!!!!! Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse April 15th, 2014: Walk the talk, by Jon Waldrup

In his statement here, Jon talks so clearly about unitive consciousness, more than I have seen anywhere for us the general popluation. What this tells me is that we are indeed climbing the ladder of consciousness. Thanks, Jon . . . ~J

For me the crux of this moment has always had to do with how humans relate to nature. I really like Charles Eisenstein’s way of looking at this time as a transition from “The story of the self” to “The story of the people,” which has to do with a shift away from Cartesian separative self-identity towards a sort of Ubuntu-style sense that our identities come from how we are seen in our communities. He is a fabulous speaker, with a lot of good stuff on YouTube and Upworthy. His monologue in the first 7 minutes here: http://vimeo.com/55819924 is especially well-said (watch the whole thing if you have time).

If you haven’t watched Cloud Atlas, this human-interconnectedness is its central tenet.

When people talk about “unitive consciousness” and that sort of thing, generally what they’re referring to is an awareness of the field of human consciousness. Bruce Lipton is another one who does great work on elucidating this. For a nice sense of it, try his interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEuGlndt1yc

It is incredible that these ideas are gaining mainstream momentum. It demonstrates a major step in the evolution of consciousness. When you realize that your experience of life is impacted by the experience that others are having, even people far away, then you start to live life differently.

This transition we are in could be expressed as being from a “I think therefore I am” experience to a way of living that is based on the concept that “I am because you see me.” For those of you in the “we create our own reality” camp, essentially what is being said is that other people create you. Which if you follow the logic far enough, has to be true.

The social and political ramifications of this kind of thought are amazing. At the most obvious level, “Nationalism” has to give way to “Planetism.” And so on – it’s very healthy stuff, even if there is still a lot of separative thought, promulgated especially by the right in America.

I think that it is fair to say that many of you have been feeling this sort of consciousness grow within you. At the heart-level experience of life, there’s just this growing force within all of us – it is “The Awakening” that many people are having.

And it’s a great step in the right direction, but one I want to see go farther.

So, if you are still working on that shift, don’t read the rest of this article. We absolutely have to “get it,” that we humans are all connected by an energy experience, and what I’m going to say next may diffuse the concept for those who are still in the transition. I’m envisioning one of those “click here to accept these terms and conditions” boxes to access the rest of this. But we’ll just have to do it like this: “Scrolling down from here implies an acceptance that self-consciousness in no way implies or requires independence from the human community.”

For me, it is important to go another step, right away. The above points of view are still anthropocentric; there is still an element of separation from the rest of life. Just as “American Exceptionalism” is the excuse American politicians’ use for war crimes around the globe, “Human Exceptionalism” is our excuse for crimes against nature. We still see ourselves as a kind of consciousness separate from what might be called “Terrestrial consciousness.” For me, the necessary transition goes from, “I think therefore I am,” through “I am because you see me,” to “all living things are equal in the field.”

I’m not sure why, but for quite some time, humanity has justified itself through a sense of being at the top of a hierarchy of consciousness, a hierarchy particularly emphasized by Judeo-Christian cultures. It’s not up to me to take you back to the “stewardship vs. dominion” debate, but I do hope you know about it.

None of us has to know the history of Western Civ to be able to know this: what we have been doing is not working – the way we relate to each other and to the rest of the living creatures on this planet – it has failed. How we live now – it doesn’t work. Our relationship to the planet is infantile.

The way I said it in my last article was this: “… there is no bubble that can insulate you from the energetics, from the frequency of our times. You can meditate, medicate, journey, clear, hide…. But as long as you are alive, inhabiting your cells, you will experience the cellular reverberation of our drum beat, our tantrum, our violence.”

When I think about what is expressing itself through this time-passage, it has to do with that. A lot of people are talking about the “structures breaking down,” theme. For me it is all about the structures of hierarchy that we have so foolishly created. Because of our silly and unjustifiable notion of having a superior sort of consciousness, we have been ideologically separated from not only each other, but from All That Is.

But of course, the question is whether or not that super-great human consciousness is even able to learn from its mistakes.

This transitional time is a lot more intense than those calling it a dimensional shift want to admit. Even if there is a 5d consciousness, it isn’t going to be around for long unless it inspires us to break the mold of Western Civ, very soon. There are very few people – and NONE in the mainstream, who are talking about this shift in consciousness as what it really is. The reason is simple: it will change the structure of society itself.

It’s interesting to explore the spiritual/philosophical underpinnings of capitalism, communism, anarchy, or any other socio-economic theory. The history of these organizing principles is really the history of the evolution of consciousness.

I am always amused by how strongly people tend to hold on to old ideas. It’s like the writer who keeps using a typewriter instead of a computer. I still miss Windows XP.

