Roy Potter UPDATE with links below: More Evidence Gilllespie Planned Slaughter

If you will simply let the video play, you will get a playlist of several videos that will play continuously, all important. ~J

Published on Apr 16, 2014
Thanks to S.

This video’s purpose is to give you the links that are listed below in this description box so that you can get a better feeling for the issues. I do not think there is much there on the Harry Reid -China connection, but you need to also look that up on your own.

Pete Santilli Episode # 682 Includes my interview with Santilli…

The Truth About The BLM-Bundy Ranch Dispute Explained…


21st Century Wire…


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13 Responses to Roy Potter UPDATE with links below: More Evidence Gilllespie Planned Slaughter

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  3. Deb says:

    Sorry for the size of this post but the videos are all pertinent…Just thought newbies, especially, would benefit from ALL of it….From Shift Frequency

    Josey Wales ~ Ronald Reagan Warns Of Agenda 21 NWO Land Grab In 1964 Speech [Video]

    NWOEnemyOfHumanityThis speech is like taking a walk through time, we can’t look into the future or can we? The issues and warnings in this speech should help people understand how impotant the advancement of the New World Order and Agenda 21 is to the powers that be and how long they have been working their plan.

    Ronald Reagan A Time For Choosing 1964 Warns Of NWO. As you are about to see in this Ronald Reagan speech from 1964, nothing has changed in the way our government does business.

    Agenda 21 and the New World Order has been the objective for a long time.

    Today these power elite are pushing this aganda to it’s fullest potiental, they have their puppets in place around the world, they are creating chaos and unrest in countries around the world.

    You are about to see that Freedom has never been so fragile, never been so threatened in the history of this country.

    Now here is G.W. Bush’s speech from 1991, this speech is bone chilling, look at how they have manipulated the delivery of their New World Order ideals into something that they can sell to the American people.

    Now here is a video to help you understand just how far this New World Order and their control over the people and over the land we own has progress. This should help people see just how far they have come in their quest for their New World Order.

    After watching these 3 videos, you should now be well aware of the situation America is facing today. Our very liberties and freedoms are at stake here today. Please try and help others understand just what has transpired over the last 50 to 60 years. The American people are all that stands between personal liberties and a world that will soon be run by a very small number of world elites who’s desire to rule the world has no bounds. They are committed and accomplishing their goal to rule the people, the land, the animals and to rule the world.

    The scariest part is that many people actually believe this will be of benefit to everyone, they believe everything thier government tells them.

    Watch the whole clip to get a complete understanding of the message trying to be sent. 18 years before Obama, Bush was announcing the New World Order, on September 11 1991 he gave his New World Order speech, 10 years later with the help of the Zionist leaders, they dropped the World Trade center.

    Now it’s the world economy’s turn to drop, with Barack Obama aka Mr Wall St heading the requests from the Corporations.

    Those of us who know what New world is all about, we know that world depopulation is part of their plan as well.

    Unfortunately for the people of the world everything is going according to the New World Order Plan. But what is this New World Order Plan?

    In a nutshell the Plan is this. The Dark Agenda of the secret planners of the New World Order is to reduce the world’s population to a “sustainable” level “in perpetual balance with nature” by a ruthless Population Control Agenda via Population and Reproduction Control.

    A Mass Culling of the People via Planned Parenthood, toxic adulteration of water and food supplies, release of weaponised man-made viruses, man-made pandemics, mass vaccination campaigns and a planned Third World War.

    Then, the Dark Agenda will impose upon the drastically reduced world population a global feudal-fascist state with a World Government, World Religion, World Army, World Central Bank, World Currency and a micro-chipped population.

    In short, to kill 90% of the world’s population and to control all aspects of the human condition and thus rule everyone, everywhere from the cradle to the grave.

    Well in this video I tried to expose some of the methods. Hope you wake up and do your own research. God never advocated population control but Satan does.

    The Bundy Ranch stand off is a very important part of the Agenda 21 lesson. Look at the map below, this shows you where people will be allowed and where people will not be allowed to live. This limits private property rights as well.

    Notice the Red areas on this map are off limits to human traffic of any kind.

    Historical Background

    Federal lands and resources have been important in American history, adding to the strength and stature of the federal government, serving as an attraction and opportunity for settlement and economic development, and providing a source of revenue for schools, transportation, national defense, and other national, state, and local needs.

    The formation of the U.S. federal government was particularly influenced by the struggle for control over what were then known as the “western” lands—the lands between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River that were claimed by the original colonies.

    The original states reluctantly ceded the lands to the developing new government; this cession, together with granting constitutional powers to the new federal government, including the authority to regulate federal property and to create new states, played a crucial role in transforming the weak central government under the Articles of Confederation into a stronger, centralized federal government under the U.S. Constitution.

    Recently rumors have been circulating that our government has sold land to China for a wind farm near the Bundy Ranch, people scoff at the idea. But those people may not be aware of the rights our government holds when it comes to development and settlement. The laws are on the books to allow this type of sale to China.
    Federal Land Ownership Overview and Data Congressional Research Service

    Subsequent federal land laws reflected two visions: reserving some federal lands (such as for national forests and national parks) and selling or otherwise disposing of other lands to raise money or to encourage transportation, development, and settlement.

