REPOST: Follow the Golden Brick Road, Part I, by Robert J. Miller, February 28, 2014

Posted originally on February 28, 2014

JeanThis is the long-awaited article I have been promising you. I am delighted with the results and I’m excited to read your comments, receive your added input, and to share in your experience of discovery. Our belief is that when you have read the full article, past and present events of the world will no longer be confusing. We hope it will enable you to see the pattern of deception. Once you do, everything makes total sense. 

Because of the complexity of our unknown but very ‘real’ history and the necessity we have felt to simplify it in order to present to you a sort-of velcro structure/outline onto which increasing amounts of information can be attached, this article became not only time consuming but an incredible challenge to write. In fact, it became so complex that we feel the need to divide it into two sections. 

My experience as I went down the rabbit hole over a period of years was that each time there was a substantial change in my reality it often took me about two weeks to take it into my being, find a place for it there, and to adapt. I often found myself babbling, almost in disbelief — too often to people who had little or no interest and whose eyes would become veiled as their consciousness drifted away. This did not stop me from seeking the ‘real’ truth, and gradually it became the central theme of my life: to present the ‘real’ truth as I was discovering it to my readers.

Robert has done an extraordinary job in the full article of bringing all the various complexities together and selecting the best possible items to create your own personal velcro outline to be filled in with other pieces as you discover them. It has been a work of devotion on his part, and it has been a great pleasure for me to work with him on it. It’s been a true collaboration. We both hope each of you who reads it will find it helpful. The second half will be out shortly, but we intend to give you enough time to take all this information in and make your own personal reality adjustments before we present the second half. 

In Part II, we will go up and over the rainbow exploring the origin of man and past civilizations, of which many of you are aware, but we hope to present it in a different light. 

We hope you enjoy Part I!


“People are ‘awakening’ to the fact that something is radically wrong with our collective civilization, but to understand what is going on and why, we need to see it all — everything — the whole picture, including how and why things ever got this distorted in the first place.

“The short answer is Mankind has been programmed-to-be-programmed, and throughout our collective history there are those who have always known this fact and have known exactly how to do it on a massive scale. To illustrate the point, ask yourself how any mother or father could send his or her son off to war to be possibly killed or maimed for life if he or she knew that the war was deliberately planned and orchestrated to serve and benefit a privileged few?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


“Gold and Silver is money. Everything else is credit.” J.P. Morgan

In our previous article, Down the Rabbit Hole, we made some very bold statements and brought to light some very important facts. The first of which was ‘We the American public as well as the vast majority of people throughout the world have been deliberately and deceitfully kept in the dark.’ We need to fully awaken to this fact and realize that the reasons for the horrific carnage that has taken place throughout our known history are seated in something much deeper and much more profound than simple greed, lust for power or ‘national security.’

We need to open our minds and hearts to ‘all possibility’ to see how in historical context, ‘all the pieces’ line up and fit into place revealing a pattern of mass manipulation and betrayal. As we expose the facts, prepare to be shocked and in some ways horrified because the ‘larger picture’ and the atrocities which have been perpetrated in the name of peace, prosperity and freedom are almost beyond belief.

The answers are there to be found and can be discovered by uncovering and analyzing historical clues from our past, by cross-referencing intersecting and overlapping facts and timelines that otherwise might appear to be, or have been made to appear to be, a chaotic collage of non-related events.

In Down The Rabbit Hole we focused on two major events in our recent history: the JFK Assassination and the attacks on 911 in an effort to understand the ‘real’ truth behind world events, but more importantly to graphically illustrate how the cabal actually operates — how those in power will go to any lengths to attain their objectives and conceal their culpability. In the article we state the two official versions of what took place on those infamous days, then provide a few key clues that clearly indicate otherwise.

These two examples alone should be enough for anyone to examine, causing them to wake up to the fact that we have been intentionally deceived by those we have empowered to lead us and that the sustained effort to lie, deny and misinform is further proof that our trust has been grossly misplaced.

In-depth investigation into either of these two tragic events should lead us all to understanding the direct linkage and association to 1947 and the Roswell incident and the birth of the Breakaway Civilization right through to the present day.

The events, though tragic, left us a legacy that will serve us in many ways and on many levels in our quest for the ‘real’ truth. They also can be used as an indicator to help us ascertain and gauge many things. We can see just how infiltrated and corrupt a politician or the media may be when these events are referenced to the public. In conversation, we can determine what an individual’s personal beliefs and awareness may be. Knowing what another individual ‘thinks’ about each event reveals volumes.

People are ‘awakening’ to the fact that something is radically wrong with our collective civilization, but to understand what is going on and why, we need to see it all — everything — the whole picture, including how and why things ever got this distorted in the first place.

The short answer is mankind has been programmed-to-be-programmed, and throughout our collective history there are those who have always known this fact and have known exactly how to do it on a massive scale. To illustrate this point, ask yourself how any parent could send their son or daughter off to war to be possibly killed or maimed for life — if he or she knew that the war was deliberately planned and orchestrated to serve and benefit a privileged few?

We need to discover the ‘real’ truth behind the heinous history of carnage that has occurred here on our planet. It is imperative that we discover our true history. Failure to do so, will have catastrophic effects on the whole of humanity. Our failure to do so to this point already has.

We will expose significant events in global history which reveal a definite pattern of diabolical manipulation and deceit, but we must keep in mind that these events are just symptoms of the cause that manifests them. While we could list countless examples of atrocities, our main objective is to expose the cause behind them.

In order to expose the cause behind the effects we must see the Agenda itself and just how it has manifested over the passage of time. To do so we will first drill down as far and as deep as possible, touching upon enough key points and historical events to outline the larger picture. In the telling we will focus initially on more recent events beginning with the Industrial Revolution and establishment of the Central Banking system. We will also explore the history of Gold and later, mankind’s long-held obsession with it.

We will expose the Elite Master plan, a colossal shell game and sleight-of-hand trick to grab all the World’s Gold — while enslaving humanity in the process.

Our true history is more intricate and intriguing than any novel you could ever possibly imagine, involving Popes, Emperors, Presidents, secret societies, hidden treasure, war, rape and pillage, illegal drugs, the CIA, aliens, international espionage, ancient civilizations, and a secret space program. In our effort to develop the full picture we will touch upon all of these areas.

It’s an incredible story but diabolical in nature. As we tell it, it is vitally important to stay focused and diligent, not allowing yourself to be seduced or mesmerized, keeping in mind that ‘We the People’ are neither invited to be a part of this Elite Civilization, nor have we any potential of being included in it, other than to serve as slaves and fodder for the attainment of their Agenda.

