The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Guide During the Return of Wisdom, January 31, 2014


New Moon Phase – Moon: Aquarius – Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

Mighty Venus stations direct today, ending her detour to discern the truth about relationships and reform our feelings about what is truly valuable.  Longtime readers know that the day a planet stations retrograde or direct can pose challenges, as people are responding to the slingshot-effect of the energetic shift.  As a planet stations retrograde it pulls back farther and farther until it is released to move forward again.  Situations, circumstances, events, and feelings can be dramatic.  Things can quickly come to a head or to an end, but the refreshment that results can be sublime.

Sublime is the state of being we are going for this month.  The effort is enhanced by the very special gift of the Sabian symbol for the month, “people on a vast staircase graduated upward.”  The key parts of this symbol are ”vast staircase” and ”graduated upward.”  The implication is that the staircase continues up for some distance, not just ending on the floor above.  In this way we are both solidly connected with the ground and something far beyond us.  That’s a pretty perfect place in my book.

So we are standing firmly in place on the massive oak staircase that extends far into the heavens (the World Tree?).  And if we can do this, stand firmly in place, trusting that we are in the right place and that we are moved in the right direction, the pressure lifts and the sublime enters.

The sublime not only enters but has time to stay – all month long.  What would our lives look like if we held this mindset all month long?  What would the world look like?

Keep in mind that being grounded does not mean paralysis.  It means we are centered, connected, rooted in the ground but completely mobile in consciousness and free to act.  Since we are in the time of year that is like a long Third Quarter Moon phase, the energy directs us to take care of details, complete things, tie up loose ends, revise plans and systems, and re-evaluate situations.  We want to do aim for this during the month.  It will be easier to do this now that Venus has stationed direct.

Whatever today’s energy of Venus direct brings you, remember that things are working to put things in their perfect places.  Take your stair and, if needed, hold on to the rail.

(Note: The crocus is featured in today’s picture in honor of the first day of spring, February 1, in the nature-based Celtic calendar.)

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3 Responses to The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Guide During the Return of Wisdom, January 31, 2014

  1. John Stevens says:

    And here I always thought March 20 was the 1st day of Spring. LOL Hugs  and Cheers

    • Jean says:

      Can you begin to see, John, how we have been screwed around with? We play our music at the wrong vibrational level, our calendar is way off . . . the list can go on and on . . . as soon as there is a financial downturn, they remove the arts and culture from our schools . . . because they have been disconnecting us from our roots, from who we are . . . just like they did to the indigenous cultures. Raise our kids in daycare, keep our parents working so many jobs that they can’t parent their children, introduce violence into our movies so that killing doesn’t bother us anymore . . . have terrible television shows that debase women and men’s personal, intimate relations, and sell it to the masses as entertainment. . . reduce our educational system to the lowest common denominator so no one can think . . . create a world where immediate gratification becomes necessary and everything is presented to us in 30-second soundbites so that eventually that is all we can handle . . . sell everything, absolutely everything using the hook of sex – even cars. If someone has a snazzy looking car, they are bound to get the right woman/man. . . and by the way, what we see visually about sexuality – the beautiful photo-shopped models, both men and women – makes us all feel inadequate. . . never mind that we should have been taught that what is inside a person is far more important than what is outside. Not every man likes a woman who looks like a thin, willowy model. . . but that’s not what women learn, and as a result the diet industry, the clothing industry, the make-up industry makes millions of dollars because we all feel inadequate. How many have married for the physical looks of someone, only to find there is nothing inside! As my mind drifts from one thing to another here, I’m simply sickened by it all. . . while we try so hard to diet, they feed us junk food, chemically altered food, that increases our weight, and I can tell you that if you look at someone carrying a lot of weight, a huge percentage of the time it is a sure indicator of the size of the pain body they carry, as well. . . and the sad fact is that most people don’t even know this. They get us coming and going, don’t they?

      Let me stop, John, before my anger gets too out of hand!


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