RT: Headlines (selected) , February 14, 2014

St. Louis (Image from flickr user@dclamster)

‘Corporate rights’: Judge blocks popular move to end tax breaks for big energy
Citing corporate rights under the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, a St. Louis, Missouri circuit court judge has temporarily blocked a citizen-led municipal ballot initiative that could end city tax breaks to “unsustainable” fossil fuel companies.
Emergency personnel examine the wreckage of a train derailment near Vandergrift, Pennsylvania February 13, 2014. (Reuters / Jason Cohn)

Has anyone notice all the train derailments that are suddenly happening? Could it be they will soon push for the use of pipelines? Surely, there is something afoot. ~J
Penn. train derailment leaks thousands of gallons of oil, sends car into building
A 120-car train making its way across Pennsylvania derailed Thursday morning, spilling thousands of gallons of oil and alarming observers who have called for stricter safety standards on trains hauling hazardous material. 
AFP Photo / Robyn Beck

Congress members urge Obama to remove marijuana from illegal drugs list
In a signed letter issued on Wednesday, 18 members of Congress have called on President Barack Obama to reclassify marijuana, a drug currently listed in the same category as heroin and LSD. 
A full body scanner at Midway Airport (AFP Photo / Getty Images / Scott Olson)

TSA wants new generation of scanners
Air travel in America might soon become a lot easier: the Department of Homeland Security wants companies to develop a security scanner that won’t require airline passengers to disrobe ahead of departure. 
Christian Tumax (Image from facebook.com)

High school student suspended after defending special needs classmate from bullies
Educators in Texas are coming under fire for suspending a high school senior who came to the aid of a special needs friend being bullied by another student.
A metallic case called a hohlraum holds the fuel capsule for NIF experiments (Image from llnl.gov)

Nuclear fusion breakthrough: US scientists make crucial step to limitless power
A team of scientists in California announced Wednesday they are one step closer to developing the almost mythical pollution-free, controlled fusion-energy reaction, though the goal of full “ignition” is still far off. 
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