‘F**k the EU’: US State Dept official in phone chat on Ukraine posted online

I’ve been able to upload these two videos, but these stories are not coming in from RT.com, because I’m suddenly being told that this site is in Russian . . . not so. . . and then the story just doesn’t load. I saw it there earlier this morning, so I know what they are up to.  

The story is also on PressTV, but it won’t come in for me. . .  ~J

‘F**k the EU’: US State Dept official in phone chat on Ukraine posted online

‘This is what you cook for Ukraine?’ State Dept Psaki grilled over leaked tape

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6 Responses to ‘F**k the EU’: US State Dept official in phone chat on Ukraine posted online

  1. DrinkDeep says:

    I don’t hear anyone mentioning this, but Miss Vicky (Nuland) was the one who forced the talking points for the Benghazi “it’s the video” issue – she was the spokesperson when Hillary was SoS.

    “Today ABC News confirmed that State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland raised specific objections to an original CIA draft on the Benghazi massacre. Nuland pushed her superiors to completely delete numerous references of extremists linked to al-Qa’ida in Benghazi and eastern Libya. She also persuaded more senior officials to delete information on at least five other attacks against foreign interests in Benghazi by unidentified assailants prior to 9-11. After all, an election was coming up.

    Obama officials agreed with Nuland and decided to lie to the American people and claim that the offensive YouTube video was the reason for the attack.

    But during her press conference on September 17, 2012, Victoria Nuland told reporters that what Ambassador Risce said on the Sunday talk shows was “very clear, very precise, about what our initial assessment of what happened.”
    more: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/05/busted-state-department-spokeswoman-victoria-nuland-deliberately-lied-to-reporters-about-benghazi-talking-points-video/

  2. procomptor says:

    What the F*** are we doing isolating ourselves even more from Europe? Oh excuse the language but I picked it up on a farm I worked at as a boy in the US. The arrogance of the gal in this report is sickening.


  3. JR says:

    Oh, Jean, you are so good !! Thank you for a great belly laugh to start the day. Love “Elise” girded in her electric blue truth-in-your-face showdown with Piss-aki in her boiling frog green costume !!
    I’m thinking that there is nothing large or loud enough to cover this huge badass leak. Once again the US Gov’t stooges show up on the world stage naked, and deservedly being shamed. This is too good to be suppressed for long !! Great job of spreading the “word,” which I trust won’t be the last one at either end !!

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