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Permit me to say that as an editor I failed Robert. The story he wrote is terrific, but it was not the story I introduced. The story I introduced never actually materialized — for any number of reasons, which I do not think it necessary to state here.

In my mind, the thrust of the story hinged on establishing the ETs as a viable entity, even to those new to the subject. To understand the larger story, the very complex ET factor had to be explained in detail in order to be accepted without question, even by people who were on the edge of believing. Then the idea was to move on to Judy Wood’s research and point out the facts of the controversy over her work – as Robert did so well. 

The story I thought he was going to write, however, would have gone further. I wanted him to focus on in detail on that part of her research that I will call the bathtub effect/principle. Let me describe it briefly as I understand it, because it is quite simple. TheWorld Trade Center complex is built some seventy feet below the Hudson River in a ‘bathtub’. If atomic weapons were used to bring down the Towers, their particular kind of force would have destroyed the retaining wall, and the Hudson River would have flooded Manhattan. This is the single most obvious reason that atomic weapons were not used to bring down those Towers. Besides this fact, there also were no seismic readings — and it is possible, as well, at the link we provided to view slow motion footage of chunks and sections of the buildings literally dissolving in mid-air. 

Then, after explaining how molecular disassociation works, I wanted  to move to what I see as a rather obvious and logical conclusion: It is possible that radiation can easily be removed using this same technology; target radiation with the proper frequency, and it will simply ‘disappear.’  This could account for Ben Fulford’s never picking up radiation on his Geiger counter, while at the same time the rest of the planet is being inundated with it. 

The final rather huge bit of food-for-thought was my idea to suggest what the cabal could do with these DEWs in a dark way if they were given the time to develop the ability to target the whole of humanity. At the very end, I thought Rob would link this technology and many other technologies that are being hidden and suppressed, or now being used as weapons, to what we both see as their greatest positive use: the healing of our planet and all of humanity from the toxic physical effects of the matrix. 

I must ask Rob’s and your forgiveness and take responsibility for either 1) not changing my introduction, or 2) letting the story go out as it did. Since I am not a professional editor, and since the ET factor affects every aspect of our lives, and since this story was incredibly complex to write and still stay with the central theme, I don’t see that there is any reason not to admit my mistake. I do so in an effort to help everyone see the ‘real’ evil, which I believe we are facing. I think the goal of everyone here, including Rob and me, is to attempt to get the truth out for everyone to consider and understand.  If I made a mistake, I made a mistake, but I’m simply not going to let that stand in the way of trying to bring you what I see as a very ‘real’ truth.

In due time, Rob and I will update this article properly, but our goal was to get it out to you at the earliest possible time, because every day that goes by these people use this technology not to help humanity, but to enslave us as they continue to prepare their technological prison/cage for us.


I’m delighted to introduce to you Robert Miller, who like so many other wonderful, special people — such as our own dear Neil Keenan, came to me through my blog. He is deeply oriented spiritually and his words come from a place of inner power. I believe his work, presented here in the following article, is without doubt complementary to Neil’s work. If you follow it carefully, Robert has left no stone unturned, and this article has become an indictment of the cabal. The ‘real’ truth, as dark as it may be, when we dare to look at it has the possibility of healing us all and setting us free — as a nation and as a planet. Some of the words Robert didn’t include here are about the sense of trauma and total violation he felt as a small boy when he was forced to undergo the get-under-your-desk atom bomb drills that I as a teacher also had to supervise. He shared that as he grew up his father tried to teach him to be what he saw as manly, standing him on the wash hamper and boxing with him, teaching him how to hunt and fish, but all the while Robert knew even as a small boy that he could be forever wiped out by the senseless horror of an atomic bomb — as he knew had happened to so many others. Hopefully, the sense of violation that Robert felt has been healed by the writing of this article.

May this article, also provide the healing piece to the puzzle for all of us on this planet, who have been both knowingly and unknowingly traumatized by the cabal.

While I have worked to edit this piece with Robert and already had reached the understanding he shares in this article, the way he has linked these ideas to make sense of it all are fully his. He has been gifted with the ability to draw information together from separate, seemingly unrelated sources to form a shocking view of what the cabal likely has in store for us with their weapons of mass destruction if we remain asleep and allow it. At the same time, it should become apparent that these same weapons can be used in service to humanity to heal us and to heal our planet. 

We have worried together if his words are too much for the public to deal with, but I believe that I have argued successfully that while not everyone is going to be able to deal with the ‘real’ truth he proposes, that you, my readers, are at least ready to consider it. I think it is time to let the ‘dead bury the dead’ and to move forward, because I believe time is now of the essence and is no longer on our side; that is, we no longer have the luxury of time in which to allow the American people, and indeed the people of the entire planet, to awaken gradually from their slumber to the ‘real’ truth of 9/11.

I believe I also have argued successfully that there are people playing into the hands of the cabal, for whatever reason, while the much deeper and less obvious ‘real’ truth of 9/11 always evades us. It is this deeper truth that I believe is evading us that causes me to say that it is time to pull off the gloves and allow those who are able, to confront the possibility of what is being planned for our future. I believe it is the intention of the cabal to hit us fatally in a way they believe we will never see coming. I also strongly believe just the exposure of the deeper 9/11 truth to those who are ready to hear it will foil their attempt.

While this article probably could easily be a book, Robert and I both believe there isn’t time to write one now, but we believe it provides a foundational outline for further inquiry and reference. I suggest that if you have never really studied an article on my blog, you take the time now to do so, because I believe it is vital — in the most profound sense of that word — that you do so. If you can do this — and reach the conclusion Robert and I have reached, you will establish a level of consciousness that I believe will speed throughout the planet — and the sooner the better. I have concluded that all the chaos we are experiencing day-by-laborious-day is nothing but a distraction as it is merely giving the illuminati time to implement  their final strategy. Your knowledge, spread far and wide, will foil their most horrendous plans for us all.

I do not say these words lightly or without serious thought and inner contemplation.

Love and hugs,

* * * * * * * 

Robert reads the article, Part One     

Robert reads the article, Part Two   

* * * * * * * 

The American public, as well as the vast majority of people throughout the world have been deliberately and deceitfully kept in the dark. The truth which must be seen and set free is that there are, and have been, nefarious forces at play on the world stage for generations. Rule-by-secrecy is an intricate and vital part to their survival. Exposure is their nemesis.

Here in the United States of America our so-called ‘federal government’ is beyond corrupt, it has been hijacked and turned into an instrument of evil. Everything being done in the name of ‘national security’ and affordable healthcare is designed to corral, control, and eventually kill us. Our individual rights and liberties have been literally stripped from us, and the NSA and a long list of other alphabet agencies track and record our every move — all achieved and enforced in the name of national security. Yes,  ‘transnational corporate security’ — where big business is in bed with the government, and those at the top use fear, greed and intimidation — even murder, to achieve and retain secrecy and their exalted positions. They are all members of an “elite ruling class society”, and let us never be fooled into thinking they have our best interests at heart.

War, propaganda/mind control, genocide, and blackmail are their favorite tools. Intentional problem-reaction-solution scenarios are created to cull and convince the masses they need more toxic controls, leading them to their own demise. Massive amounts of radioactive waste and petrochemical poisons hemorrhage in our oceans, and each day tons of toxic chemicals are deliberately released into the atmosphere, while the corporate-owned and corporate-controlled mainstream media sits back and does little if anything to report it. They have been hijacked just like the government, and their high-paid pundits and shills report how and what they’re told — or are compromised or murdered.

The Financial and Medical industries are strictly monitored and controlled. The banks print money out of thin air, and medical discoveries and advanced technologies to cure cancer and extend life are kept hidden for only those with the right bloodline or bank book.

Free energy systems and technologies that could clean and restore the planet are intentionally suppressed — put in a vault or a deep underground bunker until such time as their main objective, which is to eliminate the majority of mankind and enslave the rest in a technological prison, is achieved.

Let’s explore our recent past to see how arrogance, ignorance, and indifference have led us to where we are today. Two key events in American history open the gate of understanding. Those two events are most certainly the most infamous days in our history. Need I even name them?

coup d’état here in the United States took place in Dallas November 22, 1963 with the assassination of our 35th president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, an incredible loss for America as well as the rest of the world. JFK was murdered by rogue elements within our own Central Intelligence Agency. His killers acted on behalf of what was then referred to as the military-industrial complex. Yet now more than half-a-century later the official government position remains the same: a lone ‘nut’ assassin blew his head off from a six story window in a Dallas, Texas book depository.

As significantly, it has been more than twelve years since the attack on 9/11 and the majority of the American people still accept the official government version of what occurred on that fateful day: Osama bin Laden did it along with nineteen radical Islamist hijackers with box cutters.

Understanding the JFK assassination is critical to understanding the larger picture, because it is the point at which our government was hijacked. Just as importantly it confirms that our government not only lies, but that those in power will go to any length to achieve their objectives. In 1963, JFK was murdered by rogue elements within our own Central Intelligence Agency. His killers acted on behalf of what has been referred to as the military-industrial complex that then thereby became the government. The American people have been without a real President since, because now Presidents are selected not elected. Those nefarious forces earlier mentioned were with us then and are still with us today.

Let’s travel back in time just prior to JFK’s inauguration. Incumbent President Dwight D. Eisenhower made his famous farewell address to the American people in which he strongly warned of the unchecked growth and influence of the military-industrial complex. This was the central point of his final address to the nation: Beware of the military-industrial complex. In other words, he was telling us that things were either already out-of-control or they were quickly headed in that direction.

JFK may or may not have known the depth and breadth of this emerging threat or even of its existence prior to assuming the Presidency. His inauguration speech, however, indicated the integrity of his vision, and his actions immediately upon assuming the Presidency indicate that he was doing everything in his power to seize back control. The most significant areas he addressed were militarily and monetarily focused. He went directly after the Federal Reserve by issuing Executive Order 11110 to coin and print our own Treasury-backed-currency, backed (redeemable) for silver; went after the steel and oil industries demanding that they pay their fair share in taxes; refused against the strong behest of his advisors to invade Cuba and thus avoided a possible nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union during what has been called the Cuban Missile Crisis, and he was vehemently opposed to escalating American involvement in Vietnam. Additionally, he extended an olive branch to the Soviet Union by offering to join hands in peace and explore space and travel to the moon together. These facts seen together indicate a direct assault on the military-industrial complex.

Within two hours after JFK’s assassination, Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) was installed in his place. LBJ wasted little time stopping and reversing Kennedy’s policies. He gassed up  the military-industrial machine and put the pedal to the metal. In March of 1964, just four months after JFK’s assassination, while Executive Order 11110 was never rescinded, Kennedy’s ’silver certificate’ currency was no longer redeemable, thus the silver backed currency became fiat — the same as Federal Reserve Note currency. This act kept us locked in and tied to the Federal Reserve. The oil and steel industries were given back their tax breaks; the Vietnam conflict became a full blown war finally ending in 1975; and the Cold War with the Soviets was the public excuse for covert, counterinsurgency wars throughout the globe — leading us through to George H. W. Bush’s Presidency and ‘his’ Desert Storm.

There is much more to the story and much more to explain in order to fully understand the true motives and world machinations of the cabal. Vital to understanding the full picture is our need to know what really happened on 9/11, and, specifically, what technique was deployed to destroy the Twin Towers and other buildings in the World Trade Center complex where over 3000 American lives were sacrificed.

It would seem on the surface that these horrific events could be understood in a geopolitical context, but to truly know and understand what is really happening today we must look deeper into the facts and possibilities. We must heed the words of JFK and be willing to investigate and penetrate into the world of secret societies and their origins. We must be willing to enter an alternative reality where nothing is real and everything is real. A universe of ultimate possibility.

I invite you to travel with me down the rabbit hole from Kansas into the real Land of Oz. I will bring you safely back home again.

The 1947 Roswell incident really happened. There had been plenty of recorded UFO sightings throughout world history prior to Roswell, but what makes the Roswell crash so significant is that the US and Russian militaries had already started playing with Galactic matches. American President Harry Truman’s decision to go ahead and drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945, ending World War II was a cosmic violation — an alarm which brought a lot of ET attention to Mother Earth. You can’t fool with Mother Nature and splitting atoms (fission — that is, tearing apart) is definitely crossing the line.


President Harry S. Truman, newly in office at the time of the incident, was told that the crash in New Mexico had occurred and was faced with a huge decision. Initial reports by the military coming out of Roswell immediately following the incident were that in fact there had been a flying ‘disk’ that crashed there. Within hours, however, those reports were changed. This was the ultimate point of ‘Truth or Consequences.’

In fairness to Truman we have to look at things standing in his shoes. Impossible to do, but we can acknowledge some of the geopolitical and social facts and circumstances of the day influencing his decision of nondisclosure. The fact that less than two years before he had led his country successfully through a global conflict in which nearly 50 million people were killed, many of whom were civilian women and children — a significant percentage of whose deaths he was personally responsible for — probably factored heavily in his decision.

Additionally, the US had begun a massive campaign to rebuild Europe under the Marshall Plan, became involved in a NATO conflict in Korea, and the Soviet Communists were not very happy with the West. We must also remember that hundreds of thousands of returning G.I.s needed housing and healing from the horrors of war, and the last thing Truman himself needed was to have to inform the American public a flying ‘disk’ had just crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.

Faced with the daunting reality of direct alien contact, committees were formed, agencies created, and departments renamed, all in an effort to control, contain, and to gain from the Extra Terrestrial connection. Every area of our societal experience, domestically and internationally has been fundamentally and profoundly influenced by the ET presence — and Truman’s subsequent decision of nondisclosure. Truman’s choice to withhold the truth of alien contact from the American people and the continuing chain of refusal to acknowledge it by the following administrations is the reason why humanity stands today — on the brink of extinction.

There it is! This is the big, deep, dark secret, the specific reason behind all of the world machinations that have occurred since.

Truman was probably correct in his decision not to tell the public. He had good reason not to do so. He had entered the world of politics when he was fifty years old. He had been in that world for only ten years before he was approached to run with Roosevelt, which would make Harry Truman President Roosevelt’s third Vice President on his unprecedented fourth and final ticket. Roosevelt and Truman were elected and sworn into office in January ’45 — and by April Roosevelt was dead.

Truman was not told about the Manhattan Project until he was sworn in as President. In May 1945, one month after assuming the presidency the first atom bomb was exploded in a test run at the Los Alamos, New Mexico development site. Three months later, two more atom bombs were deployed and exploded just above Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan, and within days the Japanese surrendered and World War II was officially over.

Nazi Germany’s Third Reich had already surrendered in May, and the race between the United States and the Soviet Union to secure Nazi technologies and treasures had already begun. US intelligence services were commissioned with locating and recruiting the most precious resource of all — the scientists and intelligence officers and engineers whose work had nearly won the war for Germany. This project was code named Operation Paperclip and was responsible for the recruitment to America of hundreds if not thousands of German scientists, intelligence officers, and engineers. Among those scientists was Werner von Braun, developer of the V1 and V2 rocket systems, which terrorized London in 1944-45. For our purposes here, we must note  and acknowledge that von Braun was a Nazi SS Officer, and the Nazi party’s origins and philosophies are based in the occult.

Von Braun, with Jack Parsons founder of JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratories and a disciple of occultist Alistair Crowley, along with his recruited team of over one hundred Nazi scientists, was to later become the first center director of NASA.

During the war, Nazi scientists utilized concentration camp prisoners as slave labor to develop various types of weapons of mass destruction. The US, Soviets, and Japanese were not the only ones playing with atomic technology. The Germans had also been working on and were close to completing a weapon that was based on antigravity physics, called The Bell, which was considered by Adolf Hitler to be even more important than jet propulsion weaponry, i.e., V1 and V2 rockets and the atomic bomb itself.

