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The blindfold:

The man claimed to be blindfolded when he sent the message. When the American military blindfolds someone, it is accomplished by putting a bag over the head that is locked so you can’t get it off. This left the engineers hands free. This would have made it possible for him to pull his Iphone 5 (a fact confirmed by the Exif data) out of his butt as stated, and use the voice command ability of the Iphone to just talk to it to log in and post the message. This explains why he sent a black photo, he could not see what he was sending, he just knew he snapped a photo and sent whatever got taken.

The coordinates:When the coordinates are added to the fact that the photo’s exif data does not match the Google coordinates or any other coordinates for Diego Garcia that are posted online, but is still within the boundaries of Diego Garcia, it proves that no one just pulled those coordinates off the web. It helps confirm that this was not just a hoax because the coordinates are exact to wherever on Diego Garcia the Iphone was when it took the photo.



This image, which appears black was posted as taken in a dark cell by an IBM engineer. The picture is black because the cell was too dark, but a critical piece of information was embedded in the Exif data, the coordinates to Diego Garcia, where the picture was taken. And it’s real, this is NOT a hoax. The coordinates in the picture indicate that the photo was taken within 3 miles of what Google officially gives for Diego Garcia. It is NOT EXACTLY what comes up on Google. It is off a couple miles, so NO ONE GOOGLED THIS, thus helping to confirm it’s authenticity. I don’t know how big the island is, but if it has a runway, that certainly fits.

The picture posted with the following text: “I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.”


Image Exif data: THE SMOKING GUN

The Exif is intact. Exif data gets embedded in every image by every camera and includes the circumstances under which the photo was taken. It can be viewed by saving the image to your desktop, and then right clicking it and selecting image properties. Hit the details tab. You can see that the image was taken on March 18 with an Iphone 5, with the ISO at 3200 and a shutter of 1/15. The coordinates are included in the exif data because the Iphone knows where it is, and the coordinates are for Diego Garcia. THE FIRST TIME A BLANK PHOTO SAID IT ALL.

Exif can’t be rewritten with common software, it can only be added to in fields such as image credits with some advanced applications. It can be erased as well but NOT CHANGED. Photos with the exif intact will hold up in court. If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really good hacker did this, which I doubt, I’d say it’s probably real.

Surrounding this story is the fact that the man who managed to get this information to Farganne (forum member Glitch) was harassed and received many threatening voice mails over it, that is another piece of evidence pointing to this as being real. One thing is certain, once it’s posted here on this site the genie is OUT OF THE BOTTLE. I cannot stress how important it is that the GPS coordinates in the photo do not perfectly match what Google says and are not posted anywhere on the web, because it proves that the source of those coordinates did not come from google or Wikipedia, they really did come from the imaging device and it HAD TO be at Diego Garcia when it took the photo.



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  2. Ian MacLeod says:

    There are and have been so damned many false-flags out of Obama & friends, it’s getting to be so it seems like there’s one every time somebody makes a flippin’ BEER RUN out of the W.H.! *sigh* All in all it appears to me that there have BEEN NO actual terrorist actions that weren’t perpetrated by the White House, the NSA, CIA (I count Al Qaeda as at least honorary spooks), etc., ad nauseam. In fact, I strongly suspect that if there was ever again a REAL terrorist action against the U.S., one plotted and enacted by non-Americans for their own purposes, it would take this (imitation) government MONTHS to figure out that none of “ours” had done it! Going by sheer numbers, it would have to be their first assumption that some agency or other needed the excuse to attack more Americans, steal more money or weaponry, or maybe they needed an excuse to “retaliate” against some innocent country or other to rob it of resources for some oil company or other, change the leadership of it or whatever… Anyway, the instant assumption in the Shadow Services and agencies, etc., would HAVE to be that We did it. The only real “expertise” I’ve noticed is that with all of these agencies actually competing against each other, all 70 or so of them, the only real, indisputable expertise this country has anymore is the ability to piss on it’s own Corfams no matter HOW much amazing Tesla technology or how many brainwashed assassins or whatever else it has – probably hundreds of times the resources of any other country or group of countries.

    Kinda pitiful, ain’t it?

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  6. jj says:

    I seriously can not believe people are still believeing the “authenticity” of this story…Breaknit down people, be critical, analyse the “facts” that are presented …theres about as much evidence and fact here as there is in me making the claim ” must go viral, this is accurate and 100% confirmed, The easter bunny does exist”

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  8. Todd says:

    Can we please put this charade to rest? The link below gives a great argument, and backs it with evidence that the entire Philip Wood issue is another hoax, and ties it all together with the Boston ‘bombing’. So once again all the comments here that have disputed this message all along are being vindicated, as we find out once again that the public is being fed outright lies! Time to move on now, and get back to investigating the truth about the plane. We can now formally dismiss this comical farce, sigh. Hugs, Todd.

    • Graham says:


      The “9th” photo down at the link below blows the “Boston Bombing” crisis actors associations with Philip Wood right out of the water.

      This is a high resolution image, so blow it right up. What people think is his distinguished “goatee” in the [tiny] photo being circulated, is in fact “light” reflecting off this guys chin.

      I also note claims are being made that the female nearby the Boston guy is the same person that BBC and CNN interviewed as Philip Wood’s partner. No valid evidence.

      Sorry, but the type of data being circulated is deliberate disinformation, or extremely poor research. It took only minutes to track down the hi-res BB images from last year.

      • Todd says:

        With all due respect Graham, just on this site alone, the evidence is overwhelming that this entire Philip Wood scenario, is a total scam. My point was to just get on with where the real evidence takes us, rather than continuing to beat this horse that’s been dead for days, ;). Whether or not there is a connection to the actors in the Boston false flag has nothing to do with this issue being true or not. It should be obvious to most of us by now that this topic, phone up ass, calling from Diego Garcia BS, etc., etc. has been totally debunked, period. This rabbit hole is a dead end and has as much truth as the Easter bunny, lol. Time to let it go and focus on other aspects that still have possibilities that’s all. Todd.

        • Jean says:

          Todd, Peter Eyre left a article-length comment here that makes logical sense. I did some editing for him in order to publish it, and I’m waiting for his permission to publish it. Let’s wait until I get his permission. . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Graham says:

          Much appreciate your input Todd.

          I think it is important to eliminate whatever can be proven “not to fit”. As I said at the very beginning, it could well be the Philip Wood material has been “hoaxed”, but it is still important to eliminate what’s out there through a process of careful analysis and elimination. That isn’t always occurring.

          The Boston connection in my opinion is a very reckless assessment and one that many appear to have accepted based on “word of mouth” alone. This is where the problem lies in uncovering facts that can actually be proven. After careful analysis of the Boston photo, I think it is safe to state the guy pointed out is definitely not Philip Wood,nor his partner. This would eliminate the “crisis actor” theory going about.

          Whilst the Philip Wood “help plea” raised a number of valid questions right from the start, I wholeheartedly agree that various aspects don’t contain satisfactory evidence to go any further with. As such, I have put it to the side. Medical evidence has proven that people can insert some rather unusual objects “you know where”, and that EXIF data can easily be altered. How many were analysing the “original” photo that was uploaded?

          For all we know this far down the line, the Philip Wood data was deliberately introduced to draw attention to Diego Garcia. Where we are right now, doesn’t necessarily eliminate that base from being used as the first point of landing. The military exercises to the north of KL may bear far more water than anything else. There are some good theories on this that are supported by evidence traces that may well have been tampered with since.

          The time zone data was also very interesting, but many forgot to account for their clocks going forward the weekend it was being looked at. The time difference between KL and DG is normally two hours, not three as widely claimed. As far as I know, pilots still operate in “Zulu” time, which is GMT +/- 0.

          Take into account the approach the reported aircraft was making towards DG from witnesses on the Maldives. This would indicate its flight path was not necessarily on a direct line from Kuala Lumpur. Speed and height changes also have to be taken into account for what appears to be a “missing” two hour window. Were those witnesses fully vetted by aspects of the media? The Malaysian government disregarded them.

          The reported flight that was escorted to the US Eastern seaboard was interesting, as was the 777 later being intercepted by F16’s over Belguim. However, that story appears to have gone no further than the point of interception. I wonder why.

          I also doubt they would take out a building containing David Cameron as he appears to be pivotal to their NWO agenda. He also has Ashkenazi and banker roots. I also highly doubt they would be doing anything to provoke the Astor family (Samantha Cameron).

          Awaiting to see what Peter has to say and “round two” from David Wilcock.

          • Jean says:

            Graham, if nothing else, should Phillip Wood be a hoax, it just shows how they will use us. We figured out one angle, and now the cabal turns that angle against us. . . it shows us that we can’t just jump on anything that comes out there, because of how it was before . . . sick, sick, sick . . . Yes, Peter’s post is simple, and I don’t think he’d mind me putting it out there, but he’s pretty professional and I feel like I need to respect that fact. I’ve done a fair amount of editing for him before . . . but I just don’t want to make a mistake in his facts . . . so, we’ll wait. I’d skyped him yesterday, and this morning I sent him an email . . . maybe he’s traveling, or hasn’t been on skype. . . .all in Divine order 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Todd says:

            As I mentioned on another entry on Jean’s site Graham, the bottom line is that it is impossible to ‘lose’ a plane. That is true from the technologies that we know exist, let alone the tech we’re not aware of. This entire ‘plane missing’ deal is false flag from the word go, and many are awakening to this fact. Perhaps this knowledge will lead to the elites downfall, stay tuned, ;). Todd.

          • I know this is not as detailed an edit to exif data as the picture in question but still…..

            At 11:20pm 1/5/2014 I didnt really know what exif data was. I’d heard of metadata. As of 5 minutes ago I succesfully edited exif data on a picture I took tonight!! ExifTool Version Number : 8.60
            File Name : IMG_20140502_001029.jpg
            Directory : /home/martyn/Desktop/picture
            File Size : 427 kB
            File Modification Date/Time : 2014:05:02 01:25:15+01:00
            File Permissions : rw-r-r-
            File Type : JPEG
            MIME Type : image/jpeg
            Exif Byte Order : Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
            Make : You Must All Be Retarded
            Camera Model Name : Iphone 5
            X Resolution : 72
            Y Resolution : 72
            Resolution Unit : inches
            Modify Date : 2014:03:08 06:15:33
            Y Cb Cr Positioning : Centered
            ISO : 0
            Exif Version : 0220
            Date/Time Original : 2014:03:08 06:15:33
            Create Date : 2014:03:08 06:15:33
            Components Configuration : Y, Cb, Cr, –
            Flash : No Flash
            Focal Length : 4.3 mm
            Flashpix Version : 0100
            Color Space : sRGB
            Exif Image Width : 1944
            Exif Image Height : 2592
            Interoperability Index : R98 – DCF basic file (sRGB)
            Interoperability Version : 0100
            GPS Latitude Ref : North
            GPS Longitude Ref : East
            GPS Img Direction Ref : Magnetic North
            GPS Img Direction : 242
            Compression : JPEG (old-style)
            Thumbnail Offset : 662
            Thumbnail Length : 36424
            Image Width : 1944
            Image Height : 2592
            Encoding Process : Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
            Bits Per Sample : 8
            Color Components : 3
            Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling : YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)
            GPS Latitude : 72 deg 25′ 35.95″ N
            GPS Longitude : 7 deg 18′ 55.07″ E
            GPS Position : 72 deg 25′ 35.95″ N, 7 deg 18′ 55.07″ E
            Image Size : 1944×2592
            Thumbnail Image : (Binary data 36424 bytes, use -b option to extract)
            Focal Length : 4.3 mm

            As you can see the modification time has been left to its own devices, I have changed the camera model name to match that of the claimed Phillip Wood uploader, I have changed GPS coordinates to { } the same location where Phillip Wood is supposed to be, I have changed the time and date to an estimate time and date the plane may have got to the location. I did all this on my sh*tty Acer Aspire 5310 running Ubuntu 12.04. which comes with ‘exiftool’ preinstalled!! c’mon people wake the fu*k up!!
            If I can learn this and do it in less than 2 hours, how easy would it be for someone who reallys knows what they’re doing? And I have to say if exif data stands up in court ……. need i say more!?!

      • schauminator says:

        After the Boston Bombing episode, I spoke to two ER doctors at JH Hospital in Baltimore that I served with in the Medical Corp. To them the staging appearances also made them go back and research the school shootings at Columbine. Their professional opinions were, both seemed to be Hollywood inspired. Plus it was backed by the News Media to further test and proof out that the American people are now the idiots Marx and Lenin could have only dreamt of.
        They tried to get their Maryland US Senator Barbara Mikulski to respond, but received no response.

  9. Klompje16 says:

    Schauminator maybe this w’ll be something for you to have a better look at Philip Wood’s girl friend ( Sarah Bajc) at the Boston bomming!! YouTube ” All fake injuries”

  10. schauminator says:

    Suppose you found out that most of the buildings on DG are secured comms (extreme SIPR-Net) or are shielded for EMI/RFI transmissions. This included cruise missile storage areas and B-2, E2C, AWAC hanger for servicing. What would you say about a pedestrian making that call?

    • Chucka says:

      I’m sorry to point out the obvious here but the extremes you are going to with this being a cover up makes me start to think that you might know more then you are saying now common sense says something was on that plane heading for China my thoughts are leaning towards the plane being taken over in order to stop it reaching there now this is only from what is presented here and using my own brain it is not something certain or proven and I am not trying to change peoples minds (unlike yourself) people should be able to work things out for themselves. But one thing I do want you to explain is why aren’t the native people of DG allowed to even visit the graves of their relatives?

