Victoria Nuland [‘Miss Potty Mouth’] on Ukraine – F–ck the EU!

 It’s my sense that the people who wrote this were very angry, because a lot of it is hard to understand. Nevertheless, I think you will get the gist. ~J


 Good gosh Almighty – the US is trying to set up a puppet government in the Ukraine – Imagine that!

Source: Veterans Today 

Just forwarded to us from a long time VT reader:

RELEVANT TO SYRIA in providing a behind the scenes example of the US administrations criminal behavior:

This is a taped phone conversation between Victoria Nuland (the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State) and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoff Pyatt and outlines the manner in which the US is choosing the new government in Ukraine. Today this was posted by Peter Lavelle on his Facebook page. Peter works for Russia Today, Peter does the Cross Talk program.


Miss Potty Mouth

Miss Potty Mouth

[ Editors Note:  My, my…it looks like we have a little reverse NSA in action going on here.

Could it be that with all the intercepts that the Russians must have they are going to break the golden rule of not putting them out, because then everybody might start doing it?

AIPAC and the Israelis must be shaking in their boots tonight.

What you will hear below is just a normal conversation of the leader of the free world, the beacon of democracy, trying to rig a puppet government in a very large ‘free’ and ‘democratic’ country. This not the modern electronic voter machine rigging, but something more’old school’.

The US State Department has recently charged Russia with interfering in the affairs of an independent country. Imagine that! Putin outbid the EU as to whom a bankrupt Ukraine would be worth more.

The EU was trying to rape Ukraine on its sick bed, getting what it wanted up front while the Ukraine had to jump through EU hoops before becoming a full member…like…ten years…maybe more, and maybe never. The Russians had energy to use as cash…they did…and it worked.

If anyone is shocked…don’t be. This is what governments do…economic warfare. The reason they don’t tell you is because you are not getting a piece, as this kind of action, people, contracts, the dough made…it generally goes to a non multicultural group. And no, it doesn’t include you.

Someone want to wrestle the Russian bear

Someone want to wrestle the Russian bear?

Have the American people given their government the nod to do this? Not really. They do this because they want to, and because they can. Now you see what the term ‘national security interests’ got truncated to just ‘interests’. It’s a nice loosey goosey term.

On first blush you might expect it to be one to be able to Monday morning quarterback whether such ‘interests’ were successfully achieved. A flexible definition would sure help declaring yourself a winner there.

But what you probably  overlooked  is whether even ‘our interests’ actually means American interests, as one would expect it to. If you still believed that after eight years of Bush and Cheney you cannot be helped.

OUR interests…means THEIR interests…meaning them and their friends who play ball…with piece spread around like bread tossed out at the old Roman Coliseum times for the rest of us.

Now I want you all to say your prayers tonight, even you atheists, that this triggers a diplomatic phone call release war, and we will get the civics lesson were never got in high school… Jim W. Dean ]

Click Here to continue reading and to listen to Miss Potty Mouth.

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13 Responses to Victoria Nuland [‘Miss Potty Mouth’] on Ukraine – F–ck the EU!


  2. dyne says:

    Clara, I think it helps to consider that the US is involved in a proxy “war” with Russia by sponsoring and promoting the pro-EU “protests” in Ukraine.

    To me, it looks like this is Russia’s way of striking back at the cabal’s attempt to create unrest in other counties. I’d be willing to bet this is just a small warning shot, too! A way of saying… Keep pushing and we’ll expose what you really think of the EU and it’s purpose. It sure would be interesting to see how many Ukrainians would riot for acceptance into the EU after something like that!

    I could be wrong, though. This is just my interpretation.

  3. Itsinthenumbers says:

    “When theives quarrel, the honest man will get his own”.

  4. kay says:

    This is what promoting democracy abroad is all about. I call it demonstration of craziness. No wonder the whole world is upside down. democracy had been hijacked and its a fraud.

  5. Nine says:


    Just thinking out loud hear but if all of the NSA information goes to that 51st State and since Russia is a backwards country in this industry would it not mean that some other power tipped off the Russians?

    I am only pondering the obvious here Jean……

    The why of such a thing is way above my pay grade…..

    Its like this ….like the story of the Fox in the Hen House…..

    We built the finest house protected from all enemy’s!!!

    How do you defend against one of the hens letting in the Fox?

    That is the paradox of the American Republic.

    I don’t think that the founders ever thought that could be an option with the safeguards that they had built into the system…their system…


  6. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    I am having a beer….one needs to drink a bit when reading some of the stuff on your fine page…..and I digress…..

    Well, first, I will feel very sorry for those Ukrainians if the US ever gets a hold of their Government with our occupiers in charge….ahem…..

    Well….lets see here…..Jim Dean editor of VT and I think that the duffster is on that team?

    Its just shop talk….I understand these things but the devil is in the details…..they don’t like it one bit if our folks get recorded….as it were….and a team with the ‘nads to put it up upon the net and whew!!!! That is serious business with folks who are crooks….

    What if in such a manor something really important would get published in such a manor…..such as 9/11 truth? I am just asking a question here not suggesting that the Russians or whomever might be above such a thing…..

    Seems to me if our varmints in our government don’t do something and provide some prosecutions someone else just might do it for you…..

    And sometimes to flush a varmint one has to withhold information or have some fabrication in ones tail… it were….

    I have a young relative in the Green Barrett and I looked them up…..

    They have a school for psychological operations and my young man is in this 95 week program….the brightest of the bunch get picked for this program…..