As we examine our history and a number of significant events in an effort to correlate them, a clue in seeing the larger picture and plan is to realize that the lust for Gold plays a huge part in the story and provides a key piece to solving the puzzle. We must keep our focus on The Gold; it will open the doors of understanding, leading us to the greater Truth. To follow the Gold we need to first follow the money and the creation of the Central Banking system.

Our only salvation is to wake up to the false reality, thereby exiting ourselves from it.

* * * * * * * * 

A brief review of the five points previously mentioned in DTRH, referencing both Money and Gold, will provide us with a good starting point that will enable us to more clearly see the trajectory and treachery that has been perpetrated on ‘We the People.’

Money — those who control it — backs ‘both’ sides.

Following World War II the US Federal Reserve note became the world’s reserve currency; the petrodollar requirws all industrialized countries use US Federal Reserve notes, a Fiat currency for all oil transactions.

The Federal Reserve Bank shipped huge amounts of gold to Germany in 1932.

Japan plundered China and several countries in Southeast Asia to fund their War II war effort.

Most of the world’s gold can be found in Asia albeit hidden and off the books.

All industrialized countries use a Central Banking system for the issuance of their currency. They are all interconnected by the International Bank of Settlements (BIS), 1930.

The Western Power Elite have always known about The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the massive hoards of Gold it accumulated along the Silk Road trade routes, and they certainly well knew and understood centuries ago the difference between gold and fiat currency. We will begin our story of the ruling elite’s efforts to steal China’s gold starting in 1776, when Scottish economist and philosopher Adam Smith published his book entitled the Wealth of Nations. In his book Smith points to the huge disparity in gold holdings between the East and the West and emphasized the importance of establishing a fiat currency/free trade economic model, as opposed to a gold standard currency system.

Smith’s fiat model also included the necessity of the centralization of all the world’s gold to prevent tipping the world balance of power in favor of any one country. With an 85/15 gold disparity favoring the East, a free trade fiat system was, in fact, vital to the Western bankers. At the forefront of the implementation of this model was the Rothschild family, which by the early 1800s controlled the Bank of England (the world’s first central bank, est. 1691), and 50% of the (Western) world’s wealth. The ever present elite ruling class, however, composed of Kings, Bankers, Popes and Politicians has been behind the scenes — and at the forefront of all geopolitical activity for centuries.

To understand the larger picture we must also consider two key publications of the mid-to-late 1800s, which contributed greatly toward shaping social beliefs and attitudes that still remain prevalent to this day. The first publication is Darwin’s Origin of Species (1859) in which his two-pronged theory of evolution and natural selection is first stated: Mankind developed along the evolutionary chain, emerging out of the primordial slime, and the survival of the fittest.

The second publication is geologist John Wesley Powell’s Powell Doctrine (1879), an ethnology philosophy, which in essence states that Native American’s were savages — and — we need not look any further than Christopher Columbus as the man who ‘discovered’ America. Powell, a former Civil War hero and minister’s son, was director of the Bureau of Ethnology at the Smithsonian Institution. During his association with the Smithsonian, he was responsible for suppressing massive amounts of evidence confirming the prior existence of advanced ancient civilizations.

When considered in retrospect and from a deeper and broader perspective, these two extremely important documents reveal two subtly inculcated attitudes: One attitude is the denigration of humankind itself as in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and the other is the denigration of a specific race as in the Powell Doctrine. The combined underlying message was the Native Americans are inferior or sub-human — and it’s really okay to kill them and take their land.

It is vitally important to define the two types of denigration. The Darwin Theory is the more complex of the two, having two elements, one subtle: we came from slime, and the other more overt: survival of the fittest. The Powell Doctrine is the denigration of a specific race. Put these two together, and you have a potent cocktail that opens the door for mass murder. It says people came from slime, and if you don’t agree with me or my religion or my philosophy, if I am more powerful than you, then I have every right to kill you.

If we are open and willing to look, we can see this same pattern repeated and strategically deployed throughout history. Prior to Darwin’s Theory the rational for genocide of the Central and South American indigenous peoples was based on a religious premise: they were heathen savages. With the addition of Darwin’s scientific Theory, the combination of the two philosophies became lethal. It covered all philosophical bases and all of humankind. This was the birth of the age of mass murder.

The Powell and Darwin publications also indicate an intentional attempt to shape mass perception. Powell’s suppression of evidence about discoveries of ancient civilizations leads to this conclusion. We think it is safe to suggest that suppression and intentional obfuscation of vital information has been ongoing from ancient times. With the invention of paper and the printing press it has only continued to become more prevalent and sophisticated since 1776.

Prior to the Jekyll Island agreement, the Industrial Revolution in the West, ignited by the oil-fueled engine, was just hitting its stride. The men who met off the coast of Georgia on Jekyll Island in 1910 were industrialists — and Rothschild lieutenants all. They were responsible for financing and building factories and railroads throughout the Eastern United States, then spanning that system from coast-to-coast.

They met on Jekyll Island to advance a system whereby all of humanity would be economically enslaved. They were believers and advocates of Manifest Destiny which led to — and resulted in, the annihilation of the Native American population. (Death toll estimates range from 1-2 million). That system was put in place here in the United States of America in 1913 with the ratification of the Federal Reserve Act introduced and signed into law by Pres. Woodrow Wilson.

The Federal Reserve act was created just in time to fund World War I (1914), the Bolshevik revolution in Russia (1917), the rise of the German Third Reich (1933), Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal (1933), which was implemented by FDR to get the American economy out of the depths of a severe depression — that the Federal Reserve itself had created.

The FED also financed US Lend Lease programs to supply both the British and Soviet war machines during WWII. It was also used to fund WWI & II war efforts of the United States, as well as the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after World War II.

Impeccable timing, this, and quite a jump start for the privately owned Federal Reserve Central Bank and US petrodollar — common sense must tell us this series of events was no coincidence.

Additionally, in April of 1933, four years after the 1929 stock market crash and Great Depression in America, Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 whereby all privately held US Gold was ‘called in’, essentially confiscated from all American citizens. Several months later the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 was passed. This act officially centralized control of the vast majority of US gold reserves both foreign and domestic, transferring control from the US Treasury into the hands of the Federal Reserve system.

Initial steps in the ruling elite’s long-term plan to seize China’s massive gold holdings began in the early 1800s. The plan was to trade opium in exchange for Gold. The East India Company (later the British East India Company, a Rothschild owned and controlled entity) was utilized for this purpose, and by 1839 over 40 million Chinese were addicted to the substance. (By 1920, 25% of the Chinese male adult population was addicted.) The strategy behind the drug trade, in accordance with Adam Smith’s philosophy, was to initiate trade between the two countries — but more importantly, and in line with the real point of the cabal’s agenda, it was intended to undermine and weaken the Chinese social infrastructure.

