my blog as mostly a facilitator, someone who puts the information out there for your perusal and tried a bit to perhaps give it some extra meaning. The topics are many in number and each is complicated, and without your dedicated input there is no way I or my Blog could help to meet the increasing needs of people who simply ‘want to know’. Your help, support, and contributions have helped so many who come to my Blog looking for answers.  As a result, I  hope my blog is beginning to exemplify the Unity Consciousness into which we are rapidly moving.

I’ve said so many times before, often without understanding the true meaning of the words, Hold On Tight. I think these next two-three months are going to be HUGE, and that these words will finally come to have their real meaning. Let’s all watch together and see what happens!

To everyone, then, I offer again my thanks and best wishes for this grand New Year – along with some very big hugs 🙂


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75 Responses to Happy New Year – Greetings from ~Jean

  1. Brightest Blessings in this New Year Miss Jean!! You and your blog have been a huge part of my inner growth for the last 18 months…and I surely doubt I can repay the debt. Yes, I’ve discovered new information, but more importantly, I’ve honed my personal discernment abilities to a level that never would have been accomplished otherwise. May the Sun and Moon ever shine on you and yours, and illuminate your path with love and Light…as you have illuminated so many others’…Namaste!

  2. Birgit Jonas says:

    Hi Jean and team and all the readers,
    I like to also wish all a wonderful, Light and Love filled New Year in which our most beautiful dreams and intentions start to manifest all around the planet. Namasté

  3. Frank Arnaiz says:

    Soooo glad I found you and Neil…you guys are the real deal…I’ve been around for some time and went through my stages..Alex Jones, Icke, Wayne Madsen, then Drake with Denise and GrammyJ.,,,.Ben and David W…..previously I sympathized with the neo-con fake patriotic faction and believed all the lies and their criminal BS for some time…
    Thanks so much for providing me with this home of truth. Best wishes to you, Neil and his team and all the Freedom family on this VICTORY year of 2014 !!!….

    • Jean says:

      My, Frank, I feel so honored by your statement. You know the ropes, so your words hold power. I, too, believe in Neil and his efforts – wholeheartedly. Happy New Year to you. Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Megan says:

    Happy new year Jean, Neil and team. and to everyone who is part of this beautiful community here. This blog always feels like home and a safe and loving place to rest a while.

    Love and hugs


  5. veraiconica says:

    Dear Jean!
    Sending you, Neil and team many good wishes for the year ahead. Thank you all for your loving efforts, it is appreciated very much. Change is in the air. I know, we will succeed. Much love! Veraiconica

    • Jean says:

      Oh, Veraiconica, thank you for your good wishes and for your private message. I’ve been swamped and haven’t had time for much of anything. Change is in the air . . . One day I will call and we will talk . . . one day 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Susanne R says:

    Happy New Year, Jean. All the best to you. All the best to Neil, too. Thought you’d like this New Year’s message from Kevin Annett at ITCCS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzCJMnCrc1E

  7. Dee says:

    Dear Jean,
    Thank for the beautiful wishes for the new year and for your uplifting message! As a mother of three (now all in their 20’s), I pray every day that they shall know Peace, Blue Skies, clean air and water, fresh healthy food, thriving plants and wildlife, goodwill, adventure, opportunity and Love. It has been very hard to witness what our earth/world has become and to try to remain positive. This is why your blog has been an absolute God send for me these past three years. You educate and enlighten us and give us a place to share as a community in an atmosphere of love and respect.
    Thank you Jean (and Neil, et al) for all your time and energy to help make our beloved planet…Heaven on Earth ! With love & gratitude, xoxo Dee

  8. Nancy C says:

    I love you, Jean & everybody. This is such a splendid community of hope, sharing and love.

  9. keithharrison37 says:

    Very interesting. I think your post is most helpful. KR and blessings Keith.

  10. light worker I am says:

    Jean, you are the warmest and kindest person out here in the syber space. My life has been through so many changes and I have to admit, I feel like there’s more to come. But one thing I can say for certain is you have been a part of it. At this point of my life, I can’t imagine a day without checking your site for info and daily inspiration. I know (and feel) Creator lives within me, but the need for fellowship with you and all your readers has taken me by surprise. By allowing the light to guide my life, I’ve learned to see the light in others, and that is why I’m here. To put it in the words of my favorite movie (Avatar) “I see you”. And Jean, I like what I see. Many hugs for you and yours on this New Year. God bless you. Mario 🙂