It’s important here to see the split between the emergence and development of the two different types of technology — one is rocket science and one is anti-gravity physics. We will later directly reference them to 9/11 and the present split within the 9/11-Truther community.

Yes,  9/11 was an inside job, but the Twin Towers were not caused to disappear into dust in mid air using kinetic explosives such as nano-thermite, super nano-thermite or mini-nuclear devices.

We will return to the 9//11 weaponry issue later, on the way back up to solid ground.

Right now, it’s important to talk about money — or at least ask ourselves where Japan and Germany’s Third Reich got all the money to fund and build their colossal war machines. Germany was bankrupt after World War I. Its currency was worthless. Then, the $64,000 question must be, “Who funded the National Socialist party — and how was their colossal Nazi war machine financed?”

Documentation exists confirming that Germany was funded at least in part by the huge shipments of gold bullion sent from the United States by the Federal Reserve Bank, beginning in 1932. Our own Neil F. Keenan meticulously documents these shipments in his most recent article, THE KEENAN TEAM REPORTS: THE FED FRAUD | The European-Controlled Creature That’s Bled Us for 100 Years

(See also the book, Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.)

It then behooves us to question the motives behind the Federal Reserve’s shipment of this gold boullion to Germany. Also a more important question might be where the Federal Reserve itself got this amount gold bouillon to begin with. Additionally, an abundance of available information implicates the US Senator from Connecticut, Prescott Bush, who was the father of G.H.W. Bush, in a banking scandal during World War II, which involved channeling money to the Nazis. It is also interesting to note that Prescott Bush was by profession a banker.

Prescott Bush and Nixon

Prescott Bush and Nixon

On the other hand, Japan plundered China to fund their own war effort. This brief article details exactly how it was accomplished: 1937-1941:  Golden Lily, The Second Sino-Japanese War, The Rape of Nanking, and World War II. The Japanese, who before the war were very strong trading partners of the US, were involved in a war with China at the time they bombed the US naval base at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese had been militarily engaged fighting the Chinese since 1931. It developed into a full-blown war in 1937, four years before Pearl Harbor, nearly a decade before the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

He who owns the gold makes the rules; ‘Money’ backs both sides. To fully understand modern global/financial machinations we must also understand the difference between fiat currency and gold-backed currency. This is imperative to our understanding the motive behind both World Wars. The United States, as the victor in World War II, made the US dollar the world’s reserve currency, and required that all oil transactions be made using US dollars (Federal Reserve Notes) issued by the Federal Reserve Bank. The implications of these facts seen in a geo-political, global perspective are enormous.

Ultimately, money has to be backed by something tangible. Empires were built on plunder and trade, and until the time of the Industrial Revolution, China had accumulated massive amounts of gold dating back to the Ming Dynasty and trade routes along the Silk Road. At the genesis of the industrial revolution the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the Warburgs, and other attendees of the 1910 Jekyll Island meeting decided that world currency had to be shifted from gold to oil in order for them to maintain their power, and the Federal Reserve Bank was created. When oil, known as black gold, was discovered in the State of Pennsylvania in 1859 and with subsequent development of the combustible engine, designed to use oil, the Industrial Revolution in the USA and Europe was ignited. This also explains why the US and Britain, the last great Empire, joined hands in exploiting the Middle East to plunder their oil — and continue to do so to this day! These industrialists also realized they had to create wars in order to destroy countries to force them to come to them for the necessary oil to rebuild. This is economic problem-reaction-solution.

In essence, THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION in collaboration with the FEDERAL RESERVE is truly the great evil of which they have been accused.

This is another reason why there has been suppression and intransigence to the introduction and utilization of free-energy and advanced technology conversion.

Okay, grab some rabbit-hole muck as a souvenir to prove we actually went to the bottom of the rabbit hole; it’s time to head back up onto solid ground and out into the sunlight!

Since 1947, the elite have morphed from a breakaway society into what may be more accurately described now as a breakaway civilization. Truman’s decision not to disclose the ET presence was the genesis of this breakaway civilization: a separately evolving, covert, technically advanced community of people with trillions of dollars of resources siphoned off from us, their global host society. This very autocratic, even fascist elite use fear and greed and intimidation — even mass murder to control world events and enslave mankind for their own survival. While much of the breakaway civilization is centered in the United States, it has integrated itself into allied governments all around the globe. It is what President Eisenhower called in his farewell address the military-industrial complex, warning us then of its presence.

In traveling up to solid ground let’s note briefly — in reverse order — the major points we’ve discovered: 1) WWII was suspiciously funded, and subsequent to the war itself the United States Federal Reserve Note became the world’s reserve currency; 2) in 1946, via Project Paperclip, Nazi scientists were brought to America; 3) In 1947, ETs crashed in Roswell, New Mexico; 4) In 1963, JFK was assassinated; 5) On September 11, 2001, the United States of America was attacked; 6) We, the American people, are today under more restrictions and controls than at any time in our history.

Werner von Braun and his team arrived in America in 1946, just in time for the Roswell incident. He and his team, which included scientists from the anti-gravity Bell Project, were immediately called in to begin to reverse engineer the ET technology. Majestic 12 (MJ12), a Committee composed of top military personnel and civilian industrialists, was formed to interface with the ETs and develop ET technologies. In 1958, NASA was created as a front for the secret space program, which had already been in existence for twelve years. JFK assumed the Presidency in January 1961, and began immediately to seize control from the military-industrial complex, which, based on ET technology, had become by then a breakaway civilization.

Essentially the breakaway civilization was born in 1947 when US President Truman chose not to disclose the ET presence, and it effectively broke away from all constitutional accountability. The birth of the civilization itself, and its continued development, including the secret space program, required massive financial and human resources in order to both conceal and sustain it.

Let us keep in mind that most of the world’s gold is in Asia, primarily China. Therefore, an alternative monetary system, essentially backed by oil and paid for in US reserve currency, had to be sustained and maintained by creating an artificial global supply-and-demand economy. Millions of people murdered, millions more lives destroyed, and cultures and infrastructures devastated — all to keep continuing advanced technological development and the breakaway civilization secret.

The emergence and the exponential trajectory of the breakaway civilization in relation to the rest of humanity can be seen and understood ironically by visualizing the launch of one of Werner von Braun’s rockets — as technology and time were joined for the breakaway civilization and launched vertically, leaving the American people, as well as the rest of humanity, out and behind.

No event could make this point more evident than the attacks on the American people on September 11, 2001, when the cabal declared to the world their ultimate intention and the lengths to which they are willing to go to achieve it. They want us all dead or in a technological prison.

9/11 was the ultimate example of a false flag, problem-reaction-solution scenario. It’s a blueprint pattern of those whose ultimate goal is to corral, control, and kill us. The ultimate example and violation took place in New York City on September 11, 2001. It is imperative that the American people, as well as all of humanity wake up and see how diabolical these ‘people’ really are.

Thank God for former Governor and US Navy Seal, Jesse Ventura, who is the only person with significant celebrity who has had the courage and integrity to stand up and publicly advocate for the work of Dr. Judy Wood. Dr. Wood, who holds degrees in physics and mechanical sciences, has researched the 9/11 attacks, beginning almost immediately after the event. She published her startling findings in 2010 in a book entitled Where Did the Towers Go?

It is the only comprehensive forensic investigation to date in the public domain, and it is overwhelmingly conclusive as to what actually occurred on that fateful day to the World Trade Center complex. After a summary of the physical evidence, her conclusion is that advanced technology, Directed Energy Weapons, (DEWs), were deployed on 9/11.

Her research and conclusions cannot be disputed.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.44.25 AM

Click Here to view Dr. Woods site.

Her investigative research, however, is deliberately being suppressed. It’s mind-boggling that after more than twelve years the majority of the American people still accept the official version of 9/11 — either in theory, or in indifference. The most disturbing aspect of this lack of interest and/or response is the fact that the “9/11-Truther Movement” itself is largely to blame for this state. Many who have been involved in the movement for years, especially in a leadership role, either cannot or will not open themselves to a view of an alternate possibility and reality, a reality in which “Molecular Disassociation” exists — and the “bad guys” use advanced hidden technology to achieve their nefarious goals.

The concept of molecular disassociation is easy to understand when put in laymen’s terms. Disassociation occurs when like atoms repel from one another. Every compound has its own frequency and therefore can be energetically targeted and caused to disassociate. This is the reason that steel melted and twisted; concrete turned to dust — and paper didn’t burn because it wasn’t in the frequency range.

The cabal is desperate to keep these facts from coming to light. To have Dr. Wood’s findings revealed en masse would be a ‘Death Blow’ to the cabal and to the further construction of their Technological ‘Death Star’ grid.

(At minute thirty-seven and for about one minute Woods explains the term molecular disassociation. From there go to minute fifty-seven where she explains more of the focus of a specific field. This part is very informative and lasts for 3-4 minutes.)

The technology and the finances clearly exists to clean our planet, feed the hungry, and extend quality healthcare to every human being on the face of the earth!

We started this discussion by citing two examples that would lead us to a greater understanding of what is really happening on our planet today: The assassination of JFK and the attacks on September 11, 2001. Since that time there have been what we have been programmed to believe are tragic acts of God, such as Fukushima and Hurricane Sandy. However, the massive destruction and loss of life on 9/11 as well as the nightmares of Fukushima and Hurricane Sandy were the result of advanced technologies used as weapons that do include weather manipulation technologies. These technologies have been derived from the Roswell incident and subsequent collaboration and reverse engineering of ET technology.

Advanced weapons of mass destruction were deployed and utilized on the sacred soil of the United States of America on September 11, 2001. The perpetrators and the guilty must be held accountable.

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  5. jj says:

    God said there was nothing knew under the sun.He all so said, those things that are hidden will be shown. He knows exactly what has been going on and knows what is going on. Man is filled with good and bad human nature, man has got a choice…to go one way or the other. We as a human race are facing and struggling within a spiritual war, between good and evil. We are having to make choices. As it says in Ephesians 6: 12 we are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against the rulers [ satan and his demons ] of the darkness of this world. They are powerful and have powers beyond what you can imagine.But, so does God and his angels. In verse 11, we are told to put on the whole armour of God. God said we would see many things, but to stay close to him and He will stay close to us.

  6. Todd says:

    BTW Jean, I’m not saying that they have a perceivable emotional body, but that doesn’t absolutely mean that they can’t awaken, or that they don’t have one! Maybe they’re so far out of balance that they’ve forgotten? Perhaps as I’ve stated, as more and more of us rediscover the light of Love and our emotional bodies, it will be impossible for them to ignore and they will have to see the light, who really knows, but I’m ever optimistic, lol. Hugs, Todd.

    • David Pirie says:

      Bro’ Todd – I’m of half a mind that these are no longer human beings, the top of the ‘cabal’, but, perhaps mind-controlled ‘droids, clones, implant-controlled or artifacts; if they ARE human, there is no reason to say ‘impossible’. To search for understanding, simply understand THAT WE HAVE NOT a complete understanding. I just cannot grasp that these are humans possessed of free will who actually will to create such horror!

      … see how easily I get confused!

      • Todd says:

        Dave, we are kindred spirits, and the last few days, confusion is putting it mildly. I read and research dozens of sites daily, and it appears that I’m suffering from information overload. I give my heart to and believe one side of a coin, only to find some other site or opinion makes as much sense to me as well. Is it possible that they’re both valid? I share much of what I learn daily, only to question whether or not I’m sharing truth! One week it resonates with me to the core, and the next week not so much any more due to ‘new’ info coming through.

        I know that Jean is a loving Soul, and I so appreciate the forum she gives us here. She and I have had some disagreements, but for the most part are on the same page, seeking truth. It’s getting to the point of me needing to take a break from it all, but I keep getting drawn back to stay informed of the latest soap opera in this matrix.

        Anyway Dave just wanted you to know that I’m grateful for you and all the rest of these folks here. Where ever this twilight zone takes us, I know that we’re all connected and it’s imperative that we stay grounded till this thrill ride comes to a stop. I know, easier said than done sometimes. Hugs, Love, and Light, Todd.

  7. ed says:

    Dear Bob and Jean…HOW BRILLIANT THIS IS!!!!
    What a most wonder full and most beauty full peace of our puzzle
    you have brought to us!
    The energetic signature of this peace is off the charts!
    This is my third attempt at composing a rather lengthy post to add…
    ….evidently….crashes….occur….when…sharing…. truth….
    = all peace.joy.love.light = to you all…..love, Ed

    • krusht2 says:

      Ed – I often get seized by that ‘… should not talk cannot … ‘ because it seems my mouth is shut because I cannot improve upon … so my mind shuts my mouth … ‘ cause

    • ed says:

      …..so the clues are all around us….re: movies…..
      Basic Instinct = suspension of disbelief….
      Deja vu = shows a ‘jump room/ control room’….
      Shooter = its just business….
      Matrix series = what is going on here….
      Inception = yes, we do ‘plant’ the seed….
      Training Day = this is how why not…
      Bat Man Dark Knight = energy beam pulse ?…’machine’…
      ….and as we be come US….
      the hologram is HOLODYNAMICs (book by Vern Woolf)
      (book by Grant Venerable)
      and we do ‘observe’ our CRITICAL PATH
      (book by Bucky Fuller)
      and we do look over the edge and notice
      the DEATH OF IGNORANCE(book by Fred Bell)
      and we can do the DANCE OF LIFE
      (book by Vern Woolf)
      …so far so good…system just began to get funky!!!!
      so we get on with all of it….
      THIS IS IT

      AND SO IT IS

      • ed says:

        thank you Jean and Robert….here we go……love, Ed

        • ed says:

          ooohh yea…and is Steve Beckow of Golden Age Of Gaia…
          really on a ‘watch list’…..maybe he should ask for a ‘rolex’…
          …just sayin’

        • Jean says:

          Ed, to you and everyone, the first video Robert has suggested is tough and depressing to watch. Nevertheless, I urge you to do so, a bit at a time, if you must.

          All day today, I have kept remembering an experience I had in the very early winter of 1958-59 when I was living in Salzburg, Austria. In one of the theaters they showed movies of the ‘real’ Nuremberg Trials, and they were very tough to watch, because of course the movies showing proof of the war crimes were right up there on the screen. As I recall, most Germans and Austrians back during the war were like most Americans are now: they refused to believe; they didn’t want to know; they didn’t want their happy little worlds disturbed. Well, the people in the audience had a very, very tough time dealing with the truth, some had to leave, some went outside and retched, etc. I’m glad I was able to stomach it. It was not a nice experience. The only way Americans are going to heal from this, in my opinion, is if they face the truth. In order to be of any help when that time comes, I urge you all to watch the first video to see what our supposed government has been up to; what they have been doing with our tax dollars; and how many people they have brutally murdered.


          • Todd says:

            Here is yet another facet of this Twilight zone, mind control. This is another agenda that’s been in place for decades, and again most folks have no idea what’s been going on. From television, to subliminal messages, and even undetectable sound waves. This insidious program is so warped, that most people can not believe it’s true, but that’s how they get it past us. I remember researching 9/11 and refused to believe our government would actually kill it’s citizens, and call them collateral damage. These programs need to come into the light so we can stop them, period. BTW, this program hardly scratches the surface, but there is a lot more info out there. It’s safe to say that every citizen of this country has been affected by this in some way. Hugs, Todd.


          • David Pirie says:

            Brother Todd – One thing has always pestered the back of my mind; having a point of view from Kanada allows for a different view than a large percentage of A merkins have!