    From the earliest days, these policy views took on East/West overtones, with easterners more likely to view the lands as national public property, and westerners more likely to view the lands as necessary for local use and development.

    Most agreed, however, on measures that promoted settlement of the lands to pay soldiers, to reduce the national debt, and to strengthen the nation.

    Federal land ownership is concentrated in the West. Specifically, 62% of Alaska is federally owned, as is 47% of the 11 coterminous western states.

    By contrast, the federal government owns only 4% of lands in the other states. This western concentration has contributed to a higher degree of controversy over land ownership and use in that part of the country.

    Numerous issues affecting federal land management are before Congress. They include the extent of federal ownership, and whether to decrease, maintain, or increase the amount of federal holdings; the condition of currently owned federal infrastructure and lands, and the priority of their maintenance versus new acquisitions; the optimal balance between land use and protection, and whether federal lands should be managed primarily to produce national or local benefits; and border control on federal lands along the southwest border.

  4. Merocean says:

    Sheriff Gillespie was promised ‘spoils I’m sure for his exploitation of the good people who came in support of the Bundy family.

  5. DrinkDeep says:

    did you guys see this? Harry Reid’s congressional tribute to Sheriff Gillespie:
    “Mr. President, I rise to honor Sheriff Doug Gillespie, of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, who was recently named the National Sheriffs’ Association’s 2014 Sheriff of the Year.

    The Ferris E. Lucas Award for Sheriff of the Year is awarded to recognize an outstanding sheriff for contributions made to improve the office of sheriff at the local, State, and national levels, and for involvement in the community above and beyond the responsibilities required. By this measure, I can think of no one more deserving than Sheriff Gillespie. His tireless service as sheriff has made the Las Vegas metropolitan area a safer and better place to live, work, and raise a family.

    Sheriff Gillespie has diligently served the Las Vegas community for 33 years as a metropolitan police officer, the last 7 as sheriff. Under Sheriff Gillespie’s leadership, metro has become one of only 72 intelligence-gathering fusion centers in the country. It has won the Webber Seavey Award, given for quality in law enforcement by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, for an outreach effort to strengthen police relations in the Las Vegas area. Metro is also one of only 32 departments to achieve the highest standard of accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

    In addition to his position as sheriff, he has served in many leadership roles in other law enforcement organizations, such as board director of the National Sheriff’s Association Executive Committee, chair of the Homeland Security Committee for the Major City Chiefs Association, vice chair of the Nevada High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force, finance committee chair for the Nevada Commission for Homeland Security, and president of the Major County Sheriff’s Association.

    On behalf of the U.S. Senate, I congratulate Sheriff Doug Gillespie on receiving the Ferris E. Lucas Award for Sheriff of the Year and look forward to the continuation of a career that has already made Nevada very proud.

    (I see I’m being redundant on some of these pages – sorry for that!)

  6. Bunkerville Read LLC co.

  7. Go to Nesara BLM whistle Blower eye opener on the west and Old HARRY’s stealing land.

  8. Susanne R says:

    Hi, Jean. Just found this on bigpicture. You might want to have a look:
    The Inside Story of How One New Yorker May Have Kept the Bundy Protestors from a Bloody End

    From a reader. Excellent—thank you, Spud.

    Since it’s not on Youtube, I can’t reproduce the video here so please visit the Western Journalism website (which features the work of real journalists)—and watch this.

    Only on Fox, eh? Pity.

    Hopefully Americans are waking up to the fact that this isn’t about grazing rights or the Desert Tortoise. Bull roar.

    Land disputes are settled in courts—not in wild west shoot-outs with the feds and their armoured vehicles, SWAT teams and M16s. That’s what courts are FOR.

    THIS is what goes down when the greedy, arrogant, corrupt, sick elite flex their muscles to take control of what they want, at the expense of the common man. They can afford to buy off anyone to do their bidding. They will kill to achieve their objectives, as they have thousands of times, and they must be stopped.

    Obviously the Bundys are standing for something sacred to them if they’re willing to give their lives to protect themselves and their livelihood after all the other local ranchers gave in to the government antagonism and moved.

    It ‘s a miracle this did not end with the deaths of hundreds of civilians. A frickin’ miracle.

    The feds can try to hide Obama and Harry Reid’s affiliation with this event, but they will fail. It’s out there and they can’t put the genie back in the bottle. They sold out America to China.

    The Universe calls for transparency in all things now. All is being revealed.

    This event served as one more wake-up call to Americans. How much longer will they keep hitting the snooze button?~ BP

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    • Jean says:

      Susanne, Spud also posts here and gives me much help! Please help me out by checking to see if I’ve posted these things – in this case this article/video went up some time ago . . . and I’m sorry but I don’t know if it was Spud or someone else who helped me out with this. It very liely could have been Ethyl, who has been of incredible help to us all . . . thanks and hugs ~Jean

  9. Time, Tone and Truth
    Seek, find thy root

    Heart sings, Soul flies
    Freedom rings, no more lies

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