  11. Stuart. says:

    Happy new year Jean. I really hope that this year Neil is successful in getting the corrupt world banking system offline and the defeat of the evil cabal. Humanity is at a crossroads. Love light and a massive hug to you for all the great revealing and inspirational information you pass to us. Namaste.:)

  12. Christina says:

    Happy New Year Jean!
    I feel so grateful for all the wonderful articles you put on your site, so we can understand the BIG picture and do our homework. The message of Montagne Keen gave me a good insight in the important role of Putin and Russia and an insight in Wolgograd bombing. I took the time to listen to the 7-hour-interview of Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic historian. Wow, what an information. I often regard myself as fearless, but then realize that fear has many layers. Last week I had a discussion with my son about time.
    Having been brought up in The Netherlands I was “brainwashed” to always be “on time”. Being late gives immediately a reaction of fear. In Greece time has another function. You take the time for whatever and whoever comes up often with the result of being late somewhere. Understanding this, I could let go off that fear of being late.
    The Oracle report presents Putin as representing the Sacred Masculine Energy.
    I think we can see your energy as the Sacred Female Energy: Loving, Fearless and with Great, Esoteric Insight. Thank you for showing us the way to an Golden Age.

  13. Kerri Lake says:

    A big, warm hug to you, Jean… Thank you for sharing your brilliant heart.
    ❤ :^D
    With love,

  14. procomptor says:

    Happy Enlightened New Year Jean! The articles all over the web give an exciting start to this lucky new year(14 instead of 13 anyway:)). I was happy to see articles about the internet/computer spying by our government. I have known about most this for 3 years and have a couple cautions; DO NOT DOWN LOAD TOR BROWSER it contains conduit which is a very evil chunk of malware! Just to double check to see if they have changed I attempted the download and Kaspersky blocked it as aggressive malware. I have been in securities for over 10 years and worked the GFI/Vipre site as a rep and finally ended up partnering with Kaspersky as Vipre sold out to the Feds and so far Kaspersky has not.

    Also I have been a supporter of Linux and Ubuntu for many years so am a member of the Free Software Foundation. I really enjoyed the film where their attorney exposes the Feds spying. One note however, Microsoft lied through their teeth when they said they weren’t cooperating with the Feds. Not only have they allowed a back door into all Window versions but if you check allow hidden folders under folder options and look at your user hidden folders you will see all your personal info ready to be sent. It’s called MetaData and can be found under c:/user account/appdata/rome/Microsoft. For a while I was able to remove a chunk or Windows system files and prevent the extraction but some how they hit me with one of the worst viruses you can run into. It is what we call a rouge and literally takes out your hard drive. After they took out mine they attempted to take out 3 customers computers I was working on here at the business! I was able to save 2 but ended up replacing one hard drive out of pocket. 2 counting mine out of my office. There is very little anyone can do against them as they have way more money and resources then common folk.

    Fukushima and many other items like the gulf of Mexico are really starting to get attention as people are really starting to wake up to things! Several community leaders here in Albany have finally started asking questions on Fukushima, orbs in the sky and more. It is exciting and gives me more hope this whole planet will turn this year! I wrote a silly comment having fun earlier under Constitution exemption zone so I will get off here and see if I can get some work done! Glad to see your New Year is getting a good start as well!


    • Jean says:

      Mike, thanks for all this info. It is important, and I hope folks stop and take the time to read it. . . Hugs and Happy new Year to you! ~Jean

  15. Check this out I just found it NPIEE.ORG so someone else thinks so to I am not the only one.

  16. Rev. Joe says:

    Happy New Year to you Jean and to our entire Unity Conscious worldwide family . I too feel the next several months are going to be quite extraordinary .We are the Light , Love and Truth that we have been waiting for ! Our collective vision will create the 5D earth , ” in a twinkling of the eye ” .
    Hugs , Joe

  17. johor777 says:

    Thank you Jean and I reflect back your good wishes and positive hopes for whatever lies ahead in 2014. I can tell from the number of posts you send out every day that you are very busy keeping us all informed and up to date with what is really going on. For my part, I can find no record of any time, place or culture in which psychopaths seem to have gained the upper hand and succeeded. For a little while it may seem that they have won but it is illusion – THEIR illusion.
    They are so out of touch with the invisible realities that make up 90% of our lives (and theirs if they but knew it) – feelings, thoughts, ideas, deepest desires, inspirations, courage, intentions, persistence, discrimination and fundamentally, the longing to be positively and profoundly in love with everyone and everything and just to be who we are, well, they can hardly expect to prevail but that is again their illusion.
    BTW: have you ever come across the writing of Doris Lessing, particularly the “Canopus in Argos: Archives” series. “Shikasta” (1979) was the first but there are four others after that in the early 1980s. all amplifying in some way the themes outlines in Shikasta. They are truly visionary works that creatively involve concepts of galactic empires (Galactic Federation?) highly evolved from them who explore planets and work with the lesser beings that they find to either use them or, if the potential is there, help them along their consciousness development path. We now know enough about UFOs and ET species with superior technology to find these books easier to rad than they were 25 years ago when I first read them. I just think you would be incredibly stimulate by them.
    Anyway, Thank you again Jean for all you do to keep us informed.
    Luvnugs – as my eldest son puts it.
    PS: you can tell from my email address how profoundly impressed I was by Lessing’s writing.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, and I wish I had time to do all the reading that people recommend. I would love to take a look at this, but you can’t imagine what is going on here for me. . . I appreciate your sharing, and I hope others will find your recommendations . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  18. Happy New Year, Jean, and I couldn’t agree more with you that 2014 is going to be historic and momentous! I send much love to you, my family here.the Keenan Team.

  19. Raven says:

    I can hardly wait. ❤

  20. johnboyu1 says:

    “Happy New Year Jean” May this year be the year for the freedom of Mother Earth and all who live upon her. Our year to be in joy, peace, harmony and united as one.

    Hugs Johnboy

  21. Pixie says:

    Happy New Year Jean;)
    I love your positive and uplifting message. I too believe this year is gonna be a game changer on many,many levels micro and macro and feel it is all gonna be alright 😉 as the the song goes. Many blessings to you and Neil and the crew for a healthy,safe and prosperous New Year ! Thanks again for all you guys do.
    Hugs and Blessings,

  22.  Dear Jean :

    Thank You Jean for your post helps view the Beginning of this new Year 2014 on an encouraging and a Reassuring note. Wish the Year to bring much needed Hopes Manifested now for All Who been bearing the Torch for Truth in spite of such a rather long spell of hardships and a long wait. Let the Global Society Surge Ahead  with a Dawn of New Era of Unity Consciousness, Peace and Abundance for All.  A While Ago I opened and read a mail from one of our precious Light Soul Colleen :and she Wrote  :—-We are starting this year with a new moon. A New Moon is a magical time of beginnings, when you can recharge goals, or set new ones. May you have a wondrous, magical, Love-filled 2014. May the Light of Heaven fill your heart and soul. Make 2014 a year of Light ~ a year to remember! as you also say !

    Ashok Sharma  

    Ashok Sharma




    • Jean says:

      Ashok, Thank you so much for participating here and for your good wishes to us all!I’m really excited about what is coming. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  23. workouts12 says:

    Thanks, Jean, for your rousing New Year’s resolution. Many of us are greatly dismayed that the dangers amidst us have only increased in the past year. Your note on Fukushima is most appreciated as it is my belief that this issue ranks first in need of addressing as an international emergency as well as exposing the full nature of the plot that created it by culprit behind this ‘man-made disaster’. That term has common use here in New Orleans.
    Actor John Goodman’s character in the HBO series ‘Treme’ spoke those words in the first episode of that series and thus gave added emphasis to the concept that humanity has suffered many tragic events at the hands of a useless, elitist, if not draconian government for years now.
    If the great Satans of our time and the megalithic surveillance apparatus they have created do not collapse from within, with the rats turning on the rats, the time remaining for all life on the planet will be considerably shortened.
    I believe that a conscious effort by those whose level of consciousness is higher might indeed be able to jointly alter the atomic composition of the radioactive elements now threatening the world. As outrageous a scientific method of neutralizing radioactivity in vast areas where it resides as a threat, it may be true that such a healing process, provoked by a concentration of mental effort by those who have achieved a level of enhanced capabilities might be possible, however ridiculous a notion this sounds.
    There is an account from the 60s, I believe, in which an Atlas missile containing nuclear materials was intercepted by a UFO shortly after lifting off. The craft darted around the upper stage of the missile a bit and the rocket ceased operation. When it fell to into the sea off of Vandenburg Air Force Base, it was found that the nuclear material had been neutralized to the astonishment of the scientists involved.
    I may take a great deal of criticism for bringing this up, particularly if my memory is not correct on the facts concerning this incident, however, if true, there are indeed a technical means of totally eliminating the radioactive nature of some such compounds.
    Rob Wold
    New Orleans

    • Jean says:

      Rob, how wonderful synchronicity is! This idea of neutralizing radiation is not far out, and I will try to share it as besst I can on my next post. I think it is possible that it is being done selectively 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your idea here . . .Hugs, ~Jean