            Many of our U.S. neighbors look at this as an attack or assault on AMerkin freedoms, but it’s far, far deeper trouble than that – it is the ENTIRE human race – we are NOT fighting to restore the Republic of the united states of America, we are NOT fighting to restore freedom that has been lost, we are fighting for a freedom which we have never, never had as a flock of sheep but which is deserved by each & all souls!
            There are no states that are not Police States and thus this is a planetary struggle, the likes of which humanity has never before attempted!
            We are fighting to spread the Freedom we know as awakened, free spirits. They cannot imprison my mind, my love, my spirit nor my soul and at this point, my physical self is still loose and free to venture afoot, so I realized some time ago, just as a man cannot escape from prison if he does not know he’s in a prison, just as they cannot seize my freedom with a simple prison.

            “They’re not gonna tell you you’re free if you don’t already know!” … from bill brockbrader’s wife.

            Let Boldness Light Your Path – potential anarchy rocks!
            Freedom IS manageable – take it!

          • Todd says:

            You’re preaching to the choir my brother! Sovereignty has nothing to do with national borders, in fact that idea is what perpetuates the illusion of separation. Our inherent Oneness supercedes all of that, whether we’re aware of it or not!

            Dave I’d like to call you and/or write you in person. If you’d like that, here is my e-mail. Since I don’t care who has it any more, it’s all good, :). rascalboy1161@comcast.net Put your name and from this site so I’ll know who it is, and have a brilliant week sir! Hugs, Todd.

          • ed says:

            NOW BE GONE
            AND SO IT IS….

            much has taken and is taking place, as we speak…..
            this is game, this sport…..to that which choose to alter HEART…
            THIS IS NOW NO MORE….
            TRUTH IS TRUTH
            ALL IS VISIBLE
            ALL IS NOW

            WE HOLD THE VIBE
            THIS IS IT
            RIGHT NOW

            ….and love Jean…we embrace that brilliant glorious glow
            of your most precious heart….love, Ed

          • Jean says:

            You’re unbelievable, Ed. 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • ed says:

        and mkultra….= Bourne movies….this is a favorite…love

        • ed says:

          wtc ’93….Waco…ok city….so…what else do we ask about…?

          = going from l.a. to nyc…vaccum tunnel in 1 hours time…
          = jump room from earth to mars….ok…what next…who controls what…
          WE DO
          TRUTH IS
          PEACE IS
          JOY IS
          LOVE IS
          LIGHT IS

          RIGHT NOW
          ……make your choice…make your stand…and BE !!!

        • ed says:

          and we play with quantum computing…so now guess what !!!!!

        • ed says:

          more re:movies
          Children Of Men = IS THIS THE BEST WE CAN DO???!!!
          == ‘tomorrow’ is the ship that comes into view in the last scene…..

          again…once….ONE der FULL…BEINGness
          THAT WE ALL ARE
          WE CAN DO THIS
          RIGHT NOW
          THIS IS IT

          WE BRING THIS IN
          RIGHT NOW
          AND NOW
          HERE IT IS
          …..just as you / I / me….
          = imagine = educe = materialize = repeat =
          IN PEACE
          IN JOY
          IN LOVE
          IN LIGHT
          HOLD THE VIBE
          LOVE IS ALIVE3

          TRUTH IS TRUTH
          ….and so are you……love, Ed

          ps…where do you / I / me….stand
          AS ONE
          AS LOVE

          …please Monty take a look and pls respond…

    • ed says:

      Crown Inn Courts….
      Crown Inn Banks….
      and oohh Peter….where art thou ?!!!…..lol…

      Royal = Islamic = Chinese BANKS….
      …got to get to that shore and bank…to save my life…
      and step over that bench and bar….to see where I STAND….

      NEXT !!!!!

      THIS IS IT

  8. Best essay I have read on the current situation. Knocked it out of the park! Thank-you!

    • Robert Miller says:

      Thank you Dee!

      • Todd says:

        I have read and followed many of the channeled messages for several years, and some of them have gotten so repetitive that I thought it appropriate to answer one of them. This response is for the Sheldan Nidle site, and states how many of us feel. We constantly hear that fixes are just around the corner, and having the carrot dangled before us now for years is getting old.

        Thanks Jean for this forum, and for allowing me to vent. Hugs, Todd.

        I imagine that I speak for a lot of folks when I say this, and at the risk of ‘pissing’ you all off, are you able to know how we FEEL? If so then get a clue. We already KNOW that the Galactics are out there, and always with us. We KNOW that they are doing everything they can to expedite this, and we KNOW it is an enormous undertaking, but how is this message any different from past messages of several years ago? You could insert this message into another one from 3 months ago, and it is amazingly the same. We’re doing the best we know how, but these constant unfulfilled promises are getting old. The light workers grow weary of hurry up and wait scenarios. Perhaps you should consider no further messages till these promises begin to manifest. It is difficult at best to hope for, visualize, pray for, and even co-create these needed changes when no one, not even the Galactics can tell us WHEN we may get to ‘critical mass’, and it’s always just around the corner!!! Is Nibiru a real threat, or has it already passed us by? Can the Galactics intervene if it becomes a threat to humanity? We’ve been told many times that they have stepped in with regards to nukes, chemtrails, and earthquakes, so why not this? I understand about the prime objective of non-interference, but dangling the carrot in front of us constantly takes it’s toll on our spirit. Take the time to consider this, and if/when these promises do begin to manifest, we’ll know what to do, you can step in to help as most of us would truly Love to meet you, and we’ll know if you have our best interests at heart! You have taught us to use discernment, and to tune into our hearts to help create this, so why not just wait along with the rest of us till we see some real results and signs of this ‘Event’. For years now it has been nothing but lip service, and we’re tired of hearing about it, and seeing no substantive outer world changes. Put up or shut up, with all due respect, and thanks for letting me vent, :). WE ARE REALLY TIRED OF HEARING THIS, AND SEEING NOTHING!! GET IT? Put yourselves in our shoes, and walk a mile or two, okay? We are pooped!!

        Any feed back would be welcomed of course!

        • Jean says:

          Todd, I feel sure I want to respond to your comment, butI’m walking out the door – will respond asap, and thanks for sharing here! Hugs, ~Jean

        • krusht2 says:

          “The Prime Directive”, from the beginning (being when I 1st. read the phrase), makes Cosmic Law sense, from “our” side, but MY head reminds me that I read it first in Heinlein’s beautiful S.F. writings! Settle down to contemplate or meditate; George Carlin got it correct: Withdraw to your seat and watch the show! There are many Light Workers now long passed who have waited, and many more of us yet waiting, still; despair or frustration only rot our inner peace – remember your ability to Love You!
          Peace Light Love Truth i am a dave

      • Todd says:

        This may rub some the wrong way Jean, but I have to admit this view has a point! Let me know how it feels to you, okay? Hugs, Todd.


        • Jean says:

          Well, Todd, it certainly did rub me the wrong way. I had no problem with Lucas’ ideas. . . even the paradigm into which we are moving is in the middle of the ‘scale’ so-to-speak. Some would say that it is not the highest in the octave, and they are right, but the middle, because it is a place of balance, is the best. Hugs, ~Jean

          • krusht2 says:

            Our Darling Jean – I have been peeking in from time to time – your messages are always upbeat, repelling anger, embracing Love. You represent a beacon for many, in many ways, I am sure!
            For myself, you are a beacon of stability on the shaky ground of emotional self-destruction/fear/anger. I am fortunate to have met you & your blog, Todd, Rob, this paradigm …
            Light Love Truth a dave

          • Jean says:

            Thank you so much Krush. . . I’m glad if you find us all here to be helpful . . we certainly need to come together right about now . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • krusht2 says:

          Wow – Bro’ Todd – That is a great piece – great viewpoint/attitude – and understanding how easily one can become not centered or ‘out of balance’ is simple. Also, when one IS centered/in balance, one’s ego is unaware of this, and that one will be a joy as company!
          dubble hugs ~ i am a dave

      • Dee says:

        You’re very welcome Robert and thank you for your exhaustive research and comprehensive work that you’ve shared here.

  9. Christina says:

    Thank you Jean and Robert for this in depth article and videos. I studied them for hours and understood it is high time we all unite and act as one people. The situation seems hopeless
    but at the same time many highly important decisions have been taken by the Galactic Counsel to help changes come forward. In the first video of the interview of the Galactic historian Andrew Bartzis (about 130 minutes after the start) he says that in March 2013 the decision has been taken to send “walk-Inns” to central power persons. He goes on to say that the Pope now is not how he used to be. And if we listen to Benjamin Fulford (January 20) we begin to understand why this Pope takes revolutionary decisions. To understand sudden changes of more central persons listen to these interviews (Jean, search machine).
    Thank you all for your tremendous work

  10. Rapid unveiling of the truth may be a signal, to acknowledge how far we strayed from our original blueprint, which is unity Consciousness, and that to live free, requires humans to free our individual mind. To understand this please watch ‘The Matrix Trilogy DE-CODED’ video, brilliantly presented by Mark Passio, who unveils the truth about humanity’s enslavement, and what is required to set ourselves free, at last! http://youtu.be/JvKEwr0iNA0

    WHAT IS the Matrix?
    WHY Are We IN the Matrix?
    HOW Do We GET OUT Of the Matrix? [Requires conscious change in a person’s thoughts, emotions, and actions]

    Destiny is a matter of choice not chance. With new awareness, deeper understanding of this rare period we are passing through, heart centered collaboration and cooperation, individuals can reach into the realm of all possibilities, and ‘choose’ the kind of future that will arise from chaos of the present.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Doreen! If I didn’t have to get back to bed, I’d post the video you suggest. I hope people will take advantage of it! Hugs, ~Jean

  11. algistd says:

    In Lies We Trust

    The world as we know it, is an illusion based on lies and deceit.

    If the world seems insane, it’s because it is run by insane people.
    Jobs at all cost us all.
    So stop going along to get along, because it is wrong and it does cost us all.

    Ignorance is not bliss, it is how we are all being used and abused.
    Blind trust will be humanities undoing.
    So stop believing blindly and question everything.

    You may think you are free, but really you are only free to conform.
    Truth is knowledge.
    Knowledge is power.
    Knowing the truth will set you free.

    This world is in a sad state of affairs and needs fixing.
    Actions speak louder than words.
    So grab a cause and get involved.
    Be the change you want to see.
    If you do nothing, nothing will happen.
    Deal with reality, before it deals with you.

    Psychopaths Rule Our Entire World – Politicians and Bankers are all Psychopaths

    Look at their eyes and you can see something is unnatural in there! I was thinking that it has always struck me, that when studying politicians and businessman in media they always seems to be totally out … Continue reading →http://helpsaveourkidsfuture.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/psychopaths-rule-our-entire-world-politicians-and-bankers-are-all-psychopaths/

  12. algistd says:

    War is a business. To get business you have to get customers to support your business. If people don’t to want to support your business, you have to deceive them. 9 Eleven was an illusion, a magic show made for tv and most of us bought into it. Here is how they did the magic.
    Posted on January 7, 2014

    Shock and Awe – Part 1 The Greatest Magic show on Earth

    Shock and Awe – Part 2 Where did the towers go.

    The terror factory. Manufactured wars. Part 3
    [video src="http://www.mediafire.com/watch/94p7bf1g2czpb3a/Shock_and_Awe_part_3.webm" /]

    Who’s the real terrorist? Part 4
    [video src="http://www.mediafire.com/watch/8m5b4g16p987xh0/shock_and_awe_part_4.webm" /]

    This documentary series reveals the truth for all to see.

  13. Todd says:

    This audio/video is a bit advanced for some, but I urge your readers to at least tune into around the 40-45 min. mark as it explains much of what we’re talking about here. Once again, it’s not about who’s ‘right’ and who’s ‘wrong’, or what’s ‘truth’ and what’s not. It’s about coming together and educating those that are still in fear of change. Those that are now in power, fear change, even if it is wonderful for everyone. Please listen to this 5 min. blurb and you will see what I mean. The entire video is excellent as well, but I know that some folks can’t make the time.

    Hugs, Love and Light, Todd.

  14. Roy G Biv says:

    The truth does not depend on who supports it. Truth is not a club or a matter of “opinion” or “belief”. Neither is truth a political or economic objective. Truth doesn’t have sides. The truth is singular and the truth is unifying. By reading Dr. Wood’s research and collection of evidence as compiled in her book the truth is known, so there is no need to “Re-investigate 9/11” or “call for a new investigation” unless the objective is to divert everyone away from the truth. If you want unity, then seek the truth by reading her book. If you were assigned to do a book report, would you read the book or rely on rumors, conjecture, and uninformed opinions from other people? This isn’t about beliefs, it is about evidence.

    • Jean says:

      So, you are saying the truth is the truth! The fact is though that we have many dissenting views about what the truth is. IMO, to get hung up on this debate is to miss the entire point. We are once again allowing ourselves to be divided as we waste time and energy focusing on something we cannot now know. What we can pretty much know is that the cabal is out to kill us, and they did so on 9/11 – and are continuing to do so right up until this very moment. We need to come together around this point. It is also obvious to anyone who does a small amount of research that exotic weapons are being used against us. . . weapons over which we have little or no control. We need to stop the people who are perpetrating this . . . Hugs, ~Jena

      • Roy G Biv says:

        I am sure that anyone who reads her book would agree – the evidence, without any analysis, stands on its own. I encourage anyone interested in this topic to check it out. After looking at the evidence, not necessarily any analysis of pieces of evidence, just the evidence itself, it is clear that no type of explosives could have been be used.

        The order of crime solving is to determine:
        1)WHAT happened, then
        2)HOW it happened, then
        3)WHO did it. And only then can we address
        4)WHY they did it.

        As Prof. Eric Larsen has stated,

        The scientific method, as it came into being during the Enlightenment period, is a method of thought known as empiricism or as the empirical method. Under the terms of empiricism, all conclusions are, must, and can be drawn from observable evidence and from observable evidence only. Evidence must precede any and every conclusion to be drawn from it. Then, if sound logic governs in the relationship between evidence and the conclusion drawn from it, that conclusion will be irrefutable.


    • Wake up sheeple. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Big Brother only has as much power as you grant him. Independent thought is powerful. Unless you enjoy being fleeced, leave the opinion herd and read Dr. Wood’s book too. It has been over 12 years since a secret technology was used to create terror and mass murder for the sake of imperialism and hegemony based on a fiat money system in its death throes. What are we as a people left with? A published scientific forensic investigation that concludes a Directed Energy Weapon “dustified” the World Trade Center complex and a group of shadowy people determined to suppress that evidence by any means. This is the sad reality that we live in. Wake up!


      • Robert Miller says:

        Thank you for posting this- it is excellent!

      • krusht2 says:

        The ‘sad reality’ is that this sad reality is not hundreds of years old, but thousands – is one truly to believe that the top of the heap (cabal) are not-controlled; is it really probable that these are free-willed humans or could the truth be, hidden in plain sight, that they, too, are simply annunaki tooltoys?

        ( … ouch, this thot hurt) Light Love Truth i am a dave

        • Todd says:

          Keep the faith brother Dave, there’s a real good chance that we’ll all live to see the ‘cabal’ wake up too. I am he, as you are me, and you are we, and we are all together. If we continue to think of this in terms of ‘us and them’, it only feeds the illusion of separation. Come together right now, over me!

          Love and Light, Todd.

          • Jean says:

            Todd, I think you are well-meaning, but I think you are living in never-never land. Many in the lower echelons may wake up, may be there against their will, but the cabal? I doubt it. Hugs, ~Jean

          • Todd says:

            I have been told many times Jean that I’m an idealist, and maybe that’s because I am aware of humanity’s true potential. I’m certain that as the vibrations on Earth rise, most of mankind will know instinctively to follow their hearts. As our numbers raise, the ‘cabal’ will have no choice but to join us or be quarantined. After all, if it wasn’t for them, how would we have known that we were being led down a path of self-destruction. We are all One, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and just because they insist on remaining blind to this Oneness, doesn’t mean that they won’t come around eventually. Duality cannot exist in the higher realms, it’s just meant as a stepping stone back to peace and Love. Remember, if it wasn’t for 9/11, we may have all been slaves by now. There’s a reason for everything Jean, and some things are just not meant to be known here and now.