      • schauminator says:

        There are many that believe in the original flight tracking that showed flight 370 disappearing no where near the Indian Ocean.

      • schauminator says:

        Also consider, when held in captivity (Jail Cell) you are not allowed to charge your cell phone. think about the flight time lines and how long it took to send the message from his iPhone. PS, even the remote bubble shelters under water are shielded and hard wired with fiber optics.

  11. Todd says:

    And yet another twist to this story! This clip from Forbidden Knowledge may make this entire discussion moot, but he warns us to discern for ourselves. If this is true, it’s clear that the alphabet agencies will stop at nothing to confuse this important issue. 20 min. video that questions the entire Philip Wood story. Hugs, Todd.

    • Jean says:

      Just published this, Todd. People can laugh at us, but we are going to get to the root of this . . . or at least keep the pressure on. . . my blog is getting 95,000 hits a day because of this situation. People are waking up, and THEY WANT THE TRUTH, THE ‘REAL’ TRUTH. While none of us have it – yet, just the fact that we aren’t giving up is saying something about us, about humanity, and about our feelings for the families of these victims. . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Graham says:


      Re your question to me yesterday. Yes.. I’m checking out every link posted by yourself (and others). The “Reply” button was missing when I went to respond to you.

  12. Rae says:

    Have you seen the size of an I-phone? And he hid it in his ass????? This sounds like a ‘joke’ from the beginning!

  13. Dimitri says:

    What I find curious is that the guy writes “I managed to hide my cellphone in my ass”! That, I think, is the most far fetched part of this story. I assume any CIA operatives would have found the phone in his back pocket and confiscated it before “blindfolding” him and locking him in a cell.

  14. Tom says:

    You are leaving out the obvious: If the US Military hijacked the airplane, drugged and blindfolded all of the passengers, do you think they would not have searched them and taken all of their phones? Really? Really???

    • schauminator says:

      You indeed are correct. Even in the USA when you enter a secured facility you must turn off you phone and surrender it to a lockbox.
      In facilities like the FBI, NRO, DOS, DOD in Wash DC there are secured areas of the building you cannot receive or make an outgoing call. Also, depending on the sensitivity of the agency portal detection systems and the Air Force bases having the best, it is very difficult for the pedestrian to move through the facility without causing an alarm . These portals are not only at an entrance but internal as well.

  15. David L says:

    I read a “theory” that the plane was hijacked and about to be crashed into fuel tanks on Diego Garcia which is a very important American military base. The yanks saw it coming and had to shoot it down. They know what happened.

  16. Michael says:

    1) For such a remote island, how can an iPhone obtain a cell phone tower to send a message?;

    2) If the phone did obtain cell phone reception, what are the chances of him obtaining a data connection?;

    3) I question the fact that the sender composed such a long message while blindfolded, on a touch screen this is almost an impossible task. While blindfolded and drugged the sender would have had to accomplish multiple taps to:
    – Perform tasks to power on/unlock his phone
    – Open the message app
    – Select the small attach photo’ button
    – Tap the take photo button
    – Tap the turn the camera to the front facing camera button
    – Take the photo
    – Tap the ‘use photo’ button
    – Type the significant message quoted in the text above
    I acknowledge that the quoted text message might be paraphrased but there would be noticeable grammatical errors and auto correct inconstancies.

    4) Having loaded the photo into a photo program and reviewing the histogram It can be revealed that the photo is entirely black with no pixel variation at all, and there doesn’t appear to be any noise at all which is normally noticeable on a photo with such a High ISO even when it is taken in a totally black environment;

    5) From his prison cell, the cell phone screen light would have emitted enough light to the room to prevent it being a totally black photo as described in point 4 above;

    6) It is interesting that you direct your comments at the American military holding the passengers hostage;

    7) you are correct in saying EXIF data is not easily able to be adjusted, however GPS data is and this is the only fact linking it to ‘somewhere’ in the Indian Ocean

    I welcome any comments on my thoughts on this article

    • Jean says:

      TJ, you can’t call someone an ‘idiot’ on my blog and get published. Please be more respectful of another human, not very much different from you – if the truth be known! Hugs, ~Jean

    • B says:

      Excellent comment, and don’t forget he managed to get this iPhone out of his anus where he apparently hid it, they aren’t the smallest of phones. Also, I am lucky to keep my charge for 24 hrs let alone a week. Totally bogus story and very mean considering what’s at stake here. If the plane was taken by the American Military the cover up would have been so precise that the question of conspiracy wouldn’t even be asked.

  17. 4Channer says:

    This crap came from 4Chan, so it MUST be true!

  18. Teresa says:

    Oh yeah, check “Malaysia Flight 370 photo smuggled onto internet. This has been labeled as a hoax. The UK leases the military base on Diego Garcia so please stop badgering Americans. We are NOT all the same. I dearly wish it were true, this is a tragedy. Only when solid evidence is found, will families be able to properly grieve.

  19. J.Prabhakaran says:

    Times of India – Chennai Edition dated 19th March, 2014 lists 13 possibilities for the disappearance of MH370, of which 9th possibility is this one.

    • Jean says:

      Interesting! Oh, my! What can I say. I start to laugh at the craziness of it – but then I think of the family members who are not being given any answers, who are being played for fools, and instead, I want to cry. . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Dani says:

        I’m sure anyone could have made a blank photo and added exif data and just thrown the co ordinates off a little. But even so i hope this is right so that we are a bit closer to sending the passengers home.

        • Steve says:

          It isn’t blank. Although this is also not proof that the original post on 4chan is in any way authentic, the message actually is an image, containing noise and not just blackness.

          Here is a copy of the image when it is run through a filter called retinex, revealing what looks possibly like a person with a hood over his or her head:

          from the original site where this theory was posted :

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  22. Simon says:

    How totally disgusting. Do you people ever think about the relatives of these disasters when you start with your nonsense? Show some respect and restraint and perhaps use a little intelligence.

    • Jean says:

      Simon, wake up!!! Please!!! Something terrible happened to these people, and their families deserve to know why. If you haven’t done the background reading on this, please go back and do so. . . I personally think it was probably a turf war between say the Rtohschilds and the Bushes. . . similar to Benghazi, although that was a different turf war. . . and I could be wrong, because I haven’t had the time to get deeply involved in all the info floating around . . . thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • V. Uil says:

        Jean, I believe free treatment is available for Bush Derangement Syndrome. (It is jointly funded by the Rothschilds and the aliens from Area 51.)

        • Jean says:

          🙂 🙂 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • Chucka says:

          This is more a reply to the video posted great try on the cover up there but am I the only one that noticed that he had the same sunglasses on in both pics? what are they meant to be part of his DNA great work on changing little parts but I have seen people who have done the same, for the cover up to work better they need to find a different picture of him without the sunnys, I’m not saying this is definite but come off it you will need to do a bit better to convince me but hey I’m a stubborn one

    • Graham says:


      Do lead the way with an example of “intelligence” as I haven’t as yet seen you write anything that contains any evidence of it. See my response to “Sam” below. If covers your blindness and naivety almost perfectly. It is actually people like you that are not being of any help to the relatives. Paid shill?

    • Chucka says:

      I must start with I am not as easily mislead as a lot of people when this plane “vanished” it was far too obvious that it is a cover up of some sort, as the witness said the plane was flying low (under radar detection). now In the country I am in the law is that you are guilty until you can prove you are innocent, and in this case I hate to say it but no one can prove that this plane is not there and even the people native to this island are not allowed to go there even to see the graves of their relatives I think In my opinion that something is going on here and the family’s of the people on the flight will be as disregarded as much as the native people from the island lets face it they make out they are about human rights and freedom but everyone has seen that the exact opposite is the case we should all leave it alone as it is just going to be hurtful to the family’s if they can see this is the truth when believing the lies will give them more comfort.

  23. Ian Moone says:

    On 9 March the day after the plane disappeared – a link appeared on facebook as below.

    This link no longer works.

    Prior to it being broken – I saved a copy of the photo and uploaded it to my photo-bucket account.


    These pics suggest that the plane landed in the south China sea on one of the Paracells island group Woody island (Sansha), which is 440 kilometers north of Danang Vietnam and a Chinese garrisoned Island off Hainan Island China.

    Lat North 16.84 degrees
    Long East 112.338067 degrees

    Every where I posted this for the first 2 weeks it vanished.

    No media would touch it, not even reuters.

    Everything that’s been published like Diego Garcia – and the reputed crash in the southern Indian Ocean has been to deliberately devised to direct attention away from Sansha in the south china sea.

    Don’t ask me why – I have no idea – why would the Chinese want to hijack a plane with mostly their own citizens on board?

    All I know is that every effort has been made to shut this info down.

    That to me at least suggests it probably true.

    The airstrip on Sansha (Woody Island) is according to Wiki some 8750 feet or so long.

    If you scale that length against the length of the plane depicted on the strip… the plane seems to be about 200feet – with the published length of a Boeing 777-200 being 209ft 1 inch.

    I know no more than that about it.

    Whether the Chinese got the freescale technology and techn9ciansI don’t know!

    Why are the USA covering this up?

    Why did Michelle Obama go to China without media (to barter for the passengers lives or the technology?),

    This would only be speculation.

    I believe all the smoke and mirrors over Diego Garcia is to cover up this truth that the Chinese have the plane.

    I’ve been wrong before- this won;t be the first time.

    Debunk away – I have no dog in this fight!


    • Jean says:

      I hope someone takes you up on your statement here; it will be interesting to watch. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Ian Moone says:

        Your welcome Jean.
        I’ve been somewhat surprised at the lengths that have been gone too- to hose this one down. I sent this to Jeff Rense and Jim Kirwin in the USA and they were prepared to run with it to their credit… however that was in the first week and I didn’t want to do anything that might jeopardize any negotiations that might be occurring for the passengers lives if they were hijacking hostages so we decided to hold off.
        I had sent it to reuters, also to the Australian AMSA search and rescue people doing the searching at the time in the Southern Indian Ocean.
        I did send it the first week to a email addy off the MAL web site for one of their engineers but it bounced back undeliverable. I sent it to a US journalist writes for a aircraft enthusiasts magazine for pilots and the like.
        I sent it to our own local news media. I rang one of the news desks a few days later again still in the first week, to ask why they hadn’t used it after I emailed them the details and being Friday around knock off the lady editor didn’t want to know and hung up! I rang straight back and a guy answered and said “Take the hint mate no one is interested”
        I tried posting it in the comments section of another media outlet on any article they posted about missing MH 370.
        They deleted it immediately eventually hundreds of times coz I just kept trying to get someone anyone to listen.
        Then the link stopped working.
        But not before i saved a copy – because while it was working for me others on facebook were telling me it didn’t work… (404 error or something),
        I uploaded my saved copy to photo bucket host and it started working again in facebook posts.
        That’s the only place up to now (and this blog) that I’ve been able to post it from day 2.
        I’ve never experienced such a concerted effort to hose down something this important.
        I sent a Facebook PM to one of the local victims wives – with the details, and then rang to let her know she needed to look in her facebook PM’s – in the others folder for people who aren’t already friend-ed, and before the phone answered (it was her sister picked up) there was a “click” on the line as someone else “listened in”…
        I left my name and contact details – never hear back from her.
        People I know have had the original link that now doesn’t work – cease working, their Facebook posts with the link disappear etc.
        Now there are so many “conspiracy theory’s” about the plane who took it and where it went…that no one knows who to believe.
        The thing is – it was the Chinese who said in the first week when searches were concentrating in the Thailand Malaysia area of the lower south China Sea that they had seen satellite images of what might be wreckage – closer to Malaysia and that the plane had turned back over Malacca straights etc.
        I suggest the Chinese did this to stop anyone from looking at Sansha Island of the Paracells group of the disputed Spratleys Islands off Hainan China, itself an island but further north than where the initial south china seas searches had begun,
        It seemed like they wanted to divert attention AWAY from Sansha at all costs.
        Then things got silly and went south to the southern indian ocean.
        Now China is saying they have spotted wreckage and one of their ships may have located a pinger from one of the black boxes around the 25th parallel (South 25 degrees) in the Indian ocean off West Australia around 101 degrees east Longitude..
        Again – is this China deliberately drawing al attention away from whatever they are doing on Sansha island?
        Non of it makes much sense to me.
        I’ve followed this for 4 weeks now and now the original day 2 ‘released’ image I’ve posted seems somehow irrelevant,
        Is that by deliberate design tho?
        Early on the “Scorcha Fail” US Office Naval Intelligence “disinfo” site “what really happened”, which hangs off the same ISP server as the see eye ehs Langley Virginia web page, & run by David Booth masquerading as some irish nuns into the communal honey mead, who are in direct communication with the kremlin who are of their heads on cheap vodka – released the first hints that the plane had been diverted to Diega Garcia.
        Then the freescale thing broke & again at Scorcha Fail, BUT I’m almost certain the 4 patent holders weren’t on the originally released passenger manifest for flt MH 370.
        So – knowing that the whole Diego Garcia thing seems pretty suss, It seems to me maybe the original leak on day 2 was early enough NOT to have been just a hoax.
        Why the USA is covering it up – I have no idea!
        They MUST have known where the plane was every minute of its flight or my names not Macgoolie. Id imagine their navy and subs and air assets could locate any downed plane in just days. Yet they haven’t bothered to get involved.
        Instead the clues are probably from UK based GCHQ via Inmarsat that lead everyone to the southern ocean where the only thing they are likely to find is Jimmy Hoffa’s ghost and his trained troupe of performing penguins!.
        And the UK throw in an aging submarine that so old and rusted its only the white-ants (termites) holding hands, that keep the thing afloat!
        Why our own Aussie govt is going along with the crapola ruse to keep the rest of the world amused at $53 million thus far and climbing I have no idea unless our USA allies asked us too?
        I mean we have 3 separate secret spy bases within cooee distance of the latest Chinese acoustic pinger location in the Indian ocean around the 25 degrees south and 101 east Long..position.
        One is the joint US / Aus spy listening base just east of Geraldton at Moonyanooka on the central western Australian Coast, and just above that at the 26th parallel in Carnarvon is the joint US/Aus Space tracking station, and the a little further north say around the 21st parallel at Exmouth on the west oz coast is the USA / Australia Harold Holt Jpoint Communications ELF submarine communications base with its mile high tower zero and home of the Jindalee over the Horizon radar facility.
        Lastly of course there also the joint US Australian facility at Pine Gap.
        So all 4 of these listening tracking posts could have triangulated the position of flight MH 370 probably to within 50 yards in real time if it had gone into the ocean where the Chinese are now claiming to have heard a locator ping from the black box.
        I have no idea who did what to whom and when they did it or why!
        The thing is – the very first “leaked’ link was very early on at day 2 the 9th march… and for whatever reason… its been hosed down the hardest, while every other cockamamie conspiracy theory has been promulgated from all imaginable sources about Israeli sister plane stored in a Tel-a-Viv Hanger, and about 2 Netherlands Mig 16’s forcing a 777-200 freighter with its transponder off headed from Miami towards the Hague Nuclear summit – to forcibly land…and some guy woods getting a signal out from Diego Garcia,,,
        If the Chinese id indeed have the plane,,, why would every man and his dog be sprouting out a cover up story…..
        Its all too much for me to figure out – that much I can tell you.

