Neale Donald Walsh – Thought for the Day


On this day of your life,

 I believe God wants you to know…

…that you were created to create — not to react.

Creation is the highest form of Divinity, and your

birthright. Truth is, you are creating all the time. The

central question in your life is whether you are

doing this consciously or unconsciously.

Conscious creation is what is needed now. Stop

moping. And stop thinking negative thoughts. Just

get on with it! Tomorrow awaits your choice as to

how its going to be. Call the shots! Make it happen!

You’re in charge here.

Love,  Your Friend,


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4 Responses to Neale Donald Walsh – Thought for the Day

  1. Rev. Joe says:

    Hi Jean. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece from my favorite author . I do believe that when enough of us realize that we can speak as Mother / Father Creative Force ,our creative thoughts have universal power and will change our outer reality . All of us who gather here KNOW what must be created now . As Neale says , ” Make it happen ” ! Hugs to all . Rev . Joe

  2. John Stevens says:

    Really! Amen TY Jean Cheers Hugs

  3. Okay, Neale, God is out there. But the Goddess is closer in every sense.

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