A Reader shares what Carson City, Nevada’s connection to Agenda 21 is . . .

I was looking up Carson City – this is where the Governor is located that has apparently forgotten the Oath that he has taken. Carson City has been promoting Agenda 21 since 1955. They have P16 Council, part of the DoE that received a 4 MILLION DOLLAR GRANT FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to have Nevada’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System to follow children (pre K) through school, through college and into their first years in the workforce. Say what?????? OMG
The Governor has to be in agreement for all of this and is the primary lead in Agenda 21 for his/her state

Here is Carson City’s footprint into Agenda 21, they call it – The Master Plan (appropriate I guess)

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21 Responses to A Reader shares what Carson City, Nevada’s connection to Agenda 21 is . . .

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  3. Ilex says:

    Good Morning Jean,
    This is a story all on it’s own and I will need some help, quick help for those that like to dig.
    First is a bio on Brian Sandoval – as you will see he has been involved with Harry Reid who brought him to George Bush for appointment as a Judge at 45 years of age. This age is unheard of for a Judge. Primarily the company he keeps are known cabalists. No nepotism either. A more interesting fact is that the only votes that Sandoval did not get were those from Clark County.???
    Next in the comments of many of Brian’s YT videos citizens of NV are claiming that his man lost,spent, borrowed whatever Billions of the tax payers money. One even documents that research should be done on a company called IECON. Well, if you look up this company, you find something very interesting. They sort of look like FreeScale out of Texas. http://www.iecon2013.org/tutorials.htm They are working with modern technology, free energy machines, etc. We know that these places use minerals out of the ground that are high grade and not found everywhere.
    We know that Brian is pushing Agenda 21 heavily and “sprawlers” can not exist, they must be pushed into the city so that they can be controlled. Cliven and his family are sprawlers and need to be resituated closer to the city. We know that IECON probably needs minerals out of the ground and Cliven is sitting on 600,00 acres that are being used for gas, oil and water. What else may be in the ground? High quality minerals that the military or IECON may want to possess?

    So, to your readers//researchers I ask:

    Why did Clark County not vote for Sandoval?

    Why is Sandoval indebted to the people of Nevada to the tune of about 2 Billion dollars?

    What kind of relationship does Sandoval have with IECON? Did he spend 2 Billion dollars on this company? If yes, for what?

    Is there competition between FreeSource and IECON?

    How are George Bush, Sandoval, Netanyahu, Harry Reid all tied together?

    What’s in the ground at Cliven’s place that is so important to these people? I think it goes a little further than oil, gas and water……….jmo of course.

    Just trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. 🙂

  4. vivikerich says:

    In the early 1960’s, a subterranean nuclear blast occurred about 30 miles southwest of Dulce, New Mexico, right off of U.S. 64. This nuclear blast was conducted under the umbrella of project Plowshare, and was named Gassbuggy.

    It has recently been alleged that this particular subsurface nuclear blast was used to create a hollowed out chute or chimney for development of a substation for a super-secret tunnel system attached to an underground black book project base.

    According to Thomas Castello, a former Dulce base security officer — this particular under-world city is a highly secret base operated by humans as well as reptilian aliens and their worker cast, the commonly encountered grays.


  5. vivikerich says:

    Now you know why the cabal use the US to control the things and places they have no business to control.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ifa6um-iiI … must see video
    4.28 mins

  6. Ilex says:

    Jean, you’ll enjoy this. This clip is sooo very telling. Close your eyes and just listen. There should be NO doubt where he came from or where he’s going.

