Court System Finally Exposed! Amazing Courtroom Audio! (SHARE!!!!!!!!) . . . I believe this is information with which we must now all rapidly become conversant!!! ~J

I think we need to study this information, because I believe we are going back to this sort of a court system. What we have now is based on mercantile law, the law of the sea (and trade). I’m looking for information that we can all spend time studying, and I welcome your input. . . many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

Published on Nov 26, 2013
Thanks to G. 



Origin of Audio: (1:30 – 8:52)
Magistrate asked for ID…


YouTube Channel:…

The Law: 1 Sovereigns, time to stand up! Reclaim your rights…

Santos Bonacci – Law and Language…

Reclaiming Dominion…

Santos Bonacci At His Best!…



YouTube Channel:…

Your Rights, Trusts, and how to enforce them.…

Courtroom Procedure & Jurisdiction – Full Length Presentation…



YouTube Channel:…

Living in a Fictional World…



Admiralty Law and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)…

Admiralty Law: Word Controlled Humans & The Law of Money…



YouTube Channel:




YouTube Channel:…


DAVE (SensiDave82’s) WEBSITE:

YouTube Channel:…

Incredible Interview with Santos Bonacci…

The Peoples Trust 1776 – Anonymous announcement call to arms! (LISTEN TO THIS!!)…



YouTube Channel:

The Bible Is All About The Mind…

Who Started Religion…



Season of Treason…

The Birth Certificate…


My channel:


MUSIC (outro):

Santos Bonacci At His Best!…


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40 Responses to Court System Finally Exposed! Amazing Courtroom Audio! (SHARE!!!!!!!!) . . . I believe this is information with which we must now all rapidly become conversant!!! ~J


    In the event of ebola mandatory vaccination I offer the following for consideration: POCKET CARD NOTICE OF NON-CONSENT

    When presenting the card to a corporate statute enforcer, be polite and courteous. Sign and date it in front of the statute enforcer and hand him/her the card. Never ever become belligerent with these corporate employees. Say very little about the contents of the card other than to state that it is a notice of non-consent to be taken under advisement. In other words the card is a lawful notice and they need to talk to their attorneys prior to proceeding.

    Learn more and please share

    If anyone can help me create a similar NOTICE of Non-consent card for Canadians to self empower please contact me at Thank you!

  2. A Common Law Court of Justice offers an alternative to corruption in the legal system. Private Attorney General Anthony Williams is a special authority in the field of law, civil rights, and organized crime.

  3. bluefeather6 says:
    Also white rabbit trust on you tube channel

  4. Wayne Bachmann says:

    Imagine that! I had my doubts that I would be the only one upset with him! I was told last night that there are others who have similar feelings also. Hugs back to you, Jean!

    • Jean says:

      Wayne, I have no idea really how many are upset with John, since I’m involved with so many other things. Some have mentioned it here on my blog, but not many. My effort was to inform people and to help to educate them as to what is actually required in this sort of an effort. When I realized John was adamant that his way was the right way . . . even though he never, ever answered the one question I asked in the five long weeks of this discussion, I simply decided I’d spent enough time on this effort, and people were going to have to make up their own minds. I can tell you, though, I want nothing to do with John’s efforts. Nothing. Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Jean says:

    🙂 I hear you, Wayne, and I’m very aware . . . HUgs ~Jean

    • Wayne Bachmann says:

      I am new here, just found out about it, and signed on to expose John Darash’s conduct with me. I was told last night that I am not alone in my feelings, which I didn’t think I would be, but I was surprised by your quick response!

      Either he ceases to send these unwanted, unsolicited emails to me, or it will be my goal to expose him at the head of NLA, and bring it all down. I am for the NLA cause, but not under the direction of an abusive control freak.

      • Jean says:

        Wayne, my sense is that he isn’t even aware that these emails are coming through. . . he probably doesn’t control these things, but that is a small issue, and I am not here to argue about it or to make trouble. I am for the NLA cause, as well, but I believe it will not succeed as it is, because John thinks he canoperate from within the system, in some sense just like OPPT. . . I spent a lot of time reaching an understanding of this, and then I had to let it go. If people choose to work with John, then I hope they also do their own homework, rather than follow him blindly. . . Hugs, ~JEan

        • Wayne Bachmann says:

          I appreciate your insight. I have left emails with him, I left a message on his phone, and I have unsubscribed 2 times, so there definitely is a disconnect, either in his equipment, or between the ears.
          I do appreciate your input, regardless of his problem. People in other states are wanting to break away from him also, is what I was told last night. They don’t like his control issues either, but don’t want to kill NLA, which is not my desire either, but what good is replacing Hitler if he is going to be replaced with Stalin?