It is also revealing to trace how the British East India company obtained the opium to trade to the Chinese: They flooded India’s economy with cheap and poorly made goods, destroying it in order to obtain the opium for the lowest possible rate. Ironically, the same Silk Road trade route whereby the Chinese acquired their immense wealth was reversed and used as the opium trade route. It became a tool to weaken the Chinese and drain them of their treasure.

The British aristocracy and bankers were not without huge political influence in America as well. As a result in 1853, also in line with Smith’s economic principles, Matthew C. Perry, Commodore of the United States Navy, led a fleet of warships into Japanese waters to forcibly open the Japanese ports of Shimoda and Hakodate for trade access to the West. Over the course of the next fourteen years as a result of this forced-trade policy, the social interactions that occurred between Westerners and the Japanese had a profound effect upon Japanese society. Agents from the West, funded by and acting on behalf of the Rothschild’s, sowed the seeds of revolution in Japan. In 1868 a coup d’état took place and a new Emperor (Meiji era: 1868-1912) rose to take the throne (Hirohito’s grandfather). Following his rise to power Japan experienced incredibly rapid industrialization and modernization. The ultimate target, of course, was the Chinese Gold.

Following WWI (1919), known as the ‘war to end all wars’ plans to form a Global Central Bank were initiated. In 1921 the then Prince Hirohito the grandson of the Japanese Meiji Emperor became the first member of the Royal Family to travel abroad. He was invited on a six month tour of major European nations to meet with their heads of State. While in London Hirohito met with King George V.

It was during Hirohito’s tour of Europe that plans and agreements were made regarding Japan’s shadow role in WWII, which were predicated on the pillage of China. It is also during this time that the initial plans to establish the first International Central Bank were discussed, an International Central Bank as a central depository for the world’s gold.

Within three years after returning to Japan from his European tour, Hirohito was crowned Emperor. As Emperor, Hirohito paid close attention to military tactics and strategies. He is known as the architect of operation Golden Lily: The Plunder and Rape of Nanking. Hirohito put his brother, Prince Chichibu, in charge of the project, and he in turn deployed other members of the Royal Family to carry out the program. During Hirohito’s Golden Lily rape and pillage 300,000 civilian and military lives were lost. Although General Yamashita, the army commander in charge, faced a war crimes tribunal for his part in the atrocities, Hirohito and all members of the Royal Family were never prosecuted for any war crimes after the war.

In order to see the larger picture, it may prove helpful here to look at a simple timeline: Japan’s royal prince, Hirohito visited Europe in 1921 and was crowned Emperor in 1924. In May of 1930, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the first INTERNATIONAL CENTRAL BANK, whose purpose was to serve as the central gold depository for all the world’s leading nations, was established and headquartered in (war neutral) Basel, Switzerland. Just one year later (1931), Japan began its aggression toward China. As a result of the Japanese aggression, China then began hiding its Gold and also started to ship huge amounts of its Gold to the US for safe keeping — in exchange for Federal Reserve Promissory Notes (Bonds), redeemable in Gold.

When events developing in the East are calibrated with those which were concurrently developing and occurring in the West, one must conclude that there was a Master Plan being orchestrated that had been playing itself out over a long period of time — and that this plan was accelerating.

It is important to see two major developments which were occurring on the global financial and economic level at this time. The US was growing into a colossal industrial giant, supplying not only its own economy and war effort, but also supplying the British and Soviets with massive amounts of war munitions and supplies. This was occurring while at the same time all of industrialized Europe’s infrastructure was being destroyed by war.

At the same time, in the East Hirohito was pillaging China, which in turn was either hiding its Gold from its Japanese looters, or shipping it to the US for safe keeping in exchange for Federal Reserve Bonds.

The Master Plan was working beautifully! The devastation and reconstruction of Europe would require massive energy and resources via petrodollar-fiat currency/central bank funding. With the billions of dollars of Chinese Gold entrusted to the US FED for safe keeping and the looted Gold which was to be recovered by the US at the end of the war, the US by the end of WWII, as planned, found itself in an incredibly powerful position economically and geo-politically as the world’s super power.

In summation, massive amounts of gold were accumulated along the Silk Road by the Chinese. Starting from 1931 through 1945, Japan pillaged China for its Gold and stored it secretly throughout Southeast Asia and the Philippines in bunkers and underwater in sunken ships. As a result, for safe keeping, China sent large shipments of Gold to the United States. The Federal Reserve issued bonds in exchange, which were redeemable in Gold at the conclusion of their term.

It is important that we make clear here that we are describing three separate caches of Chinese Gold: 1) Gold that the Chinese retained and hid from the Japanese, 2) Chinese Gold that was sent to the United States for safe keeping in exchange for Federal Reserve bonds and 3) Gold that was looted and hidden by the Japanese during Hirohito’s Operation Golden Lily in Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

In concluding Part I we would like to refer to our preface, where we mentioned that the short answer to the world’s present condition lies in the fact that humankind isprogrammed-to-be-programmed. Through propaganda, of which there are many different kinds, and constant reinforcement, humanity has been led to think and behave in horrendous ways, in ways totally foreign to our natural, loving nature. Counter intuitive to what one might think, people are programmable by trauma, which is used to perpetuate our distorted condition. It’s a proven fact that unless the cycle is broken, which takes deliberate and conscious efforts on the part of individuals, those who are abused, grow up to abuse and continue the pattern — down through the generations. This is the fact that we must all recognize before we can ever dream of living in a world of peace.

This pattern of programming by way of trauma applies on the macro level, as well. In fact, it is easier to achieve on the mass level. We see this playing out on the larger geopolitical plane in many ways. As an example, consider the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Trauma can also be deliberately manifested in a problem/reaction/solution scenario. The cabal know very well how to covertly create a highly charged political situation within a country. Syria and Ukraine are excellent examples currently in process. The cabal causes total chaos within a country as hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent people are killed, and then presents a solution — known well in advance, often a new puppet government with allegiance to the cabal perpetrators themselves.

The ‘war on terrorism’ is a perfect example of another totally manufactured scenario. This is what the CIA did and what happened with Osama bin Laden and 9/11. The CIA is directly responsible for creating false monsters, and in collaboration with the manipulated media, selling them to the American people. In this case, by falsely accusing bin Laden and Muslim terrorists two wars ensued, resulting in massive death of innocent people, thereby creating a real terrorism situation, the very situation which was the original excuse for the invasion. In other words, by initiating the false problem, the US Government has now created a real problem. Gaddafi is another good example of CIA demonization. When he got in the cabal’s way, he was demonized and vilified and the CIA went in and created a situation to take him out. His problem? Among other things he refused to have a central bank, and he had gold currency and did not accept petrodollars.

Because we do not know our full history, false flag Problem/Reaction/Solution scenarios can be more easily instigated and accepted if the scenario is just outside our usual/traditional information parameters, which of course are ignored or manipulated by the transnational owned-and-controlled main stream media.