        • Ian Moone says:

          Ohh one other thing that no one’s mentioned,
          Diego Garcia isn’t the only Island “military” strip long enough to land the plane out there in the Indian ocean… – there’s another Aussie strip on the Cocos Keeling Islands that would take a 777-200ER!
          Just another possibility no ones considered,
          Me, I reckon the Chinese probably have it on Sansha Island, and have had since day 1.
          They probably have their chinese technicians from freescale and whatever the cargo was from the US registered vessel “Maersk” where the two ex navy seals were found dead in their cabins, that was flown from the Seychelles via Dubai to KL… and ended up in the cargo hold…of MH 370..
          Maybe we will never know for sure.
          I won’t be ruling the Chinese out any time soon.

        • Jean says:

          Well, I can tell you’ve left quite a ‘read’ here . . . Something is definitely going on . . . so thank you for this. . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • Ian Moone says:

            Your welcome.
            Something else to consider… If the Chinese have the plane on Sansha, then 4 weeks is long enough for their ship to have brought the black boxes and their acoustic pingers out of the plane with them, to first deploy in the Indian ocean (and then subsequently detect) as part of the coverup!. Who knows they may even have doctored the flight data etc to “fit” the cover story first.
            I wouldn’t put it past the Chinese.

          • Jean says:

            🙂 Let me say, though, Ian, that we have been brainwashed about the Chinese – and the Russians, so I’m keeping an open mind here. Hugs, ~Jean

          • Todd says:

            I agree Jean, it’s not about the Chinese, Russians, or any other ethnic group. It’s about the psychopaths, that continue to pit the rest of us against one another. ‘They’ are running scared now, because ‘they’ know we’re onto them, and the charade is nearly over. Thanks to all who have contributed here to further the cause of freedom and awareness, ;). Hugs, Todd.

          • Jean says:

            Good statement, Todd, and thanks. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  24. GD says:

    * The image’s EXIF is missing some normally available GPS related data
    * There are time related inconsistencies within the EXIF
    * The coordinates and coordinate formats shown can be sourced from many different sources and do not have to have been created by a phone
    * It is unlikely that if someone was in a cell (solid structures around) and quickly trying to send a image with position after switch on that a coordinate of such precision to point to an exact building location would be achieved
    * The network provider should be able to identify the cell tower to which the phone was connected when the image was sent and other details about the message
    * Diego Garcia is a high security area so presumably cell phone/tower interaction is monitored.
    *Would a roaming phone automatically work on a private GPRS network?

    • Joe says:

      Best write-up so far.

      • schauminator says:

        Has anyone thought to ask if an iPhone will even be able to transmit or receive on a secured communications DOD base? If the service provide was Verizon, Sprint or one of lesser capabilities the answer is impossible. What cell phone with any service provider can transmit while inside of DOD shielded facilities? None! Do you really believe the buildings on Diego Garcia are not secured for blocking communications and especially outgoing?

  25. fkdah8rz says:

    Like so much internet bullshit, the photo and message originated on 4chan. May your click-baiting at the expense of flight 370’s passengers weigh forever on your conscience.

    • Jean says:

      Your comment is unseemly here and totally without thought! Something horrible happened to these people, and people on my blog are interested in looking at all possibilities. There is no way to do so without exploring all possible avenues. . . The families of these people need to know the truth, and God knows we will never get it from the MSM!! Next time, please consider your words more deeply before throwing them into the mix, or they will not appear here. . . Hugs, ~Jena

  26. Rod says:

    The whole thing was planned from the start of origin malaysia, apparently the plane was carrying huge amounts of lithium batteries, the original call was said from one of the pilots alright goodnight alright meaning alright I have done my job which means the pilot was Ordeed to do , later on they changed what went out which was unusual and suspicious, on sixty minutes one of the professors said also it was unusual that the army base nearby did not call it in, which was also suspicious, the base was involved in landing the plane by stealth which is why it was undetected

  27. Dano says:

    Relying on the confused and weak minded to believe and in future help spread this ridiculous conspiracy makes me sick to think you would obstruct the path to recovery to the victims families of this disaster

    • Jean says:

      Dano, you quite obviously haven’t given yourself the opportunity to focus on all the background information out there, and it shows . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~JEan

      • Graham says:


        The shills are out in force on this one. Just ignore them. Their posts stand out a mile and they are deliberately aimed at stirring up feelings of guilt. This is done to put people off pursuing the story. I wonder how many are on the Israeli shill payroll! They employ “thousands”. Easy to check out online.

        Note to all readers. ALL eyes should be kept on that twin Malaysian Airlines 777 sitting in Israel, with the painted out tail. The 777 has a huge tail and is noticeable for miles. Why paint it white, yet leave the rest of the Malaysian colours intact? Some of the history of this aircraft has already disappeared online!

        What are the shills contributing to help find this missing aircraft? ZERO. Is that helping the families they claim to be so concerned about? Note they talk as if everything being looked into is being broadcast to the world live via the mainstream media.

        Considering that a Boeing 777 “vanished” whilst in flight nearly a month ago and nothing has been found, every single piece of data arising has to be looked at as thoroughly as possible. Many online are doing a great job, as can be seen by all the data and links in your own forum. Very helpful. Some of what is found may well lead to intense public pressure being put on politicians. How about Chang? Love it!

        I’ve addressed numerous important aspects in a detailed response I have sent to “Sam”. Hmm.. Sam, Simon. Benjamin next?

        [Record their IP addresses Jean and keep them on file]

  28. van0014 says:

    Why was the original photo resized? Not even the IPhones front camera can take such a small picture, and i’m sure the passenger does not have photoshop where he is. Anybody with a hex editor can change the EXIF data without disturbing the file creation time.

    If the photo was with the front camera, the light from the screen would have allowed a better photo to be taken.

    • Jean says:

      I can’t answer this for you. Perhaps someone else can, but how can anyone actually know? Hugs, ~Jean

    • loves-earth says:

      not if the room was in total darkness and by that i mean with dark material on the walls to soak up all light which is not hard to do and the resized image may be because of the software used to display items inline on websites

  29. Todd says:

    This all just keeps getting better. It appears that the story of the four patent holders is totally bogus, but then again these documents can be forged as well. With all the disinfo going around, I question whether or not it’s me looking back in the mirror, lol. Hugs, Todd.

  30. Lukabs says:

    Where this argument falls on it’s arse is international time zones. Diego Garcia is 3 hrs behind Malaysia, so 6:15 in Diego would have been 9:15 in Malaysia making the flight time just over 8 hrs from last contact, not just over 5 hrs as claimed.

    • Rick says:

      Surely, the date and time on the Iphone would still be on KL time and not diego time?

      • Graham says:

        That depends on whether “Time Zone” support was switched on or not. As the flight was originally destined for Bejing, note is in the exact same time zone as Kuala Lumper.

        Diego Garcia is only 2 hrs behind, not 3 hrs as I have seen posted on here and elsewhere. I have the funny feeling some got caught out with the clocks going forward and hour last weekend, certainly in Europe.

    • Jean says:

      I’m listening now . . . by Christiane Amanpour . . . she is cabal related. . . so the facts will not be very accurate . . . what was done was horrible . . . It looks like this video might be one of those situations where be carefuly what you say because you’re going to hear it when you least want to hear it. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • schauminator says:

        This is fairly accurate, but naturally she didn’t want to mention is was President Kennedy that was responsible for asking the UK to relocate the indigenous people.

  31. Denis says:

    Let’s analyse 18 of the claims of “fact” :

    8 are Irrelevant
    8 are Wrong
    2 are unproven !!

  32. Denis says:

    Tip for the reader – check out the other posts on this site, and count the number that have been debunked. Clearly the author is great at science fiction – and should probably stick to it.

    The author is entitled to his / her opinions – but not to his / her facts.

  33. Denis says:

    Its true because i say it is true ! What could be wrong with that ?

    You know what a conspiracy theory is ? A story without verified facts – so many errors in this story !! If the author hadnt faked so much it MIGHT have been a bit more plaausible – as it stands – it is just a bad April 1st conspiracy hoax – and in very bad taste.

  34. scarecr0w12 says:

    Ummm just pointing out, Exif info can be changed by any one, Easy free to use programs are out there.

  35. Todd says:

    Hmmm? What have we here? Someone else who feels remote control was involved? Great article, and verifiable links and leads! Hugs. Todd.

  36. Sam says:

    Diego Garcia is no longer a mystery people have known about this military base for a while …. Its getting out of hand all these conspiracy theorist make me laugh and only effect the families involved in the long run

    • Bren says:

      I certainly hope any/all so called “verified facts” are JUST THAT !!
      For ANYONE for HYPE…. give false hope…. or in ANY WAY possibly change the course of the search—for their own entertainment, or folly….. I would hope they suffer the pain and Karma for their actions…. as there are family, and loved ones grabbing any thread of hope, or glimmer of info.
      To post even an ounce of speculation, or outright LIE about this tragedy—would be the most cruel tricks one could play on a grieving spirit– and as classless of an act as possible.

    • Graham says:


      And people like you make me laugh when you have very little to offer other than cajoling those who are trying to contribute something, no matter how small that contribution may be. If I had a relative onboard that “missing” aircraft, I would be very happy knowing that a large number of essentially unknown people were trying to piece together as much data as possible in order to uncover “potentially solid leads” as to its whereabouts.

      Regarding “conspiracy theories”, you obviously have very little understanding of how things work. A theory remains just that until those hunting for evidence turn it into “conspiracy fact”. Are you aware how often this has happened in our recent history? A push button zombie society wants all the correct answers instantly, whereas others will try and piece together a “potentially viable picture” whilst the governments of nearly two dozen nations search the high seas for crash evidence.

      There is a huge difference between an armchair expert with limited mental capacity and somebody who is prepared to research data that may well end up leading to nowhere. Your ideas behind reaching conclusions are somewhat different from mine. Has it been categorically proven that the original picture posted is a hoax? No. It therefore remains as a “potential” hoax until more data becomes available.

      Instant gratification isn’t an award that a dedicated researcher looks for. Do you set out to prove a hoax, or do you set out to prove the opposite? There is a fundamental difference in thinking between the two. The Malaysian government has already stated that aspects of this disappearance “cannot” be publicly disclosed. That points to “at least two people” “conspiring” to conceal something.

      People are therefore left to pursue the route of “conspiracy theory” in order to assemble and/or eliminate potential leads that uncover connected and/or unconnected facts. A fact is not a fact until it is fully supported by provable evidence. Until then, it remains a theory. In this particular case, it is blatantly clear a conspiracy is involved. That means the missing aircraft is likely to be a part of an as yet… unknown “bigger picture”. Now factor in the known history of the Malaysian Airlines 777 sitting outside a hanger in Israel.

      The aircraft sitting in Israel may be part of an even bigger picture. I will let you research to find out what that may be. Start off with what is known and provable. Hint… Iran. Who has said what about Iran in central government, especially Western governments. Now you have a “motive” to shift a mountain. How do you attack and maintain essential public approval? Is the nonsense in Ukraine a deliberate distraction?

      Remember… it’s the people who empower governments, who in return have a legal duty to serve the will of the people. When that stops happening, find out why. Look at corporatism and plutocracy for starters. Do you want a bunch of greedy, devious, twisted scumbags to be the future self professed “Gods” of humanity?

      • Jean says:

        Oh, Graham, you are so good with words and you express yourself so well. I do appreciate your support here, more than I can say. . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Deon George says:

        Freescale…..Rothschild……Illuminati………..Microchips………Patent (When it was approved). Patent shareholders (4 on the flight and the other head of the Illuminati)
        These are all facts…….not fiction………2+2=4 no matter how you look at it. The question is… it just to eliminate the shareholders or perhaps was there something aboard that needed to be taken……or was it both?

