Loreena McKennitt – Dante’s Prayer – Live – HD

A reader here, T., who suggests this music says “We need voices of comfort in dark tim/” Indeed we do! ~J 

Published on Jan 6, 2013
Thanks to T.

Nights from the Alhambra – Spain

Loreena Isabel Irene McKennitt, CM, OM is a Canadian singer, composer, harpist, accordionist and pianist who writes, records and performs world music with Celtic and Middle Eastern themes. McKennitt is known for her refined and clear soprano vocals.

Born: February 17, 1957

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9 Responses to Loreena McKennitt – Dante’s Prayer – Live – HD

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  2. veraiconica says:

    Jean, thank you for sharing this beautiful song with Loreena Mc. Kennitt. What a lovely voice!
    Hugs! Veraiconica

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  4. procomptor says:

    Oh thank you so much Jean for posting this! Loreena is one of my most favorite singers of all time and she will fill your soul with song if you let her. I had left a box of 12 CD’s in my Firebird one day and a gal that was stocking me reached thru my T-top and stole them. My Loreena McKennitt collection was gone in a flash and I haven’t listened to her since.

    If you want a real treat find the album “the book of secrets” and although all the songs are superb there is one “The Mummers Dance” that will give you goose bumps! She has provided music for major motion pictures and other for many many years. I have met Neil Young and others from Canada but she remains my favorite. I would give my $7000 bench for a chance to meat with her one on one! I will try and see if I can contact her again and see about getting permission to share more of her music on here if you like.

    I would suggest her music to anyone who meditates as it is wonderful to find yourself in. Thanks T.


  5. Kangamoo says:

    Thanks you “T” and Jean for this timely post….Loreena is magnificent…The voice of an Angel…I truly love her music…
    We will win through these dark, lonely times…Have Faith…Expectation…Patience…
    And you shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will make you FREE….

  6. Zooey says:

    Thank you for the share, Jean!

    Loreena McKinnett is an amazing artist. I just love to listen to her perform! 🙂

  7. i love Loreena McKennitt and this is one of my favorites of hers
    thanks for this….. i never saw her on video!

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