Another excellent example: In 1949 Ho Chi Min was an ardent admirer of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, and he approached the US in his quest to gain independence from the French. Instead in 1954 the CIA, at the direction of the Department of Defense, quietly sent counter insurgency expert Major Ed Lansdale (who we will learn more about in the second half of this article) to Saigon, to head up the covert program to subvert the Ho Chi Min independence effort. Subsequently, Ho Chi Min went to the Communists for help, and in 1964 the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred, which was used as the excuse to escalate US military involvement in Vietnam.

In this first part of the article we visited significant points in our global history in order to illustrate how humanity has been intentionally deceived by a ruling elite. What is revealed to us is that this criminal cabal is composed of both corporate, religious and government elite, who have collaborated throughout history to enslave and control us, the masses, and we have chronicled for you how this has been done. As we have described it to you, you can perhaps see that the ‘real’ truth is so complex that most of humanity would never have the opportunity to discover it if only because of time constraints alone.

In Part II of Follow the Golden Brick Road we will continue our journey up and over the rainbow, where we will find the real reason behind the elites’ obsession with gold and where and why things have taken such a destructive and perilous path.

54 Responses to Follow the Golden Brick Road, Part I, by Robert J. Miller, February 28, 2014

  1. Megan says:

    Jean and Robert, thank you both so very much for this excellent piece of research and presentation. You have hit so many nails on the head and connected all the dots to assist people with the assimilation of our very complex past. Was awestruck about “Powell’s Doctrine” I hadn’t heard about that at all!

    Can’t wait for part 2!!!!

    Love and hugs


  2. Donna says:

    Brad Olson’s book “Future Esoteric” and David Wilcock’s “Financial Tyranny” articles are two other sources of the same information.

    • Jean says:

      Donna, I can only speak for David’s work, for which I have the greatest respect and which I do think is essentail to our understanding – who cannot :) – but I do think that Robert’s work does connect the dots in a very different way. When I read Robert’s words, suddenly everything makes sense. All the bits and pieces of information that I have pulled together can be plugged into the framework of Robert’s structure thus enlarging it in a personal way. I see this as being the great value of Robert’s work.


  3. the1irf says:

    This is old news But may well be new to many at the detail level…
    Let’s hope it is being Dealt With.
    “The Dollar and the Deep State”


    “In concluding Part I we would like to refer to our preface, where we mentioned that the short answer to the world’s present condition lies in the fact that humankind is programmed-to-be-programmed. Through propaganda, of which there are many different kinds, and constant reinforcement, humanity has been led to think and behave in horrendous ways, in ways totally foreign to our natural, loving nature. Counter intuitive to what one might think, people are programmable by trauma, which is used to perpetuate our distorted condition. It’s a proven fact that unless the cycle is broken, which takes deliberate and conscious efforts on the part of individuals, those who are abused, grow up to abuse and continue the pattern — down through the generations. This is the fact that we must all recognize before we can ever dream of living in a world of peace.”


    This article is a wonderfully assembled and succinct piece of scholarly work, detailing the recent true script on the stage we call reality. I do not mean to, in any way, denigrate its scholarship or mastery of good communication skills so needed to produce such a clear review of truth. And, yes, the concept of “programmed-to-be-programmed” is very appropriate.

    Let me diverge now and argue that we here are Designed-to-be-programmed. Previously i used to use the term Contract Overshadowing. The term contract is wrong. I should never have used it. It wrongly implied assent at some level. This is wholly wrong. The better terminology is Branded Overshadowing.

    We are branded with a ‘music’ we use to achieve a false-balance. It becomes our addition. It is the dance we are caused to do to achieve false-balance. (we do this because all energy is required to do balance… but that is another longer story) We have no authority over ourselves. Those who perpetrate the evils and horrors that this article speaks about are no more capable of Not doing what they do than we are of refusing to registered and respond to the emotional distress perpetrated upon us. That is our job, just as it is/was their job to abuse us. None of us had any choice. All actions are the end result of our respective addictions to find a false-balance. All of us were Branded when we left the factory from which we were produced; each design getting its own specific Branding.


    Now let me diverge again. The reason for this divergence so you will have a happy ending to call home to your hearts.

    All the energy used to make manifest this false-dimension of space/time is being recalled home.

    That means every stitch of your body and all that composes your soul/higher-self is being recalled. It will arrive home to Real-Dimension where it will not remember being ‘you’. It will not remember the Experience of being in the expression of what I call this illusion, this false-dimension.

    This cannot make you happy if you think you are a soul or a higher self or a light body. It can make you happy if you think you are energy. It can make you happy if you identify as energy. It can make you happy if you have an internal communion with self as energy. Why? Because the energy that has been forced to be “you” in the solid and even at a “soul or light body or higher body level” knows it is going home and being let out of the cage. That energy that has been forced into the space/time manifest expression of ‘you’ knows the chains of this failed design of an expression are being taken off… That energy of ‘you’ knows the illusion of slowed down Experience of space/time is being dismissed.

    At an odd level that is hard to explain, energy has a natural sense of honor and it registers that the unbalance it has been forced to do here is wrong. So, it is happy it is finally getting to go home to its native and natural state of Free Flowing.

    (There, as Free Flowing energy in Real-Dimension, it will await another assignment from the authority that initially directed this failed experiment be expressed in the first place. But that is another story.)


    Why is this illusion, this false-dimension false and a failed experiment? This is because stimulus usurped energy’s code on how to render energy into expression. It did this out of a limitation. The original expression could not function because its author forgot to show up and Experience its own fantasy (by definition an illusion). Thus the original expression had to survive. It had no other choice.

    The overriding aspect of a slowed down expression into space/time is massive stimulation.

    Everything in space/time winds up stimulating itself and everything else. (but this is an explanation). The stimulus component became a rogue thing all to itself. It went forward to find a way to keep itself in a state of expression… to survive.

    Producing energy-containment achieves this goal of survival.

    But how does one produce the containment of energy? Emotional response amplifies everything. It produces massive energy contained within a human. Humans are designed to be Emotional. Trauma is good at initiating amplification. Distress does this, too, but at a more leisurely pace over time. Having a boss that nags at you and makes you wrong for years is tolerable, supposedly, but such a negative environment does produce disease within the body of those not geared to sucking in containment to obtain power. Sacrificing children in ritual murder requires a specific body design geared to sucking in the energy-containment released from the moment of trauma. Some would argue that a specific DNA matrix is needed for such designs. That is an easy out. What is important to recognize is that the evil illusion, the evil false-dimension, designed that which it wanted to. The whole point was to produce ever more containment in total. To provide a methodology by which individual puppets could obtain power by ripping the hearts out of children while raping them is just a detail of convenience. It serves to help to give some lieutenant puppets the power to project and force forward the dastardly deeds needed to render even more wretched things upon humans… such as perpetual war.