        • Jean says:

          . . . or maybe even more than that? ? ? We don’t know, but what we do know is that grieving families are left behind with no one caring a bit . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Todd says:

          How do you know these are facts Deon? New info has surfaced here that challenges that the four patent holders were even on the plane! Have you researched the other ‘facts’, or are you just believing disinfo like 95% of the rest of those who believe MSM, or other sites designated to muddying the waters. In this world of instant access to any kind of info, you can bet that at least half of it is BS, period. The only people who really know what happened are the same ones that are scrambling the truth, and sending out all this false flag disinfo. One reason for this forum is to look at and share all the evidence, and investigate all the dead ends as well. That way disinfo can be trashed, and the rabbit hole hasn’t as many tunnels. So much ‘new’ and credible evidence has come out here, and perhaps when it’s all said and done, the real truth will appear. Nice to know there are so many here that really care enough to keep looking, ;). Most of the trolls’ disinfo that has gotten through here, has been found out to be just that, and is swiftly disregarded. Kudos to all that have given their time and efforts to bring the facts to the surface here, and perhaps if we all stand together and continue this, the truth will be found some day. We’re all praying it does. Hugs, Todd.

          • Graham says:

            Your post contains a lot of sensible observations Todd. Understand the issue with the “photo” is it was very quickly compromised. I believe my own research was based on the original, where I knew where to obtain its link.

            Whilst the evidence so far seems to weighs pretty heavily against its authenticity, there is a far greater picture surrounding it that still requires further info to eradicate Diego Garcia completely.

            In a situation like this, I have believed since 9/11 that the first 2-6 hrs of data is the most essential to focus on. Thereafter, it can quickly becomes a mess, often by design. Note that the designers may vary immensely in their background etc.

          • Todd says:

            A most gracious reply sir, and it’s nice of you to continue to do the groundwork on this issue. I have no knowledge of I phones, or any of the other jargon related to this, but it doesn’t take a technician to be able to smell the stench emanating here. The difference between an intelligent man, and a wise man is that the intelligent man knows what he has been taught and or indoctrinated with as truth, and thus believes it. A wise man just KNOWS! He feels it and it resonates from deep within. Many of us here just KNOW that this is another ‘false flag’ and/or black ops theater, and as this issue drags on, it is becoming very obvious that this IS the case. This insidious agenda has been brain-washing the masses of the world for decades now, but this time there are too many of us that are awake, and together we will find out and KNOW the fate of flight MH 370. This may just be what many of us have yearned for, and could be the downfall for those responsible. Kudos to you Graham, for all the time, research, and dedication you have shared with us here. We are grateful, and let us all know the real truth of this soon, ;). BTW Graham, did you watch the video I posted concerning the technology that’s been available for decades about being able to control any airliner remotely? It’s worth the watch, and may fill in some of the puzzle pieces. I posted 2 of them here. Regards, Todd.

      • Frances says:

        Good comments there – one of the 25% of the population still in possession of a brain. Most can’t see beyond their own screen.

      • Nico says:

        Well said Graham
        I had a suspicion from the start, when the “stolen passports were used by Iranians” that the whole incident was a ploy to turn China against Iran and give everyone a reason to start a new war.
        The patent theory makes so much sense as well as following the money is always a good route to go.
        Who gains from having this plane vanish?

        • Graham says:


          Wish I had an answer to that question… without speculating.

          The process of elimination may not provide an answer for a long time to come. So many “theories” are still in play and will remain so until either the aircraft is found intact, or “bonafide” wreckage is found.

          Somebody must have an electronic footprint of its movements. Rolls Royce have been deafeningly quiet on the location data, assuming they know where their engines “are” in flight. Satellite companies are the next obvious bet and I have traced the positions of all of them between Kuala Lumpur and Diego Garcia between 01:30 KL and 06:30 DG.

  37. Marilyn says:

    Still hoping these people will come walking out of the jungle, either all or whats left of them, not much chance of that most likely. I’m wondering if that plane could of gone into a no fly zone and been taken down. If it got close to that base, and they thought it was a threat. The security of a base is very important i’m sure, especially in an area so remote. The media trying to catch the best stories, sometimes they get into secure information that is to protect us from harm. Not all stories are true, some built up and fabricated. There are reasons for us not being told everything, mostly for protection, we have people who work for us in doing that, to keep us safe. I think that a pilot has a very large responsibilty, in assuring that a plane gets to its destination safely. Even if the plane is automatically controlled. If a problem, were to occur, landing would be the first choice, at the nearest possible place.

    • Todd says:

      Question is Marilyn, who’s going to keep us ‘safe’ from the shadow ‘government’ that says it’s keeping us safe. If their goal is to keep us ‘safe’, then the only real way to do that is complete transparency, but don’t hold your breath. ‘They’ know where the plane is, or at least know what happened to it. This entire charade is getting comical, and the only way for the real truth to surface is to dismantle the alphabet agencies. IMO, they know what happened, and the fate of the plane and passengers will not come from them because they are responsible, HELLO! Hugs, Todd.

      • Marilyn says:

        This is so awful for the passengers and families, but I do find it very hard to believe that in this day and age, with all of the technology available, that an airplane of this size could have just disappeared. What does it say about our defense system? Then that these planes can shut off systems so that radar doesn’t detect them. Thats scary also, because that would mean that anyone could just take this plane anywhere.

  38. Tirwin Bass says:

    just started actually reading it: “This would have made it possible for him to pull his Iphone 5 (a fact confirmed by the Exif data) out of his butt as stated”… who the hell hides an IPhone in their butt? ¬_¬
    Also, he was apparently blindfolded and you state “This explains why he sent a black photo, he could not see what he was sending” …. are you aware that if you blindfold someone it doesn’t black out their phone? I fear my son may be able to beat you at hide n seek 😉

  39. FuGuM says:

    This is quite nuts. I have been to Diego Garcia twice. It is around 7 miles long and 1 mile wide. The island is controlled by the British, and not the US. You have to clear British customs once arriving. It is not some super secret base. It is only a place to stop with planes in-between long flights.

    • Aisha says:

      Yes the island is owned by the British but the US has a military base there, go look it up. “An agreement was signed between the British and American governments in 1966 making the island available to satisfy the defense needs of both countries. ” And apparently “experts reportedly found Diego Garcia’s runway among those Capt Zaharie had used for practice landings.” SO not sure what to think of the whole thing myself.

  40. Payne says:

    Open the image in notepad. “Photoshop 3.0”

  41. marie bishop says:

    I have long said that there is something more than our governments are saying regarding this plane, everything surrounding the circumstances does not add up, if you take the picture above (the black screen) and adjust the settings/colour hue etc, ther are strange makings, i think it looks like a map, or maybe a ‘you are here’ sign you often see on the back of hotel doors, have a look as i cant find a way to put the edited pic on here.

  42. James says:

    All Ibm employees are hijacked only when they get hire

  43. Calf says:

    Where is a copy of the photo so we can see the exif ourselves?

  44. Pingback: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Diego Garcia – A roundup of information so far | Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin

  45. carrieanne says:

    I was thinking it was in Iran or even Russia.. but whyy? Too many tragic events happening lately conveniently linking one to another.. corruption at its best… my question is whooooo is going to stop it/?? Fedthephuckup speakup

  46. jj says:

    i dont think this can be “100% confirmed” until we see Phillip’s phone service provider can provide conformation and proof that this phone was transmitting data after the time of dissapearance

    • Cloudno9 says:

      Like that is ever going to happen! If, big IF, if didn’t crash and it is all a big conspiracy then there is no way the ‘powers that be’ would ever give credence to the conspiracy theory by allowing it to be proved. Especially if the British/Americans are involved – admit to that and they’ll have added fuel to the theorists’ fires over JFK, Diana, 7/7 and 9/11 false flags etc etc etc. The only way would be if there’s a suitable patsy lined up to pin all the blame onto and they can come out smelling of red white and blue corrupt roses! They’ve been doing a good job of taking out the main, publicaly recognisable/infamous,
      guys they could pin it on over the last 10 years – so unless they’ve spent the last 4 weeks deciding on a ‘new enemy’ for everyone I don’t think we’ll ever know!

      • jj says:

        Well this headline is a total farce..,, 100% confirmed??? What exactly has been confirmed and by who?? The only verified fact in this story is that MH370 is missing…, there’s a saying called the burden of proof…, something the “creator” of this story clearly fails to provide

  47. Master browser says:

    And how did the pair alleged “Iranians” board the plane using alleged stolen British passports with pictures of clearly white westerners?? Are we to believe the Malaysian airport security personnel are tblind??? I doubt it.

    • Cloudno9 says:

      A huge number of Iranians have British/EU passports, once their asylum claims are accepted they can apply for one. Moreover, as someone who works in the authentication of international ID documents, I can say you’re operating on a naive assumption that the photos weren’t changed (older passports, ones issued by embassies, and a large number of countries’ current issues are still the small laminated photo as opposed to the fancy modern scanned/electronic EU passports). There is an enormous market in fake ID documents (I won’t go into too much detail!) – altering a stolen passport is far more likely to be successful in terms of travel than using one where they have faked up the whole document. I know someone who travels on an embassy-issued passport that I wouldn’t pass as genuine, it looks home-made – the traveller’s details and picture page is paper and stuck on with glue! Nobody has ever questioned it and this individual travels internationally on a fortnightly basis!

    • you look silly in your tinfoil hat says:

      Your ignorance of what Iranians look like is very depressing. A good number of Iranians are actually whiter than a lot of westerners.

  48. BBJ says:

    Then there is the report of an identical plane being sold and now stored in Tel Aviv???

    • Jean says:

      Yup! Hard to keep up with all the strange tales . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Owen says:

      Ok so you have a Malaysian Airlines 777 sitting in a hanger in Israel not that un-common Airlines Often lease their aircraft to other airlines on long term or short term lease. The planes is flown over, parked up, checked over, re-painted with lease Airlines Colours and Livery, Retro fitted to the lease Airlines requirements and passed back into service. Our Airline Air New Zealand has done this a few times. When lease expires or is not renewed the reverse happens with a final flight handover check then the plane is flown back to the Airline owner and put back into service.

      Its possible the Aircraft has been sold to Israel Airline El-Al and is presently being re-fitted.

      Its possible the Aircraft has some specific service work that needs to be carried out on it, which could explain its presence at Tel Aviv.

      Its possible that the Aircraft has reached end of life and is awaiting decommissioning and dis-assembly.

      Its possible the Aircraft is being re-fitted and upgraded and contractor in Israel has the contract to upgrade/re-fit

      Just because its there sitting in a hanger doesn’t mean its not there for perfectly rationale legitimate, normal everyday airline operational reasons.

      • Jean says:

        Owen, this is one small part of this very complex story, a story in which many people simply disappeared off the fact of the earth. God knows the MSM apparently has no interest in giving us the real truth, and people here seem to be willing to look at all the angles . . .and there are many! Hugs, ~Jean

  49. Capt Marty says:

    Don’t know about this story but isn’t it time the US military came clean, as Diego Garcia with all their sophisticated communications and space-tracking equipment in the middle of the Indian Ocean did not spot an unidentified aircraft in their vacinity…

    • VLaD says:

      Classified. Or, if you prefer and insist they have a nice lie for us. What would it be??

    • Cloudno9 says:

      The justification is the old ‘sacrifice x number of people as this technology could save xxxxxx number of people in the future’ – they don’t want to reveal what they have over a few hundred missing people (and it’s not just the Americans…). What I think the old fuddy duddy farts in the various defence/intelligence agencies fail to grasp is that we all know we live in an exceptionally monitored and technologically advanced society, and I would hazard a guess that a significant proportion of the population is not naive to the the capabilities our governments possess in this regard – i.e. we all kind of know you can see that pimple on our nose from space, so quit holding back, do the moral thing, and give the families some answers! If only Russia tried to give the impression of being on better terms with the Western powers they wouldn’t be hiding behind cold war excuses.

  50. Jon says:

    If the plane landed at DG after being hijacked by special forces, DG would be the best place in the world to hide it. A Secretive US base within the range suggested that it could have flown, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Suitable hangers to hide such a plane for a period. Sufficient time to dismantle the black box flight recorder, and if necessary refit a reprogrammed one to show that it had never been there. The plane then gets dumped by the US somewhere in the Indian Ocean either having been flown out of DG or towed by ship or sub and sunk to hide the facts, and where it could be subsequently found later. The fact that there are reports of such a plane flying South over or near the Maldieves is indeed interesting. Obviously the US will not let anyone on or near DG as it is an ULTRA Secret base, higher than TOP Secret. It is supposed to be a logistics base for the US Navy, but just check out photos of the base via a search engine.

    Were the US implicated in anyway with this planes disappearance, especially if it was found that their Special Forces were involved in hijacked it, had held prisoner passengers, etc or then killed them to cover it up any involvement and then sink it somewhere in the Indian Ocean with all souls lost as I imagine it will be in due course, then China would probably declare war against the US, hence it is in their interest not to be found out.

    Why could the US have been involved? Well where to start, with all the rumours going round here are my suggestions:

    1. The plane or certain passengers were carrying details of proprietary weapons systems, or other secret details which would have got into Chinese hands if it or they had reached Beijing.

    2. The plane was carrying passengers who had registered patents in the US of some TOP Secret new development or weapons system, which would again have got into Chinese hands if it or they had reached Beijing. By eliminating those patent holders who were apparently of Chinese origin the patents and all the subsequent money made from such a system would rest in the hands of the last patent holder, namely the company or US interest, or Department of Defence etc.