            Hugs, Todd.

          • Jean says:

            Todd, without an emotional body, the cabal can’t go. Do you really think they have an emotional body? I don’t . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • Todd says:

            You may say, I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world can be as One! (John Lennon)

            Further proof that I’m not the only one Jean. This is from D at Removing the Shackles. I feel that this will resonate with a lot of your readers. Injoy and hugs, Todd.

            The intricate lace of One

            Posted: 22 Jan 2014 03:00 PM PST

            Lucas’ article today hit so many points with clarity that I cannot even begin to recite them all. I will say that one of the biggest points that jumped out for me was in this sentence:

            “None of you has the full big picture.”

            None of Us!

            This to me is one of the most important things that people need to realize: That there is absolutely no one out there, nor down here, that has all the answers. No ONE.

            I can give you my opinion, I can tell you what resonates with me, I can draw your attention to articles that I find very enlightening or that make my heart pound with internal yesness….. but it is only MY opinion and resonance. I can tell you what I think is/has/will happen…. I can tell you all that I dream and yearn for. But that is all I can give you- my perception and opinion. And that is all that anyone can give you, for the entire, complete answers remain hidden…. for now.

            We are all on a personal journey. Our paths intertwine and circle each other, creating an intricate web of the finest silken lace, and that is the beauty that we create. If we were all to follow the same course, believe exactly the same thing, repeat the same words, walk the same path, there would be no beauty of the elaborately spun webs that we have woven together. Instead there would be an expanse of boring broadcloth, evenly knitted and knotted threads with no grace or elegance, lacking in artistry and fascination.

            Therein lies the experiment, the experience of duality and separation. As we weave our paths in and around each other, touching for moments, either long or short, then spinning off in a different direction till our paths cross again, we strengthen our individual strands and create the most beautiful gossamer web of filigree threads. One thread alone might seem fragile and frail, and yet as millions of threads weave together in their intricate lacy dance, they become stronger than the thickest sheet of canvas.

            We are each alone responsible to our selves and for ourselves. You are on your journey, as I am on mine, and she is on hers and he is on his….. We lead only ourselves for only ourselves can tell us where we are going. Sometimes streams and pathways join together and then separate only to join up again later on. For me it truly IS about balance and flow. As I wind my way through the stream, I hold myself in balance so that I am not spun off course as other rivers and paths flow around me, yet in balance I can also flow with those streams.

            We are all, each and everyone of us, individuals strands. We are all equal and yet brilliantly different. Some times we need a reminder of that. A reminder that we are each on our own separate journey to Oneness and that our perception is solely our own. Can you kNOW where anothers path has been and where it is going? Can you kNOW what role they agreed to play in this masterpiece of separations and Oneness? Their path is theirs, your path is yours. Our paths criss-cross continuously and endlessly, and yet they are individual.

            We are the separate threads that create the beauty and brilliance of the intricate lace of ONE.

            Follow your path and you will see the beauty as it weaves itself behind you, but look ahead and you will see all the paths unfolding before you are just as beautifully intertwined.

            Love D

  15. Todd says:

    Aw shucks ma’am, tweren’t nothing. I can imagine as we become more in tune with our Oneness, any of us could have expressed these same thoughts. Sometimes the ability to put it into words is a gift, and sometimes I find both feet in my mouth too, but the difference Now is that it’s all good. We can all love ourselves and others despite our fears, frailties, and ‘mistakes’. That is what acceptance and Oneness is all about. Big hugs to you Jean and all who peruse these pages. What a magical journey humanity and Mother Gaia are on, and what a privilege it is to be here in the Now with you all. We’ll all get through this somehow, some way, and I say let’s enjoy the dance (marathon, lol), while we can. It is a doozy!!

    Injoy, in Love and Light, Todd.

  16. Todd says:

    It’s apparent by these comments that this controversy and others has emotions shaking to the highest rafters. We can lay blame on the global elite, the E.T. perpetrators, the E.T. ‘saviors’, the government, and even humanity itself, for co-creating and/or allowing this ‘fix’ we’re in.

    However, just for a moment, let us all get real with this and stay present, with our emotions, feelings, and finger pointing. As with any matrix or hologram, when we realize the truth of the ‘illusion’ and wake up to the fact that we are all One, we begin to realize that the ‘blame is illusory as well, and that in the Now is where we can change our reality for the better by intention, and co-creating the world of peace and Love that we all yearn for. Will this happen overnight? Most likely not, but at least we’re putting the energy of Love and Light into the ethers, and as most of us know, that energy will come back to us in some form eventually.

    Debating and bickering over who is ‘right’, and which DEW or explosives were used is moot at this point. It’s time to rise above this, and unite with the ideas of healing, discovering the truth, and doing the diligence it takes to bring peace and prosperity to all.

    Does this mean we can’t have closure without bringing the justice to light and/or the prepetrators to accountability? I’m not sure of this. How does forgiveness play into the closure of this? We as a society and race have got to come to terms with the fact that we en masse were duped, drugged, and somehow convinced that these fears and ‘problems’ were foisted on humanity by misfortune, when indeed we all played a role. Are there entities and globalists involved with hidden agendas wanting to control the masses and cull the herd of humanity? The evidence is mounting daily that this is the case, so the question Now is, what can we do collectively to change it?

    I am convinced that knowledge is power, and that by educating the sheeple and each other we can and will co-create a peaceful and beautiful new world together. As each day passes, and as we learn and grow together, remembering our Oneness, this has to happen. The victory of Love and Light is assured, because this is exactly what IS happening, So Be It!!

    Sincere Love and regards, Todd.

    • Jean says:

      Todd, thank you so much for repeating here in very special words the thinking of both Robert and me! WE must not let them divide us over this issue! We must stand together and say no matter how it happened, we know exactly who was behind it – and we’ve had enough. Many, many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • David Pirie says:

      Silly me, and silly we and thee, she, he and all the rest! Is it a ‘must’ to point to reasons when pointing means focusing on pointless concepts that are proven to lead to failure, have always led to failure in the past and probably will continue (reliably) to fail if exercised in the future!

      We can no-correct this mess; there is nothing in this mess to be reworked. Things must be re-discovered; first & foremost must be understood that “things” are not the things that we must work for, nor look for – “things” will always be there, or will be invented! It is the things we cannot say that we must cause to happen as needed!

      …. so there …

    • Robert Miller says:

      Yes Todd – beautifully said- I hear you and agree with the wisdom of your words – . Realize however, that there are millions of people awakening at this time – at various levels and in various scenarios of opportunity for hearing the truth. They are awakening to an understanding of what really is and has been going on here on planet Earth. There are many who are either at the point, or coming to a place where they are ready to fully awaken.
      In order to allow the greatest number to ‘get it’ and then in turn for others to get it – we must first clearly and simply reveal the True past – including the what and how’s of our collective history – otherwise we will – or could shut the gate too soon. Timing is everything- and so is the the presentation of The Real Truth.

  17. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    You have a commenter here who goes by an anonymous handle and it would be nice if this person would have a name….like wise owl or cool dude …..or some such thing……

    He/she hit the buttons that got triggered at least for me as far as this article is concerned…..

    Did you know that Dr. Judy has a standing invite to post at Veterans today?

    That is from the Duffster….with the ultra maximum security clearance that absolutely none of us has and can I say this……with my limited compartmentalized view of our gubbernment…..as it were….

    What I do understand quite frankly is that every agency of the US government has an armed fully powered police arm to deal with whistle blowers and I might add if you doubt what I say you are an idiot……as it were…..

    We have people in the field that do a job and then there is that management angle and I mean total corruption at a lot of levels yet some remain non corrupted……

    “The genuine 9/11 researchers can be liken to the blind men who were asked to describe an elephant. Each was correct but insisted that his was the one and only truth – that all the others were wrong. Nukes were used as well as this black ops molecular disruptor (which Woods calls a molecular dissociation device).”

    Dearest Jean this is the truth of the matter…..and so how many years have past since Camelot in America came to an end?

    I remember and I know what we lost……

    The issue is not the end of the American system which is one of the best systems of government that the world has ever seen but a renewal of said system……

    The trouble is in how to carry this out with huge corruption in most every level of our government….

    And to those of the opine that revolution is the only option I would advise extreme caution along such lines of thought…..might even be what some powers that be want…..

    I do believe that America is targeted for destruction but however, that is not a forgone conclusion since the large lady has not song her final song…..as it were….

    Dearest Jean,

    This article triggered more anger and fear than any other that I have read on your blog…..and the anger trigger was the most profound…..

    Why is this so? And of course who would do such things?

    When I go outside upon our radioactive landscape as many proclaim I feel connected to the source of all things and many things become clear and yet I remain in a fog about many other things and so I have no clear way of saying anything else……


    • David Pirie says:

      Dear Nine – It seems that anger & confusion certainly manifest every time one tries to reason ‘Why?’. What is the motive of the end game? Is it the insatiable appetite for Earth’s gold of our annunaki “creators”, or is it simply the perpetual consumption by the “archons” of earthlings’ negative energies as manifested in fear, illness, slavery, war, abuse, envy, greed ad nauseum!

    • Robert Miller says:

      Nine – You used a lot of dots……in your comment. I did though (I think) get the drift of what you are expressing….
      My answer to you is this – The mass of humanity is asleep; put ‘under’ and into a hypnotic trance with intention and by design….
      WE have been tip toeing through the tulips for a very long time….Some would have us play a never ending game of ring around the rosie, however what Jeannie and I believe and the intention and purpose of writting and releasing the article is – What the world needs now is not more ‘love sweet love’ – instead it needs a cold wet bucket of ice water – The Truth -‘lovingly’ thrown on people to wake them up! Then together with awake and aware people, in the spirit of Love & Truth restore the planet to order and beauty!

      You say you have never seen so much anger and fear resulting from any other post on Jean’s blog. Having been exposed to the truth, people are going to be a little pissed off, angry – outraged, or even enraged because the depth and breadth of the individual and collective violation is almost unfathomable. Thank God – not for the atrocities – but for the anger around realization of the the Truth of what and how these things occurred. That’s what its going to take for people to WAKE UP! The anger breaks the spell – Knowing the Truth of how it happened prevents it from re-occurring! One is then set free from the hypnosis of the unreal matrix which has been so insidiously woven for a very long time.
      No one is calling for – or wants to feed into a civil war – we are calling for a mass awakening! One calling for full disclosure – and a return to the constitutional laws and rights that have been violated by the elite and taken from us in order to serve them and their purposes – while at the same time awakening to our innate and inherent power and compassion (Love) and the wisdom – design and control of Truth.

  18. Nancy C says:

    I’ve known about the WWII gold heists, Federal Reserve, 911 & other false flag events, suppressed technologies, ET cover up, etc but I’ve never before had it all put together so 3D beautifully. This is more than “connecting the dots”. What Robert has managed to do is string the dots together in a logical, linear, historical progression of awful things the cabal has done so that by the time we reach 911 one’s reaction is a kind of, ‘well of course “they” did it. It’s “connecting the dots” to make a lovely noose around the cabal’s neck.

    I think connecting Eisenhower’s famous comment to the Kennedy assassination was brilliant. It’s previously always been an abstract comment to me. Now it looks like a “look for an assassination coming to a president near you” moment. I’m also beginning to wonder what secrets may have been passed down through the generations of Ike’s family. What stories might great granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower have heard? http://www.examiner.com/article/whistleblower-laura-magdalene-eisenhower-ike-s-great-granddaughter-outs-secret-mars-colony-project

    The take away is that many of the cabal’s actions emanate from ET suppression because that’s at the core of oil based currency. My chiropractor recently commented that a lot of Big Pharma products are also oil based which is why Big Pharma’s profit take is second to Big Oil. I remember reading a few years back that the profits of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies equaled the profits of the remaining 490 combined on Fortune Magazine’s top 500 list. http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2004/jul/15/the-truth-about-the-drug-companies/?pagination=false

    One thing that doesn’t make sense to me with oil being one of the underpinnings of cabal power is why did “they” do Fujiyama and the BP oil spill? This seems to at least begin the process of effectively undermining continued cabal suppression of advanced energy & healing technologies. All I can think of is the Cabal must have expected a quicker human die off than they’re getting.

    I really enjoyed Robert’s article because it’s empowering in a 3D way. Yes, I know we have been and will continue to receive off world help. I found Robert’s laying out how the cabal built their evil “breakaway civilization” encouraging because it shows us how fragile the base is. And here’s this beautiful quote: “The technology and the finances clearly exist to clean our planet, feed the hungry, and extend quality healthcare to every human being on the face of the earth!”

    Years ago during an interview with Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock commented, “This is a frequency war”. As I see it, that means I kind of have my own DEW & can connect with others to disassociate the Cabal. I can continue raising my own consciousness by staying out of fear and following James Gilliland’s advice to be love and kindness and “set boundaries” around those that don’t or aren’t yet able to.

    • Jean says:

      Oh, Nancy, this is such grand thinking! I’m going to ask Robert to respond to his own article! Thank you so much. . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Robert Miller says:

      Thank you Nancy, I very much appreciate your ‘3-D’ assessment and your reference to frequency. 🙂

    • David Pirie says:

      First of all, I’m wondering, for all of those who ‘Know’ all this stuff (which is probably ALL true), why is no one asking why? What is the motive? Two billion to serve one million? For what purpose? As Ray’s brother Robert would say, “This is whack!”. Where is the motive? Where does GOLD go?
      … it couldn’t be the annunaki … not ‘god’ … no, it could … oh, yeah, … Bill Hicks maybe got it ri…
      My question is legion – Why are there so many Fakers ignoring the Fakirs? – so many Whizzers ignoring the Wizards? – so many Whiners ignoring the Winners? So much Wisdom with no one the wiser! i am a dave

  19. ed says:




    I AM JOY



    TO JOY



  20. Pete H says:

    I see RJM is a proponent of the “Breakaway Civilization” concept. This is an idea brought forth by my personal favourite historian, Richard Dolan. He really starts getting into the birth, growth and development of the Breakaway Civilization, as he sees it, starting at the 7 minute mark, through to 16 minutes in. Then he goes into how he came up with the concept, and who/what he knows about it until the end of this 21 minute segment from his weekly, Monday night radio show, which can be heard on kgraradio.com 9-11pm EST.

  21. anonymous says:

    The genuine 9/11 researchers can be liken to the blind men who were asked to describe an elephant. Each was correct but insisted that his was the one and only truth – that all the others were wrong. Nukes were used as well as this black ops molecular disruptor (which Woods calls a molecular dissociation device). The cabal desperately wants us to look only at this black ops device because it is not admissible in a US court on the grounds of national security. Gordon Duff understands this well and explained it to Pete Santilli

    “10:07 Gordon:
    I can tell you very simply, is that people do not want to bring this forward, and for this reason, because Judy Woods’ information involves blaming 9/11 on a technology so classified that no criminal court could ever be won. because they can immediately quash the caes based on national security. So Judy Wood falls into their hands. You’d be better off saying they blew it up with dynamite, through an entire train load as it would have to be 50 miles long okay? You know how much energy we’re talking about here, because everything she’s saying; the problem is that it feeds into their hands. It’s not that they want her silenced…. ”

    That was the transcript of part of this show:

    As for no radiation, perhaps you should like to listen to Alec Jones who confirmed that there was radiation:

    Alex said he went to a lot of trouble to check if there was any radiation and he did found such evidence.

    Finally, I should point out that these people are Satanists. They operate under very strict rules; one of which is that they must tell you what they do (although they are permitted to hide it in such a way that it’s barely perceptible).