In a truly unified consciousness, capitalism can’t exist. Simply because the notion of property becomes indefinable. There is no hierarchy to support ownership. The tendency to talk New Age ideas like “unitive consciousness” without embracing the actual, uncomfortable socio-political shifts they require drives me crazy. It’s like leasing range land and complaining about entitlements. We’ve been talking enough about “the shift.” It’s time we manifested a living embodiment of it. It’s time for the evolution of consciousness to reveal a new socio-political structure, one which expresses unitive consciousness and the utter absence of hierarchy it reveals.

In Cosmos and Psyche, Richard Tarnas extensively documents how significant social change can be correlated to significant outer planet formation. During the next two weeks, we are going to be enjoying a planetary formation which indicates social change more strongly than any other in recent history I am aware of. I am not enough of an astrological historian to be able to say just how rare such a formation is – but I am pretty comfortable saying that of any formation during the 100 years between 1950 and 2050, this is the strongest to occur. I have a feeling that it could be more like a once-in-a-1000 year event or possibly even bigger than that.

Most likely if you are reading this you are aware of what is happening, so I won’t get into the technicalities. I just want to see humanity actualize the potential for rapid transformation that this formation indicates.

Reading this, you are part of a demographic. If nothing else, you are part of a demographic voted “most likely to talk about change.” “Most likely to have used the word “shift” in a non-automotive context.” You have a strong linguistic capability for the mechanics of energy. Do you have the courage to embody the full implications of what you talk about?

I don’t know exactly how to get from here to a world without war, a world without hunger. To get to a world wherein bees thrive. Where water and food are clean. Whatever we have been doing, hasn’t been working – that I know.

Based on the evidence of the last 30 years and more, the evolution of consciousness has NOT coincided with an increase in planetary well-being. In other words, talk is cheap. Energy work is not actually working – we have forgotten the action component.

Remember the pictures of the hippies sticking flowers in the soldiers’ guns? You may have been one of those kids. Why is it that the good things that started then lost momentum? The footsteps of idealism bog not in reality but in karma.

Make good on the work you have done.

At 3:42 AM Eastern Time on April 15th, 2014, the Moon is Full conjunct the North Node (astro-techno way of saying “eclipse”) in the 26th degree of Libra.

From John Sandbach’s Pleiadian series of zodiac degree symbols, here is that degree.

Above a deep chasm a group of butterflies flying.

Peaking between April 18th and April 23rd, 2014, bookended by eclispses, I welcome you to the Grand Cross of April 2014. Let it not be said that we slept through it!

Ideas of consciousness have always created the form of government.

Shall we be done with the 20th century now?

Now is the time, and you are the one.

Thank you,

Jon Waldrup

Incarnational Astrologer

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11 Responses to !!!!! Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse April 15th, 2014: Walk the talk, by Jon Waldrup

  1. Jane says:

    float like a butterfly!

  2. ed says:

    As The Sun Rises
    As The Moon Shines Heart Code
    Light Blessed Glory
    Love My Path

    ….all love to you Jean…..love, Ed

  3. Ani says:

    Great article!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  4. Rich Pack (bamboo-water) says:

    A myriad bubbles were floating on the surface of a stream.
    “What are you?” I cried to them as they drifted by.
    “I am a bubble, of course” nearly a myriad bubbles answered,
    and there was surprise and indignation
    in their voices as they passed.

    But, here and there, a lonely bubble answered,
    “We are this stream,”
    and there was neither surprise nor indignation
    in their voices,
    but just a quiet certitude.

    Ask The Awakened—Wei Wu Wei

    Jai Gurudev,

  5. Jean; I came across thison BLOG talk; something about a Constitutional Convention whereby it is possible to actually scrap the Constitution. I wonder if the Bundy Ranch BLM events was to distract from a CABAL attempt to revoke the United states of America Constitution. The pattern fits.

    It starts at 12: 22 (mind the numbers here!!!)

    Here is the link: http://hipknowsys.blogspot.ca/2014/04/cosmic-vision-news-april-11-2014.html#more

    If they are doing this; people may need to SCREAM REAL LOUD, stand up and say: “NO!”

    • Jean says:

      Michele, I can’t imagine this . . . the people would go totally crazy! Surely they understand this . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Yes and they got the message so its up to them.

        • Huggie:

          Chesty Puller in the breakout of the Pusan Perimeter in Korea, ordered a change of troops/ change of line while a (successful) assault was in progress- the North Koreans were getting hammered- to keep the pressure on (and prevent the North Koreans from regrouping- and digging in- which would more Marine deaths) he ordered his relieving battalion to dog trot to the front line- under fire- and continue the assault.

          Chesty’s leadership here not only won the battle (just one of so many that he won) he saved the lives of more than a few Marines.

          We need to do THE SAME TO THE CABAL.

      • I think this report needs to be confirmed.

        It seems like what Jim Dean at Veterans Today says: “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

        The Cabalists are DESPERATE….the sands are running out of the hourglass….everything they have tried to create their Project of the New american Century has failed; so too the New World Order.

        I think they are going for broke; everything points to that.

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