    3. Any other strange reason why a national government would want to make someone or something disappear.

    • Cloudno9 says:

      I read somewhere that the UK has actually leased DG since the 60s and the lease is/was up for renewal this year. The question then becomes one of whether the lease has lapsed yet, if it has then it’s either the US or a new leasee, if not, then look to America’s lapdog for the answers.
      I’m still waiting on a media report highlighting the data held by Rolls Royce – is it just me or has that slipped through the net completely? Within the first 5 days of the disappearance I heard a caller on BBC radio who was in the aviation industry claim RR automatically receive and record data streams (including location data) from ALL commercial aircraft engines whilst flying. This guy really knew what he was talking about, and was asking why RR hadn’t checked it’s hard drives for the answer. All I’ve heard since is some incoherent fluff that has generally stated ‘tracking data has to be paid for and if the airline doesn’t then it won’t be stored’, and various variations of it – never specifically identifying whether they’re talking about RR’s data or another data system in operation, or not as the case may be. One way or another the guy on the radio gave the distinct impression this RR data was collected for diagnostic etc. purposes by RR – not that it was an ‘optional extra’ available for subscription by an airline…

  51. Anthony Maw says:

    The plane is not missing. Radar operators were bribed or threatened with “removal” to keep it secret. Or else certain key radar personnel were conveniently “on holidays” and replaced by US government agent personnel. The plane is probably parked in a hangar at Groom Lake Nevada Test Range better known as AREA 51, (next to the recovered Roswell UFO wreckage) The crew were bribed and threatened with death if they ever talked about it. The passengers are all drugged and undergoing US government run mind-memory replacement therapy through the use of psycho-active drugs and mind-reprogramming. The US government is known to have engaged in that kind of research as far back as the 60’s if not earlier…..

    • Jean says:

      Well, you’re stating this as fact, and without some links, some proof, I can’t accept it here as that . . . as your opinion, fine 🙂


    • David Silverthorn says:

      Ok then, just what cellphone network has a signal on a top secret US military base? Can’t get a signal in parts of mainland Europe let alone in a restricted zone in the middle of the Indian ocean!

  52. Pingback: More on Malaysian Airlines MH 370 – christinedeacon2

  53. A person can hide an iphone there and still walk?

    • And surely if he can do this then 1. he is not just working for a normal company, and 2. Every phone can be found, how did they not detect he had a phone still? They must have metal detectors and machines that pick signals up.

      • Cloudno9 says:

        In some countries ‘jammers’ are legal – a small electronic device that blocks mobile signal within a certain radius. I would have thought these would be in operation in a number of sensitive installations. I’ve always felt they should be a compulsory fixture in theatres, cinemas, and the ‘quiet’ carriage on trains!

  54. laura says:


  55. Tim says:

    Have a look

  56. Paul says:

    This is how you add your own gps coordinates to a jpg files’ Exif data. THIS IS A HOAX!!!!!

    • Geds says:

      We all know that you can add GPS to metadata, but you can’t alter GPS metadata once written by a camera!!

      • Paul says:

        You can edit any meta data, delete all the meta data, add your own meta data and there is no way of knowing how the meta data was written. So this makes it useless evidence as it is easy to reproduce. If there was more evidence then it would be more credible.

        • Richard says:

          Paul is right about metadata. It can be altered easily.
          But, that doesn’t mean the picture’s metadata is hoax. Sometimes conspiracy make it sense much better than governments’ disclosures, such as this incident.

  57. L.Rugs says:

    instead of people trying to discredit this story, perhaps time spent looking into the authenticity of it would be better served

  58. Chris Beyer says:

    All of this information is 100% accurate. Flight 370 is a cover up being perpetrated by the US government attempting to mislead us about what’s really going on. During the Bush administration, IBM successfully constructed an interplanetary fleet beacon used to communicate with other solar systems within our galaxy using newly discovered frequencies transmitted over dark matter in space. The island in question is the home of this fleet beacon. You can’t fool us, Obama! We’re on to you and your plans!!!

    • Jean says:

      Chris, you can’t make a statement here like you have – 100% accurate without some sort of proof! C’mon now. . . you can have such an opinion, but that’s a far different thing from fact. Hugs, ~Jean

      • jj says:

        And where exactly is the proof to verify this story…adding the words 100% and confirmed do no make something a fact, u say,., an opinion is different to a fact….and in my opinion, this story is hust that…an opnion, a thoery, but not a fact

    • Todd says:

      What Chris? No site to verify your statement? Just another opinion?
      We will start taking comments seriously when there’s more meat on the bone! Hugs, Todd.

  59. Todd says:

    I find it curious that I’ve received no replies to my comment on March 31st, at 6:13p.m. If anyone would take the time to watch this video, one would understand the capabilities and technology that airlines, governments, and the Cabal have access to, and would better understand the strong possibility that the fate of this flight is most likely connected to that technology.

    With regards to the comment by Garry H., it is obvious to me that his ‘opinion’ carries no weight, however he has managed to ruffle the feathers of many of your readers. If it looks like BS, walks like BS, and smells like BS, then it is most likely BS. Why then would anyone take the time to discredit a comment that is obviously BS? There have been more comments to his comment then there have to the rest of the article. Have to admit though that his comment did bring forth more facts with regards to the workings of an I-pod. Maybe Apple will design one now that can fit into someone’s tush a bit more comfortably. LOL Perhaps it’s time to focus on the known facts in order to continue on the path of the truth about this tragedy. I suppose that folks always have the choice about what to comment on, but can we just try to get back on point here, lol?

    You all have a brilliant weekend, Injoy and hugs to all, Todd.

    • liz Wilson says:

      Hmmmm….The plot thickens huh. Diego Garcia is not really a SECRET military base…This island….Atoll has been well documented over the years as a joint military base. If this is all true, then the powers that be are a cruel unfeeling cold blooded bunch of assholes taking innocent people and putting them through this sort of thing. The Malaysian Prime Ministers visit to Australia has been very hush hush and the USA has been very lax too. Now what the hell are the British AND THE RUSSIANS doing at Diego Garcia too. Ahh,,, the 1%s doing all their so called secretive dirty work, thinking that us so called dumb-ass 99%s are stupid…..What they don’t realize is that we….the citizens of mother earth, really do have thinking brains……The truth will come out one day….They ca’nt kil us all folks….Stay Cool folks.

      • liz Wilson says:

        Sorry about the spelling errors people…

        • Marilyn says:

          If a plane that had mechanical problems, tried to land at Diego Garcia, without communication functions working what would happen?

          • Rich Buckley says:

            Procedures may have changed but I did exactly that on a SAC Base and was met on the roll out with some serious looking people who surrounded my aircraft with a lot of guns. A nice gentleman approached my cockpit with his pistol drawn and politely suggested that I should follow the “Follow Me” truck they had at the ready. After some tower to tower communications about who I was and what I was doing on their airbase, they said I could fuel and leave. Apparently my tower had not passed my expected arrival to their tower.

          • Marilyn says:

            Thank you for your reply, it was honest and real-I would of thought maybe it would of been shot down, but your answer covers that. Allowing anyone in could pose a problem, covering themselves was the way to go.

      • May says:

        No not all just the majority

  60. Ash says:

    The Rothschilds are involved for sure as they basically own the world.. The blackstone group and the Carlyle group bought out a technology company in the US and 7 employees were on oard this flight.

    Now you tell me how deep the rabbit hole has to get before people realise that we’re all being “F*cked” in plain sight! And have been for a while! But don’t worry. You people who don’t want to go against the grain.. The ones who’re totally entranced by their dance, fear not for tomorrow your fluffy little lives will be fine. Drinking your fluoride water. Eating your cancer foods.

    We’re all victims of a clash of power between hidden superpowers.

    Rothschilds own the Malaysian Central banks. Just bought out supercell ltd. for 17.billion!

    None of this will be covered by the mainstream media, and why you ask? Because if you look deep enough you’ll see the media is controlled too, by the Rothschilds!

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Ash, I love it when people take the time to offer facts. There are so many people on my blog with so much added info, and getting it out to everyone is really important. . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Ikin says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. The problem is that everyone thinks of what modern society has given them & they like it…they are content with this false, shiny show of BS because in retrospect, their lives are really quite short, they are small, meaningless & insignificant but they believe that they are happy & will die with that same belief.
      The people I feel sorry for are the ones still yet to be born.

      It is they who will pay the ultimate price for our delusions & blatant apathy.

    • liz Wilson says:


    • loves-earth says:

      This is why the internet was given away freely by tim bernards-lee because i suspect the rothchilds or friends of them tried to buy to monopolise it and have been clawing it back ever since… for gods sake if you have guns do not give them up

    • Alan Wilson says:

      Very well said Ash and absolutely spot on, what worries me most is not whether this particular story is true, I have no doubt who is behind this ‘illuminati’, but its the ‘why’ we should be concerned about not the ‘how’ or ‘what’ they did.

      you only need to consider the calibre of this flights passengers to know this plane did simply not just vanish, they have been taken for a specific reason.

      we know ‘911’ was purely for oil, WTF do they want these people for?

      With the most corrupt organisation on the planet(American Government) now openly discussing ‘new world order’ we should all be worried.

      I of course do not mean Obama, that man was placed into government, a diversion, smokescreen, call him what you like 95% of his staff are directly linked to Rothschilds, and have been for decades, the only thing that never changes in new American government is the staff and the financial control, there has only ever been one family stand up to them and try to change this, The Kennedys, enough said!


  61. Orion Watch says:

    If you know anything about the Jeff Rense – Henry Makow “Feud of the Millennium” you would know that it revolved around one matter only. Makow insisted that Rense post a piece written by JimStoneFreelance about Fukushima. Stone’s article on the Japan tsunami was as ‘conclusive and convincing’ as the one above. Rense didn’t buy it, nor did many others who are NOT uninitiated in these matters.

    Long story short, Stone went ballistics, which caused Makow to go utterly wacko, which cause Rense to lambaste them both. There has NEVER been anything like this feud on the internet … EVER! ! ! And we know them all.

    Moral of the story: Anyone, who is ex-NSA (as Jim Stone alleges) who attempts to impose their will with so much force and fury CANNOT be trusted. Genuine truth-speakers allow the Universe to do the real work. And they mostly try to stay out of the way. They allow the truth to flow through them, when they are so chosen by the HEAVENS.

    By the way, is there such thing as an ex-NSA type going rogue for years … and getting away with it.

    One Observation: The very creative “Phillip Wood Narrative” fits the classic profile of telling a big enough, and/or great number of lies, and people love to believe them.

    MUST READ regarding the Rense-Makow-Stone affair:

  62. favoursonly says:

    waiting to see where it all ends.

  63. ur mother says:

    Garry h jkmc18 dale Carroll are the same person. Discreditor. Shiller. Scum.

  64. Dimi says:

    If he worked for IBM why would he have an iPhone?

  65. Nick says:

    I don’t think any of us is smart enough to find out what happened.
    The people responsible and much smarter than us.

  66. joey says:

    certainly seems plausible…remember news reports of people on the Maldives saying they saw that plane flying real low but then those reports were quashed… the Maldives is right above Garcia…

    • Sherlock Holmes says:

      Possible, but the Maldives is about 500 miles in length (top to bottom on the map), the plane was allegedly seen near the top of the Maldives way above Male the capital which is aroung the centre. At the southernmost tip of the Maldives is a disused RAF base on the island of Gan. DG is another 800 miles below Gan. A rough guess is the plane allegedly seen in the Maldives would have been 1150 north of DG.

  67. The Peoples Republic of Northumbria says:

    Reblogged this on The Peoples Republic of Northumbria and commented:
    what do you folks think of this…

  68. Snoopman says:

    JimStoneFreelance, It took you til the end of the post for you to mention that the IBM engineer that you claim was hijacked was … on a flight … called Malaysian Airlines MH370. In other words, you make the reader work to figure out what the scoop is you are so eager to publish… which then leaves me wondering about the comments your earnest readers have made regarding the FACT CHECKING you could have done to test how solid your hunch is.

  69. Bryan says:

    This is nothing more than an April fools joke…… consider for a moment if it is even possible to maneuver an iPhone5 into ones rear end on a daily basis for what is it a week? WOW…. Now i would also recommend for people to actually ask why this latest piece of technology only sent a black image? It was dark you all say? .. Do iPhones not have a flash? … And i’ll leave you all with a great breakthrough in being as the article describes ” If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really good hacker did this, ” … Here is something that will let every one of you become just as skillful as the CIA and really good hackers,
    That program will let you modify all EXIF METADATA on any image.. Enjoy …

    • L.Rugs says:

      My rule is simple, ‘never trust what the government & media tells you is the official story.’ I don’t believe this was as it was posed on the media, with technology advanced as government has, there is no way governments would lose sight of that plane.

  70. Garry H - 678022KLANZ says:

    How exactly is this confirmed to be 100 percent true?
    You could have got the name from the manifest they released.
    Found most information about the pilots and crew online.
    IPhone batteries last less than a week.
    His phone would need to be on Roaming…
    It wouldn’t have been turned on during the flight, (if it was, he now faces charges as its illegal to have a phone “On” during a flight)
    Im sure the “BASES” “WiFi” would have encryption/password… (Did he hack it while blind folded?) (Siri aint that good!)
    You keep spelling “Philip” with 2 “L’s” is it 2 L’s or 1 L… that fact alone makes a HUGE difference.
    The Philip “You” claim only has 1 “L” (What Journalist school did you attened?)
    The EXIF data matches the location… Thats great! (Does it match Phillips phone? if so how do you know? did you know him?
    If this is what you believe then fine…
    But no evidence, means didnt happen…
    Doing this to get your 15 minutes of fame Sir, is disrespect to every person on the flight and there families.