    Someone described their tactics:
    ” I’ve noticed them using two approaches: they tell blatant lies and/or reveal clear clues which can easily be discerned (“warning words”), or they show us a clear symbol to know them by (a “warning symbol”), In V’s case, he is showing everyone a warning symbol. If you don’t bother to look into the meaning behind it, the Satanists figure you deserve what you get. After all, if someone wears a T-shirt that says “I am a con man,” asks you for money with some made-up sob story, and you give it to him, can he really be blamed for what he did? No, the blame lies with you. Just remember…
    If they offer you a lie you want to believe in, and you accept it despite all warnings, you are the one buying it; they aren’t forcing it on you.”

    They have been telling us very blatantly for over 12 years that they used nukes to bring down the WTC. It’s out in the open – that’s how they like to hide it. The information lies in what everyone calls the place where the WTC once stood. They call it “Ground Zero”. If you look up the meaning of ‘ground zero’ in the old dictionaries you have at home, you’ll find that there would only be one definition. That is what you call a place that has been nuked.

    After 9/11, the US government sent people out to switch all the dictionaries in the public domain. The replacements differed only in the meaning of ‘ground zero’. They show extra definitions for that term, to obfuscate the original single meaning.

    For example, if you have a genuine old Merriam-Webster dictionary, you would see this:
    ground zero n (1946) : the point directly above, below, or at which a nuclear explosion occurs.

    The replacement books (even of old editions) show two extra definitions and this is what you’ll see:
    ground zero n (1946) 1 : the point directly above, below, or at which a nuclear explosion occurs. 2: the center or origin of rapid, intense, or violent activity or change 3: the very beginning : SQUARE ONE

    Have a look at this video:

    At 6:05 mins, he shows the old and new definitions of ‘ground zero’.

    So ask yourself, if there is nothing to hide, why has have all the dictionaries been switched? Khalezov covers this topic in his book on 9/11 which you can read at:

    Finally I should point this out to those of you who are so desperate to hide the truth: Your time is over. There are very powerful cosmic forces at play. Soon, everyone have to make their own individual decision based on full knowledge of the facts. There is a tsumani coming and you will be swept away. You cannot continue to deny people their entitlement. You should also note that souls are NOT immortal and if your actions are so reprehensible, your souls will be erased. Those who wield the sword of justice will not be thwarted. I serve Prime Creator. Who do you serve?

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Anonymous! and hugs, ~Jean

    • Robert Miller says:

      Anonymous- It has been 48 hours since the release of Down the Rabbit Hole and the response has been incredible! Jeannie and I have been following the responses coming back closely and it seems that the article is kicking up a lot of dust! This is great, and the area encountering the most resistance, is the area which we had anticipated. Namely, the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings and how this was achieved. So far not one response out of hundreds has come in advocating or even trying to support the 19-box-cutters-two plane-three buildings down theory! Not one!

      Can we push beyond the matter of “controlled demolition” or “directed energy” by moving on with a very realistic compromise? One which will connect us, all those who have been bold enough to question and look beyond the official version? Neither those promoting the kinetic type of ‘advanced weaponry technology’ or ‘advanced directed energy technology’ know absolutely for certain that whatever ‘brought the buildings down’ or ‘made them disappear’, ‘pulverized’ or ‘dustified’ them was mutually exclusive. In reality, it was probably a combination of both types of technology — and in a real sense, someone or group directed and controlled their destruction. So both groups are in a sense correct.

      The same debate comes up regarding how the massive flooding at Fukushima was achieved, resulting in the catastrophe there. Was it done with mini nuke weapons embedded into the ocean floor, as has been Ben Fulford’s position, or was the disaster caused by weather manipulation technology?

      In one sense it doesn’t make that much of a philosophical difference.

      The fact is, the cabal has all types of technologies to achieve their destructive goals. They, the cabal, the ‘bad guys’, have already ‘moved on’ by deploying Mass Weapons of Plausible Deniability (weather manipulation) in the example of Hurricane Sandy, and so then must we move on. We must get to the point where we really understand they have at hand — and are using — these types of weapons (including chemical and biochemical) if we are going to have any hope of seeing the big picture. We need to look at all possibilities, and not get hung up and misdirected ourselves by fighting, and falling into the cabal psy-op trap of divide and conquer

      • Jean says:

        Thanks, Robert and hugs, ~Jean

      • Robert Miller says:

        P.S. there is a whole lot more to the story and staying stuck on any one area prevents continued exploration of all the rabbits network of trails and tunnels completing and fully exposing the BIGGER PICTURE

      • David Pirie says:

        You have answered clearly and well, Robert – the need to be ‘sure’ about something is another ego exercise for when we feel we MUST HAVE an opinion and that humans MUST “believe” themselves to be right – of course there is a HUGE PROBABILITY of multiple methodologies and wasting energy in debating is like trying to pick pepper out of fly shit! From the first moments of hearing Judy Woods info I felt exactly that way – Judy Woods feels sure of her side but I don’t think there’s anything else barred from possibility!

        People think “If you don’t KNOW, shut yer mouth!” – I think “If you don’t know, open your mind!”

      • Jean says:

        Anonymous, I don’t believe in threatening people, as in “You have been warned.” That doesn’t work for me here on my blog . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  22. ed says:

    ..there is a lot going on here…in this post…
    …these words came to me…to share….

    THANK YOU…..

    Heisenberg = Observer Affects / Effects ALL
    Tesla = ALL Is Free
    Braithwaite = ALL Is Unity
    I = YOU = WE = ALL IS LOVE

    ……..love, from=form………Ed

    ps…just sit ‘them’ in a room and ask ‘them’
    how ‘they’ did this….we know why….
    (we also know how….and is it not kind to ask on behalf of all)

  23. ed says:

    Kryon 11 Jan 2014 ‘Central Core’ = 7 =
    == http://youtu.be/dzP51jexPBk ==

    Thanks Jean for all you do and be….
    ….re-reading a comment wanted to add this as well….




    …so the suggestion is to see…

    TO ALL


    ……again, thank you is, and love is, beyond words, love, Ed


    • Jean says:

      😉 Thank YOU, Ed, and hugs, ~Jena

      • ed says:

        well Jean…we know that many of us are beginning this wonder full process….
        of be coming who we in TRUTH…ARE…BE…DO…
        my background is beyond BLESSED….due to my mentors…and all those who KNOW…
        VERN WOOLF
        FRED BELL
        ED LEWIS
        my family members at skunk works…
        my historic family members one and all…
        brought us all to here, right now…..
        as have all of our family members……

        …so we love……all is well…..next step…NOW…..love, Ed

        …and here we go…..!@1….. ;=98)

  24. ed says:


    IT IS

    IN JOY







    = PORTAL =

    ……what is it that you / me / we are asking for….
    perhaps as we notice ‘UNITY’…


    ….with all my heart…..in love…..love, Ed

    IT IS


  25. Jean says:

    Thanks, JM. We’re intendoing to do some of this posting asap. I have these articles already on my site from a couple years ago, so I just need to find them and repost them. Thanks also for your other comments and suggestions. I think I’ve answered the one in a Comment to someone else . . . Also, thanks for sharing and sharing and sharing this word. I don’t think I”m safe anymore, so continue to get this word out. Hopefully, it is too late for them to shut the ‘real’ truth down anymore . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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  27. Excellent! This is a great piece for someone who has no knowledge of the events leading up to where we are today. Thanks a bunch to you and Robert!

  28. 2012thebigpicture says:

    Reblogged this on 2012 The Big Picture and commented:
    Thanks for sharing, Jean. Good stuff.

  29. Nine says:


    I totally get what you are saying about Duff and I think there is more to him than he might show but who knows that for sure and BTW who gets things “right” all the time.

    We have had plenty of “truth” told in the so called alternative media and yet little openly has changed my comments were directed at those on the net who are openly calling for armed resistance to this Government.

    Duff’s point in the article? We the people are being conditioned for a coup!

    So does one run to either the liquor store the gun shop or do we raise our level of conscientiousness?

    You know which one I have chosen Jean…..


  30. Renee doyle says:

    I have a question that has bothered me immensely. When the cabal gets what it wants, us useless eaters gone, then what? “They” would exist but who will they rule, use and abuse? Who does the domestic duties, the dirty parts of life? What exactly do they do with all…everything they have ? Seems a zero point game to me.
    I do believe 99% of what you write. One only needs to hear with both ears to what they say in terms of THEIR benefit, to get it. Gosh, people really can be stupid. But it’s that one nagging question that tugs at my ear at night….

    • Jean says:

      Renee, I think Agenda 21 talks about a half a million people remaining to serve them. . . Someone, please correct me if I”m wrong.

      Also, you speak of the situation as if the cabal has already won. I think not 😉 Please don’t give them your power in your words. . . please 😉 🙂 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • half a*billion*. This is on the Georgia Guidestones,”MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE”. But no worries, they will be defeated!

      • Renee Doyle says:

        I put it that way because the question must have that assumption to make sense. Stll, the whole world with that low population begs the question for me. I can whole-heartedly say that I do not believe they will win. Thank you for your work!

    • David Pirie says:

      Darling Renee – You miss the large, magical, point –> “they” (cabal, illumnd, masons, …) are no more than puppets while they run things as ordered by the “gods” (Annunaki) or the “archons”, or whomever it is feeding on the deliciousness of human misery – there is no nefarious “nazi” brotherhood, the fascists are controlled thugs, zionism is another tool of mentalists (alfs) while all of humanity is the “victim”!

      WE were “created” by others, not “God”, within the Laws of Universal Intelligence or CosmosControl!

      there now – i have just created another matrix of beliefs for us – want to share my new religion

      … or, I might rather think, this is exactly the discontent that growls in your bowels as your true consciousness says: “… this is NO explanation!”

  31. Roy G Biv says:

    To quote Dr. Eugene Mallove, Fire From Ice (1999): Ockham’s Razor is too easily forgotten. In science, the simplest unifying theory or connection is often most appopriate… Use extreme caution in dismissing experimental results just because theory suggests they are “impossible” Theory must guide science, but it should not be in the driver’s seat.”

    Dr. Judy Wood correctly shows that characteristics of the Hutchison Effect(an experimental disruption and levitation effect of field interference) are present at the World Trade Center Complex on 9/11. Further information can be found at http://www.drjudywood.com/articles/JJ/

  32. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    The method of the 9/11attack is a State secret held right out in the open. Am I saying that Dr. Wood should/should not be believed as a truth teller?

    No….that is not the issue here and for folks looking for truth the truth is that energy beam weapons technology is highly classified by the US government and can not be evidence in a criminal court of law. Even the official 9/11 report has 28 pages of redacted highly classified material on the issue of foreign government involvement in this attack.

    We are in the midst of an American civil war ….right now as we speak …..and yes there are American factions and very powerful ones involved in this…..now….

    I believe that the American military refused to commit suicide with another mid eastern war and that Obama and Hegal and Dempsey are clearly in charge and have purged hundreds of very senior and high level officers.

    However, there appears to be a shadowy extremely powerful entity even above this level and we and I mean all of us here would be very wise in who we support and if we should rise up against the “system” since revolutions seem to make it worse for the people after the violence is over…..

    And with that said…..please read this chilling article from Gordon Duff over on press TV……and is it not funny that we have to hear this from Gordon coming form a so called enemy’s media system?


    I personally have made my choice in the matter which is the preservation of our current form of Government including all of its warts for anything else that I have heard proposed is simply terrifying to me and will not go well for the people…..

    Is this view correct?

    Time will certainly tell…..as it were…..


    • Jean says:

      Nine, if I may, I’d like to suggest that you not put all your eggs in one basket with Duff. He doesn’t always get everything ‘right’. I’ve read his article – and I think he doesn’t see the future as a spiritual person would. . . for whatever this may be worth to you 🙂 Hugs, ~JEan

    • David Pirie says:

      “OUR” present form of government is proven over the ages to be a false concept based on flawed conceptual forms for “governments”, the evils of Kapitalism (have you ever thot to read “Das Kapital”. You bluepillers amaze me! I apologize in advance if you miss my point!

  33. nan says:

    Hi Jean, all of the above is very easy to get so to speak, all of this i have found here at this blog from you with links etc to all of this information. congratulations on such a great job of putting it all together in such a way that all can understand. As you say they are just two pivotel points in this long planned conspiracy the final parts of this conspiracy are in play now with the deliberate collapse of the economy world wide. As you said time is of the essence. We are living in a sci-fi horror film and people still can’t see it. Thank goodness for all those who are doing what they can to expose and fight this, Yourself Jean, Robert, Neil and his merry men, Judy wood, Thrive movement, Dr Keshe, and so many more all working tirelessley against the mad scientists who won’t stop untill they are Stopped!!! big hugs to all

    • nan says:

      ps, reading all the comments here today is wonderful some say they can feel the conscienceness of the planet rising I absolutly agree with that, the more “They” do to us now and the more blatent about it they are (in plane sight) the more people are waking up. Most definatly Good vibrations comming from here and all around the world. love nan

    • Jean says:

      Thank you Nan, from my heart to yours 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  34. Dennis Campbell says:

    His article is prerequisite reading for all. Judy Wood has written all you could want to know about DEWs as its in her field of expertise. These are simply the developed work of Tesla stolen by the break-away society and paid for by US. Jean, I trust your driving, so if we take the road less travelled perhaps we’ll see some sights the others won’t (including those in the back seat only slightly behind us in time). At this point the dots are beginning to connect themselves. What a ride!

  35. JR says:

    To Jean and Robert a most sincere thank you for expending such great time and energy to weave these facts/truths together into this tale of two very ancient and divergent histories, now being played out to culmination in the arena of Planet Earth and its human inhabitants. I see one as being the story of the glorious Act of Creation by Source sending forth the Power and Energy of Light and Love, the other the nefarious and willfully arrogant attempt to destroy that Creation by the abuse of the powerful energy of Light and Love. The battle between “God-given” exercise of free will to humankind vs. usurpation of that free will by violent oppression and control by a great pretender. The fall into darkness began with “I will be like the Most High God”. Because we are “in the image and likeness of God”, our kind must be uncreated; there can be nothing remaining of that God-Seeding.” Hatred and jealousy is turned into insanity and eventual self-destruction as its once great Light is soon to be extinguished forever, adrift in non-existence and outer darkness. . . . So here we are today, after eons and eons of no-time, flowing into now time, as more and more of the story comes from out of the darkness into the Light of Truth, and the agenda is being exposed. This beautifully written manifest of detailed truths with corroborating evidence will hopefully prove to be a wake up/shake up for all who choose willful ignorance, especially. This has been going on for a long, long time, but only now is it being exposed by the Light, and the darkness being dispelled. Everything is about energy — for creation or destruction. I recall a statement made by Vedic astrologer, Joni Patry, that fits into our evolving story outcome, “The ‘illusion’ can be broken, and we can’t deny the truth any more. The truth must come out, and it will be shocking to some people.” She indicated that this should begin to occur around the full moon on January 15. Right on. Perhaps the shock and awe, or shock and horror of it all, is what it takes for our eyes to be suddenly wide open. Then the truth of the particulars of the events can take hold in our awareness, in spite of our dumbed-down minds and calcified pineal glands, and awaken the energy of our hearts to unite in Love and Light, rise up from our hands and knees posture, and say, NO MORE…HELL NO…NO WAY… NEVER EVER AGAIN…EVER !! ~Today’s Oracle Report shares some very important words, as well, albeit more gently said.~

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, JR, for this beautiful expression of your thoughts and understanding of what Rob and I did. I knew the 15th was an important date 🙂 and although we missed by maybe a few minutes, I think we began to nail the story – and the cabal.