  7. Ilex says:

    And of course, never leave out the School Board member’s names.
    Tuesday,March 11, 2014 7p.m.
    The Regular Meeting of the Carson City School District Board of Trustees was called to order at
    7:00 p.m. by
    Stacie Wilke McCulloch at the Sierra Room, Community Center, 851 E.
    William Street, Carson City, Nevada.
    ROLL CALL: Members Present
    Stacie Wilke McCulloch, President
    Ron Swirczek, Vice President
    Joe Cacioppo, Clerk
    Laurel Crossman, Member
    Candace Stowell, Member
    Steve Reynolds, Member
    Lynnette Conrad, Member
    Richard Stokes, Superintendent
    Mike Pavlakis, Legal Counsel
    Members Absent

  8. Ilex says:

    Ok, why not wonder down that rabbit hole a little further.
    If you start looking for Common Core (Agenda 21), of course you find it everywhere. Race to the Top of course is part of Common Core and Carson City plugs Common Core all over their Ed website. When you click on Race To The Top it brings you to this site with a very interesting letter about those that applied for GRANT MONEY for Common Core and won…. Arne Duncan ring any bells?

  9. John Stevens says:

    GRRRRRRRs to that damn turncoat governor! TY Jean Cheers

  10. James Hyslop says:

    Dear Jean, Friends and Tracy.

    Tracy has hit some other buttons and is in my opinion basically saying that we cannot be the judge and I agree fully.

    But we can hold the high ground in both time and space and rise above it.

    Blessings and Love to all.

    James Hyslop

  11. James Hyslop says:

    Hello Jean

    The sad reality is in my humble opinion based on extensive travel in USA there is not one state in the USA that is a safe living space. You are all better off living in Russia and believe me they have plenty of space. There is brusque honesty there. But it’s darn real.

    Nevada as a state is part of the Crown Temple and the constitution of the United States Of America (and as a result the peoples of America) is/are fully owned lock stock and barrel by the Crown Temple Bar in London. So guess what guys and gals your darn slaves to the Queen of England (The German) and the Slave Despots who worship Satan in the Vatican who have you as their puppets on their paedophile strings whether you like it or not.

    Nevada is also a front for offshore companies for tax dodges and to get money out of USA. The Cabals have to have a way you can join them and this is one of them. Beside you have an Oligarch who is a serious dirt bag running some of the show in Vegas. There was a recent article from you on this Jean. We forget that the Mafia (whether Italian or Khazarian or related) is still a bunch of “artists” (sorry I am being a cynic) with a real nasty agenda

    Also understand Area51 is seriously linked to the problem in Nevada and fracking is the future downfall of USA and supports Agendfa21 fully 100% as it ensures depopulation through poisoned ground water. Just look at an infrared map of Colorado after the recent floods there and you can clearly see the fracking wells is a serious mess. And you guys are drinking this water further downstream out of the Colorado river whether directly or via plants on the western seaboard. This is another form of GMO ~ Bioengineering to be precise. Please read Area51 by Annie Jacobsen. Whilst I think she was spoon fed stuff (I am being kind to you Annie) to make Area51 become a “hero’s acre” in the eyes of the American Jo Sheeples Public there is enough stuff in the book to get a person with two brain cells rubbing together to understand what Majestic 12 has done thus far which is to ensure the galaxy Gaia Earth is unliveable as an ecosystem.

    This is one of the reasons why I constantly state categorically that the Second World War did not end in 1945 but ran into the planned third world war with the Majestic idiots and others similarly dastardly minded at the helm and sadly most slaves and puppets on strings have not figured this out yet.

    Civil war is what the cabal wants “futuret”…. They make more money while you die fighting as citizens against a hidden government that is unseen with technology that would make cringe with fear if you knew that they had it ~ Modern sophisticated weapons of torture just like the last say 2,000 years of torture endured by men and women ~ the stake being a good example. And worst of all is that “Jo Sheeples American Public “ paid in US Dollars (Fed Money) for this to all happen in the first place!! Yup you guys and gals paid for it!!

    So when some states in the “US of Duck Shoot A” say they have been planning a way out for 40 or more years the question you REALLY have to NOW ask is whether the groups that are now emerging are actually friend or foe.

    This is where each person is gonna have to do their own remote viewing singularly or collectively to get real answers. After all that is one of things that we are here to develop as conscious beings in order to communicate across time and space which also ultimately allows ascension in your body to higher planes of consciousness based on frequency and not vibration.