    And you best be aware that we are wading through their best bullshit on the internet…..


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  8. DrinkDeep says:

    I like to think that we have a “whitehat” at play here – these people are just running wild out there, and if anyone needs a little sunlight it’s the State Dept. In a related note, did anyone notice the headline today ‘Syria has become a matter of homeland security’?…here we go again

    This is a pretty big deal, folks…this is the Assistant Secretary of State! She’s been a power player behind the scenes for years (as noted in other post, she was the force behind the Benghazi lies), and it’s pretty amazing that they’re so ready to point fingers at Russia considering that falls under Nuland’s “diplomatic turf”. The U.S. State Dept is totally out of control – giving away billions to manipulate foreign countries (while congress can’t come up with a 3 month unemployment extension).

    There was a pretty interesting State Dept press briefing yesterday – the reporters called this out for what it is, but you’ll notice that no one in the MSM has picked up on it. Some of the better comments:

    QUESTION: Does not the fact that U.S. diplomats purportedly are discussing who should and should not be in a Ukrainian government hint at some possibility of U.S. interference here?
    MS. PSAKI: Absolutely not. There – it should be no surprise that U.S. officials talk about issues around the world. Of course we do. That’s what you do, that’s what diplomats do, and discuss especially issues where we’ve been closely engaged. The Secretary met with the opposition this weekend. He stopped by a meeting with the foreign minister. It’s up to the people of Ukraine, including officials from both sides, to determine the path forward. But it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are discussions about events on the ground.
    QUESTION: This was more than discussions, though. This was two top U.S. officials that are on the ground discussing a plan that they have to broker a future government, and bringing officials from the UN to kind of seal the deal. This is more than the U.S. trying to make suggestions. This is the U.S. midwifing the process.
    MS. PSAKI: Well, Elise, you’re talking about a private diplomatic conversation. Those happen all the time. Of course as part of private diplomatic conversations, there are discussions about what involvement the UN can have, what involvement or engagement should happen on the ground. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Of course, these things are being discussed. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s up to the people on the ground, it is up to the people of Ukraine to determine what the path forward is.
    QUESTION: But you’re clearly trying to influence what they decide. I mean, one of the quotes is – and this is attributed to Ambassador Pyatt: “I think you reaching out to him” – Klitschko –“helps with the personality management among the three, and it gives you also a chance to move fast and all this stuff and put us behind it before they all sit down.” And he explains why he doesn’t like it. That’s not – that’s not oh, let them figure this out. That’s gee, let’s try to do this so that he won’t decide he doesn’t like this plan.

    QUESTION: If you’re saying privately behind the scenes that you’re cooking up a deal, and then you’re saying publicly that this is up for Ukrainians to decide, those are two totally different things. I understand that diplomatic discussions are sensitive and you don’t want everything to come out, but those are two totally different – totally different positions.
    MS. PSAKI: Elise, what do you think happens behind closed doors when people are discussing issues internally through the interagency —
    QUESTION: This is not discussing issues. This is talking about a deal that the U.S. was cooking up with —
    MS. PSAKI: I think I would disagree with you. I think you’re overstating and overqualifying a couple of minutes from a privately recorded phone call.

    …and then we start connecting the dots… =)
    QUESTION: So when you get a question – about whether you think it would be good or bad for Politician X or Y in Country X or Y to run for office, for any office, I don’t think that it is honest for you to say no, we don’t have an opinion and that’s completely up to the people of Country X.
    MS. PSAKI: Well, Matt, there’s a —
    QUESTION: And I specifically mean in this case I’m talking about Egypt. Because you do have an opinion.

    And this!
    QUESTION: Just one other thing. Is there any concern in the Department that if there is a Russian hand in this, that her – that Assistant Secretary Nuland’s relationship with the Russians, which – and Russia is part of her portfolio now – is going to be hurt? I recall when she was sworn in, the Secretary told a little story about how Foreign Minister Lavrov had said to him that he was glad that he finally got rid of that Nuland woman —
    note the sidestepping and contradictions by Psaki (and remember, this is Nuland’s old job so we have some idea of the history of transparency here) – she clearly states they have No evidence that Russia released this video, yet they consistently repeat stories about ‘tradecraft’, etc. Fun starts around 2:30

  9. gear13 says:

    Miss potty mouth, that is the type of filthy diplomatic representatives that we can afford in the almighty USA. If she can eat with that mouth, no wonder what comes out stinks.

    • Di, Cerrillos, NM,USA says:

      Tsk,tsk! We are seeing apocalypse in action. Folks of low frequency are revealing themselves, no matter how highly placed or wealthy. They are ready to ‘duke it out’ when caught, rather than just admit they made a mistake. The truth is that right now, they are all in the crosshairs of a massive movement of freedom from Illuminati control. It is unraveling and it is just a matter of time before they all have the sunshine spotlight on their behavior/decision making. The rest of us in the bleachers are watching closely to see if anyone in the spotlight steps forward in integrity. We still hope for leadership to rally the confused and lost while we find the truth/clarity we seek inside ourselves and the courage to take a stand for love and freedom from slavery.

  10. Clara says:

    Jean, I am finding this very interesting. We all realize, since the disclosure of the NSA spying, that all the big players are spying on each other. I ask myself, what is the reason for this being put into the media now? Certainly many of us Americans are seeing our government for what it is. Are any of these other governments any less corupt? Probably not. Problem, reaction, solution. I ask myself, what is the game plan on this. Who and why and to what end. None of this happens by chance.

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