      To everyone, I ask that you share this story far and wide . . .

      thanks again, JR, it is words like yours that I treasure. I wish I could write as you do 🙂 It’s almost oetry 🙂 . . . from a very tired and gratefu ~Jean with hugs . . 🙂

      • JR says:

        Oh yeah, I’ll drink to that nailin’ o’ the story — perhaps a shot of Jameson, which I hear can blow one’s kilt, dependin’ on your geography 😀 You did not miss the date — only approximate, not arbitrary, or as Joni said, “around” the full moon on the 15th — a super moon. You did a super lunar, stellar, galactic, universal BAM !! And, you definitely DO write as I do — from the Heart. I do have to admit that sometimes a lot of what I’d really like to say is choked in my throat — all those naughty expletives strung together in extremely imaginative trains of deliciously rude and crude smackdowns. Thank you for your generous reply. Rest, knowing that you have shed Light into the darkness of ignorance — like crystalline radiance refracting off a prism. Many hugs of comfort and encouragement !!

  36. Tim says:

    Thank you very, very much for such amazing insights on many levels of the rabbit hole. We can never get too much info. on these topics as everyone on planet Earth needs to be enlightened. Great job Jean and team Keenan and all who work for freedom and liberation. I will continue to spread the word to anyone who will listen. Thanks, again.

  37. Greater Arcana says:

    I don’t know if you all can feel it, but the collective consciousness just went up a few notches after listening to that.

  38. Jaya Deva says:

    micro Nukes have very different detonation characteristics than what people have been led believe Nuclear explosions to be… I personally believe that the kitchen sink was used on the buildings. Not one demolition technique but many is my call… Backup systems had to be in place… look at the real time decision to “Pull” building 7, it could not had happened unless there were backups in place,,, Those buildins HAD to go down… any way possible…

    • Robert Miller says:

      Yes- it could have been a combination of kinetic explosives and DEW’s- as you state those buildings HAD TO COME DOWN- kinetic charges might have also been utilized to separate the floors from ‘ground’ to facilitate the DEW. Too much physical evidence however has been presented by Dr Wood to dispute the her basic premise of DEW as the primary or exclusive cause for the destruction.

  39. LizH says:

    Awesome article. Thanks for your work Robert and Jean. A tremendous effort to fit so much knowledge in such a condensed and easy to read format.

    I have followed Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and highly suggest his books (in agreement with awakening2truth) and website – gizadeathstar.com. Catherine Austin Fitts hosts the solari.com website. It’s $30/month subscription – if only signing up for one month as a member – her recorded audio/transcripts with Dr Farrell are some of the best material on the web of the breakaway civilization and the harvesting of trillions of dollars for the hidden space programs.

    For an incredible read into JFK’s assassination – look no further than Peter Janney’s book – Mary’s Mosiac. Janney’s father was in the top echelon of the CIA and it is an inside look at the black ops of assassination, murder, and coverup of our hijacked government. http://www.marysmosaic.net/

    Thanks again Robert and Jean for such an incredible read.


    • Jean says:

      Thanks so much, Liz! Wowowowowowoe!! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Robert Miller says:

      Yes, and E. Howard Hunt at the time of his deathbed confession to his involvement in the assassination refers to the special relationship- between Mary Myers and JFK- thank you for sharing this very significant fact!

  40. Susanne R says:

    Amazing work, Jean and Robert! Concise and very easy to understand! And it all makes perfect sense, pieces to the puzzle fitted tightly to show exactly what we are up against. Not pretty, to be sure, but I have faith that we and the many other followers of Dr. Wood’s work can help educate the rest.
    And you are too modest, Jeanie. You ARE a hero. Make no mistake. I’m sure Neil would agree.
    Thank you so much for all you do.
    With much love and respect.

  41. Itsinthenumbers says:

    I just can’t see how we are going to do this without the help from the ET’s. I think we need an “Every Eye Shall See” event, because that’s what it’s going to take for everyone to accept the truth. People are not even reading main stream news anymore, never mind alternative news. Most people have their hands over their ears and their eyes shut tight . They have their heads down and DON’T WANT TO KNOW, they want to live in their own little bubbles of perceived safety and not rock the boat. Absolutely, I think the time has come for the truth, we’ve gone as far as we can go without going over the edge completely. Ready or not… it’s time to wake up! As much as we would like to gently shake them out of their slumber, time would suggest we use an air horn. The way I see it, the deck is stacked against us. Nothing short of a grand entrance is going to do it.

    • Tim says:

      Love your post…I agree completely. Take off the gloves. No more Mr Nice Guy on this issue. SNAP OUT OF IT!!! Time to wake up world!!! Oh, and grow up and grow some balls after you wake up. It might get messy and you might get a little dirty and bloody but it will be worth it.

    • JM says:

      Hi ..numbers,
      I agree with your comment “As much as we would like to gently shake them out of their slumber, time would suggest we use an air horn.” For years I have tried politely to tell people what is going on, gave them DVDs and articles to read. I have largely been talking to the wall. Now I simple tell them directly that if they don’t change their lifestyle to move out of the matrix, they are part of the problem endangering not just themselves but everyone and likely committing their kids to, at best, a life of total servitude or more likely a very shortened life. I do it as politely as I can while sending the message right at them. Works a little better.

  42. J Reynolds says:

    Supurb summary of a complex story. Kudos. Thank you.

  43. Todd says:

    Dearest Jean, :). No, no, no, I’m not saying any of that. What I’m saying is that getting these truths out to the masses and sheeple is what will turn the tide in our favor. Perhaps they will use them again, but until the masses are aware that they even exist, how can we en masse take any action. This info is unifying the world and giving us all the power and option to take action against this insidious agenda and those responsible. Rest assured that those responsible will be held accountable at some point. Education of truth leads to knowledge, wisdom, sovereignty, and true freedom. As for arresting them? No worries Jean. As the masses become aware, the time will come when they will be rounded up and justice will be served. I’m not looking for vengeance here, just accountability and healing. We can’t really put any of this behind us until the entire scenario has been uncovered.

    Who knows what other weapons they may have in store, but bringing this info into the light, is what will eventually bring them down. That is what is their Achilles heal. They can deny the truth all they want, but this truth will also be their downfall. As you mentioned, I have no fear of retribution on any front either. The awakening of humanity is happening right before our eyes, and you can bet there is much more to come.

    I guess my point here is that taking care of what we can do to stop them at this point is to spread this truth and info far and wide. The evidence speaks for itself, and will eventually lead to their demise. However that happens is in the future and will occur step by step in accordance with the Divine Plan that is manifesting daily. No worries, no fears, just knowing in our hearts that this is meant to be, and will take the consciousness of mankind en masse to higher vibrations collectively. It’s all part of the game plan, and we are all playing out our roles to perfection, :).

    We are Love, we are Light, and perhaps indeed, we are God!! We cannot lose this dearest. This knowingness is just a means to the end that we all hold sacred. Peace on Earth, and a return to forgiveness, Love, and grace. So Be It!!

    It’s apparent that this is a hot topic, and further proof that more and more of us want to get to the bottom of it!

    Sincere Love and regards to all that have addressed this and continue to demand the Truth, Todd.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Todd, I clearly didn’t understand you – and I hope this is a hot topic, because we decided it surely needed to be a hot topic!! 🙂 Hugs and thanks, ~Jean

    • Robert Miller says:

      Thank you Todd- your words of understanding are so clearly and beautifully expressed!

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  45. Melody says:

    On a positive note please check out new earth project. If we all join together in this we could make huge changes for our our planet and all her children.

  46. Ines Radman says:

    Awesome work Jean and Robert. This is a great primer for those that are just now starting to open their eyes. You are a true warrior Jean, just remember to take care of yourself first 🙂

  47. Craig says:

    Hi Jean, I wanted to send you an email but I can’t find your email on the site. I appreciate what you are doing with your blog and this article in particular was very interesting. Most of what was contained in it I already knew but it is written in a manner that puts everything into perspective and gives a timeline that helps understand the whos and whys of it all.

    My question is this. What can we do? I will be honest I consider you to be a hero because you put this information out to the public and we both know that TPB can’t be happy with you. In my view you are putting your life on the line by doing this and to me that makes you a hero. To continue my honesty, I am not a hero. I am not willing to risk my life or that of my family to try to educate or open the eyes of people who don’t seem to want to be educated. Why risk everything trying to show people the truth when they obviously don’t want to see it? So many people have given their lives trying to do this very thing and what has it accomplished?

    So my question means literally what can we do? You have spent years trying to open the eyes of the public and aside from a few who are willing to see the truth, the majority just keep living their lives in what I call “Ostrich Mode”. In other words, burying their heads in the sand hoping it will all go away. The way I see it is that uless the majority of the people in the world unite and stand up to this Industrial Military Complex and tell them we have had enough, it doesn’t seem like there is much we can do. Individually they will just kill us and keep on going but if the majority of us stood up together it would be hard for them to kill us all. Thus my question of what can we do. I just feel so helpless because I am not willing to be a hero like you and risk my everything for people who seem indifferent and yet I know that unless something is done the world is screwed.

    Anyway, thank you for what you do. You are a hero without a doubt.

    • Jean says:

      Craig, I don’t see myself as a hero at all. I’m just not afraid of them – not that I didn’t used to be, mind you, but I got over it. What can they take from me, really? My life? But I’ve been close enough to death to know death feels like I’m going from a place that hasn’t been very kind to me. When I leave this earth, the only thing I feel like I can take with me is how I chose to live my life, and I don’t want to live in fear of these ‘schmcks’, if you will forgive me. Let me think about your question, because I think somehow that just understanding the ‘real’ truth – and it doesn’t have to agree with mine – might be enough. It is hard for me to say what’s right for someone else. .. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Robert Miller says:

      Thanks Craig- Exposure is their Nemesis- the article was intended to explain and provide various starting point topics and levels for larger discussion- help get the word out!

    • David Pirie says:

      Craig, my brother; I believe you may find some explanation (tho little comfort) as to why people refuse to hear your speaking or cannot see in their sleeping state. As the teaching seeker Gurdjieff postulates – “How is a man to escape if he does not know he is in prison?”

      I’m sure you’ll find this site to be of help – meanwhile, protect your sanity – try not to convince ANY one or you may injure yourself – try to use DISCERNMENT in who you approach, as your energy has finite limits (and yes, I concur, we can expand those limits with practice & exercise!

      Let boldness light your path … potential anarchy rocks!! …
      Freedom is manageable … take it!

      Peace Light Love Truth i am a dave

    • Dee says:

      Craig, perhaps those asleep will go from “ostrich mode” into the ‘hundredth monkey’ theory and as they awaken they will awaken others in a wave of enlightenment that shall set us all free. xoxo Dee

  48. Todd says:

    With all due respect Jean, in my humble opinion, exactly what happened that day and how it was perpetrated, pales in comparison as to who was behind it, and holding them responsible. Obviously the evidence of 9/11 being an inside job is overwhelming, and continues to mount. The official report is simply BS on many fronts. As far as the AE 9/11 truthers go, isn’t it possible that there are secret ‘weapons’ that may have been used that only a select few are aware of? The fact that any of this info is finally being taken seriously by the public and coming out is the bottom line here. How can we possibly get through this, forgive, and get closure, if the masses aren’t aware? Step by step, this will all come out, and we can begin the healing process, and those that perished that day, won’t have done so in vain. In many ways this incident has been a catalyst for the mass awakening that is taking place right now.

    Knowing that something is rotten about this whole mess,and getting to the bottom of it is what is important here, regardless of how that happens, or what weapons were used. If there was secret technology used, that too will be discovered at some point. I have researched this issue for five years now, ever since watching the Zeitgeist movie, and the hideous issue here is that the perpetrators considered the loss of 3000 lives to be collateral damage. It’s more than clear by now that this entire false flag was done for monetary gain, to strip the U.S. citizens of their rights, and cause widespread fear. Well mission accomplished, but now the truth is setting us all free! Cheers to all who have taken the time and cared enough to get to the bottom of this important historical event. Keep up this most important work Jean. It’s forums like this that continue to awaken the masses, and get us back on the path to world peace.

    Sincere Love and regards, Todd.

    • Jean says:

      Todd, what we are saying is that they have these weapons, and it is very likely they will use them again on us – and if we continue to believe the Towers came down in a traditional manner, it is even more likely they will use them again on us. They have continued to use them – even in hurricane Katrina . . . and as they improve them, they may well intend a fatal strike against us all . . . or at least huge numbers of us. We know who they are – remember Kissinger saying we’re just useless eaters? I think, though, until there is greater public awareness it will not be able to bring them in . . . are you saying, then, we should not reveal the truth of HOW this was done and HOW the continuing crimes – like Fukushima are being committed? Are you suggesting that it is not important for people to understand that these people in all likelihood have te ability to clean up the radiation they are permitting to spew all over us? Are you saying it isn’t worth our time to expose them?

      Do you want me to go an arrest them? Do you want a group of us to go and arrest them?

      Please help me out here 🙂


  49. Jean,
    I noticed a link to Joseph P. Farrell’s work in the related links section. He is a well researched author who supports the work of Dr. Judy Wood and is one who dives deeper into this “breakaway civilization” and hidden system of finance than anybody else that I am aware of. I think his work could help us all if given the proper exposure. To say he knows his stuff is an understatement. His daily blog can be found at gizadeathstar.com while over a hundred hours of interviews can be found at thebyteshow.com. Are you familiar with his work? He would be a great addition to the team, in my opinion.

    Thank you so much for what you do Jean, we are making major progress.

  50. laurabruno says:

    Thank you, Jean, for all your hard work every day, especially recently! And thank you, Robert. I look forward to reading the article. Jean, this comment in your second intro is exactly the sense I have: “target radiation with the proper frequency, and it will simply ‘disappear.’” … or … better yet that it can be transmuted through a 3D outpouring of inspired love in action from and through the heart. There’s something about bridging above and below … 3D and other D’s … with practical 3D actions (since 3D is the “show me tangible proof” realm. Anyway, I look forward to reading the article when I have more time but wanted to express gratitude for all you do and are. We know this past week has been very, very busy and intense for you. Blessings, love and hugs, Laura

    • Jean says:

      Laura, as I’ve come to know you through your own effort, I’ve come to respect you, so your support means a lot to me. The information on this topic is huge and could go back to the beginning of recorded history. To sort through it and select info from the appropriate time frame and keep it focused on such a complex story was one of the toughest things Robert and I have ever attempted. I know very soon there will come a time when all humanity will ‘remember’, and I do believe we will clear the radiation through intention, which is besides love, probably the greatest power we have. Right nnow, though, we are still very much in 3D, and I feel a deep need to expose truth for people to consider. If we are still asleep, how are we ever going to develop our ‘power of intention’? Thanks and hugs, ~Jena

    • Cheryl Mychaluk says:

      Hi Jean,
      First I want to acknowledge your caring for all of us and your tenacity that comes from the strength of your heart. Regarding your comments above, I don’t know whether you are aware of MT Keshe but he has spoken about his technology being able to do the very thing you have described about transformation the harmful effects of radiation. He has given plans on how to create technology that would totally change the game plan on the planet. The technology is here and has been here for years. He has given the plans to many countries, including the U.S. and he stated he plans to handle the radiation problem in Fukushima this month, January. Here is a video where he explains his technology, how it works, and his communications with the governments as well as his frustrations. His focus is to create world peace through the sharing of this technology which makes it so that the bullies on the block, aka cabal, military industrial complex, can no longer intimidate, control, and kill the people on the planet – because their weapons will np longer work, if/when this technology is used. I think it would be a wonderful boost to his efforts for your readers to see this video. I would be interested in your feedback as well. In loving support and appreciation of you and your work, I offer this video for your viewing. These comments from a poster on the Keshe forum will give you a sense of what is going on with Keshe Foundation. God bless you.

