Urgent News Flash | Dinar, Dong and the IMFn – from One World of Nations

Source: One World of Nations
January 4, 2014
Thanks to W.

From good Political and IMF sources we have just been advised that the IMF are contesting to stop both Dinar and Dong deals, on the grounds that it will represent a vast distribution of unearned wealth to the undeserving US Public. Simple reality, they feel that no Americans should be allowed to cash in on the deaths of millions and destruction of nations. So, as this is still as yet unclarified, will the IMF now attempt to introduce a new currency bypassing all the Speculators? Clearly, a Political battle will rage now. A ravaging and mercenary Pentagon hoard will be far from happy if now denied their vast, ill gotten war crimes gains. Nothing is decided but clearly its a new spoke in the wheels. Morally of course, the IMF are right. But, Politicians don’t do moral values. So what chicanery now?

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16 Responses to Urgent News Flash | Dinar, Dong and the IMFn – from One World of Nations

  1. jayjay says:

    Jean – this is NOT REAL NEWS. I just spoke with someone who is married to an IMF rep whose office is handling things – who also checked with several others. IMF has made NO SUCH CLAIM EVER. It will all dovetail with what Neil is doing.

  2. linda says:

    I agree. The whole subject of the IMF and what it wants IS a scam.
    However, I can’t believe someone would believe that a country’s currency will never revalue.
    The again, the federal reserve notes are a scam, but at least they had a higher value
    on its face than the Iraqi dinars.
    If the dinars are a scam, then why are they part of the global currency reset?
    All currencies are revaluing. (Except for the dinar, right? LOL)
    Please no “hugs” for my comment, however.

    • Jean says:

      It may revalue, but will it be what people are saying it will be? And how long have they been saying this? So will our money some say as low as 30 cents on the dollar. Meanwhile, everyone is sitting hoping to become a millionaire. Do I hope it happens? Sure? But I can’t imagine the cabal would allow so many people to become so rich. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Joycelyn Mire says:

    There is a site that might shed some light on what ST. Germaine says if you want to check it out! http://www.whoneedslight.com.
    Love & Light~Joycelyn

    • Jean says:

      I don’t go much for channeling, Joycelyn. It’s different strokes for different folks . . and while I know for a fact he is back on the planet, I don’t buy into these words. . . sorry, but that is just me. I could be wrong. . . 🙂 If folks want to read his channeling, there are plenty of sites to go to – many people channel him 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

      • Frank Arnaiz says:

        This thing is all invented BS for the unwary ..the real Saint Germain would not indulge in such nonsense for profit !!

  4. scott says:

    What b.s we regular americans pay for all this b.s certainlly when it comes to iraq with blood and treasure.blood of our military treasure of tax payers we regular american.imf can go to #! LL AND TAKE CBI with them.tell me their not making any money on rv polititians worl wide should all be replaced.sense resetting and rving lets replace while we are at it.

  5. Jean says:

    Look, I’m not posting anymore comments on this subject here – until I’m proved wrong. I don’t believe St. Germaine ‘really’ ever made such a statement, and I think the whole subject is a scam. Anyone who reads my blog knows how I feel about this. Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Angela says:

    “Morally the IMF are right” WHO the f— wrote this article???? The IMF are the MOST CORRUPT and evil people on the planet and who include the Vatican (18million died at their hands), the Queen of England (probably another 18million deaths over the years in the name of the crown, least we not forget the child abuse and deaths by sacrifice both those entities were found guilty as charged in an international court), the Rothchilds, Mellons, Carnegy, Rockerfellers, Bushs and a list of other evil “elite” who are share holders of the corporation called the IMF.


    • Jean says:

      Angela, if you have followed my blog for any length of time, you will know that I think the whole dinar thing will never happen. I was delighted to post this, because IMO it shows just how screwed up this entire subject is. Hugs, ~Jean

    • jayjay says:

      The IMF has been and is continuing to be forced into the upcoming global changes. This post does not represent the IMFs actual position – nor does it reflect any other their maneuvering (which includes a lot of house-cleaning) to survive the changes that are afoot. Just take a deep breath, relax, and watch how it unfolds. Keep your eyes on Neil K.

  7. nikholas101 says:

    Jean: is this news real?, Namaste.

    • Jean says:

      I don’t know. I know I never believed it would happen, but that is only my opinion. . . You probably need to go to the site and see what people are saying . . . Hugs, ~Jean

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