  24. Itsoutofthisworld says:

    Jean, Team Keenan and to all who are reading,
    My warmest wishes for a joyful, productive, heart centred and abundant New Year to you all!
    Onwards and upwards 2014…
    Love and hugs
    Kate xxx

  25. Gayle says:

    Jean for me your posting/blog is one of the first things I read everyday. Thank you for all you and Neil do. I know deep within me we will succeed! I will continue to think great, positive thoughts and praises to everyone wanting freedom.
    Jean you sound rested and happier.
    Many blessings and a very happy new year.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, it’s been work to get rested – and to get happier, but I am getting there. Thank you so much for your support in our efforts. This is what helps to make our work worthwhile 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

  26. Karen Winters says:

    Hi Jean: Happy New Year to you! Many thanks for all the information you’ve brought us to think about, contrast and compare. I also think 2014 will be more than interesting and feel grateful to have your insights and those who contribute on this blog to help guide the way. Also hoping Neil has a great new year and success in the enormous tasks he’s been working on for the good of all. He deserves all our blessings for safety and health in 2014…

  27. Kay Stephens says:

    Happy New Year Jean,and a big heartfelt thankyou to you, Neil and all the team for bringing us all the information to help enlighten us on our journey. Neil you are the greatest. God bless you all. Getting excited now for 2014.
    Love and hugs Kay.

  28. wolf727 says:

    A big hug back to you Jean. Thank you for having created this blog. 🙂

  29. Ilex says:

    Jean – to you and your community. Hugs, Ilex

  30. clairecknowles says:

    Happy new year Jean Thank you for all you efforts on your blog. I love reading them and check in every day. Here in Eire / Ireland We are all hoping that 2014 is the one that will be the game changer. Can’t wait for Neil Keenans next update. Thank you. And best wishes. Claire knowles. Cork Ireland.

  31. Shelly says:

    Happy New Year Jean….thank you for having the courage to lead the way. We all stand behind you and the “real truth”

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my, Shelly, you have stood right there with me for a very long time. . . and I do believe we ARE getting there. We’ve learned so much, and sticking with it instead of giving up is paying off . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  32. JR says:

    Dear Jean,
    I rarely leave comments, but now is the time to express deep gratitude to you for your perseverance and dedication to us, your devoted readers. Your blog not only provides relevant information and answers to earnest questions, but I have discovered that on a deeper level, I am challenged to ask questions of myself about reactions, judgments, anger/rage/, feelings arising from a history of conditioned response to problems and challenges. Your blog provides the “wind beneath our wings” to empower us to rise above all the darkness and negativity, and to soar with new and expanded vision into a glorious future. The new vision is truth and justice for All, and the expanded vision is your beautiful ideal of Unity Consciousness — our Oneness with all Life.
    I’m also thankful for the important contributions of your many readers, who add even greater depth and perspective to this adventure. Yes, we’re in for quite a ride, but we all ran to get in line for this not-to-miss freedom train !!
    Love to you, Jean, and to Neil Keenan and his courageous team. And to all of us watching and waiting, may 2014 be the year in which we arise and lay claim to our noble heritage. All is in Divine Order.

    • Jean says:

      JR, I thank you so much time for taking the time to say thank you to us all. We are working hard, and your kind words mean a lot to us right now. Happy New Year and hugs, ~Jean

  33. Jean, you are a mover and a shaker, and your blog has definitely helped to move some major mountains during 2013.
    These ripples “Unity Consciousness into which we are rapidly moving” reached all across the world in a kind of collective-consciousness tsunami ~ thanks to you, and all the investigative journalists and whistle-blowers. The spreading awareness is gathering momentum, and this new year 2014 is about to take off further, as more people are tuning in.
    Thank you once again for your dedicated activism!

  34. Many Hugs back to you Jean and have a wonderful new year. I know its going to blow some of my friends and families minds whats coming. Things going on from above have gone 20 times in size of ships here. Something is about to happen they are lighting up five or more at a time for me. Maybe uncloaking I think but it is not the same. It started a night ago I have been waiting for Neil to contact you with news. We have family here I have known this for about 5 years or more time has been flying bye. Love to all and it is a happy new age coming Huggie

  35. Pamela Libonati says:

    Thank you Jean for everything you do in your service to humanity and the earth. Wishing you blessings of a very Happy, Prosperous, Healthy, Peaceful, and Loving New Year embraced in Freedom.

  36. Ilex says:



    HUGS, ILEX 🙂

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