Steinberg Briefing on the Countdown to War

Source: LarouchePac

‘s Jeffrey Steinberg gives a thorough briefing on Mr. LaRouche’s short-term warning of the danger of a general thermonuclear war, a process which is unfolding now. This briefing was given before the Victoria Nuland revelations; the fact sheet on the Ukraine coup can be found here.


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27 Responses to Steinberg Briefing on the Countdown to War

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  3. David B.Kmetz says:

    Jean, I AM asking for your comment or opinion on Galacticroundtable2013 ,Tara -Rama and there never ending Support of Obama. Aso thank you and neil et all for truth and action .Love Always David

    • Jean says:

      David, I can’t give you any opinion on this site. Until just now, I didn’t even know it existed. Obama broke my heart. For so long I believed, wanted to believe he was of the light. Finally, I just had to look at the number of deaths he has allowed to occur, and I couldn’t excuse him anymore. Many of us thought, and I include myself, that he was protecting his wife and family by his actions, but finally I had to look at it and say – whether or not I wanted to – that this could not be permitted to be the behavior of the President of the United States. When a President goes into office, they must assume truly awesome responsibilities, and he has not even begun to do that. Hugs, ~Jean

      PS By choosing him to be our President, the Rockefellers could not have been more cruel and in-your-face to our black population! They had to know at this time what they were doing.

  4. John Stevens says:

    TY Jean I’m just so happy and glad I escaped when I did. Cheers Hugs

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  6. Sevren says:

    Just want to thank you Jeanie for all of the relevant post. I’ve loved your blog from day 1. Holding you in high light. ❤

  7. Ego Dynamic. People who are making the decisions here need to get off the merry-go-round, and find common cause.


  8. Pink Rabbit says:

    Neuland admits 5 Billion spent on regime change.
    Osnetdaily has Russian article similar to LaRouche in Black Sea geopolitics and Russian Navy chokehold. Difficult translation.

    Not just European Centeal Bank, also against Russia if Ukraine controlled.

  9. this is good stuff. i usually tune out things with “war” in the title, but this was definitely worth listening to. Seems like a very sane , wise, and balanced view of how things really are.
    thanks jean

    • Jean says:

      Yes, Peter, it is extremely good. Larouche is a good man, and it was his post . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Susanne R says:

        Good stuff to be sure, very logical assessment, by Larouche; but scarier than I’ve heard in a long time.
        There aren’t enough of us, Jeanie. It’s like shouting at the wind.
        I meditate and put out the good thoughts, connect with the peace, the beauty, and hope that the positivity radiates out and helps, but I don’t know. Sometimes I’ll come out of meditation and find tears down my face and neck. Truly my soul weeps at the horrible evil people that govern our world, including and especially Obama and his bankster puppet masters. But again, I just don’t know.
        All I can do is be true to my own heart, speak the truth as I know it, and let the chips fall where they may.
        Maybe that’s really all most of us can do — not like you and Neil — just spread the word and keep on hoping for the best.
        Thank you for your incredible strength and perseverance. I admire you very much.

  10. Todd says:

    This piece doesn’t fit in the puzzle Jean, as this scenario will not be allowed, period! Hugs, Todd.

  11. Cariell lusignan says:

    No Obama is working for the light not openly just look at what happened to JFK, etc. no nukes will fire not too worry gala tics already dis enabled and guns,. Soon also will be disengaged…….the man from Korea found out the hard way his nukes would not fire….Obama is working for the light……

    • Jean says:

      Cariell, I’m sorry to break your bubble – as mine was also broken – but Obama is NOT working for the light. I know that for a fact. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • judynz says:

        Speaking as a far off observer whether Obama knows it or not, whether his intentions are good or bad he is certainly waking people up around the world. The insanity coming from his his term in office is mind blowing. It was obvious to me from the moment he fudged his swearing in, then instead of starting over he completed this behind the scenes, out of the gaze of the public, something big was going down. Cariell dont get too involved in the subject because you could get hurt…but do give thanks for the good that is coming from what we consider bad.

        • Jean says:

          Without the dark, we can’t ‘see’ the light! It is all here for our instruction! Someone wants us to learn about LOVE! Don’t you think? Hugs, ~Jean

  12. goldpig says:

    The truth is exploding all over the internet, there are pics on this site of handouts for protesters.
    “Compare these two illustrations; they are identical. In the illustration framed in red are instructions in Arabic developed by American specialists during the first stage of the «popular protest» in Syria (2011). Framed in yellow are instructions in Ukrainian for Kiev’s Maidan activists. ”

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