      1 hour 56 minute INTERVIEW IN YOU TUBE FORMAT with MT KESHE

      Keshe has discovered some new things about
      electro-magnetic-gravitation…that were unknown to science..
      and have been working on projects and patenting them.. and now
      they have released them to the entire world…to all governments…they have a peace initiative that they have got signatures from 50 countries on so far. USA is one…so things are going to change drastically and looking better for our
      planet.. they can use their invention to neutralize radiation and clean up Fukushima too! Remember the replicator that could
      make anything from nothing in Star trek? THAT IS no longer fiction!

      KESHE has figured out how to turn gasses CO-2 and others into solid matter.. gold… food… anything you want.. he can make water from air.. any where on earth…he has given the patented process to all countries… those in drought will be
      able to fix their water shortage problems.. these devices are not difficult to produce… even for a third world country.

      YOU will be loving the ideas they share…and they can neutralize any military weapon or ship or plane…simply by targeting the chips in the computer and turning the silicon to crystal… so they are nothing more than floating bathtubs.. no
      weapons will fire.. no matter who owns the ship
      no missiles will fly…so they can enforce the peace…no more war!

      They can cure MS now with another device…and a number of other diseases as well…like the devices we used to see on star trek…but now they are a reality ..just like the flip open
      communicator.. now we call it a cell phone

      It is more than that .. I have only shared a tiny bit of what they have patented…and have given to all the countries of the world …no one left out.. no one can lord over another country.. no one needs to be lacking resources… no one needs
      to die of starvation.. all that can stop.
      it is better than you can imagine!

      KESHE has have figured out how to harness Gravitational forces..so the cars float…anti- gravity is easy… when you know what
      KESHE figures out… and since there is no resistance of tires on the road… it moves easier than cars run with gas…no emissions…no fuel needed.

      This will blow my grandson Dillon’s mind!!! He is a car freak!

      okok.. one more.. then I will quit… Keshe has patented a device that is placed in your home and creates all the electricity you need…cheap to buy…easy to operate.. no more need of the grid and all those power lines.. no more power
      outages.. YAY!!!.
      Factories are tooling up as we speak to build the home electricity maker unit…should be available by the end of this year.

      • Jean says:

        Cheryl, at one time I was deep into Keshe’s work, but nothing ever came of it. I’ve heard since that his work is also being suppressed. Thanks for sharing this info. I hope people will take time to investigate it. Right now, I’m concerned that people hear all sides of the story – and they don’t have to agree with me – because until they have all sides, they can’t really make their own decision – they can’t make an honest decision. I just responded to Wolf that the truth is the truth, difficult or unpleasant, it doesn’t matter. We need very much to know the truth. Dr. Wood lost her university job because she expressed her truth, which sounds like it is very close to Keshe’s. Why would this happen if they didn’t want to shut her down? Why are the Truthers giving us only one side of this story? Maybe because they think that is all we can handle, maybe because they have some sort of investment in the status quo – could be financial, but the fact is, they don’t really have the right to make that kind of decision for us. We are talking life and death here, and in order to make a decision, we don’t need to have the facts selected for us that we are to consider. That’s slanting the whole thing – for a reason i don’t understand. We have spent centuries as a species being groomed to believe we can’t think for ourselves, and this is why we are where we are today. It’s time to step to the line – or not, as we may choose.

        Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • David Pirie says:

        Cheryl, my GoddessGoodness; finally I meet someone, directly, on this side of the world, who recognizes reality! Can/do you wish to enlist me? I Know that the Keshe Foundation has our future in it’s hands – will you bring me into your circle?

        Peace Love Light Truth i am a dave

  51. Hmm. I have studied what happened to the towers quite a bit and I have never heard anybody mention anything about a theory that atomic weapons were used. Where in the world did that come from?? I understand that the “9/11 Truthers” think it was a controlled demolition (using thermite, explosives). If the buildings “collapsed into their own footprint” as they say, then for sure, the weight of all that concrete and steel (which should have been about 10 stories high) would have probably broken the bathtub and caused a flood. The reason that didn’t happen was that the buildings were “dusticized” by some kind of energy weapon and you can see the dust flowing into the air, so there was very little rubble on the ground.

    • Jean says:

      Christine, I have trouble following the logic of your comment. . . sorry 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

      • Can you cite someone who has put forth a theory about atomic weapons? Not that it needs consideration, I am just curious where that came from. If you study Judy Wood’s work, which it seems like you have, then the rest of my comment is merely a summary of that. Which makes sense to me.

        • Jean says:

          I’m going to let Robert answer this one. . . I was up half the night writing the update 🙂 and I’m sleepy. I believe there were atomic weapons used tangentially, but I’m not sure if that is accurate. Could you, yourself, do a search and come up with an answer? Hugs, ~Jean

          • I was simply curious because you wrote, “If atomic weapons were used to bring down the Towers,… ” in your introduction. Here’s what I think (just my opinion): explosives were planted and detonated in those buildings to create a “cover story” – people would see the white hot thermite and hear the bang bang bang and then the 9/11 “Truth” people (which is a total farce) would get everybody to believe it was a “controlled demolition”. I think WTC7 *was* a controlled demolition. So that people would not discover the unimaginable horror of what happened. And probably some of the people who knew that airplanes couldn’t do that imagined that it must have been nukes because it seemed to make sense. Good work and let’s keep pushing for the general public to find out what happened AND “whodoneit”.

          • Jean says:

            🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • Michael C says:

          Here is a summation of the scientific theories of the destruction of the twin towers, including demolition, DEW (Dr. Wood’s theory), and mini-nukes, etc. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/10/29/mini-neutron-bombs-a-major-piece-of-the-911-puzzle/ . I’m not advocating a position, just sharing what’s out there.

  52. Christopher says:

    No need to apologize. I’m glad you have the audio of the article. I also want to say that last night, I heard William Dean Garner say G. Edward Griffin is controlled opposition and that he basically just copied an older book. Garner also said Jesse Ventura is controlled opp, which I can also kind of see.
    Forgiving ourselves can be really difficult. I look forward to this article

    • Jean says:

      Christopher, do you know anything at all about jesse Ventura? Do you really think that anyone could ever control Jesse Ventura? To whom are you listening? Others? or yourelf? Hugs, ~Jean

      • Christopher says:

        Nah, Jean I like Jesse and the things he said. But I can also see and feel that he could be. I am listening to myself And others. I dont want to think I have it right all right at 24 nor that others have it all right either.
        And I told you, I was listening to William Dean Garner from a year ago, I didn’t say I put all his salt on my plate.
        “Dont fight the fight. Cant combat the combat.” I dont want to argue with others anymore.

        • Jean says:

          🙂 We’re talking about a very serious situation, Christopher, and I would think it isn’t wise to put words out in the ether that are very considered. I don’t know who Mr. Garner is, but I’d like links, etc. if you think he’s got the answers. Judy Wood has advanced degrees – and she apparently lost her university job because of her book . . . Does this tell you anything at all? Hugs, ~Jean

          • Christopher says:

            SMH. http://youtu.be/XfoXgDusAC8

            I think it was the first one. And no I dont think he’s got “all” the answers.
            I didn’t say anything about Judy Wood.
            Your coming off very argumentative IMO. We probably agree on many things. Thanks again for the article…Take care

    • JM says:

      Griffin is reported to have plagiarized Eustace Mullin’s book “The Federal Reserve”

      Eustace Mullins’ on FED, Ron Paul, Rockefeller & G. Edward Griffin

      Do the Rothschilds Own all Central Banks? (read 2nd para.)

      The Real Enemy of America, The Fed
      “By G. Edward Griffin
      He received much of his knowledge from the work of Eustace Mullins.”

      In the past I have run across other statements by Griffin that are “suspicious” .. Will post if I can find them.

      • Jean says:

        Is the Fed a criminal, illegal organization, or is it not? I regard this as mostly disinfo to throw us off the track. Long ago, I listened to a bit and didn’t waste my time. . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • JM says:

          “Is the Fed a criminal, illegal organization, or is it not? ” IMHO it is.
          It’s not clear what you listened to or why you consider it disinfo. Could you clarify?


      • Henry O'Leary says:

        Some years ago, I researched deeply the ownership of the Federal Reserve.

        I went back to the banks who held stakes more than 50 years ago, and adjusted for the many mergers which had taken place. What I discovered was that TWO Banks, JP Morgan/Chase, and Citigroup, owned 51%. No wonder the Fed is so supportive of the “too big to fail” banks. Their shares are controlled by such banks.

  53. Carol K says:

    I can no longer remember the article I read years ago that clearly stated that when the atomic bomb was developed, the scientists knew exactly how to disassemble the radiation and leftover materials we have stored at great cost ever since. The information was deliberately buried by
    someone,,,? It makes sense that anything that can be created should be able to be taken back
    apart ,molecularly speaking. Maybe other readers remember this also?
    So is this DEW the subject that Dr. Keshe is also talking about using to clean up the Fukushima radiation ? If so, it would be a great gift to the planet and one wonders why it isn’t already
    being used? The radiation would affect everyone including Iran. Are they perhaps already using it in their own atmosphere?
    It is so amazing that such a huge problem that affects so amny people. plants and animals can
    be so easily ignored by the MSM…….!

    • Jean says:

      This is the inhuman sickness with which we are dealing . . . and why is the truth movement unwilling to look at the truth? Dr. Wood’s science is NOT junk science. Anyone who investigates it can understand that fact. Perhaps they have too much money invested in the status quo science – careers, investments, research, egos . . If they think we are too weak-kneed to deal with the truth, this is pure stupidity – because the truth is the truth, whether or not we may like it.

      Time is running out, and it’s time that the people who are able to deal with the truth make it a part of their consciousness . . More later . . . thanks and HUgs, ~Jean

  54. Keith Harrison says:

    I thought I posted this morning (uk time) but mustnt have hit post! Fantastic article Jean and Robert. Jean, you do a fantastic job getting this info out to people and as usual it makes a very good read, I found it very interesting.
    Thanks v much. Blessings.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Keith… a mistake is a mistake, but I don’t think mistakes are for anything but learning. . . I’m glad you are able to see the larger picture. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  55. Great Gramy J says:

    I pray this will open the eyes of even more people because it’s the truth everyone needs 2 read & study & share with everyone they can. Great BIG hugs!

  56. wolf727 says:

    With regard to the hypothesis that the World Trade Center skyscrapers were turned to dust, or “dustified” and it being the result of some kind of ‘directed energy weapon’, as proposed by Judy Wood, AE911Truth wrote a response to that argument. I give the link below.

    I do believe AE911Truth are correct in adhering strictly to scientific methodology. This is extremely important if the public are to have any respect for the 9/11 movement.

    We already have a tough enough time trying to convince others of the forensic science already available that support claims made by AE911Truth without going in the direction of junk science. I don’t see the claims made by Judy Wood to have any solid evidence at all.

    AE911Truth has to stick to hard forensic facts and science that can be argued against anyone who supports the official story of 9/11 if the 9/11 movement is to have any credibility.

    Jonathan Cole, P.E., Richard Gage, AIA, and Gregg Roberts of AE9/11 Truth give detailed arguments why the hypothesis claimed by Judy Wood do not stand up to scientific logic or scrutiny in the link below:

    “FAQ #3: What’s Your Assessment of the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Hypothesis?”

    • Robert Miller says:

      Thank you, Wolf, for your response and in identifying so succinctly what is the crux of the article. The truth has been suppressed. The truth is the truth and needs to be expressed. We have intentionally been kept in the dark about WWII financing, the ET presence, the JFK assassination, the truth of 9/11, Hurricane Sandy and Fukashima. It’s about time, don’t you think, that people were told the real truth– before we are all either dead or walking around with implanted RFID chips?

      • Jean says:

        🙂 Hugs, and thanks, ~Jena

      • wolf727 says:

        I agree with all that you said there ‘Robert Miller’. Perhaps on one small minor point I may differ but in fact I agree wholeheartedly what you expressed.

        I do agree we have been kept in the dark about WWII financing, the ET presence, the JFK assassination, the truth of 9/11, Hurricane Sandy and Fukashima. I agree on all those issues.

        I understand Robert Miller your view that I am to be relegated to the level of the ‘sheeple’.

        I have to respond at a later time to Jean, if I may be permitted, because I have to go out. Also, it will take for me some time just to put forth my reasons for why I made the above comment.

        • Jean says:

          🙂 It’s all good, Wolf. . . Hugs, ~Jean PS Permit me to say, because I doubt that Robert will: The only person who can relegate you to the Sheeple is you 🙂 ~J

    • Jean says:

      Wolf, I can’t imagine that you yourself have investigated Judy Wood’s work, because you call it ‘junk’ science. This is an extraordinary statment that you make! How can a woman who holds advanced degrees in this subject be dealing in junk science? If people stay stuck in what the 9/11 Truthers seem to think is all we can handle – and fail to even present the other alternatives, then something is very wrong! It would seem that they then are merely advancing their own view of science! Does this kind of advancement have anything at all to do with dealing in the ‘real’ truth? Why do they not present alternative views so people can make up their own minds?

      C’mon, Wolf! Sience is science, and truth is truth. While the truth may be tough for humanity to deal with, the alternative looks like a dark road for humanity right into the cabal’s technological prison of chips and vaccinations, and so on. People are quite capable of looking at both sides of this question and making up their own minds, and I think this is what we all need to do. We’ve had years of being told someone else’s version of the truth, and look where it has gotten us!

      As far as I know, discovering the truth shouldn’t be about sharing only your version of it with a total unwillingness to look at any other version! There were 9/11 hearings in both Toronto and Vancouver, and Dr. Wood’s ideas could barely get a hearing there. Why, Wolf? Why? Is this dealing scientifically with the ‘real’ truth/


      • wolf727 says:

        I totally agree Jean, science is science and truth is truth.

        When there is a crime scene one has to look for evidence and interview witnesses.

        I have listened to the above radio interview titled: “Where Did The Towers Go?” and I looked at another interview with Judy Wood on the programme, “One Step Beyond” by the host Theo Chalmers.

        Yes Jean, by all means, look at alternatives, look at both sides of the equation. But you do not do that by deliberately ignoring or twisting basic evidence and simple explanations in order to support another theory hypothesis as in the case of evidence and witnessed accounts of molten steel and extremely high temperatures.

        I will tell you what I found to be extremely disturbing with Judy Wood and unacceptable was in the interview she states that there was not “hot, hot, heat”.

        Theo Chalmers points out to her that there was said to be evidence of molten iron (steel) in the ground at the bases of the towers.

        I was incredulous when she replied: “I’ve not seen any evidence of it”.


        Judy Wood claims there was NO EVIDENCE of molten steel and no “hot, hot, heat”, no high temperatures at the sites!

        In the video below from frame: 1:12 you have a recorded interview with a firefighter who states categorically there was molten steel: “You get down below, you see molten steel. running down the channel [wells,rails?]; like you’re in a foundry. Like lava.”

        YouTube: “9/11 Truth: NIST engineer denies molten steel at Ground Zero”

        From frame: 1:28 We have another witness. This witness is recorded on video and she makes this statement:

        “Out, still on the rubble, it’s still I believe at 1100 degrees. The guys’ boots just melt within a few hours.”

        Yet again, another witness working on the site, states on recorded video as evidence categorically states:

        “This is how it’s been since day one. [This is six weeks later] And as we get closer, to the centre of this, it gets hotter and hotter! It’s probably 1500 degrees… it looked like an oven. It was a bright, bright reddish-orange colour”.

        These were recorded video evidence from witnesses supporting the fact that they witnessed MOTLEN STEEL and EXTREMELY HIGH TEMPERATURES!

