CHOIR OF HEAVEN (Medwyn Goodall)•.¸♥`*•.¸ ¸.•*♫´¸.•*´ . . . we need this beauty. . . now . . . ~J

Published on Oct 24, 2013
Thanks to V.

Una extraña pasión se mueve en mi cabeza.
Mi corazón se volvió un ave
en busca del cielo.
Cada parte de mi va en diferentes direcciones.
¡Es realmente tanto así que mi amado está en todas partes!

A strange passion is moving in my head.
My heart became a bird
in search of heaven.
Every part of me goes in different directions.
It’s really so much so that my beloved is everywhere!

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12 Responses to CHOIR OF HEAVEN (Medwyn Goodall)•.¸♥`*•.¸ ¸.•*♫´¸.•*´ . . . we need this beauty. . . now . . . ~J

  1. Graham says:

    In it’s true glory, manifested and/or unmanifested… is the universal might and light of consciousness. Meditation is the key to unlocking the mind and heart. So much has been written about it, yet mostly misunderstood by left brain dominant thinking (ego).

    Those who know, will never forget what “source energy” is, let alone how to connect with it. Decalcify the pineal gland and enjoy the eternal journey. We are neither robots nor slaves and those who try and make us so… “shame on you”. The power of the human spirit is impregnable.

    Reality only begins where illusion ends! We are essentially full brain beings who only access half a brain. In this half, we on average have only 10% consciousness awareness of what goes on in it. That leaves 90% room for improvement.

    Jean, thanks for energising a sector of the Internet with your blog. Many who come here will know what this “energy” means and where it will undoubtedly lead.

  2. Bill says:

    Jean one that goes with truly these time and what you have been writing lately it is very inspiring for us to do this our selves the light worker are show cased in this beautiful song! Titled “some how I’ll find my way home”!

  3. Eve says:

    You need to tune into the 432 Hz to really start the healing process. This music is out of the earth’s healing frequency. Why You Should Convert Your Music To 432 Hz:

    • Graham says:

      Great link Eve!

      I was reading that very page a few nights ago. It was also good to see the embedded “Cymatics” video, something that I was suprised David Wilcock didn’t mention in his latest release. I’m sure there is one pattern that matches almost identically with what he was describing. For those interested in learning more about Cymatics, see the link below.

      I am also considering contacting Andre Rieu to see what frequency his orchestra tunes to. His concerts are astounding and it is amazing to see how his music and performances totally energise people around the globe.

      See second link for a song that contains “two words” which adequately explain what Neil Keenan is about to do to the cabal. Of course, the Irish “Riverdance” aptly imparts the “sound” they can expect to hear very soon on their doorsteps! Ya dancer (Scots term)!


      “Il SILENZIO” (Andre Rieu/Melissa Venema):-

      • Jean says:

        Thank you for all this! I”m listening now, and it is bringing tears to my eyes! Hugs, ~Jean

        • Graham says:

          I’m sure it was through your blog Jean that I learned about Andre’s existence. I think someone posted the “Scotland the Brave/Amazing Grace” video just over a year ago. Followed him ever since, but missed his Scottish visit in December.

          When we are through learning, we are essentially through life. I’ve been researching for around 30 years and I still learn new things every day thanks to blogs like your own. The input from others in the forum is immense.

          I always laugh when one considers how the “cabal” forgot to get early control of the internet. The reality is, these buffoons may be very clever, but they also make many many mistakes. Their weaknesses must be exploited to the max.

          Think of their mentality. They undoubtedly get much enjoyment out of parading spiritually void puppets around global stage sets with their occult toys and symbols. Give me Katy Perry’s broomstick and I will happily show all how it could be put to far better use. That day is fast approaching 🙂

  4. Bill says:

    And dear Jean here’s a Heart filling, calming ,Inspiringly beautiful Temple Journey that introduced me to Medwyn’s Music, When I first heard it it was certain cords in it that just stop me in my tracks and had to listen and I was a new Fan of this music 24 years ago, hope it does the same for you! have a great evening enjoy!

  5. Pamela Libonati says:

    Thanks for sharing such Awesome Beauty Jean. Love and Hugs.

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