PressTV: Two-thirds of Americans believe CIA killed Kennedy: Kevin Barrett

In Down the Rabbit Hole, Robert Miller shared that there was a coup d’etat in our country when the CIA murdered President Kennedy, and he shared exactly why it happened. I think the big question here is, “Have we, the American people, ever gotten our country back?” Perhaps, however, there is bigger question here, “When exactly are we going to take it back?” It is, you know, up to us! ~J

Sun Mar 2, 2014 7:29PM GMT

Two-thirds of Americans believe that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was the main plotter behind the 1963 assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy, a political commentator says.

Dr. Kevin Barrett made the remarks in a telephone interview with Press TV on Sunday, commenting on the death of James Tague, a key witness to the Kennedy assassination.
Tague, who died on Friday at 77, was standing by Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, when the assassin(s) fired shots on Kennedy on November 22, 1963. A bullet presumably meant for Kennedy instead took a weird curb near where Tague was standing and sent debris flying into his face, leaving him slightly injured.

Tague was called by the Warren Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy to testify on July 28, 1964. The commission endorsed the so-called lone gunman theory, which is largely dependent on the so-called magic bullet theory. Tague’s testimony contributed to the magic bullet theory.

Barrett said that the magic bullet theory basically “exposed the fact that this was a big lie.”
He added that by end of 1963 “pretty much everyone in the world who bothered to look into this issue has come to the same conclusion that the corrupt forces in the US killed President Kennedy.”

“And the question is what forces and for what reason, and how they covered it up? The answers are mostly in today. Most Americans understand this, as early as 1990s more than two-thirds of Americans said responding to a poll that they believe the CIA had killed President Kennedy. And that is largely true,” Barrett said.

“There is a group called Operation 40, which was made of CIA case officers who basically were at the heart of the assassination plot… Organized crime also had a hand in it, and this is where many of the links to Israel come in,” he stated.

“John F. Kennedy not only wanted to pull out from Vietnam, make friends with Cuba, and disarm the United States, along with the USSR, but he was also working very hard to shut down Israel’s nuclear weapons program,” Barrett noted.

So it appears that Israel, the CIA and Lyndon B. Johnson, the then vice president, who gave the OK nod for the assassination, all were involved in the killing of Kennedy, he concluded.

Kennedy was shot as he rode in an open car through in Dallas, Texas.

Although official inquiries have determined Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine Corps veteran, was responsible for the assassination, Kennedy’s murder is still shrouded in mystery.

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30 Responses to PressTV: Two-thirds of Americans believe CIA killed Kennedy: Kevin Barrett

  1. Keith says:

    Thank you Jean. I think you made a wise decision. Sadly I have lost all faith in Team Keenan for the exact same reason. Thankfully I have not rested all my hopes on Neils work to liberate us. There are a lot of Peaceful Warriors out there right now who are just as determined to continue the fight such as yourself. Thanks for your dedication. Hugs to you Jean. 😉

  2. Julia W. says:

    JFK Assassination: Classic CIA Execution Plan
    “COVERUP: Conspiracy of silence overseen by all the usual suspects”
    Probably the best article on the net regarding the real plot!

    • Jean says:

      Julia, there is a far, far deeper story here. While LBJ might have been aware, that is far from the entire story. . . I wish I had time to share more here, but I think the information is available to you. JFK made an important agreement with M1, Sukarno in Indonesia that would have freed us from the control of the Federal Reserve. For that, they killed him . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Pat Ownes says:

    Five individual or group reasons for wanting JFK killed – personal, financial, economic or political reasons or combination of these. Who would gain the most in a transfer of power? World Government Plant (“New World Order”} by the wealthy Elite of the “military, industrial, banking complex:”, who manipulate us into foreign wars. How many individuals were murdered after JFK who could have filled in all blanks? Over 50

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Pat. It would be great if you could link us to a site that gives info about the 50 who were murdered. I have read this before, but I can’t recall where . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Pat Ownes says:

        Jean, I am helping a friend put out a 6 page article from his book on who killed JFK, his name, photo’s of this person showing him shooting JFK from the Zapruder photo’s. The pictures aren’t as clear as they are in his book, those are larger. Also this guy killed a woman who stepped in front of him when he started to shoot JFK at Dealy Square.I’m not writing it, only scanning some pages, typing others and sending it out on the Internet. He spent years putting this together, now he’s running off copies at Office Depot. Cost of it is $10.00 plus postage for a total of $15.00. There’s a tremendous amount of info in these 6 pages so if one wants to find out how it was set up, who did it plus who’s involved, it’s really something. One person wrote the book and he put it together with remarks, the photo’s plus. One thing I found interesting is that everyone on the Warren Commission had to be a Mason. Also included is the Hit List of the many people who were killed and their names and connections.
        I’ll send you a copy when I send it out. Want to put it out on the Internet.My daughter is scanning the 1st four pages and also the two I typed. Just want to get this material out, and bring attention to who really killed JFK and the change of our government. Maybe someone can do something.
        Thanks for asking

  4. John Stevens says:

    I still bel LBJ was behind it, IMHO. TY Jean Hugs

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  6. In 1963 a window opened and the dark closed it sad it was. People did know then but it was deeper then anyone knew. But now I see us waking up and they can not shake this one off. A very good thing going on at this time. I think before I leave I will have seen the World I wanted to see. Simple caring loving and respectful to all on this jewel moving to completion.