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  7. D. Ch'an-Moriwaki says:

    Thank you for this. Years ago, one of the places where I first began learning about all this was, an excellent website. They’re redesigning right now and in the midst of moving, but still carry the same fullness in sovereignty emphasis.

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  9. Lisa Lemon says:

    Jean, I’ve been learning from Santos and Max for several years. I would appreciate you having a page to go back to with all of these fabulous links and information. We do need to take responsibility for our selves in all matters so learning how to face off with the “legal” system is important. Thanks for all of your work. Your site is wonderful. InLak’esh

    • Jean says:

      I’ve just gotten the Page up this morning. . . please add all good, solid info there . . . That’s all I can do right now, and I hope it will be helpful . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  10. I have been accumulating information about our rights as human beings instead of remaining vulnerable as a PERSON incorporated through a birth certificate, and complex laws established by people of the lies that frighten unaware individuals into voluntary compliance.

    A STATUTE is not law. It applies to a PERSON not a HUMAN BEING and is given the ‘force’ of law ONLY by consent of the governed. John Harris


    Become the ‘ADMINISTRATOR’ of your STRAW MAN to reclaim unalienable rights as a human being, and set yourself free

    KARL LENTZ Self help clinic
    ANONYMOUS WROTE: I am a Canadian and wish to give my two cents for what they are worth. The only justifiable use for “without Prejudice” is where you are protecting yourself from hidden contracts. Take your Drivers license as an example. The ministry requires you to sign your DL but the name is in capital letters. It resembles your name but it is not you. It is your STRAWMAN. It is a fictional PERSON created with your Birth Certificate. Anything that has to do with a Capitalization of your name should be signed with “With Prejudice” under your signature. This clarifies that YOU DO NOT GIVE UP ANY RIGHTS UNDER COMMON LAW. This also means that you do not knowingly, intentionally, and voluntarily, participate in any contract. There is much more to this that you will have to investigate.

    UCC1-308 for our American friends down south.

    To be continued …

  11. Bonnie Smith says:

    We are just beginning to learn how to fight ! 9 states fully constituted as of this past weekend: NY, Fla., Conn., RI, NJ, NH, Az, Mass., & Md. w/ Common Law Courts

  12. Tertiusgaudens says:

    Despite living under different legal situation in Germany, I would say, the vid points to the core of all possible legal systems depending from both, Rome and London: the difference between a de facto straw man identity (which is used as commercial ground) and a real, ontological identity which shall be hidden from our eyes. By accepting the strawman´s identity as being the real one, you are automatically part of a (false) commercial and thus treaty-like constitution you are living in bound by a contract allowing you to be enslaved – simply by ignorance. And freeing yourself begins with the hour you discover your real, ontological identity, which is by no means a strawman identity of your birth certificate. In reality you are a free creation of God, bound by no treaty or commercial shithouse mentaliy…

    But I fear the criminal thief mentality goes much deeper. The power of practice is a strong force, especially in mental regards. People have always difficulties leaving old ways of thinking and practicing. Thus a man coming simply that way doubting strawman thinking will not get accepted. A fucking rotten judge of old school will not understand and feel embarassed. he will consider the strange man claiming real freedom as being a mad man. And violence is always close to defending old ways. Thus the man will experience violence. The rotten judge will overthrow the freedom man – simply because he is not ready to understand properly. It is not a case of disputation and falsification as demanded in theoretical legal science, but a case of a threat: the judge feels threatened because he feels he represents something which all the time was considered as being right and unquestionable.

    Human nature is really often more than a bitch.

    Anyway. They have watches. But we have time. Much time. Our time is in God´s hands (Psalm 31:15)…

    Greetings from Germany!

  13. Wysiwyg says:

    For perusal:

    The following found at

    Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue (Revocation of Birth Certificate) (Esquires/Titles of Nobility/13th Amendment )

    Arthur and Fiona Cristian (OPPT debunkers) have lots of info about Common Law, Admiralty Law here:-

    You own a bond – Winston Shrout


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  15. Neil says:

    Hi Jean, I think you’ll find Karl Lentz a great teacher especially people who have had their kids taken away from them.

  16. Matrix says:

    Hi Jean,
    Robert Menard does a good job explaining the current “system”.

    I have been studying Winston Shrout”s material for some time. Santos interviewed him at least once. David Wicock interviewed him also.

    Paul Andrew Mitchel at is simply outstanding. To get a glimpse of his knowledge go to:

    • Jean says:

      I think Shrout may have good knowledge, but I also have it on good report that he is a con man. . . Please be careful . . Hugs, ~Jean

  17. Deb says:

    Your BIRTH CERTIFICATE is Government ‘TITLE of Ownership’…State Owns You
    (Only a portion of the info is below)


    When a child is born within the corporate United States, a Record of Live Birth form (a commercial Bill of Lading), or similar, is issued by the hospital. The father and mother sign this hospital form (a receipt for goods) as the parents (manufacturer) and title holders (owners) of the goods (child). The transfer of the property Rights (the child’s Rights) to the State is accepted by the signature of their government agent, a State licensed Physician. The parents have unknowingly pledged their child’s future and labors to the government and signed a presumed contract. This converts the legal status of their child to that of chattel property in permanently indentured servitude (See Preface, Part I). The State becomes the de facto holder of the Rights to the child (collateral).