    You will notice if have just called the whole of our reality (illusion/false-dimension) evil. That is why it is being dismissed now. That is why the energy forced into manifesting it should be happy it is finally getting to go home. No longer can the usurper-control of rogue stimulus keep it here.

    energy is being rescued. It is finally getting to go home, to get away from this trap and prison and the the chains that has bound it here. So get out the beer and give a cheer, the Calvary is here.

    Yes, ‘you’ were designed to be Branded with a behavior-dance that produced massive containment. Either your bodies did horrid things, or you were the victim. Yes, you were Branded with a music that was your addiction sound to achieve false-balance… it was your dance by which you found false-balance. The ‘you’ of your body and consciousness was either in the victim role and Thwarted with Conflict to which you either fought against it producing containment within your system, Or you perpetrated the Thwarting and Conflict in some form. Some got programmed by others who did the programming on the ground. Some did the programming on the ground, Some of you were the designs geared to get that programming. You were designed to cough up emotional distressed containment. You were Branded to do the coughing up part. Others were programmed to program you and deliver the traumas. They were Branded to do the perpetration part. That was what the Branding given to them to do as their music by which they did their dance to achieve the What Is Needed false-balance their system could do.

    No blame. No judgment. Just the facts.

    All are victims. All are nothing but energy. All energy is now going home. It will take a while, but none of ‘you’ will remember. So enjoy my new and improved technique of Mirthful Irreverence (only $7 dollars USD, shipping and handling not included), because it is the safest place I know from which to observe and not participate. {yes, yes, I admit… I am not good at this not participating thing… I am much more the head-on-a-pike sort of guy that enjoys burning the whole world down just because it aggravates me… failure once again. I can’t even do Observe-and-Don’t-Participate well… damn}


    As is my traditional moniker, and attempt at wry humor, to bring some levity to each and every day because the illusion can be such a pain in the butt, let me leave you with this:

    Remember, this IS a false-dimension… so laughing at the comedy of it all is a good thing.

    When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and let them wonder how you did it.

    And with that, may I once again raise a toast to Mirthful Irreverence Everywhere.

    • Jean says:

      For purposes of discussion, I would like to suggest that IMO a couple of your ideas are in disagreement with yours Put very simply, my personal experience has taught me that – !)We are an aspect of God here experiencing Itself. 2) Life explores all avenues, and we are here exploring – and now wrapping up – our exploration of living in separation from God. Not a nice experience, I think you might agree :)

      There is nothing that makes me sadder than when I hear good ‘religious’ people ask God why he is causing us to suffer this way. I am sad when I here them plead with Him to remove our suffering! They do not realize that they are living separate from God, from what I choose to call Source, and it is this separation that is causing them their pain. God, as they know Him, has nothing to do with it. They are seeking God outside themselves, and until they find God within they will continue to live in separation, and thus in pain.

      Thanks for sharing here and hugs,

  4. lecox says:

    This is a good look into hidden facts concerning the history of Earth.
    But there is much more history than this to discover and explore!
    You talk about programming!
    And remember: We have all been involved with this. Things would not have come this far if we had all not done something to assist. We must take our fair share of responsibility for current conditions on Earth (and on many other planets, I believe) if we are to regain control of our own futures and turn them in more desirable directions.

  5. Dear Jean and Robert! I want to thank you so much for your loving effort, to give all of us a clear picture, what has happened to this planet for hundredth of years and how we have been so deceived. I knew part of it, but was missing many of the puzzles. Will read it again. It’s so much information. Really shocking, how we all bought into it.
    Carrying together all this information was a momentous task. Really appreciate what you are doing for all of us.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you much love! Veraiconica

  6. Susanne R says:

    Copies of summons’ being delivered to each of the defendants this week, including Pope and QEII

    • Jean says:

      Susanne, thank you so much for having my back on these things. I appreciate it . . . I do believe this is an article I’ll be publishing this morning. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  7. live oak says:

    Thank you Jean and Robert for getting this vital information out. This article makes so much sense to me and shocks me as well and I will share it with everyone I know. I look forward to Part 2. I can’t wait!

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Live Oak, and I can’t wait to get Part II out to you. . . . ’cause I know what is going to be in it :) Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Tertiusgaudens says:

    Sir, you have obviously not read Darwin´s fundamental book, and I assure you of my deep respect you put in your lines – but I belong to Mrs Haines blog too, and it makes me really sad viewing statements with no or minimal substance. Never said Darwin something like “emerging out of the primordial slime” as you falsely stated. You have not read Darwins style of humble amazement facing manifold and countless forms of life leading him to connect with old philosophical and theological (for instance Aristotle and Gregor of Nyssa) approaches.

    Never spoke Darwin of EVOLUTION as we do;

    and never did he argue in any atheistic manner – he had somewhat deistic thoughts.

    I belong to the science community and have spent many years teaching students using their minds properly and without any vain after getting really informed. You failed giving a well informed backround on Darwin´s approach, and this makes me sad. Mrs Haines blog is surely not worth promoting lazy study skills.

    Well, you take Darwin as witness and originator of an evil agenda, and that is also only half-true. You must distinguish between the author´s message and his reception in later times. These were the first lessons I taught my students: you must carefully read and try to understand what an author has written, and carefully IS carefully: first comes careful reading and understanding, THEN comes possible interpretation and guessing, but in reasonable ways please…

    Why did you not mention Nietzsche´s reception of Darwin – it would make you wonder! You want to follow gold and money? Why have you not mentioned Descartes´s more fundamental work enabeling capitalism by making nature an OBJECT? Why didn´t you say something about John Stuart Mill´s utilitarianism having lead the anglo-saxonian world mainly to ask: what maximizes utility? Why you failed mentioning Marx? Instead, you use Darwin painting a demonic picture against the wall while forgetting more basic influencial thinkers of the West. Sir, I ask you to consider my concerns seriously, even I come here to experience a great deal of inspiration, love and understanding…

    Did you know btw that Darwin has often the word “love” in his “Origins”?…

    Greetings from Germany!

    • Jean says:

      Tertius, let me say I appreciate your welcome additions to Robert’s article. Please do not fault him, however, for these lapses since at the very beginning we said in order to keep the article within reasonable bounds we had to carefully select what we said and did not say. The topic is so huge that it is really a book, but we were mindful of the fact that too many people just don’t have the time to read a book.

      An interesting ‘fact’ your words reminded me of comes from a paper I wrote about ten years ago in which I noted my discovery with horror that Descartes saw the feminine earth as somthing to be subdues by ‘man.’ Sick, huh?

