ITCCS: Announcing the opening of Coventry Common Law Court

Posted on March 6, 2014

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9 Responses to ITCCS: Announcing the opening of Coventry Common Law Court

  1. says:

    In Canada, the Harper government and its Judiciary have now begun charging non native people with owning cartons of First Nations made cigarettes. Here in north western Ontario, two non native people have now been charged.

    This stems from a ‘Prohibition” announced by the Harper gov approx. 3 months ago where he also gave the RCMP 8 million to affect these draconian laws from the 1920’s. It is local police doing the charging so we expect collusion or worse in affecting these laws.

    These laws are designed to to limit economic growth on first nations, from this perspective, and reflect a ‘systemic racism’ not seen since the 70’s which serve to criminalize large and varied demographics within Kanata.

    This tobacco is produced on first nations, it is a healthier tobacco than normal cigs, and cost much less because of the lack of additives and preservatives. This is the latest in an economic war waged against first nations and those non natives who wish to support growth for this community and who simply want a healthier and cheaper smoke. Tobacco was grown here long before colonization and is considered a ‘traditional crop’.

    People are scared – will we go to jail for buying tobacco? Will our kindly non native brothers and sisters be forced to pay fines? or worse, go to jail for trying to save money for a habit born out of Harpers biggest contributors in the tobacco industry.

    It was my hope that posting this comment might find a reader who could help people in a legal way, to fight these laws for what they are; racist human rights violations and economic war against first nations. We need an international lawyer to point us in the right directions; it seems they are so few and far in between.

    My hope is that a kind heart will reply, with some uplifting words and some advice.

    miigwecth and be well
    miniiwanigoshii benashii

  2. grlgrl says:

    I am getting these newsletters now and thanks for the link…

  3. grlgrl says:

    Quite an article. I know that lawyers are not briefed in Common Law and some say they do not even know about it…??? Who knows…

  4. Elric says:

    When the rainbow makes a circle, you know the paradigm shift is imminent…

  5. procomptor says:

    Again Kevin Annett sets the standard for people that are awake wanting action against the corrupt governments! Don’t just talk the walk while waiting for aliens or some lone ranger Like Neil, Drake or other to come and rescue us from a bad government. Know that you and I are part of the group that has allowed them to grow into this huge monster that exist today. Walk the walk by getting involved in groups that are peaceably invoking people to collaborate and join forces in numbers to big to be ignored. Write letter after letter to your Senators like I have asking them who the people are that they are working for because I can tell you in my case in Oregon everyone I know agree they don’t respond to anything we ask them. At least after the corruption of government is handled you will have grounds to fire the worthless Jack*****.

    If Kevin Annett would have waited for people to join him in fighting for the rights of native Canadians and more there would not be the thousands of people involved today and the atrocities would continue on and on. He should serve as an example to everyone on this site that thinks we need a Neil or anyone else to change the world. We need all of us…every last one on here being physically active not just waiting in the cheering section praying for a miracle. We are the miracle which is why we were awakened to begin with. I am right now involved with a small group of friends and customers getting ready to go to our state capitol to try and see the governor to find out what he is doing to protect us and our land from the federal government. If you have read up on the constitution then you know the real power lies in the individual states, their militia and each and every citizen! This is where it needs to begin at the state level and there is a lot each and everyone of us can do.

    I am trying to re-generate my business website so I can voice to a larger crowd the need for people to unite and get people at least discussing it that are directly part of the computer engineering field. Be creative, be determined but by all means BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE! If we are going to get this done without violence as I believe , like Jean, we can do then lets rattle some fences!

    Here is an older bit about Kevin who is not only man of the year but a true honest to God hero of the 21st century.

    You know what jean there is a ton of music artist singing about the awakening now but there was a group singing about it many years ago. I love the song and it has become my awakening theme song, “Revolution by the Beatles” and here is a video of them performing located at Youtube;

    There is a march to Washington DC for those that want to be part of the great awakening that you can tell be proud of for all times! Here is a link to a terrific site:

    Anyway I hope everyone is feeling the energy building as so many people are awakening now and it starts getting exciting. I also hope what Jean has been saying about the non-violent approach has soaked in and makes sense. I personally have lost many friends and family members due to so many wars in the last 50 years and we now have less freedom today then we did before any of them died. WARS HAVE NOT WORKED AND WORSE THEY HAVE PUT MORE MONEY AND POWER INTO THE WRONG HANDS! Let today change history and overthrow the warring killers without raising a single weapon. lets prove to everyone throughout our universe and here on earth that love and common decency is way more powerful than Satan and his fools! I know Jean’s way is the right way because I feel it in the heart of my soul don’t you? It just feels right.

    The word is mightier than the sword and love will always conquer hate because hate always destroys itself…..Mike

  6. Megan says:

    This is good news indeed! A much needed lawful court to help the people here in UK to cope and to seek REAL justice and fairness! well done Kevin and team. Thanks for posting Jean.

    Love and hugs


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