    • Jean says:

      Sorry, I disagree on principle: NO evidence does not necessarily mean it did not happen. Hugs, ~Jean

      • safariman72 says:

        I have no evidence that you stole that car from down the street. Maybe I should send the police to your house now? If it had been confirmed, do yo not think it would have been outed by someone more public by now, and not just a free wordpress blog? Come on use a bit of common. I’m sure its innocent until proven guilty in most countries, you guys are going to be the firing squad before anything is found. This is the digital age, if radar images/data can be altered who says the exif data from the text/picture or whatever was supposedly sent hasn’t been doctored either? Whilst I hope they still find the people on this airline, until they actually turn up or someone finds the plane or positive remains of it then everything is open to speculation and/or fabrication.

      • Dan says:

        Well said Jean 🙂 That put Garry in his place didn’t it haha. I found it amusing that Garry made such a big deal about the spelling of Philips name and then in his last sentence spells “their” as “there”.. haha.. I think Garry is definitely in need of a hug 🙂 ~ Dan

    • wayne says:

      “His phone would need to be on Roaming…” how do you know it wasn’t on roaming?

      “It wouldn’t have been turned on during the flight, (if it was, he now faces charges as its illegal to have a phone “On” during a flight)” when the flight had been hijacked i would guess he would have turned it on i know i would have plus iphones all have airplane mode…

      “You keep spelling “Philip” with 2 “L’s” is it 2 L’s or 1 L… that fact alone makes a HUGE difference.” if you read the original post its spelled with 1 ‘L’ meaning its a typo by the guy who did the blog.

      “IPhone batteries last less than a week.” every night most people charge there phone meaning it could have been fully charged and turned off when put in his ass!

      “Im sure the “BASES” “WiFi” would have encryption/password… (Did he hack it while blind folded?) (Siri aint that good!)” where does it say anything about wifi?

    • jim says:

      Garry H You can now text home from flights ? when was the last time u were on a long haul flight

      • Cloudno9 says:

        Klm you can make a call to anyone, anywhere, from your seat (economy and business), but at something like 8 euros a minute I’ve never felt the need! Used the inseat texting though – it works! Nothing like texting someone with ‘well I’m halfway over the Atlantic and bored, whatcha up to?’ to rub in the fact you’re off on holiday and they’re stuck at home 😉

    • Cam says:

      Is Gary H a freemason ? I believe the story has less falseness than your opinion. I see where people are coming from instead of believing thier words and i know thier are plenty of freeloders trying to debunk everything, your busted @_@

    • Dave says:

      Hey Einstein, if he did have his phone turned on during the flight, do you think he seriously cares about criminal charges now? Why couldn’t he have turned it on when the plane was in the process of being hijacked at an opportunistic moment?

      • Jean says:

        Dave, you’re the best! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Geds says:

        I just want to ask one question. Why in the long time that it must have taken him to force the phone up his bum did he not ring/text for help, as he must have been somewhere quiet or out of sight to have been able to discreetly post the iPhone in the first place??

    • Brad Moore says:

      Being a programmer, I could create you a black picture, or any colored picture for that matter with any GPS coordinate in the EXIF. Would take about 5 minutes to make from scratch. Some people will believe anything…

      • Giles says:

        It does appear as though the entire theory revolves around the fact that ‘EXIF data can’t be changed’ – what a load of rubbish – it’s just meta data….

    • Peter Recks says:

      Garry H – 678022KLANZ

      Can’t you spell … what sort of a genius are you ?

    • schauminator says:

      There are two things that happen when I work on secured DOD bases while performing contracting tasking. 1.) At the gate I must surrender my cell phone to a lock box. 2.) My cell phone won’t send or receive while on base. Therefore because I worked on Diego Garcia in the 70s, I find it improbable or almost impossible he made a call/text from that area. If you knew how these buildings were constructed, you may think of an internal faraday cage inside of these buildings for EMI and RFI signal shielding as a block or fragmentation of signals coming in and out. This type of protection is even applied inside concrete, drywall, roofing tiles and windows.

    • sophie says:

      So if no evidenc means it didnt happen, how is the goverments from all over the world saying it crashed in the Indian Ocean and was a suicide mission. Yet there is no evidence to suggest this. It was reported that people in the maldives spotted a low flying plane and then ignored and brushed under the table. Funny that! I have said all along the US has something to do with it, but i think its a greater power than them controlling this now. Goverments and the rich and wealthy want this new world order in place. Meaning only 2Bn people will be alive on this planet so they can gain control. Funny how there are wars on the brink in those areas of the world that the plane has gone missing. If Russia starts a war with the US or vice versa, you and i are gone!

      • Jean says:

        🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ethyl says:

        sophie, did they up that number? Last I knew it was 500 mil that they wanted alive, and everyone else offed. 500,000,000 was what they said was sustainable (we all KNOW how they LOVE that word sustainable)! What they’re not figuring on though is that the ones that are left are going to be slaves! They think they’re going to be elite!

    • Peter Recks says:

    • Peter Recks says:

      • Julie Hall says:

        thank you Peter I believe what ur saying is True, definitely now i’ve seen insite onto how this Island was commandeered. Paul Weeks on the flight is related to my family. I hope to get my partners brother involved whom works in Canberra for the Australian Govt

        • Graham says:


          If you pick this up, please keep up posted on your progress. I followed the Paul Weeks story right at the beginning. The media in the UK covered it too. Very odd!

    • DireWolf says:

      You can have yer phones in, while in flight. They ask you to turn them off, but there is no law in that regard at all. Also, if there is a cell signal, you don’t need wifi. I’m not saying the guy is right, but it might be worth considering.

    • Jean says:

      We don’t speak to others on my blog this way! Sorry. . . if you can’t be respectful and realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion, then you don’t get to comment here. Hugs, ~Jean

  71. Dale Carroll says:

    You Tube showed Malaysian radar of two military type planes following MH 370 just prior to and as the flight did its u turn. Why has the media never speculated on this. The radar was altered suggesting a cover up. Did Malaysia or another country or terrorists force the plane to fly low and disappear so to speak. Why has this never been reported in the media.

  72. bb says:

    there is a philip wood that works for IBM and here is his linkedin profile …

  73. JKMC18 says:

    How did he manage to get an iPhone 5 up his butt, and why is it still working after all this time? And how did he manage to type a text message when he can’t see? Auto correct is good, but not that good! Would love to believe that by some miracle, these people are still alive but….

    • BLP says:

      The anal sphincter is quite stretchy and robust (sorry for being raw but its the correct terminology)…Im sure in a situation like a hijacking he found a way to get it in there. Also, he didnt type text. As stated above, he used the device’s voice control to unlock and send the pic. I’m neither here nor there on the matter but with the world accepting a big aircraft just vanished without a trace is sad (considering almost 300 lives are involved) and aircraft are designed in many ways to be traceable and many parts buoyant. This whether one likes it or not IS a possibility until proven wrong.

      • Kate says:

        There are also ways to extend a smart phones battery life in emergency situations, working for IBM, if this guy does exist then he probably knows his way around a phone. I’m not sure about the whole thing either but anything is possible!

    • CaptainCanada says:

      First you can dictate a message to text, hell i can even do it on my BB, second it may not have been up his ass, it could have been in his crack, seriously people need to use that thing above their necks a bit more

  74. Spud says:

    Anonymous – Rothschilds & Malaysian Airlines MH370 Connection – click Show More to see just the text

  75. Captain says:

    The Saga continues – this more believable:
    Russia Media: Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 located in Afghanistan

  76. Todd says:

    Just watched the first half of this, then was inexplicably ousted, but this video interview from Project Camelot and Kerry Cassidy of Field McConnell and David Hawkins is a must see. Their credibility and commitment to truth is unshakable, and will answer many questions about the fate of MH370, several other missing planes, and how the planes were flown into the twin towers. The technology to be able to take over the reins of any flight via auto pilot has been in existence for many years, and was added to airline jets in order to disable any attempts at highjacking. Problem is, it can also be used to commandeer flights for Cabal purposes as well which they claim has been done many times including 9/11. A seriously informative source of info here, and definitely worth the time. Field and David are tenacious and fearless in getting out these facts, and they are heroes! Please watch and share! Hugs, Todd.

  77. Exif data for GPS can actually be changed VERY easily. Just download a program called GeoSetter. I found it by searching Google for Exif editors and I found a website showing a list of editors for editing this information. I downloaded GeoSetter, installed it, and changing the GPS location of the photo was as easy as changing the name of any file on the computer.

    I found the article mentioning GeoSetter here:


    “Finally, if you want to change the Exif data in tons of photographs, you can edit them all in one go using a dedicated Exif editors like Geosetter or Microsoft Pro Photo. Geosetter can pull Exif tags from one photograph and apply them to all your other photos while Pro Photo is more suited for geo-tagging pictures.”

    GeoSetter can be found here:

    One of the feature bullets listed on this site is:

    “Setting geo data by using embedded Google Maps map (requires internet connection) or by entering known values for coordinates and altitude directly”

    == end quotes ==

    And it really is that easy. GeoSetter has a thumbnail image catalog of every image in the folder you open with it. Double-click the black image. Click the Location tab. Change the latitude and longitude to whatever you want it to be, then click OK. Then hit CTRL+S on your keyboard to save (or click Images | Save Changes). Then check the Exif data the way you described on the desktop or wherever you have it stored in your folders. (On Windows 8, right-click the image, select Properties, then go to the Details tab and check the GPS data. You’ll see that it has been changed. No hacking required. Just download GeoSetter and change it and you’re done.

  78. charliet says:

    Extract exif data from any jpg online photo, just paste the URL of the photo, no need to upload photos to our server
    Switch to satellite, zoom in and you’ll see the building in which the photo was taken.

  79. I’ve added my own comments to this over on my blog, too. I’m an Adobe Certified Photoshop expert and exif data can be EASILY changed.

    Here’s what I wrote…

    I think Jim was duped on this one… Jim seems to be under the impression that it is not an easy task to edit exif data without leaving a trace, and that one must be in “the CIA or a really good hacker”. This simply isn’t true. I happen to be an Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert, and can attest that one can simply and easily modify exif data from within Photoshop, but it’s actually easier to do from within Lightroom. While it is true that some software programs will leave a trace and you can tell if the image’s exif has been modified, other programs will not. There are a myriad of exif editors available, and one can even change the exif data with a simple hex editor, or even from a command line.

    Am I saying that Jim’s newest report is false? No. I’m saying that I don’t know if it’s true or not. I’m keeping an open mind. However, the other red flag for me is that the alleged image was posted to 4chan. Those guys are notorious pranksters and hackers. I have a hard time believing that a Technical Storage Engineer from IBM could managed to cram an iPhone 5 up his ass while under scrutiny by an (most likely) experienced hijack team. Sure, it’s possible, but… it sounds more like a 4chan joke referencing the infamous Pulp Fiction scene with Chistopher Walken where he hides a pocket watch in his butt. I think Jim Stone may have been duped on this one…

  80. Pingback: Flight 370 Linked To Diego Garcia | Robin Hood Revival

  81. Börje Melin says:

    Check out Finding Philp Wood Facebookand response to this story.

  82. I hold a forensics degree and am degreed and employed in intelligence ANALYSIS and have done extensive photo analysis. FACT is, exif data can EASILY be manipulated. there are a zillion different products out there that allows anyone to do it. In fact, my own analysis shows this photo has gone through photoshop and the exif data shows it has been modified at one point. it is NOT an original untouched photo!

    i personally know plenty of people who have been to Diego Garcia. it is not a place to hold hostages. there are civilians and military (from different countries) stationed there. it is a very tiny island and is more notorious for the drinking and partying on off hours than anything nefarious. again, it is not where hostages would ever be held.

    this blog entry is a huge HUGE HOAX! for anyone to believe it, is sadly very gullible. you should be embarrassed and the author of this blog should be flogged.

    • Todd says:

      As I suspected, looks like we’ve been pranked again, sigh. Too bad he didn’t wait till tomorrow to drop this bombshell. Would’ve been better to do it on April Fool’s Day. Once again the trolls have managed to distract us from seeking the truth. Wonder what the numbers are of hits to this blog, and all the unnecessary comments that went along with it? My condolences Jean for having to weed through all this crap, only to find out that it is all BS. It’s times like this when I truly feel for you dear lady, but know that we have your back, and we know that what you do for us is not easy. Thanks for all you do Jean, and I guess one way to find out for sure is to put it out there so we can research and discern for ourselves, ;). Hugs, Todd.

      • Bunte Bluemchen says:


        • Jean says:

          I’ve replied to you that I am very sorry, but I can’t do anything about it. I don’t have anything to do at all with that part of the system. Have you tried shutting down your computer? Unsubscribing?

          I can’t take you off my list, either . . . you have to do it yourself. . . apparently it is on one of the emails . . .

          Does anyone else have any ideas . . .

          I’m sorry. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Mobius Paradigm says:

        Hi Todd. Regarding waiting for April Fool’s, like I stated in my comment below, this hoax has actually been circling around the internet in forums and message boards like 4chan for at least two weeks now. But only in the past couple days the alternative / conspiracy media got hold of it.

      • Nun Chee says:

        Proof Iphone photo sent from Diego Garcia is elaborate fake by CIA-Mossad Shills
        It is alarming that fake news travel and spread 1000s times faster and wider than the truth. Imagine not a single reader from China, despite sending our articles to dozens of news media. Use this to discern true truth seekers from the fake ones.

        Please share widely. Purpose of the fake photo from Diego Garcia is to discredit truth seekers. Such fake inside info is to lead us down the wrong rabbit hole.

        This article is worth looking at. Check the html code and time zone to debunk this. Had been following Jim Stone since Fukushima. Looks like there are infiltrators among his inside sources.

