A Tiny Microchip Was The Likely  Motive For Pentagon Hijack Of MH370

I have great respect for Abel Danger, who is, however, only one of many publishers of this article, and I think finally we are getting close to the ‘real’ answer: a ‘fight’ between the Bushes and the Rothschilds. What do you all think . . . ~J 

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Source: Abel Danger


HONG KONG – The question tormenting millions of cyber-sleuths is Why? What could be the motive behind the elaborate plan for the midair capture of Malaysian Airlines flight 370?

Among the 200-plus passengers bound for Beijing, the target group for the hijack is narrowing down to 20 tech employees working for Freescale Semiconductors, based in Austin, Texas. Among these programmers and systems designers are 12 Malaysians and 8 citizens of mainland China.

The company is no newcomer but has long-time connections in East Asia, as the former design subsidiary of Motorola, which once dominated the Asian communications market in the postwar era. Freescale has design centers in Kuala Lumpur and in China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chengdu and Suzhou.

Besides its lucrative production of microchips for automotive components, Freescale has extensive contracts with the U.S. military, producing wafers and circuits for navigation, periscopes, electronic targeting, self-guided missiles and other weapons systems that require intelligence controls.

Any defense-related company at the nerve center of Pentagon hardware is bound to attract the attention of weapons designers from both adversarial and allied nations upgrading their military capability. Japan, France and the UK, along with Russia, China and Iran, all want the leading edge that contractors like Freescale provide.

What technological innovation would prompt the Pentagon’s military intelligence agencies to electronically interdict a civilian airliner in mid-flight, while disposing of the collateral passengers as shark bait?

Ultra-small Microcontoller

In February 2013, Freescale unveiled the Kinesis KL02, the world’s smallest microcontroller, measuring 1.9 mm by 2mm and containing RAM, ROM and a clock. The company brags that the device is so small that it can be swallowed for medical uses, such as releasing drugs according to prescription schedule or directing micro-surgery.

Tiny though it may be, the micro-controller is the key to next-generation warfare based on self-guidance, tactical versatility and hierarchy of commands, in short, an adaptive thinking weapon that can outsmart foes. Potential applications include:

– Drones smaller than a fly, either as remotes or autonomously, on surveillance missions or to deliver biowarfare packets, for example, lab-cloned viruses or toxic drugs. Their light weight means longer flying periods or even indefinite hovering time if solar-powered.

– Injectable implants to insert a human-machine interface, for example, a targeting system attached to the optic nerve, rendering Google glasses obsolete. Bionic implants could be implanted in nerves of the limbs to control battery-powered prosthetics, realizing the Pentagon’s dream of a human-centered robotic warrior, known to anime fans as “meka”.

– Maneuverable micro-satellites and mini-submarines that can be operated as drones or act independently to track and hunt larger weapons systems, spy satellites too small to be detected by ground telescopes, and orbiting warheads containing chemical, biological or nuclear materials.

Strategic Versus Commercial Interest

Tje series code of Kinesis KL02 stands for Version 2 made in Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia. This core of America’s next-gen weapons systems was developed overseas, in a Muslim-preponderant country economically allied with China, Russia and Japan and often at odds with US foreign policy. Therefore, an upcoming round of testing in China, and possible manufacture of Version 3 in Beijing, was a prospect that the Pentagon agencies, especially the NSA, the US Air Force’s Space Command and DARPA, had to stop by any means available.

As Freescale Malaysia prepared to test Kinesis at its sister research labs in Beijing and Tianjin, alarm bells were sounding at the DARPA-funded Charles Stark Draper Laboratory in n Cambridge, Massachusetts. That leading weapons-research facility was created during World War II to build navigation systems and bomb sights stabilized against turning and vibrations by inertia. It has since moved on to microchips for every military application, including inertial guidance for ballistic missiles, communications, GPS, intelligent targeting systems, orbital piloting for the International Space Station and, under the cover of “biomedical”, the transhuman super-soldier program.

The release of Kinesis exposed the Pentagon’s dilemma over dual-use technology, which can garner vast profits through civilian applications, as shown by GPS for cars and smartphones, yet threaten to wipe out America’s technological lead in warfare. The choice of whether to down on a new technology is not limited to Pentagon insiders and generals, since defense contractors and elite corporate executives are also involved.