      Thanks for filling in some of the facts we felt forced to leave out :)


  9. Nadia says:

    Just little detail – there is only little % of whites who are responsible for crimes against other races. Most ordinary whites were also victims of White elite and Jews. Or some whites were manipulated to join army for wars based on lies, but people finally do waking up. Most whites feel big sympathy and sorrow of what happened to for example to Native Americans and other people in Middle east. Most whites also suffered terribly.

    • Jean says:

      Nadia, what you say is very generous of you, and I am glad that I can agree with you. ‘Whites’ have been abused by the subtle lies we were taught to believe, and I hope that many of us are now waking up to the ‘real’ truth of life . . . we are all one!

      Thanks for sharing this ‘balancing’ info :) and hugs to you, ~Jean

  10. esskumar says:

    Thank you Jean and Robert for this timely article! As the offensive against the cabal begins in earnest (see and a volunteer force arises, it is important that everybody be clear about what they are up against. The most frightening discovery could be that we are really fighting against ideas and beliefs we were tricked into believing for our entire working lives. The spring weather you have been enjoying and this article together make a great festival of spring cleaning of our inner space (of ideas, attitudes, information, insights, emotions, prejudices ……!)

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I think that is what this article is really about . . . the deception is very real and it actually goes back many centuries:) That’s why I found the article so interesting to collaborate with Robert on. It is a many faceted tale :) I do not think we need to ‘fight’ with ‘force’, however. I think we can overcome these people, but we do not have to resort to being like them . . . angry, fighting, and abusive. . . Just my opinion. I’m all for working with the International Common Law Court system :) Get these criminals safely put away and allow them to sit there for as long as it takes to get our Court system in place, so we then act with dignity to see that justice is enforced.


  11. Judie Schwartz says:

    Thankyou for your informative article I am eagerly waiting for part 2 I have been reading Bringers of the Dawn a pleadian channel by Barbara Marciniak which also brings our history to the fore and teaches us as lightworkers what we need to do to change the world.

  12. Donna G says:

    Asia and Africa
    Yes, thank you JR Morgan… your writings are helping to clear the cobwebs and reveal history for what it really is: domination and colonization by white people.
    It is by no chance that the rest of the world are joining hands to say ENOUGH
    The colonization by whites is not just about Native Americans though:
    “One attitude is the denigration of humankind itself as in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and the other is the denigration of a specific race as in the Powell Doctrine. The combined underlying message was the Native Americans are inferior or sub-human — and it’s really okay to kill them and take their land.” It’s about all non-white people.
    It is referred to as the ‘White Catastrophe’ in intellectual circles in Japan.
    Spiritual leader Rael talks “The United States of Ex-Colonized” in the Contact Newsletter:

  13. Dee says:

    Thank you to Robert and Jean for such an exhaustive and comprehensive expose’. Your energy and light sustains us in these perilous days. Humanity is awakening strong and clear and with Divine purpose. We shall overcome. xoxo Dee

  14. Frank Arnaiz says:

    Required reading for our sleeping family and friends…need to send to everyone !!

  15. Christina says:

    Thank you Jean and Robert. I found it a very clear, compact and understandable article. Much information was not new but the way you organized it was perfect. Complete new to me was the impact of Darwin’s and Powell’s books and theories on the social beliefs and attitude of the people. It was an eye-opener for me. I could never understand why people were so cruel to the Indians.
    As for the industrialization of America and especially as far as the railroad East-West is concerned, I remember from one of David Wilcock’s first articles, that the Chinese constructed this railroad. They were afraid for the hegemony of the British Empire and wanted to support a quick development of the new country America so that there would be a better balance between world powers. They sent their own Chinese experts to construct this railroad and expected to be paid for it many years later. These Chinese were later not allowed to stay in America.
    Probably the Chinese didn’t know anything about the Jekyll-Island agreement or the Rothschilds
    took advantage of the Chinese.
    Hope your Spring weather is going on so you can uphold your energy.

    • Jean says:

      Christina, your comments are filled with synchronicity and are so important for us all to read at this special time! Yes, I understood about the Chinese building the railroads, but I didn’t always understand how or why we were so cruel to so many kinds of people. This article put it all in perspective for me. Robert and I worked long and hard on it, but the payoff for me was a far greater understanding than I’d ever had before.

      A couple years ago I had the opportunity to travel in the Canyonlands and there I met an incredible indigenous leader. There was no pomp about him, and only when I deliberately engaged him in conversation did I learn of his importance to his people. In a quiet discussion he shared that he had learned at his grandmother’s knee as a child what I had been required to pay a fortune to an excellent therapist to painfully learn almost at the end of my life. On leaving the area, we stopped at a gift shop, and I remember being laughed at because I bought my first Kent Nerburn book called Th Wisdom of the Native Americans. What I learned from that book – a compilation of the eloquent, extemporaneous speeches and thoughts of Native American leaders put our empty-headed, programmed politicians to shame. This book changed my life and thinking forever about our indigenous people and opened the door to my understanding the crimes we as population permitted to be perpetrated on them — because we do not really know our history!

      Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  16. JR says:

    Dear Jean and Robert, Such a beautiful outpouring of the Light — in bright rays of Truth at the dawning of this new day, causing our eyes to open with wonder, our hearts to stretch toward the strengthening knowledge and wisdom held within each revelation. Are we really surprised, or has this Truth always been in our hearts, a hidden kernel awaiting the return of the Light to germinate into the absolute knowledge of the fullness and depth of our personal I AM experience and resulting choice to integrate this awakening “knowing” into our return Home ?? This is truly an epic story that will be told throughout all Existence, and we are the living storytellers bearing the unique language and symbols of this experience within our higher dimensional crystalline memory cellular structure. The first Word building upon another word, a sentence linking to another sentence, a paragraph connecting to another paragraph, a page following another page, a chapter ending and then beginning another chapter, until the story ends at the last chapter, with the last paragraph on the last page, at the last sentence, with the last Word. And, at the end of the telling, we become Enlightened and empowered, standing in our Divine Humanity, uniting to take flight to stop the engulfing darkness of a too-long night of induced sleep.

    Thank you Robert and Jean for standing against the shadows and holding your bright Lights up to our sleepy eyes, which are just beginning to adjust to the brilliance of this Truth — eagerly awaiting our responses to what might appear to be a rude awakening. My response is that I welcome the Light of Truth as one who embraces the Sun’s bright and insistent spreading rays beaming warmth and love through a bedroom window across my slumbering face. Then slowly smiling with the promise of a new day awaiting, I arise.

    As Love grows Within, the whole picture changes from the control of polarity black and white perception, to a richly colored and textured landscape created from choices made within our personal experiences. No longer children playing in our “field of dreams” since before memory, we are becoming Wisdom Keepers of Divine Love and Compassion forever onward. Our historical picture is the way of the lost taken almost to the point of no return. However, our true History is the Way of our return to our I AM.

