A STAND DOWN ORDER IS ISSUED TO OFFICERS OF THE PAPACY AND THE CROWN . . . plus two other press releases . . . go Kevin!!! ~J

I find Kevin’s work so powerful! Hopefully, it is a sign that we can do this peacefully! If we don’t, we reduce ourselves to being no better than the cabal! Apparently, Kevin’s International Common Law Court system is alive and functioning, and I hope we will all support it – and extend its use!! ~J


Posted on February 24, 2014
Thanks to S.

“Your oaths of allegiance are nullified and you are freed and obligated to serve God, the common law and the people”

TODAY, ON THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF THE CRIMINAL CONVICTION OF POPE BENEDICT AND QUEEN ELIZABETH AND THEIR CORPORATIONS, a public notice of treason and order to comply was issued to all of the agents and officers of these felons by the Common Law Court responsible for their conviction.

The legal order was issued by The Presiding Magistrates of the Criminal Trial Division of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

One year after an historic common law court verdict convicted thirty officials of church and state for Crimes against Humanity, the Court issued a “stand down” nullification order to all of the agents of those bodies, including the Vatican, the Crown of England and the government of Canada.

This order completes the legal disestablishment of the guilty institutions by releasing the police, judiciary, clergy, soldiers and all employees of these convicted bodies from their oaths of allegiance to the former head of state of the Commonwealth, Elizabeth Windsor, and to the Pope and the papacy in Rome.

The order negates the authority and jurisdiction of all of these officials. It notifies them that their continued allegiance to the convicted heads of state and church will constitute collusion with wanted criminals, and thereby an act of Treason against the people and the law, and may result in their arrest and imprisonment.

The Order will be delivered in person and through the media to these officials by the community at large and by sheriffs authorized by the Court’s Presiding Magistrates.

Simultaneously, the Court has authorized the establishment of new Common Law police officers to enforce the Court’s verdict and replace the disestablished authorities.

“Quite simply, this is a revolution” explained Kevin Annett, Field Secretary for the International Tribunal that sponsored the Court, at a press conference today on sovereign territory formerly part of Canada and now under Common Law jurisdiction.

“To nullify the authority of the judges, the police and the politicians who are the agents of criminal institutions is the inevitable and lawful consequence of the Court’s indictment of those bodies for crimes against humanity. This is being done legally and in the open. Under the law, there no longer exists what we knew as the Vatican, the Crown of England or the governments of Great Britain and Canada. Those populations are now under the sole jurisdiction of the common law and the covenants that they, the people, establish among themselves and with their Creator.

“It is now up to every one of us to enforce this Order, and we are all equally empowered to do so. The old authorities and their laws can and must be actively ignored. And the standing citizen arrest warrants against Joseph Ratzinger, Elizabeth Windsor and others will be enforced.”

This most recent Order from the International Common Law Court of Justice precedes the upcoming commencement of its second case, involving global child trafficking, on March 31, 2014. Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, will be summoned as the chief defendant in this case, which will convene at an open hearing in Brussels.

To pursue this and other convictions, Common Law courts have been organized by citizens and ITCCS affiliates in Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, Holland, Spain and Italy.

For more information and updates see www.itccs.org and www.iclcj.com .

Issued by ITCCS Central and the International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels

Papal and Crown Officers Ordered to Stand Down by Court

Arrest the Child Traffickers! Protest to confront Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth on April 3 in Rome


In a repeat of the massive “Protest the Pope” march that brought 20,000 people into the streets of London in September, 2010, activists from around the world will converge on Rome on Thursday, April 3 to stop a planned meeting between convicted felon Elizabeth Windsor and Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio.

“These heads of church and state are guilty of child trafficking and murder. We won’t let them harm any more children, anywhere, and I don’t care how much protection they’ve got” said Fernando R., an Italian organizer of the action.

The Rome action will include plans for a convergence of spiritual elders outside the Vatican on Easter Sunday, April 20, to conduct a third and final Exorcism and Replacement Ceremony. Further details of these actions will be posted soon atwww.itccs.org .

Urgent Action Appeal to all ITCCS affiliates and People of Conscience: Help us Confront Child Trafficking Heads of Church and State in Rome on April 3!

Brussels and Rome:

Our global movement is joining hands with victims of church torture to rally against Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth when they meet in Rome on Thursday, April 3.

We ask that you join us there, or hold support protests and church occupations that same day, wherever you are.

Working with Italian victims’ and human rights groups, we will gather outside the Italian Presidential Palace and at the Vatican that day. Common Law sheriffs will attempt to enforce the standing Citizen Arrest Warrant against Elizabeth Windsor. Details are forthcoming at www.itccs.org.

Recently, we exposed how Queen Elizabeth colluded with deposed Pope Benedict in September, 2010 to help conceal child rape in both the Anglican and Catholic churches. Elizabeth Windsor is a convicted felon and the present Pope Francis is the chief defendant in an upcoming Common Law Court action against global child trafficking, to commence March 31.

Please spread the word, and plan to join us in Rome on April 3.

And stand by for a key global media announcement this Tuesday, February 25, on the first anniversary of our Common Law Court conviction of the Vatican, Canada and the Crown of England for Crimes against Humanity.

Issued by The Directorate of the ITCCS
20 February, 2014
www.itccs.org , www.iclcj.com

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14 Responses to A STAND DOWN ORDER IS ISSUED TO OFFICERS OF THE PAPACY AND THE CROWN . . . plus two other press releases . . . go Kevin!!! ~J

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  2. Cody says:

    Where is a copy of this stand down order? Proof that it has been issued?

  3. Lou Lotus says:

    I would be grateful if Kevin Annett could put to the next Grand Jury the embezzlement of £720 billion last year (that is £60 billion per month) in the UK,
    see https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/221887/budget2013_executive_summary.pdf
    This is to reclaim, say 1% per month, that is £600 million per month over the next 8 years so that we can gradually develop a proper structure of public service & global media giving those in jobs an opportunity to comply with Ancient Laws or go home without pay. See http://www.icj13.webs.com & http://www.allto1.webs.com follow me on twitter @lotusprincess4u

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  5. Robert Branson says:

    This article explains well how the whole control matrix is set up …
    and coming down!

    “The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA …
    Just Before It Crashes and Burns”

  6. pupma says:

    Urgh, it is the 26th and no big announcement.
    (huge sigh)

    • Jean says:

      Yes, a huge sigh, because I must tell you that I don’t think we’re ready for any big announcement. I think this is fight that will be made up of many battles, and we will win this fight one battle at a time. . . hopefully through a court system based on Kevin Annett’s Common Law Court system . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  7. Angela says:

    YOU GO KEVIN. It is our responsibility to protect all children of the world from all harm to include
    moslestation, rape, emotional and physical harm of others (to include the war-machine of the CIA-USA), mal-nutrition, and attempted genocide by the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation of vaccinations. MAKE THIS GO VIRAL

  8. Wendi says:

    Jean, where are you? Hope you’re doing well and safe! I haven’t told you Thank you for your work, so THANK YOU! Here’s my hug..~

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