Dirty Work for Israel

In the case of Freescale, the executive management and several veteran board members are connected with the Carlyle Group, which favors civilian commercialization of defense-related technologies to benefit its investment partners, including George Bush Senior and several retired defense secretaries.

On the other hand, Freescale is financially contolled by private-equity group Blackstone, with major investors including the Rothschild banking family and several of its business partners. As top financiers behind the Zionist movement, the pro-Israeli interest is to prevent miniaturized robotic weapons from falling into the hands of Iran and its allies Hezbollah and Hamas. Micro-vehicles, self-guided and with tactical flexibility, swarming against Israeli cities, ports and airfields would be a nightmare for the Israel Defense Force.

Therefore, the defenders of the Jewish state had to take action. Better to kill 200 Malaysian enemies and Chinese nobodies than to harm one hair on the head of any of the Chosen People. And thus, the order came down from the Red Shield, the House of Rothschild, to their neocon subordinates inside the Pentagon: Stop Flight 370 at any cost to America’s reputation.

The New Boss

Thus, in November, just a few months before the MH370 hijack, Freescale seated a new member on its Board of Directors. Joanne Maguire is an executive with three decades of experience in the Lockheed Martin Space Division. She studied electrical engineering at University of Michigan and UCLA, where she earned her master’s degree. She was invited to the Harvard Program for Senior Executives in National and International Security. Caltech honored her with the Karmann Wings Award and she received the Peter Teets Award from the National Defense Industrial Association.

As the very embodiment of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Maguire was the ideal choice to serve as watchdog against the corporate profiteers at Freescale.

Hijacking the Truth

There is no point in further disparagement of the pilot and co-pilot of the ill-fated flight, given their political connections with a compromised opposition beholden to the colonial past. The practicing with landing at Diego Garcia on the pilot’s flight simulator indicates a deep background with the Western intelligence services and probably Israeli espionage operating out of Singapore.

Whatever the role of the plane crew, the NSA and US Air Force Space Command do not need manned piloting, except to maintain the appearance of normality at takeoff from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. As discussed in my earlier article, voice communication and navigational signals would have been disabled by a burst of powerful narrow-aperture radar used for electromagnetic warfare. The cockpit computer would then be reprogrammed, using Boeing’s own emergency piloting system, expanded with Pentagon and Israeli software.

From the South China Sea to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, the jetliner would be remote-controlled by a drone operator. Its unscheduled flight path would be tracked and subsequently remoted from data records by the NSA listening posts in Sri Lanka and the Jindalee eavesdropping facility in northwest Australia. Radar stations in the Maldives, installed under a US maritime accord, served to guide the jetliner to the southernmost atoll of the archipelago toward Diego Garcia, immediately to the south.

The airliner’s descent over the Maldives, according to witnesses, went smoothly, for a safe landing on the long tarmac at the US Air Force Base on Diego Garcia Island, a CIA rendition center with underground hangars and prison used during the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Upon arrival, the passengers would be herded into separate waiting areas, with the prize captives from Freespace sent to a debriefing facility, where their hard drives, laptops and smartphones would be confiscated and data downloaded, while the human intelligence assets were being questioned. The interrogators had a fairly easy task in telling the defenseless programmers: Join us or die with the rest.

The cooperative would be given a new identity, and reintroduction into civilian life in a remote North American community after being administered memory-erasing drugs, similar to the ones first developed in the MK-ULTRA program.

After vetting of all passengers, the uncooperative and high-risk suspects would be drowned and their corpses tossed near a phony “crash site”, off the coast of Western Australia, while US submarines discharge other bits of “evidence” into the cold waters. The crew of the plane was probably rewarded with a short walk off the plank into the jaws of waiting sharks. Anyone who puts their trust in imperial power deserves no less.

Once the operation is completed and the media begin the mourning rituals, tearful American diplomats will attend memorial services for the missing victims of a tragic accident. Meanwhile, a cabal of Air Force officers and defense contractors will be clinking beer mugs with their former boss and guru, General Michael Hayden, the bureaucrat who militarize spaced and expanded the NSA into the global monstrosity that it has since become.

MH370 will be remembered on the History Channel as an unsolved riddle wrapped in mystery, but no TV station will mention the other code involved in this dreadful affair – KL02 – cause of the untimely deaths and mangled memories of any survivors.