    • schauminator says:

      Not saying this isn’t a Hoax. But Diego Garcia is loaded with some of the most strategic capabilities that other AFBs just dream about and including our enemies. To me it seems your friends never went on tour of any of the facilities much less the B2 & B52 Bomber and AWAC hangars for regular maintenance. Or did they notice how large the refueling stations are and the vertical launch systems are.. Heck, I guess they never saw the missile storage facilities either
      Your friends must have been the ones partying on this very dry island of 17 sq. miles with very long runways.

    • Graham says:

      For a self claimed “forensic” expert, the wording in your post lacks integrity. It also lacks substance. COINTELanalyst? You sure?

      Go to the original website where this photo was originally posted on 18 March. Drop the address of where the photo is into an online EXIF viewer. This guarantees it is reading the data from the original photo posted.

      I did not use the photo posted on Jim Stones website, or mirrored on here. The data I obtained from the “source” photo states “Diego Garcia”. This means the only manipulation that could be done would be on the iPhone 5 itself, or by whomever posted the original to the online blog on 18 March. That is something only a forensic expert with authorised access could prove. Did your post attempt to prove anything?

      If your good at what you “claim” to do, you will know exactly why I have stated the above. Have you done the same type of analysis, or used the photo posted here? There are two EXIF data links in circulation, so I made sure the “original” photo was used. The second has clearly been manipulated with software and points to an entirely different GPS location.

      As I also stated very clearly yesterday, and Jean purposely highlighted in bold, it could still be a “hoax”, but at least the data available in the public domain has been dealt with in the most appropriate manner.

      • Jean says:

        Thank you, Thank you, Graham! I appreciate your words here, because everyone has a different opinion, but you are dealing in facts that you clearly state to us. . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Graham says:

          Doing what little I can Jean. To “completely disregard” the photo and blog message posted to 4chan by this apparent “detainee”, I would want to see the websites log files to establish the IP address of where it was posted from. I would then want “tracert” data to establish all the router hops from start to finish. This data will exist!

          There are reported to be 1,500 civilians working on Diego Garcia, in addition to around 2,000 (returned) long term inhabitants, so there is no doubt in my mind that a publicly accessible Cellular network is highly likely to be in operation. I don’t have the time just now to scour the satellite images for masts, so let somebody prove that there isn’t.

          Now consider the families reporting loved one’s cellphones ringing for several day after the “vanishing” of the 777. Do cell phones ring at the bottom of the ocean where there is no cell tower within at least 1,500 miles of the Aussie Coast if we go by officialdoms frantic searches? In my mind, that alone blows out all the distraction crap in the media.

          I always begin by asking “is there a motive”. If so, who could be involved. We have so much data floating about that the “key” unanswered questions are very clear. We then get a self professed “analyst” coming on here with a cutting edge ego. Did he bring anything productive to the table? I believe he is an “analist” and his rhetoric supports it.

          It takes a highly advanced and well funded operation to make a Boeing 777 “vanish”, let alone for several weeks. We have a twin 777 sitting in Israel. Bizarre story. We have a top secret US military base in the middle of nowhere, but within easy reach. We have local witnesses on the Maldives that saw an interesting sight at 06:15 hrs on 8 March. We have a CPU patent. We have traceable corporate players.

          When my acquaintance returns from Australia, I may learn more as I know he will have met up with his retired friend who worked at Pine Gap listening station. Guaranteed that serious questions will have been raised and answers sought within the “community”.

          I’m hanging in there with Diego Garcia as the initial landing place until evidence proves otherwise. Looking forward to being proven wrong. Where the plane is is not the main concern anyway. What happens next is.

          • Jean says:

            David Wilcock is spreading it all over that his next post will be out in 2-3 days and he will focus on this situation 🙂 Should be interesting. . . he’s saying it was really badly botched . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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  84. Mike says:

    Heads up everybody.
    Exif data is not reliable.
    Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to fake, as it is just the metadata of an image file, which can be modified fairly easily with a program such as this:
    Not trashing on anybody, just want to help.

  85. Mobius Paradigm says:

    “Exif can’t be rewritten with common software, it can only be added (,,,) with some advanced applications.”

    But that’s wrong. A flat out lie. Exif data CAN be edited, added or removed with “common” software – just Google “exif editor” and you’ll find many easy to use freeware tools for this purpose. There are even websites where you can upload a picture, edit exif data online and then download the edited picture. Even without dedicated tools, you could easily edit exif data using a hex editor since it isn’t encrypted and usually added to the header of the file. Exif data doesn’t prove anything.

    TBH I find this whole story pretty far-fetched and hard to believe. I’ve heard about this the first time almost 2 weeks ago on 4chan (didn’t care about it because assumed it was just a prank) but only in the last couple of days it’s becoming viral in alternate media…

  86. Amin says:

    It doesn’t add up.

    First you said that he use his voice to unlock the password. Then he conveniently text a ‘lengthy’ message with the picture.

    Don’t tell me he know how to open a browser, type the URL and posted a new topic in a forum.

    “All right, good night”

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  88. Graham says:

    Jean, I have read and followed up on every comment and link posted in the forum. The process of elimination is the only way to discovery.

    There were two links for the photo EXIF data. The link I posted here contains the most accurate data. The second link I discovered showed software manipulation, hence I omitted it. The “Diego Garcia” storyline still makes the most sense for numerous reasons. I note that Michael Shrimpton QC is taking things down a different route elsewhere by thumbing the Chinese. Anything to take the attention away from his Ashkenazi elite brethren and Israel. He writes for VT.

    On my travels last night, I came across a Telegraph story of the two recently arrested in Italy re a “3 trillion Euro bond cashing attempt” at the Vatican bank. The bonds were fake. One guy was American, the other Malaysian. The bonds attracted the attention of Vatican security after they noticed the English writing on them contained numerous errors and a claimed appointment with Cardinals didn’t exist. I think we have all seen such “spelling issues” on bonds before.

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  90. tom says:

    Extif cannot be changed, that might be(I bet there is a simple program for it). but, there are plenty of ways of faking GPS-coordinates on an iPhone, realy easy actualy. Just download an app and you can take pictures from all around the world from anywhere 🙂

  91. schauminator says:

    I have worked for two companies that have deployed personnel to Diego Garcia island. This is in the in the same area as Coco island the Chinese Island where they received their recent pictures of the possible plane debris. Diego Garcia a strategic spook US Air Force Base. This island is loaded with EW systems and other receiver stations of Satcom & GPS coordinate transmissions. Diego Garcia proved to be critically important as a refueling base including AWAC and E2C Hawk-Eye during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, and during Operation Desert Fox, it served as a base for B-52 bombers needing long runways, and on Dec. 1998, launched nearly 100 long-range cruise missiles at Iraq. Beginning sometime Oct. 2001, the United States again used Diego Garcia when it launched B-2 and B-52 bombers attacks against Afghanistan. In the recent British and American-led war against Iraq, Diego Garcia has once again played a crucial strategic role. This little island is 17-square-mile of coral and sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean one of the most valuable pieces of real estate on Earth to the Pentagon and the Brits. Note; Our government can also show blurred pictures like the Chinese as well as show a clear tag number on a car. I believe our government believes we are stupid and wants us to remain their useful idiots.

  92. Nikah Siam says:

    Iphone gps works indoors?

  93. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    I know these people….I worked for them…they are cruel and insane….

    I hope for the best but expect the very worst and of course its war and these powerful folk feel that a major war is needed to cover many sins….

    But of course stealing an airplane….some would say this is insane and that many in our bifurcated American government would be insane to do such a thing…..

    Or is it desperation dearest Jean? Is the sheriff coming for them now?

    It is not our system dearest Jean that is the problem but the folks that are blocking the system from functioning properly…..and I mean the American system of government…..

    Defense has been effectively privatized…..and private armies do rule like in Syria and Ukraine….

    Yet privatization is how the traitors have corralled our American institutions….and of course some would say tearing down said institutions is the way to go….

    You do good work…..

    I am the keeper of my own soul and my own guru….as it were…


  94. jon says:

    You realise you can edit EXIF data?

    How did he have coverage in a dark cell on an island to send a pic?
    Why would kidnappers not search him for a telephone?
    Why send a picture and not an email asking for help.

    what a load of BS!

  95. Toni says:

    Amen, Todd, you are SO correct! We will know how far we’ve come when the words we choose reflect this truth. And meanwhile, we need more people like you to bring this to the attention of everyone!

  96. Bunte Bluemchen says:

    Jean, more and more copies of this email are coming in. I hope that you can stop this soon. Kind Regards. Blue

    • Jean says:

      No, I cannot. I am sorry. I have nothing to do with your end of it . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      PS Does anyone else have any ideas on this problem?

      • I think the TV thing is a message or why would any good spy leave loose ends behind. IT also blows out TV Bulbs on new sets. Fires old ones wiring boards the fear game. I want hush money on fear here buy me or bit me. To who ever is doing this got your message tell boss I want 1 million or bite me.

    • Friend Blue,

      The facility you seek is called (iirc) the “Manage Your Subscriptions” service from WordPress. It is subscriber-operated; under the WordPress system, blog operators have necessary comment-modertaion rights BUT have NO access to subscriber preferences.

      FWIW, I had the same little problem when first subscribing to Jean’s blog, having likewise been over-anxious for every little genuine bit of the no-foolin’ news. All solved now by unchecking one key tick-box on my Subscriptions panel. Now only the appearance of a new article triggers an informative email. (MUCH better.)

      Here’s hoping this helps. And that is all. 0{;-)o[

      • Friend Blue,

        Here’s the rest of it.

        At the bottom of each of those pesky pesky one-per-per-comment emails, you shall find text from that reads,

        “Unsubscribe to no longer receive posts from 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?.
        Change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions.”

        If a mere reduction in Gross Mail Volume (while remaining informed of new articles as they appear) is your goal, the “Manage Subscriptions” link is your key, same as everyone else’s. Otherwise, completely unsubscribing is The Click for you.

        RTFM still rules… Read That Fine Mail, yuppur! Finally got “a round tuit” mese’f, ayup, and it fits just right. Good fortune and happy endings! So that is all. 0{;-o[

        • Jean says:

          Thank YOU, Rev! I never get them, so I have no idea . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • Realized that li’l “Blind Spot” myself while playing with my prototype “Hot Glass Under Heaven!” WordPress blog, running various boundary tests as is my wont re any such new cyber-thing. I do remember my own taken-abackness after first over-subscribing – but Just Solved the Problem, then forgot all about it until this emerged.

            Glad as always to lend a hand. BIG hugs eternally to you! And that is all. 0{;-)o[.

  97. Reblogged this on 2012 The Big Picture and commented:
    Thanks, Jean. Crazy times we live in.

  98. Greater Arcana says:

    Check out this video re: Flight 370 and, once again, our buddies from the Carlyle Group:

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my . . . what next? Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Ian MacLeod says:

        Jean – or anybody!

        I understand there are a few (at least!) Common Law Citizen Courts now being – made? constructed? Put together? Whatever! – and they are open for cases. No Corporate Law/Admiralty LAW court would dare TOUCH this, but I think this illegal, immoral kidnapping by the GOVERNMENT (so-called, though it ISN’T!) is one of the types of cases they would take! One of two things could happen, I think:
        1)They could panic like any other kidnappers and try to get rid of the evidence by killing off the victim(s). I HOPE this is unlikely because of the verifiability of the evidence. or
        2) they could return the plane and the people where they damned well belong and face the music!

        It may take a Neil Keenan equivalent to get this message TO the government, but I think that may be the way to go. Common Law requires a victim, and there are 270 victims on that aircraft! how would we, you or SOMEBODY get such a thing started?



        • Ian,

          The nuts-and-bolts of Common Law Court Operations can be found @ URL
 along with a running count of the States that now feature a properly-constituted Common Law Jurisdiction in every one of their counties.

          At this writing, We the People have made a bare but telling inroad toward full self-liberation from the color-of-law Statute Codes: New York was first, reaching unanimity on 2-27-2014. Florida followed on 3-15-14, then came Connecticut (3-15-14), Rhode Island (3-15-14), New Jersey (3-22-14) and (oh happy day!) now New Hampshire as of 3-29-14. I expect to see this list grow with increasing speed as the notion catches-on and well-organized momentum is gained. 🙂

          As I have it, ANY apparently-complicit Gummint Official residing within these jurisdictions is liable for arrest following investigation by a Citizens’ Common Law Grand Jury and subsequent charges lodged with the appropriate County Sheriff – or alternately, presentment of the GJ’s findings to the State Supreme Court, which is required by its own rules AND the US + State Constitutions to receive AND take them seriously with regard to enforcement. Shall we just look into a few legal Residence Filings from the Public Record?

          The Money Power sorta’ secretly “slaunched” the nation away from Common Law to the Statute Codes ‘lomng ’bout the close of WWII – but they did NOT destroy the Key Historic Files – only rewrote the schoolbooks and let it go at that. So rebuilding from the ashes is a relatively easy thing imvho in this Networked Age. And that is all. 0{;-)o[

  99. Ilex says:

    Ok, just trying to cover all bases. Don’t Smartphones have a flash? Mine does. If this guy’s text-to-speech is working, then everything else should be working as well, or one would think.

    • Bunte Bluemchen says:

      Jean, I have just received this email 30 plus times. There might be a virus on your computer that spasm up the net. Kind regards Blue

      • Jean says:

        Not much I can do about it, Blue. The email doesn’t come from my computer . . . You’ll have to deal with it at your end . . . sorry and hugs, ~Jean

    • Graham says:

      The iPhone’s flash status can be On, Off or Auto. Controlled within the Camera app.