    Next, the hospital sends the Record of Live Birth to the State Bureau of Vital Statistics, sometimes called the department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS) in some States. Each State is required to supply the Federal government with birth, death, and health statistics. The State agency that receives the Record of Live Birth (title) keeps it and then issues a Birth Certificate (BC). The BC is a commercial instrument (document) evidencing that the State is holding the title (ownership) to the child. Holding the title is not the same as having possession of the property, so the State is the “holder” of the instrument but not the “holder in due course”. This is all based on the presumed acceptance of the contract (Record of Live Birth) between the manufacturer (parents) and the purchaser (State). The parents are not aware of this assumed contract because it was never revealed to them nor was full disclosure made in good faith, so they don’t object to what they don’t know. The current holder of your commercial birth document (receipt) is able to capitalize on it because of your failure to instruct the holder to do otherwise, due to your silence and lack of legal action.

    This Birth Certificate issued by the State is then registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce through their agency, the U.S. Census Bureau, who is responsible to collect vital statistics from all the States. The word “registered”, in commercial law, does not mean that your name was merely noted in a registry or book for reference purposes. When a Birth Certificate is registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce, it means that the child’s persona named on it has become a surety or guarantor as collateral for a commercial loan.

    It’s not difficult to see that a Birth Certificate is a document evidencing debt the moment it’s issued. This is how it works: Once each State has registered, by commercial bulk transfer, the Birth Certificates with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of the Treasury then issues Treasury Securities in the form of Treasury Bonds, Notes, and Bills using the BC’s as sureties or guarantors for these purported Securities. This means that the bankrupt corporate U.S. can guarantee to the purchasers of their Securities the lifetime labor of all Americans as collateral for payment. Isn’t it nice to know that when you were born, within days you became the collateral for corporate U.S. debt-loans through the assumed contract your parents thought was nothing more than a Record of Live Birth? But wait… the chain of events gets even more interesting.

  18. Anne says:

    National Liberty Alliance has helped to create over 1000 common law grand juries in the US since this past July and intends for one in every county in the country (3400+) within the next 4 months. They are already suing judges in NY state for corruption and have become the hub internationally for bringing back common law. John Darash of has a website that is a major education law and history, and has been on Drake’s show a number of times. Each time, NLA picks up many more grand jurors.

    This show was powerful.
    Start at 72:00 minutes in.

    Common law says there is no crime if there is no injured party. In short, goodbye to all statutes and regulations people have been drowning under and penalized for. And under common law, if there is an injured party, the point is to make them right, with the common law grand jury working with the person who did the injury to make things right. This is completely unlike the courts running things in which they send people to prison for breaking laws, if there is money to be confiscated, it doesn’t go the injured party but to the court, and the injured party goes home with nothing.

    Here is a special program on it. Start at 38:00 minutes.

    Here is what they filed against the judges.

    Go to their news section to see more of what they have done already.

    This is the means to profound and peaceful revolution and it is taking off. We are all needed to support it and certainly needed to be witnesses, since one of the sued judges ordered all the NY clerks to not even file the common law grand juries paperwork, which is a felony right there.

    The corporate legal system is up against a rising tide of 1000s of informed people who have organized in common law grand juries, using their Constitutional rights. The more attention put on this struggle in NY the better because it is the first domino and all the rest are in going into place to bring us what is in fact ours – common law, for the people.

    Here is a great little video teaching people how to stay out of maritime courts.

    But what really matters is our helping set up common law grand juries in our own areas, so we finally have real courts for the people themselves. We shouldn’t have to become skilled in standing up to fraudulent courts, but should be rid of such courts.

    The common law grand juries is getting no media at all and yet it is everything in terms of saving this country and our world. They are also planning, once all the counties in every state have CLGJs, to unite them nationally in order to investigate 9/11, chemtrails, vaccines, etc.

    • Jean says:

      This looks like very special information, Anne. I need to find time to study it. . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Anne says:

        Thank you so much. Hope you will do so soon because the Anti-Defamation League has already given us a taste of how the corporate system will respond in this press release.

        “ADL: Sovereign Citizens Create Vigilante “Grand Juries” in Latest Attempt to Flout the Law

        “New York, NY, February 20, 2014 … Adherents of thesovereign citizen movement are forming their own vigilante “grand juries” in counties across the United States in an attempt to exact pressure on local government officials to accede to their anti-government demands and whims.”