Yoichi Shimatsu is a Hong Kong-based science writer, former editor of The Japan Times Weekly and a founding faculty member of journalism schools in Hong Kong and Beijing.



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53 Responses to A Tiny Microchip Was The Likely  Motive For Pentagon Hijack Of MH370

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  3. I think much of this intel is right on. Mike Harris was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot recently and this is quite revealing due to his history of working with Motorola and his insider industry knowledge:

    I always find that many truths will present themselves through echoes and synchronicities.
    thus causing them to resonate more strongly. But each of us must discern what is “Truth” as more and more, it comes to light amidst a sea of disinformation and lies. My gut feeling is Mike Harris is an extremely smart and unassuming man with technical expertise and strong instincts.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Phoenix, for taking the time to share this with us here 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

    • Deb says:

      Thank you for posting this video…I will watch it soon!!…I find affirmation in your statement..”I always find that many truths will present themselves through echoes and synchronicities.”….Thanks again!….You may find this essay by Professor George J. Stein interesting…In this 1995 essay, he outlines EXACTLY what we are battling today….’Information Warfare’

      • Deb says:

        whoops!…I forgot to state that at this link are all the docs related to what military use for infowarfare….It is a TELL ALL ….lol…It even OUTLINES the methods they use for false~events in order to manipulate the public…
        Definition of Information Operations:

        ‘The integrated employment of the core capabilities of electronic warfare [EW], computer network operations [CNO], psychological operations [PSYOP], military deception, and operations security [OPSEC], with specified supporting and related capabilities to influence, disrupt, corrupt, or usurp adversarial human and automated decisionmaking while protecting our own.’

        DOD Information Operations Roadmap, 30. October 2003


      • Jean says:

        Thanks, Deb. . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Deb says:

    Hi Jean…Have your read this continuing follow up by a psychic?…She has been receiving information since shortly after it disappeared and reports daily…She sees them as alive and asks everybody to contribute their energy to ensure a different outcome than what was reported…She sees that there are very powerful governments involved and they want this event ‘OUT of the news’, and Malaysia knows the truth….She sees Malaysia as caught in the middle of this coverup and having to do the bidding of the more powerful governments…She states that the FAMILIES of the passengers know the truth within their higher selves and will protest…One of the bloggers states that they have 2 family members on that plane…

    I am unable to post the link so maybe she doesn’t allow reposts??…it is called the psychic blogspot dot com and you will find a link to the 370 flight listed….

    • Jean says:

      Deb, what you say here IMO needn’t come from a psychic. It’s all quite logical, don’t you think? Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Deb says:

        I feel most accounts of the event are logical…The difference is that the psychic is reporting location, description of their surroundings, the details of the event, activities of those involved and descriptions of the passengers…Identifying facial features and even jewelry!…

        It is more than 2weeks of detailed info according to the EVENT from the passengers perspective ..

        The reason for the event is probably easy to theorize research…No mention of Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light, always a good sign!…lol….

        But I think I get it, psychics are not considered reliable sources, on average….Only those learning to function within their ‘true nature’ (who are learning to connect on a spiritual) would be open to this information….I shall refrain from posting weird stuff!…..Hugs!

        • Jean says:

          No, I don’t have a problem with what you post here, Deb, as long as you are respectful, which you always are. But you must be aware that I also have my own views . . . I don’t have a problem with psychics, either, but how many of them are really accurate, and I have to question if it is worth our time to get locked too deeply into this story. I hope you can understand my point of view . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Deb says:

            Shucks Jean, I get it, just as I said…Your view is much respected….I am simply sharing my energy with my family who were on the plane…I have asked God and the Universe to provide a different out come than the one the media presented…At this point, I am allowing and trusting that it will be delivered…

            What I didn’t explain is the reason I resonate with this particular psychic ….

            In that relaxed state, just before sleep, I see tons of pictures…One of these pictures, I didn’t dismiss and asked to be ‘repeated’ several times….What I saw was several dozen people filing out of a dark opening against a light colored background….ALL were astonished by the leaves on the trees!…This psychic described EXACTLY what I saw in my pre sleep vision…Hence the reason I would pay attention…

            Just another one of those ‘synchronicity things’ again!….really not a big deal except for maybe her and me….It really comes down to where we are on our path…For me and many, we are learning to move on from thinking, hoping and believing…Why think, believe and hope when we can practice the ‘knowing’…After the fact, I have to say that I don’t care about the WHY of the event so much as I care about these people and their families…They are NOT a waste of my energy!…All energy needed, is delivered by infinite Source….