    You cannot get to level 12 based on vibration but based on frequency ~ yes you can. People tell me frequency and vibration is the same. Well ~ when we look back in recent history the last two hundred years we find that this is a manufactured construct to look the same so that you remain trapped in vibrational levels (3rd and 4th) and are compliant slave based sheeples.

    Consider that if the Old World Order can plan the New World Order which has already been in operation for nearly 70 years starting with Truman and you might have an inkling that Jo Sheeple American’s are the patsy’s that are going to the fall just like the Germans were made to do in two world wars as were the Boers in two wars in South Africa.

    And remember the Scots (Scottish) are saying vote yes in their referendum so that they can join with the European Union with the “dickatywoo dirty old paedophiles men in Brussels” laughing all the way to the bank in glee.

    And of course the Vatican asked for forgiveness today of its priests who have gone astray and abused children.

    Let’s make it really loud and clear here and NOW ~ It’s not abuse its gob smacking blood sucking murder and ritual sacrifices of thousands of children and especially of young girls to ensure that the feminine remains destroyed so that spiritual growth cannot enjoin across the male and female.

    I give thanks to the soul and inspiration that is Kevin Annett who now more than ever needs our moral support. Rome is falling people and it could get to be messy!!

    Please kindly remember that the Vatican Church owns over 90% of all the alternative religions and so called new age spirituality is linked to the same old Archon structures which says you must raise your vibration. You have just been conned and hoodwinked back into the old slave religions with a new face. In other words the Reptilians are laughing all the way to the slave banks because you are still their slaves.

    In the meantime best wishes from South Africa where we have a real OSCAR Trial of blood and guts to blind the Sheeples to the real corruption that continues on a daily by the African National Corruption (ANC) ~ Zuma and his oligarch cronies before the election on the 7th May…

    James Hyslop

    • Jean says:

      James, you will see I took the liberty of publishing this; it has great value and I hope others will take the time to read it. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  12. Tracy says:

    Jean & Friends,

    As we go further down the rabbit hole; we see how deep and linked the “players” in this webbed matrix goes. Remember these architects have planned & organized by infiltration these very scenario’s to fulfill a secret agenda for many decades. They have factored in various “potential hypotheticals” during the planning phase; while continuing to tweak the plan to fulfill the main objective. O-W-O

    Can you see that all these situations, and events: Agenda 21, TPP, TARP, multiple False Flags,
    and so many more (just think about everything you have witnessed in your lifespan) are all linked.
    We know the structure is GLOBAL, with several moving parts. (To keep the masses confused
    and distracted) and as we see now most people are living in “survival mode”, so they are very distracted.

    WE MUST BAND TOGETHER – IN A ORGANIZED, PEACEFUL, NON-VIOLENT MANNER. Let it be our counter strategy and shed more & more light until the populace wakes up.

    I will state again: This is the American Spring Moment. NON-VIOLENT-RESISTANCE.
    What would happen if: All concerned and available citizens ~ would converge on the Bundy Ranch; with several alternative media friends “stationed at various vantage points” (both high & low) to record & live stream the events as they happen.

    What if: The Citizens who are “holding the space” of Peaceful Dissent and – Non Resistance. were to carry signs that say to the BLM, & Gov’t. entities something like: “I LOVE YOU”; I understand you are just trying to feed your family too; Loving statements from the heart. Remember this is all unfolding LIVE – Stream. What do you suppose will happen?? If the Government agents continue to act in an aggressive manner; while the Bundy Ranch & Friends continue to act in a Peaceful, Non-Violent manner and this is streaming live. The Truth will be told!

    just my two cents

  13. JimmyB says:

    This certainly explains the amount of force they are trying to use and the lack of participation of the local authorities. Thank you Jean for helping bring this out so heavily. I’ve sent multiple links to alternative media outlets and there’s some talk on mainstream, like FOX, believe it or not! If we make enough noise, they will have to cover this more and the people will discern.

  14. Ian Moone says:

    Time to play Cowboys and Communists.
    If you don’t bring guns – bring rope!
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson.
    Time to water the trees.

  15. futuret says:


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