        The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which monitors domestic government groups and reports on their activities, has noted with concern the attempted formation of numerous so-called “common law grand juries” or people’s grand juries” in various counties across the country.”

        The full press release.

        The response of the common law grand juries.

        “Press Release
        NLA: Only the People can Save America.
        by; John Darash, spokesman, one of the 1000+ organizers across our great nation.

        “The following is in response to a press release by ADL, dated February 20, 2014, Mark Pitcavage, ADL Director of Investigative Research made the following unsubstantiated, fabricated incendiary statements concerning the Peoples’ desire to turn back to
        Thomas Jefferson’s vision of “government by consent of the people 1, by taking their rightful seat in their court, through the Grand Jury.

        “Mr. Pitcavage said the People of the Common Law Grand Juries are an extreme anti-government scheme of vigilante disciples emanating from the subversive “Sovereign Citizens” movement with a contemptuous disregard of the Law and who claim all
        established government institutions as illegitimate with the intent to harassed government
        officials by creating a fictitious judicial or governmental entities led by a guru.

        “Mr. Pitcavage statements doesn’t deserve a response, but I will take this opportunity Mr. Pitcavage has given us to springboard truth, to inform the People. The simple response to the above is; Mr. Pitcavage is a provocateur who is painting a disdained radical anti-government picture out of a true grassroots movement of concerned people from all walks of life emanating out of every county in America, who just want their nation and their children’s future back.”

        The full response to the ADL is here.

        Needless to say, unless we all are watching what is going on in NY right now, and wherever else the CLGJs are working to establish our legal right to common law, the corporate system can deal with the people in illegal ways, while using corporate media to proclaim them as dangerous. But our presence and close attention to these crucial efforts to undo the corporate legal fraud, will make such violations of rights and such false definition of OUR common law grand juries, impossible.

        For any Jewish readers here, it would be a great help if they contacted their synagogues and temples and friends, and let them know that the CLGJs belong to the Jewish community as well, and can be made of Jewish jurors, and are meant to serve every American and protect everyone from injury – including their homes being taken by the courts, including their children being taken from them as parents. ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center are being paid by DHS. They create fear in the Jewish community of their own neighbors. So it seems that more effort made to meet socially with the Jewish community – including through interfaith groups – and to explain the CLGJs to them, would be time well spent. Perhaps NLA could send out packets of information to those communities, introducing themselves, explaining the basis of common law and how it is the opposite of a threat to law, but is the real people’s law, and belongs to everyone.

        In any case, we must all be watching and phoning and writing. NY needs to know attention is on it and that people around thea country demand the law be followed, papers be filed and CLGJs take up their legal place inside court houses in each community.

      • charlesg41 says:

        Thank you Jean….awesome information and VERY encouraging in these days of lawlessness and insanity……

  19. Blue says:

    Frank O’Collins @

  20. Deb says:

    I have posted this site before but nobody appeared interested…This is a valuable site called My Private Audio run by Angela Stark…Santos Bonnaci and Angela Stark appear to be friends he and has been on her radio show several times…

    My Private Audio has every possible document and how to use it when it comes to anything court related…You can literally ‘own a judge’ or a ‘IRS Lawyer’, with their methods and self teaching models…Angela is awesome and personally answers email questions…Please check it out….

    Link to radio show with Santos Bannaci at My private Audio, under past episodes it is listed 2nd…

    At this link Santos is listed as 07/04/13

    • Jean says:

      Deb, thanks so much for this! Hugs, ~Jean

      PS Maybe this is another instance of ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  21. LHay says:

    Hi Jean,

    The best, well-researched book on Common Law available at Amazon.

    I’ve just begun to study this book. Much to learn and rewire our brains as the Sovereigns that we are. We must learn the language of a Sovereign which means we have the knowledge and are not asleep any more. This is the discovery of who we are.

    Note the word “Necromancy”. The word “romance” is in the word, necromancy. I think it means people are “romanced”, programmed, lulled-to-sleep, hypnotized into ‘believing’ we are ‘subject to’ something over our heads. We then become the ‘walking dead’. The real truth is that each and every one of us is a Sovereign Being.

    We have lots to learn!

    Thanks so much for posting all of this, Jean!


    • Jean says:

      I just mentioned to Graham that it might be possible to create a Page here on my blog where people might leave contact information for already existing groups – and for new groups as they are created . . . Many thanks and hugs for the book title. I will check it out 🙂 Hugs, ~JEan

    • Graham says:

      Saved! Cheers for another good lead. Will probably buy it along with the Scottish bloodline one you recommended.

  22. boteotu says:

    Reblogged this on Blogger at the Edge of the Universe. and commented:

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