            I guess most relate in terms of manifesting a peaceful resolution to stopping the cabal..

            Do we forget that the energy we use to undo the cabal, can be applied to all things?…In a nutshell, we the ONE can create a positive ending/new beginning no matter what…If even one person reads these words and begins to envision and send energy to the victims of this event, we will be that much closer to creating a positive outcome and bringing truth into the light!…

            As I am envisioning a TOTAL recovery for Robin Light, so I do for the people on that plane… There is no proof they are dead…I see them alive and active with no injuries except confusion…I am not alone in that knowing…

            Everything, for a reason….Hugs!

          • Jean says:

            🙂 Thanks, Deb, I appreciate your words. . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • Todd says:

            Wow Deb, well said, and with wisdom and Love. There are many of us here that feel this same way, and you’re right, it is time for knowing, :). Hugs, Todd.

  5. Looks like good ole Jim Stone was spot-on with the early-breaking MH370 intel analysis again! His line of thought can still be found on http://jimstonefreelance.com fwiw, including some early-warning bits that are just plain telltale. (Passenger cellies still ringing and answered, sat-tracking of the plane to Diego Carcia, the engines themselves reporting a safe touchdown via telemetry to the manufacturer, a first-person sighting under that flyway but only locally reported Exactly Once… You get it.) Just scroll down that l-o-n-g page a bit; he’s pretty well done with the topic and moved on to Other Hot Stuff now. But as lines of reasoning go, his is more worth following than most imvho. That business of the chip and who gets the patent pretty clinches it afaiac ’cause that’s where The Money goes.

    Fascinating that ole Rothschild’s in bed with the Bush Klan vis-a’-vis the Carlyle Group at such a pass as this, what with Laird R apparently STILL going the Zionista way (but what of the Global Israeli Embassy Closings – is it just only about Impetuous Bibi or did I miss a factor or what? – Maybe sumpin’ more kinetic, planned for here and there…?) and the Bushes apparently tilting away from that sphere toward Mother Russia all a-sudden. No doubt with mass-marketing plans for the tech and plentiful backdoor benefits for themselves alone, one might well expect.

    Questionable characters all, and the questions sure do pile on if not indeed actually add up here and there. I for one DO suspect an Israeli Nuclear Blackmail Move might be in the works; no guarantee in the present climate that any such attempt would succeed, is all. But I’d keep one eye on DC and the other one on Chicago… Praying for peace, disclosure and Divine Intervention (in ANY genuine format!) on the side, all the while.

    Whist’ling tunes we hide in the dunes by the seaside… Them too… And that is all. 0{:-)o[

  6. Peggy Price says:

    Benjamin Fulford has been talking about the Bushes & Rothschilds fighting for quite awhile now, also.

  7. Magnaflux says:

    Something to definitely think about. I always thought that the US government had a role in 9/11 and the ill fated flight 800 of Long Island. Too many thing that never added up. I am sure there are other unexplained goings-on. This has credibility, but difficult to prove. Nevertheless, I would not rule i=this scenario out. Thank you for your insight.

    • Jean says:

      Magnaflux, there is a lot of info here on my sight (do a SEARCH) about 9/11, for instance, that will show you what we believe is the ‘real’ truth of the situation. What we think, though, is so serious that it behooves everyone to consider the evidence and make up their own mind. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Nicole says:

    Sorry guys I like the version of the plane rescued by the Galactics, its more positive and simple. Don t forget the Galactics are watching these dark humans and im sure that a lot of things are going on right now behind the scenes and our Brothers and Sisters of the stars are helping. 🙂

  9. Susanne R says:

    I would like to add something important to one of the closing sentences:

    Meanwhile, a cabal of Air Force officers and defense contractors will be clinking beer mugs with their former boss and guru, General Michael Hayden, the bureaucrat who upon a single phone call from Cheney’s legal pal Addington, took the Attorney General of the United States out of the loop re authorizing NSA’s bulk data gathering, and who also militarized space and expanded the NSA into the global monstrosity that it has since become.