    I cherish this series, as it is giving me an invaluable blinders-off world history, national history, and more importantly — a history of mankind “primer” that we were never meant to see, and one that was never intended to be revealed, let alone understood. All honor and respect for your efforts on our behalf, with great love and appreciation.

    • Jean says:

      Oh, JR, once again your eloquent words bring tears to my eyes. My readers here are so brilliant, so supportive, and so very special, and their comments and the beautiful, loving energy they contain makes all the effort, all the struggle, all the tough times worth every minute.

      Thank you, JR, and everyone else who has shared today! I feel so truly blessed that you have come to ‘read’ with me and no matter how painful to find the ‘real’ truth.

      Drunvalo shared with us the great wisdom in the Fibonacci Curve. It is a mathematical relationship that tells life what to do next. Life can look back at the previous relationship and use it to compute where to go next, and this is exactly what it does. It is present in every aspect of life. (Here is a Google link that will show pictures of it:

      This curve is there so life knows where to go next; it teaches life what its next step is.
      Here is a link to four stories I have published previously about the Fibonacci Curve:

      Drunvalo shared that until humanity understands its ‘real’ history, we will continue to destroy the planet. We simply do not know where we have been – or even why we are here; that is, what our divine role on planet earth and in the cosmos is, and until we do, we are totally lost. Put simply, we do not know where to go next.

      I feel I have been gifted, through Robert Miller, with the opportunity of sharing the ‘real’ picture and truth of who we are and where we have been. When we understand this, the cabal will no longer have control over us, and we will stop destroying the planet. We will begin to live, if you will, by way of the Fibonacci Curve. I think Drunvalo has been waiting for this moment, and the reception of this article by you, JR, and my readers makes it clear that we are now ready to learn the ‘real’ truth of our glorious history, our role here on our Mother, Earth, and our divine role in the cosmos.

      Thank you to you, JR, and to all those other people here on my blog who are moved to speak with such great eloquence in response to and support of Robert’s caring efforts.

      Love and hugs,

      • JR says:

        Jean, thank you for your encouraging reply. I came back to make a comment about your posting “Life at Three Degrees Out of Phase” as I find it relates to this article. Firstly, though, I will follow through immediately with Drunvalo’s info re the Fibonacci Curve, and all the relating stories that you have previously published. Since childhood, I have had an almost “mystical” relationship with pinecones — never understanding until recently, their symbolic significance evidenced in Nature. Seems that synchronicity is at “play” again with me, since after living 30+ years surrounded by pinecones, I should finally tune into their “mystical” message . . . duh . . .

        Finally got to the WONDERFUL article, “Life at 3D O O P.” Now I realize that you and Robert are “guardians of the waveform”, which is a very poetic description for your efforts and missions at this time. That description has a beautiful resonance, as words flow. Then, with a laugh, I realized that we’re all 3D OOParts here !! I think we can pretty much identify with the feeling of being a 3D out of place artifacts !!

  17. reaching says:

    Interesting, succinct, and fluid. Of course the scale of the lies and corruption is so vast and evil that one could spend years trying to catch up and begin to truly understand, as I have, but even then the complexity and vastness of this kind of evil is beyond most readers wildest, most perverse imaginations. It was and has been for me – a 6 year journey of shock, horror, sadness, awakening, hope, confusion, calm, reflection, a foundation in the certainty of God, and building of better relations with many while losing several because most thought I had lost it and would never admit there is no bottom to the rabbit hole. But try as I did, try as I still do, to help others awaken is one of the most frustrating yet wonderful things – just to help one more person break through the very dense fog.

    As I have written before, I haven’t always agreed with all you have shared, but I very much appreciate your holding up through these bitter sweet times, and finding a way to reach more and more people. Thank you.

    The ‘brotherhoods’, fraternities, ‘sisterhoods’, military, and other cults have much reflecting to do, cleansing to be done, atoning to be done, and asking for forgiveness from any untainted family members, friends, and the God and others they betrayed, and I hope they find the courage to do so, or they will never heal and know joy in their lives. I pray that someday soon the evil will be appropriately dispensed with, great joy will be found everywhere and in everyone, and humanity will never again forget how far we can be led astray – if we don’t stay vigilant.



    • Jean says:

      Your words are so special to both Robert and me right now, so eloquent! What special people my readers are! We’re so glad to have your support. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Sommer says:

      I appreciate your use of the word ‘cult’. It’s time for all of us to realize the cult- like allegiances that promote militarism.

  18. JB Brown/Gramy J says:

    Thank U 4 sharing this amazing information. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J

    • Jean says:

      I’m delighted, Gramy, to help to get this information out. It is my hope that it will – I think it MUST – lead to the cabal’s demise. It’s time for us to move on and begin to create a new, healthy world and planet for ourselves. Hugs, ~Jean

  19. Hello Jean.
    Just a heads up if you did not know what is coming down on March 1st 2014 , from Toronto to the East and West cost many thousands of people will be Marching in City streets,coming together as never before to voice there thoughts on how Mr Harper is turning this Nation into a wast Land and the bills he and his party are in the works to pass, that is not in the good interests of all Canadians. There is No way the Media can hid this event where WE will be supporting First Nations Peoples all over Canada and much more. Here in Sudbury Ontario there will be a march as well and I am going to be there ; even Perry Sound is marching as well Jean …..This is the best News ever Canada has woken Up big time and it should be most interesting come Monday what and How is the Harper government going to say after seeing this National event in the middle of winter of all things hey…….. I can see You smiling now as many more millions will be in Spirit with us marching all over Canada….. Love & Light to everyone waking up worldwide…..

    • Jean says:

      Lorne, this is such exciting news! As soon as the dust settles from these articles, it is my intention to focus on the International Common Law Courts that Kevin Annett is successfully setting up. These criminals need to be taken out, but we do not need to create a violent situation in order to do so. Put them safely away, perhaps in the FEMA camps meant for us, and bring them to our own utterly legitmate and legal Common Law Courts for trial. The Court in the Hague is by no means legitimate; it was set up to serve the cabal.


  20. Juliet says:

    Well done! What a concise and readable article which clearly explains information I have known about but could not really convey to others. This article is something I can point others to without them having to read an e-book. Many thanks for your time,effort and hard work!!

