MUST WATCH: VLADIMIR PUTIN…Exposes the NWO . . . January 12, 2013

Compare Putin’s words to those of United States politicians . . . I was so pleased to hear Putin say that the changes were affected in his country peacefully! I do not see why we cannot also bring change peacefully to the United States. We need the proper statesmanlike leadership, and if we can get it, I believe we can also succeed. . . ~J

Published on Jan 12, 2013
Thanks to A.

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27 Responses to MUST WATCH: VLADIMIR PUTIN…Exposes the NWO . . . January 12, 2013

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  2. Captain says:

    While the US News has you looking to Ukraine, none are reporting whats going on in the US.

  3. Sue says:

    Thank you so much for that Jean.
    I have been sending love to Putin hoping he was with the light forces. I wasn’t sure if he was, or if the problems in Ukraine were all part of the NWO master-plan, and they were all in together. But after listening to that I do believe Putin, though not perfect, is with us.

  4. Peacer says:

    I had a dream about Putin a couple years ago, and I knew it meant he had a significant role in things to come, though there was ‘nothing’ happening there or with him at that time. I also understood that what he would do was good, not bad. I feel I am witnessing the manifestation of why I dreamed. It began to manifest in his peaceful diplomacy with the Syrian chemical weapons situation and just continues to get better. Amazing. Our own so-called leaders are children by comparison. So sad. But how interesting it will be to watch this…

  5. Emily Twomey says:

    Hi again Jean. It is difficult to believe that speech is seven years old as it almost sounds as if it was written in response to recent events and directed at current politicians. Putin’s whole demeanour, confidence and body language, as you say, is indeed very statesmanlike and, thus, reassuring. Beir bua agus beannacht : ) Emily x

  6. ArtieP says:

    Who would have thought, just 20 years ago, that the leader of Russia would make more sense, more common sense, than the leader of the United States? How times have changed! Mr. Putin speaks with sincerity, while Mr. Obama speaks in terms of aggression, and let’s not leave out G.W. Bush, or his father, for that matter. Russia is seemingly acting like the responsible entity, while the United States is seemingly acting like the spoiled child, who’s kneejerk reaction, or is it a pre-planned action, is to use military action first and ask questions later. The USSR used to be called “The Evil Empire”. Today, the world sees the United States as “The Evil Empire”! North has become south, and south has become north. Mr. Putin makes rational sense, while Mr. Obama has a bombs away attitude, much like his predecessor G.W. Bush!!!!

    • BarbaraO says:

      Years ago, I remember reading in one of the Edgar Cayce readings that Russia would be the source of Peace for our world. How ironic, when Obama is supposed to be the messenger of Light…..

  7. Trisha says:

    Can the US be annexed by Russia when the Federal Reserve becomes dead? Seriously, we need to do something about the criminals running the show here in our country, and what a show of absurd teeth gnashing on our part to the world at large, as multinational corporations and banks will soon be ousted from the Ukraine . This system of political bribery runs deep in our government. Our congress and senate members are whores of the corporations and their lobbies for what ever, egocentric showmen want. It is a no win system for us, the citizens. A constitutional convention is not the answer. It would send the elected states representatives to gut Washington and I think that would also be disastrous as they are also part of the problem.

  8. Earlier today while scanning the news, an unconfirmed indie word emerged to these eyes that GWBush was indeed distancing his own snakey self from the Israeli/Rothschild axis… Now Mr. Putin succinctly confirms that reported move as fact. GOOD on GWB (so help me I NEVER expected to be saying that but what’s right is right) for that wise choice – and good for the Rest of Us too! That move by the German-ancestor’d Mr. Scherff (neé “Bush”) away from Bibi the Neanderthal Khazar and his “IsraHell” Terror State is the best news to have arrived at this desk today.

    Whether warm-heartedly Heaven-inspired or cunningly cold-calculated, same basic merit to the move in terms of outcome and knock-on effects imvho. Maybe the snake in question has learned sumpin’ of value…? Or instead just got itself a fancy new set o’ stripes for $99.95 in fiat paper, down at the Earl Scheib Quick-Paint Shop… Surely, Mr. Putin knows how to treat both a Genuine Human Being *and* a fancy-painted snake. Somehow, in either case I for one am not at all worried on that point.

    Bre’r Rothschild, your days are numbered; Dragon Count Albert doubtless knows this too. And that is all. 0{;-)o[

  9. Bob says:

    Sorry but he is right on the money

  10. A world order will not happen until everyone is fairly treated ? He knows the game so whats up at home ? And the UN looks like the game is over The only true Human leader on the Planet thats my take. So tell me Lucy what do you think Ricky ?

  11. Nicole says:

    Though Putin is not perfect I respect his values compared to the US warmongerers. He is very strategic, diplomatic and peaceful regarding conflicts in other countries. He was able to get rid of the cabal in his country and that is BIG. Edgar Cayce said in his prophecies that Russia would be the light of the world, well I think Putin is a White Hat and a Lightworker and definitly a good example of good leadership and hopefully an honest agenda in bringing peace on ourbeautiful planet. Nicole. 🙂

    • Jean says:

      Yes, and he got rid of the cabal peacefully!!!!! I sense Putin is now on the move . . . I hope so . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • See I know you had it right Love you Huggie oh Happy days

        • Jean says:

          Huggie, I feel like at last maybe we have a grownup in charge of the store 🙂 He sounded like a true statesman. . . And I think he’s using this in Ukraine to ‘take charge’. . . I’m so glad you took the time to watch this video. I’ve heard a similar speech before, but I think this one is better 🙂

          This change must be accomplished peacefully, and if we can get a couple grownups in charge in the States, maybe that will happen 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  12. Jean says:

    Please check, because I just updated my comment 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

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