    Following is excerpt from EXCELLENT Barton Gellman article”
    “Then-NSA Director Michael V. Hayden was not among them. According to the inspector general’s classified report, Cheney’s lawyer, Addington, placed a phone call and “General Hayden had to decide whether NSA would execute the Authorization without the Attorney General’s signature.” He decided to go along.”
    This is truly an excellent article. Highly recommend!

  10. Ethyl says:

    I’m sticking with the Rothschild version, where the head one gets the full patent and money from the new microchip, with the deaths of the other 4 inventors. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer kind of thing. He might have use for some of the people, and maybe not.

    (Jean, in case you didn’t see this one, Alex had an EXCELLENT article about the economy. I think it was from GlobalResearch–had some great quotes in it!)


  11. James Hyslop says:

    Some buttons are being hit here in this article. Nazi America is part of this disgusting game and has already lost a few bodies along the way according to some web articles including two navy seals. The fact that the Russians were also watching this plane and its special cargo makes for an interesting spy novel ~ except this one is real! The reptilians want an east west conflict as it suits their agenda of population reduction and further human implant control amongst the remaining sheeples.

    The fact the Boeing 777-200 model can be flown remotely and could easily reach USA Naval Bases in either the China Sea or the Indian Ocean based on its fuel loading for China means there is a distinct possibility this plane was hijacked by military personnel and is either sitting in a closed hanger (with its cargo human and other stuff now en route to MASS, USA) or the plane has been refueled and then remotely flown to the Southern Ocean and the Roaring Forties so that no bodies or black box would be found. The Roaring Forties is a distinctly uncomfortable sailing area and this is an understatement.

    The problem that Nazi Castor & Pollux America faces is both China and Russia have either caught up military terms with the Nazi’s or are already ahead in some areas. The new Russian Missile which flies ten feet off the ground for more than two thousand miles with a nuclear warhead is actually old technology. Whats worse they can make them for mobile platforms in large numbers and move them around as needed. USA trying to ring China, IRAN and Russia with multiple missiles sites is going nowhere. Putin in particular is no fool and is a chess master who keeps nailing the Nazi reptilian Yanks and their reptilian puppets.

    Beam me up Scotty and get me outa here ~ is a desire being expressed by many to rid themselves of the negative pooh that keeps arriving daily. I wonder will NASA deny the new discovery of the RED Dwarf and the at least 6 planets discovered by American astronomer Thomas Barclay or is it NASA’s way to manipulate another blind alley story? Time will tell. I’ll opt for Scotty.

    Best wishes
    James Hyslop.

    • Jean says:

      James, you probably have no idea how much I agree with you on this one! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Ethyl says:

      James, you seem to be going with the same articles that I did. They just made such perfect, bloody obvious sense! The fact of Rolls Royce so specifically tracking all these engines REALLY makes you sit up and take notice, too! Like they can tell you when an engine is leaking oil? So they DEFINITELY would have known some shenanigans were going on! And OH MY GOSH!!! Did you hear about that HUGE announcement in Brazil today? And it turned out to be RINGS around an ASTEROID??? After all that hype and build up? I totally second your beam me up now!

  12. Rich Buckley says:

    I see ironic humor in the likelihood that once all this comes about, the spies themselves will be incredibly vulnerable. Smaller than fly-size watching, recording, storing information-bugs that then turn themselves off and let you carry them out of security areas attached to your clothing or in your hair, where they then download their cargo of stored data back at safe transmission ports. It’ll happen. It’ll all be available on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. If they won’t carry it, there’s always the City of Monrovia, California who seem fearless.

  13. Wow soon the war complex we will never need again I hope. All has to go we know this and yes flying bugs are not new.

  14. Gigi says:

    Not so fast Shimatsu San…
    Take a look of this:
    Time will tell….time is near! Wishful thinking? May be!

  15. Jean says:

    Drop it! Hugs, ~jean

    • Are you asking me to drop it?

      • Jean says:

        No, I’m so sorry! This was meant for someone else. I must have put my response in the wrong place. Please forgive me. Hugs, ~Jean

        • FWIW, Jean, WordPress has put just a few of my own comments in the Wrong Place, much to my own surprise after posting… Apparently a glitch in the software, one might think, of the sort that is Just Bloody Maddening for any code-meister to actually track down and tweek into oblivion… One misplaced or out-of-range variable in the wrong spot’d do it. Sure would like to have an “Edit” and a “Cancel” button on fresh posts; those features’d save many of us a ton o’trouble.

