Bundy Ranch: Sheriff Mack Confirms SWAT Raid Imminent . . . I think this is not ‘new’ news . . . ~J

Published on Apr 14, 2014

Breaking news… Sheriff Richard Mack confirms sources inside the BLM and the Las Vegas Police are planning a SWAT raid of the Bundy Family Home.

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6 Responses to Bundy Ranch: Sheriff Mack Confirms SWAT Raid Imminent . . . I think this is not ‘new’ news . . . ~J

  1. Sunny says:

    We have probably beaten this horse to death, Jean, but I found this video very interesting.
    Jerome Corsi exposes Sen. Harry Reid And The Chinese Solar Power Nevada Land Grab, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRjllqYPz4I#t=52

  2. Ethyl says:

    This is EXCELLENT! Gives a great behind the scenes look, and I think it’s the newest video out on what’s been going on. This guy is really good!

  3. Ethyl says:

    Jean, I just listened to that whole thing. It is very good, and an important one. The newest info too, that I’ve seen. The guy on there said that Bundy is to call him if the feds come back. But that might be hard to do if they cut the cell towers and the phones off. I don’t know how he’s spose to communicate with him in that case. And I do not think that they will give him advance warning that they are coming.

    One thing he mentioned was how people come on the BLM land that are illegals, and they don’t shooot them like that. But they are all ready to shoot Americans! That was kind of a hard hitter.

  4. Ethyl says:

    I just found this tape and haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. But CHECK OUT the Reptilian eyes on this chick, right after she first starts talking! I have NEVER seen anything like this except on the youtube videos


  5. John Stevens says:

    GRRRRRRRRRs, damnit! TY and cheers

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