Max Keiser – Financial War Updates, April 10, 2014

Source: Max Keiser Financial War Updates

[KR586] Keiser Report: Burning Banks

We discuss the poor players that are the empires that strut and fret their weapons upon the world stage. The consequences of the tall tales told by neocon idiots full of sound and fury is that the young refuse to rise up and, instead, meekly visit the food bank. In the second half, Max interviews artist, Alex Schaefer, about ‘burning banks’ and the Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation. Max watches as Alex ‘burns down’ HSBC on set while describing the current absence of artist activism.


Here is a compilation of photos from Alex’s visit to London painting the HSBC bank before setting it alight on set.


Luxurious Sanctions: NYC real estate takes hit from sanctions

Biggest Credit Bubble in History Flashes Warning: ‘Seek Cover’

Hidden in the IMF’s Global Financial Stability Report is a doozie of a chart. “Seek cover, implosion in sight,” it screams. It depicts the bubble in covenant-lite and second-lien loans, the same that helped blow up the banks in 2008. Only this time, they’re even worse.

Read…… Biggest Credit Bubble in History Flashes Warning: ‘Seek Cover’

Putin Sends Letter to 18 Countries, Threatening to Cut Supply of Gas; 30-Year Gas Deal With China Expected

Bail-In Regime Facing Increasing Opposition In EU

The landmark EU agreement on a common rulebook for handling bank failures, including bail-ins, is in danger of unravelling over the fine print restricting when a state can intervene to rescue a struggling bank . Britain is facing objections from several other EU member states as it scrambles to revise a political deal, hastily reached in December. The FT reports that it is “an attempt to protect the Bank of England’s emergency role as covert lender of last resort.”
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Alex Schaefer Burns Banks

street_studioHeaping Bad publicity on Bad Business.  We live in an era of Too Big to Fail Banks, but is the world stuck with Too Big to Fail Art as well?  It’s a time when most “fine art” has it’s head in the sand; when “the most successful” artist in the United States (i.e. Jeff Koons) expresses the worst of what is contemporary America.  With Big Banks and Big Art inextricable today, this auction is a vote of “no confidence” in contemporary finance and their contemporary art.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, we have fun along the way!  Enjoy the show:

As predicted, ECB will now go ‘QE-crazy’ and start printing up to 15 tr. Euro to keep global Ponzi going

This is what I keep telling Mitch Feirstein – that the ECB has not expanded its balance sheet yet – and now it will – so global Ponzi scheme has room to run. Gold should do better, but as we know now for certain, in light of various market manipulation reveals – gold price is kept cheap with ceiling of fake (read: naked short) sell orders.


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