Bix Weir: Bundy Ranch: Just Another Lesson From the Good Guys


Like most major events in the past 5 years the ongoing events at Bundy Ranch have a much bigger agenda than what is on the surface.

Sure, I have heard all the potential meanings of these events from the Conspiracy crowd such as clearing the land for a solar panel farm, securing water rights, a test of our acceptance of Marshall Law and even preparing for a Chinese occupation and there were many more. For each reason there is a string of strange connections that PROVE these reasons to the the REAL REASON for the standoff.

Many have pointed to Harry Reid as being deeply involved…which he is OF COURSE!

But that’s where it dawned on me what was REALLY going on in Nevada. Just as the strange false flags over guns, missing planes and the loss of our liberties seem to point us in one direction the ramifications and actions taken after these events help identify the true agenda.

Take the “Disarming America” issue. Many people point to all the mass murder false flag events as a reason to confiscate the guns from Americans. Even the reports of the Government buying up all the bullets to disarm the people most say is our government trying to take us over.

But what actually happens every time there is a big push to take the guns?


Basically, every time the Government claims to have a reason to go after people’s guns the population LOADS UP!


I believe the SAME THING is going on in Nevada.

Clues can be found in the way the situation is being handled by the Government. After a 20 year battle with the Bundy Family why does the Federal Government throw massive military power behind this situation NOW? Why did they rope off areas to coral protesters with big signs that said “FIRST AMENDMENT AREA” as if everywhere else is not one? Why has Harry Reid come out and said “This isn’t over” clearly provoking the ire and resolve of those involved?

When you stand back it all becomes very clear. Like most false flag type events these days – we are being taught LESSONS. A lesson to prepare us for the coming battle for our Freedom. A lesson about State Rights vs Federal Rights. A lesson to energize our CIVILIAN MILITIAS and show them that they CAN WIN and should be ready to be called into action. A lesson for WE THE PEOPLE that we really DO have the power to stand up to the Federal Government and say “NO MORE” when they try to trample our rights!

Watch for the Bundy Ranch issue to be escalated once again by Reid and the Feds only causing the response by WE THE PEOPLE to grow.

This CAN be a huge turning point for our nation if it plays out…as planned.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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11 Responses to Bix Weir: Bundy Ranch: Just Another Lesson From the Good Guys

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  3. Shelly says:

    Basically, every time the Government claims to have a reason to go after people’s guns the population LOADS UP!

    I have often wondered if it is all a ploy to make everyone BUY MORE STUFF. Who owns all the companies and who profits every time an event happens…..simple analysis but sometimes the simplest answer is the right answer. Occam’s Razor…. Just a theory God knows I am still looking for the truth along with the rest of you!

  4. Quinn says:

    Why did they rope off areas to coral protesters with big signs that said “FIRST AMENDMENT AREA” as if everywhere else is not one?

    This isn’t the first “First Amendment Area” sign. These were also at the last Republican National Convention where so many protesters were assaulted. I appreciate Bix’s optimism but I don’t think the anti-gun agenda is all for show. The push to pass “significant” laws is alive and a real threat. The competitive shooters that I know are still struggling to find enough ammo to shoot a match. Not many people are able to stockpile at all because the supply is bare. If it was all for show then the Feds would announce their purchases but not follow through thereby leaving a surplus for the civilians to stock up. This is not the case. Actions speak louder than words…always.

  5. Alex Jones says:

    This small event had the hallmarks of being like a match thrown in with TNT, the Feds were wise to pull back, however there might be a moment in hubris that they will walk over the line, they are so close.

  6. Tom Widlar says:

    I can’t buy that idea that Obama, Reid and the Feds really are trying to get the people to arm themselves and energize civilian militias to action, that they are doing exactly what we want. It is far more likely that since the population has been asleep at the switch for every false flag act they conjured up, they thought they could easily get with away some more BS plus the added benefit that it would draw out the people who would organize against them and act so the Feds could track them better.

    This is the kind of situation we have been looking for to get people to act, much better than the whole Occupy movement or the idea of mass arrests if we only knew how to take advantage of it. The success so far is good but it could be far better. One good sign is that surrounding states are getting ready to be involved officially. There are many other things that a gathering of so many somewhat like-minded people could do to make the effort effective and peaceable.

  7. Carol K says:

    Bix has a good point….bad events can cause some good reactions. Point taken.
    However there is another side to this equation………the Feds say : OK let’s stage a confrontation
    and see what happens, who shows up to help, what kind of firepower they bring, and how long
    they hold out. Assessment exercise to see what they will be up against by “we the people”…”
    Are we outgunned?Should we bring tanks next time? How much resolve do they have against our
    firepower, etc……then they go back and re-group for another day. Why indeed did they pick
    the heavenly grand cross in Aries to stir up trouble when they let it go this long.? They took
    out most all of the other ranchers. Why this one now? Why are they using mercenaries and nat US military force? Who will be willing to fire on private citizens and shoot to kill?
    I’d like to think we won but I have my doubts that it was no more than a test of wills and they
    will be back for another round. They may watch t o see if the rest of the country is watching and
    if others will join the controversy? Or are they watching Russia along with Dancing with the Stars and don’t know where Nevada is short of Las Vegas?
    I would advise the Bunday’s to sleep with one eye open and think outside of the box they are in.
    I pray that the Sheriff will call in his troops and arrest the offenders and run them off to jail.
    One must ask if he has been paid off or his life threatened? So far no word about Freedom
    from our Harvard Law schooled President who swore to uphold the Constitution……….nor has
    he called off the dogs of war in his own country. Ron Paul is only patriot who has spoken so
    far and if he was President, I think he would have acted decisively by now.
    We will all hold our breath and visualize a good outcome………

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