Bill Gates Admits to Chemtrails

As you, my readers, are probably already aware of  by now, this is not all Bill Gates is dumping on the world’s population! ~J

in EnvironmentNature
January 23, 2014

Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering ( Chemtrails )

Geo-engineers are finally coming out of the “chemtrail” closet, as reports are now emerging about deliberate plans in the works to dump untold tons of sulfate chemicals into the atmosphere for the purported purpose of fighting so-called “global warming.”

The U.K.’s Guardian and others are reporting that a multi-million dollar research fund, which just so happens to have been started and funded by Microsoft founder and vaccine enthusiast Bill Gates, is being used to fund the project. A large balloon hovering at 80,000 feet over Fort Sumner, New Mexico, will release the sulfates into the atmosphere within the next year.

The stated purpose for this massive release of toxic sulfate particles is that doing so will allegedly reflect sunlight back into the atmosphere, and thus cool the planet. But many environmental groups and advocates of common sense are decrying the idea as dangerous, and one that could result in permanent damage to ecosystems all across the globe.

“Impacts include the potential for further damage to the ozone layer, and disruption of rainfall, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions, potentially threatening the food supplies of billions of people,” said Pat Mooney, Executive Director of the ETC Group, a Canadian environmental protection group.

“It will do nothing to decrease levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere or halt ocean acidification. And solar geo-engineering is likely to increase the risk of climate-related international conflict, given that the modeling to date shows it poses greater risks to the global south.”

But the Gates-backed cohort is persistent in its efforts to geo-graffiti the world, as its scientists insist that governments are not doing enough to fight back against the supposed environment impacts of global warming. If governments refuse to implement high enough carbon taxes to eliminate greenhouse gases, in other words, then Gates and Co. believes it has no choice but to “save the planet” by polluting it with sulfate particles.

Spraying the skies with sulfate particles will destroy the planet faster than ‘global warming’ ever could


Sulfate particles are toxic, though, and constitute the very same type of ambient particulate matter (PM) that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers to be a noxious air pollutant. Deliberately spraying the skies with tiny particles composed of any material, for that matter, is hazardous both to respiratory health in humans and animals, as well as to water sources, soils, and other delicate environmental resources.

“Sulfate particles from acid rain can cause harm to the health of marine life in the rivers and lakes it contaminates, and can result in mortality,” says an online water pollution guide ( A University of Washington (UW) report also explains that sulfate particles “contribute to acid rain, cause lung irritation, and have been a main culprit in causing the haze that obscures a clear view of the Grand Canyon.”

Blocking the sun with reflective particles will also deprive humans of natural sunlight exposure, which is a primary source for naturally generating health-promoting vitamin D in the body. So once again, Bill Gates is at the helms of a project that seeks to control the climate in artificial ways using toxic chemicals, an endeavor that is sure to create all sorts of potentially irreversible problems for humanity and the planet.

Source | TheGuardian | InfoWars

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15 Responses to Bill Gates Admits to Chemtrails

  1. Francisco Molina says:

    Is anybody taking legal action against a person who confesses having taking the decision to carry on experiments with our planet which will have irreversible effects? Why this guy is not being sued? Why is he not being stoped by the authorities? Who has elected him? Why is he allowed to take such attributions? Are we all morons?

  2. Maciel says:

    People seem to always forget a Most Important Knowledge …
    There is A GOD Almighty and HIS WILL is Supreme !
    There are Forces on Heaven and Earth Higher and Infinitely Superior than of these Rascals …part of these Forces are Superior ETs Working for the Good of GOD’s Creation .
    These are the same ETs that are preventing Nuclear Wars to happen.
    They will also prevent this Monstruous Crime against LIFe , to happen .Because GOD’s WILL for this Planet and LIfe Here is that ALL Will Continue and the Future Is going to Be Glorious .

    • Jean says:

      Maciel, the ETs are not preventing nuclear war for our benefit. They are preventing it so we do’t blow up our planet and disastrously affect the entire galaxy. Nuclear bombs are still being detonated – in Syria, for instance – and I hope more of us will soon realize that no one is going to save us from our karma. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and hopefully more of will soon wake up and get to work. Until we do, I believe the murder and deprivation on a grand scale will simply continue. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Maciel says:

        Jean , I BELIEVE it’s not like you are saying .
        I Believe they are preventing it , yes , because of the danger throughout the Galaxy , but also , last but not the least , because of LIFE on Earth , including all Innocent Humans . I Believe that , we have a Responsability for lIfe , yes , and that we can do everyday our Best to Fulfill our Destiny as a Soul and as part of a Creation and that’s what WE can do .
        The “impossible” is not in our power to do . It’s GOD Will and Action.
        I very much like what Bob Dean says , not because he is saying it , but because it is my firm Belief for many years now .

        • Jean says:

          Maciel, I think you are wrong – our bodies die, but our spirits never do. They don’t fear death the way we do. . . But you are entitled to your belief. It is far more important, IMO, HOW we live, rather than that we do just live. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. hawkeye says:

    People like Bill Gates and his cohorts should all be locked up forever, before their final journey into the pits of hell where they will be punished forever in the lake that burneth with fire. In the meantime, we are here, and together we can stop these criminally insane satanists! We do not have to allow this BS to go on!

  4. David Southerland says:

    “Never in the history of the USA has anyone seen — and experienced — such a pervasive and ongoing chemical assault on the citizenry in broad daylight. Especially an assault that goes unseen and, therefore, unreported by the great majority of people who live under chemtrailed skies. These folks are by and large completely unaware that their skies are literally being saturated, sometimes 24/7, with chemtrail chemicals.”

    The Government-Coordinated CHEMTRAIL Conspiracy Continues Unabated

    Some excellent photos at this link, Jean.
    People who are still on the fence ought to see them!


  6. gdazer says:

    So Bill Gates is playing god. Oh dear.

  7. Bill Gates is pushing Toxic drugs into children with shots. He has no humanity so thats why he is on top of the list. If you only knew what you do not know. What I can not understand is how they can live like this. Well what their missing money can not buy.

  8. John Stevens says:

    More GRRRRs and screams! TY Jean Cheers Hugs

  9. Todd says:

    I have read that another reason the global elite are initiating this insidious plan is to attempt to keep the suns rays, the photons, (which in some way are helping humanity become more enlightened), and the vitamin D from reaching humanity and the Earth. Will they stop at nothing? The answer is no, unless we stop them! Hugs, Todd.

    • Julie says:

      I agree someone is trying to keep us shielded from the sun so we can’t raise our awareness. That plan may not be working however. The sun has been increasing in intensity to the point where I can sometimes still see the light shining through the heavy clouds of today’s snowstorm .

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