          Maybe one day; bigger fish to fry right now, of course. Hugs as always… And that is all. 0{;-)o[

  16. Todd says:

    This article seems to be based on a lot of facts, but in some ways it’s more fear porn. I suppose it’s nice to know what ‘they’ are capable of, but in the same breath, we, (collectively), will not stand for this scenario, nor allow it occur. We are gaining ground and numbers at a fever pitch now as more and more are awakened. We’re onto them Jean, and there’s nowhere to hide. The future’s so bright, gotta wear shades, :). Hugs, Todd.

  17. Yoichi is a wee bit too optimistic I think; the Cabal has long demonstrated a propensity for killing its own in order to preserve secrecy- witness the two SEALS killed recently who were detailed as security.

    Another point; Yoichi may not be aware of (thank you VT) is the proceedure of high altitude flight (45000 ft- documented) for 45 minutes- where the air was likely bled off and emergency oxygen supply bottles used up- which would spell certain doom for all on board. While it’s possible the pilots did smuggle (or have placed for them) extra oxygen bottles- these pilots might have been “used up” and treated as expendable.

    The pilot patsies- having served their purpose (remember ALL the people who are missing would be hard to hide in today’s spy- everywhere- world) would have been killed off, the same as the passengers. It’s highly likely the plane was pirated by remote takeover don’t forget.

    What a monstrous, chilling evil the people behind this possess- to have done something like this.

  18. Ilex says:

    Wow, talk about synchronicity? Neil’s post today is about a “bug” for lack of a better term, that flew around his room, I guess got him in the middle of the night and it was actually a robot bug with a toxic substance that was injected into Neil’s ankle.

    I don’t mind modern technology but isn’t “bug” warfare kind of sci fi? There ought to be some law that states that they can not be any smaller than a shoe box. Just my opinion of course.

    • Jean says:

      yes, I”m aware, and it makes me sick, sick, sick!!! When are people going to have had enough! When? Hugs, ~Jean

    • Graham says:

      I purposely read the story after seeing your comment here and saw the photo of the “bug”. If it was a “robot bug”, as was clearly described in the story, why is there no mention of it being sent for expert analysis?

      The fact it was captured would indicate the folks present seem to have overlooked one critical aspect. A “robot bug” would contain highly advanced technology, yet that appears to have been of no interest, hence no mention of what became of it. Slight oversight?

      How about it being a “regular” bug that happens to bite? The symptoms reported are very similar to? It’s very easy to keep oneself current in the picture with “cabal” related stories and this isn’t the first one! When Neil produces some tangible results, I will update my intuition on all the ongoings.

      My money is on Putin and Co.

      • Jean says:

        🙂 We’re going to see, but I think success will come from many quarters, and I still think in spite of the very low way Neil behaved toward me in a very public way that he will open those accounts . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Graham says:

          This is a very interesting article Jean. I’ve followed the website for a while as the guy writes some really good material. He factors in the “BIS”.


          • Jean says:

            I’m aware of this, Graham. I have alluded to it, but I think it will not get that far . . . Thanks for sharing the site. . . It’s nice to know someone else is also thinking this way. At the moment, we must go with what is, I think . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • Jean says:

            Second Reply – I went today and had a further look at this article. When I saw this author, red flags went up. He resides almost totally in 3D and seems always to be fearful. Frankly, I don’t think he really has a clue about Putin; I can’t imagine Putin being in anyone’s pocket, either knowingly or unknowingly. He is too smart for that. As for the Central Banks being thrown on the front lines to do the tough fighting, I think it is a joke. These people will be in bad shape once their financial power is dissolved, because that is all the power they have ever had. They do not know what it means to fight – not really. They are weak individuals in every single way. This entire article is such a confused mix that I found it difficult to stay with.

            I do think if Putin/BRICS could get their hands on the Global Accounts, we might have another serious problem. Humanity is going to have to remain extremely vigilant that these funds, funds that I still believe Neil Keenan will release, are maintained with total transparency.


        • Graham says:

          Perhaps they got Neil with “Item 2” on the list.

          This a “tremendous” website Jean. Worth bookmarking for future reference. They cover some incredible subjects and data.


          • Jean says:

            Yes, I think they got him all right. It seems a lot of people just can’t take it in, can’t believe it . . . strange . . . Hugs, ~Jean

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