      Text to speech has no connection with flash. Siri only functions on an iPhone/iPad if the device has a “live” data connection. Siri processes the voice data server side at Apple then returns the text output to the device. Without a data connection, no Siri, although Siri can be disabled allowing the original “Voice Control” software to take over. It functions without a data connection, but only for very limited usage.

  100. susan says:

    And here is Sarah herself, talking her views:

    • ff says:

      I specifically remembered watching the press conference that how they came about with that statement was by getting the calculated conclusion from the UK. I am pretty sure the countries involved in the search have discussed vigorously with all the findings and calculations that were NOT done by Malaysia, before Malaysia finally decided to release the statement. Yet, Malaysia is taking the blow. Easier said than done, my dear ordinary human being friend.

  101. John says:

    ok, there is no way someone can stick a whole Iphone5 inside his ass without jamming in with extreme force, which would have caused lots of bleeding, pain and attention. Also is there cell phone signal from a Malaysian phone carrier in Diego Garcia?

    • Chris says:

      I def agree. No one is shoving an Iphone 5 up there ass except Tim Cook. This story is retarded. James Gilliland sometimes gets it wrong. Like comet Ison, this is another story to walk away from. Dont waste your time folks.

    • Ronnie says:

      I thought the same—no way anybody can conceal a phone in a rectum, so for the heck of it I searched the Internet and ER doctors said you would be surprised at what people have put up their rectum. How about a peanut butter jar! Check the link below, and #6 also shows a ringing cell phone?? This guy must have been very desperate is all I can say and I don’t see why his cell phone didn’t work. This is a US military base and people there have cell phones. There are big planes arriving there all the time. It would be interesting if someone can contact his family to check his carrier for a record of that call itself before someone gets to it and scrubs that.

      • Andrew says:

        So did they do they shove these things up there backsides why terrorists were hijacking the plane, without any screaming and without being noticed. You don’t think the terrorists might notice a guy with his pants down trying to insert something up his anus. How did he get it out. Do you really think it just slipped out without a problem.

    • I wanted to ask just the same. Also, the cruel people that manipulate and mislead us – and this time maybe aswell, they would not want to deal with surviving passangers.

  102. Zuvrick says:

    This mostly fits Gordon Duff’s excellent article Flight 370 The CIA Hoax except for his theory of the killing of the passenger by flying the plane at 45,000 feet until they suffocated. It looks like a setup for a FALSE FLAG using the plane except that there’d be no reason to keep the passengers alive, unless they were to be the passengers on such a false flag attack.

  103. Blue says:

    Hello to all you good people. I was told that a mind control survivor named Stewart Swerdlow says that all channeling comes to us via satellite. We are being ‘had’ if we believe otherwise. Look the guy up, he’s got great credentials. Kindest regards. Blue

    • Jean says:

      Blue, I don’t care where it comes from, really, because this could be a hoax, as well. We all need to realize that in the end we are meant to be our own gurus. . . and we need to work to get to that point. Can you agree with me on this?


    • Todd says:

      Hey blue, as convoluted as info on the internet is these days, how do we know that Stewart isn’t a black ops plant put there to discredit channeling? We each have to discern for ourselves I guess. If the message resonates for one at a higher vibration, then our heart will tell us what to believe!

      • Ethyl says:

        Stewart Swerdloe is great! It IS always possible he’s had his mind implanted with stuff. He is Project Montauk. As for channelling, I just see no way to know. None at all! Although I do KNOW that some of them (not the people doing it, but the source sending the material) are either batshit insane, or they are trying to mislead us! While the ones that seem really good, seem to be saying the same things over and over and over, and it’s quite a challenge for them to come up with different sentences they haven’t already used 5 times! Sometimes I think they are only there as a way to keep people thinking they don’t really have to DO anything! Kind of like, ”Don’t worry, be happy! All will be well!” It’s all getting really confusing, which is I’m SURE what they are after!

        Blue, does Swerdloe go into detail on why he believes that about the channelling?

        • Todd says:

          I believe many of the channelers keep reminding us to do our inner work, and with all the drama and distraction, we need to be prodded daily, so that may be why they repeat themselves with such passion. They are teaching us to discern for ourselves, so how can that be misleading? They aren’t here to ‘save’ us, but showing us gently how to ‘save’ ourselves with Love, empathy, forgiveness, and compassion. To each his own I guess Ethyl. Channeling inspires and works for some, and not for others, and each soul has his own path. There is no right or wrong way to awaken and grow, only lessons in the Now, ;). Todd

  104. miz says:

    Damn it ! I kept that black photo in my images, looked up the image properties and saw the GPS data, checked it up and bingo, it is indeed Diego Garcia, it belongs to the British but they agreed to let the US use it as a military base.
    With the data of that photo, we can pinpoint exactly where Philip is detained… together with foreign nationals.
    A little explanation is needed here !

  105. Ani says:

    Not quite sure about Jim Freestone, although I do enjoy reading his articles…way too many hoaxes and distraction porn right now to make a sound judgment. I remain the watcher….
    How are you keeping up with it all dear Jean?xoxoxoxoxani

  106. Todd says:

    Well doesn’t this raise a few questions eh? Any time a message comes through that states it’s 100%, it raises a red flag for me. Has anyone checked the source of this? As most of us know if a girlfriend or witness is on main stream media, (from Sandy Hook and others), there’s a chance that they are actors. Is there any corroborating source of this info? If this IS true, you won’t see it on lame stream media, because they’d have to eat all that crow with the fake flotsam in the South Indian Ocean. And if we do see it on MSM, we can’t believe that either, lol. What a cluster eff! One more point is that if this is true, and someone did get a message out, he may have sealed all of their fates, because you can bet they won’t let anyone see the light of day again, or the entire world would be up in arms. Something just doesn’t feel right to me about this, but that might just be me, sigh. I pray for their safety and still hold out for a miracle somehow. What a show indeed!! BTW, some great comments here and glad to see your readers doing the hands on investigation that it will take to prove or debunk this.

    Peace, out, Todd.


  108. Graham says:

    Many thanks for posting this article Jean 🙂

    Just starting to look closer at the data revealed. First point to note if you follow the first forum link to the EXIF coordinates is the unusual “hangars” to the left of the apparent “detainee location” and in front of what looks like an array of B52’s (etc) on the deck.

    For those interested:-
    “A new transportable hangar system has been developed which allows the B-2 to be deployed to forward locations overseas. The hangars are 126ft long, 250ft wide and 55ft high. The first of these hangars has been erected on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean”. Also see the following link for more on the hangars:

    Whilst somebody could easily have attempted to “hoax” all of this latest data, I don’t think anybody should read it to believe, nor disbelieve. Rather, absorb it and wait and see what other parts of the jigsaw turn up. Numerous points in the story certainly raise a number of valid questions.

    An iPhone 5 being hidden “up his backside”. Don’t think so. Between his cheeks perhaps. I would like to know when the data was released online, by who and exactly when. If he had an iPhone 5 and used “Siri” to dictate the text, he could easily have made a phone call. Yes, we know about numerous phones ringing over a 48 hour period, but this guy must have taken steps to ensure it was in silent mode and/or preserving battery by keeping it in “Airplane Mode”. What version of iOS was his iPhone 5 running? Only 7.0 upwards allows Siri to control comms modes.

    Also, how stupid are the military or “hijacking” handlers not to confiscate all cell phones and ensure they are powered off, or at least in “Airplane Mode”, as in all comms disabled. I now have the EXIF data on the Tel Aviv photo. Not impressed. Two versions exist. What’s true? The original blog post was made on the “2/12/13”. One EXIF examination states iPhone 5 with picture taken on “18/3/14”. Do Israeli blogs do British or American date layout?

    In another post on the “identical” twin 777 being in Tel Aviv, I stated that the attached photo had been removed. It was present today when I rechecked. May have been my error! At the end of the day, no matter what gets said by whom, Boeing 777’s simply don’t “vanish” without leaving an electronic footprint. Only the military and/or commercial satellite contractors can be in possession of such a footprint. Inmarsat sitting for “ten” days on their data is complete and utter nonsense. As in why the long wait to release it?

    If every piece of data can somehow be confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt, somebody has just been very badly caught out and the “bigger picture” has to be examined even more closely. More to come in due course. The 777 story is still a few sandwiches short of being a picnic.

  109. djExgion says:

    This information here really resonates with me. The whole ordeal, from the first moment I heard about it to the ongoing circus, I thought was BS.Then we get a bit of information like this and it starts to make a lot more sense.

    Interesting how this place is right in the middle of the ocean far away from everything, with a run way to boot. Nawwww, nothing to see here =P

    My prayers go out to those people and Phillip Wood.

  110. There are really some very clever people that understand the internet and all the coordinates needed. I’m very impressed and hopeful for a good outcome to all this.

  111. Paulo says:

    Yes, thereś a Philip Wood working for IBM at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has a Linkedin profile.
    All you have to do is login to Linkedin and search for ‘Philip Wood at IBM’. He’s the first in the list.

    I don’t know if he’s he same person who was in the plane, but there’s a lot of coincidences here.


  112. Deb says:

    Would it be appropriate to print this out and FAX to every Rep, Senator/Congressman, or official at every level including local sheriffs??….Isn’t this a good time to jam their phone/fax lines?…Just a thought…

  113. The people that are behind seizing MH 370 won’t stop now that the “cat is out of the bag,” on the contrary; I expect them to “push” harder and faster to achieve their own ends.

    Everything now depends now upon there being a game changer.

  114. niktesla says:

    The coordinates in the exif metadata of the photo point to a building on the southeast end of the island (east of the runway) to get view on google maps you must convert from degºmin’sec” to decimal.

    Coordinates in EXIF: LAT: 7deg 18′ 58.309″ South ; LONG: 72deg 25′ 35.559″ East
    Converted Coordinates: LAT: -7.316197 ; LONG: 72.426544

    Link to view the building the photo was taken from:

    • Jean says:

      Now this is really interesting!!!!! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • niktesla says:

        I was able to change the coordinates. the link below is the same image with a different location. may not truly be from Phillip Wood…. may be misinformation or hoax.

        Same image with location changed:

        All the metadata EXIF data is the same except the Coordinates.

        NEW Coordinates in EXIF: LAT: 33° 40′ 7.193″ North ; LONG: 117° 59′ 42.774″ West
        Google map for new location:

        It was actually quite easy to alter the metadata.

  115. Peacer says:

    Interesting. Philip Wood’s girlfriend was actually in the news afterward (major news outlets), which would seem to confirm he existed and was on that plane. There were pictures of of the two of them together and it’s the same guy as the LinkedIn profile. Here is her FB page:

  116. janis says:

    What is the US MILITARY UP TOO? anyone have any idea why they have done this? Can you imagine that they would ever own up to this, or free these poor people. God this is making the channelling fraternity look rather sheepish , they are all insisting the flight is in another dimension!!

    • Muse says:


      I have a possible idea as to why the military has done this, but feel free to disagree with me if you wish. This is, however, information that I have learned from researching the U.S. military (and their motives for doing things). I have learned that the vast majority of the U.S. military are on our side (meaning not Cabal puppets). However, that being said, there is a small minority of the military that are evil bastards that are very capable of doing evil things like this. So, it MAY not be prudent to blame the entire U.S. military for the hijacking. I got the distinct impression that all of those high-ranking military people that Obama relieved of duty (or rather, fired?) were part of the much larger group of conscientious military personnel.

      • Jean says:

        🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • I think Muse is right.

        All the American people have to remember is that “We are Americans first”……THAT; plus the U.s. Constitution and your Oaths to it, give you the moral and judicial authority to uphold, enforce and protect the people and Citizens of these United states of Americia.

        A very good hearted fried of mine told me once; (and I have never forgotten)

        “A weight carried by many, is not a burden shared by any.”

        • Jean says:

          What a wonderful saying, a wonderful way of expressing it. As an old elementary school teacher, the saying I learned was, “Many hands make light work.”

          Thanks and hugs,

        • Todd says:

          With all due respect Michele, the awakening of the masses is not about America. As a matter of fact nationalism is part of the problem. If we Americans continue to believe that we are better than other peoples of other countries, then we have bought into the matrix and illusion. We are all one and as such equal citizens of the Universe. The idea that America is the greatest country in the world is totally false and needs to be laid to rest along with all the other fallacy.

          • cobalt says:

            Thank you Todd. It is about our humanity and this entire planet.
            As Paul Craig Thomas keeps saying, the idea of American ‘exceptionalism’ is quite dangerous, and no different to the Nazi’s ideas of being the chosen people.
            (Not that the original comment was implying anything like this!)

          • It IS about everybody “waking up;” My post is intended to be considered by any who are considering the infiltration by Zionists as something less than the destruction of the Republic of The United states of America.

            Being patriotic is ok; It does not mean one needs to force one patriotism on another country’s people and make them live the way the patriot thinks they should. I do not ascribe to “exceptionalism.”

            Unity consciousness; We are all One is terrific; I have been very aware of it, since I was a child….and that awareness and my actions as a result of possessing that awareness has cost me dearly; but then; that’s part of being “three degress out of phase” as someone put it.

            I think patriotism; if balanced, is but one more step on the road to Unity Consciousness Todd. Nationalism, patriotism; “WE” is certainly much more constructive and healthy than the Zionist inspired, divisive, racially polarizing IDENTITY POLITICS employed in Zionist controlled countries…..and that includes the United states of America.

            I treat people how I like to be treated myself. It is for those who do not…..they are the ones for whom I wrote my post for.

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