James Gilliland: ECETI News, Maui, Jnauary 30, 2014 . . . this is so lovely! ~J

imagesIt has been a while since our last newsletter. Many things are unfolding just as expected. I am sure most have noticed Global Warming has shifted to Climate Change. This is mainly due to the fact since 1997 there has been a down turn and things are getting colder. In fact we are entering a mini ice age, yet I believe the sun has a few more tricks up its sleeve. The massive lightning and hail storms hammering England, the polar vortex and now again the massive snow storm stranding hundreds of thousands in the US is turning global warming into a moot point. Although we need to implement the fueless and earth friendly technologies, man is not the drive behind this event. All the planets are undergoing severe climate change, and this happened many times before the auto was invented. The warming far precedes the CO2, not the other way around. Maui is experiencing record cold temperatures with torrential rain, yet I think of all the stranded motorists buried in snow and it really is not that bad.

On the social side of change the new energies coming in are creating massive chaos which is a good thing. Countries all over the world are waking up to their enslavers. France has taken to the streets with over 120,000 people demanding an end to the oppressive measures forced upon them by the elite banksters and their political puppets. They have a saying: we do not fear our government, the government fears us. Something America was once proud of. The strength and unity of the people has to come forward and will in the very near future.

Iceland that forgotten country that is now thriving after throwing out the banksters and forgiving the debt still is being heavily censored by the media. Major countries are now banning together to once and for all put an end to this tyrannical regime and step away from US and the EU currencies. The fall of the old world is unavoidable; lets not replace it with another system based on debt and a new elite. Choose your leaders by their hearts, their spiritual evolution and track record of service to humanity and the earth, not by the power and wealth they have amassed.

Most important learn to lead yourself from your own heart and soul. It is time practice love and kindness, set boundaries with those who cannot, peaceful noncompliance with anything outside of universal law is the order of the day. Read your Bill of Rights; they are divine, your Constitution, and hold your leaders and all agencies to their oaths. Educate yourselves as to how you became enslaved, what is behind the manufactured lack and enslavement through dependency. Who are the war and disease profiteers and what is in your food and water. This will be mandatory in the days to come.

There is very little love on this planet. There is sex, dependencies, contracts and controls, people feeding off of each other’s energies, yet when one experiences a higher love without all the constraints, controls and programs of social consciousness it gets harder and harder to be a part of any fallen society. That is what so many are going through. They are becoming aware of other lives, higher civilizations some in our past and some off world. Civilizations that operated under universal law where the common good is first and foremost.

The old world of tyranny, greed, separation and predation is coming to a close. Let it fall.

Align yourself with the ancient knowledge within. Awaken to the soul knowledge where you once lived in spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations that transcended war, disease, and poverty. Civilizations that cherished their environment, not just the physical but the mental, emotional and spiritual environments. Focus on a new world that honors the sacred circle of life, wants the highest and best good for all and do whatever possible to bring that world into manifestation.

The fall of the beast is in all the prophecies. We all know how this ends. The question is where will you be when it falls, who will you surround yourself with, and will you be aligned with the new earth. Something to contemplate.

Be well,

James Gilliland

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3 Responses to James Gilliland: ECETI News, Maui, Jnauary 30, 2014 . . . this is so lovely! ~J

  1. Christopher says:

    James called this a few weeks ago in an interview, January 30th solar flare. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RE9y6ILQ6M
    He’s right in us needing a reset financially and the legal system.
    Jean, keep posting the Common Law stuff. Thank you. James has a great newsletter. I hope to visit his ranch in the Spring. I wish I did that a couple of years ago but I guess I wasn’t mature enough. Now is the time for us to let go of that baggage he speaks about.

  2. Neil says:

    “war, disease, and poverty” is all we see and yet that is NOT how we should be. I’m beginning to understand the meaning of “unconditional love” more and more each day, and the feeling is just amazing. There’s definitely going to be a last grasp at power from the Cabal, but you can really see and feel they will NOT win!

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