    • Jean says:

      Juliet, Robert has a gift, that of seeing seemingly disparate events and bringing them together to create a very sensible picture. It was his goal in writing this article — and mine in editing it and collaborating with him — to do exactly what you suggest: convey the info in a sensible, easy way to understand so that busy people could see the total picture. Your comment so early on makes me think we succeeded! :) Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  21. Susanne R says:

    Oh, what a diabolical web “they” weave!–and have woven.
    The web is so complex that the average person couldn’t possibly grasp the immensity of its parts, but with articles like “Down the Rabbit Hole” and this one, understanding the big picture is certainly a more viable enterprise.
    Our freedom from slavery is entirely up to us, and with knowledge, with an in depth view of the big picture, as Robert and Jean have so eloquently presented, and continue to present, we can overcome.
    The diabolical “They” on this planet are comprised of only a handful of people, while “We” are many handfuls. When we stand together we will win back this greatest of all human necessities (sans water, food and shelter, which are also currently under attack), our freedom.
    Thank you, Robert. Thank you, Jean.

    • Jean says:

      Susanne, your words here make me think we achieved our goal. Many, many thanks for your response. We’ve been waiting and wondering. Hugs, ~Jean

  22. Rev. Joe says:

    Thank you Jean and Robert for a brilliant summation of our relatively recent history and the Truth about the way, ” we the people ” , have been deceived . It provides us with a great primmer to share with relatives and friends who have a hard time accepting our current situation . Can’t wait for part II . Hugs , Joe

    • Jean says:

      Hi, Rev! Your words are what we have been waiting for! It looks like we have succeeded in making a very complex subject easy to understand. Thanks and big hugs, ~Jean

  23. Mike C. says:

    For anyone interested in going really, really deep into the rabbit hole, I highly recommend reading Katherine Austin-Fitts’ autobiographical free ebook available online, “Dillon Read & Co. Inc. And the Aristocracy of Stock Profits.” It’s a long read but highly worth it. Link below:

    Per Katherine:
    “Here is my prediction for the New World Order. I don’t know when. I don’t know where. I don’t know how many satellite systems, electromagnetic weapons, subliminal programming broadcasters, computer hackers, bio weapons labs, cocaine plantations and how much environmental destruction they will enlist along the way. I don’t know how many patents on fundamental life process that Monsanto will claim sufficient to not let me cough without paying them a fee. I don’t know how many people the New World Order will reduce to poverty, assassinate and torture before they fail. I just know that they will fail. Because ultimately large complex systems cannot be held together by greed, technology and fear alone. Suspicion, lawlessness and smallness of mind ultimately cause implosion from within.

    Seeing the New World Order as they are accelerates their failure, particularly as it inspires withdrawing our resources from their control and shifting investment to alternatives to govern our global resources on a responsible, wealth creating basis. That is why we gather power for life as we withdraw from people, organizations and efforts that are not authentic and shift our social affirmation, our time and attention, our currency and deposits, and our investments and our donations to authentic people, enterprises and decentralizing solutions.

    There was a time in my life when I believed that I was part of a culture of people — call us the English speaking people — who were excellent. The way of grief was the path through which I learned that we have not yet achieved this standard. Long ago, I made a promise that I would never act against the best interests or the excellence of my own people — that I would do my best to ensure that we were worthy of the stewardship of our world and that we did our best to leave a better world for generations yet to come. To make and keep such a promise is to understand that money and position are tools, not goals, and that death is not the worst thing that can happen. John Birkelund would probably accuse me of “fighting the tape” and not being “good at the game.” I would tell John that now is not the time in the history of our people for a failure of imagination.”

  24. Pingback: Follow the Golden Brick Road, Part I, by Robert J. Miller, February 28, 2014ONews.US – Latest News | ONews.US – Latest News
  25. The energy Doctor says:

    Thank you Jean.
    For a long time, life has not made total sense to me.
    We try to be critical thinkers but how can you when we are thrown disinformation from the time we are born.
    This article has cleared the cobwebs better than any I’ve ever read.
    Well done to all!
    I look forward to the next one!

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10 Responses to REPOST: Follow the Golden Brick Road, Part I, by Robert J. Miller, February 28, 2014

  1. the1irf says:

    The good news is that, globally, more and more, that which was hidden is being seen.

    The What Is Needed rule is driving Hidden-stimulus into the open.

    As the deeper truths of betrayal by the illusion’s Thwarting of us to produce more containment of energy for its survival is seen, the more easy it is for all of the false-dimension to be dismissed.

    The Thwarting, the Conflict, the Betrayal that comes at us (in all manner of ways) drives each of us to the Branded addictions placed on us to use as our means to achieve false-balance. This process is coming to be seen by people in their personal lives.

    (All of this betrayal is at the behest of the false-dimension’s design just so it can produce and get stores of energy to survive)

    Please, keep up the work of showing the Hidden-stimulus that our eyes couldn’t see.

    • Jean says:

      We’re trying to do that for everyone, and your comments are all helpful to us! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • the1irf says:

        Keep On Keep’in ON, Jean.

        • Jean says:

          I’m trying my best, but sometimes it isn’t easy 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • the1irf says:

            That is why i am here… to make you laugh once and a while because of what seems like an apparently “inane” assertion that the What Is Needed rule is in control and we should all get on with a good drink and proceed with our own personal “chill high”… ROTFL

            As is my traditional moniker, and attempt at wry humor, to bring some levity to each and every day because the illusion can be such a pain in the butt, let me leave you with this:

            Remember, this IS a false-dimension… so laughing at the comedy of it all is a good thing.

            When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and let them wonder how you did it.

            And with that, may I once again raise a toast to Mirthful Irreverence Everywhere.

            The Only thing that is important, and the only thing that is your business, is to do what you enjoy doing.

            DO what you enjoy doing.
            When you do what you enjoy doing; you can not be frustrated.
            When you do what you enjoy doing; you can not produce energy-containment in your body.
            When you do what you enjoy doing; you can not contribute to density in this illusion, just as the PLANET is shedding density at an ever increasing pace.

          • Jean says:

            🙂 Hugs and thanks, ~Jean

  2. Zooey says:

    Wonderful article! And beautifully written.

    Thank you for all the hard work you do, Jean; and for writers like Robert J. Miller that you bring to our attention. Again, just wonderful! 🙂

    • Jean says:

      Zooey, I am blown away not only by Robert’s gifts, but by those of my Readers, whose comments brought me to tears. I have published their words in a separate article. That is the only way I know right now to honor them and their great contributions here to my blog. I hope you will take time to read them . . . they are more than special. They are incredible 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  3. John Stevens says:

    MOST Americans have become so dumbed down and stupid, they seem to just no longer care, about damn near everything. IMO.

    Like 9-11 def was an inside job, black flag op. The Fed is not Federal, nor does it have any reserve, at all. THE IRS was never ratified tho, thus illegal as hell. I could go on and on. But now ya know why I escaped the USA, anyway. LOL Cheers Hugs

    • Jean says:

      Yup! 🙂 Hope they wake up soon . . .Otherwise, I foresee a collective nervous breakdown (now wisely called by some enlightened people a ‘spiritual emergency’) Hugs, ~Jean

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