Michael Tellinger’s presentation of the annunaki and more! MUST WATCH!

Published on Jul 9, 2013
Thanks to C.

Michael did a presentation at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) conference in 2012. In this session, he describes free energy system from ancient civilisations, and finishes off with his model for a society based on contributionism, or UBUNTU.

See more at http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/p/docum… and http://www.zuluplanet.com

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6 Responses to Michael Tellinger’s presentation of the annunaki and more! MUST WATCH!

  1. veraiconica says:

    Jean, thank you for this great lecture from Michael Tellinger. He has a great vision about a happier future on our planet. Believe it can be done. Like the idea about a world without money, where everybody contributes. Sending you hugs! Veraiconica

  2. nan says:

    i belive the vibration energy we need to be at is Love, and that the chemtrails are mainly to block out the sun, which has made the planet 20% dimmer. So the Suns energy and our love is all its gonna take. that is what i feel so i’m sticking with that lol. Also that is why we have been waiting for “us” to remember thats all, won’t be long. Generate the Love send it to the cabal as they are very deep in the dark they probably won’t like but tough we have been suffocated by the dark now its their turn to be blinded by the light love nan

  3. procomptor says:

    Wow! As we push forward in our own communities for our land, goods and lives back as the creator gave to all of us the people it is rewarding to see the same thing happening around the world! The same theme here as I have stated for over a year; The Annunaki are back on their once every 3k plus year cycle to claim their demented role as our God. They take all the gold and what ever else they want and leave us with a corrupted planet again and again!

    We are being handed a way out but we have to stand up and fight for it. There is nothing free in this universe worth taking or wanting. Everyone everywhere has the ability to contribute something to the community and Michael here describes how easy it can and should be. There is a song out from a group called Pink Floyd called the wall. It explains how we keep the bricks of this wall strong and steadfast with our drugs, our fears, our laziness and finally just ignorance!

    It is time to tear down the wall’s built in the beginning by the evil few and kept alive now by all of us. The free good and lightened many of the world must stand right now and tear down the walls so we can finally grow into the free willed community that people everywhere want but don’t fight for out of fear! WE ARE NOW CREATING OUR OWN FEAR OF CHANGE! WE DON’T DIE! WE GET TO COME BACK TO THIS PLACE SO LET’S MAKE IT A PLACE WORTH COMING BACK TO!!! Thank you Michael for your contribution to POSITIVE change in the world.

    Lords Bright Blessings to all awakened and still yet to awaken!


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  5. John Stevens says:

    I already watched that, Jean. TY Cheers Hugs

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