  7. Deb says:

    Hi Jean…Thank you for this article…It was in this article that I learned that Jim Tague passed last week…One of my best friends assisted Jim in much of the work/research that went into Jims book, titled LBJ and the Kennedy Killing….It is incredible that they died within a few weeks of each other…What are the chances?…They both have a truth, they find each other, work on a book for several years…They finish the book then POOF both are gone???….They attended the 50th Anniversary together…I found this interview with LBJ’s mistress educational…

  8. Captain says:

    According to earlier Veteran’s Today report, Bush Senior was part of the pack that whacked JFK (he was CIA Director). One can safely assume that his buddies are still in the agency – ‘the CIA within the CIA’, as often mentioned.
    Since they did in JFK, US has been systematically crippled and robbed (gold reserves now with tungsten-core counterfeits). USA been under their continual control with puppets LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Regan, Junior – possibly Clinton and BO through blackmail and threats (also on VT) – so that is 50+ years of the Bush / Cheney Evil Empire. (Carter being the only non-puppet, but then his preidency was sabatoged by the Bush gang). Their intent is to cripple the US to the point where Americans will accept their NWO agenda (based on the Hitler papers acquired after WW2).
    Bush WH gave us 9/11 attacks on US soil, to get bogus wars (for Iraqi gold and Afgan drugs). NSA and HLS are now how they spy on and blackmail military and government officals – thereby still controling this doomed government.
    Think about it – ALL of Congress knew / knows the Bush WH, Silverstein and Israeli Mossad, and Saudi buds did 9/11. Only two Congressmen are openly battling to stop them. Scary, hun?

  9. Ronnie says:

    The cabal is really pushing hard now because we are at a critical point. Everyone over 50 is observing things today that they never thought was possible certainly not in the US, in that so much seems to be happening in such a short time. We feel powerless and just want to crawl into a corner and hide. That is exactly what they want. However, we are waking up to the fact that we have been lied to and are continually being lied to. In nature, there must be balance and we are out of balance, so that needs to be corrected. Apart from causing problems all over the world they know that they must destroy the US because if the US falls, the rest of the world falls and then it’s “order out of chaos.” They must disarm the people first and they keep trying however, in that they will not suceed. I don’t own a firearm; however, though I became a US citizen, I learned that Americans love their cars and guns and “freedom.”

    I would have never dreamed that I would ever see petitions were States would even contemplate seceding from the Union in modern times.

    I had a dream that an event was going to happen that would be the final straw that would be so outrageous that it would lead to their destruction once and for all. That is what will wake up everyone.
    “Have we, the American people, ever gotten our country back?” Perhaps, however, there is bigger question here, “When exactly are we going to take it back?” It is, you know, up to us! ~J
    Remember, they fear us because our collective will to defeat them in how we think by seeing through their lies will spread and continue to spread. They invented the Internet and now it’s being used against them. Our thoughts are not just something that is intangible, it is energy. Everything is energy. You just have to understand how to use it properly. To “think” evil thoughts against them will not work. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    These people are like cornered animals. Cornered animals strike back and that is an indication they know they are well aware the gig is almost up. We are looking at JFK, 9/11, etc, etc, and we aren’t going to just accept things anymore. Why? You keep getting caught in too many lies and you use the same script over and over again.

  10. Rose says:

    No doubt, by these and other actions JFK really was trying his best to dismantle this cabal. I’m now 110% convinced (thanks to NK) the Green Hilton Agreement was the final nail in JFK’s coffin. Always follow the money, everything else is theater. Until we the people accept this reality and change our course, JFK will have died in vain. Peace!

  11. Keith says:

    Hi Jean. I really need your input here. I am baffled that Neil has hitched his cart to Drakes wagon. I have zero faith in anything Drake has been pedaling over the last 2.5 yrs. It started with that whack job Lady Dragon, and then if that wasn’t weird enough, he started having these two other weirdo’s Tanaath, and Sunfire on his show. After listening to all this and Drake saying he is in constant contact with E.T’s just leaves me shaking my head. Has Neil really fallen for this? If so, then I hate to say it but I have zero faith in what Neil is doing. Please tell me Neil is smarter than this.I really want to support him, but I just can’t get past Drakes galactic sized ego.

    • Jean says:

      Keith, I would like to answer your comment, but it is a response about which I need to think long and hard. Please be patient with me . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Keith, here is the short answer: I cannot speak for Neil, and no one really can. As you know, however, I am no longer working with the Keenan Team — and a good part of the reason is due to the involvement of Gregory Khachaturian and Drake Bailey. Hugs, ~Jean

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