        We have documented EVIDENCE ‘as in “thermal images by MTI and NASA, USGS aerial photo 9-16-01, by photographs, and by numerous witness accounts. The American Society of Safety Engineers reported that “the debris pile at Ground Zero was always tremendously hot. Thermal measurements taken by helicopter each day showed underground temperatures ranging from 400ºF to more than 2,800ºF.”

        Why is Judy Wood deliberately denying forensic evidence, NASA thermal images and witnesses supporting the fact there were pools of molten steel and extreme temperatures?

        She is actually supporting lead engineer John Gross of NIST in the lie!

        Jean you wrote:

        “There were 9/11 hearings in both Toronto and Vancouver, and Dr. Wood’s ideas could barely get a hearing there. Why, Wolf? Why? Is this dealing scientifically with the ‘real’ truth.”

        Now I understand why Dr. Judy Wood does not get a hearing. Why should AE911Truth allow Dr. Judy Wood to be at the hearing by having her go against the evidence that AE911Truth have put together? Why should Dr Judy Wood be allowed to go against the claims made by firefighters reporting molten steel?

        She supports John Gross in claiming she has seen no evidence to support high temperatures and molten steel. It is like inviting lead engineer John Gross of NIST being allowed to argue against the evidence and findings of AE911Truth at the 911Truth hearings!

        I’m sorry Jean, but this is solid EVIDENCE backed by NASA thermal images showing high temperatures that can melt steel and witnesses from firefighters and first responders validating thermal images by claiming to see molten steel and having their boots melt!

        ‘“The high-temperature phenomena at Ground Zero are documented by various sources: Bechtel engineers, responsible for safety at Ground Zero, wrote in the Journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers: “The debris pile at Ground Zero was always tremendously hot. Thermal measurements taken by helicopter each day showed underground temperatures ranging from 400ºF to more than 2,800ºF.”’

        There is something very suspicious going on here to see Dr. Judy Wood make the incredible claim that there were no evidence of molten steel, no high temperatures despite actual video interviews with witnesses and documented evidence of thermal images by MTI and NASA.

        Yes, Jean I believe “science is science, and truth is truth”. So, I would like to ask why is it that Dr Judy Wood is deliberately going against scientific evidence and the ‘truth’ spoken out by brave firefighters whose testimony is being ignored and abused by Dr Judy Wood!

        We have within a month of 9/11, NYC fire commissioner Thomas Von Essen, a 30-year NYFD veteran, set up interviews with fire, port authority police and EMT first responders to record their initial impressions of what they experienced on Sept 11. Stories documented of 503 men and women reporting hearing, feeling and seeing explosions which again POINTS TO CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

        We have video evidence of interviews with many hearing and feeling huge explosions going off. This again supports CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

        We have red/grey nanothermite chips which constitute direct EVIDENCE that supports the explosive/iincendiary hypothesis. The Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) DOES NOT EXPLAIN HOW OR WHY THIS ENGINEERED ENERGETIC MATERIAL WAS FOUND THROUGHOUT THE DUST! This evidence was documented in a 25-page peer-reviewed paper.

        In the above video Dr. Judy Wood from frame: 0:19:48 makes the incredible claim that explosions were due to water tanks exploding. What? Water tanks exploding? I’m sorry, that is absolutely ridiculous. Because we have video evidence of firefighters claiming they saw rapid succession of detonations going up the building “as if they had detonators” he said.

        You wouldn’t have water tanks exploding in rapid succession, in perfect even rhythm and timing up the sides of a building which is exactly what you see in controlled demolition.

        Charred Vehicles

        Explosives or thermate can reach temperatures above the melting point of steel. Localized hot spots after and during the collapse, could account for the burning of some cars and other material in the area. Furthermore, debris impacting vehicles can smash gas tanks and oil pans releasing highly combustible fluids in the vicinity of other vehicles. Any sufficient heat or spark can ignite the flammable fluids such as burning paper or hot metal. Adjacent vehicles may be scorched by flames from burning vehicles by varying amounts and burn patterns, or may even ignite themselves. Directed energy beams are not needed to explain burning cars and trucks.
        Evidence suggests that the charred cars that were located on FDR drive were towed to that location from the vicinity of ground zero.

        A word needs to be said about the shattering of glass in vehicles. Glass in vehicles is designed to shatter under stress. Large fragments of sharp glass in an automobile accident would be unnecessarily deadly, so engineers intentionally chose a type of glass which shatters into small pieces when subjected to stress. If a relatively intense amount of heat is quickly (on the time scale of the heat conduction of glass) applied to glass, local stress develops between the hot area and the relatively cool areas. This type of stress is known to cause automobile glass to shatter.


        Paper can act as a “sail”. That is, it has a large surface area and low weight. A large blast of air, either from the displacement of air from the collapse or conventional explosives, can push the paper efficiently. For example, some paper is observed leading the dust during the collapse. Not all of the paper was blown out of the building and survived. I would suppose some, or more likely most, of the paper was incinerated or merely trapped within the falling debris. Furthermore, the flames from vehicles would have surely ignited at least some paper in the vicinity. Sheets of loose paper would completely burn in a matter of seconds which may constitute the statistical reason that few photographs exist of paper actually burning. Spotting small, crumpled, black remains of burnt paper from photographs is near impossible upon a background consisting of various sorts of debris and dust.


        I’m sorry Jean, but Dr Judy Wood denying molten steel and high temperatures is a slap in the face to firefighters who have suffered ill health, who were on the site – these ‘guys’ had their boots melted. Dr Judy Wood is in effect saying these firefighters were either lying or mistaken. Sorry I don’t buy that. Were NASA thermal images lying?

        I don’t call this science. I call this misleading.

        For Dr Judy Wood to dismiss this type of evidence is screaming at me that she is deliberately ignoring and removing any evidence that points to heat, explosions, molten steel so that it can FIT into her story, despite hard evidence.

        (Jonathan Cole, P.E., Richard Gage, AIA, and Gregg Roberts do bring out valid arguments that need to be taken into consideration as in the following link:


        • Jean says:

          Wolf, in an effort to post all points of view, I’m releasing your comment. However, Judy Wood’s book and numerous public appearances and interviews cover the points you make here. Hugs, ~Jean

          • wolf727 says:

            I know how disagreeable my comment may appear to be but I thank you for your effort in posting all points of view.

            I have listened very closely to her responses when questioned on the points I have made. I have to say she did not cover them, she ignored the points completely, side-lining any questions raised regarding forensic evidence of molten steel – completely denying the evidence exists. She did not deal with these issues. That is not science in my view.

            I don’t care what hypothesis she may want to follow, she is free to do so. If she has evidence to support her hypothesis, then fine, I’m happy with that and I accept that.

            But I do not support her attempts at denying scientific evidence and witnesses that is rock solid brought out by others in order to carry out her agenda. But for me she crossed the line by deliberately claiming that there was no evidence to support molten steel and extreme hot temperatures.

            You don’t ignore or discredit evidence brought out by firemen and other witnesses on the site who categorically claimed molten steel was there and so were the extreme temperatures. I don’t consider it science when she has denied forensic evidence such as this.

            AE911Truth at least had the courage and honour to support the firemen who saw what they saw backed up by NASA thermal images. I don’t see many doing that. I support what firemen say. I don’t support the politicians and others who are on an agenda to continue the lie.

          • Jean says:

            Wolf, I have never said that all types of explosives were not used. No matter how it happened, those buildings had to come down, and I have to believe that other methods were also employed. Can you prove to me, then, that Energy Directed Weapons (DEWs) were NOT used? Look at that evidence, please. I have not listened to the specific interview to which you refer, but could it be that Dr. Wood was speaking in the context of the use of DEWs?

            I would appreciate it if you can give me proof that DEWs were NOT used . . . in spite of all the video proof that this is what happened.

            Hugs, ~Jean

          • wolf727 says:

            Yes, Jean I know ‘you’ did not say that all types of explosives were not used. But Dr Judy Wood is!

            Dr Judy Wood is doing all she can to discredit the existence of molten steel, extreme temperatures and every piece of evidence like nano-thermite etc. that points to demolition job simply because she is on an agenda to put her story in front no matter if it goes against common sense and logic.

            That is what I don’t like about Dr Judy Wood and makes me distrust her theories.

            I cannot prove it to you that Energy Directed Weapons (DEW) were not used nor can I give you proof they were used. She still has not provided me with solid evidence either to convince me they were used.

            I listened to the complete interview with Theo Chalmers. She was not speaking in the context of the use of DEWs. I listened with extra attention and care to her comments when directly asked about molten steel and extreme temperatures.

            Theo Chalmers asked her straight and direct about firemen and molten steel evidence. She responded in simple English that there were NO EVIDENCE of molten steel. That is in plain English.

            She further says just because you see things that are glowing you assume that it is hot. “Hot things do glow, but not everything that glows is hot”. And yet we have witnesses claiming their boots were melting. She is going against common sense and logic.

            She is going out of her way to make nonsensical rationalizations that sound ridiculous in order to say anything to protect her hypothesis that there were was no molten steel or any kind of heat.

            In one instance Dr Judy Wood compares the molten metal dripping from the South Tower shortly before it collapses as to the orange colour of Cheetos Snack food. Sorry, the correct reply is that colour is the colour of thermite. Once again Dr Judy Wood tries every attempt to ridicule anything that supports molten steel or extreme temperatures. Sorry, I cannot compare the professionalism of Richard Gage to that of Dr Judy Wood.

            I’m sorry Jean, this is ridiculous. I do not want to listen to such people. She is sounding exactly the type of people I have to confront on 9/11 who will say anything ridiculous or nonsensical to support the official 9/11 lie. She is behaving like them. I’m sorry AE9/11Truth is a cut above others because they behave professionally in obtaining facts and evidence.

            9/11 Hypothesis: AE911Truth vs. Judy Wood

          • Jean says:

            Wolf, I’ve just publsihed an article that is sufficiently scientific and is even peer reviewed that should explain to you my viewpoint. Hopefully, it will set your mind at ease. . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • wolf727 says:

            I still wish you well, Jean. 🙂

          • Jean says:

            This is strange statement on your part, Wolf. I do not understand it. We have a disagreement, that is all. why would you wish me ill? I continue to suggest you spend time viewing the article I have just posted, because I think you will find you are mistaken: https://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/why-indeed-did-the-wtc-buildings-disintegrate-by-morgan-reynolds-and-judy-wood-a-peer-reviewed-article-that-publicly-invites-the-truth-to-be-whatever-it-is-j/


          • wolf727 says:

            In response to your comment: “This is strange statement on your part, Wolf. I do not understand it. We have a disagreement, that is all. why would you wish me ill?”

            Sorry Jean. I’m getting clumsy in my response or statements. I have had little sleep and have been up late doing readings and writings. And I have been out in the evenings with my shoulder bag engaging with people to inform them of chemtrails, 9/11 etc. I feel I need to switch off for a bit, just to re-energize.

            Thanks. I was looking at that very article. Sorry, I’m still not convinced.

            Yes, correct, we have a disagreement and I do ‘not’ wish you ill. In fact I admire your work and efforts.

    • David Pirie says:

      Wolf, I think you’re doubling your inability to think “clear”ly each time you speak or write!
      Why is it improbable to think of more than one method being used? Be un-convinced if you wish, but why be close-minded?

  57. Michael C says:

    Great piece of work Rob and Jean. I hope this gets read and circulated far and wide.

    • Jean says:

      🙂 thanks, Michael 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • neil.keenan50@gmail.com says:

        Great job Rob and great reading Jeanie….I believe this will hit home very shortly and Rob you will get the RBI…..Good job

        • Jean says:

          Neil, thank you so much for supporting this effort! It’s so important that we get this out for people to consider! I’m not sure what RBI means – Runs Batted IN ? ? ? – but it isn’t directed to me, so . . . I’ll move on . . The ‘reading’ part is really Rob’s – I have to be honest. He’s got a great, snappy way about his writing that really works with this kind of a subject 🙂 Anyway, again . . . thanks and hugs, ~Jean

        • Robert Miller says:

          Thanks Neil-we are all in this together…!

        • David Pirie says:

          Neal brother, I foundyoufindingme in ’12 – kept me attentive – to use Webster Tarpley –
          I have “…the pessimism of the intelligence & the optimism of the will! ( … the situation is grim, but there is always a way to do something!)”. You have promoted the optimist in my soul! All my Love is focused your way! Peace Light Love Truth i am a dave

  58. kibitzer3 says:

    Well done, Robert and Jean. Important stuff, well condensed.

    Keep up the good work, you two. The Truth is outing, and you two obviously have a role to play in that scenario.

    • Jean says:

      From your comment, I see that you ‘get it’ I’m so glad. . . .

      kibitzer, I thank you for this help! It was a gargantuan task – Right now, I’m going to give it a break for a bit, but in the very near future we will update the entire article, and certainly I appreciate and will look at your suggestions. . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Kibitzer, as you may already have noticed, we implemented most of your suggestions. They were so helpful and important to us, and we thank you for stepping up and just ‘doing it’. Many thanks you and hugs, ~Jean

  59. Tertiusgaudens says:

    Did you actually realitze the bigger frame: it is all about disassociation or dissociation ——–>:

    FIRST they disassociate life circles and different life appearances (humans, animals plants etc.)

    SECOND they disassociate realms of realities (material/mental, substance/accident)

    THIRD they disassociate or dissociate races and genter appearances (black/white, male/female etc.)

    FOURTH they disassociate or dissociate God from creation (theism etc.)

    FIFTH they disassociate different layers of reality into intellectual and actual nonsense (Higgs particle, math as “substitute God” etc.)

    SIXTH they disassociate all thet is and can be into “a big, tasteless, grey, insignificant mass of hotchpotch” they praise and sell as Very Important

    The whole system is meant for disassociation and finally for dissolvement. Babylon the Great, Metropolis the Terrible…

    Here is a vid of my old friend Anne Clark which tells it all:

  60. Todd says:

    It’s nice to see these truths finally coming to the surface and having a wider scope to reach more folks. The sheeple continue to awaken as this occurs at an accelerated rate daily. It’s no wonder that so many have been kept in the dark about all of this. Between the bought and paid for brain washing indoctrination of television and the main stream media, and big pharma drugging and numbing the masses into apathy, it’s a miracle that so many of us continue to question the status quo. It is our obligation to humanity and the planet to continue the airing of this hidden agenda, and take back our sovereignty and liberty.

    Thanks once again Jean for making this info available to the masses, and I ask all who read this to please share it far and wide.

    Injoy, Love, and Light, Todd.

    • Jean says:

      Todd, I asked people to STUDY this, and reading it just ins’t studying it. Yes, it might be a great read, but the fact is that when/if people take the time to understand the bathtub effect that Dr. Wood describes, it is not possible to consider that atomic weapons blew up the World Trade Center as many people continue to believe. Extending that knowledge beyond – the fact is that DEWSs should be able to remove radiation, and could be doing so selectively right now – just as Ben Fulford suggests!


  61. Keith Harrison says:

    Thanks very much Jean and Robert for a very informative and eye opening account of how our world is in the mess it is.
    Lets hope mass arrests of those responsible are conducted sooner rather than later and our lovely planet can start healing and we can all live in harmony.
    Blessings, Keith.

  62. Light reading for me at this point…..a good starting point many though. I worry about how much sand is left in the hourglass…..

    Still……..Kryon’s Jan/ 2014 message about the shift is very encouraging about what will and will not work. I hope you like it as much as I did.

    Hugs, Michele 🙂


    • ed says:

      O My Most Sweetly Beloved Michele
      ….what if you choose the sand….
      …what if you choose the hour and the glass
      …what if the lens of all / ALL…becomes your focus
      …..what would you choose for us all………


      …..and with a heart as brilliant as yours IS @@@!!!!!1

      WE HAVE
      AS ONE
      AS LOVE



      ….and so are you…..love, Ed


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